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VOLUME: 24.25 cubic feet

ACQUISITION: All items in this manuscript group were donated to the University Libraries, M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, by Colia Clark, the Social Justice Center and Billie Aul.

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Administrative History

Scope and content note

Series descriptions

Glossary of Acronyms

Box and folder list:

Knolls Action Project
Administrative History

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The Knolls Action Project based in Albany, New York grew out of the Blue Karner Affinity Group that was formed by local activists to participate in anti-nuclear protests at the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant in New Hampshire in 1978. The group decided to focus on the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory (KAPL), a General Electric facility that conducted research and training on nuclear propulsion systems for the United States Navy. The KAPL site, located in Niskayuna, N.Y., designed propulsion systems for the nuclear navy, including the Trident submarine system. The West Milton, N.Y. KAPL facility (or Kesselring site) was where naval crews trained to operate the Trident and other nuclear submarines. [1] In October 1978 the group began its Friday morning leafleting of KAPL workers at the facility's two sites. The purpose was to educate workers to the issues related to KAPL and the arms race. Each leaflet began with a message to KAPL employees, and included a reprint of articles, news clippings, and reports that often contradicted information that was disseminated in the mainstream media. Leaflet topics included disarmament, radiation safety, economic conversion, US-Soviet relations and nonviolence. In December 1978, the Knolls Community Action Conversion Project was formed with "goals of public education related to the work of KAPL, economic conversion and nonviolent resistance." [2] Informal conversations with workers led to the knowledge of problems regarding worker and environmental safety. In October 1979 the Knolls Action Coalition was officially formed and in 1981 the name Knolls Action Project (KAP) was adopted. By the summer of 1981, KAP was distributing 450-500 leaflets weekly to KAPL employees as they drove to work. According to a KAP newsletter, one of the objectives of the leafleting was ". to create a dialogue and speak to people's conscience. We have made a great effort not to be 'pointing the finger' at the individuals who work at Knolls. In fact the strength of our presence is in the way we actively respect Knolls workers as people, greet them with openness, keep our sense of humor and choose not to respond to the occasional expressions of anger or violence with the same. The strength of our message is that we incorporate the necessity of economic conversion and job security as we work for an end to the destructive work that Knolls is involved with." [3]

In addition to its educational efforts, KAP actively worked to effect changes. It put military personnel in touch with draft counseling organizations, and developed a program to support KAPL workers who decided to seek alternative employment. The group faced its first direct challenge when, in July 1982, it was banned by KAPL management from entering the grounds of the Niskayuna facility. Leafleting continued across the road. The New York Civil Liberties Union took the case to Federal Court claiming KAPL violated the group's Constitutional rights and right of free speech. The Judge ruled in favor of KAPL in January 1985 explaining it was a classified facility with a right to limit public access. The U.S Second Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the decision. In 1986 KAP organized opposition to the naming of a nuclear submarine after the city of Albany. KAP also organized a caravan to follow the rail route of the Seawolf nuclear reactor containment vessel that was dug up and transported from West Milton to Ballston Spa where it was shipped by rail to a nuclear waste dump. [4]

Other KAP activities involved public education, including house meetings, personal contact with groups and individuals, and door-to-door canvassing. Beginning in 1979 KAP organized annual vigils to commemorate the anniversaries of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Though nonviolent and generally non-confrontational, they practiced civil disobedience on several occasions. The first time, in January 1981, twelve members of the group were arrested. KAP's interest in disarmament led some of its members to become involved in other activist groups as well. Billy Aul became a local draft counselor and joined Upstate Resistance. KAP members were also involved in military tax resistance.

The early 1990s saw KAP increase involvement in regional and national activities, including "campaigns for legislation affecting the nuclear weapons complex, participation in regulatory and oversite hearings, and national networking and support for the work of other groups allied against the Department of Energy's military nuclear complex. . involvement in additional peace, environmental, and public policy issues relating to Knolls and the weapons complex." [5] With the apparent end of the Cold War, environmental issues began to take on importance. One larger project was the Nuclear Waste Track Watch Project (NWTW). KAP worked with the Snake River Alliance and Nukewatch to track KAPL radioactive waste as it was shipped to a DOE site in Idaho. The project was intended to yield national coverage of "secret" KAPL/Navy waste shipments. [6] By 1993 KAP was able to claim numerous successes. It had obtained national grants and recognition, maintained a committed core group and its philosophical cohesion, was active in several coalitions, and was able to claim successes in its work against nuclear navy programs. On the other hand, there was concern about the reduction in donations, the over-reliance on grants and the lack of enthusiasm for fundraising. There was apprehension regarding the declining energy in the core group and interest in the broader community. There was concern about the perception that the Cold War was over and that the work at KAPL was no longer an issue. [7] In 1994, amid rising tensions and disagreement over the direction of the group, KAP members decided to discontinue leafleting and to end formal meetings.

KAP was involved with a network of local and national groups including the Military Production Network (MPN), Mobilization for Survival, the regional Weapons Facilities Conversion Network, Upstate Nuclear Weapons Facility Networking Project, the Coalition to Stop Trident, the Economic Conversion Study Group, and the Coalition for a Clean Mohawk River. Publications from these and other organizations can be found in this collection.

KAP was staffed mostly by volunteers and financed through donations and fundraisers. It's members came from the religious, women's, and peace communities. Due to the informal nature of the group, KAP did not have any prominent leaders. At any given time there was a core group of approximately 8-10 volunteers. There was usually one part-time, paid, staff person. Foundation grants totaling $15,500 in 1993 allowed KAP to increase the hours of the staff person. As an organization it was instrumental in forming the Social Action Center in Albany, which later became known as the Social Justice Center.

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1. KAP fundraising letter, 1983, Series 1, Box 2, Folder 4.
2. Leaflet dated Nov.18, 1988, Series 1, Box 2, Folder 4.
3. Newsletter dated Summer 1981, Series 1, Box 3, Folder 7.
4. Newsletter dated Fall 1988, Series 1, Box 3, Folder 7.
5. Meeting Minutes, March 2, 1993, Series 1, Box 3, Folder 4.
6. Meeting Minutes, July 22, 1992, Series 1, Box 3, Folder 6.
7. 1993 Annual Meeting Minutes, November 21, 1993, Series 1, Box 3, Folder 5.

Knolls Action Project
Scope & Content Note

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These records document the activities and interests of KAP from 1978 to 1994. Some of the information pre-dates the founding of the organization, but was obtained by members of KAP for research or informational purposes. The collection is comprehensive, and contains meeting minutes, newsletters, leaflets, clippings, reports, books and publications, audiovisuals, and peace-related memorabilia. Though abundant, some of the information is redundant and some of the same clippings, leaflets and reports can be found filed in several different locations.

Materials from 1979 and the early 1980s come from John Ragusa and/or Mike Baum. Notebooks and folders contained meeting notes, flyers, clippings, slide show presentation notes, and photographs of the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory.

The records consist primarily of information relating to subject matter of relevance to KAP. The collection is divided into nine series, four of which contain subject files. Important topics have been filed within their own series. Series 6 contains miscellaneous subject files. Historical information for the group can be found in newsletters, meeting minutes, annual reviews, and fact sheets filed in Series 1. The meeting minutes provide insight into the organization and operations of KAP between 1982 and 1993. There are no minutes from meetings prior to July, 1982. The most recent minutes are from the annual meeting of November 21 and 30, 1993, and includes an income/expense statement and notes on the discussions regarding the strengths and weaknesses of KAP. Some of this information is summarized in the Spring 1994 newsletter, and illustrates the difficulties and issues the organization faced after 15 years. Series 2 contains information on other activist groups involved in the anti-nuclear movement. Series 8 contains copies of legal documents and transcripts. Series 9 is a small collection of audiovisual materials. The files are arranged in alphabetical order within each series.

The collection contains many copies of leaflets distributed at KAPL between 1979 and 1994. Most can be found in Series 1, but many have been filed within their subject files. In addition to leafleting KAPL, members of the group were involved in issues such as radioactive contamination, radioactive waste transport, draft resistance and nuclear disarmament. KAP formed alliances with many national and regional organizations. Its work with the Snake River Alliance and Nukewatch on the Nuclear Waste Track Watch (1992-1993) is well documented. The collection is a good source of information on the national anti-nuclear movement as well as local. There are newsletters and flyers prepared by the Center for Economic Conversion, Economists Allied for Arms Reduction, Native Americans for a Clean Environment and many others (see Series 2 and Series 7).

KAP conducted extensive research on nuclear issues, and collected and saved publications and newsletters from numerous sources. Many of these were adapted for use as leaflet topics. Series 5 contains official government reports from such agencies as the Government Accounting Office, the U.S. Department of Energy and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. It also contains books and other publications by such organizations as Worldwatch Institute, Institute for Policy Studies, American Friends Service Committee, and The Boston Study Group. Oversize boxes contain newsletters and publications from national and international organizations such as Greenpeace, Physicians for Social Responsibility, the Government Accountability Project, and many grassroots organizations.

The collection contains an abundance of information on draft resistance. Billy Aul, a member of KAP, was a local draft counselor. During the 1980s through the Gulf War in 1991, KAP provided assistance to conscientious objectors, appeared at high schools and street fairs to counteract military recruitment efforts, and worked in the capital region for the conversion of military resources to civilian use. Series 7 contains five boxes with information relating to these efforts.

There are several items of ephemera in series 9.

Knolls Action Project
Series Descriptions

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Series 1: Administration and Publicity, 1969-1994, 3.0 cubic ft.

The information in this series provides a look at the organization and history of KAP through photographs, meeting minutes, newsletters and annual reviews from 1982 through the spring of 1994. Box 1 contains material related to the planning of demonstrations and civil disobedience actions. There is an extensive collection of clippings beginning in 1969, that records press coverage of demonstrations, incidents involving KAPL, national events involving nuclear power, waste, and warfare, and letters to the editors of local papers. One of the prominent topics of Box 1 is the annual actions commemorating the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There are several folders of information dating from 1981 to 1993. There is information on the International Shadow Project, a memorial where participants painted human silhouettes on streets and sidewalks to represent what is left after nuclear war. KAP also maintained contact with anti-nuclear organizations in Japan. The box contains a Japanese booklet of artwork with both color and black and white plates of paintings depicting the bombing. Civil disobedience became an important way for KAP to deliver its messages, and actions were carefully planned. There are handbooks prepared by national groups describing how to organize and practice nonviolent civil disobedience. Box 2 contains a large collection of fact sheets and leaflets prepared by KAP for use as informational tools. Box 3 is a good source of information about the history and operations of KAP. It contains meeting minutes and annual reviews; also, information on organizing non-violent demonstrations and civil disobedience. Other prominent actions recorded in this Series include the radioactive waste demonstrations of 1992, and the protest of the U.S.S. Albany, 1986 through 1987, and 1990.

Series 2: Activist Organizations, 1982-1994, 1.0 cubic ft.

KAP collected flyers and newsletters from many organizations. This series is a collection of information from other grassroots organizations involved in the anti-nuclear movement, including Citizens Awareness Network (CAN), Citizens' Environmental Coalition (CEC), Economic Conversion Council, INFACT, Nukewatch, Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR). Information about activist organizations involved in military resistance can be found in Series 7.

Series 3: Radioactive Waste Transport, 1978-1994, 1.0 cubic ft.

