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More Web Design Concepts


Repetition is not only saying the same thing several times to get a point across, it is also the use of a consistent theme throughout a Web site. While all the pages on a Web site do not have to be exactly the same, there should be enough similarities to create a consistent look and feel to the site.

The Contact Us page in the illustration on the right has several differences over the previous page. The camera logo is smaller, the header text is higher and smaller, there is a page label in the upper right hand corner, and there is a drawing instead of a photograph.

But, the basic design elements repeat, thus giving the page a familiar appearance and feel. The camera logo and it's position repeat, the navigation repeats, the position of the image is the same as on the home page. Although this is a different page, there is a strong sense of familiarity.




Contrast works in several different ways. Perhaps the most obvious example of contrast is the color of text against a background. It is much easier to read text that contrasts highly with the background.


However, contrast can also include all sorts of differences between elements. Under some circumstances, contrast is used to make something different so that it stands out. This helps to indicate what is important.






Touch this image to see how repition works

Image showing repitition Note how the layout and graphic elements are nearly identical.





Can You Read The Text Below?

This is an example of poor contrast. The color of this text is not different enough from the background color. Higher contrast is far easier to read.

This text is much easier to read than the text above. Tests indicate that white wording on a black background is harder to read than the black text on a white background that is to the left.

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