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Finding Aid for the NANCY PAPISH PAPERS,
1953-2001 (bulk 1970-1994)

Sloop Clearwater

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January 2005
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October 2009

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VOLUME: 11.0 cubic ft. plus 5 map tubes

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Biographical Sketch

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Series Descriptions

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Nancy Papish
Biographical Sketch

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Nancy Papish, a resident of Schenectady, New York, became involved with environmental activism at a local and regional level in the 1970s. Papish's papers document her involvement with Clearwater, North River Friends of Clearwater (NRFC), and the campaign to stop Hydro-Quebec's development plan for James Bay in northern Quebec.

Clearwater refers to both a boat and an environmental organization of more than 10,000 members. Clearwater's history dates to the late 1960s when folk singer and activist Pete Seeger became interested in building a recreation of the sloops that traveled the Hudson River in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The Hudson River Sloop Restoration (HRSR) was the precursor organization, which eventually became Hudson River Sloop Clearwater (HRSC). Its original goal was simply to build the sloop that Seeger envisioned. However, most HRSR members also shared an interest in cleaning up the polluted Hudson River. They decided to use the boat as a "floating classroom," raising public awareness about the need to protect the Hudson by conducting educational sails on the river.

The Hudson River Sloop Clearwater launched in 1969. Today, more than 12,000 people sail on the Clearwater each year. The crew is comprised of paid staff and Clearwater member volunteers. The organization's efforts expanded over the years to include advocating for green space along the river's banks as well as upkeep of the river itself. Clearwater is also well-known for its annual Great Hudson River Revival, a festival of music, arts, and environmental education.[1]

Founded in 1976, the North River Friends of Clearwater is a sloop club based in the Capital District. Sloop clubs are local organizations that support Clearwater's mission through activities like fundraising and public relations. NRFC, which has an office in downtown Albany, holds monthly meetings regarding sloop issues and works with other local environmental organizations such as the Sierra Club, Save the Pinebush, and the Adirondack Mountain Club on issues of mutual concern.[2]

Nancy Papish served on numerous committees for the NRFC and played a significant role in coordinating efforts between the Capital Region sloop club and the HRSC parent organization. As an early member of the group, she narrated a slide show that educated the public about Clearwater's mission and was even chosen as an alternate crew member aboard the sloop in 1978. She brought a wealth of educational skills to Clearwater's activities since her background included four years teaching high school English, teaching an undergraduate education class at SUNY Albany, and multiple years working with the National Teacher Corps Project. Papish's recreational skills ran the gamut from canoeing, to sailing, to nautical arts like knot-tying, which made her a valuable addition to Clearwater's efforts.[3]

NRFC was one of many organizations that participated in a grassroots campaign to stop Hydro-Quebec's proposed James Bay II project in the early 1990s. New York State contracted with Hydro-Quebec to purchase electric power through 2018. Hydro-Quebec planned to build several dams in the subarctic James Bay region of Quebec. This enraged environmental and human rights activists, who argued that the dams would destroy an ecosystem on which native Cree and Inuit communities depended. In 1994, the New York Power Authority canceled its final contract with Hydro-Quebec.

May 2009 brought double reasons for celebration as the HRSC family commemorated the sloop's fortieth anniversary and Pete Seeger's ninetieth birthday. Both the sloop and the man responsible for her existence were honored in a concert at Madison Square Garden on May 3, 2009, complete with performers from Dar Williams to Joan Baez.[4] The Clearwater's trip up the Hudson River to Albany that spring added to the festive atmosphere as she led a flotilla of boats in honor of Henry Hudson's 1609 exploration.

HRSC is also making strides in a new program called the Next Generation Legacy Project, which focuses on green jobs in a green economy for the 21st century. The project will advance in three phases, the first of which began in spring 2009 with the opening of the Clearwater Center for Environmental leadership in Beacon, NY. The ultimate goal is to open eight green cities/green jobs satellite centers in environmental leadership. These will be located all along the Hudson River and will teach children and young adults about renewable resources and a sustainable environment.[5]

In honor of its work in the environmental movement, the Clearwater received a place on the National Register of Historic Places in 2004.[6]

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Nancy Papish
Scope & Content Note

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These papers document the environmental activism of Nancy Papish from the 1970s through the 1990s, focusing strongly on her involvement with Clearwater and North River Friends of Clearwater, as well as the campaign to stop Hydro-Quebec from building dams in the James Bay region of Quebec. Included are meeting minutes, notes, mailings, press releases, news clippings, magazine articles, programs, posters, and publications. The Clearwater files contain near-complete runs of newsletters produced by both NRFC and the parent Clearwater organization. Evidence of NRFC's outreach activities is found in a slide show titled "This Is Clearwater" and numerous poster displays.

Most of the Clearwater files contain information that was disseminated widely to members, such as mailings, brochures, and publications. The "Clearwater" series has some documentation of Clearwater's organization and administration, such as meeting minutes and internal reports, though most of the minutes pertain to the parent group HRSC, not North River Friends. There is little information about the membership of Clearwater. Documents pertaining to groups and projects that share Clearwater's interests, but were not produced by Clearwater, make up the majority of the subject files.

Since the campaign to stop development in James Bay was grassroots in nature, the James Bay files contain materials from several organizations. Detail about the structure and history of these organizations is lacking, as well as information about individual participants in the movement.

The papers do not contain much personal correspondence, and biographical information on Papish is equally scarce. Although there are files related to environmental education, there is no documentation of Papish's professional life as an English teacher at Schoharie Central School. There are quite a few subject files pertaining to other environmental groups that Papish supported, as well as groups related to the arts. The collection also features memorabilia, mainly tying in to the Clearwater and its fundraising/awareness activities.