KAP was very concerned about the transport of radioactive waste. KAP formed an alliance with Nukewatch based in Wisconsin and the Snake River Alliance in Idaho to track the transport of spent reactor fuel from navy reactors at KAPL to INEL. Together they organized a network of waste tracking contacts located in each of the 10 states through which the waste traveled. This project is well documented and includes flyers, budget sheets, contacts, press coverage, and a diary of one particular train watcher.

Series 4: Department of Energy (DOE), 1973-1994, 2.0 cubic ft.

Since the 1940's, DOE has been involved in the research, testing and production of nuclear weapons. Facilities supporting that effort generated large quantities of radioactive and hazardous materials which resulted in contamination of many of the facilities and surrounding areas. Series 4 includes information on these facilities and subsequent efforts of DOE to clean up and modernize the nuclear weapons complex. Box 1 contains facilities overviews, including the Final Report on DOE Nuclear Facilities by the Advisory Committee on Nuclear Facility Safety to the Secretary of Energy (November, 1991). It also includes information on environmental restoration, the process by which contaminated sites and facilities are identified and contamination is contained or removed. Box 2 contains information on individual DOE facilities.

Series 5: Government Reports (GAO, DEC, DOE) and other publications 1956-1992, 1997, 4.0 cubic ft.

This series includes miscellaneous reports and legal documentation. Box 1 contains GAO Reports, DEC and DOE publications. Box 2 contains several annual DOE Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Five-Year Plans. Box 2 also contains several books and publications prepared by organizations and authored by individuals advocating disarmament and economic conversion. The publications in Boxes 1 and 2 are listed in the order they can be found in the boxes. Box 3 contains copies of reports and surveys, some dating as far back as 1956. Some copies are of poor quality and difficult to read or determine the date. Some of the documents were obtained through FOIA requests.

Series 6: Miscellaneous Subject Files 1975-1994, 3.4 cubic ft.

This series contains information on miscellaneous subjects. Boxes 1 through 3 contain folders that are filed alphabetically. Among the prominent subjects, Box 1 contains documentation related to health and safety issues at KAPL sites. Box 2 contains information on naval shipyards and submarines. There is an extensive file on the Seawolf submarine. Box 3 includes testimony from the December 1990 hearing, environmental assessment, and documents relating to the AFR/NRDC lawsuit regarding the proposed installation and operation of the Advanced Fleet Reactor prototype at Kesselring site (1990-1992). Box 4 includes an extensive clipping file on GE and its issues (community relations, union, strikes).

Series 7: Military Resistance and Nuclear Disarmament 1965-1993, 5.0 cubic ft.

Billy Aul donated much of the material in this series. It contains primarily leaflets, flyers and handouts from grassroots organizations promoting draft resistance and conscientious objection, economic conversion, and military tax resistance. As a draft counselor, Ms. Aul helped conscientious objectors obtain discharge from military service. There are several cases documented in Box 1. Some of these folders contain personal information and access is restricted. Please consult the Curator of Manuscripts for access. The collection contains papers from the Military Tax Resistance and Alternative Fund (MTRAF). According to the Statement of Purpose: The MTRAF represents conscientious objectors who refuse to support the military with their tax dollars. Alternatively, we wish to donate our combined, resisted tax monies to local, life-enriching activities (Box 4, Folder 15).

Series 8: Legal Documents, 1983-1990, 1.0 cubic ft.

This series contains the records of the ACLU case brought by KAP against KAPL challenging the leafleting restriction. There are copies of legal documents and transcripts from the trial and subsequent appeal. The series also includes transcripts from the trespass case (1988) and gag order case (1988).

Series 9: Audiovisuals and Memorabilia, 1985, 1987, 1990, 1991, 2.35 cubic ft.

The series contains a small collection of audio-visual materials. There is a slide show, cassette and script prepared by the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee. There are several audio-tapes, including a 1990 radio interview with Jack Shannon, a former employee and "whistleblower" at KAPL, and a tape of the Seminar on Economic Conversion (January 10, 1987).

There are also several oversize boxes of ephemera created for or used at demonstrations. Items in Box 2 include buttons with the slogan "I'd Rather Be Making Toys." These buttons were purchased by supporters for $1 and handed out to workers at the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory. There are a few of the origami cranes that were given out to the Knolls workers on August 6, 1987, in commemoration of the atomic bomb being dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Balloons with anti-nuclear and anti-bomb slogans such as "I Want to Grow Up Not Blow Up" and "Blow Up Balloons Not People." There are also plastic cups and flowers, stickers, an inflatable fighter jet, and a raffle box created for one of the group's events. Box 3, Textiles, contains banners and fabric worn or used at demonstrations. The banners read: "Resist Nuclear War Preparations at Knolls Work For Peace," "Stop the Sub Not In Our Name," "Pentagon Tentacle Trident," and "No More Hibakusha."

Knolls Action Project

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This glossary identifies some of the more frequently used acronyms in this finding aid and in the materials in the KAP collection.

AFR - Advanced Fleet Reactor
CABEC - Capital Area and Berkshire County Economic Conversion study group
CARD - Committee Against Registration and the Draft
CCCO - Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors
CERCLA - Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act
DEC - Department of Environmental Conservation
DOD - Department of Defense
DOE - Department of Energy
ECAAR - Economists Allied for Arms Reduction
ELF - Extremely Low Frequency
EPA - Environmental Protection Agency
ERWM - Environmental Restoration and Waste Management
FOIA - Freedom of Information Act
GAO - Government Accounting Office
HEAL - Hanford Education Action League
IEER - Institute for Energy and Environmental Research
INEL - Idaho National Engineering Laboratory
KAP - Knolls Action Project
KAPL - Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory
LLRW - Low Level Radioactive Waste
MPN - Military Production Network
MTRAF - Military Tax Resistance and Alternative Fund
NARMIC - National Action Research on the Military Industrial Complex
NIRS - Nuclear Information and Resource Service
NISBCO - National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors
NLG - National Lawyers Guild
NNP - Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program
NRDC - National Resources Defense Council
NRF - Naval Reactors Facility
NRP - Naval Reactor Program
NWFNP - Nuclear Weapons Facility Networking Project
NWTW - Nuclear Waste Train Watch
ONR - Office of Naval Research
PEIS - Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement
PSR - Physicians for Social Responsibility
RCRA - Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (EPA)
SNF - Spent Nuclear Fuel
SNR - Schenectady Naval Reactors
SPRU - Separations Processing Research Unit
SRA - Snake River Alliance
SRS - Savannah River Site
SSN - nuclear attack submarines
SSN-21 - Seawolf Submarine
TMI - Three Mile Island

Knolls Action Project
Box and Folder List

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Series 1: Administration and Publicity, 1977-1994

Box 1

1. Action-April 22, 1988 - Eight activists arrested for trespassing while attempting to meet with KAPL general manager.

2. Action and Trial-April 22, 1988

3. Action-August 6 (Hiroshima/Nagasaki), 1981-1987.  Includes flyers, leaflets, and a press package explaining civil disobedience at Knolls, August 6, 1985.  Includes a booklet of artwork from Japan depicting the bombing.  See oversize box for Livermore Action Group newsletter Days of Commemoration and Protest.

4. Action-August 6 (Hiroshima/Nagasaki), 1987-1988

5. Action-August 6 (Hiroshima/Nagasaki), 1989

6. Action-August 6 (Hiroshima/Nagasaki) (National, International), 1983, 1985-1988.

7. Action-August 6 (Hiroshima/Nagasaki), 1993

8. Action-June 20, 1983 (Civil Disobedience) - See oversize box for Livermore Action Group newsletters pertaining to participation in International Day of Nuclear Disarmament.

9. Actions-September 22-24, 1984 - Participation in national "Peace-Not War-in 84" actions.

10. Action Project Pamphlet, 1989, undated - Pamphlet describing KAP's work.

11. Administrative Policies (employment), [ undated] - Employment policies for KAP staff.

12. Cellular Phone Information, 1993

13. Civil Disobedience at KAPL - Handwritten notes planning first civil disobedience action.

14. Civil Disobedience-Direct Action, 1982-1986

14A. Clippings, 1969-1979

15. Clippings, 1980-1988

16. Clippings, December, 1980-1988

17. Clippings, 1990

18. Clippings, 1991

19. Clippings, 1991

20. Clippings-KAP: Actions at KAPL, 1969, 1979, 1981-1985, 1987

21. Clippings-KAPL, 1977-1988

22. Clippings-KAPL, 1982-1988

23. Clippings-KAPL, 1989

24. Council of Community Services (Insurance), 1987

25. Directory: Camps and Conference Centers in NYS, 1982

26. Earth Day, 1990

Box 2

1. Fact Sheet (KAPL), 1991
2. Fact Sheet (Kesselring), [ undated]
3. Fact Sheet (original), 1986
4. Fact Sheet (Seawolf), [ undated]
5. Fact Sheet (Transport), [ undated]

6. Fundraising (KAP and War Resisters League, 1993), 1991-1993 - Includes several copies of the Grassroots Fundraising Journal, and information from a joint fundraising event held with the War Resisters League. Also includes an undated sign up sheet having to do with a KAP benefit concert.

7. General Electric Boycott-Mailing List, [ undated]

8. History, Summaries ("Blurbs"), 1980-1989 - Fact sheets, flyers, documents explaining the history and purpose of KAP.

9. Knolls Campaign (announcements, information, photographs), 1979-1980

9A. Knolls Campaign, 1981-1985

10. Leaflets, 1980-1985
11. Leaflets, 1980-1992
12. Leaflets, 1981-1991
13. Leaflets, 1982-1988
14. Leaflets, 1986
15. Leaflets, 1987
16. Leaflets, 1988
17. Leaflets, 1988, 1992-1994
18. Leaflets, 1989
19. Leaflets, 1990
20. Leaflets, 1991

Box 3

1. Letters to Editor, 1989, 1991 - Letter from Ellen Kelly-Lind in response to editorial in Schenectady Gazette calling for creation of an independent agency to oversee DOE nuclear weapon facilities (1989); letter from Daniel Mackay in response to article in Albany Times Union regarding the favorable impact of the Kesselring Site on the community.

2. Maps and Directions, [ undated]

3. Media Work Kit, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1988, 1990 - Collection of information explaining how to deal with the media.  Notes from 1990 KAP workshop "Giving the media our message."

3A. Meetings, October 1980-August 1981-Handwritten meeting notes possibly belonging to Mike Baum and/or John Ragusa.

4. Meetings, July 1982-July/August 1993

5. Meetings-Annual, 1984 -1993 - Meeting minutes form 1984, 1987-1993 and annual reviews of activities.

6. Meetings-Bi-Monthly, July 2, 1991-November 21, 1993

7. Newsletters, January 1980-November 1986

8. Newsletters, March 1987-Spring 1994

9. Newsletters (photos), 1987-1989 - Photos used in newsletter mock-ups.

10. Niskayuna Leafleting Data Forms, 1985

11. Non-Violence Preparation -  Newsprint publications and handbooks dealing with non-violent civil disobedience from 1978 to 1985.  See oversize box for resource and training handbooks.

11A. 11A. Notes, 1979, undated - Handwritten notes concerning the groups activities, calendar of events, and brainstorming lists. Also includes reports on KAPL safety and protocol. These notes may have belonged to Mike Baum and/or John Ragusa.

