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Adminstrative History

Scope and Content Note

Series Description

Box and Folder List:

Capital Area School Development Association
Administrative History

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The Capital Area School Development Association (CASDA) is a cooperative organization among public and private schools and the University at Albany’s School of Education. Through programming, CASDA provides professional development for administrators, teachers, and school support staff. It is a voluntary self-governed association managed by an executive committee and chief school administrators. Its purpose is to facilitate programs for school employees. Finance is acquired through membership and the University.

CASDA was first suggested by a group of Schoharie County principals and school officials. Representatives from Schoharie and other schools met periodically in Albany, New York with faculty at the New York State College for Teachers to discuss changes in education and school affairs. The group aimed to network the college with public school teachers and administrators to introduce new philosophies, curriculum, and ideas. The group first convened as CASDA on October 6, 1949, and formed a study council to examine educational needs. Frank W. Frederick, Ph.D., chose the name of the organization, and a ten-member executive committee was formed to manage the association’s operations at Milne Hall on the college’s campus. CASDA organized during a period when education and the school experience was rapidly changing as a result of post-war expansion. Teachers wanted more development and professional services, and administrators felt a need for research and field services. The college provided these services to village, rural and city school personnel. CASDA’s main purpose at the time of its inception was to create a link between K-12 teachers and the college to advance all aspects of education. The State Teacher’s Colleges at Albany and Oneonta provided professional seminars. During its first few years of operation, CASDA mostly provided in-service programs for its members or to employees of schools who paid an annual fee to the association. Some of the first programs included television and radio workshops (1954-1957). In 1949, eighteen school districts had joined and CASDA’s budget was $2,000. By 1950, thirty-seven schools had joined and by 1968 fifty had joined. Membership cost $.10 per pupil per school and the budget was $33,400. By 1970, BOCES schools became CASDA members. Seventy-three schools from eleven counties belonged to CASDA by 1986.

The executive committee consisted of administrators from the State Teachers College and local school administrators. Between four and twelve staff members and researchers also served CASDA before the 1980s. The first executive director was Joe Leese, 1949-1952. Other executive directors include Don Denley, 1953-1967; Bernard Bryan, 1967-1970; Al Farnsworth, 1970-1976; and Greg Benson, who took office in 1976. CASDA received federal funding for “Project B” in 1964 to study education in the region. In 1967, CASDA moved to the New York State Education Building in Albany, and in 1971 the association was chartered by the State Education Department. CASDA continued to organize conferences and seminars, and continued to form study councils. The council researched salaries, employee insurance issues, school budgets, and the economics of building construction. New programs included computer education and library media seminars. CASDA held annual administrative meetings, and annual conferences for first-year teachers, executive secretaries and custodians.

In 1986, the CASDA board consisted of ten members. Four staff members ran day-to-day operations with graduate assistants to support staff. In 1991, CASDA studied the problems of area schools and served 125 school districts with continuing education seminars. CASDA organized conferences for educators, school board members, and administrative staff. In 2006, Gregory Aidala was executive director, and CASDA was considered the third largest educational association in the United States. It is located on the East Campus of the University at Albany, in Rensselaer, New York, and is a study council of the University at Albany’s School of Education.

Capital Area School Development Association
Scope and Content Note

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The collection documents the history of the association’s management, activities, and programs from 1949 to 1991. Records include administrative papers, meeting minutes, and operations files of CASDA, published reports and newsletters, and conference programs and materials. The bulk of the collection contains publications and published reports from 1950 to 1970. The collection includes administrative records, publications, and reports of CASDA. Materials were kept by Edwin P. Adkins, Ph.D., who served from 1953-1963 as chairman of education at the New York State College for Teachers, which is now the University at Albany’s School of Education.