Several collections in the M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives provide further information on the environmental issues that were of concern to Papish. For a complete list of collections on the subject of conservation and the environment, see http://library.albany.edu/speccoll/conservation.htm. Of particular note are the records of Environmental Advocates of New York, Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter, Environmental Clearinghouse of Schenectady, and the Solidarity Committee of the Capital District (APAP-024), which contain files on the campaign to stop Hydro-Quebec's James Bay project.

Nancy Papish
Series Descriptions

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Series 1: Clearwater Files, 1965-2000, 3.0 cubic ft., Arranged alphabetically.

This series contains items related to the boat Clearwater; Clearwater as an organization, including its predecessor organization, Hudson River Sloop Restoration; and affiliated sloop clubs, particularly North River Friends of Clearwater. It includes newsletters, board of directors meeting minutes, membership mailings, catalogs, and educational materials. There is a near-complete collection of programs from Clearwater's annual Great Hudson River Revival, as well as copies of Clearwater's official newsletter, mainly from 1973-1993. This newsletter began publication under the name North River Navigator, then became the Clearwater Navigator in 1978. Administrative files from NRFC are limited and include by-laws, charters, some meeting minutes, and a membership dues receipt book from 1978. NRFC newsletters, spanning from 1976-1993, began as an unnamed publication, then became The Compass in 1982.

Series 2: James Bay Activism Files, 1963, 1987, 1990-1994, undated, .6 cubic ft., Arranged alphabetically.

This series consists of Papish's files on Hydro-Quebec's James Bay project and the efforts of activists to stop the project. It includes news clippings, political cartoons, press releases, meeting announcements and minutes, magazine articles, fliers, brochures, and mailings from organizations involved in the campaign to stop James Bay II. These organizations include P.R.O.T.E.C.T., the James Bay Action Network, the James Bay Defense Coalition, the New York James Bay Network, and the Student Environmental Action Coalition. There are also files with background information on the native populations of Quebec, particularly the Cree and Innu populations.

Also found in this series is information on the 1990 Odeyak voyage, in which Cree and Inuit community members traveled from their homes to New York City in a boat that was a cross between a kayak and a canoe. The Odeyak passengers received food and housing from activists along their route, and Papish helped arrange accommodations for them in the Albany area. In 1994, New York activists staged a recreation of the Odeyak trip between Albany and New York City.

The items in folders marked "News Clippings, Press Releases, and Mailings" were originally housed in a large binder. The archivist maintained the original order of materials within the binder.

Series 3: Environmental Education Files, 1970-1986, undated, .6 cubic ft., Arranged alphabetically.

This series contains guides, handouts, worksheets, and other materials related to environmental education. It is unclear how Papish used these materials. The series consists largely of published guides for Project Learning Tree and Project WILD, education programs developed by the Western Regional Environmental Council. Also included are three photocopied excerpts from books on environmental education.

Series 4: Subject Files, 1968-1994, undated, 2.6 cubic ft., Arranged alphabetically.

Files on miscellaneous environmental issues and non-environmental topics, including (but certainly not limited to) anti-nuclear activity, Hudson River conservation, and outdoor recreation. There are files on several specific environmental organizations such as Environmental Clearinghouse of Schenectady and the Hudson River Waterway Association. Also included are three folders of plates with historical images of Albany streets. These images came from an unidentified publication, and their relationship to other items in the collection is uncertain. Finally, there are U.S. Geological Survey maps (saved from the woodshed of the ferry sloop Woody Guthrie) which are housed with the oversized materials. (Series 8.)

Series 5: Publications, 1966-1991, undated, .8 cubic ft., Arranged alphabetically.

In this series there are many single-issue publications on assorted environmental topics and some historical conservation subjects. Publications related directly to Clearwater and James Bay are found in Series 1 and Series 2, respectively. Oversized publications can be found in Series 8.

Series 6: Photographs and Audiovisual Materials, 1978, 1984, 1989, 1993, undated, .2 cubic ft., Arranged by format.

This series contains photographs, a slide show with accompanying audiocassette, a videocassette, and an audiocassette.

There are 24 photographs or postcards, most housed in sleeves and many of which are unidentified. Some of the photos depict James Bay activists, as well as what is probably a model of the Odeyak. Others depict several brick buildings. Two photographs depict what appears to be a group of high school age students. One photograph, depicting two Native hunters standing with a kill, was used as a postcard. There is a message on the back from Gretchen McHugh to Nancy Papish, dated May 7, 1991. Also included are several postcards featuring various old sloops, one color photo of the Hudson River Dayline, two identical 5x7 B & W photos of the Clearwater on the river, an 8x10 B & W photo of the Clearwater at sea, and one 8x10 color photo of the sloop from 1984. The latter was originally housed in an acrylic picture frame, but the archivist removed and sleeved it for preservation purposes.

NRFC produced the slide show, titled "This Is Clearwater," in 1978. The show consists of eighty slides. There are also several additional slides which were probably not a part of this show. It is possible that some of them were a part of another NRFC slide show titled "Transportation Along the Hudson," but little information about this show is available. The slides are accompanied by an audiotape with narration by Nancy Papish and two typewritten copies of the narration script. The audiotape is approximately 26 minutes long. The slide show serves as an introduction to both Clearwater and North River Friends of Clearwater.

The videocassette contains a documentary titled "Hudson River Chronicle: Room at the Top." The documentary was produced by WMHT Educational Telecommunications in 1989. It includes a lengthy segment on Clearwater, including footage of educational activities on the sloop. Other topics covered are river geography and history; canoeing, rafting, and fishing; PCB contamination of the river; the Hudson's role in New York's canal system; the Hudson River School of painting; and protests of a home port for nuclear missiles in New York Harbor. Running time is approximately 90 minutes.