12. Organizing Guidelines

13. Outreach (Originals), 1990

14. Outreach Letters, 1991-1992

15. Phonathon Information, 1987-1992

16. Press Releases, April 1982-August 1988, September 1991, 1992

17. Radioactive Waste-Yankee Rowe Shipments, 1993-1994

18. Radioactive Waste Demonstration (directions, letter, participants), 1992

19. Radioactive Waste Demonstration (leaflets/slogans), 1992

20. Radioactive Waste Demonstration Press Coverage, 1992

21. Radioactive Waste Transport Meetings (Ballston Spa School District), 1990-1992 - Includes minutes of school board meetings, hand-written notes, and correspondence regarding nuclear waste transport activities conducted by KAPL on the rail siding adjacent to the Malta Avenue Elementary School.

22. Radioactive Waste Transport Meetings (Saratoga County), 1992 - Correspondence regarding meetings with Ballston Spa Village Board of Trustees, Saratoga County Board of Supervisors.

23. Railroad Maps, 1993

24. Resources-Books, 1980's, 1991

25. Resources-Films, Videos, 1982, 1986-1989, 1992-1994

26. Scrapbook-1988 Civil Disobedience: Contains clippings, leaflets, copies of letters dealing with 1988 action.

27. Social Action Center (SAC) Meetings, 1982-1988

28. Social Justice Center (SJC), 1991 - Participating groups, SJC policy, minutes from August 19, 1991 meeting.

29. Song Sheet, 1992 (radioactive shipment)

30. Staff Reports, Sept. 1991-June 1992 - Weekly activity reports of Daniel Mackay.

31. Tabling/Fundraising Supplies, 1991-1993 - Resource catalogs

32. USS Albany, 1986-1987 - Leaflets, flyers, clippings, press releases, actions protesting the naming of a nuclear sub after the city of Albany.

33. USS Albany, 1990 - Protest of USS Albany's commissioning.  Documentation expressing opposition of clergy to USS Albany.

Knolls Action Project
Box and Folder List

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Series 2: Activist Organizations, 1982-1994

Box 1

1. Citizen Alert, 1993 - Citizen Alert Native American Program.

2. Citizen Soldier: On Guard, 1991

3. Citizens Awareness Network (CAN), 1991, 1992, 1994 - Correspondence between Daniel Mackay and Dale MacLeod of CAN documenting their attempts to gain support from New York and Massachusetts Attorneys General in opposing the installation of a new atomic reactor at KAPL.

4. Citizens Clearinghouse for Hazardous Waste (CCHW), 1994 - Contains two journals entitled Everyone's Backyard.

5. Citizens' Environmental Coalition (CEC), 1992, 1994

6. Coalition to Stop Trident, 1987-1988

7. Community Action Against Racism and Violence, 1992

8. Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety (CCNS), 1994, 1995 - Contains the Nuclear Reactor, newsletter of CCNS, and two copies of Labwatch, newsletter of Los Alamos Study Group.

9. Economic Conversion Council, Oct. 1991-Dec. 1993 - Meeting minutes.

10. Energy Research Foundation, 1988, 1991-1993 - Contains Research Updates and a copy of Rethinking Plutonium: A Review of Plutonium Operations in the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Complex.

11. G.E.: Brandywine Peace Community, 1982-1988 - Contains newsletters and information related to Brandywine's protest of GE's development and production of systems for nuclear warfare.  See oversize box for poster protesting GE.

12. Government Accountability Project (GAP), 1984-1988, 1990-1994 - Documents related to Whistleblower protection at DOE sites.

13. The Green Drummer, Nov/Dec 1993-Nov/Dec 1994 - Newsletters.

14. Ground Zero: Center for Nonviolent Action, 1985, 1991 - Shipment of nuclear weapons and waste in the state of Washington.

15. Hanford Education Action League (HEAL), 1989 - Contains The Hanford Journal and a Citizen's Guide to environmental restoration of Hanford.  See oversize box for copies of HEAL newsletter Perspective (1990-1994)

16. INFACT, 1990-1992 - GE Boycott

17. Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, (IEER), 1991-1993 - Contains fact sheets, newsletters, workshop hand-outs.

18. MPN (Lobbying), 1994

19. Misc. National: Center for Economic Conversion, 1992-1995 - Contains copies of publication Positive Alternatives.

20. Misc. National: Childhood Cancer Research Institute (CCRI), 1992-1994 - Publications.

21. Misc. National: Economists Allied for Arms Reduction (ECAAR), 1991-1994 - Contains newsletters, paper by William Weida entitled "Regional employment impacts from nuclear waste cleanup at Rocky Flats" (1992).

22. Misc. National: National Toxics Campaign (Military Toxics Project), 1992-1994 - Newsletters.

23. Misc. National: The Nuclear Examiner, 1994-1995 - Newsletters of STAR-Save Texas Agriculture and Resources.

24. Misc. National: Peace Action (Don Gardner), 1994 - Report from the Military Production Network winter 1994 meeting by Don Gardner, representing Peace Action and Texas Nuclear Responsibility Network.

25. Misc. National: Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), 1993 - Conference agenda.

26. Misc. National: Rocky Mountain Peace Center, 1993-1995 - Newsletters.

27. Native Americans for a Clean Environment (NACE), 1991-1992 - Newsletters.

28. Nevada Nuclear Waste News, 1992-1994 - Newsletters.

29. Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS), 1994-1995 - Newsletters.

30. Nukewatch: TruckWatch Materials, 1984-1992 - Information on TruckWatch, the transportation of H-bombs and component parts in unmarked trucks by the DOE.  Includes correspondence between Daniel Mackay and Bonnie Urfer of Nukewatch.  See oversize box for copies of Pathfinder.

31. Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR)-National and Local, 1988-1994 - Newsletters.  Also contains papers documenting KAP's work with Capital District PSR chapter.

32. Radioactive Waste Campaign, 1989 - Fact sheets, clippings.

33. Radioactive Waste Management Associates, 1991, 1992, 1994 - Consultant Marvin Resnikoff.

34. Search (Nuclear Military Monitoring), 1994

35. Snake River Alliance (SRA), 1991-1995 - Newsletters and bulletins.

36. South Coast Against Nuclear Navies (SCANN)/England, 1991-1993 - Primarily newsletters.

37. Syracuse Peace Council Newsletter, 1992

38. Tri-Valley CAREs: Citizen's Watch (newsletters), 1993-1995

39. Trident Information Network (TIN), 1991-1994 - Newsletters.  Also, correspondence between Daniel Mackay and Stephen Kobasa of TIN.

40. Union of Concerned Scientists, 1991 - Interview with Robert Pollard from The Monthly Planet.

41. War Resisters League (WRL), 1991-1994 - Primarily newsletters.

See oversize folder for copies of the Nuclear Resister (1991-1994), information about and support for imprisoned anti-nuclear activists.

Knolls Action Project
Box and Folder List

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Series 3: Radioactive Waste Transport, 1978-1994

Box 1

1. DOD: RR Transport of Trident Missiles, 1989 - Shipping documents

2. DOE: DODX Shipments, 1993 - Railroad records.

3. DOE: DODX Shipments, 1994 - Railroad records.

4. DOE: DODX Shipments (Press), 1993-1994 - Clippings.

5. DOE: Shipyard Storage Naval Spent Fuel, 1993 - Stort term environmental assessment conducted by the US Navy, and comments submitted by Daniel Mackay.

6. DOE: Spent Fuel Transport (misc.), 1984-1992 - Includes documents relating to shipment of radioactive waste to Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (INEL), and a DOE Environmental Assessment of the proposed adoption and implementation of a United States Policy on receipt and reprocessing of spent research reactor fuel (off-site fuels policy).

7. GAO: RR Safety Reports, 1989-1993

8. GAO: Radiation Waste Transport Reports, 1988, 1992

9. KAPL/INEL, 1992 - Includes information on KAPL and INEL, Position Paper regarding KAPL-INEL nuclear waste shipments, press releases regarding nuclear waste train watch.

10. KAPL: Radioactive Waste Transport, 1990-1992

11. KAPL: Summaries of Problems, 1988-1989 - (See also oversize box for Schenectady Gazette series on KAPL).

12. NRP: M-140 Navy Fuel Cask Specs, 1991-1992

13. NRP: M-160 Naval Fuel Cask Specs, 1987, 1992

14. NRP: Naval Fuel Cask Specs, 1990

15. NRP: RR Transport Accidents, 1982-1987

16. NWTW: Activist Contacts, 1990, 1992, 1993

17. NWTW: Budget Sheets

18. NWTW: INFACT, 1992

19. NWTW: Northeast Activist Network, 1991, 1992

20. NWTW: Northeast Press Coverage, 1992-1993 - (See also oversize box for copies of Pathfinder and Nonviolent Activist)

21. NWTW: Nuclear Waste Track Watch (intro), 1990-1993

22. NWTW: Nuclear Waste Track Watch (overview, route notes), 1978, 1979, 1989, 1990, 1992.

23. NWTW: Nukewatch, 1992 - Includes early correspondence between Daniel Mackay and Bonnie Urfer of Nukewatch organizing a joint action to monitor shipments.

24. NWTW: Press 1993 - Clippings.

25. NWTW: Press Contacts, 1992, 1993

26. NWTW: Press Releases, August-October 1992

27. NWTW: RR Route Maps, 1987, 1992, 1995

28. NWTW: Snake River Alliance (SRA), 1992 - Joint action with KAP and Nukewatch.

29. NWTW: Train Watch Diary, August-December 1992 - Diary sent by Ann Sorenson to Daniel Mackay

30. NWTW: Union Pacific RR Manifest, 1992

31. NWTWP: Graphics/Maps

32. Nuclear Materials Transport: Regs, [ undated]

33. Nukewatch: Midwest Press Coverage, 1992-1993 - Copies of Pathfinder.

34. Radioactive Waste Transport: General Issues, [ undated] - Contains only the name of one shipper.

35. Radioactive Waste Transport: State and Tribal Emergency Response, 1990.

36. SRA: NWTW Idaho Press Coverage, 1992 - See oversize folder for poster "The Low Down Radioactive Waste - Train Blues Dance"

37. SRA: NWTW Idaho Press Coverage (copies), 1992

38. SRA: NWTW Idaho Press Coverage (copies), 1993 - See oversize folder for original copies of Pathfinder.

39. Spent Fuel Transport, 1992 - Miscellaneous, handwritten notes, earlier clippings.

40. Three Mile Island (TMI): Waste Transport, 1981-1988

41. Trident II Nuclear Missile Railway Shipping Routes, 1990

42. Trident Rocket Motor Shipping Hazards, 1992 - Report presented to Michael Honda, Supervisor, Santa Clara Board of Supervisors by Glen Milner.

43. U.S.N.: Newport News Shipbuilding, 1993 - Contains clippings.  Also, testimony of James Burritt, General Manager of Newport News Industrial Corporation, before the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.  Hearing topic: Spent fuel containers.

Knolls Action Project

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Series 4: Department of Energy (DOE), 1973-1994

Box 1

1. DOE: Atomic Vapor Laser Isotope Separation (AVLIS), 1991

2. DOE: Environmental Restoration, 1993 - DOE plan to clean up the environment at its defense sites.  Includes transcript of Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Advisory Committee public meeting in Colorado.

3. DOE: Environmental Restoration- Environmental Restoration and Waste Management (ERWM) Advisory Committee materials, 1992-1993

4. DOE: Environmental Restoration- Environmental Restoration and Waste Management (ERWM) Advisory Committee public meeting, 1992 - Transcript and minutes.

5. DOE: Environmental Restoration-"The Dirt in the USDOE's Nuclear Waste Clean-up Budget," July 1991 - An investigation by Heart of America Northwest Research Center.

