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Azden ECZ-990 and SGM-990 Zoom Microphones

University Libraries Breadcrumb Trail. Azden ECZ-990 and SGM-990 Zoom Microphones

Azden ECZ-990 Zoom Microphone

The Azden ECZ-990 and SGM-990 Zoom microphones are intended for use with camcorders. They have two pickup patterns "short" and "long." The patterns allow the user to isolate the subject from surrounding background or ambient noises. It is not designed for distance recording. The microphones are supplied as a kit.

When used with camcorders that do not have a shoe mount the use of a mounting bracket is necessary.

The microphone kit includes:

  • Microphone with 1/8" stereo jack (plugs into most camcorders)
  • "Long" and "short" pickup patterns
  • Foam wind screen
  • Shoe-mount
  • 2 batteries (1 for microphone, 1 spare)
  • Mounting bracket
  • Adapter to fit some DSLR cameras


Optional equipment that can be used with this microphone includes:

  • Clothespin-style microphone clip and 15ft., 1/8" stereo extension cable [to place microphone on mic. stand closer to subjects than camcorder.

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