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Series 1: Biographical, 1940-2010, Undated

Series 2: Work, Union and Politics, 1933-2007, Undated

Series 3: Women and Work, 1942-2009, Undated

Series 4: Labor Newspapers, 1917-1987, Undated

Series 5: General Electric, 1918-2007, Undated

Series 6: Community Activism, 1898-2010, Undated

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For reference queries contact the Grenander Department Reference staff or call (518)-437-3935.

Initially processed with the generous support of the Schenectady General Electric in the Twentieth Century Project. Later materials processed through a 2012 New York State Archives Documentary Heritage Program Arrangement and Description Grant.

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Quirini, Helen, 1920-2010
Title: Helen Quirini Papers
Date: 1898-2010
Physical Characteristics: 50.89  cubic ft.
Abstract: This collection documents the life, work and activism of Helen Quirini of Schenectady, New York. The collection represents Quirini's numerous activities and interests including her early work owning a local market with her brother, her 39 year employment for General Electric, her activism in unions during her employment and retirement, as well as her charitable activities where she pursued civil, housing, pension, women's and senior citizen's rights.
Storage: The materials are located onsite in the department.
Language: English
Repository: M. E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, University at Albany, SUNY

Biographical Sketch

Helen Quirini (1920-2010) was a lifelong resident of Schenectady, New York. She was known for her dedication to numerous causes, such as organized labor, the YWCA of Schenectady, gender and racial equality, social welfare, and local activism. Although Quirini focused primarily on the Capital Region, she also worked for statewide and national causes. She advocated the repeal of the Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988 and participated in the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. During her 39 year employment at General Electric (GE) and her 30 year retirement, Quirini advocated for the better treatment of employees and retirees by the management of GE.

Born March 9, 1920 to Marie Ogonowski and Frank K. Quirini, Helen Quirini was the youngest of four children and attended Mont Pleasant High School. On April 1, 1941, at the age of 21, Quirini began working for GE's Schenectady plant doing piece work in the factory. The United States' entrance into World War II interrupted her initial plan to save money in order to attend college. Quirini decided to work at GE throughout the war as a service to her country. By 1945 she had established a pattern of union leadership and community activism that continued for the rest of her life.

At General Electric she joined the Athletic Board, advocated for equal treatment for female employees and organized drives for the local Red Cross. She joined a union, Local 301, which was first affiliated with the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers (UE) and later, beginning in 1954, with the International Union of Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers (IUE). Quirini held many executive leadership positions with Local 301, served on numerous labor committees, was a union shop steward and regularly attended union conferences and conventions. Quirini was a vocal force for employee rights, both in boardroom meetings with GE executives and during strikes, protests and work stoppages. In 1953 Quirini mobilized mass protests to advocate for equal pay for women workers at GE. She walked picket lines in all types of weather in support of union solidarity. While employed at GE and as a member of Local 301, Quirini achieved a number of firsts. In 1953, she became the first woman elected chairperson of the special UE-GE Conference Board Meeting, held that year in Chicago. Quirini also was the first woman and hourly representative elected chairperson of the GE Employees Share Fund in 1975.

Quirini was accused of Communist Party affiliation during the McCarthy era because of her union advocacy. She received a subpoena and testified in a pre-hearing that she was not a proponent of Communism, but sought equal rights for all individuals. She testified that she had attended a Communist meeting, and even mentioned seeing "company men" from General Electric there. The case against her was dropped. Quirini filed a Freedom of Information Act request decades later to review the documents held by the FBI from the McCarthy era. Redacted copies of the completed request are available in Series 2.

After her retirement from General Electric in 1980, Quirini became well known for her attempts to win greater benefits for GE retirees through advocacy, shareholder proposals and her annual speech at the GE shareholders meeting. Always wearing a bright T-shirt with the words "GE Brings Good Things to Retirees, Please" Quirini, along with other retirees and their supporters, frequently picketed at General Electric in Schenectady and at the annual shareholder meetings. She served as president of Local 301 Retirees Council and co-founded the GE Retirees Justice Fund. Her highly visible role at shareholder meetings brought her to the attention of Jack Welch, the chairman and CEO of General Electric from 1981-2001. Local playwright Gail George wrote a one-woman play about Quirini's relationship with Welch entitled Helen and Jack.

During her employment for GE, Quirini volunteered for non-union related causes. She joined the YWCA of Schenectady in 1943 and eventually became its president. Through her United Way work with Local 301, she began working with the Refreshing Springs Child Day Care alongside her friend Reverend Georgetta Dix in 1970, where her varied executive duties lasted until 1987.

Quirini continued her activism during her retirement by volunteering for the rights and benefits of seniors and community causes in Schenectady County. She was a member or director of a wide variety of civic and labor organizations, including: the American Association of Retired Persons Chapter 490, Better Neighborhoods Inc., Citizens for Preservation and Revitalization, Human Services Planning Council's Aging Committee, IUE Local 301 Retirees Council, New York State Wide Senior Action Council, Schenectady Council of Senior Citizens, Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, Schenectady County Council of Child Day Care Centers, and Schenectady County Human Rights Commission.

Quirini also was the recipient of many awards. She received the United Way Joseph A. Beirne Award, the YWCA of Schenectady Jefferson Award and the General Electric Gerald L. Phillippe Award. She also received the Patroon award, the highest honor given by the City of Schenectady. Series 1 contains many more awards and related material.

Selections from Helen Quirini and General Electric: A Personal Memoir of World War II are made available online through the University at Albany Department of History's History and Media Initiatives website and a copy of the full memoir is found in Series 1.

