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The Interactive Media Center (IMC) of the University Libraries is a technology rich environment that provides spaces, technology, workshops, consultation, and technical support to enable students, faculty, and staff to integrate media and technology into their teaching, learning, and research. The IMC works closely with students to help them develop skills using media technologies and content that are essential for academic success, professional development, and civic engagement. 

The Interactive Media Center (IMC), is located on the basement level of the University Library. It offers an innovative learning environment and powerful educational tools to enhance teaching and learning through the use of new instructional technologies. The IMC is a resource featuring both production and playback facilities.


The IMC professional staff are available for consultation on your project. Our staff and students provide assistance with Web site design, PowerPoint presentations, image editing, course projects, digital video production, and more. Go directly to our Contact page for details.

Media in the IMC

The Interactive Media Center features the ability for visitors to access a wide range of media. An open "listening area" is equipped with DVD players, VHS players, laser disk players, a cassette deck, turntable, 35mm slide viewer, and an Optilek 20/20 magnification station.

The computer lab in the IMC offers users the opportunity to view online resources, plus make or edit their own media projects. Equipment and software are available for working on a wide range of projects, including making or editing Web sites, images, video, audio, and presentations.

Free Workshops

The Interactive Media Center offers a wide range of free iLearn workshops to students, staff, and faculty. Subjects include scanning, Web site building, image editing, audio and video editing, and other topics. The IMC offers many instructional opportunities included in the iLearn Workshops series.

Workshop subjects are regularly reviewed and new ideas for presentations are encouraged.

Unique Tools

The IMC is equipped with hardware to enhance the interactive use of multimedia. Included are video capture cards, Webcams, scanners and both black & white and color laser printers. The computers are equipped with Zip, CD-ROM and DVD drives, FTP capability and multiple plug-ins and viewers. The IMC holds the campus site license for some research programs that may be installed elsewhere on campus or that may only be available in the IMC.

Borrowing and Access Eligibility

Interactive Media Center users must be current University at Albany faculty, students and staff. Users of the IMC lab must log onto the computers with their UAlbany user name and password. Workstations may be reserved for use. Drop by the service desk to request a reservation or contact us.

Media materials, such as DVDs and VHS tapes, are circulated through the Library's Circulation desk on the first floor.

Headphones, USB drives, and other small items are available either from the IMC service desk at the entrance to the IMC Lab or from the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the University Library.

Specialized equipment, such as hard drives, cameras, camcorders, tripods, zoom recorders, and related devices are only available at the IMC service desk when staff are available. You are strongly encouraged to contact us for complete information and availability.

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