The audiocassette contains "Capitol Connection" #9351, originally aired on Northeast Public Radio WAMC on December 22, 1993. "Capitol Connection" was a weekly radio program in which moderator Alan Chartock presented New York State Governor Mario Cuomo with questions from WAMC listeners. Near the start of the program is a brief discussion of Hydro-Quebec and James Bay. Running time is 25 minutes, 26 seconds.

Series 7: Memorabilia, undated, .8 cubic ft., Arranged by format.

This series is a mix of James Bay items and sloop materials. The James Bay memorabilia includes two T-shirts printed with a bird logo and the phrase "We Don't Have to Lose James Bay." A third T-shirt is printed with "Je Me Souviens . . . de la Riviere Grande Baleine. Sauvons la Riviere Grande Baleine." There is a bumper sticker of the same design as the "Je Me Souviens…" James Bay T-shirt.

Sloop materials include two copies of Clearwater's "Litterbag Songbook," a plastic shopping bag printed with lyrics for several traditional songs. There are two complete T-shirts with images of the Clearwater; one has the name of the sloop on it while the the other reads "North River Friends of Clearwater." There is also a collection of T-shirt fronts, cut out of the original garments so that just the decoration on the front was saved. The series also features a dozen Clearwater buttons and several canvas banners used at sails and fundraisers. About half a dozen banners and posters were rolled into map tubes for preservation and can be found in the oversize series.

Series 8: Oversized Materials, 1973-1975, 1978-1979, 1990-1993, undated, 1.5 cubic ft., Arranged alphabetically and by format.

This series consists of oversized posters, maps, and tabloid-size publications, most of which relate to either Clearwater or James Bay. Four items that arrived at the archives tightly rolled are housed in map tubes; two banners are rolled around the outside of map tubes and housed in archival-quality muslin bags.

In addition, fifteen large posterboard displays used as promotional tools by NRFC originally accompanied Nancy Papish's papers. For preservation reasons, most of these displays were disassembled. Items from the displays were placed in folders, along with photographs of the original exhibits. Since most of the displays were untitled, the archivist added numbers to identify each one. The box for this series contains a folder for each display that was disassembled. All items that could be removed from the displays were placed in the appropriate folders. Some displays were missing items that had once been attached. It is likely that these items were removed by NRFC for use in other displays. Displays with items missing are marked as incomplete in the box and folder list. Display 12 included a large New York State map that was glued to the posterboard; this was kept intact.

Nancy Papish
Box and Folder List

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Series 1: Clearwater Files, 1965-2000, undated

Box 1

1. Annual Meetings, 1976-1979, undated
2. Annual Reports, 1975-1977, 1980-1981
3. Artwork & Poetry, 1976, undated
4. Board of Directors, Basic Background, undated
5. Board of Directors: Minutes, 1974-1977
6. Board of Directors: Minutes, 1978-1985
7. Brochures: Clearwater and the Hudson River, 1986-1989, undated
8. Citizen Activism, 1982
9. Clearwater Activities: Assorted- Picnics, Films, Clean-ups, 1973-76, 1992-94, undated
10. Clearwater Activities: Concerts, 1970s-1980s
11. Clearwater Activities: Festivals [River, Crafting, etc.], 1976-78, undated
12. Clearwater Activities: Sailing Participants, July 1978
13. Clearwater Catalog, 1976-78, undated
14. Clearwater Contacts, undated
15. Clearwater Day Legislation, 1979
16. Clearwater Mission, undated
17. Clearwater Polluter Reports, 1972-1974, undated
18. Clearwater Report on Goals, Budget, Repairs, 1976

Box 2

1. Clearwater Updates & Weekly Highlights, 1975-1979
2. "Clearwater's Key to Common Hudson River Fishes", 1983
3. Coastal Zone Management Plan: New York, 1978
4. Correspondence: Clearwater Boat Committee, 1981
5. Correspondence: Clearwater Main Office & North River Friends, 1975-1977
6. Correspondence: Clearwater Main Office & North River Friends, 1978-85, undated
7. Crew Volunteer Application & Acceptance Information, 1976, undated
8. Crew Volunteer Application-- Papish, Nancy, 1977-1978
9. Environmental Committee, 1977-1979
10. Executive Committee, 1975-1980, 1985
11. Ferro-Cement Sloop Plans: North River Friends of Clearwater, 1978-79, undated
12. Ferry Sloop Committee: Clearwater Main Office, 1979

Box 3

1. Ferry Sloops, Inc.-- Ferry Tales Newsletter, Feb. 1983, June 1984, Some 1985, Jan. 1992-Sept. 1992
2. Ferry Sloops, Inc.-- Ferry Tales Newsletter, Sept. 1992-Sept. 1993
3. Financial Records: Clearwater Main Office, 1972-1985, undated
4. Fundraising and Membership Drives, 1974-78, undated
5. Great Hudson River Revival: Committee Meetings & Plans, 1979-1984
6. Great Hudson River Revival: Invitation to Volunteer, 1981
7. Great Hudson River Revival Programs, 1979-1981
8. Great Hudson River Revival Programs, 1983-1986
9. Great Hudson River Revival Programs, 1987-1989
10. Great Hudson River Revival Programs, 1991-1992