Quirini also appeared in other publications about unions, women and community activists. Her work for GE retirees garnered her and the pension cause coverage in major newspapers and magazines across the country. In the 1990s, the Schenectady General Electric in the 20th Century Project extensively interviewed Quirini and different periods of her life are documented in articles and student research papers, many of which are available in the collection.

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Scope and Content Information

This collection documents the life, work and activism of Helen Quirini of Schenectady, New York. The collection represents Quirini's numerous activities and interests including her early work owning a local market with her brother, her 39 year employment for General Electric, her activism in unions during her employment and retirement, as well as her charitable activities where she pursued civil, housing, pension, women's and senior citizen's rights.

The M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives received this collection through multiple donations. Helen Quirini donated material over approximately 10 years and her nephew Rudy Quirini donated the final materials following Helen Quirini's death in 2010. Many of the papers lacked original order and therefore archivists needed to impose order throughout the collection. Archivists created the series structure to represent Quirini's personal life, employment, labor union work and activism. She held many executive board positions after her retirement and remained an active volunteer and labor rights activist until her death. There is occasional overlap between topics and series such as senior citizens (Series 6, Subseries 5) and pension rights (found in General Electric Series 5).

Quirini spent nearly her entire life in Schenectady, New York. This collection offers a perspective into industrial work during World War II and the life of a female union activist in the mid-20th Century through photographs, diary entries, labor union literature, grievance reports Quirini filed and labor union convention materials. The collection documents the workings of various local organizations through meeting minutes, budgets, correspondence, publications, by-laws, treasurer's reports and other internal documents. Quirini also worked for local chapters of larger organizations. Quirini was active in her local community and corresponded with State and National legislators about a variety of topics, including day care services, labor unions, local government, Schenectady County development, senior citizens' issues and more.

Quirini maintained extensive subject files with clippings, articles, photographs and reports. Also available are collections of publications and newsletters from relevant organizations, such as UE and IUE publications and the New York State Wide Senior Action Council's newsletter.

The audiovisual portion of this collection includes audio and video cassettes, DVDs, CDs, reel-to-reel tapes, 8mm film and 45 RPM record singles.

Please note that not all dates are inclusive.

Related collections in the Department of Special Collections and Archives include the records of IUE-CWA Local 301 (APAP-023), Ralph Boyd Papers (APAP-165, Helen Quirini's friend and fellow advocate for the rights of GE Retirees), Associated Industries of New York State, Inc. (APAP-043) , and the New York State Wide Senior Action Council (APAP-111). Issues of the newspapers of Local 301 are available in microfilm, paper, and electronic format in the records of IUE-CWA Local 301 (APAP-023) including special Local 301 publications from the 1966 and 1969 strikes.

Quirini deposited various materials at other repositories including the: Schenectady Public Library (material related to Georgetta Dix) and the NYU Tamiment Libraries and Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives. Her nephew Rudolph Quirini also donated materials to the Grems-Doolittle Library at the Schenectady County Historical Society.

Reproductions of items from this collection are available in the exhibit Documenting Labor Inside and Out: Labor History in New York State's Capital District.

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Arrangement of the Collection

The collection is organized into the following series:

Series 1 - Biographical, 1940-2010, Undated
Series 2 - Work, Union and Politics, 1933-2007, Undated
Series 3 - Women and Work, 1942-2009, Undated
Series 4 - Labor Newspapers, 1917-1987
Series 5 - General Electric, 1918-2010, Undated
Series 6 - Community Activism, 1898-2010, Undated
Subseries 1 - Human Rights, 1952-2005, Undated
Subseries 2 - YWCA, 1898-2009, Undated
Subseries 3 - Day Care, 1953-2005, Undated
Subseries 4 - Schenectady County Development and Consumerism, 1969-2007, Undated
Subseries 5 - Senior Citizens, 1972-2010, Undated
Subseries 6 - Human Services, 1970-2009, Undated
Subseries 7 - United Way, 1963-2008, Undated
Subseries 8 - Health Care, 1969-2009, Undated

All series including the subseries in series six are arranged alphabetically except for series four, Labor Newspapers, which is arranged chronologically by publication.

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Red asterisks (***) denote restricted items.


The researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming with the laws of copyright. Whenever possible, the M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives will provide information about copyright owners and other restrictions, but the legal determination ultimately rests with the researcher. Requests for permission to publish material from this collection should be discussed with the Head of Special Collections and Archives.

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Related Material

Archivists transfered two monographs Precedings: Sixth Annual Convention of the International Union of Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers- CIO and Precedings: Seventh Annual Convention of the International Union of Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers- CIO to the book division of Special Collections. The catalogue record for the monograph will be included in Minerva, the University Library Catalog.

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Subject Headings


Quirini, Helen--1920-2010
Welch, Jack, 1935-

Corporate Bodies

Coalition of Labor Union Women (U.S.)
International Union of Electronic, Electrical, Salaried, Machine, and Furniture Workers
Labor Union Democracy--United States
New York (State--Public Service Commission
New York State-wide Senior Action Council
Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation
United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America


African Americans and Civil Rights Organizations
Community organization--New York (State) --Schenectady
Labor union locals--New York (State)
Labor union meetings--New York (State)
Labor union members--New York (State)
Labor unions and communism--New York (State)
Labor unions--Recognition--New York (State)
Medicine and Health Care
Older people--New York (State)
Pensions--Cost-of-living adjustments--United States
Retirees--New York (State)--Finance, Personal
Schenectady, New York
Senior Citizens
Social Activists and Public Advocates
Strikes and lockouts--New York (State)
Women in community organization--United States
Women labor union members--New York (State)

Genres and Forms

Financial records
Serials (publications)

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Identification of specific item, series, box, folder, Helen Quirini Papers 1898-2010 (APAP-102). M. E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University at Albany, State University of New York (hereafter referred to as the Quirini Papers).

