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VOLUME: 8.5 cubic feet

ACQUISITION: All items in this manuscript group were donated to the University Libraries, M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, by the Urban League of the Albany Area.

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Administrative History

Scope and Content Note

Series Descriptions

Box and Folder List:

Urban League of Northeastern New York
Administrative History

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The Urban League of the Albany Area was incorporated as a not-for-profit agency on May 6, 1966.[1] The Urban League of the Albany Area is one of 113 affiliates of the National League. At some point, the date is not clear, the Urban League of the Albany Area changed their name to the Urban League of Northeastern New York . The mission of the Urban League is to enable blacks and other minority group members to cultivate and exercise their full potential on par with all other Americans. [2] The Urban League aspires to fulfill its mission by providing those human services found to be insufficient or nonexistent in urban areas. The League maintains departments which assist clients in the areas of health, education, housing, and employment. The services are provided free of charge and are made available through funding provided by individual and corporate contributions and program funding from state and federal agencies.

Management of the Urban League is under the control of a Board of Directors. Elected by the membership, Board members serve three year terms during which they review and establish policy within the prescribed guidelines of the National Urban League. The Executive Director reports directly to the Board and is responsible for the daily operations of the Urban League.

Directors of the Urban League of Northeastern New York

Aaron R. Dare, 1996-2000
L. Lloyd Stewart, 1992-1996
Clem Lloyd, 1992*
Jamie D. Bracey, 1991-1992
Joseph A. Griggs, 1991*
Lawrence Burwell, 1990-1991
Clarence Swanston, 1988-90
Barbara Winters, 1986-87
Lloyd J. Oxford, 1982-85
Raoul A. Davis, 1981-1982
Francis Alphonso, 1980-81*
Colwyn Allen, 1979-80
Johnsie Williams, 1978-1979*
Lawrence Burwell, 1968-78
Carter L. Lowe, 1966-68
* acting directors


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1. "Operation Intercept," Grant Proposal. Urban League of the Albany Area. (Albany, NY: 1977). p. 1.
2. Annual Report. Urban League of the Albany Area. (Albany, NY: 1987). p. 4.

Urban League of Northeastern New York
Scope & Content Note

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Urban League of Northeastern New York is a not-for-profit, multicultural organization committed to the improvement of human services to blacks and other minorities. The records of the Urban League of Northeastern New York include annual reports, meeting minutes and newsletters. The records are divided into three series, Subject Files (1968-87); Meeting Minutes (1968-87); and the National Urban League Files (1966-87).

As an affiliate of a national organization the Urban League of Northeastern New York is obligated to support and follow mandates from the national headquarters. Recent National Urban League issues have been voter education (1983) and public school education (1985). The voter education drive was a proceed to the voter registration drives of the 1960's. Having experienced major declines in federal funding during the conservative Reagan Administration, the National Urban League established the voter education drive in the attempts to have minorities register and vote in the 1984 presidential election. As part of the voter education drive, the National Urban League issued reports on the Reagan administration regarding setbacks in civil rights legislation, the disproportionate spending allowances between social services and military spending, and the nomination of Robert Bork for Supreme Court justice. The Albany Urban League carried on a campaign similar to that of the national campaign.

Higher education was also a major concern for the National Urban League during the 1980's. Cutbacks in federal aid saw minority enrollment fall to new lows. The National Urban League mandate on the issue was the sponsoring of full and partial academic scholarship to worthy minority high school seniors. In response the Urban League of the Albany Area established several scholarships with the help of area banks, corporations, colleges, and universities (1987).

Aside from NUL issues the local affiliate was also responsible for innovative solutions to community problems. The Teen Pregnancy Program (1980-) and the Fatherhood Program (1984-90) were developed by the Urban League of Northeastern New York to address the growing dilemma of teen pregnancy in the Capitol District. In the area of education the Urban League of Northeastern New York has sponsored the Adolescent Vocational Exploration Program (known hereafter as the AVE Program)(1984-). Designed to motivate and prepare high school students for work, the AVE program is operated in conjunction with the Job Training Partnership Administration and the State Education Department. A third area in which the Albany League is highly visible is the Housing Counseling Program (1979-). The Housing Department within the Urban League provides mortgage default counseling, housing referral, and home purchase counseling to first time buyers.

