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Documenting Labor Inside and Out
Table of Contents

I.   Introduction

II.   The Archives of Public Affairs and Policy
                   Labor Collections in APAP
                   "The History of Labor in New York State" Map

III.   Archives and Labor Records

IV.   Who Uses Labor Records?

V.   Internal Documents:
            Charters and Constitutions
            Meeting Minutes
            Financial Records

VI.   Organizing

VII.   Publications

VIII.   Union Members:
               Membership Records
               Member Meetings and Gatherings
               Individual Member Spotlight--Helen Quirini

IX.   Union Democracy:
               Internal Politics
               Representation Challenges
               IUE vs. UE at General Electric
               NEA/NYEA vs. UUP at SUNY
               TUFCO vs. Council 82

X.   Collective Bargaining:
               Union Contracts
               When Negotiations Fail
               When Strikes are Forbidden
               Council 82's 1979 Strike

XI.   Political Action:
               Unions and Politicians
               Public Relations Spotlight --
                             United University Professions

XII.   Solidarity:
               Local Solidarity
               National and International Solidarity

XIII.   Labor Culture:
               The Lives of Workers
               Songs and the Labor Movement

XIV.   Conclusion

XV.   Additional Resources

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