6. DOE: Environmental Restoration-Environmental Management 1994 - Readers Guide prepared by DOE.

7. DOE: Environmental Restoration-Priority System, 1991-1992

8. DOE: Environmental Restoration and Waste Management-5-Year Plan (1989)

9. DOE: Facilities Overview, 1988, 1990-1991

10. DOE: Facilities Overview (Acronyms, Glossary), 1988, 1991-1994 - Contains clippings, copies of DOE News, DOE media releases, and the following reports: "New Directions in Nuclear Safety Management and Organization" (DOE), "Final Report on DOE Nuclear Facilities: (Advisory Committee on Nuclear Facility Safety to the Secretary of Energy), "White Elephants: The expensive failures of the U.S. Department of Energy" (Natural Resources Defense Council), "Department of Energy Nuclear Weapons Complex" (Physicians for Social Responsibility).

11. DOE: Facilities Overview-Final Report on DOE Nuclear Facilities, Nov. 1991 - A report by the Advisory Committee on Nuclear Facility Safety to the Secretary of Energy.

12. DOE: Facilities Overview-Final report of the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board Task Force on Radioactive Waste Management (draft), Dec. 1992 - Includes two 1993 GAO reports, "DOD Budget: Future years defense program needs details based on comprehensive review," and "Department of Energy: Management problems require a long-term commitment to change."

13. DOE: Fernald Residents for Environmental Safety and Health (F.R.E.S.H.) Newsletters, 1992- 1994

14. DOE: PEIS Reconfiguration, 1989, 1991-1993 - Several reports regarding the Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) for the DOE's Environmental Restoration and Waste Management program (for reconfiguring, or modernizing, the nuclear weapons complex).

15. DOE: PEIS Reconfiguration Scope Hearings, 1991

16. DOE: Public Involvement Guidelines, 1991, 1993-1994

17. DOE: Publications-Office of Technology Assessment, 1991 - Publications regarding clean-up of the nuclear weapons complex.

18. DOE: Whistleblowers, 1988-1993 - Articles and clippings on whistleblowers at DOE facilities.

19. DOE: "The Wrong Stuff"-An information summary on Victor Stello, 1989 - Report by the Government Accountability Project on the Assistant Secretary for Defense Programs Designate.

Box 2

1. Correspondence with KAPL employees, 1980-1989, 1991

2. DOE: Hanford, 1988, 1989, 1991-1993 - See oversize box for special report of Moscow Pullman Daily News on "Hanford: Bombs to Boondoggle."

3. DOE: INEL, 1986-1988, 1990-1993

4. DOE: INEL (Reports), 1991-1993 - Includes a Citizens guide to the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory compiled for the Environmental Defense Institute, two GAO Reports on Nuclear Health and Safety at INEL.

5. DOE: Lawrence Livermore Labs, 1991-1993 - Includes information on Edward Teller, co-founder of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

6. DOE: Los Alamos Labs, 1991-1993 - Includes a conference report from LANL 2000: The role of the National Laboratory in the 21st Century (Aug. 20-22, 1993), and A Citizen's Guide to Los Alamos National Laboratory compiled by Concerned citizens for Nuclear Safety.

7. DOE: Oak Ridge, 1989, 1991, 1992 - Includes A Citizen's Guide to Oak Ridge compiled by Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance.

8. DOE: Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, 1993 - Clippings

9. DOE: Pantex, 1991-1994 - Includes several copies of The Nuclear Examiner, and a draft copy of the "Environmental Assessment for interim storage of plutonium components at Pantex" prepared by DOE.

10. DOE: Piketon, 1991-1993 - Clippings.

11. DOE: Pinellas, 1991 - Clippings.

12. DOE: Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant, 1984, 1991-1995 - Includes several copies of "Environmental Restoration," a fact sheet prepared by DOE, as well as information obtained by Daniel Mackay during a 1995 visit to the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant.  See oversize box for original Special Section from the Portsmouth Daily Times, Sunday, Sept. 25, 1994: "Celebrating 40 years of Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant."

13. DOE: Rocky Flats, 1988, 1992, 1993 - Includes Citizen's Guide to Rocky Flats published by the Rocky Mountain Peace Center.

14. DOE: Savannah River Plant, 1988, 1991-1993 - Clippings.  Also includes a GAO report on Nuclear Materials: Nuclear arsenal reductions allow consideration of tritium production options.

15. DOE: Sequoyah, 1991 - Clipping regarding suspension of plant official.

16. DOE: Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, 1990-1992 - Includes clippings, fact sheets, and GAO testimony on Nuclear Waste: Issues affecting land withdrawal of DOE's Waste Isolation Pilot Project.

17. DOE: Yucca Mountain, 1991-1994 - Includes clippings, copies of Nevada Nuclear Waste News, GAO testimonies on nuclear waste and Yucca Mountain Project, and GAO Report on Nuclear Waste: Yucca Mountain project behind schedule and facing major scientific uncertainties.

18. DOE Chief: Hazel O'Leary, 1993 - Questions and answers for Secretary-Designate of Energy Hazel O'Leary, from the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

19. 20/20 Vision, [ undated]

20. Environmental Defense Institute (INEL News), 1991-1992 - Includes a Citizens guide to the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory compiled for the Environmental Defense Institute.

21. Research (Karl Francis), [ undated] - Seminar project of Karl Francis.

22. Research on KAPL, 1973, 1974, 1979-1982, 1986, 1987.

Knolls Action Project
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Series 5: Government Reports (GAO, DEC, DOE) and other Publications, 1956-1992

Box 1

1. Final Environmental Impact Statement on the Disposal of the S3G and D1G Prototype Reactor Plants, 1997

2. NYS: Energy Research and Development Authority, 1991, 1992 - Reports.

3. Reports, 1989, 1991 - "Cleanup or Coverup? Confidential briefing paper concerning the Knolls Atomic Power Lab," prepared by the Government Accountability Project; GAO Report Nuclear Health and Safety: Environmental, Health, and Safety Practices at Naval Reactors Facilities.

4. U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Guides, 1988, 1990, 1992 - Guides prepared by DOT regarding hazardous materials.

Other Reports

1. Citizens Environmental Coalition - A citizens' guide to understanding measurements of toxic and radioactive concentrations (1990)

2. The Legislative Commission on Critical Transportation Choices - Dangerous Cargo! The transportation of hazardous materials by highway: an analysis of federal and state regulations aimed at minimizing risk, with legislative recommendations for New York State (1993)

3. Community Teamwork: Working together to promote hazardous materials transportation safety (DOT, 1983)

4. GAO Report - World Agriculture: Factors influencing trends in world agricultural production and trade (1989)

5. GAO Report - Reports and Testimony: March 1991, Highlights: Deposit insurance; Federally sponsored research; Tax administration

5. GAO Report - Reports and Testimony: April 1991, Highlights: Banking; Bottled water; Health care costs

6.  GAO Report - Reports and Testimony: June 1991, Highlights: Resolution Trust Corp.; Canadian health care; 1990 census

7. GAO Report - Asbestos Removal and Disposal: EPA needs to improve compliance with its regulations (1992)

8. GAO Report - Nuclear Science: Monitoring improved, but more planning needed for DOE test and research reactors (1992)

9. GAO Report - Defense Procurement: Trends for 1985-93 in DOD's spending, employment, and contractors (1992)

10. GAO Report - Navy Strategic Forces: Trident II proceeding toward deployment (1988)

11. GAO Report - Navy Maintenance: Fewer shipyards may be needed as ship repair requirements decline (1992)

12. GAO Report - Navy Ships: Plans and anticipated liabilities to terminate SSN-21 program contracts (1992)

13. GAO Report - Navy Research: Status of programs in nonacoustic antisubmarine warfare research (1991)

14. GAO Report - 1992 Navy Budget: Potential reductions in research, development, test, and evaluation programs (1991)

15. GAO Report - 1993 Navy Budget: Potential reductions and rescissions in RDT&E programs (1992)

16. GAO Report - 1993 Navy Budget: Potential reductions in weapons procurement programs (1992)

17. GAO Report - Navy Acquisition: Development of the AN/BSY-1 combat system (1992)

18. GAO Report - Navy Acquisition: AN/BSY-1 combat system operational evaluation (1992)

19. GAO Report - Submarine Combat System: BSY-2 development risks must be addressed and production schedule reassessed (1991)

20. GAO Report - Submarine Combat System: Technical challenges confronting Navy's Seawolf AN/BSY-2 development (1989)

21. GAO Report - Navy Torpedo Program: MK-48 ADCAP propulsion system upgrade not needed (1992)

22. GAO Report -

Submarine Technology: Transition plans needed to realize gains from DOD advanced research (1990)

23. GAO Report - Nuclear Health and Safety: DOE needs to take further actions to ensure safe transportation of radioactive materials (1988)

24. GAO Report - Undersea Surveillance: Navy continues to build ships designed for Soviet threat (1992)

25. DEC - 1987 NYS Low-Level Radioactive Waste Transportation Report (1989)

26. DEC - 1988 NYS Low-Level Radioactive Waste Transportation Report (April 1991)

27. DEC - 1989 NYS Low-Level Radioactive Waste Transportation Report (July 1991)

28. DEC - Risk assessment and financial surety requirements analysis for transportation of low-level radioactive waste in New York State, Volume II (draft, 1988)

29. DEC - Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement for Promulgation of 6 NYCRR Part 381: Regulations for low-level radioactive waste transporter permit and manifest system, Volume I (1988)

30. New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct, Annual Report 1990

31. U.S. DOT - Annual Report on Hazardous Materials Transportation (1990)

32. Educational Series from DOE on Science, Society, and America's Nuclear Waste (1992)

33. The Nairobi forward-looking strategies for the advancement of women (1985)

34. U.S. DOE - Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Five-Year Plan, Student Edition (1992)

Box 2

35. U.S. DOE - Nuclear Weapons Complex Reconfiguration Study (1991)

36. U.S. DOE - Final Environmental Impact Statement: Special Isotope Separation Project, Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, Idaho Falls, Idaho (Volumes 1 and 1, 1988)

37. U.S. DOE - Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Five-Year Plan (FY 1991-1995)

38. U.S. DOE - Response to public comments on FY 1991-1995 Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Five-Year Plan and Draft Applied Research, Development, Demonstration, Testing, and Evaluation Plan. (1989)

39. U.S. DOE - Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Five-Year Plan FY 1992-1996 (1990)

40. U.S. DOE - Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Five-Year Plan FY 1993-1997 (1991)

41. The Helpless Giant: a metaportrait of the defense budget with an essay by Andrew Hamilton and introduction by Congressman Les Aspin (1972)

42. Seymour Melman - An Economic Alternative to the Arms Race: Conversion from military to civilian economy (1987)

43. Despair and Empowerment Workshops - Despairwork: awakening to the peril and promise of our time (Joanna Macy, [ undated]), a pamphlet.

44. Worldwatch Institute - Reassessing Nuclear Power: The fallout from Chernobyl (1987).

45. Congressional Joint Economic Committee - Economics of Defense Policy: ADM. H.G. Rickover (Part 1, January 28, 1982).

46. Association for Transarmament Studies - National Security through Civilian-Based Defense (Gene Sharp, 1985).

47. American Friends Service Committee - Questions and Answers on the Soviet Threat and National Security (1981)

48. Institute for Policy Studies - The Counterforce Syndrome: A guide to U.S. nuclear weapons and strategic doctrine (Robert Aldridge, 1978).

