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The Interactive Media Center frequently publishes new materials to add to our series of online reference resources and Web-based tutorials. These resources are designed to aide people involved with Web page building, image editing, audio and video projects, and electronic publishing.

Downloadable Handouts

The links below lead to our collection of tutorials and downloadable reference documents. Included in each section are tip sheets and how-to's in Adobe Acrobat (PDF).

Online Tutorials

Introduction to HTML/XHTML - This is an online tutorial that will guide you as you learn the basics of HTML and XHTML.

Web Design and Layout Tutorial - An online tutorial that discusses the basics of preparing a Web site design and laying out the pages.

Introduction to Color and the Web - This online tutorial demonstrates how color can be used in a Web design and demonstrates the concept of browser safe colors.

Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets - Learn about Cascading Style Sheets with this online tutorial.

Advanced Cascading Style Sheet Effects - Learn about ways to make link effects with pseudo classes and CSS3 techniques for drop shadows and rounded corners.

Introduction to Basic HTML5 an CSS3 Effects - HTML5 and CSS3 are being incorporated into new browsers versions. Learn some of the many interesting effects that can be created and applied by using HTML5 and CSS3.

Search Engine Optimization - An introductory online tutorial about SEO. Learn the basic techniques and tips.

Online Reference Pages

In addition to our downloadable handouts and interactive tutorials, the IMC has these online reference pages.

Browser Safe Color Chart - This page features a complete list and swatch collection of all browser safe colors.

HSL Colors on the Web - On this page is a description of how the HSL color system works, examples of HSL colors, and options for coding.

RGBA Web Colors - Learn about the RGBA color system featuring examples and explainations of the alpha channel.

Most Commonly Used HTML/XHTML Tag List - The most commonly used HTML and XHTML tags are presented on this page in an easy-to-use format.

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