Acquisition Information

All items in this manuscript group were donated to the University Libraries, M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, by Helen Quirini in conjunction with the University at Albany, SUNY Department of History's Schenectady General Electric in the Twentieth Century Project in November 1999. Additional accessions of records were received from Quirini in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006. After Quirini's death in 2010 her nephew, Rudolph Quirini, donated additional materials.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: Katie Quinn and Brian Keough
Date: Copyright 2013 by the University at Albany, SUNY. All rights reserved.
Revision history: 2004 - This collection was further processed and the arrangement further updated Katie Quinn and Brian Keough; March 2005 - This collection was further processed and the arrangement further updated by Joshua Hauck Whealton; December 2007 - This collection was further processed and the arrangement further updated by Devin Lander; June 2012 - This collection was further processed and the arrangement further updated by Samuel Braden, Jodi Boyle, Katherine Demetri and Kathleen Broeder; October 2013 - Development of an EAD finding aid by Melissa McMullen.

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Container List

nam_apap102-1 Series 1: Biographical, 1940-2010, Undated - 5.2  cubic ft.
Arranged alphabetically.
This series includes material about Helen Quirini's life and achievements. This series has correspondence, awards and certificates, newspaper articles by and about Quirini and her activism, letters of recommendation, theses, interview transcripts, diaries of her time on the shop floor at General Electric, her memoir, photographs, ephemera and more. This series covers the entirety of Quirini's life and work starting with the Brother Sister Cash Market where she worked with her brother in the late 1930s and early 1940s, her 39 years working at General Electric and then her post-retirement activism. The original order, titling and folder contents were preserved wherever possible. Quirini received a variety of national awards including the Beirne Award from the United Way and the Phillipe Award from General Electric. She also received local accolades such as the Patroon award in her hometown of Schenectady, New York. Included in the award folders are nomination materials, letters of recommendation, resumes, related materials and the awards themselves. This series contains extensive correspondence regarding Quirini's personal life, employment, activism and fundraising. There also are many VHS cassettes of Schenectady City Council meetings which Quirini attended as a citizen. Series 1 covers her activism, awards and achievements as both the subject and author of newspaper articles. Several students also corresponded with Quirini and wrote about her in papers and masters theses. Scholarly publications which predominantly feature Quirini are located in this series. Please see Series 2 and Series 3 for other scholarly writings about unions in general, Local 301 or General Electric.
1 nam_apap102-1_1 nam_apap102-1_1 Andy William, Undated
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-1_2 1 nam_apap102-1_2 Assorted Material Written by Helen Quirini, 1944-1975, Undated
nam_apap102-1_3 2 nam_apap102-1_3 Awards and Certificates, 1945-2008
nam_apap102-1_4 3 nam_apap102-1_4 Awards- Assorted Letters of Recommendation and Clippings, 1972-1973, 1975, 1977, 1987, Undated
nam_apap102-1_5 4 nam_apap102-1_5 Awards- Honors and Related Correspondence, 1971-2005
nam_apap102-1_6 5 nam_apap102-1_6 Awards- Letter of Recommendation, Certificates and Accolades, 1945, 1988, Undated
nam_apap102-1_7 6 nam_apap102-1_7 Awards- Materials Related to Nomination and Acceptance, 1948-1990, Undated
nam_apap102-1_8 7 nam_apap102-1_8 Awards- Notification Material, 1970-2006, Undated
2 nam_apap102-1_9 nam_apap102-1_9 Bat-time to 20, Art Linkletter, Kids, Quartet Old Songs, Undated
1 nam_apap102-1_10 nam_apap102-1_10 Bennington Center, Mary Stephanie Hart, 1998 August 23
2 nam_apap102-1_11 nam_apap102-1_11 Bennington Center, Quirini Talks, 1998 August 22
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-1_12 8 nam_apap102-1_12 Beirne Award, 1970-1978, 1980, 1987, 2005-2007, Undated
nam_apap102-1_13 9 nam_apap102-1_13 Beirne Award, 1976-1978, Undated
nam_apap102-1_14 10 nam_apap102-1_14 Beirne Award, 1977-1978, Undated
3 nam_apap102-1_15 nam_apap102-1_15 Beirne Community Service Award, 1987
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-1_16 11 nam_apap102-1_16 Beirne Award-Contents of Scrapbook, 1977, 1978, Undated
nam_apap102-1_17 12 nam_apap102-1_17 Beirne Award-Correspondence, 1973-1977, 1977-1978, Undated
Oversized Folder