Included in the administrative files series are minutes, programs, and materials from the annual CASDA meeting, minutes and memos from the administrative and executive committee conferences, and materials from general and regional meetings. The administrative papers also contain a history of the association, constitution and by-laws, financial records (1950-1969) and annual reports (1955-1960). This series contains annual calendars of CASDA events (1951-1962). There are letters, memos, and bulletins from the executive director (1960-1979). The administrative files contain documents related to studies and surveys conducted by CASDA’s study council. Council minutes, research materials, and documents include examinations on teacher salaries, health insurance and benefits, public school opinion polls, and teacher promotion policies. There are also materials on special studies such as the Citizens Action Program (1953-1955). Publications include Casdaids, the association’s newsletter (1949-1986) and the one-page leaflet, CASDAGram (1961, 1971-1988).

The bulk of the administrative files have documents related to seminars and conferences organized by CASDA from 1950 to 1965. Seminar materials related to curriculum and teacher development include topics such as elementary, junior high, high school, higher education, and adult education. There are materials for gifted and exceptional children, language arts, library education, moral and spiritual education, mental health, and disabled students. There are several documents relating to the professional development of non-teacher school staff . These include materials on the annual custodial and secretaries conferences. There are documents on school business management, and materials from school board clinics (1953-1973) and school law conferences (1953-1991).

There are three cubic feet of reports which date from 1950 to 1986, with most from 1950 to 1965. The bulk of the reports and publications address issues related to school administration and management, such as salary studies, teacher improvement, school law, student dropouts, school policy, and information for school board members. There are numerous CASDA survey reports. There also are reports and booklets for teachers on topics such as reading, economics, independent learning, and language arts. There are also booklets for non-teacher school staff such as handbooks for custodians and secretaries.

Related collections in the M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives include the records of the School of Education (UA-650) and the Office of the President (UA-000). Additional related material can be found in the subject guides for Education and University at Albany, SUNY Administrative Records.

Capital Area School Development Association
Series Description

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Series 1: Administrative Files, 1949-1991, 2 cubic ft., Arranged alphabetically.

This series consists of materials relating to the daily and administrative operations of CASDA and information on the association’s programs and research. It also contains two publications produced by CASDA. Most of the administrative papers relate to programs and date from the 1950s and 1960s.

Subseries 1: Administrative Files, 1950-1987, .75 cubic ft.

These records document activities of the executive committee and CASDA staff, and relate to annual meetings attended by CASDA staff and school members. Other items found in the series include budget and finance reports, meeting minutes and programs, CASDA surveys, constitution and by-laws, organizational charts, and mission and history. There are records from special committees and study groups. There are news clippings, and some press releases. There also are publications CASDA collected from the Capital Area School Board Institute (1959-1985).

Subseries 2: Conference and Program Seminars, 1949-1991, .75 cubic ft.

The bulk of the subseries contain seminar programs and materials CASDA organized for teachers, school staff, and education administrators. The subseries contains seminar minutes, programs, handouts, and meeting agendas.

Subseries 3: Casdaids and CASDAGram Newsletters, 1949-1986, .5 cubic ft.

This contains the newsletter Casdaids published by CASDA and distributed to members. The collection holds issues for the period 1949-1986. CASDAGram is a leaflet that announced programs and meetings organized by CASDA.

Series 2: Reports and Publications, 1950-1986, 3 cubic ft., Arranged chronologically, then alphabetically.

This series consists of reports and booklets published by CASDA. The bulk of the reports were produced for school administrators and address school management, human resources, and business and legal issues. Many of the reports publish the findings of CASDA's study councils and surveys conducted by researchers. They document size, financial issues, and administration of CASDA schools. Other reports are handbooks for teachers and address curriculum, education philosophy, special programs, and teaching methods. There also are custodian handbooks and bibliographies for teachers.

