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Not on Shelf/Status Request Form

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Request items Not On Shelf, On Order, In Processing, or Under Consideration

Use this form to report an item with a status of On Shelf that is not in its proper shelf location, or to request items with statuses such as In Processing, Under Consideration, In Bindery, On Order, etc.

Library staff will search for items that are not on the shelf and determine whether items, which are unavailable, can be made available quickly. Patrons will be notified when requested items are available for pickup. It might be necessary to request items using interlibrary loan if library staff cannot find items or make items available in a timely manner.

Items that are checked out have a date listed in their status. Please do not use this form to request items checked out to other patrons; place a recall or interlibrary loan request for such items.

REQUIRED fields are marked with an asterisk.
Item Status in the catalog*
On Shelf
In Processing
On Order
Under Consideration

Before submitting this form for an item not on the shelf, try these suggestions:
  • Check the library location in the catalog: is it at the University Library, Dewey, Science, or elsewhere?
  • Check the collection code in the catalog: is it in Reference, Oversized, Microfilm, or elsewhere? Each collection has a different physical location.
  • Check the item status: is the item checked out or does it have a status other than On Shelf?
  • Ask for assistance at the circulation desk: staff can determine if the item was just returned or explore other possibilities. Staff is usually available to double-check the shelf location.
Copy and paste item information from Minerva (If Available)
University Library
Library Location*

Date Last Searched*
Call Number*
Item Barcode*
Latest date needed*
Patron Information

Last Name*
First Name*
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Email Address*
Patron Status*
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Pickup Location*
University Library
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