There are gaps in some of the most important records of the collection such as the Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, Executive Directors, Annual Reports, and Departmental Reports. The 1970's go almost totally undocumented. This may be a result of the changes in leadership at the Urban League of Northeastern New York. Since 1978 there have been a total of six appointed or acting executive directors. In light of such turnover records may have been lost or destroyed.

Urban League of Northeastern New York
Series Descriptions

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Series 1: Executive Board Files, 1968, 1979-1986. 0.5 cubic feet. Arranged in three sub series ("Meeting Minutes," "Executive Committee Minutes," "Executive Director's Reports"), and arranged chronologically thereunder.

The Executive Board Files contain the meeting minutes of the Board of Directors (1968, 1979-85) and the Executive Committee (1984-86) include correspondence with the NUL, personnel matters, and correspondence with Albany, New York Mayor Thomas Whalen III and NUL President John E. Jacob. They were maintained as a record of the activities of the Albany Urban League in its affiliation with the National Urban League and as a community based organization in the Capitol District. The Executive Director's Reports served as monthly overviews of the day-to-day operations of the Albany Urban League. The smallest of the series' the Executive Board Files are incomplete. The Urban League of Northeastern New York began in 1966 but gaps in the series leave the 1960s and 1970s largely undocumented. Executive Board Files produced after 1987 are in the possession of the Urban League of Northeastern New Yorke.

Series 2: Subject Files, 1968-1987. 4 cubic feet. Arranged alphabetically and chronologically thereunder.

The Subject Files contain annual reports (1967,1974-78, 1982-84, 1985, 1987-88), annual dinner program (1975, 1978, 1982), general correspondence (1981-87), and the annual meeting minutes (1970, 1975, 1980-84). They were maintained as a record of the daily operations of the Urban League of Northeastern New York and provides an overview of the various programs with which the organization was involved. The documentation for this series is most complete in the years 1984-87. Information recorded during the 1970's can also be found intermittently within the series. Missing from the series is a charter or any other material relating to the origins of the Albany Urban League. Also incomplete are records in the form of annual reports.

Series 3: National Urban League Files, 1966-1987. 4 cubic feet. Arranged alphabetically and chronologically thereunder.

The series contains copies of the National Urban League publications such as the newsletter, "To Be Equal," the annual reports of the NUL and published reports commissioned by the NUL such as The State of Black America. The records maintained in this series are part of the ongoing correspondence between the national headquarters and its Albany area affiliate. Of the three series, this has the most depth in that the records are almost complete and in some instance they predate the Urban League of Northeastern New York.

Series 4: Adolescent Vocational Exploration Program, 1984-1987. 0.5 cubic feet. Arranged alphabetically and chronologically there under.

The series contains records of the AVE program. The program was funded through a grant provided by the New York State Department of Education. The goal of the program was to develop life and career skills in "youth-at-risk" of not completing their education. The participants were engaged in a series of temporary placements to explore career options and further clarify their goals.

Urban League of Northeastern New York
Box and Folder List

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Series 1: Executive Board Files, 1968, 1979-1986

Box 1

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, 1968, 1979-1987

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, 1980, 1982-1987

Urban League of Northeastern New York
Box and Folder List

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Series 2: Subject Files, 1968-1987