49. The Council on Economic Priorities - The Costs and Consequences of Reagan's Military Buildup: A report to The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, AFL-CIO and The Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy (1982).

50. Concerning Dissent and Civil Disobedience (Abe Fortas, 1968).

51. Is it Too Late? The longest letter I've ever written. (Taeko Kansha, 1987)

52. Women Working for a Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific - Pacific Women Speak (1987).

53. What if Nobody Came? (Dorice McDaniels, 1984),

54. Alternative Defense Project - An Emerging Consensus: Common security through qualitative disarmament (1988)

55. Investor Responsibility Research Center - The Nuclear Weapons Industry (Kenneth Bertsch and Linda Shaw, 1984)

56. Institute for Policy Studies - The Federal Budget and Social Reconstruction (Marcus Raskin, 1978).

57. The Boston Study Group - The Price of Defense: A new strategy for military spending (1979)

58. Economic Conversion: Revitalizing America's economy (edited by Suzanne Gordon and Dave McFadden, 1984)

59. World Military and Social Expenditures 1983 (Ruth Leger Sivard)

60. Institute for Policy Studies - You Can't Hug with Nuclear Arms!  Photos from June 12 and related disarmament demonstrations (1982)

61. The ACCESS Resource Guide: An international directory of information on war, peace, and security (edited by William Kincade and Priscilla Hayner, 1988)

62. Pasos Hacia la Paz Interior (in Spanish)

63. Peace Pilgrim: Her life and work in her own words (1982)

64. PlanetHood: The key to your survival and prosperity (Benjamin Ferencz and Ken Keyes, Jr. (1988)

Box 3

1. 100 Recent Findings of Historic Contamination, 1984, 1987

2. Afftrex Protest, 1987-1988

3. Appeal, 1989, 1992 - An appeal of a determination issued by the Office of Naval Reactors (of the DOE) that denied a request for information as pursuant to the FOIA.

4. CERCLA, 1986 - Includes a report on the status of the KAPL implementation of the DOE Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA).

5. Chemical Wash Disposal, 1958, 1961, 1979

6. Cyanide - Knolls site, January 13, 1986

7. Documents, 1967, 1970, 1986, 1989 - Documents relating to CERCLA; evaluation of the Knolls site radioactive liquid waste annual discharge limit; DOE's Personnel Security Assurance Program.

8. Documents, 1985, 1987, 1988 - Documents relating to Knolls site radioactive contamination; Gag Order; appeal of FOIA response

9. Environmental Assessment: Installation and Operation of the AF Reactor Prototype in the S8G Prototype Plant, 1991

10. Evidence of Radiation Contamination, 1956, 1979, 1987

11. External Dosimetry/Internal Monitoring-KAPL, 1987

12. FOI Originals, 1988-1989 - Correspondence regarding requests for information; also includes the following requested document: "Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory Audit of Environmental Programs" dated June 8, 1987.

13. FOIA, 1988-1989 - Includes requests to John H. Carter, Chief of FOIA and Privacy Acts, DOE, and a list of "Worthwhile KAPL documents to FOI."

14. FOIA, 1988-1992 - Correspondence regarding requests for information.

15. For Pat, 1987, 1989 - Correspondence related to the radiological survey of the Mohawk River sediment.

16. Gag Order Suit, 1988, 1989 - First amended complaint and defendants' answer filed in U.S. District Court

17. Geohydrologic Report - KAPL Sanitary Landfill (Niskayuna), 1978, 1979

18. Geohydrologic Report-Sanitary Landfill (Milton), 1978, 1979

19. Industrial Safety, Incident Prevention and Industrial Hygiene Appraisal of the KSO and follow-up, 1985, 1986

20. GE documents, 1956, 1967, 1979, 1985(?), 1987, 1988

21. KAPL and environmental studies, 1966, 1967, 1980, 1986-1989

22. KAPL Documents, 1988, 1990-1992

23. KAPL Internal-61 Radiological Contaminated Sites, 1985

24. KAPL Parking lot/Memo, 1985, 1988 - Documents related to soil contamination at KAPL parking lot.

25. Knolls Soil and Water Monitoring, 1984

26. Landfill-Knolls, 1980-1982, 1988

27. Mohawk River 1, 1989

28. Mohawk River 2, 1978, 1980, 1987

29. Peek Street, 1989 - Documents related to contamination at the original Knolls site.

30. Preliminary Assessment 2 (4/88), 1986, 1988 - Assessments reports at various sites

31. Preliminary Assessment 2 (4/88), 1986, 1988 - Assessments reports at various sites

32. SNR Appraisals-Quality (Assurance calibration: Mechanical calibration operation), 1985, 1988 - Reports of Schenectady Naval Reactors (SNR).

33. SPRU Facilities (Separations Processing Research Unit), 1972, 1976, 1983, 1984, 1989

34. Schenectady Gazette Blowout, 1989 - Clippings.

35. Slurry Drum Survey, Dec. 1982

36. Soil Survey-former rail shipping area (Knolls site, Feb. 27, 1984), 1984, 1989

37. Weston Geophysical, [ undated]

38. Windsor Site, 1978, 1985

Knolls Action Project
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Series 6: Miscellaneous Subject Files, 1975-1994

Box 1

1. Briefing Book on the Military-Industrial Complex, [ undated] - Published by Council for a Livable World Education Fund.

2. Chernobyl, 1991 - Articles from the NY Times on the aftermath of Chernobyl.

3. Clippings, 1989-1991

4. Conversion Campaign Update, [ undated] - Unidentified article.

5. Correspondence, 1988-1990 - Correspondence from KAP to Governor Mario Cuomo, Congressman Michael McNulty, and Philip Salm, Manager SNR regarding radioactive contamination.

6. DEC: Mohawk River Study, 1988, 1989

7. "Deadly Deception" (INFACT), 1991 - Video expose of GE.  Includes an organizing packet for GE boycott.

8. First Strike/Trident II, 1978, 1980-1987 - Articles and information on nuclear weapons.  See oversize box for "War and Peace in the Nuclear Age" (Special Section to the Boston Globe, Oct.17, 1982), The New Generation of Nuclear Weapons (NARMIC)

9. Floating Reactors: The Secret Story of Nuclear Power at Sea (Greenpeace), [ undated]

10. Food Irradiation, 1992

11. KAPL: GAO Report and Testimony, 1991 - Environmental, Health and Safety Practices at Naval Reactors Facilities.

12. KAPL: Savannah River Site (SRS) Waste Cycle, 1992 - Includes the following report prepared for DOE: Savannah River Site Interim Waste Management Program Plan, FY 1991-1992.

13. KAPL: Niskayuna LLWTF EA (Low level Waste Treatment Facility-Environmental Assessment), 1993 - Includes the following report prepared by DOE Office of Naval Reactors: Environmental Assessment: Construction and operation of the Knolls site low level radioactive material processing facility.

14. KAPL: Niskayuna Site, 1982, 1988-1994 - Primarily clippings from 1989; also information about activities at KAPL sent by James Burn (KAPL) to Daniel Mackay (1993).

15. KAPL: Peek Street Temporary Atomic Power Laboratory (TAPL) Site, 1975, 1979, 1988-1993 - Includes documents received from DOE in response to FOI request by Thomas Carpenter of the Government Accountability Project.

16. KAPL: West Milton Site, 1991-1993

17. KAPL: Windsor Site, 1980 - Includes GAO's Analysis of Alleged Health and Safety Violations at the Navy's Nuclear Power Training Unit at Windsor, Connecticut.

18. Labor, 1989, 1992 - Clippings on defense industry workers.  Articles on labor disputes (1989) and diversification (1992).

19. Malta Test Station, 1986

20. Military Contractors, 1980, 1981, 1985-1987, 1989 - Clippings, information sheets, and a report prepared by the American Friends Service Committee and the Central New York Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign Onondaga County's place in the nuclear arms race: Anti-submarine warfare.

21. Military Toxics, 1991 - Article from Seattle Times.

22. Miscellaneous Handwritten Notes, [ undated] - Notes regarding status of FOI requests, contamination, National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and other miscellaneous subject areas.

23. Naval Reactor Program (NRP): Activist Summit, 1993 - Proposed agenda for activist meeting on Naval Reactor Program issues

24. NRP: INEL Facilities, 1984, 1988-1993.  See oversize box for The Waste Paper.

25. NRP: Overview, 1982, 1988, 1990-1992

26. "Nuclear Culture: Rituals of Renewal Among Nuclear Weapons Scientists," 1991 - Paper presented at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meetings.

27. Nuclear Facilities NYS (commercial), 1991, 1992

28. Nuclear Power, [ undated], 1993

29. Nuclear Ships/Weapons Inventory, 1987-1994 - Articles and reports on the nuclear arms race at sea.

30. Nuclear Testing Moratorium, 1984-1993 - Articles, newsletters and reports.

31. ONR: Hanford Decommissioning Site, 1982, 1983 - Disposal of decommissioned, defueled Naval Submarine Reactor Plants

32. OSHA, 1991 - Information on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's finding that DOE's health and safety programs are insufficient.

33. Peace Pole, 1991

34. Racism/Organizing Issues, 1992 - Information sheet "Taking Action Against Racism and Violence" by the War Resisters League.

35. Radiation Dangers, 1990, 1991- Fact sheets.

36. Radiation Studies, 1978-1992 - Articles, newsletters, fact sheets and reports.  See oversize box for The Day, Feb. 4, 1990, Nuclear Power and its Alternatives, National Association of Radiation Survivors.

37. Radiation Victims, 1986, 1991 - Articles; also information from the National Committee for Radiation Victims on the Radiation Victims Rights Project.

38. Radioactive Waste, 1979, 1982-1985, 1991, 1992 - Clippings.  Also, 1979 memorandum from DOE Division of Security on reporting demonstrations.  See oversize box for The Waste Paper, published by the Sierra Club.

Box 2

1. Radioactive Waste, 1990, 1991, 1994

2. Radioactive Waste/Ballston Spa School Board, 1991, 1992

3. Radioactive Waste: Low-level (West Valley), 1983-1985, 1987-1989, 1991, 1993 - Contains reports and fact sheets from both consumer organizations and government agencies.

4. Radiological Monitoring (Citizens), 1990, 1991, 1993

5. Royal Navy: Nuclear Emergency Planning, 1990-1993 - Contains reports by Greenpeace, and William Peden of the Nuclear Transport Information Group on the planning for nuclear naval accidents in specific areas of Great Britain.

6. SSN: Centurion Class Submarine, 1988-1992

7. SSN-21 Press Coverage, 1988-1992, 1994 - Primarily clippings on the Seawolf Class Submarine.

8. SSN-21: Seawolf Class Submarine Overview, 1987, 1989-1993

9. Seawolf Advance Fleet Reactor (AFR), 1992, 1994 - Correspondence related to the construction and testing at Kesselring of the prototype nuclear reactor for the Seawolf.

10. Seismic Activity: New York State, circa1989

11. Speech-Suzanne Massie, 1989 - Speech delivered to the Committee for National Security, Washington D.C.

12. Transport, 1991-1992 - Information related to the transport of nuclear waste.

13. Trident, 1981-1990 - Articles, leaflets and clippings related to the Trident Submarine.  See oversize box for poster: Stop the D-5 (Trident II) Missile.

14. U.S. Nuclear Weapons Deployments, 1992 - "Taking Stock: U.S. nuclear deployments at the end of the cold war," Greenpeace/NRDC, August 1992.

