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Wrapping It Up

Tips, tricks, testing, questions, and wrapping up this tutorial are all an this last page.

Tips, Tricks, & Questions

Browser Question - There are several browsers available for exploring the Web. Browser popularity varies monthly depending on which one has recently been updated, or by computing trends. The quick rise of tablets is one of the reasons Google's Chrome now seems to be the most popular browser in use today.

Links to popular browsers

To learn more about the browsers mention here, click on the links below to go to the publishers' Web sites. Each link opens in a new window.

Many browsers are now-cross platform. Safari, which for a long time was only for Macintosh computers, is available for Windows, too.

Versions of Firefox can be downloaded that are suitable for Windows, Mac, Android, and Linux, and it is available in many different languages.


Testing and Checking a Web site

It is necessary to test a Web page in two or three browsers. Because of the way that browsers interpret HTML code and handle Cascading Style Sheets, pages may look different depending on which browser is used to view them.

In addition to checking pages with different browsers, it is good practice to validate your code. Valid code is more likely to make your pages display properly.

Many Web editing software programs, such as Dreamweaver, have code validation functions. But many Web designers use the World Wide Web Consortium's online code validators.

You can find that at www.w3.org and just follow the links and instructions.


Top Tips to Annoy and Insult Your Web Site Visitors:

(Don't do this stuff!)

  • "This site best viewed with _____" - Don't suggest to your visitors that their monitors are set wrong or that they use the incorrect browsers. Sites should be designed to work right on all combinations of equipment and software.
  • "Under Construction" - Web sites are assumed to be periodically updated, changed, or otherwise "under construction." This message just annoys people. Remember, people take detours around roads that are under construction, and they might detour around your site, too.
  • Background music - Takes too long to download, many people cannot hear it, and it will probably sound bad. Most users have music players (such as Windows Media Player and RealPlayer), and in many instances when visitors go to your pages the player will start and cover up the Web site!
  • Horizontal scrolling - Avoid it because people will click out rather than do it. Using fluid or responsive layouts will prevent this problem.
  • Silly or Useless Animated GIFS - The general advice these days is to avoid animated gifs because they are old fashioned and take longer to download. But, when animated gifs are carefully selected and chosen for a specific goal or purpose they can be effective. For instance, they can be used to illustrate a concept of technical detail. Never use them just because "you can."
  • Splash pages - These pages usually involve downloading a "useless page" that has no pertinent information outside of a "Click Here" or "Enter" button. In a very few selected instances Splash pages can have their uses, they are often "expected" with sites that are supposed to represent "high tech." Often high end graphics design firms will use them. However, in most applications splash pages are annoying and wasteful.


Which browser do you think is the most popular? Touch a name below to find out!

Google's Chrome often ranks #2 in the statistics as the most "downloaded" browser making it a close competitor to Firefox.
Most of the time Firefox ranks #2 as the most popular browser. But that is not always the case. Which one do you think offers the most competition to Firefox?
Opera has a small but devoted following. But, the statistics show that very few visitors on the Web actually use it.
That is correct! Month statistics show that Microsoft's Internet Explorer remains the most popular browser. But can you guess which one has been catching up?
Safari is popular with Macintosh users, but even Mac users often prefer another browser.
Does anybody remember Netscape? It has been "gone" for years!











Pre-Launch Web site check list:













Other Online Resources

Below are links to other resources for online information about Web design, the World Wide Web, and the Internet.








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