Capital Area School Development Association
Box and Folder List

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Series 1: Administrative Files, 1949-1991
Subseries 1: Administrative Files, 1950-1987

Box 1

1. Activity Report, Program, 1983-1984, 1985-1986, 1986-1987
2. Administrative Seminars and Meetings, Memos, Minutes, Announcements,1952-1955
3. Administrative Seminars, Meetings, Memos, 1956-1985
4. Administrative History and Mission, circa 1970-1984
5. Annual Meeting Programs, 1953-1983
6. Annual Report of Activities and Programs, 1955-1956, 1958-1960
7. Behavioral Change Committee, Behavioral Change Teaching, 1952-1955
8. Business Management and Accounting Programs, 1955-1984
9. Calendar of Activities, Programs, Meetings, 1951-1962
10. Capital Area School Board Institute Pamphlets, 1959-1985
11. Casdaids Editorial File, 1951-1957
12. Citizens Education Project, 1953-1955
13. Community Studies Project, 1952
14. Constitutions and By-laws, 1954-1979
15. Economics of School Building Construction, 1955
16. Evaluation Meeting, 1959
17. Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, Programs, 1950-1965
18. Executive Director Bulletins, Memos, Letters, 1960-1979
19. Financial Reports and Data, Budget Reports, 1955-1969
20. General Meetings Bulletins, Programs, 1951-1968
21. Guides for Committee Chairmen, circa 1950s
22. Guide Sheets for Seminar Attendees, circa 1957
23. Meeting Announcements, 1953-1971
24. News Clippings, 1956
25. Organization Chart, circa 1957, 1960
26. Press Releases and Public Relations, 1951, 1967
27. Principals’ Center Networking Directory, circa 1980
28. Professional Growth of School Staff Member, 1957
29. Program Brochures, 1973-1984
30. Promotion Policy for Canajoharie’s Schools, 1954
31. Public School Opinion Poll, 1954, 1955, 1986
32. Publications, Order Form, 1955, 1973, 1975
33. Regional Meeting Programs, 1953-1955
34. Salary Studies and Reports, 1954-1971
35. School Board Clinics, 1953-1973
36. School Studies Council Information, 1949-1956
37. Statistical and Financial Survey, 1984-1986
38. SUNY Certification Requirements for Teaching Secondary School, 1960
39. Survey Questionnaires, Blank, and Results, 1952-1977
40. Tape Recordings at CASDA, 1953
41. Time For Education Leadership Working File, 1951
42. US Office of Education, Project B Contract, 1964

Capital Area School Development Association
Box and Folder List

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Series 1: Administrative Files, 1949-1991
Subseries 2: Conference and Program Seminars, 1949-1991

Box 1 (continued)

43. Adult Education
44. Child Development Seminar, 1955-1956
45. Children at Risk and Early Childhood Education, 1988
46. Conference Programs and Meetings, Miscellaneous, 1955-1986
47. Coping with Curriculum Change Conference, 1967
48. Custodial Conference Programs and Announcements, 1951-1987; Custodial Bulletins, 1954-1955
49. Disability Education Programs, 1956-1957
50. Educational Secretaries Conference Programs, Memos, 1954-1987, 1991
51. Educational Television and Radio Workshops, 1954-1957
52. Elementary Education Programs, 1951-1965
53. First Year Teacher Study and Conference, 1951-1960
54. Gifted and Exceptional Children Programs, 1955-1981

Box 2

1. Grouping in Classrooms, 1954
2. High School Education Programs, 1953-1987
3. Higher Education Programs and Information, 1952-1957
4. Independent Learning Program, 1953-1956
5. Junior High School Study and Programs, 1953-1968
6. Language Arts Study and Programs, 1956-1957, 1962
7. Leadership Conference, 1952, 1954
8. Library Conferences, 1954, 1986, 1987
9. Mental Health in Schools First Annual Conference on the Promotion of Learning and Adjustment in Schools, Program, 1986
10. Moral and Spiritual Education Program, 1954
11. Museum Education Workshop, 1960
12. National Study Council, Conference, 1957
13. Physical Education Program, 1955
14. Pupil Progress and Reporting, 1954-1955
15. Public Education: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, 1986
16. Reading Conferences and Workshops, 1973-1983
17. Secondary Education Programs, 1957-1984
18. School Law Conference, 1953, 1986-1988
19. School Law Conference, 1989, 1991
20. School Lunch Conference, Program, 1986
21. Special Education Conference, 1973-1983
22. Student Council, Student Government, 1954-1955
23. Teacher Empowerment New Rule for Professionals, 1987
24. Teacher Evaluations and Professional Growth Program, 1957
25. Transportation Supervisors Meeting, 1977, 1978
26. Truth About our Public Schools, 1954
27. Understanding Public Opinion, 1955