Box 1

"Action Alert," 1983
Affiliate Board Development Module, 1985
Affiliate Compliance Standards, 1984-85
Affiliates Information, 1985-87
Affiliate Newsletters/Annual Reports, 1986
African-American Family, 1985
Agency Relations Policies and Procedures, 1986
Agreement Between the Coalition on Minority Employment and the Urban Development Corporation, 1982
Albany Boys Club, 1984
Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce, 1983
Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce, 1984
Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce, 1985
Albany County Affordable Housing Coalition, 1987
Albany County Youth Bureau, 1970, 1976
Albany Housing Authority, 1982
Albany Teen Consortium, 1985-87
Allocations Appeal, 1984
American Red Cross, 1984
American Society for Public Administration, 1984
Annual Affiliate Data Collection Report, 1981
Annual Delegate Assembly, 1983
Annual Delegate Assembly, 1984
Annual Departmental Reports, 1982-83
Annual Meeting--Third, 1970
Annual Meeting--Eighth, 1975
Annual Meeting--Tenth, 1976
Annual Meeting--Twelfth, 1978
Annual Meeting--Thirteenth, 1979
Annual Meeting--Fourteenth, 1980
Annual Meeting--Fifteenth, 1982
Annual Meeting--Seventeenth, 1984
Annual Meeting--Nineteenth, 1986
Annual Report--Albany, 1967
Annual Report--Albany, 1968
Annual Report--Albany, 1969
Annual Report--Albany, 1976
Annual Report--Albany, 1978
Annual Report--Albany, 1982
Annual Report--Albany, 1984
Annual Report--Albany, 1987
Annual Report--Albany, 1988
Annual Report--Philadelphia, 1982
Annual Report--Rochester, 1983
Arbor Hill Development Corporation Report, 1983
Arbor Hill Development Corporation Report, 1984
Audit Report, 1980
Audit Report, 1981, 1984
Audit Report, 1986
Baby Information Bureau Proposal, 1985
Bicentennial of the Board of Regents and the University of the State of New York, 1983,1984
Black American Lobby for Africa and the Caribbean, 1984
Black Arts and Cultural Festival, 1983
Black Churches in Albany, undated
Black Community Organizations, undated
Black Cultural Studies Organization, 1982
Black Heritage Association, 1983
Black History Month, 1983-84
Black Media, Inc., 1984
Black Pastors Association, 1987
Board of Directors Manual, 1983
Board of Directors Nominations, 1979-8-
Budget Allocation, 1985
Business Relationship Improvement Plan, 1982
By-laws of the Arbor Hill Development Corporation, undated
Capital Area Family Resources, Inc., 1975-76
Capital District African-American Heritage Association, 1986
Capital District Builders of Educational Achievement, 1984
Capital District Coalition Against Apartheid and Racism, 1985
Capital District Community Loan Fund, 1986
Capital District Essay Contest, 1983
Capital District Minority Business Association, 1983
Capital District Minority Sub-Contractors Association, 1985
Capital District Municipal Population Projections, 1985
Capital District Political Action Committee, 1983
Capital District Regional Planning Commission, 1984
Capital District Strategic Planning Committee, 1985
Capital District Women's Political Caucus, 1986
Capital Region Service Delivery Area, 1984
Career Exploration Program, 1984
Census Bureau, 1984
Center for Resource Development, 1980
Charity Donations, 1984
Child Abuse and Neglect, 1984
Citizens Council, 1984
"Civil Rights Update," 1982-83
Community Based Organization Colloquim, 1983
Columbia County Urban League, 1984
Community-Police Relations Board, 1986
Community Presentations, 1986
Community Work Experience/Work Relief Program Contract, 1984
Conference Calls, 1983
Congressional Action Newsletter, 1985
Conneticut Association for Human Services, 1986
Constitution, 1986
Constitutions of NUL Affiliates, 1983
Constitution of the Life Policy--Advisory Board, undated
Consumer Credit Counseling Services, 1984
Cooperative Extension, 1986
Corporate Donations--Academic Scholarship Award, 1984
Correspondence--General, 1981-82
Correspondence--General, 1983
Correspondence--General, 1984