3 nam_apap102-1_18 1 nam_apap102-1_18 Bierne Award Coverage in IUE News, 1978
2 nam_apap102-1_19 nam_apap102-1_19 Beirne Award, Dinner at Hunts, Detroit, 1978
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-1_20 13 nam_apap102-1_20 Beirne Award-Related Publicity and Notification, Acceptance Speech, Photos, 1977-1978, 1987, Undated
1 nam_apap102-1_21 nam_apap102-1_21 Bill May, Undated
1 nam_apap102-1_22 nam_apap102-1_22 Bloom Where You are Planted, Undated
1 nam_apap102-1_23 nam_apap102-1_23 Boat Trip with Rhoda, 2004, 2005
1 nam_apap102-1_24 nam_apap102-1_24 Bob's Pics, 2005
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-1_25 14 nam_apap102-1_25 Boyd, Ralph-Correspondence, 2004, 2006, 2008-2009
nam_apap102-1_26 15 nam_apap102-1_26 Bread and Roses Certificate, 1987
nam_apap102-1_27 16 nam_apap102-1_27 Brother and Sister Cash Market, 1940
Oversized Folder
1 nam_apap102-1_28 1 nam_apap102-1_28 Brother and Sister Cash Market Advertisements, 1940
3 nam_apap102-1_29 nam_apap102-1_29 Camille Party, 1958
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-1_30 17 nam_apap102-1_30 Catholic Charities of Schenectady County - Award and Silent Auction Event, 2008, Undated
nam_apap102-1_31 18 nam_apap102-1_31 Central Labor Council Award, 1990
nam_apap102-1_32 19 nam_apap102-1_32 Certificates, 1974-2009, Undated
nam_apap102-1_33 20 nam_apap102-1_33 Certificates of Honors, Awards, 1973-2009, Undated
4 nam_apap102-1_34 nam_apap102-1_34 Cities and Suburbs, 2nd Meeting, Undated
4 nam_apap102-1_35 nam_apap102-1_35 City Council Meeting, 1998 August 25
5 nam_apap102-1_36 nam_apap102-1_36 City Council Meeting, 1998 November 16
6 nam_apap102-1_37 nam_apap102-1_37 City Council Meeting, 1998 November 23
7 nam_apap102-1_38 nam_apap102-1_38 City Council Meeting, 1998 December 28
8 nam_apap102-1_39 nam_apap102-1_39 City Council Meeting, 1999 November 09-1999 November 10
9 nam_apap102-1_40 nam_apap102-1_40 City Council Meeting, 1999 March 09
10 nam_apap102-1_41 nam_apap102-1_41 City Council Meeting, 1999 April 12
11 nam_apap102-1_42 nam_apap102-1_42 City Council Meeting, 1999 July 12
12 nam_apap102-1_43 nam_apap102-1_43 City Council Meeting, 1999 July 26
13 nam_apap102-1_44 nam_apap102-1_44 City Council Meeting, 1999 August 09
14 nam_apap102-1_45 nam_apap102-1_45 City Council Meeting, 1999 October 25
15 nam_apap102-1_46 nam_apap102-1_46 City Council Meeting, 1999 December 13
16 nam_apap102-1_47 nam_apap102-1_47 City Council Meeting, 2000 April 24
17 nam_apap102-1_48 nam_apap102-1_48 City Council Meeting, 2000 June 13
18 nam_apap102-1_49 nam_apap102-1_49 City Council Meeting, 2000 July 10
19 nam_apap102-1_50 nam_apap102-1_50 City Council Meeting, 2000 July
20 nam_apap102-1_51 nam_apap102-1_51 City Council Meeting, 2000 August 14
21 nam_apap102-1_52 nam_apap102-1_52 City Council Meeting, 2000 August 28
22 nam_apap102-1_53 nam_apap102-1_53 City Council Meeting, 2000 November 14
23 nam_apap102-1_54 nam_apap102-1_54 City Council Meeting, 2002 February 11
24 nam_apap102-1_55 nam_apap102-1_55 City Council Meeting, 2004 February 23
25 nam_apap102-1_56 nam_apap102-1_56 City Council Meeting, 2004 April 12
26 nam_apap102-1_57 nam_apap102-1_57 City Council Meeting, Undated
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-1_58 21 nam_apap102-1_58 Clippings about Helen Quirini, 1946-2009, Undated
nam_apap102-1_59 22 nam_apap102-1_59 Clippings about the Quirini Family, 1953, 1967, 1969, 1975, Undated
nam_apap102-1_60 23 nam_apap102-1_60 Clippings by and about Helen Quirini, 1975-1976, 1981, 1987, 1990-1997, 2003-2005
nam_apap102-1_61 24 nam_apap102-1_61 Clippings-Congressional Record Article, 1970 May
nam_apap102-1_62 25 nam_apap102-1_62 Clippings-Regarding Awards and Honors, 1968, 1974-1978, 1990, Undated
nam_apap102-1_63 26 nam_apap102-1_63 Clippings about World War II, Helen Quirini and GE, 1944-1945
nam_apap102-1_64 27 nam_apap102-1_64 Community Activism-Lists of Accomplishments, Correspondence including Letter of Recommendation and Congratulations, Clippings, 1967-2009, Undated
nam_apap102-1_65 28 nam_apap102-1_65 Correspondence, Incoming, 1945-2007, Undated
nam_apap102-1_66 29 nam_apap102-1_66 Correspondence, Incoming, 1954-1998, Undated
nam_apap102-1_67 30 nam_apap102-1_67 Correspondence, Outgoing, 1944, 1954-1959, 1974, 1978, 1999
nam_apap102-1_68 31 nam_apap102-1_68 Correspondence Regarding the Achievements of Helen Quirini, 1971-1974, 1984, 1988, Undated
nam_apap102-1_69 32 nam_apap102-1_69 Correspondence with State and National Legislatures, 1983-1990, 1992-1993, Undated
27 nam_apap102-1_70 nam_apap102-1_70 County Meeting, 1999 August 01
28 nam_apap102-1_71 nam_apap102-1_71 County Meeting, 1999 November 09
29 nam_apap102-1_72 nam_apap102-1_72 County Meeting, 2000 February 14
30 nam_apap102-1_73 nam_apap102-1_73 County Meeting, 2000 March 14
31 nam_apap102-1_74 nam_apap102-1_74 County Meeting, 2000 July 24
