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Transcript from: Caroline Smith Page

Family Papers, 1780-2001

Deposit letter from Anne (great great grandniece) and Edward McCarthy, August 24, 2001
Details the careers of descendants of Caroline & Stephen Page.
UA-802.008: Box 1, Folder 7

August 24, 2001

Dear Paul and Doris,

Ready at last. The photo is of Carrie in her later years obviously, as is the one of Stephen Rice Page, her husband. A photo of their home in Boone is included.

My Aunt Isabel Brown Parker, Great Grand Daughter of Carrie and Stephen Page passed the family photos along to me when none of her children was interested in their family history. I was. The two of us worked to expand our Page family knowledge into the past as best we could.

Some 20 to 25 years ago Isabel and I discussed family pictures contained in the family photo album. She inherited it and I was about to receive it. I noted names and dates of birth of Carrie and Stephen Page and wrote lightly in pencil on the back of the picture of the Page home as identified by Isabel. She was unable to identify the two individuals standing on the front porch of the house. I wonder if the house still stands in Boone? It may.

Carrie's influence, and that of other young teachers of her time, continues. My Aunt Isabel holds a Master's Degree in Education from the University of California. Now 98 years old, she finally "sat down" about two years ago I am told, and has taken to her bed. She has outlived her siblings, her spouse and two sons. Her only memory now is of her mother and father. Her sisters all taught high school in Boone or nearby. Her brothers were well educated - bankers, an engineer, a surgeon. Three working female grandchildren in the current generation are all college educated and work in the area of Silicon Valley. Their brother, a dentist in Sacramento, married to a dentist. All have young children. Carrie's passion for knowledge seems to continue in each of them, and how many now must they be? Great teachers, those young women who taught in Albany ... along with Carrie. Each knew how to get her message across!

I am donating the enclosed three photographs of Caroline and Stephen Rice Page, and of their home in Boone Iowa to you Paul for inclusion in University of Albany archives.

I find the necklace I thought belonged to Carrie dangles around daughter Kate Page's neck in the family album.

If you are able to send me a copy of your final write-up on Caroline, or a photograph of a display of any kind, I'd certainly appreciate it. I'd pass it on to Dr. Christopher Parker's family in Sacramento, Calif. along with the remainder of the family album. Now mature, he and his sisters may be interested in the photos and your account of Carrie and her contribution to early schooling in Albany. Chris' father Bill (my cousin) was a High School History Teacher ... no surprise.

The End

Our best to you both,

[Anna and Ed]

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