Box 2

Correspondence--General, 1985
Correspondence--General, 1986
Correspondence--General, 1987
Correspondence--Outgoing, 1985
Correspondence with NUL, 1982Council of Community Services, 1971
Council of Community Services Survey, 1983
Day Care Report, 1983
Department of Correctional Services, 1983
Department of Health and Human Services, 1987
Department of Social Services, 1985
Directory of Community Services-Fulton County, 1982
Domestic Violence Research Proposal, 1983
Dues Review Commission Meeting, 1982
Early Exposure to Financial Institutions, 1984
Eastern Regional Delegate Assembly, 1982
Eastern Regional Delegate Assembly, 1983
Eastern Regional Delegate Assembly, 1984
Eastern Regional Delegate Assembly, 1985
Eastern Regional Delegate Assembly, 1986
Eastern Regional Programmatic Conference, 1980
Eastern Regional Programmatic Conference, 1986
Eastern Regional Board Volunteer Training Guide, 1983
Economic Development and Employment, 1984
Education Initiative Task Force, 1986
Empire State Institute for the Performing Arts, 1983
Empire State Black Arts and Cultural Festival, 1984
Empire State Organization of Youth Employment Services, 1985
Employment Handbook, 1987
Employment/Training Office Monthly Report, 1986
Employment, Economic Development and Training, 1987
Equal Opportunity Policy, 1986
Essay Entries, 1986
Evaluation of the Family Planning Project, 1976
Executive Director's Proposed Work Plan, 1984
Executive Director's Report, 1967
Executive Director's Report, 1980
Executive Director's Report, 1981
Executive Director's Report, 1982
Executive Director's Report, 1984
Executive Director's Report, 1985
Executive Director's Report, 1986
Executive Director's Report, 1987
Executive Training Seminars, 1986
Evaluation of Communication Difficulties Between Board President and Executive Director, 1979
Family Day Festival, 1984
Family Planning Advocates of New York State, 1985
Family Planning Outreach and Follow-up Program, 1974
Family Planning Outreach and Follow-up Program, 1975
Family Planning Outreach and Follow-up Program, 1976-77
Family Planning Proposal, 1976-77
Fatherhood Newsletter, 1985
Fatherhood Project,1986
Fatherhood Project Proposal, 1984
Field Assessment of Urban League of Northeastern New York, 1980
Field Operations Report, 1982
Finance Committee, 1982
Finance Committee, 1983
Finance Committee, 1985-86
Finance Industry Pre-Employment Program, 1984
Ford Foundation Publications, 1984
Fund Raising Assistance to Affiliates, 1980
Health, Human Services, and Education, 1983
Health Professions Enrichment Pathways Project, 1980
Health Professions Enrichment Program, 1982
Home Energy Assistance Program, 1982-83
Home Maintenance Workshop, 1984-85
Horizons Exchange Program, 1986
Housing and Urban Development, 1987
Housing Counseling Program, 1984
Housing Counseling Program, 1983
Housing Counseling Program, 1984
Housing Counseling Program, 1985
Housing Counseling Program, 1986

