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The staff of the IMC is regularly asked questions regarding hardware. Below are the most popular along with our answers.

In addition, we have these other Frequently Asked Questions pages;

What kind of computers do you have in the IMC?

The Interactive Media Center has Dell computers with the Windows operating system and Macintosh computers. All of our computers have wide ratio flat screen LCD monitors. Each work station is equipped with a mouse and headset.

Full information about our computers is noted on our Hardware page.

Do you have scanners?
Yes! We have scanners connected to some of the computers, both Windows and Macintosh.
What do you have equipment for tranferring video tape to computers?

Several of our workstations have VHS VCRs connected. In addition, we have one VHS-C adapter that you can check out and use for transferrig VHS-C tapes.

The IMC has Mini-DV camcorders available that can be connected to a computer and used to transfer Mini-DV tapes.

If you have 8mm or Hi-8 tapes you must bring your own camcorder for hooking up to one of our computers. We strongly suggest that you bring your own cables because we may not have the correct kind of cable for your application.

NOTE: It is your responsibility to make sure you do not violate copyright or applicable laws with any recorded material you copy or transfer.

Do your computers have CD or DVD burners?

All of our computers have drives that will allow you to burn CDs.

For a full list of available equipment, including CD and DVD burners visit our Hardware page.

What about MIDI?
We have workstations that are equipped with MIDI keyboards. One workstation has a mixing console. Check our Hardware page for details.
What do you have available for loan?

We have a wide range of equipment and accessories available for loan to qualified individuals. Included are portable hard drives, flash drives, microphones, cameras, camcorders, voice recorders, and much more. A full list is available on our Equipment for Loan page.

To borrow equipment you must be student, staff, or faculty with current ID and without fines or hold. Generally speaking, if you can check out a library book you can probably borrow equipment.

Can I reserve a computer?

Generally speaking, yes, it is possible to reserve a computer under most circumstances. There are times when it may not be possible or situations where is is not practical. Please contact us for more information. It is easy-

  • Call 442-3608
  • Send email to
  • Drop by our service desk in the basement of the University Library. Just follow the signs.
What if I have to watch a DVD or video tape, can I do that in the IMC?

Yes, but we recommend that you use the Listening Area rather than the Lab for that.

The Listening Area is the large space in front of our service desk. It is equipped with multi-regional DVD and VHS players, Laserdisc players, a Caramate slideviewer, cassette player, and a record player. Each station has a headset, and you can borrow a splitter so that more than one person can plug in headsets.

Check our Playback Area page for a current list of equipment.