32 nam_apap102-1_75 nam_apap102-1_75 County Meeting, 2006 December
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-1_76 33 nam_apap102-1_76 Credit Union Records, ca. 1960s
nam_apap102-1_77 34 nam_apap102-1_77 D'Amato, Alphonse-Correspondence, 1981-1991
nam_apap102-1_78 35 nam_apap102-1_78 Diaries-Shop Floor, 1944, Undated
nam_apap102-1_79 36 nam_apap102-1_79 Diaries-Shop Floor, 1946-1947
33 nam_apap102-1_80 nam_apap102-1_80 Edna's Party, 1996 April 13
5 nam_apap102-1_81 nam_apap102-1_81 Excerpts from Regional Conference, Undated
2 nam_apap102-1_82 nam_apap102-1_82 Executive Sessions of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on the Investigations of the Committee on Government Operations, Volumes 1-5, 1953
6 nam_apap102-1_83 nam_apap102-1_83 Evelyn Birthday, 1960
34 nam_apap102-1_84 nam_apap102-1_84 Frank Ducci, 1999
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-1_85 37 nam_apap102-1_85 Friedan, Betty-Obituary, 2006
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-1_86 1 nam_apap102-1_86 General Correspondence, 1954-1981, 1983, 1995-1996, Undated
nam_apap102-1_87 2 nam_apap102-1_87 Girzone, Joseph-Memorial Booklet and Clippings, 1973-2002, Undated
2 nam_apap102-1_88 nam_apap102-1_88 Goodbye to Hank, Undated
3 nam_apap102-1_89 nam_apap102-1_89 Grad RSDC, Undated
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-1_90 3 nam_apap102-1_90 Graduation Certificate, 1945 June 25
3 nam_apap102-1_91 nam_apap102-1_91 Helen, A Lifetime of Deeds, Undated
2 nam_apap102-1_92 nam_apap102-1_92 Helen Party, 1980 May 17
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-1_93 4-5 nam_apap102-1_93 Helen Quirini and General Electric: A Personal Memoir of World War II, 1991, 2001, Undated
3 nam_apap102-1_94 nam_apap102-1_94 Helen Quirini Autobiography, Conversations in Car, Lisa Kanneberg, 1991
35 nam_apap102-1_95 nam_apap102-1_95 Helen Qurini Interview, Channel 17, 1994 September
4-5 nam_apap102-1_96 nam_apap102-1_96 Helen Quirini Interview by Lisa Kanneberg, 1991 February 01
6 nam_apap102-1_97 nam_apap102-1_97 Helen Quirini Interview by Lisa Kanneberg, 1991 February 02
7 nam_apap102-1_98 nam_apap102-1_98 Helen Quirini Interview by Lisa Kanneberg, 1991 February 03
8-9 nam_apap102-1_99 nam_apap102-1_99 Helen Quirini Interview by Lisa Kanneberg, 1991 December 06
10 nam_apap102-1_100 nam_apap102-1_100 Helen Qurini, James Carrey, Gerald Zahavi, and Elizabeth Griffin, 1992 February 27
36 nam_apap102-1_101 nam_apap102-1_101 History 101 Class, Zahavi/SUNYA, 2004 November 08
4 nam_apap102-1_102 nam_apap102-1_102 History 101 Presentation Images, 2004 November 08
37 nam_apap102-1_103 nam_apap102-1_103 Homefront and Warfront, Remembering WWII, Undated
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-1_104 6 nam_apap102-1_104 Honors-Letters in Support of, Lists of Activities and Awards, etc., 1967-2006
4 nam_apap102-1_105 nam_apap102-1_105 Horses, Undated
3 nam_apap102-1_106 nam_apap102-1_106 Interview with Quirini on WWII, Undated
38 nam_apap102-1_107 nam_apap102-1_107 Interview Helen Qurini, WWII Civilian, Latham Armory, 2004 August
4 nam_apap102-1_108 nam_apap102-1_108 Interview with Helen Qurini on WWII, Latham Armory, 2004 August 31
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-1_109 7 nam_apap102-1_109 Interview with Professor Gerald Zahavi in History 101 at SUNY Albany, 2004, Undated
nam_apap102-1_110 8 nam_apap102-1_110 Interview with Professor Gerald Zahavi: Unedited Transcript, Drafts, 1982, 1991
nam_apap102-1_111 9 nam_apap102-1_111 Jefferson Award, 1970, 1981-1982, Undated
nam_apap102-1_112 10 nam_apap102-1_112 Johnson, Karen-Mayor of Schenectady, 1978-2010, Undated
nam_apap102-1_113 11 nam_apap102-1_113 Kannenberg, LisaFrom World War to Cold War: Women Electrical Workers and their Union, 1940-1955
nam_apap102-1_114 12 nam_apap102-1_114 Kannenberg, LisaThe Paradoxical Impact of the Cold War on Women's Trade Union Activism: The IUE Experience, 1991, 1993
nam_apap102-1_115 13 nam_apap102-1_115 Kannenberg, Lisa, Thesis with Chapters about Helen Quirini, 1990-1991, 2007, Undated
nam_apap102-1_116 14 nam_apap102-1_116 Kannenberg, Lisa "To Bloom where you are Planted": The Working Class Feminism of Helen Quirini, 1990-1992, Undated
11 nam_apap102-1_117 nam_apap102-1_117 Kay Raycroff and Sadie Fernandez, 1998 May 06
5 nam_apap102-1_118 nam_apap102-1_118 Kennedy Grave, Old and New, Undated
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-1_119 15 nam_apap102-1_119 Kennedy, Robert (Senator) - Correspondence, 1968
7 nam_apap102-1_120 nam_apap102-1_120 Kid's Party, Undated
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-1_121 16 nam_apap102-1_121 League of Women Voters- Membership Information, Bulletins, Correspondence, 2003-2005, 2008-2009, Undated