Box 3

Housing Counseling Program, 1987
HUD Mortgage Default Referral,
HUD Mortgage Default Referral, 1980-81
HUD Mortgage Default Referral, 1985
Hudson Valley Newsletter, 1985
Independent Business Program, 1983
Independent Sector, 1985
Inner City Bulletin-Tampa, 1985
Institute for Education Leadership, 1987
Insurance, 1984
Job Descriptions, 1986
Knoxville (Tenn.) Area Urban League, 1985
Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, 1987
Legal Handbook for Community Development Organizations, 1983
Legislation, 1983
Legislative Alert, 1987
Legislative Resolution--Assembly No. 725, 1980
Letters from Executive Director, 1985
Mailing Lists, 1983
Male Responsibility Campaign, 1985
Manual for Affiliates of the National Urban League, 1972
Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Programs, 1985
Martin Luther King Jr. Federal Holiday Commission, 1986
Media Contact Listing, 1984
Meharry-Morehouse Bill, 1980
Membership Letters, 1984
Memphis (Tenn.) Urban League, 1985
Mentoring Program, 1985
Mentoring Program, 1986
Memorandum, 1975-78
Memorandum, 1985
Memorandum of Understanding: Urban League and Department of Correctional Services, 1983
Message from the Executive Director, 1983
Message from the President, 1983
Message to the Legislature, 1984
Mid-Winter Conference, 1983
Minority School Finance Network, 1983
Minority School Finance Network Report: Does the School Finance Formula Help or Hinder?, 1982
Mission Statement, 1985
Mohawk-Hudson Community Foundation, 1983-85
Monthly Affiliate Report of Revisions, 1983
Monthly Report--Employment Department, 1982
Monthly Report--Housing Department, 1983
Monthly Report--Health, Human Services & Education, 1982
Multi-Family Housing Proposal, 1985
National Alliance of Business, 1984
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), 1983
National Association of Black Social Workers, 1984
National Organization for Women, 1985
Needs Assessment and Staff Development Project, 1980
Neighborhood Preservation Contract, 1985
New Directions: The Howard University Magazine, 1982
Nehemiah Housing Program, 1984-85
Newspaper Clippings, 1986
New York City's Comptroller's Report, 1985
New York State Banking Department, 1985 -12-
New York State Bureau of Family Planning and Vital Statistics, 1974
New York State Citizens Coalition, 1985
New York State Community Based Organization Consortium Development Project, 1982
New York State Council of Urban Leagues, 1984
New York State Department of Social Services, 1984
New York State Division of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse, 1983
New York State Division for Youth, 1983
New York State Division of Human Rights, 1983
New York State Division of Substance Abuse Services, 1984
New York State Education Bicentennial Celebration, 1983
New York State Energy Office, 1984
New York State Federation of Housing Counselors, 1982-83
New York State Legislative Process, 1984
New York State Office of Mental Health, 1982
New York State Programmatic Conference, 1982
New York Telephone, 1983
News Articles, 1982-83
Nominating Committee Meeting Minutes, 1984-86
Nominating Committee Meeting Minutes, 1987
Northeast New York Alliance of Business, 1983
Official Guidelines for the Operation of an Urban League Guild, 1979
Organization Resources Counselors, Inc., 1984
Parsons Child and Family Center--Spectrum Newsletter, 1985
Partnership for Job Training Conference, 1984
Performance Appraisal Plan, 1980
Personnel Committee, 1981
Personnel Committee, 1985
Personnel Committee, 1986
Personnel Practices, 1977
Personnel Services Bulletin, 1983
Planning and Priorities Setting Questionnaires, 1985
Planning Exercise, 1986

