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Patricia and J. Spencer Standish Board Room
The Science Library
University at Albany, SUNY

Facility Reservation Request

Please note: The Standish Room is set up as a Board Room with seating for 20 people around a large conference table. An additional 38 chairs are available either in the room or stacked in the closet. Maximum seating capacity is 107. No events may be booked until 1/2 hour after the library is scheduled to open on any day.

1. Date of Event    Day

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7. Cost:     See below for schedule of fees.

EQUIPMENT NEEDS: The following audio-visual equipment is available. A projection screen is also available in the Standish Room. To reserve any or all of the equipment listed below requires ten working days advance notice. The Library charges a flat fee of $50.00 for equipment use regardless of the number of items requested. Please indicate what equipment is needed:

laptop computer
speaker system
slide projector
DVD player
overhead projector
LCD projector
videotape player
CD player
wireless microphone

FOOD SERVICE: To make arrangements for Food Service, please call Campus Center Catering Service, 442-5986. The Library does not make these arrangements. Please note: The Library charges $25.00 per event for use of food in the room. If you plan to use an outside caterer, you must refer to the UAS Web site at

Will food or drink be served? Yes     Kitchen facilities required? Yes

There is no charge for the use of the Standish Room as it is set up for University groups for weekday events scheduled between 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. This room seats twenty at the conference table. An additional 38 chairs are available either in the room or stacked in the closet. The event sponsor must make arrangements for seating for more than 58 people.

The Libraries do not arrange for or do setup of furniture. For events scheduled on weekdays after 6 p.m. or on weekends, the Libraries charge a facilities use fee of $55.00 per event payable to State University of New York at Albany.

Groups external to the University must have a University co-sponsor, fill out a Revocable Permit, an "Application for Use of University Facilities by Non-University Organizations" form, obtain a Certificate of Liability Insurance, and pay a $120 facility use fee to State University of New York at Albany. For further information about the forms required for external groups, please refer to the Web site:

You may view the complete Science Library - Facilities Reservations Policies and Procedures.

The Dean and Director of Libraries has ultimate approval authority of all requests.

NOTE: You will receive an automated e-mail response immediately after submitting this form. This automated response does not confirm your reservation. Your reservation will be confirmed by a separate email message within one or two business days. If you do not receive the email confirmation of your request within two business days, please call 518-442-3563.