Box 4

1. Hazardous Waste Disposal, 1980-1983, undated
2. Hike for the Hudson, c.1976
3. Hudson River Conservation, 1977-1985, undated
4. Hudson River Fisherman's Association: Westway Debate, 1985 and undated
5. Hudson River Sloop Clearwater: Miscellaneous Documents, Main Office, c.1979-1984
6. Hudson River Sloop Restoration, Inc. By-Laws, Charter, Amendments, 1974, 1976
7. Hudson River Sloop Singers, 1992
8. Hudson River Slooper's Handy Guide (Crew Manual), 1979, 1982
9. Hudson River Sloops: A Brief History, 1970
10. The Hudson River Valley: A Heritage for All Time-- Dept. of Environmental Conservation, 1979
11. Hudson Riverfront Park Project, 1975-1982
12. Hudson Riverfront Park Project: Concept Map, Albany to Watervliet, undated
13. Hudson Valley/Hudson River Ad Campaign, 1979
14. INFORM: Annual Report With Letter to Pola Yolles, 1984
15. INFORM: Tracing a River's Toxic Pollution Case Study (1985) and Letters, 1984-1985
16. Island Creek Park, 1991-1992
17. Lake Michigan Ferry Sloop Project, undated
18. Legal Documents: North River Friends of Clearwater, 1981-82
19. Litter Day, 1976 and 1977
20. Miscellaneous, 1981-83, 1991, undated
21. Multilog Communications Network, Jan.-April 1985
22. Newsletter: Beacon Sloop Club, Feb. 1983-Aug. 1985 (issues missing)
23. Newsletter: Brooklyn Friends of Clearwater, April 1978-March 1980 (issues missing)
24. Newsletter: Central Jersey Clearwater Legacy, June 1977, March and June 1978

Box 5

1. Newsletter: Clearwater Navigator, Dec. 1977, all 1978
2. Newsletter: Clearwater Navigator, 1979-1980
3. Newsletter: Clearwater Navigator, 1981-1983
4. Newsletter: Clearwater Navigator, 1984-1986
5. Newsletter: Clearwater Navigator, 1987-1990
6. Newsletter: Clearwater Navigator, 1991-1993
7. Newsletter: Connecticut Clearwater Club, Aug. 1976
8. Newsletter: Haverstraw Bay clearwater Club, Sept. 1977
9. Newsletter: Hudson-Rondout Sloop Club, May-Oct. 1989, Jan./Feb.-Mar. 1990, June 1992

Box 6

1. Newsletter: New York City Friends of Clearwater, 1976-1979, and Enviroblurb, 1985
2. Newsletter: North River Navigator, Sept. 1971 & June/July 1973-April 1974 (issues missing)
3. Newsletter: North River Navigator, May 1974-Dec. 1974/Jan. 1975
4. Newsletter: North River Navigator, 1975-1976
5. Newsletter: North River Navigator, 1977-1978
6. Newsletter: Raritan Friends of Clearwater, June 1983, April and May 1984
7. Newsletter: Staten Island Clearwater Friends, April 1977
8. Newsletter: Ulster county Sloop Club, Jan./Feb. 1977
9. Newsletter: Yonkers Sloop Club, Sept. 1982-July 1985 (issues missing)
10. Newspaper Clippings, 1976-1979, undated
11. North River Friends of Clearwater Administrative Papers, c.1976-1981
12. North River Friends of Clearwater By-Laws, undated
13. North River Friends of Clearwater Charters, 1985, 1987-1988
14. North River Friends of Clearwater Great Hudson River Revival Booth, 1984, undated
15. North River Friends of Clearwater Incorporation Certificate Filing Receipt (photocopy), 1976
16. North River Friends of Clearwater Meeting Minutes, 1979
17. North River Friends of Clearwater Membership Dues Receipt Book, 1979-1981

Box 7

1. North River Friends of Clearwater Newsletter, (untitled), Dec. 1975-1982
2. North River Friends of Clearwater Newsletter, The Compass, 1982-1989
3. North River Friends of Clearwater Newsletter, The Compass, 1990-1993
4. Notes: Handwritten, Assorted Topics, undated
5. Papish, Nancy: Hudson River Sloop Restoration Donation Receipts, 1975-1977
6. Postal Permits and Bulk Mailing, 1978-1979
7. Press Releases, 1978-1984, undated
8. Pumpkin Sails, 1984, undated
9. Reservation Forms: Educators' Informational Sail, 1978 [1/2]
10. Reservation Forms: Educators' Informational Sail, 1978 [2/2]
11. Run for the River, 1980
12. Sailing: Basic Information, undated
13. Sailing Lessons, undated
14. Sailing Programs, 1985-1987, undated
15. Sailing Request Form, undated
16. Seeger, Pete: Folklore Films of Pete and Toshi, c.1965
17. Seeger, Pete: General Background, Interviews, Photos, 1978-79, undated

Box 8

1. Sloop Clubs: Members and General Information, 1978-1979, undated
2. Sloop Club Congress (includes 1975 charter), 1975-1981, undated
3. Team-Based Decision-Making Seminar, c.1983
4. Traditions Project 1st Edition, 2000
5. Troubled Waters: Toxic Chemicals in the Hudson River, 1977
6. Van Herik, Russell: Opinion Letter- Clearwater's True Purpose, 1977
7. Walkabout Clearwater Newsletters, 1987-1988
8. Walkabout Clearwater, 1984-1986, undated
9. Water Quality and Standards, 1980

Nancy Papish
Box and Folder List

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Series 2: James Bay Activism Files, 1963, 1987, 1990-1994, 1998, undated

Box 1

1. Ban the Dam Bulletin, 1990-1991
2. Bread and Puppet Theatre, 1992
3. "Briefing Memorandum Concerning the 800 and 400 MW Seasonal Diversity Contract...", 1993
4. Brochures and Fliers, 1993, undated
5. Correspondence, 1991-1994
6. Discussion Questions, 1990
7. Fact Sheets, undated
8. For No One Knows Waswonipi, Miller, Hugo, undated
9. Grand Council of the Crees, 1989-1991
10. Grande Baleine Hydroelectric Project, Canadian Minister of the Environment Press Release, 1991
11. Great Whale River, 1994, undated
12. Gwich'in Steering Committee, 1991
13. Hinchey Bill, 1996
14. Hoyt Bill, 1991-1992
15. Innu Nation, 1990-1992
16. Innu Nation, Lower Churchill Dam Alert and Update, 1991
17. International Conference to Save James Bay, 1994
18. James Bay Action Network, 1991, undated
19. James Bay Defense Coalition, 1990, 1993
20. "James Bay Destruction Is Go," Albany Peace and Energy Council, Article, 1993
21. James Bay and Northern Waters Network, Meeting Announcement, 1998
22. Leichter, Senator Franz, Testimony, 1994
23. Lessons, undated
24. Letter to Mario Cuomo from Todd Van Schaick, 1991
25. Letters to Political Leaders from Schoharie Students, 1991
26. Magazine Articles, 1963, 1987, 1990-1992, undated

