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December 2006


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Malcolm Wilson
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Charles Malcolm Wilson was born on February 26, 1914. Wilson was a graduate of Fordham University (1933) and Fordham Law (1936). He became a member of the New York State Assembly in 1939 and in 1958 he left office to run for lieutenant governor on the ticket with Nelson A. Rockefeller. Wilsonís first run for public office was in 1938 when he was elected to the State Assembly from Yonkers. Wilson was re-elected to the Assembly for nine additional terms from a predominantly Democratic district. As a member of the State Assembly, he introduced 1,250 bills of which 432 were passed in both houses of the legislature and signed by the governor. One of the more significant bills to be passed was the creation of the Higher Education Assistance Corporation providing for a state guaranteed loan program for students attending public or private colleges. Wilson served as lieutenant governor under Nelson Rockefeller until Rockefellerís resignation in 1973. Rockefeller recognized Wilson as the man who pushed for revenue sharing as well as working with local and state government. Wilson served as governor from 1973 through 1974.[1]

On June 1, 1974, Wilson delivered a speech on his candidacy to run for governor, stating: ďWhat I am and have been throughout my public service: progressive in meeting human needs and conservative in handling the peopleís tax dollars.Ē Wilson ran for governor in 1975, but lost the election to Hugh Carey of Brooklyn. After retirement from political life, Wilson served as CEO of Manhattan Saving Banks. Wilson died on March 13, 2000.[2]


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Malcolm Wilson
Scope & Content Note

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This collection contains papers related to the political life of Malcolm Wilson and his tenure as governor of New York. The collection includes a selection of speeches and addresses by Wilson. Wilsonís swearing in address as the 50th governor of New York State is one of the highlights of the collection.

Wilsonís work with the Womenís National Republican Club is documented in the collection. Wilson was a strong supporter of womenís rights. He emphasized that as a Republican, he was committed to the rights and freedoms of individuals. The collection also includes transcripts of press conferences from 1973-1974. Also included is the transcript of a press conference regarding the Watergate Scandal in which Wilson commented on the president, the nation, and his thoughts about how the situation was handled.

The remarks folder includes the remarks of Governor Wilson on the issues of the day. Some of the more interesting documents relate to Wilsonís work in Harlem and the erection of a state office building in uptown Manhattan. Wilson believed that this was a historic moment because of the participation of African Americans in a state government project.

Wilsonís remarks when announcing his candidacy for the governorship of New York in 1974 is also in the collection. In the press conference transcript, Wilson is questioned about his campaign and his preparations for the upcoming election. Wilson discusses the needs of New York State and the state budget which he wanted to divide between local and state government. Wilson was also questioned about ethnic groups and minorities in New York City and he responded by stating that he was not concerned about political affiliation or race, but rather the job he was doing for the people of New York.

The New York State budget is always a cause for concern in order to balance the needs of the citizens of New York. One of Rockefellerís and Wilsonís main concerns was the increased taxation in New York State and the services which needed to be provided for the people of New York. Along with Assembly Speaker Perry Duryea, Wilson attempted to make sure that New Yorkers were getting their tax dollars back in through public services.

News clippings are also a vital part of the collection. In this section of the collection you can find articles related to Malcolm Wilson and his initiatves. One of the news clippings is a New York Times article discussing Rockefellerís work that Wilson continued after he assumed the position of governor.

In this collection you will also find Wilsonís message to the Legislature from 1974, in which he addresses the needs of New York State. He cited the energy crisis and improving the administration of justice as areas in need of improvement.

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Malcolm Wilson
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Box 1

1. Budget Cuts, 1971
2. Candidacy and Nomination, 1974
3. Message to the Legislature, 1974
4. News Clippings, circa 1971-1974
5. News Clippings, circa 1971-1974
6. Press Conferences, 1973
7. Press Conferences, 1974
8. Press Conferences, 1974
9. Remarks of Governor Malcolm Wilson, 1974
10. Speeches, 1973-1974

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