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Keywords and phrases are integrated into these primary elements of a Web page:

When writing for the Web it is important to incorporate the necessary keywords and phrases into the text of the pages. They must be specific to the page by matching the topic of the page. In other words, if the topic of the page is where a restaurant is located, the keywords should be associated with where business is located, not necessarily another topic, such as the history of the restaurant.

Remember, while keywords help a site get placed higher in the rankings, the search engines themselves do not go to a restaurant and order a meal. Ultimately, it is humans who make the decision to eat at a restaurant, visit a park, buy a product, or watch a show. One trick that many Web writers use to make sure they have the appropriate keywords in the text is to assume that they are writing for somebody who does not know anything about a topic. Using such a method usually results in text that works well for SEO and for the people who visit the page.

Bella Cucina Restaurant

Bella Cucina Restaurant is one of Albany's favorite Italian restaurants. Our history goes back over 30 years. We pride ourselves on an authentic menu from Northern Italy.

Our master chef, Enrico Caruso, uses only the freshest of natural ingredients that are sourced locally as often as possible from regional farmers.

Come and visit us for lunch or dinner. We are the perfect place for a casual meal or formal gathering. Reservations for dinner are encouraged.

On the right is an example of well written text for a restaurant's Web page.

Notice that there is an extensive use of keywords, but that the text is written clearly. The keywords function for both SEO and to describe what the restaurant is all about.

Some of the keywords are:

Amore Notte Luncheonette

Albany's Amore Notte Luncheonette is one of Albany's favorite lunch spots. Albany residents have long enjoyed our lunchtime meals that feature the cuisine of southern Italy.

When you are in Albany and long for the sunny climate of southern Italy, you must visit Amore Notte Luncheonette, the Italian get-away for southern atmosphere.

Here, on the right, is another example, but this time poorly prepared text is featured.

It appears that the writer is under the mistaken notion that repeating certain keywords or phrases will improve a site's positioning in the organic results. This is not the case. In fact, it is likely to get a Web site's result lowered in the listing.

Worse yet, the writing is so poor that the potential customers are likely to be turned off and not want to visit the restaurant.

Always remember that while it is important to have as good a position in the search engine organic results as possible, even being #1 on at the top of the page will not help if people do not come to your restaurant!

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