Capital Area School Development Association
Box and Folder List

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Series 1: Administrative Files, 1949-1991
Subseries 3: Casdaids and CASDAGram Newsletters, 1949-1986

Box 2 (continued)

28. CASDAGram, 1961, 1971-1976
29. CASDAGram, 1977-1979
30. CASDAGram, 1979-1982
31. CASDAGram, 1983-1984
32. CASDAGram, 1984-1985
33. CASDAGram, 1985-1987
34. CASDAGram, 1987-1988
35. Casdaids, 1949-1951
36. Casdaids, 1951
37. Casdaids, 1952-1955
38. Casdaids, 1956-1959
39. Casdaids, 1959-1973
40. Casdaids, 1973-1986

Capital Area School Development Association
Box and Folder List

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Series 2: Reports and Publications, 1950-1986

Box 1

1. Humanagement in CASDA Schools, 1950
2. Humanagement in CASDA Schools, 1950
3. The Improvement of Reading, CASDA, 1950
4. Improving the Public’s Understanding of Our Schools, 1950
5. Individual and Group Reading, 1950
6. Integrating the Elementary Curriculum, 1950
7. Promising Practices, 1950
8. Twelfth Grade Electives in English, 1950
9. Administrative Leadership in Community Planning for Education, 1951
10. Fare for the Reluctant Reader, 1951
11. Helping the First Year Teacher, 1951
12. Philadelphia Suburban School Study Council, 1951-1952, Wilmington Delaware Public Schools, undated
13. Role of General Mathematics in the Drop-Out Problem, 1951
14. Report of First Annual Custodial Conference at State College for Teachers, 1951
15. Sound Financial Planning for Modern Education, 1951
16. Suggested Practices for Science Teachers, 1951
17. Time for Educational Leadership, 1951
18. Understanding and Teaching the Slow Learner, A Bibliography, circa 1951
19. Administrative Seminar Project, 1952
20. Administrator and Group Dynamics, 1952
21. Facts Should Make a Difference When Dealing With Complaints and Attacks on Certain Aspects of American Education, 1952
22. Fare for the Reluctant Reader, circa 1952
23. More Help for the Beginning Teacher, 1952
24. Problems of School Boards and Administrators, 1952
25. Problems of Teacher Compensation, 1952
26. Problems of Teacher Selection and Improvement, 1952
27. Report and Recommendations on the Administration, Office Management and Business Procedures of Scotia Glenville Central Schools, 1952
28. Report of Second Annual Conference, 1952
29. Survey! Salaries Policies and Incomes of CASDA Schools, 1952-1953
30. Award Programs Delaware Schools, 1953
31. Better Schools Through Better Maintenance, 1953
32. Elementary School Journal, May 1953
33. New School Board Member, 1953
34. Survey of the School Building Needs of the Arnold School District, Amsterdam, 1953
35. Education for Better Use of our Resources, 1954
36. Practical Programs for Moral and Spiritual Education, 1954
37. Salary Policies and Finance Data, 1954-1955
38. Survey of the Elementary School Building Needs Mechanicville, 1954
39. Conference Leadership, 1955
40. Custodial Training for Health and Safety in Schools, 1955
41. Program in Off-Campus Student Teaching-Handbook, 1955
42. Selecting a Teacher’s Career, circa 1955
43. The Role of the Custodian in the Total School Program, 1956
44. What is the Future of Higher Education, 1956
45. What the People of Carman Think About Their Schools, 1956
46. What Scotia-Glenville People Think About Their Schools, 1956
47. What the People of Schenectady Think About Their Schools, 1955-1956
48. Salaries and Salary Policies of CASDA Schools, 1955-1956

