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The Interactive Media Center supports the work of students, staff and faculty. Projects that we can assist with include video, audio, presentations, Web, and more.

We are approaced with questions regularly that cover a wide range of topics. In this section of our Web site we will answer many of the most common questions. We will add to the collection regulary.

We have divided our FAQs into categories. Follow the links to explore:

General IMC Questions

What are the IMC hours?

Generally speaking, the Interactive Media Center is open anytime the Library is open. However, there are certain times when the area of the building is closed. Follow the IMC Hours & Library Hours link in the left column for complete and updated information.

Visit the IMC Contact page for information about staff hours.

Who staffs the IMC?

The Interactive Media Center has both Library Staff and student workers available. Library Staff are generally available 9-5 Monday through Friday. Student workers are on duty at various times throughout the day. There may be periods when no staff is available due to scheduling requirements.

For scheduling and contact information, please visit our Contact page. You are welcome to schedule appointments for consultations.


What kind of computers are in the IMC Lab?

The Interactive Media Center has both PC computers with the Windows operating system and Macintosh computers. All have LCD monitors and are equipped with DVD drives, USB ports and headphones.

  • For information about our equipment available for loan visit our Equipment Loan page.
  • For information about the software in our Lab visit our Software page.
  • For information about the hardware in our Lab visit our Hardware page.

Some computers have specialized equipment and software. Included are MIDI keyboards, VCRs, video editing software, and much more.

What kinds of software are on the IMC computers?

The Interactive Media Center specializes in equipment and software associated with media projects. We have presentation software, video and audio editings software, and programs for building Web sites, editing photographs, making slide shows, and much more.

  • For information about our equipment available for loan visit our Equipment Loan page.
  • For information about the software in our Lab visit our Software page.
  • For information about the hardware in our Lab visit our Hardware page.

Please note that because we are a media center not all of our computers are prepared for full word processing.

Who can use the IMC?

The Interactive Media Center is available for use by any UAlbany student, staff, or faculty member.

What if I need help?

We offer assistance with just about any sort of media project. Our staff and students regularly consult on projects such as PowerPoint presentations, video editing, analog to digital audio conversions, Web site building, photo editing, poster and flyer creation, and much more.

Please feel free to email us, call on the telephone, or simply stop in. Details are on our Contact page.

Can you copy my tape for me?

This is a simple question with a two part answer-

  • We can assist you with your project and consult with you about what you have to do. We do not actually do the work for you.
  • Reproducing recorded media, including (but not limited to) video or audio materials may not be possible because of copyright issues. Please follow the Copyright and fair use information link in the column on the left for more information
Do you have cameras or camcorders I can borrow?

Yes we do! We have digital cameras and camcorders. There are several kinds including HD and Mini-DV camcorders. Be sure to visit our Equipment for Loan page to see the latest list.

While you are at that page, be sure to check out the other equipment we have available. The IMC has tripods, microphones, PA systems, and much more that can be borrowed.

Do you have audio recorders and microphones?

The Interactive Media center has a wide range of audio equipment that you can borrow. Included in our collection are digital audio recorders, cassette tape recorders, microphones, and PA systems. We also have accessories such as cables, adapters, and mic stands.

Visit our Equipment for Loan page to see our updated list.