Box 2

1. Magazine Articles, 1992, undated
2. The Nation, December 1, 1993
3. New York James Bay Activist Meetings, 1991
4. New York James Bay Network, 1992-1994
5. New York Power Authority Letter, 1990
6. New York State Legislature Briefing Paper, 1991
7. New York State United Teachers, Resolution Opposing James Bay II, undated
8. News Clippings, 1990-1993 [1/2]
9. News Clippings, 1990-1993 [2/2]
10. News Clippings, Press Releases, and Mailings, 1991
11. News Clippings, Press Releases, and Mailings, 1991-1992 [1/3]
12. News Clippings, Press Releases, and Mailings, 1991-1992 [2/3]
13. News Clippings, Press Releases, and Mailings, 1991-1992 [3/3]
14. Northeast Indian Quarterly Akwe:kon Journal, Readings on James Bay, 1991
15. Northeast Regional James Bay Action Conference, 1991
16. Notes, 1992-1994 undated

Box 3

1. Odeyak Trip, 1990
2. Odeyak Trip, 1994
3. P.R.O.T.E.C.T., 1990-1993, undated
4. P.R.O.T.E.C.T., James Bay Updates, 1992-1994
5. Petition to Senator Moynihan, Blank, c. 1991
6. Political Cartoons, 1990-1991
7. Press Release, Governor's Office, 1991
8. Quebec Hydropower Bill, New York State Assembly Briefing Paper, 1990
9. "Quebec Opts for Hydroelectricity," Quebec Economique International Special Report, 1991
10. Sierra Club, James Bay and Northern Quebec Task Force, 1990-1991
11. Solidarity Committee of the Capital District, James Bay Flier, undated
12. Speakers Bureau, 1993, undated
13. Statistics, c. 1991
14. Student Environmental Action Coalition, 1992
15. Team No Phase II, 1992
16. U.S. Electricity Trade with Canada and Mexico, Energy Information Administration, 1992
17. Underwriters of Hydro-Quebec's U.S. Debentures, List, undated
18. "Why Canadian Hydropower for New York?" New York Power Authority, undated

Nancy Papish
Box and Folder List

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Series 3: Environmental Education Files, 1977, 1984-1986, undated

Box 1

1. Brochures: "Plants that Poison", undated, and Finding Marine Information in Libraries, 1976
2. Catholic News: Features on Educational Sails, 1971
3. "Chemical and Physical Aspects of Water Pollution," Photocopied Book Chapter, Unknown Author, undated
4. Clearwater First Worksheets, undated
5. Cultural Ecology of the Mohawk Valley: Workshop at Whitesboro High School, 1977
6. Education Department Update, undated
7. Environmental Educator and Director Job Descriptions, undated
8. "Floating Classroom" Article, undated
9. Gallon-Jar Marine Aquaria, undated
10. Handouts: List of Fish Species Found in the Hudson River, undated
11. Handouts: Wood as Fuel, undated
12. Hudson River Community Education Program Brochure, 1984
13. Hudson River Studies Lesson Packet I, 1985
14. Hudson River Studies Lesson Packet II, 1986
15. "Investigating Science in the Swimming Pool and Ocean", Norman D. Anderson, Photocopy, undated
16. Lesson Plans: Teaching Stations Aboard Clearwater, undated
17. "Life in Lakes and Ponds", Photocopied Book Chapter, no author, undated
18. Project Learning Tree, 1985-1986, undated
19. Project Learning Tree, Branch, Winter 1985
20. Project Learning Tree, Manuals, Samples, undated
21. Project Learning Tree, Supplementary Activity Guide for Grades K-6, 1977
22. Project Learning Tree, Supplementary Activity Guide for Grades 7-12, 1977

Box 2

1. Project WILD, 1984-1985, undated
2. Project WILD, Secondary Activity Guide, 1985
3. Return a Gift to Wildlife Program, Workshops, undated
4. Sailing Register, July/Aug. 1979
5. "Science World" by Scholastic Magazine, 1970
6. Student Worksheets, undated
7. Teacher's Guide- "Clearwater: A Dream for a River", undated
8. Water Quality Testing Devices, undated

Nancy Papish
Box and Folder List

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Series 4: Subject Files, 1965-2000, undated

Box 1

1. Acid Rain Booklets, 1982, undated
2. "The Adirondack: The Land Nobody Knows" Brochure, 1980
3. Albany Institute of History and Art Brochure, undated
4. Albany Street Scenes, Plates, c.1880-1950 [1/3]
5. Albany Street Scenes, Plates, c.1880-1950 [2/3]
6. Albany Street Scenes, Plates, c.1880-1950 [3/3]
7. Albany International Center: Netherlands Flotilla Crew, 1976
8. Albany League of Arts, 1978-79, undated
9. Annual Report of Assembly Standing Committee on Environmental Conservation, 1977
10. Anti-Nuclear Material, 1979, undated
11. Applications: Department of the Army Permits for Activities in Waterways, 1974
12. Assorted Environmental Groups, 1979, 1987, 1989, undated
13. Bay/Estuary Coalition Directory, 1983
14. Bioregional Conference, Omega Institute, 1984, 1986
15. Brochures: General Assortment (Boat Launching, NYS Bike Trails, etc.)
16. Brochures: General Assortment (Environmental Rights, Five Rivers, etc.)
17. Canals: New York State, 1973, undated
18. Canals: New York State Recreation Development Program, 1973, 1975