nam_apap102-1_122 17 nam_apap102-1_122 League of Women Voters- Susan B. Anthony Award, 2003, Undated
11 nam_apap102-1_123 nam_apap102-1_123 Mohawk River, Boating, 2008 September 28
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-1_124 18 nam_apap102-1_124 Moynihan, Daniel Patrick- Correspondence, 1982-1987, 1990
9 nam_apap102-1_125 nam_apap102-1_125 Music from Regional Conference, Undated
39 nam_apap102-1_126 nam_apap102-1_126 My Interview, WWII, Undated
40 nam_apap102-1_127 nam_apap102-1_127 My Movie Dream, Qurini Family, Undated
6 nam_apap102-1_128 nam_apap102-1_128 News Parade, Castle Films, Undated
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-1_129 19 nam_apap102-1_129 Nomination for Human Rights Award, Undated
nam_apap102-1_130 20 nam_apap102-1_130 Patroon Award, 1978, 1987
41 nam_apap102-1_131 nam_apap102-1_131 Patroon Award, 1999 January 07
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-1_132 21 nam_apap102-1_132 Phillipe Award, 1971-1977, Undated
nam_apap102-1_133 22 nam_apap102-1_133 Phillipe Award- Letters of Support, 1972-1975, Undated
Oversized Folder
2 nam_apap102-1_134 1 nam_apap102-1_134 Phillipe Award Submission Album, 1975
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-1_135 23 nam_apap102-1_135 Photographs of Helen Quirini and Assorted Others, 1954, Undated
nam_apap102-1_136 24 nam_apap102-1_136 Postcards Depicting Upstate N.Y. and the General Electric Building in Schenectady, Undated
7 nam_apap102-1_137 nam_apap102-1_137 Quirini all 8s, Undated
8 nam_apap102-1_138 nam_apap102-1_138 Red, Ricky, and Mike, Undated
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-1_139 25 nam_apap102-1_139 Reiki Certifications and Correspondence, 1994, 1996, 1999, 2001, Undated
5 nam_apap102-1_140 nam_apap102-1_140 Retirement Party, 2008 October 02
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-1_141 26 nam_apap102-1_141 Rozendaal, Kay-News Clippings, Correspondence, Memorial Booklet, 1991-1992, 2002
8 nam_apap102-1_142 nam_apap102-1_142 Rudy Grad, My Topper Boat, Karl-Snooky Betty, Undated
12 nam_apap102-1_143 nam_apap102-1_143 Russel Sage, Miller and Quirini Discuss WWII, 1992 September 16
13 nam_apap102-1_144 nam_apap102-1_144 Sadie Fernandez, 1998 January 22
42 nam_apap102-1_145 nam_apap102-1_145 Schenectady Today, 1998 October 01
43 nam_apap102-1_146 nam_apap102-1_146 Schenectady Today, 1999 April 01
44 nam_apap102-1_147 nam_apap102-1_147 Schenectady Today, 2001 October 12
6 nam_apap102-1_148 nam_apap102-1_148 Schenectady Today, 2007 April 04
7 nam_apap102-1_149 nam_apap102-1_149 Schenectady Today, 2008 March 20
8 nam_apap102-1_150 nam_apap102-1_150 Schenectady Today, 2008 October 08
9 nam_apap102-1_151 nam_apap102-1_151 Schenectady Today, 2010 March 11
10 nam_apap102-1_152 nam_apap102-1_152 Schenectady Today, 2009 December 30
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-1_153 27 nam_apap102-1_153 Scrapbook I, 1964, 1970-1976, 1982, Undated
nam_apap102-1_154 28 nam_apap102-1_154 Scrapbook II, 1954, 1968-1974, Undated
nam_apap102-1_155 29 nam_apap102-1_155 Scrapbook III, 1967, 1970-1975, Undated
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-1_156 1 nam_apap102-1_156 Sears, Ben-"The Schenectady Switch" Chapter Regarding GE, Correspondence with Helen Quirini, 2005-2007, Undated
1 nam_apap102-1_157 nam_apap102-1_157 Secret Love produced by Helen Quirini, Undated
12 nam_apap102-1_158 nam_apap102-1_158 Side I, Finish 4th Meeting, Undated
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-1_159 2 nam_apap102-1_159 Skidmore, EmilyMaking "Room for Many Worlds", 2004-2005, Undated
nam_apap102-1_160 3 nam_apap102-1_160 Speeches by Helen Quirini, 1969, 1986-2004, Undated
10 nam_apap102-1_161 nam_apap102-1_161 Speed, Undated
11 nam_apap102-1_162 nam_apap102-1_162 Speed, Undated
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-1_163 4 nam_apap102-1_163 Stratton, Samuel S., Correspondence, 1982-1987, Undated
45 nam_apap102-1_164 nam_apap102-1_164 Susan B. Anthony Award for Helen Qurini, Undated
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-1_165 5 nam_apap102-1_165 Susan B. Anthony Award Material, 2003
46 nam_apap102-1_166 nam_apap102-1_166 SUNY Albany Union Films, Undated
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-1_167 6 nam_apap102-1_167 Tate, Sarlyn-Correspondence with Helen Quirini Regarding Edna Miller, 2007-2008, Undated
nam_apap102-1_168 7 nam_apap102-1_168 The Art of Aging-New York State, Senior Citizens Month Award and Recognition, 2005
nam_apap102-1_169 8 nam_apap102-1_169 Upstate History Alliance-Interview Transcripts and Correspondence, 2003, Undated
nam_apap102-1_170 9 nam_apap102-1_170 Volunteer Recognition Program-9th Annual Recognition Reception, 2005
nam_apap102-1_171 10 nam_apap102-1_171 Willison, Malcolm-Proofread Memoir Draft and Related Correspondence, 1995, 2008, Undated