Box 4

President of the National Urban League, 1981
Pontiac Area Urban League, 1984
Pre-Conference Training Seminars, 1984
Preparing Effective Presentations, 1984
Program Committee Meeting Minutes, 1979-80
Program Descriptions, undated
Program Development, 1982
Program Narrative, 1984
Program Outline--Annual Conference, 1983
Program Planning Manual, undated
Progress Report Newsletter, 1985
Proposed Goals, 1982
Proposal:  Operation Intercept, 1977
Proposed Meeting Agendas, 1982-84
Public Affairs Advisory Board, 1985
Public Relations Committee Meeting, 1985
Public Utilities Law Project, 1984
Ratio Analysis Project, 1983
Recreation and Leisure Time Services Plan for Albany County, 1976
The Regional Act, 1983
Regional Planning Committee Meeting, 1985
Report:  "Relevance of the Traditional Urban League Approach," 1982
Renewal of Agreement, 1986
The Rensselaerville Institute, 1985
Revision of the Constitution, 1985
RSS Review, 1985
SABOSA, 1984
Scholarship Award, 1982-83
Scholarship Award, 1986
Scholarship Committee, 1984
Security Group, Inc., 1984-85
Senior Citizens Advisory Committee, 1982
Solidarity Committee of the Capital District, 1984
South End Scene, 1983
South End Scene, 1985
South End Services Planning Committee, 1980-81
Staff Meeting, 1981-83
Staff Meeting, 1984
State Employees Federated Appeal, 1984
The State of Black America, 1982
The State of Black America, 1983
The State of Black America, 1984
State University of New York at Albany, 1984
Structured Educational Support Programs, 1987
Substance Abuse--Vocational Assessment Proposal, 1982-83
Summer Jobs Campaign for Youth, 1982
Tampa Urban League, 1985
Task Force on Block Grants, 1981
Tax Reform Act of 1986
Team Approach to Adolescent Health and Related Services, 1977-78
Teen Pregnancy Consortium, 1980
Teen Pregnancy Program, 1981
Teen Pregnancy Program, 1984
Teen Pregnancy Program, 1985
Teleconference, 1986
Terms of Affiliation, 1981
"Think Before You Act," 1987
To Be Equal, 1971-73
To Be Equal, 1981-82
To Be Equal, 1983
To Be Equal, 1984
To Be Equal, 1985-86
Training Course Directory, 1986
Trinity Institution, 1983
Metropolitan Tulsa Urban League, 1985
TV Ten Editorials, 1985
University of Rochester, 1987
Urban Affairs Committee, 1983
Urban Affairs Committee, 1984
Union Associates Affirmative Action Committee, 1987
Urban League Disaffiliation, 1982-83
Urban League Mission, undated
Volunteer Center of Albany, Inc., 1982-83
Volunteer Center of Albany, Inc., 1985
Voter Education Manual, 1983
Voter Registration Drive, 1983
Whitney M. Young, Jr. Commemorative Stamp, 1981
Whitney M. Young, Jr. Health Center, 1985
Winston-Salem Urban League, 1985
Xerox Computer Contribution, 1984
Youth Employment and Training Council, 1982
Youth Employment Motivational Program, 1983
Youth Exchange Program, 1986
YWCA, 1984

Urban League of Northeastern New York
Box and Folder List

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Series 3: National Urban League Files, 1966-1987

Box 1

90 Day Countdown Campaign, 1984
Action Alert, 1984
Administration and Clerical Council, 1970-76
Administration and Clerical Council, 1985
Administration Department Bulletin, 1969-71
Adolescent Pregnancy Program Funding, 1984
Affiliate Profile Form, 1968-74
Analysis of Urban League Finances and Personnel, 1968
Analysis of Urban League Finances and Personnel, 1968
Affiliation Dues, 1983
Annual Conference, 1967
Annual Conference, 1972
Annual Conference, 1973
Annual Conference-Detroit, 1971
Annual Conference-Atlanta, 1975 (2 folders)
Annual Convention-Boston, 1976
Annual Convention-Washington, D.C., 1977 (2 folders)
Annual Convention-New York City, 1970
Annual Delegate Assembly, 1967
Annual Delegate Assembly, 1968
Annual Delegate Assembly, 1979
Annual Delegate Assembly, 1984
Annual Delegate Assembly-Minutes, 1982
Annual Equal Opportunity Day Dinner, 1972
Annual Report, 1967
Annual Report, 1974
Annual Report, 1975
Annual Report, 1976
Annual Report, 1978
Annual Report, 1982
Annual Report, 1983
Annual Report, 1984
Annual Report, 1985
Annual Report, 1987
Annual Report, 1988
Affiliate Dues Clarification, 1975
Affiliate Communications, 1976
Affiliate Board Presidents, 1974-75
Black Caucus, 1972
Biographical Sketch-Whitney M. Young, Jr., 1971
Birmingham Urban League, 1969
Black Family Summit, 1984
Black Student and the American University, 1975
Black Student Summer Program, 1969-70
Black Executive Exchange Program, 1970
Black Student Summer Program-Annual Report, 1971
White House Conference on Handicapped Individuals, 1976