Box 2

1. Capital District Humanities Program, undated
2. Capital District Regional Planning Commission Data, 1979
3. Center for Environmental Options, 1979-1980
4. Center for the Hudson River Valley, c.1977
5. Chesapeake Bay Initiative-- National Audubon Society, 1984
6. Coastal Zone Management, 1987, 1989, undated
7. Coastal Zone Management in the Capital District-- Phase 1, 1976
8. Coastal Zone Management in the Capital District-- Phase 2, 1977
9. Commoner, Barry: Biologist, 1976-77, undated
10. Del-Aware Unlimited, Inc.-- Projects, 1982-1983, undated
11. Dredging Notices (Hudson River): U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1982-1985
12. Eastfield Village Historic Preservation and American Trades Workshops, 1982
13. "Ecological Studies of the Hudson River in the Vicinity of Lloyd, NY: 1973-1974", Vol.1, Chapters 1-3, 1975
14. "Ecological Studies of the Hudson River in the Vicinity of Lloyd, NY: 1973-1974", Vol.1, Appendices A-B, 1975
15. "Ecological Studies of the Hudson River in the Vicinity of Lloyd, NY: 1973-1974", Vol.2, Appendices C-F, 1975
16. "Ecological Studies of the Hudson River in the Vicinity of Lloyd, NY: 1973-1974", Vol.2, Appendicies G-I, 1975

Box 3

1. Empire State Regatta Program, 1985
2. Environment: New York State, 1968-1984
3. Environmental Brochures/Booklets-- General, 1976-1982. undated
4. Environmental Clearinghouse of Schenectady: Brochures and Subscription Information, undated
5. Environmental Clearinghouse of Schenectady: Newsletter, March 1976-Nov. 1977 (issues missing)
6. Environmental Planning Lobby: Brochures, Voter's Guide, and Miscellaneous, c.1976-1985
7. Environmental Planning Lobby: Newsletters, July 1976-Dec. 1979 (issues missing)
8. Environmental Standard Review Plan: Intro.-4.1, 1977
9. Environmental Standard Review Plan: Section 4.3-End, 1977
10. Five-Year Water Quality Management Program: EPA and NYS ENCON, 1978-1983
11. General Motors (Massena, NY) Superfund Cleanup-- EPA Press Release, 1992
12. Gerber, Morris, 1976, undated
13. Girl Scouts of America, undated
14. Girl Scouts: "The Gift of Water" Project, c.1982
15. Girl Scouts of America: Junior Girl SCout Handbook, 1986
16. Girl Scouts of America: Scout Badges and Signs, 1980
17. "Green Vote Handbook: Environmentalists and Electoral Politics", 1982

Box 4

1. Great Hudson River Tour Brochure, 1980
2. Greenpeace, undated
3. Greenworking, 1991
4. Hemp, 1991
5. Historical Interests and Preservation, 1981, 1984, undated
6. Hudson Estuary Reinhabitation, undated
7. Hudson-Mohawk Industrial Gateway, 1981, undated
8. Hudson River Federal Channel Maintenance Dredging-- Draft Impact Statement/10-year Plan, Intro.-Appendix D, 1981
9. Hudson River Federal Channel Maintenance Dredging-- Draft Impact Statement/10-year Plan, Appendix E-End, 1981
10. Hudson River Federal Channel Maintenance Dredging-- Vol. 1, 1983
11. Hudson River Federal Channel Maintenance Dredging-- Vol. 2, Appendices A-J, 1983
12. Hudson River Federal Channel Maintenance Dredging-- Vol. 2, Appendices K-M, 1983

Box 5

1. Hudson River Fishery Management Program Study, 1980
2. Hudson River-- General, 1982, 1989, 1991-'94, undated
3. Hudson River Waterway Association, 1993, undated
4. Institute for Social Ecology, 1985
5. Labor Education Day, 1977
6. Living River Journey, 1993
7. Mears, Deb, undated
8. Mears, Deb-- New York State History Course Notes and Exams, 1983
9. Mohawk-Hudson Water Quality 208 Committee, 1978-1979
10. Nature Conservancy, 1978, undated
11. New Netherland Project-- New York State Library, undated
12. New York Public Interest Research Group: Superfund and Community Right-to-Know Bill, 1985, undated
13. New York State Assembly Districts, 1984
14. New York State Coastal Management Handbook, 1978
15. New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation, 1979-1985
16. New York State Environmental Congress Brochure, 1992
17. New York State Environmental Conservation Directory, 1983
18. New York State/EPA Agreement-- Water Quality Management, 1978
19. New York State Hazardous Waste Treatment Facilities Task Force-- Status Report/Final Draft, 1985
20. New York State History Maps and Timeline, undated
21. New York State Outdoor Guides Association, 1984, 1986, undated
22. New York Statewide Comprehensive Recreation Plan Manual, 1972

Box 6

1. Newsletters: Assorted Organizations, 1976-1978, undated
2. Newsletter: Feeder Canal Towline, 1990
3. "Old Sailing Days on the Hudson": Maritime Drawings of John D. Woodward, c.1976
4. Organization for Action for the Riverfront (Schenectady)-- Troy Conservationist Article, 1986
5. Outdoor Recreation, 1985, 1990-'92, undated
6. PCB Brochures, 1981
7. "People and Toxics": NYS Public Participation Pilot Project, undated
8. Performing Arts Material (includes Alvin Ailey, Lake George Opera), 1971-1979, 1982-1984, undated
9. Polluting the Hudson: Business as Usual (Oct. 1981-June 1984), 1985
10. Polluting the Hudson: A Gentleman's Agreement (Synopsis), c.1983
11. Polluting the Hudson: A Gentleman's Agreement (Report for Oct. 1979-Sept. 1981), 1983
12. Port of Albany 50th Anniversary, 1982
13. POW WOWs-- New England Native Americans, 1992-1993
14. Pumpkin Happy Cookbook, 1976
15. Real Estate-- Environmentally Friendly Options, 1979, undated
16. Recommendations for Environmental Legislation, 1985
17. Return a Gift to Wildlife Guide, 1986, undated
18. River Conservation Directory: NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation, 1981
19. Safe Energy Movement, 1977-1985
20. Save the Redwoods League, 1986
21. Save the River: St. Lawrence River, 1982-1985, undated

