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Circulation - Lockers

University Library Locker Application or Renewal

Please review the policies and regulations governing the use of Library Study Carrels and Lockers before submitting this form.

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The following are used for communicating locker or study carrel information only. Keep your contact information updated through MyUAlbany for University and Library notices.

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Submitting this form indicates your agreement to abide by the policies and regulations governing the use of Library Study Carrels and Lockers. Failure to abide by these terms may result in the termination of your locker assignment.

Borrowers with Registrar Blocks or Student Account Holds due to outstanding library fines are ineligible for locker or carrel assignments until their accounts are settled.

Library staff will contact you at the email address you provided above when a locker is available. Lockers are generally available for the academic year [approximately September 1 - May 15]. Permission to retain a locker assignment over the summer may be requested. To renew your locker assignment, resubmit this form after May 1.

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