Box 2

By-Laws-National Urban League, 1973
Capital District Media Listing, 1984
Chapter Suspensions, 1983
“The Case for Urban Integrations,” 1967
Child Care, 1972
Commentary on A Report: The Racial Gap, 1967
Community Action Assembly, 1968
Community Housing Development Act, 1974
Compliance Sanctions, 1984
Conference Schedules, 1983
Congressional Black Caucus, 1984
Consumer Protection/Justice Administration, 1970
Contributions for Fisk University, 1984
Correspondence-General, 1976
Correspondence-General, 1985
Correspondence-General, 1986
Correspondence-General, 1987
Correspondence-United Way of Northeastern, New York, 1983
Correspondence-United Way of Northeastern, New York, 1984
Correspondence-United Way of Northeastern, New York, 1985
Correspondence-Northeastern Association of the Blind, 1983-84
Council of Executive Directors, 1967-73
Council of Executive Directors, 1973-76
Current Urban League Programs, 1969
Department of Community Development, 1973
Development Foundation, 1974
Eastern Regional Conference, 1971
Eastern Region Council, 1969-1972
Eastern Region Monthly Communities, 1971-72
Eastern Region Programmatic Conference, 1974 (2 folders)
Eastern Regional Community Organization Training Seminar, 1970
Eastern Regional Council, 1970
Eastern Regional Council of circaE.O.s, 1983
Eastern Regional Delegate Assembly, 1979
Economic Development and Employment, 1967-71
Economic Development, 1970
Economic Development Committee Meeting Minutes, 1985
Education Department, 1984
Education, Loans and Scholarships, 1967-72
Employment Vacancy Notices, 1967
Elementary and Secondary Education Act, 1970
Equality Pins, 1968
“Everybody Rapping,” 1972
Executive Development, 1970-71
Executive Committee Meeting, 1985
Executive Committee Minutes, 1983
Executive Council Quarterly Meeting, 1983-84
Executive Development Program, 1984
Fact Sheet on Community Action Assembly, 1963
Financial and Personnel Report, 1966-67
Financial and Personnel Report, 1969
Financial and Personnel Report, 1970
Financial and Personnel Report, 1971
Financial and Personnel Report-Affiliate, 1969
Foundation Grants--Tax Reform Act of 1969, 1969
Fundraising and Financial Management, 1971
Girl Scouts of the U.S.A., 1972
Guidelines for Assessment (Dues), 1969
Guidelines for Certification of Executive Directors, 1972
Guild Information, 1984
Guidelines for Regional Assemblies, 1982
Harold R. Sims-Acting Executive Director, 1971-72
Housing and Urban Development Act of 1966, 1966

Box 3

Housing Department Publications, 1971-75
Housing Research Conference, 1067-68
How To Organize An Urban League, 1967
Income Maintenance Policy, 1968-70
Institutional Change Workshop Report, 1969
Interracial Colloquy, 1970
Labor Affairs Program, 1976
Labor Education Advancement, 1970-74 Law and Consumer Affairs, 1971
Legislative Memorandum, 1969
Legislative Memorandum, 1970-71
Local Affiliates, 1984
Lewis Harris Survey, 1970
Memorandum, 1968-1972
Management Training, 1975
Manual for Affiliates, 1972
Marshall Plan, 1967
Management Training and Development Center, 1978
Manpower Economic Development and Labor Affairs Council, 1972-73
Manual on Direct cost Recovery, 1979
Manual for Affiliates, 1972-74
Mid-Winter Meeting, 1983-84
National Board of Trustees, 1972
National Conference,
National Conference, 1963
National Conference, 1969
National Conference, 1973
National Advertising Campaign, 1984
National Priorities Report, 1985
News clippings, 1967-69
Newsletter, 1968-75
News from National Urban League, 1972
News from National Urban League, 1973
News from National Urban League, 1974
News from National Urban League, 1979
News from National Urban League, 1980
News from National Urban League, 1982
News from National Urban League, 1984
News from National Urban League, 1986
News Releases, 1969
News Releases, 1970
News Releases, 1971
News Releases, 1984
News Releases, 1985
News Releases, 1986
New Thrust for Urban League Movement, 1968
New Thrust for Urban League Movement, 1969
New Thrust for Urban League Movement, 1971
New York State Council of Urban League Executives, 1971-74
Nominating Committee Meeting Minutes, 1984-86
Notices, 1969-71
“Not the Leader, But the Leadership,” 1972
Office of General Counsel, 1972
On-the-Job Training Program, 1968-70
Operation Breakthrough, 1970
Partisan Political Activity, 1972 Partnerships, 1983
Personnel Department, 1972
Personnel Information Bulletin, 1969-71
Planning Session, 1974
Poor People's March, 1968
Presentation to Regional Assemblies, 1985
President Council, 1974
President's Commission on Civil Disorders, 1968

