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RECORDS, 1936-1989

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Finding Aid Compiled by
Geoffrey Huth
June 8, 1990

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VOLUME: 3 cubic feet

ACQUISITION: All items in this manuscript group were loaned to the University Libraries, M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, by the Newspaper Guild of Albany, Local 34 and subsequently preservation photocopied as a part of the Harry Van Arsdale, Jr., Labor History Project. The originals have been returned to Local 34.

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Adminstrative History

Scope and content note

Box and Folder List

Newspaper Guild of Albany, New York, Local 34
Administrative History

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The Newspaper Guild of Albany, N.Y., Local 34 was chartered on March 20, 1934, as the Tri-City Newspaper Guild of Albany, Schenectady, and Troy, N.Y. as well as nearby cities. In 1937, the guild won its first agreement and the first Newspaper Guild agreement in upstate New York when it signed a contract with the Albany Times Union. The Albany Guild's last strike in 1964 formed the basis for The Ink Truck, the first published novel of William Kennedy, who was one of the strikers. The local began as a union of reporters and editors, but over the years other newspaper occupations have been organized as the guild has subsumed independent unions. Currently, janitors and drivers, as well as employees from the business office and sales and circulation departments are represented by the guild. Although the guild has confined most of its activities to the tri-cities, it has opened offices in Hudson and Glens Falls, New York.

Newspaper Guild of Albany, New York, Local 34
Scope and Content Note

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Contains executive board and membership minutes, 1936-87; unit minutes, 1942-87; bulletins, 1936-84; contracts, 1937-89; and organizing and litigation files, 1935-88.

For additional labor collections in the Department, see the online Labor subject guide at http://library.albany.edu/speccoll/labor.htm.

Reproductions of items from this collection are available in the exhibit Documenting Labor Inside and Out: Labor History in New York State's Capital District. A photograph of members picketing is available for viewing online from the University at Albany Libraries' Digital Collections database.

Newspaper Guild of Albany, New York, Local 34
Box and Folder List

Series 1: Minutes, 1936-87

Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Membership Meeting Minutes

Knickerbocker News Unit Meeting Minutes, 1942-56, 1966

Times Union Unit Meeting Minutes, 1942-51

Glens Falls Unit Meeting Minutes, 1985-86

Newspaper Guild of Albany, New York, Local 34
Box and Folder List

Series 2: Organizing and Litigation Files, 1936-1984

Capital Newspapers--Injunction Against Chester W. Vanderbilt (strike initiation), 1964
Capital Newspapers--NLRB Charges, 1968
Capital Newspapers--NLRB Case (interference with union activity), 1988
Capital Newspapers--NLRB Case (bylines), 1985
Glens Falls Newspapers--Contract with Albany Printing Pressmen, Assistants, and Offset Workers No. 23, 1983
Glens Falls Newspapers--NLRB Case, 1984-87
Glens Falls Newspapers--NLRB Case, 1984
Glens Falls Newspapers--Organizing, 1968-69
Glens Falls Newspapers--Organizing, 1973, 1978, 1983-84
Glens Falls Newspapers--Organizing, 1984
Hudson Unit--Decertification, 1987-88
Hudson Unit--NLRB Case (unfair labor practice), 1986
Knickerbocker News--Contracts with Press Circulation Union, 1950-51,1953, 1956, 1958
Knickerbocker News--Merger with Albany Times Union, 1960
Knickerbocker News--NLRB Case, 1939-42
Knickerbocker News--NLRB Case, 1942
Knickerbocker News--NLRB Case (Scott Wanhope), 1945-46
Knickerbocker News--NLRB Case, 1949-50
Knickerbocker News--NLRB Case, 1950
Knickerbocker News--NLRB Case, 1958
Knickerbocker News--Organizing, 1947, 1949-51
Knickerbocker News Circulation--NLRB Petition, 1957
Knickerbocker News Circulation--Organizing, 1950, 1952
Knickerbocker News Circulation--Organizing, 1957-58
Knickerbocker News Commercial--NLRB Case, 1942, 1944
Knickerbocker News Editorial Employees--NLRB Case, 1938
Non-Communist Affidavits, 1950, 1957-58
Organizing--General, 1952, 1954-55
Press Company Merger--NLRB Case, 1937-41
Saratoga--Organizing, 1957
Schenectady--Organizing, 1952-53
Schenectady Gazette--Organizing, 1937-39, 1954, 1982
Schenectady Sun, 1938-39
Schenectady Union Star--Organizing, 1936-39
Times Union--Contracts with Circulation Independent Committee, 1946-59
Times Union--NLRB Case, 1941
Times Union Circulation--NLRB Case, 1938, 1940
Newspaper Guild of Albany
Times Union Circulation--NLRB Case, 1940
Times Union Circulation--NLRB Case on Independent Committee, 1940-41
Times Union Circulation--NLRB Case, 1956-58
Times Union Circulation--Organizing, 1944-47
Times Union Circulation--Organizing, 1958
Times Union Independent Committee--Organizing, 1945
Troy Record--Organizing, 1937
Troy Record and Times Record--Organizing, 1946, 1948, 1954
Union Star--Organizing, 1958, 1965-66, 1969
Union Star--Take-Over by Capital Newspapers, 1969

Newspaper Guild of Albany, New York, Local 34
Box and Folder List

Series 3: Grievance Files, 1952-54, 1959, 1970, 1974-76, 1981-82

Bulletin Board Problem, 1976
Funiciello, John--Grievance, 1974
Graphics Editor--Grievance, 1976, 1981-82
Grievance Procedure, 1952-53
Kniskern, Paul--Grievance, 1982
Lowenkron, Henry--Grievance, 1970 [missing 12/18/2005 acs]
Riley, George--Grievance, 1959
Rosenblatt, Linda A.--Grievance, 1974-75
Schick, Timothy--Grievance, 1981-82 [missing 12/18/2005 acs]
Scott, Janet--Grievance, 1953-54

Newspaper Guild of Albany, New York, Local 34
Box and Folder List

Series 4: Bulletins, 1936-49, 1951-59, 1961-72, 1975-84, 1988

1975-84, 1988

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