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    Gregory Baron Contact Information
    Gregory Baron -
    Manager for Material
    Access Services

    Laurie Constable Contact Information
    Laurie Constable -
    Head of Circulation

    Irina Holden Contact Information
    Irina Holden -
    Reference Librarian
    Outreach and Instuctional Services Librarian

    Michael Hotter Contact Information
    Michael Hotter -
    Access Services

    Sue Kaczor Contact Information
    Sue Kaczor -
    Reference Librarian: Bibliographer for Biological
    Sciences, Geological Sciences, Atmospheric Science,
    and Science Reference

    Mike Knee Contact Information
    Mike Knee -
    Reference Librarian: Bibliographer for Chemistry,
    Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistics, Nanoscale
    Science & Engineering, and Physics

    Bozena Kolodziej Contact Information
    Bozena Kolodziej -
    Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery Services

    Jess Smith Contact Information
    Jess Smith -
    Evening Circulation Supervisor /
    Science Library Webmaster

    Lorre Smith Contact Information
    Lorre Smith -
    Librarian for Digital Initiatives,
    Copyright Education, and
    Geographical Information Systems Services