...have my students build Web pages for my class?

Building Web pages, or even entire Web sites, is a popular way for students to use new technology in class. The process is appropriate for both solo projects and team exercises. However, many instructors find the process intimedating and the details difficult to at first. This page will answer many of your questions. As always, you should feel free to contact us for more information.

There are a number of things to consider for a Web page class project. The steps below will guide you:

  • How will your class view the finished project?
    • If you need want it live on the Web you will need Web hosting of some sort
      • You can post the pages on your personal faculty Web site
        • Contact ITS for details about setup and access to your server space
      • The students can post the pages on their own personal student Web space
        • The students should contact ITS for details about setup and access to their server space
      • You could post the pages on a commercial server with its own domain name
        • Contact us about the registration process and how to obtain hosting.
  • Will the students know about how to build Web pages?
    • Building Web pages is not like word processing, so students will almost certainly have to understand at least a little about-
      • HTML, the universal coding of the Web
      • Web site structure
      • Images and image editing (if this is part of the project)
      • How to use a Web page editing tool, such as-
        • Dreamweaver
        • Komposer
        • HTML-Kit
      • The process of transfering files by FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  • If the students do not know how to build Web pages, how will they be trained? There are some options-

The Interactive Media Center can answer many of your questions. Contact us for more information.