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Ready-to-Go FAQ

Here are frequently asked questions and answers regarding our IMC Ready-to-Go Web page file sets.

Can I customize these pages?
Yes, the pages are fully customizable by using standard HTML and CSS.
Are these files HTML5?
These file sets are XHTML 1.0 transitional, which at the time of this writing is the only fully "official" version of HTML. You can use HTML5 coding if you wish. You primary concern will be whether or not your visitors' browsers recognize the new code,
Can I use CSS3?
You can use any level of Cascading Style Sheets you wish. It is totally up to you. Remember, not all aspects of CSS3 are recognized by all browsers at the time of this writing.
What program do I need to edit these files?
All of these files, HTML and CSS, can be editing with any common Web editing program. If you prefer to code by hand, you may elect to use NotePad. You can also use Dreamweaver, Komposer, or any other software. As with all HTML and CSS files, they are not proprietary.


Can I use images? There aren't any included with the files.
Sure! You can use images. We did not include them because these are only basic files and we don't know how you intend to use them. Just make and install your images in the customary Web manner.
How do I upload my project?
You upload your files in the manner most appropriate for your situation. In other words, if you are connected to a network you will probably transfer the files directly. If you are not on a network or are using a commercial server you will almost certainly use FTP. If you edit you pages with Dreamweaver you probably will use Dreamweaver's built-in FTP feature. You could also use FileZilla, CuteFTP, or any other file transfer program. Contact your network administrator or Web master for the details regarding your server. Visit our Web Handouts page for additional information
Are these pages in any way related to Red Dot or OpenText?
No! These are totally unrelated. They can be used however you wish outside of Red Dot and OpenText.
What is the best Web editor to use when I work on these files?
That is totally up to you and your circumstances. Many people prefer Dreamweaver, others like Kompozer or Microsoft's Expression, still others rely on writing code by hand and prefer NotePad. There is no "best," only what works well for you.