Box 7

1. Section 208-- League of Women Voters Updates, 1976-1977
2. "Setting the Course for Clean Water"-- National Wildlife Federation, 1977
3. Shorewalkers, 1984-1986, undated
4. Social Action Center-- Notes Newsletter, Jan/Feb/May 1984
5. Status Report on Hazardous Waste Litigation-- Environmental Protection Bureau, c.1985
6. Summary of Hudson River PCB Study Results, 1978
7. Tank Bulletin: NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation, Fall 1991
8. Total Access Troy: Channel 16, 1979, undated
9. Toxic Substances: Citizen Guides, 1980-1981
10. Transportation Along the Hudson, 1978, 1980, undated
11. Transportation-- Railroad Brochures, 1981
12. Tri-State Regional Planning Commission: Annual Regional Report, 1974
13. Tri-State Regional Planning Commission: Economics of Energy, 1974
14. Tri-State Regional Planning Commission: Outdoor Recreation in a Crowded Region, 1973
15. Tri-State Regional Planning Commission: Partnership for Waste Management, 1973
16. Tri-State Regional Planning Commission: Plan & Program for Regional Transportation Through 2000, 1975-1976
17. Tri-State Regional Planning Commission: Publications and Staff Reports, 1976
18. Tri-State Regional Planning Commission: Regional Transit 1990 (revised and updated), 1974
19. Tri-State Regional Planning Commission: Tri-State Coastal Zone Management Perspectives, 1975
20. Tri-State Transportation Commission: Managing the Natural Environment, 1970
21. Troy Bicentennial Engagement Calendar, 1976
22. The Tug Hill Region: Preparing for the Future (Commission Report), 1976
23. Urban Cultural Parks Program, 1991-1992

Box 8

1. Walk Across America for Mother Earth, 1992
2. "Water and Related Land Resources of the Hudson River Basin," 1979
3. Water Resources Data: New York, U.S. Geological Survey (NY 86-1), 1986
4. What Works: Local Solutions to Toxic Pollution (Environmental Exchange), 1993

Nancy Papish
Box and Folder List

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Series 5: Publications, 1969, 1977-1983, 1985-1993, undated

Box 1

1. Albany City News, Oct. 1981, Jan. 1982
2. Albany Report, April 1984
3. Bird Watchers Digest, July/August 1985
4. The Catskills, Spring 1973
5. "The Cloud Splitter": Albany Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club, Mar./April 1966
6. Coastlines, Sept/Oct 1977-Mar./April 1978
7. Columbia 5th Anniversary Issue: The Hudson River, 1983
8. Communicator: Journal of NYS Outdoor Education Association, Fall/Winter 1977
9. Conservationist, Mar./April, July/Aug., Sept./Oct. 1978
10. Dutchess County Travel Guide, 1986
11. Electromagnetic Fields: Training Workbook for Working People, undated
12. EPA Journal: Decade of the Environment, Nov./Dec. 1980
13. Future of the Adirondack Park, Vol. I, 1971
14. Hudson River Landings, Paul Wilstach, Photocopied Excerpt, 1969
15. "The Hudson: That River's Alive," National Geographic, 1978
16. Historic Preservation, Dec. 1985
17. Hudson River Fisherman, Autumn 1982
18. Hudson River Quarterly, Dec. 1977 and 1979
19. Hudson Valley Green Times, Harvest 1982, Holiday 1983 and 1990
20. Hudson Valley, Sept. 1985

Box 2

1. Jim Morris Environmental T-Shirt Catalog, 1984
2. Kite: A Publication for the Arts, May-Aug. 1979 (issues missing)
3. Mid-Lakes Running Lights, Summer 1982
4. National Geographic, Feb. 1983
5. New Leaf: Center for Local Food and Agriculture, 1985
6. New York Environmental News (NYEN), May 1979-Dec. 1985 (issues missing)
7. New York State ERDA Review, Fall 1981
8. New York Teacher, June 24, 1991
9. "New York: The State of Art, " New York State Museum, 1977
10. NYPIRG Agenda, 1991
11. Poughkeepsie Bicentennial Forum, Summer 1976
12. River: The Journal of the Hudson River Fishermen, Summer 1985
13. The River Rag, 1987-1990
14. Scenic Hudson News, Autumn 1977
15. Ski Chatter: Schenectady Winter Sports Club Newsletter, 1989
16. Trailwalker, Mar/April 1976
17. Upriver/Downriver, March-April & Sept./Oct. 1991
18. Village Voice Nuclear Power Article, 1991

Nancy Papish
Box and Folder List

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Series 6: Photographs and Audiovisual Materials, 1978, 1989, 1993, undated

Box 1

1. Assorted slides [10 items], 1981, 1986, undated
2. Photographs and Postcards [24 items], 1984, 1992, undated
3. "This Is the Clearwater," Slide Show, North River Friends of Clearwater, 1978
4. "This Is the Clearwater," Slide Show Overview and Scripts, 1978
"Capitol Connection" #9351, Audiocassette, Northeast Public Radio WAMC, 1993
"Hudson River Chronicle: Room at the Top," VHS Videocassette. WMHT Educational Telecommunications, 1989