nam_apap102-1_172 11 nam_apap102-1_172 Women of Achievement Award, 2007, Undated
nam_apap102-1_173 12 nam_apap102-1_173 Work Log/Diary, 1946, Undated
nam_apap102-1_174 13 nam_apap102-1_174 World War II-Helen Quirini's Activities, 1944, 1945, 1949, Undated
nam_apap102-1_175 14 nam_apap102-1_175 World War II Oral History Survey, 2004, Undated
nam_apap102-1_176 15 nam_apap102-1_176 World War II Notes for Autobiography, Undated
11 nam_apap102-1_177 nam_apap102-1_177 Xmas, 1974
13 nam_apap102-1_178 nam_apap102-1_178 Xmas, Undated
nam_apap102-2 Series 2: Work, Union and Politics, 1933-2007, Undated - 9.9  cubic ft.
Arranged alphabetically.
This series documents Helen Quirini's extensive union activities through her membership in Local 301. When Quirini joined this local it was affiliated with the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers (UE). During the late 1940s and early 1950s, the federal government kept UE leadership and its members under surveillance because of suspected Communist ties. In his aggressive investigations of accused Communists, Senator Joseph McCarthy, chairman of the Committee on Investigations of the Committee on Government Operations, subpoenaed Quirini and she was one of many members of the UE to testify in a pre-hearing before Congress in February 1954. She swore under oath that she was not and had never been a member of the Communist Party. Citing these supposed Communist connections, the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) expelled the UE in 1949 and replaced it with the International Union of Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers (IUE). During subsequent years many UE locals elected to join the IUE, including Local 301 in June 1954. This series features materials related to all of the aforementioned events, including Quirini's subpoena, anti-McCarthy literature issued by unions, Quirini's surveillance files and a significant amount of propaganda from both unions issued before Local 301's vote to join the IUE.
Quirini was very outspoken about issues affecting business and politics. During the UE/IUE switch, she was the only executive board member of Local 301 to oppose the move. A personal statement in the files explains her reasoning and disappointment with her subsequent treatment from fellow members of Local 301. Her many grievances in this series illustrate her advocacy for greater equality for women in the workplace and better working conditions for all employees. She retained many news clippings and materials discussing strikes she participated in at General Electric in the late 1960s and 1970.
Quirini served her union during both the UE and IUE periods in many capacities, the extent of which is documented in this series through correspondence, reports, financials and other Local 301 business documents, conference proceedings, contracts, election campaign materials, newspaper clippings, photographs and notes. She held elected positions in Local 301 from the 1940s through the 1970s. Quirini was first elected secretary in 1947, and later served as treasurer and a shop steward. Her committee work included service on the social action, education and human relations committees. She attended union meetings and conferences and played for Local 301 women's basketball and championship softball teams when a young woman.
In addition to her direct union involvement, Quirini engaged in several related projects. As an active and then a retired member of Local 301, she was a delegate to the Schenectady Area Central Labor Council and attended meetings. In addition to meeting minutes, reports and correspondence, there are papers documenting the education program about labor for Schenectady public schools that Quirini created as chair of the Council's education committee, in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
As a labor representative, Quirini also served on the Schenectady Private Industry Council (PIC), part of the Capital Area PIC and was active from 1981 through 1993. The related files in this series record the organization's duties under the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) of 1982. The organization tried to implement JPTA through coordination and planning with business (small, large, minority), labor, and other concerned groups and ultimately provide employment and training for displaced or underprivileged job seekers and research and job-ready employees to private industry. PIC files include the internal documents of the Capital Region and Schenectady County PIC, such as meeting minutes, proposals, memorandums and correspondence, as well as documents relating directly to the JTPA legislation.
Researchers also will find general labor literature from the AFL-CIO, UE, IUE and other organizations in the series.