Box 2

1. Salaries and Salary Policies of CASDA Schools, 1956-1957
2. Salaries for School Personnel, 1957
3. Independent Learning Activities, 1958
4. The Function of Secondary Education in American Society, 1958
5. Salaries and Salary Policies of CASDA Schools, 1958-1959
6. An Apple for the First-Year Teacher, 1959
7. Language Arts A Sequential Program, 1959, Copy 2
8. Language Arts A Sequential Program, 1959, Copy 1
9. A Decade of Progress and A Look Ahead, 1960
10. Foreign Language: A Selected Bibliography for the Elementary School, 1960
11. Learning For Adjustment Pupil Handbook, 1960
12. Modern Building and Classrooms for Modern Times, 1960
13. Pupil Experiences in the Elementary Science, 1960
14. Salaries and Salary Policies of CASDA Schools, 1960-1961, 1960
15. Salaries and Salary Policies of CASDA Schools, 1959-1960, 1960
16. Seminar: Summary Report of the Third Administrative Seminar, 1959-1960, 1960
17. The Auditing of School Records, 1961
18. Developing a Quality Educational Program, 1961
19. Maintaining a Good Learning Environment through Proper Custodial Service, 1961
20. Salaries and Salary Policies of CASDA Schools, 1961-1962, 1961
21. The School Business Official in New York State, 1961
22. Custodianship: The Man and the Job, 1962
23. The Junior High School and the Adolescent, 1962
24. The School Secretary as a Professional, 1962
25. Survey of Reading Practices in CASDA Secondary Schools, 1961-1962, 1962
26. Collective Bargaining and the Teacher, 1963
27. Communication: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography, 1960-1961, Revised, 1963-1964
28.East Greenbush Central School Grievance Procedures, 1963
29. On the Move in Reading, 1963
30. Operation and Maintenance Handbook, Electricity, 1963
31. Operations and Maintenance: Trends and Processes, 1963
32. The Educational Secretaries Conference Notebook, 1964
33. Operations and Maintenance Handbook, Small Gasoline Engines, 1964
34. Quest for the Creative: Analytical Report of a Seminar in Creative Music and the Related Arts for Elementary School Children, 1964
35. Salaries and Salary Policies of CASDA Schools, 1964-1965, 1964
36. The School Board as a Political Force, 1964
37. School Finance as a Social Investment, 1964
38. Sourcebook for Mathematics Teachers, 1964
39. Communications: A Selected Annotated Bibliography, circa 1965
40. Decision-Making: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography, circa 1965
41. Delegation: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography, circa 1965
42. Dissemination of Educational Research, 1965
43. Education-The Next Five Years, 1965
44. The Educational Secretaries’ Conference Notebook, 1965
45. How Much Psychology in School Counseling, 1965
46. Innovation: A Selected Annotated Bibliography, circa 1965
47. Operations and Maintenance Handbook, Basic Machines, 1965
48. Organization: A Selected Annotated Bibliography, circa 1965
49. Salaries and Salary Policies of CASDA Schools, 1965-1966, 1965
50. Staff and Service: A Special Study of Personnel Needs in the Scotia-Glenville Public Schools, 1965
51. Educational Costs in CASDA Schools for 1964-1965, 1966
52. The Educational Secretaries’ Conference Notebook, 1966
53. Labor Relations in Public Education, 1966
54. New Vectors in School Finance, 1966
55. On the Move in Elementary Reading, 1966
56. Salaries and Salary Policies of CASDA Schools, 1966-1967, 1966
57. The School Business Official in New York State Status and Trend, 1966
58. Teachers Aids, a Selected Bibliography, circa 1966

