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Introduction to Cascading StyleSheets
Testing Your Web Page

Before you can test your new page and view the effects of the Cascading Style Sheet you just made, you must save the file. Save the file in a folder somewhere on your computer. The desktop is a good place for this. Name the file "example1.htm."

Now start your browser it it isn't already started.

Click File on the Menu bar, select Open or File open (depending on the browser). A control panel will appear.

Navigate to your Web page that you saved a moment ago.

Select and open the file.

Your Web page should look like this when viewed in a browserThe image on the right shows how your page should look when viewed in the Netscape 7.2 browser. It should look nearly identical in Internet Explorer, Foxfire, and Opera.

At this point you have applied a style to the h1 tag and the browser is displaying it in the specified style. The next step is to add a style to the h2 tag.




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Tutorial prepared by Roger Lipera
Interactive Media Center
University Libraries, University at Albany