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RECORDS, 1959, 1969, 1977-1979, 1981-1990

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Finding Aid Compiled by
Geoffrey A. Huth
December 26, 1989

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VOLUME: .17 cubic feet

ACQUISITION: All items in this manuscript group were lent to the University Libraries, M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, by the Greater Glens Falls Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO and photocopied onto acid-free paper. The originals have been returned to the Labor Council.

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Adminstrative History

Scope and content note

Box and Folder List

Greater Glens Falls Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Administrative History

A labor council was organized in Glens Falls, NY, in 1901.  The first AFL-CIO charter was issued for the council in 1959.  At this time, the organization was called the Glens Falls, New York, Trades & Labor Assembly, AFL-CIO.  The charter was amended in 1969 when the labor council became the Greater Glens Falls, New York, Central Labor Council.  However, the council continued to use the name Glens Falls Trades & Labor Council at least through 1979.

In the mid-1980's, the labor council initiated a drive to reinvigorate itself, especially by increasing the number of its affiliates.  The council was not always successful in convincing labor union locals to join; nevertheless, its growth was quite rapid.  A merger between the Glens Falls Central Labor Council and that for Saratoga County was considered in the 1980's, but the president of the Glens Falls council announced in 1988 that the merger was no longer being contemplated, ostensibly because the Glens Falls council had had the "largest growth of any council in the U.S." and had no need to merge.

As with any labor council, the Greater Glens Falls Central Labor Council is a group of labor union locals which have joined together to share information about labor activities (especially in their area) and to develop strategies for coordinated union action.  Activities of the labor council include picketing assistance in the Glens Falls area, coordinating political action, and lending moral and financial support to labor union locals on strike.

Greater Glens Falls Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Scope & Content Note

Merely the last dozen or so years of the Glens Falls Central Labor Council are documented by minutes, and the years with minutes often have significant gaps until the mid-1980's.  However, the labor council sometimes canceled its December meeting, so the lack of a December meeting does not necessarily represent a gap.

Best documented in these records is the rise of this labor council from a small and virtually dormant labor council into an expanding and politically active council.  The methods used by the labor council to achieve advances towards its goals become obvious: these primarily consist of contacts with politicians, the media, and other labor union organizations.  As the council expanded, its reach expanded, so that it was not just interested in local and regional matters (though those predominate), but also was often actively helping locals across the country.

These copies of the records of the Greater Glens Falls Central Labor Council were photocopied onto acid-free paper from the originals held by the labor council.  The originals were returned to the labor council.

For additional labor collections in the Department, see the online Labor subject guide at http://library.albany.edu/speccoll/labor.htm.

Greater Glens Falls Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Box and Folder List

1.  Charters, 1959, 1969
2.  Constitution, circa 1978
3.  Correspondence, 1977-1979, 1982
4.  Minutes, 1977
5.  Minutes, 1978
6.  Minutes, 1979
7.  Minutes, 1981 (includes a report on a statewide legislative meeting of labor leaders)
8.  Minutes, 1983
9.  Minutes, 1984
10. Minutes, 1985
11. Minutes, 1986
12. Minutes, 1987
13. Minutes, 1988
14. Minutes, 1989
15. Minutes, 1990

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