15. U.S.N.: Charleston Naval Shipyard, 1993

16. U.S.N.: Mare Island Naval Shipyard, 1993 - Includes two GAO reports.

17. U.S.N.: Naval Nuclear Incidents, 1989-1994 - Clippings, articles, information from Greenpeace.  See oversize box for copy of The Day, (1990).

18. U.S.N.: Norfolk Naval Shipyard, 1991, 1993, 1994 - Clippings and a GAO report.

19. U.S.N.: Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, 1991-1994 - Includes copies of Environment Hawaii (1991-1993).

20. U.S.N.: Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, 1981, 1988, 1993-1994 - Primarily clippings.

21. U.S.N.: Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, 1979, 1992-1994 - Includes reports from GAO and SEARCH, a public interest project of The Tides Foundation.

22. U.S.N.: Submarine Strategy, 1989-1994 - Includes reports from the Natural Resources Defense Council and the U.S. Naval Institute.

23. USSR/CIS: Naval Nuclear Incidents, 1991-1994 - Much of the information prepared by Greenpeace.

Box 3

1. AFR-Draft Environmental Assessment and Testimony, 1991 - "Proposed Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)" based on the "Environmental Assessment: Installation and operation of the AFR prototype in the S8G prototype plant located at the KAPL Kesselring Site," and NRDC/KAP comments.

2. AFR: Public Testimony and Comments on Environmental Assessment, Dec. 5, 1990.

3. AFR-NNP Testimony Handouts, Dec. 5, 1990

4. AFR-NRDC Lawsuit-Current Draft, 1991

5. AFR-NRDC Lawsuit-Originals, 1990-1992

6. AFR-NRDC Lawsuit-Press Releases, 1990

7. AFR-NRDC Lawsuit-Previous Drafts, 1990-1992

8. Babcock and Wilcox: Naval Nuclear Fuel Facility, [ undated]

9. Base Closures/Realignment, 1993 - GAO report Military Bases: Analysis of DOD's recommendations and selection process for closures and realignments.

10. Committee Nuclear Power Issues, 1992, 1993 - Testimonies given to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology (1993)

11. Comprehensive Test Ban, 1993

12. Conversion Issues, 1989-1993

13. Defense Industrial Base Issues, 1992, 1993 - Briefing Book on the Military-Industrial Complex published by Council for a Livable World Education Fund, and GAO report Defense Industrial Base: An overview of an emerging issue.

14. Dose Reconstruction Studies, 1993 - The Savannah River Site Dose Reconstruction Project.

15. Dry Cask Storage Information, circa1989 - Information packet from the Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS).

16. ELF (Trident Communications), 1978, 1979, 1982, 1984, 1993 - Correspondence, newsletters, reports regarding Project ELF (Extremely Low Frequency), a submarine communications facility that transmits Extremely Low Frequency electromagnetic radiation.

17. FOIA Document Index, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993.

18. FOIA Requests: Guidelines, 1988-1990.

19. FOIA Requests: NYS Government, 1991-1992 - Correspondence related to the use of the Ballston Spa sail siding for the transport of radioactive materials.

20. F.O.N.S.I., 1991 - Finding of No Significant Impact based on the "Environmental Assessment: Installation and operation of the AFR prototype in the S8G prototype plant located at the KAPL Kesselring Site."

21. General Electric, 1991 - Articles on GE boycott; GE and PCBs.

22. Gidon-Lawsuit/related correspondence, 1992

23. Idaho vs. DOE Congressional Exemption, 1993 -  Contains testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee on the shipment of spent nuclear fuel from US Navy ships and submarines to the Idaho Natl. Engineering Laboratory (July 28, 1993)

24. Idaho and Spent Nuclear Fuel Disposal, 1993

25. Idaho and Spent Nuclear Fuel Lawsuits, 1992 - Legal documents.

26. KAPL: Hazardous Waste Contingency Plan, 1990 - Information from DOE.

27. KAPL/DOE: Dennis Dougherty Letter, 1992 - Letter to Admiral Watkins, Secretary DOE regarding the danger of the use of a new pressure vessel head with an old pressure vessel.

28. KAPL/DOE: Scheib/Pax Christi Letter, 1993 - Letter to Vice-President Gore suggesting ways to reduce waste in government.

29. Labor/Environmental Issues, 1992

30. Low-Level Radioactive Waste, 1989 - NIRS fact sheet.

31. MRS: Monitored Retrievable Storage, 1993 - Memorandum from Arjun Makhijani, Institute for Energy and Environmental Research.

32. Martin Marietta, 1992-1994

33. Military Toxic Wastes, 1992

34. N.L. Industries, 1991

35. NNP: Thresher/Scorpion Sinkings, 1993 - Included copies (undated) of two previously confidential "Findings of Fact" which were the results of the inquiries into the incidents.

36. NRDC/KAP Letter: DOE - Correspondence related to AFR.

37. New York State: Government Oversite, 1989, 1990 - Includes DEC Directory, Guide and Who's Who fact sheet on managing hazardous substances.

38. New York State: Low-Level Radioactive Waste Transportation Report, 1991.

39. New York State Emergency Response Plan, 1990-1992

40. Nuclear Issues: USSR/C.I.S., 1992

41. Nuclear Reactors: Yankee Rowe, 1992

42. ONR (Office of Naval Research): FY 1988 Budgets, 1987

43. ONR: FY 1989 Budgets, 1988

44. ONR: FY 1990-1991 Budgets, 1989

45. ONR: FY 1992 Budget (NRP), 1991, 1992

46. ONR: FY 1993 Budget, 1992, 1993

47. Offsite Fuel Policy-Environmental Assessment, 1991

48. Plowshares Actions, 1992

49. Plutonium Issues, 1993

50. Reactor Dismantlement, 1990-1992 - Includes clippings, and a copy of Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities: An analysis of the variability of decommissioning cost estimates.  This is a publication of the International Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

51. Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)/Toxics at KAPL Sites, 1990-1992

52. S8G Prototype Environmental Statement, 1972

53. SP-100: Space-Based Reactor, 1992 - GAO Report Space Nuclear Propulsion: History, cost, and status of programs.

54. Secrecy in Government, 1992, 1993 - Two copies of Secrecy & Government Bulletin, publication of the Federation of American Scientists.

55. Site Specific Advisory Boards/Keystone, 1993

56. Uranium Enrichment Issues, [ undated] - Uranium enrichment fact sheet prepared by the National Taxpayers Union.

57. Weapons Cuts, 1991-1992

58. Westinghouse Electric Corporation, 1989 - The Other Westinghouse: Weapons and waste, a publication by Jonathan Pressler and the River City Nonviolent Resistance Campaign.

59. Whistleblower Issues, 1993 - GAO Report Whistleblower Protection: Agencies' implementation of the whistleblower statutes has been mixed.

Box 4

1. GE: Boycott, 1982-1988, 1991 - See oversize box for two bumper stickers and button.

2. GE: Community Relations, Miscellaneous, 1984-1987

3. GE: Environmental, Energy Safety, 1979, 1984-1987, 1991, 1992

4. GE: Jobs, 1980, 1981, 1984-1987

5. GE: Personnel, 1982, 1984-1988

6. GE: Profits, Taxes, Business Deals, 1982-1987

7. GE: Scandals, 1985-1987

8. GE: Stockholders Alliance, 1980, 1983-1984, 1986

9. GE: Unions, Strikes, 1985-1987

10. General Electric Company, 1979-1988

Knolls Action Project
Box and Folder List

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Series 7: Military Resistance and Nuclear Disarmament, 1965-1993

Box 1

1. Actions/Dated Special Leaflets, 1980-1988

2. American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), 1987, 1988

3. "Amerika"(film), 1987 - Controversies resulting from airing of the film on television.

4. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists; Nuclear Times, 1985, 1987, 1991

5. Capital District, 1979, 1980, 1982-1987 - Information regarding defense spending in the Capital District area.  Includes clippings, statements and correspondence from Congressman Sam Stratton.

6. Central America, 1984-1987

7. Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors (CCCO), [ undated] - Flyers

8. Children, 1983-1985, 1987 - Includes leaflets, and testimony heard before House Select Committee on Children, Youth and Families (Rep. George Miller) holding hearing on Children's Fears of War (1983).

9. Citizens Energy Council, 1986-1988 - Bulletins.  See oversize box for two copies of Nuclear Hazards (1981) and Energy News Digest (1983)

10. Civil Defense, 1982, 1984

11. Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy, 1982-1987 - Newsletters.

12. Conscientious Objectors, 1980, 1984-1988

13. Conscientious Objectors: 1. Active Case, circa1987

14. Conscientious Objectors: 2. Case, 1985-1986 - Clippings, letters.  Access to this folder is restricted. Please consult Curator of Manuscripts for access.

15. Conscientious Objectors: 3. Case, circa 1990 - Statement.  Access to this folder is restricted. Please consult Curator of Manuscripts for access.

16. Conscientious Objectors: 4. Case, 1983 - Letters to KAP.

17. Conscientious Objectors: 5. Case, 1984-1987 Navy documents relating to case.  Access to this folder is restricted. Please consult Curator of Manuscripts for access.

18. Conscientious Objectors: 6. Case, 1983 - Flyers, clippings, hand-written notes.  Access to this folder is restricted. Please consult Curator of Manuscripts for access.

19. Conscientious Objectors: 6. Case, 1983 - Article, leaflet.

20. Conscientious Objectors: 7. Case, 1984-1986 - Statement, letters.  Access to this folder is restricted. Please consult Curator of Manuscripts for access.

21. Conscientious Objectors: Letter from Saratoga Woman, [ undated] - Suggestions on influencing navy personnel at KNOLLS in West Milton.

22. Conscientious Objectors Information/Draft Counselor Training, 1980, 1985-1986 - Contains pamphlets from CCCO.  See oversize box for bumperstickers.

23. Correspondence, 1987 - Postcard to Carolyn Mow.

24. Cruise/Pershing II (European Reaction), 1981-1987 - Includes clippings, newsletters, statements documenting European grassroots opposition to the deployment of the Cruise and Pershing II missiles.  See oversize box for copy of Campaign (News of CND activities), 1984 and copy of Rauhan Puolestal, 1984, English edition of Journal of Finnish Peace Committee.  Also, a copy of In Amsterdam, Thinking about the Bomb, 1982 (Presented at an international public hearing sponsored by the World Council of Churches in Amsterdam, Nov 23-27, 1981); also poster "Work for Peace," and two copies of Sanity (voice of CND), 1984, 1985.

25. "The Day After" (film), 1983 - Includes a viewers guide prepared by the Cultural Information Service.

26. Defense and Disarmament Studies, 1985-1986 - Newsletters.

27. Defense Monitor, 1979, 1980, 1983, 1984, 1991 - Newsletter of the Center for Defense Information.

28. Draft: Address Lists, 1986

29. Draft: Aliens, 1984-1986 - Includes article from the National Lawyers Guild Military Law Task Force on "The obligation of undocumented workers to register under selective service law."  See oversize box for copy of The Nonviolent Activist (1986).

30. Draft: Alternative Service, 1980, 1983

31. Draft: Bail Fund, 1982

32. Draft: Capital District Draft and Military Counselors, 1990-1991 - Clippings.

33. Draft: Civil Disobedience, 1980(?), 1982

34. Draft: Complicity Statements, 1982 - Statement of complicity with non-registrants.

35. Draft: Conscientious Objection, 1965, 1970, 1971, 1980-1982, 1984, 1985, 1990, 1991 - Contains letters, clippings, flyers, articles; also information pertaining to Supreme Court cases regarding military exemption.  Includes Handbook for Conscientious Objectors prepared by CCCO (1981).

