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Circulation - Loan Policy

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Circulation Loan Policy

* Library borrowers are liable for fines and processing fees whether or not he/she receives mailed notices or bills.


Eligible borrowers must provide a government-issued photo ID (SUNYCard, Driver's license, passport, etc.) when completing library transactions.

See Borrowing Eligibility for University Libraries to determine eligibility.


Undergraduate Students
Loan Period 30 days
Maximum items out 50 items
Maximum renewals per item 11
(up to 1 year)

Masters Students
Loan Period 90 days
Maximum items out 100 items
Maximum renewals per item 7
(up to 2 years)

Ph.D. Students and Honors College Students
Loan Period THREE FIXED DUE DATES: Sept 30, Jan 31, May 31
Maximum items out 200 items
Maximum renewals per item 8
(up to 3 years)

Faculty and Staff, Faculty--Visiting, Faculty--Retired
Loan Period FIXED DUE DATE: April 30
Maximum items out 200 items
Maximum renewals per item 3
(up to 4 years)

Courtesy Borrowers
Loan Period 30 days
Maximum items out 25 items
Maximum renewals per item 2
(up to 90 days)


All borrowers receive the same brief loan periods ranging from 3 to 48 hours for items on reserve. See Reserve Services for more information.


Media have variable loan periods determined by format and borrower status. Note: the following information applies only to media items that are not on Reserves.

For Students (Undergrad/Masters/Ph.D.): VHS and DVD items may be borrowed for a 3-day loan period. Only one renewal is allowed, and may be completed either via Minerva or in person.

For Faculty/Staff: VHS and DVD items may be borrowed for a 2-week loan period. Only one renewal is allowed, and may be completed either via Minerva or in person.

Audio CDs, CD sets, cassettes and cassette sets all carry a 2-week loan period regardless of borrower status.

For all other media items such as digital cameras, camcorders, and cassette recorders, please see the Interactive Media Center's site.


Return all borrowed material to the Circulation Desk at either the University Library, the Dewey Library, or the Science Library.

The library provides outside bookdrops for returns when the library is closed. Patrons are responsible for books until the books are checked in at the Circulation Desk. Please do not return media, reserve items, or ILL materials into bookdrops.

We do not accept partial returns - All materials of a set must be returned together. (ex. all DVDs and the case for a box-set must be returned at the same time)


For detailed information, see How to Renew Library Items using the Minerva Online Catalog. Renew books at the Circulation Desk at any library. Items checked out manually must be renewed at the library from which they were charged. Items marked Building Only may not be renewed unless authorized by a reference librarian. Books may also be renewed online via Minerva, the Libraries' online catalog, through the feature "My Library Account." Telephone renewal of books is not accepted.


At the time items are borrowed, each user is notified of the due date via a due date receipt. Please check the date due of each item you borrow and return materials by the due date to avoid accrual of overdue fines.


Each overdue item from the general circulating collections accrues a fine of 15¢ per day to a maximum fine of $8.00. Recalled materials not returned by the recall due date accrue fines of $1.50 per day to a maximum fine of $25.00.

Reserve fines are $3.00 per hour per item, with a maximum fine of $45.00 per item. IMC and media fines are $3.00 per hour for hourly loans, and $1.50 per day for daily loans. Maximum fines for IMC materials are $45.00 for hourly loans and $25.00 for daily loans.

When a user disputes the assessment of a fine, he/she may discuss the fines with a Circulation staff member. If the user still feels that the fines have been inappropriately levied, or extenuating circumstances merit waiving the fines, he/she may complete a Fine Appeal form.

The form may be obtained from a Circulation staff member at any of our three libraries. The Circulation Fine Appeals Committee will serve as an unbiased review and will issue a decision regarding the fines. The decision of the committee is final.


Students have an administrative hold placed on their records at the Registrar's office when a library invoice is issued. After 75 days, all unpaid invoices are referred to the Office of Student Accounts.

Failure to pay library invoices may result in a referral to a collection agency or the State Attorney General's Office and additional administrative changes may be added to the invoice.


Loaned items are subject to recall. See Recall Services. The loan period on recalled items is reduced to 14 days from the recall date. Recalled materials are due by the revised due date and accrue fines of $1.50 per day after the revised due date. Borrowers are sent recall notices when an item's due date is revised; in addition, revised due dates are reflected in Minerva, the online catalog, and available for review in My Library Account. Please return recalled materials promptly as a courtesy to the next borrower.

To avoid recall fines, return all library materials (or arrange for someone else to return them) if you plan to be away from your local address for more than 14 days.

Users are limited to ten active recall requests. Recall requests may be placed directly through Minerva; see the online instructions for more details. Items recalled by the Libraries for use on Reserve take priority over user-initiated recalls. Recall requests are not accepted by telephone.


It is the library user's responsibility to maintain current address information in MyUAlbany (for UAlbany students, faculty, and staff) or in the library system (for all other borrowers). You are obligated to respond to all overdue, recall and fine notices. The University Libraries receive address information from MyUAlbany. Students should keep the Registrar's Office (Campus Center B-25) informed of any address and/or telephone changes or update their personal data in MyUAlbany. All faculty/staff should inform the Office of Human Resources Management or update their personal data in MyUalbany.


Please report the loss or theft of your SUNYCard, DAP, or Courtesy library card promptly by phone (University Library 442-3569, Science Library 437-3948, or Dewey Library 442-3693) or in person. You are responsible for all materials borrowed on your card until its loss is reported to the University Libraries.


Library materials not returned within 50 days of the due date or recalled materials not returned within 25 days of the first recall are assumed to be lost. The borrower of a lost item will be charged a replacement cost for that item. A replacement bill consists of: 1) the purchase price as quoted in Books in Print or, if not in print, the replacement price as determined by the University Libraries; 2) a $15.00 processing fee; and 3) the maximum overdue fine [$8 for regular loans; $25 for media; $45 for reserve items; or $25 for recalled items].

If an item billed as lost is returned, then the processing fee and the replacement cost are cancelled UNLESS a Student Accounts invoice was generated.


University borrowers are blocked from borrowing when fines accrue to $10.00. Courtesy borrowers are blocked from borrowing when fines accrue to $1.00. Students are blocked at the Registrar's Office when a book bill is issued.


University at Albany faculty, and persons registered with the Office of Disabled Student Services, may authorize others to borrow materials on their behalf. The proxy patron is issued a card and checks out materials directly to the original card-holder's account. The faculty member or disabled person assumes responsibility for all fines and lost book bills incurred by the surrogate. Authorization forms are available at the Circulation Desk.

Faculty whose proxies use the UADelivery service for them do not need to give their NetID and MyUAlbany password to their students. The ILLiad program password is independent of MyUAlbany information, and can be changed easily through the faculty member's own ILLiad account.

For more information about the Circulation Loan Policy, go to the Circulation Web site.

If you have any questions about Circulation Loan Policy, please call 442-3569.

University Libraries, University at Albany, SUNY.

1400 Washington Avenue, Albany NY 12222 USA. (518) 442-3600.

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