Nancy Papish
Box and Folder List

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Series 7: Memorabilia, undated

Box 1

"Je Me Souviens de la Riviere Grande Baleine," T-shirt, undated
"We Don't Have to Lose James Bay," T-shirts, undated
Litterbag Songbook, undated
"Je Me Souviens de la Riviere Grande Baleine," Bumper Sticker, undated

Box 2

Sample T-Shirt Screen Prints on Cotton, Two Whole T-Shirts, Various Sayings & Images
Canvas Banner: Rummage Sale
Canvas Banner: Sloop Festival
Dozen Blue Buttons with Sloop Silhouette, All Say "Clearwater"

Nancy Papish
Box and Folder List

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Series 8: Oversized Materials, 1953-1993, undated

Oversized Box 1: Posters, Displays, and Advertisements

1. "Acting in All Our Interests to Harvest Wood in a Greener World," Poster, Meyer International Forest Products, 1990
2. "Amazon North: Assault on James Bay," Earthroots, 1991
3. Benefit Concert for Clearwater-- Poster, April 19, year undetermined
4. "Bicentennial Celebration: View and Condensed History of the City of Albany," c.1886
5. "Citizens Action Pamphlet," Citizens Defense Fund, ca. 1974
6. Clearwater Sailing Posters, 1978, 1980
7. Clearwater Navigator Mock-up, Oct. 1978
8. "Fighting for Our Future," Grand Council of the Cree, Aug. 1, 1991
9. "First Annual Blessing of the Fleet," Poster, 1990
10. "The Grand Council of the Crees Wishes to Thank…," Newspaper Advertisement, 1992
11. "Ground Water Availability in the Hudson River Basin," Map, Photocopy, undated
12. Hudson Panorama Poster, undated
13. "New York's Canals and Connecting Waterways," Map, New York State Department of Transportation, undated
14. New York Environmental Images Calendar, 1981
15. New York Statewide Comprehensive Recreation Plan,
16. "No Thank You Hydro-Quebec -- There Are Alternatives," Northeast Alliance to Protect James Bay, undated
17. North River Friends of Clearwater Display #1, undated
18. North River Friends of Clearwater Display #2, undated
19. North River Friends of Clearwater Display #3 [incomplete], undated
20. North River Friends of Clearwater Display #4, undated
21. North River Friends of Clearwater Display #5, undated
22. North River Friends of Clearwater Display #6 [incomplete], undated
23. North River Friends of Clearwater Display #7, undated
24. North River Friends of Clearwater Display #8, undated
25. North River Friends of Clearwater Display #9 [incomplete], undated
26. North River Friends of Clearwater Display #10, undated
27. North River Friends of Clearwater Display #11, undated
28. North River Friends of Clearwater Display #13, undated
29. North River Friends of Clearwater Display #14, undated
30. North River Friends of Clearwater Display #15, undated
31. "North River Friends of Clearwater," Poster, undated
32. Northern Rights, Southern Lights: Connections to James Bay, c. 1993
33. Nuclear America Map, 1978
34. "A Present from New York": Sloop Poster, undated
35. "Rick Hind for Congress" Poster, undated
36. Sloop Illustrations, [19]75
37. Sojourner Truth Arrival Announcement, undated
38. "The Status of Transportation in the Capital District," Capital District Transportation Committee, 1979
39. "Stop James Bay II," Poster, undated
40. "Water: Use It to Make Life More Fun," Poster, Environmental Protection Agency, undated
41. "Wetlands, Wildlife, and You!", undated

Oversized Box 2: Newspapers (unfoldered)

New York State Environment, April 1976-June 1978 (May & April 1977, April 1978 missing)
Parade: "Why We Must Save the Hudson", Nov. 26, 1978
Suburbia Today: "Irish Heritage of Dance" and "Hudson River Troubador", Sept. 27, 1981
Times Record: "Hudson River Celebration", Sept. 22, 1977

Individual Oversized Folders

Folder 1

Availability of Ground Water in the Unconsolidated Aquifers of the Mid-Hudson River Basin, 1987

Folder 2

City of Albany Map, undated

Folder 3

Geologic Survey Maps: Albany (1953), Capital District (undated), Delmar (1953)

Folder 4

Geologic Survey Maps: East Greenbush (1953), Glens Falls (c.1960)

Folder 5

Geologic Survey Maps: Hudson North (1953), Mechanicville (1954), Ravena (1953)

Folder 6

Geologic Survey Maps: Troy North (1954), Troy South (1953), Utica (1964)

Folder 7

Geologic Survey Maps: Hudson River-- Saratoga County to Northern NY State, c.1950s

Folder 8

Great Hudson River Revival Posters, 1979-1983, 1987, 1990

Folder 9

Hudson River: Coxsackie to Troy, Map, 1977

Folder 10

Hydroelectric Development and Native Communities of Northern Quebec, Hydro-Quebec Map, 1991

Folder 11

Hydrologic Unit Map, State of New York, 1974

Folder 12

North River Friends of Clearwater Display #12, undated

Folder 13

Potential Well Yield from Unconsolidated Deposits in the Lower Hudson and Delaware River Basins, Map, 1987

Folder 14

"Reinhabit the Hudson Estuary," undated

Folder 15

Sloop Silhouette "Albany" banner on canvas, undated

Map Tube Items

1. Land Suitable for Development: Coeymans to Albany, Map, Capital District Regional Planning Commission, 1976
2. "Clearwater Pumpkin Festival" Painted Canvas Banner, undated
3. Clearwater Silhouette Poster, undated
4. Mock-ups for advertisement in Price Chopper Ad: Clearwater Sloop Festival, August 8, year undetermined
5. Department of Agriculture Smokey the Bear/Flower Poster, undated

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