36. Draft: Corporate Ties, [ undated]

37. Draft: Correspondence, 1980, 1985-1987 - Correspondence regarding controversial decision by CCCO to accept free advertising in Playboy magazine.  Notes from Upstate Resistance meeting (June 21, 1987) and minutes from anti-militarism gathering (April 19, 1986); minutes from Upstate Resistance Networking meeting (Oct. 26, 1985); notes from Draft Organizers meeting (March 2, 1980).

38. Draft: Counter-Recruitment, 1979-1982, 1987.  See oversize box for Citizen Soldier (1981).

39. Draft: Counter-Recruitment, 1984-1987 - Includes notes from CCCO Basic Training for Military Counselors (Oct. 27, 1986), also information from Upstate Resistance.  See oversize box for two copies of Resistance News (1986, 1987) and one copy of CCCO News Notes (1986).

40. Draft: Court Cases, 1980, 1982, 1984-1986 - Flyers, newsletters, clippings.

41. Draft: Doctors, 1989 - Article from Federal Register: Selective Service, "Proposed Health Care Personnel Delivery System."

42. Draft: Financial Aid, 1982-1983 - Clippings, articles, flyers containing information on college aid and the draft registration.  Includes article from Federal Register: Department of Education, "Student Assistance General Provisions."

43. Draft: Gays and Military, 1985

44. Draft: General Information, 1980-1983 - See oversize box for two handmade posters "Don't Register for WWIII: Resist the Draft."

45. Draft: Graphics, [ undated] - Graphics used for publications.

46. Draft: Intervention, 1983, 1984 - See oversize box for two copies of CALC Report (Clergy and Laity Concerned) (1983, 1984).

47. Draft: Iran War, 1991

48. Draft: Larsen, Erik, [ undated] - Visit to Albany by the first member of the military to refuse to serve in the Persian Gulf.

49. Draft: Legalities, 1980, 1982

See oversize box for poster advertising "Interview a vet" contest, sponsored by CCCO.

Box 2

1. Draft: Legislation and Regulations, 1980, 1982-1984

2. Draft: Mager, Andy, 1984-1985 - Flyers and newsletters supporting the Syracuse draft resister.

3. Draft: Medical Deferments, 1983

4. Draft: Militarism, 1976, 1980-1982, 1984

5. Draft: Military Counseling, 1982-1990 - Contains primarily information for military counselors, including The Objector: Journal of Draft and Military Counseling.

6. Draft: Military Counseling, 1991-1992 - See oversize box for three issues of The ANTI-WARrior (1991-1992); Also, a copy of StormWarning (1991) published by Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist.

7. Draft: Military Counseling-Middle East, 1990, 1991 - Clippings describing the stories of resisters.

8. Draft: Military Counseling (Old training sessions), 1982, 1986, 1991

9. Draft: Miscellaneous, 1980-1993 - Leaflets, flyers and newsletters.

10. Draft: NISBCO (National Interreligious Service Board for Conscientious Objectors), 1991

11. Draft: Objector: Journal of Draft and Military Counseling, 1980-1985 - Newsletters.

12. Draft: Objector: Journal of Draft and Military Counseling, 1986-1992 - Newsletters.

13. Draft: Organizations-Committee Against Registration and the Draft (CARD), 1980, 1984, 1985, 1988

14. Draft: Organizations-Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors (CCCO), 1978, 1979, 1982, 1984, 1987, 1990.  See oversize box for poster "Standing Up for Peace" contest.  Also copies of CCCO News Notes (1987-1993).

15. Draft: Organizations-General, 1979, 1983-1988.  See oversize box for Conscience & Military Tax Campaign Newsletter (CMTC), ON GUARD (Citizen Soldier), Resistance News (National Resistance Committee), fact sheets prepared by Promoting Enduring Peace.

16. Draft: Outreach-High Schools, 1980, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1992.

17. Draft: Outreach-Labor, 1980, 1983.

18. Draft: Pacifism, 1979-1984 - Contains leaflets, clippings and articles, some from religious organizations; also a copy of Neither Victims nor Executioners by Albert Camus.  See oversize box for copy of The NONVIOLENT Activist (1986) and War and Peace: A Handbook for Peacemaking in Upstate New York.

19. Draft: Persian Gulf Resisters Literature, 1991

20. Draft: ROTC, 1974, 1981, 1984 - Includes a copy of Military Training for 14-year olds: The growth of high school ROTC, a study sponsored by the United Church Board for Homeland Ministries with the cooperation of NISBCO.

21. Draft: Racism, 1978-1979 - Flyers, articles and clippings pertaining to African-Americans in the military.  Includes congressional Black Caucus statement in opposition to the reinstitution of the draft and draft registration.

22. Draft: Registration, 1980, 1982, 1985

23. Draft: Registration and Draft, 1983-1985 - See oversize box for copy of Resistance News (1984).

24. Draft: Resist, 1983-1985 - Newsletters

25. Draft: Resistance, 1980-1984 - Flyers, newsletters; includes Prosecution of Non-Registrants: An organizer's guide, produced by CARD, Military Law Task Force (NLG) and Washington Area Military and Draft Law Panel.  See oversize box for five copies of Resistance News (1982, 1983,1984).

26. Draft: Resistance, 1983-1987 - Contains info from CCCO (Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors).  Also, issue of military recruiters in high schools.  See oversize box for Resistance News 1987, three CCCO News Notes 1987, and The Nonviolent Activist 1987.

27. Draft: Resources List, 1982-1986, 1988-1991 - Products and literature lists.

28. Draft: SANE, 1979, 1980 - Literature from the Washington D.C.-based organization for disarmament.

29. Draft: Spanish Language Materials, 1972, 1979

See oversize box for poster advertising the Finger Lakes Military Counseling and Information Center.  Also, handmade poster advertising war resistance and draft counseling, and posters from CCCO, Veterans for Life, and NISBCO.

Box 3

1. Draft: Statistics (Vietnam), [ undated] - Handwritten, un-cited statistics.

2. Draft: Strategies, 1980, 1982

3. Draft: "Un-Registration", [ undated] - Un-Registration campaign launched by the Committee Against Registration and the Draft.

4. Draft: Upstate Resistance, 1985, 1987, 1988 - Minutes of the July 20, 1985 meeting, report prepared by Mark Chupp (Nov. 23, 1987), notes from winter meeting (March 1, 1987).

5. Draft: Vietnam, 1982 - Article by Vietnam Vet.

6. Draft: War Resisters League, 1979-1981, 1987 - See oversize box for four copies of The NONVIOLENT Activist (1987, 1991).

7. Draft: Women and the Military, 1979-1982, 1990

8. Draft: Youth, Militarism Conference, 1987, 1988 - Minutes of planning meetings for National Conference on Youth, Militarism and Alternatives, a conference to aid counter-recruitment organizers.

9. Draft: Youth and Militarism Directory (1992-1993 Edition) - A guide to counseling help for young people.

10. Economic Conversion, 1981-1989 - Leaflets, articles, newsletters, clippings.  Includes a special issue of WIN: Peace and freedom through nonviolent action on "Conversion Organizing."  See oversize box for an issue of the Berkshire Economy (Feb.27, 1987) dealing with Industrial Crisis . and Opportunity.

11. Economic Conversion, 1985-1987 - Leaflets, articles, newsletters, clippings.  Includes a review of Jobs with Peace campaign economic conversion efforts (1987), reports on military spending in New York, paper by Seymour Melman "A Road Map, Not a STOP Sign: Politics of Peace."

12. Economic Conversion, 1986-1987 - Leaflets, articles, newsletters, clippings.  Includes report to Governor Dukakis by the Governor's Advisory Committee on the impact of the nuclear arms race on Massachusetts (1986).

13. Economic Conversion, 1986-1989 - Leaflets, articles, newsletters, clippings.  Includes information sent by Louise McNeilly of the Center for Economic Conversion to Carolyn Mow; also information on conversion projects in other states and Canada.

14. Economic Conversion (Publications), 1978, 1981, 1984, 1985 - Publications by the President's Economic Adjustment Committee, Department of Defense, Center for Economic Conversion.

15. Economic Conversion (Publications), 1992-1993 - Positive Alternatives, publication of the Center for Economic Conversion.

16. Economic Conversion: CABEC Mailing List, 1986-1987 - Capital Area and Berkshire County Economic Conversion Study Group.

17. Economic Conversion: CONDEC (Clippings), 1985, 1988 - Clippings pertaining to closing of ConDiesel in Niskayuna in 1985.

18. Economic Conversion: Clark, Karen, 1987 - Minnesota state legislator involved in economic conversion issues.  See Series 9 for cassette tape of Seminar on Economic Conversion (January 10, 1987)

19. Economic Conversion: Economic Effects/Social Costs of Militarization, 1980-1986, 1989.

20. Economic Conversion: Examples of Conversion, 1983-1988.

21. Economic Conversion: "GE workers try to kindle new industry in old plant.", [ undated] - Leaflet taken from article in Los Angeles Times.

22. Economic Conversion: Legislative and Executive Initiatives, 1982, 1984-1987.

23. Economic Conversion: Minnesota, 1986.

24. Economic Conversion: Plowshare Press, Center for Economic Conversion (CEC), 1986, 1988, 1989 - Conversion Briefs (CEC, 1988), bibliographies and resource listings.

25. Economic Conversion: Weapons Facilities Conversion Network, 1987-1989 - Information prepared by this organization, minutes of meetings.  Also contains "Political Strategies for the Economic Conversion of Military Production," a paper prepared by Donald Wells for delivery to the Canadian Political Science Association (1988).

26. Economic Conversion: Women, 1983, 1985-1986.

27. Economic Diversification Conference, Nov. 18, 1989.

28. Event Flyers, [ undated]

29. Fast for Life, 1983 - Information pertaining to worldwide action for disarmament.  See oversize box for two copies of Fast for Life newsletter.

30. Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR), 1979, 1982, 1985, 1986 - Articles, publications.

31. Foreign Policy, 1982-1987 - Clippings, leaflets, articles.

32. Freeze (Disarmament), 1981-1984, 1988

33. "The Freeze Economy," 1983 - Publication prepared by the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign.

34. Guidelines for New Leafletters, 1986.

35. High Technology Professionals for Peace, 1981-1982, 1988 - Information pertaining to and distributed by this organization.

36. Humor, 1981-1983, 1986

Box 4

1. Institute for Community Economics, 1984-1986 - Newsletters.

2. Japanese Peace Movement, 1987

3. KAP Photos, [ undated] - One photo of "Stop Trident" demonstration.

4. Knolls/Trident Fact Sheet, 1986

5. Labor, 1982-1987 - Leaflets and articles; Publications of the Labor Research Association, Industrial Union Department (AFL-CIO), Labor Education and Research Project; Labor Area Summaries published by the NYS Department of Labor.  See oversize box for two copies of IUE News (1986) and one copy of The Mill Hunk Herald (1983).

6. Labor: Electric Boat (careers), [ undated] - Recruitment information from Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics.

7. Labor: Jobs with Peace, 1983-1985 - Contains Jobs with Peace newsletters and literature, leaflets, and information pertaining to Peace with Justice Week.  See oversize box for Jobs with Peace Campaign Report, Special Edition.