Box 3

1. CASDA Profile of Member School Districts, 1967-1968
2. Let’s Get Organized: Selected Presentations from the Educational Secretaries Conference, 1967
3. Operations and Maintenance Handbook, Lawn Establishment and Maintenance, 1967
4. Salaries and Salary Policies of CASDA Schools, 1967-1968, 1967
5. Selected Bibliography on Grouping, 1967
6. Selected Bibliography on Teacher Aids, circa 1967
7. Suggested Materials and Resources: Social Problems that Affect Development of School Program, 1967
8. Questions Concerning HPER Programs, 1967
9. Who Makes School Policy in the United States, 1967
10. Attitudes, Theories, and Techniques in Collective Negations in Education, A Selected Annotated Bibliography, 1968
11. CASDA Profile of School Districts, 1968-1969, 1968
12. Financing American Schools in the Years Ahead, 1968
13. Independent Learning Activities, 1968
14. Report Civil Disorders Commission, Religions Leader, 1968
15. Salaries and Salary Policies of CASDA Schools, 1968-1969, 1968
16. The Board’s Man in the Negotiation Process, 1968
17. Status Study of Capital Area District Boards of Cooperative Education Services, 1968
18. Status Study of Capital Area Boards of Cooperative Educational Services, 1968
19. Operations and Maintenance Handbook, Characteristics of Wood, 1968
20. Tape Recorded Conference Speeches, 1968
21. You Are CASDA, circa 1968
22. Capital Area School Business Management Study Group, Program Workshop, 1969
23. CASDA Research Needs Survey, 1969
24. CASDA Survey-Current Individual School District Research Projects, 1968-1969, 1969
25. Class Size, 1969, Bibliography
26. Educational Research the Learning Process and School Policy Making, 1969
27. Salaries and Salary Policies of CASDA Schools, 1969-1970, 1969
28. Schools and their Responsibilities for Human Rights, 1969
29. Tape Recorded Speeches, An Annotated List, 1969
30. Value Engineering as a Decision Making Tool, 1969
31. The Non-graded School, a Selected Annotated Bibliography, 1970
32. Reading Instruction: A Selected Annotated Bibliography, 1970
33. Status Study of Services for Children with Learning Disabilities in Columbia and Green Counties, 1969-1970, 1970
34. Salaries and Finance Data of CASDA Schools, 1970-1971, 1971
35. Salaries and Finance Data of CASDA Schools, 1971-1972, 1971
36. Teaching Aids in Consumer Economics, 1970-1971
37. CASDA Program Development Survey, 1972
38. Review of the Resource Management Functions of the Scotia-Glenville Central School District, 1972
39. Salaries and Finance Data of CASDA Schools, 1972-1973, 1972
40. Alcohol-Drugs-Tobacco: Teacher’s Source Book and Guide, 1973
41. Directory of School Personnel for CASDA Area Schools, 1973
42. Salaries and Finance Data of CASDA Schools, 1973-1974, 1973
43. A Competency-Based Guide and Directive for Off-Campus Student Teachers in Secondary English, Mathematics, Social Sciences, 1974
44. Teacher Education Developmental Service Catalog of Holdings, 1975
45. Competency-Based Teacher Education Program: Natural Sciences, 1976
46. A Handbook, Guide, and Directive for Off-Campus Student Teachers, 1976
47. Statistical and Financial Study of CASDA Schools, 1975-1976 Including BOCES Supplement, 1976
48. A Teaching Guide for use in Connection with Reversible Lane Signalization, A Case Study in Benefit-Cost Analysis, 1977
49. Exemplary Practices Report from Project Super Teach, 1981
50. Cross Training for Teachers and Specialist Educators in Special Education, Occupational and Continuing Education, Vocational Rehabilitation Guidance Report, 1981
51. Cross Training for Teachers and Specialist Educators in Special Education Occupational and Continuing Education, Vocational Rehabilitation, Proceedings, 1981
52. In-service Education Project for Industrial Arts Teachers “Project ‘Super’ Teach,” 1981
53. Report on Instructional Use of Computers in the Public Schools in the Capital District, 1981
54. Statistical and Financial Study of CASDA Schools, 1982-1983, 1982
55. Statistical and Financial Study of CASDA Schools, 1983-1984, 1983
56. Supply and Demand Problems in Teaching, 1984
57. Capital District Task Force on Aging-Out, circa 1985
58. Teaching Math/Science Concepts K-6 A Sampler of Classroom Tested Ideas, 1986

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