Box 4

Priority Setting, Planning and Review Process, 1983
President's Report, 1984
Proceedings of Health and Social Welfare Workshop, 1975
Progress Report, 1969-73
Project E.N.A.B.LE., 1967-68
Quarterly Reports, 1967
Quarterly Reports, 1982
Quarterly Reports, 1983
Records Retention Program, 1972
Regional Offices, 1968
Rent Supplement Program, 1966
Research Department, 1969
Retirement Income Program, 1968
Revenue Sharing, 1971-73
San Francisco Urban League, 1970-74
Search Committee, 1971
The Secretariat, 1967
The Secretariat, 1968
The Secretariat, 1969
School Decentralization, 1968
Social Welfare, 1970
Social Welfare, 1975
Speaker's Bureau, 1984
Staff Quarterly, 1980
Statement's By Vernon Jordan, Jr., 1971-73
Statements of Concern, 1969
Staff Appointments, 1974
Staff Changes, 1968-72
Survival Fund, 1970-71
Tarrytown Conference and Development of the NUL Planning Unit, 1970
To Be Equal, 1974
To Be Equal, 1975
To Be Equal, 1976
Training Seminar Program, 1968
Transportation Needs of Handicapped and Elderly, 1972
United Funds, 1971
United Fund National Corporation Cultivation Project, 1968
United Way, 1974
United Way Campaign, 1985
United Way Funding, 1970
Urban League Bulletin 1969 1970
Urban League Business--An Approach to Action, 1966
Urban League Manifesto, 1969
Urban League Sunday, 1986
Urban League Volunteer Groups, 1984
United States Congress, 1970
Veterans Affairs, 1970-71
Voter Registration Procedure, 1971-74
Vernon Jordan, Jr.--Biographical Sketch, 1972
Vernon Jordan, Jr.--Public Statements, 1974-1976
Wage Supplement Campaign, 1969
Washington Bureau Elections, 1970
Washington Bureau Newsletters, 1967-72
Washington Operations,
Washington Operations, 1982
Washington Operations, 1983
Washington Operations, 1984
Washington Operations, 1988
Washington Operations-Congressional Digest, 1988
Which Way America, 1971, 1974
White House Conference on Handicapped Individuals, 1976
Whitney M. Young, Jr. Speeches, 1967
Whitney M. Young, Jr. Speeches, 1968
Whitney M. Young, Jr. Speeches, 1969
Whitney M. Young, Jr. Speeches, 1970
Whitney M. Young, Jr. Speeches, 1971
Youth Activities, 1968-71
Youth Employment and Training Programs, 1984

Urban League of Northeastern New York
Box and Folder List

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Series 4: Adolescent Vocational Exploration Program, 1984-1987

Box 1

Academic Credit Handbook, 1984
AVE Handbook, 1984
Grant Applications, 1982
Health Careers Opportunity Program-Grant Applications, 1979
Mid-Winter Conference, 1985
A Program Model for Urban League Math and Science Program, 1982
Survey of Urban League Affiliates on Public School Programs for
Academically Gifted Minorities, undated

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Last updated October 25, 2006