8. Labor: Jobs with Peace Week, April 10-17, 1983.

9. Labor: Local 301, [ undated] - Clipping, handwritten notes on I.U.E. Local 301.

10. Labor: Worker Conscience, 1982-1988 - Articles, clippings, leaflets; also "Are you considering a career in the defense industry?" prepared by High Technology Professionals for Peace.

11. Labor: Worker Support/Alternative Employment , 1985-1987 - Copies of Peacework Alternatives News.

12. Labor: Worker Support - KAP, 1982-1983, 1985-1986 - KAP Worker Support Program.  Contains handwritten notes and notes from committee meetings.

13. Leaflets (Potential), 1990-1993

14. MTRAF (Military Tax Resistance and Alternative Fund), 1980-1983, 1986 - Contains meeting agenda, minutes and notes.

15. MTRAF: Archives, 1980-1981 - Resource list, "Statement of Purpose" flyers, information from the Center on Law and Pacifism.

16. MTRAF: Archives, 1980-1986 - Posters, handouts, letters

17. MTRAF: Brochures, Mailings (originals), 1981-1986

18. MTRAF: Mailings, Flyers, 1983-1985

19. MTRAF: Press Releases and Newspaper Clippings, 1981-1986

20. MTRAF: Re-Distribution, 1982-1986 - Contains letters, thank you notes, and information regarding the program and distribution of funds.

21. MTRAF: Original Materials, 1981-1986 - Flyers and general information sheets; also, Affirm Life: Pay for Peace, a handbook for World Peace Tax Fund Educations/Organizers (1981), People Pay for Peace: A military tax refusal guide for radical religious pacifists and people of conscience, published by Center Peace Publishers (1982), Guide to War Tax Resistance, War Resisters League (1981).

22. MTRAF: Sample letters and Statements from Contributors, 1980, 1982-1984.

23. MTRAF: Tax Resistance Counselor Training, 1983

24. MX Missile, 1981, 1985

25. Massachusetts Industrial Policy Group, 1987

26. Middle East Conflict, 1980, 1981, 1983, 1984, 1987 - Leaflets; also newsletter published by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

27. Military Leaders on Nuclear Issues, 1979, 1981-1984, 1988 - Flyers, leaflets; also, three articles from the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (Sept. 1983) opposing nuclear armament.

28. Miscellaneous Newsletters, 1991

29. Miscellaneous Correspondence, Articles, 1990, 1991 - Includes article from Mother Earth News on the effects of Chernobyl on a Swedish organic farm, and correspondence regarding an appeal of the denial of a FOI request.

30. Miscellaneous Publications, 1991 - Includes publications of the CEC, Institute for Community Economics, Southwest Research and Information Center, UpRiver/DownRiver, and Campaign for Peace and Democracy.

Box 5

1. MOBE (Mobilization for Survival), 1984-1988 - Information from and about MOBE.  See oversize box for 10 copies of The Mobilizer (1981-1984).

2. MOBE: Conference, January 1988 - Includes information on MOBE programming, structure, finances, proposal for a political program.  Also includes correspondence regarding KAP's changing relationship with MOBE.

3. MOBE: Speaking Tour, 1990

4. MOBE: Weapons Facilities Network Bulletin, 1986-1988

5. NARMIC (National Action Research on the Military Industrial Complex), 1978 - Newsletter.

6. NARMIC: Pentagon Audit Project, 1987 - Data printout.

7. Nuclear Accidents, 1980, 1981, 1986, 1987, 1989 - Clippings, flyers, leaflets.

8. Nuclear Free Zones, 1987-1988

9. Nuclear Issues (various statements), 1980-1990 - Leaflets, articles, clippings.

10. Nuclear Power, 1979, 1984, 1987, 1988, 1991 - Articles, flyers, clippings.  See oversize box for two copies of Energy News Digest.

11. "Nuclear War: What's Your Plan?", [ undated] - Handout prepared by the Orange County (CA) Alliance for Survival.

12. Nuclear War Effects - Nuclear Winter, 1980-1987 - Articles, leaflets, clippings, flyers from several organizations.

13. Nuclear Weapons Facilities Networking Project-Upstate, 1982-1985 - Contains minutes of meetings; also "Disarming your local nuclear weapons facility.A skills sharing and networking conference for organizers" (conference proceedings, 1982).

14. Nuclear Weapons Facilities Task Force, 1982

15. Organizations-Peace and Religious, 1979-1982, 1985 - Contains flyers and handouts.  See oversize box for 2 copies of The Catholic Worker (1982).

16. Peace Organizations-New York State, 1980-1984 - Newsletters and information from various organizations.

17. Peace Walks, 1988

18. Persian Gulf War, 1991 - Includes War in the Gulf: An environmental perspective, prepared by the Political Ecology Group (PEG), and Desert Folly: Background paper on the war with Iraq, by Bob Aldridge.

19. Poetry/Personal Statement, 1980-1987 - Leaflets, articles and clippings containing poetry and personal statements.

20. Polls-Local Communities, [ undated] - Contains a questionnaire from the summer of 1980, cards documenting interactions during a house-to-house canvas (undated), responses to poll of May 1, 1982, and leafleting data forms from 1985.

21. Postcards, [ undated] - Photo-ready graphic.

22. Religious Groups and Issues, 1979, 1981-1985 - Booklets, handouts, clippings.  See oversize box for copy of Economic Justice for All: Catholic social teaching and the U.S. economy (a documentary service of The Evangelist, Jan.1, 1987).

23. Reagan, 1982, 1984-1986 - Clippings, articles, leaflets.

24. Karen Rembert's Statement, 1982, 1983 - Contains clippings, and Karen Rembert's explanation for leaving employment at Knolls.

25. Responsible Investments, 1983, 1985, 1988 - Information on socially responsible financial investments.

26. The Ribbon, 1985, 1986 - Information regarding this national peace action.

27. SDI-Star Wars, 1984-1987 - Clippings; articles, flyers from various organizations.

28. SUNY Peace Project, 1988

29. Social Costs, 1981, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1989.

30. Social Justice Center Business, 1991

31. Social Workers, [ undated] - Includes a proposal to implement an educational outreach program for human service agency staff.

32. Solidarity Peace Fund (Pantex), 1982 - Information regarding a fund used for employees of Pantex Plant who leave employment to seek work in non-military industry.  See oversize box for copy of National Catholic Reporter.

33. Song Sheets-by John R., [ undated]

34. Soviet Military Spending, 1981, 1987

35. Soviet Threat/U.S.-Soviet Relations, 1980-1989

36. Street Theater Ideas, [ undated]

37. Technical Information-n-Arms; NARMIC Maps, 1979 - Includes "How to build your own atomic bomb" (reprinted from Take Over).  See oversize box for publication The Progressive (Nov. 1979).

38. Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons-3rd Review Conference, 1985.

39. Two Guys, 1987, 1988 - Includes clippings and correspondence between GE and the GE Stockholders' Alliance Against Nuclear Power.

40. U.N. Special Session on Disarmament (SSDIII), 1988 - Information pertaining to actions in support of the third U.N. Special Session on Disarmament.

41. U.N. Non-Governmental Liaison Service (N.G.L.S.), 1976, 1985, 1986.

42. "Testament" - Story, 1980 - Short story "Last Testament" by Carol Amen that inspired the movie Testament.

43. Taxes, 1983, 1985-1988 - Leaflets and handouts regarding taxes and the military.

44. Watervliet Arsenal, 1982, 1983, 1985, 1988 - Includes a statement by congressman Samuel Stratton regarding local defense spending.

45. Women, 1982, 1984, 1985, 1987 - Includes leaflets, articles, handouts.  See oversize box for poster "We are angry women," and publication WIN (1983).

46. Vietnam Veterans United to Prevent World War III, 1987 - Newsletters.

See oversize box for newsletters prepared by HEAL, American Friends Service Committee, Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy, Faith and Resistance Center for Nonviolent Studies, Syracuse Peace Council, Citizen Alert, the Nuclear Resister, Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action, Nuclear Weapons Freeze.  Also, copies of The Niskayuna Journal, Current: The Journal of North Country Action, and the Progressive.

Knolls Action Project
Box and Folder List

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Series 8: Legal Documents, 1983-1990

Box 1

1. ACLU Case: Appeal, 1985
2. ACLU Case: Complaint, March 1983
3. ACLU Case: Deposition of Maureen Casey, December 1983
4. ACLU Case: Examination of Theodore James, October 1983
5. ACLU Case: Examination of Alfred E. Kakretz, October 1983
6. ACLU Case: Examination of Daniel Kelly, October 1983
7. ACLU Case: Depositions of Louise McNeilly, December 1983
8. ACLU Case: Examination of Lance Stewart, October 1983
9. ACLU Case: Examination of Robert Traxler, October 1983
10. ACLU Case: Interrogatories, 1983
11. ACLU Case: KAPL Security Police Report, November 1982
12. ACLU Case: Memorandum of Law in Support of Defendants' Motion for Summary Judgment, January 1984
13. ACLU Case: Miscellaneous, 1983, 1984 - Correspondence, notes, documents.
14. ACLU Case: Plaintiffs' Memorandum of Law in Opposition to Defendants' Summary Judgment Motion, January 1984
15. ACLU Case: Pre-Trial Stipulation, 1984
16. ACLU Case: Statement of Facts in Dispute, January 1984
17. ACLU Case: Statement of Facts Not in Dispute, January 1984
18. ACLU Case: Transcript, September 1984
19. ACLU Case: Trial, 1984
20. Clippings and Press Releases, 1982-1985
21. KAPL: Gag Order, 1988-1990
22. Leafleting Restriction-Spring/Summer 1982, 1982-1988
23. Trespass Case: Transcript (Niskayuna), 1988

Knolls Action Project
Box and Folder List

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Series 9: Audiovisuals, 1985, 1987, 1990, 1991 and Memorabilia, undated

Box 1

1. Slide show - "More than a Paycheck: War tax resistance in America" - Slide show, cassette and script prepared by the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee.
2. VCR Tape - Deadly Deception: General Electric, Nuclear Weapons & Our Environment (30 second spot, INFACT, 1991)
3. Audio-Tapes -
   1. INFACT: Deadly Deception (cassette) - 60-second spot
   2. INFACT: Deadly Deception (Mono 15 IPS)
   3. National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (cassette)
   4. Whistleblowers (cassette) - 1990 WGY radio interview with Jack Shannon.
   5. Seminar on Economic Conversion (cassette) - Guest speaker Karen Clark, Minnesota state legislator and chair of the committee on economic conversion for Minnesota.  There are recordings on both sides of the tape.

Box 2

Ephemera, circa 1980s, undated
   1. Inflatable toy fighter jet
   2. Plastic flowers
   3. Buttons- "I'd Rather Be Making Toys," purchased by KAP supporters and given to KAPL workers, circa 1980s
   4. Stickers
   5. Balloons, Slogans: "Blow Up Balloons Not People," and "I Want To Grow Up Not Blow Up"
   6. Origami Cranes, Handed out to KAPL workers with the leaflet of August 6, 1987 in commemoration of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
   7. Plastic Cups
   8. Raffle Box

Box 3
Textiles, circa 1980s, undated
   1. Banner, "Resist Nuclear War Preparation At Knolls Work For Peace"
   1. Banner, "Stop the Sub Not in Our Name", possibly used at demonstrations in opposition to the nuclear submarine named after the city of Albany
   1. Banner, "Pentagon Tentacle Trident"
   1. Banner, "No More Hibakusha"
   1. Fabric, Possibly used as headbands or for banners

Knolls Action Project
Box and Folder List

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