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Records,1975–1982, .3 ft. (UA–612)
Includes annual reports, 1975–77; reports of the Field School Program
on the archaeology of the Saratoga Battle Field and the Mohawk Valley Project,
1982; proposals for Masters Program, 1968; Three Year Plans for 1976 and
1979. Selected photographs of faculty and students from the
Department of Anthropology from the University Archives Photograph Collection
are available for viewing online from the
at Albany Libraries' Digital Collections

Papers, 1850–1984, 95 cubic ft. (GER–058).
Biographical materials, 1920–1951; diaries and notebooks, 1920–1938;
interviews, 1951–1980; correspondence with Paul Goodman, Albert Lestoque,
Will Schaber, Hans Staudinger, and others, 1920–1984; research notes pertaining
to the history of the plough, undated; family papers and photographs; materials
pertaining to his lawsuit against anthropologist Julius Lips; and papers
of German anthropologist Fritz Graebner (1877–1934). Leser had a lifelong
interest in the German Youth Movement, lived in Denmark and Sweden from
1934 to 1938, and taught at Black Mountain College and at the Hartford
Theological Seminary.

STEINER, FRANZ BAERMAN (1909–52), poet, anthropologist
Papers, 1934–1945, .10 ft. (GER–089)
Hand–corrected copies of poems, 1934–43; letters to the donor, Joseph
Hahn, 1944–1945. Steiner was a native of Prague who wrote poetry and taught
anthropology at Oxford University.