Please see Series 3 for more specific information on women's rights and representation in the workplace and the union and Series 5 for materials detailing Quirini's ongoing efforts to secure better rights and cost-of-living allowances for GE retirees, including those from Local 301. Researchers also should consult the finding aid for Local 301's records, APAP-023.
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-2_1 1 nam_apap102-2_1 50th Anniversary, Local 301, IUE AFL-CIO, 1986
nam_apap102-2_2 2 nam_apap102-2_2 68 Porcelain UE News, 1954
nam_apap102-2_3 3 nam_apap102-2_3 269 Committee to Save our Jobs, Undated
nam_apap102-2_4 4 nam_apap102-2_4 1946 Strike, Photographs, 1946, Undated
nam_apap102-2_5 5 nam_apap102-2_5 1966 Strike, Measured Time Work, 1966
nam_apap102-2_6 6 nam_apap102-2_6 1966 Strike, News Clippings, 1966 July-1966 October
nam_apap102-2_7 7 nam_apap102-2_7 1966 Strike, News Clippings, 1966 October-1966 November
nam_apap102-2_8 8 nam_apap102-2_8 1966 Strike, News Clippings, 1966 November-1967 February
Oversized Folder
5 nam_apap102-2_9 1 nam_apap102-2_9 1966 Strike, News Clippings in GE Schenectady News, 1966-1967
nam_apap102-2_10 2 nam_apap102-2_10 1966 Strike, News Clippings inIUE News, 1966
nam_apap102-2_11 3 nam_apap102-2_11 1966 Strike, News Clippings inSchenectady Gazette, 1966-1967
nam_apap102-2_12 4 nam_apap102-2_12 1966 Strike, News Clippings inSchenectady Union-Star, 1966-1967
nam_apap102-2_13 5 nam_apap102-2_13 1966 Strike, News Clippings inUE News, 1966
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-2_14 9 nam_apap102-2_14 1966 Strike, Photographs, 1966, Undated
nam_apap102-2_15 10 nam_apap102-2_15 1966 Strike, Various Material, 1964-1967
nam_apap102-2_16 11 nam_apap102-2_16 1969 Strike, Bulletins, Leaflets, Pamphlets, 1969-1970, Undated
nam_apap102-2_17 12 nam_apap102-2_17 1969 Strike, GE Schenectady News Negotiation Supplements, 1969 October
nam_apap102-2_18 13 nam_apap102-2_18 1969 Strike, Helen Quirini Notes, 1969
nam_apap102-2_19 14 nam_apap102-2_19 1969 Strike, History, 1987, Undated
nam_apap102-2_20 15 nam_apap102-2_20 1969 Strike, Newspaper Clippings, 1969 October
nam_apap102-2_21 16 nam_apap102-2_21 1969 Strike, News Clippings, 1969 November
nam_apap102-2_22 17 nam_apap102-2_22 1969 Strike, News Clippings, 1969 December
nam_apap102-2_23 18 nam_apap102-2_23 1969 Strike, News Clippings, 1970 January-1970 February
Oversized Folder
5 nam_apap102-2_24 6 nam_apap102-2_24 1969 Strike, News Clippings inAFL-CIO News, 1970
nam_apap102-2_25 7 nam_apap102-2_25 1969 Strike, News Clippings inCapital Area Labor News, 1969-1970
nam_apap102-2_26 8 nam_apap102-2_26 1969 Strike, News Clippings inDaily World, 1969
nam_apap102-2_27 9 nam_apap102-2_27 1969 Strike, News Clippings inGE Schenectady News, 1969-1970
nam_apap102-2_28 10 nam_apap102-2_28 1969 Strike, News Clippings inIUE News, 1969
nam_apap102-2_29 11 nam_apap102-2_29 1969 Strike, News Clippings inIUE News, 1969-1970
nam_apap102-2_30 12 nam_apap102-2_30 1969 Strike, News Clippings inMetalworking News, 1970
nam_apap102-2_31 13 nam_apap102-2_31 1969 Strike, News Clippings inSchenectady Daily Newspapers, 1969-1970
nam_apap102-2_32 14 nam_apap102-2_32 1969 Strike, News Clippings inUE News, 1969-1970
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-2_33 19 nam_apap102-2_33 1969 Strike, Photographs, 1969, Undated
nam_apap102-2_34 20 nam_apap102-2_34 1969 Strike, Picket Line News, 1969-1970
nam_apap102-2_35 21 nam_apap102-2_35 1969 Strike, Summary of Terms, 1970 February 03
nam_apap102-2_36 22 nam_apap102-2_36 1973 Contract Negotiations, Photographs, 1973, Undated
nam_apap102-2_37 23 nam_apap102-2_37 1982 Strike Clippings, 1982 April
nam_apap102-2_38 24 nam_apap102-2_38 "A Chronology of IUE's Social Action Programs", 1971, 1978, 1993
nam_apap102-2_39 25 nam_apap102-2_39 AFL-CIO, and House Voting Records, 1987
nam_apap102-2_40 26 nam_apap102-2_40 AFL-CIO, Comments on Proposed Regulations Governing Title III of the Job Training Partnership Act, 1988
nam_apap102-2_41 27 nam_apap102-2_41 AFl-CIO, Constitutions, 1995, 1997
nam_apap102-2_42 28 nam_apap102-2_42 AFL-CIO, Events, 1975
nam_apap102-2_43 29 nam_apap102-2_43 AFl-CIO, Fifth Constitutional Convention, 1963
nam_apap102-2_44 30-32 nam_apap102-2_44 AFL-CIO, Literature on Labor and Unions, 1966-2000, Undated
nam_apap102-2_45 33 nam_apap102-2_45 AFL-CIO, Reports, 1970-1975, 1984, Undated
nam_apap102-2_46 34 nam_apap102-2_46 AFL-CIO, Reports and Newsletters, 1970-1973, 1978-1980, Undated
nam_apap102-2_47 35 nam_apap102-2_47 AFL-CIO, Union Counselor Training program, Leaflets, Fliers, Handbook, Agenda, 1985-1987, Undated
nam_apap102-2_48 36 nam_apap102-2_48 The American Federationist, 1969
nam_apap102-2_49 37 nam_apap102-2_49 American Labor Party, including Helen Quirini Candidacy for Rotterdam Town Office, 1949, Undated
Oversized Folder
1 nam_apap102-2_50 2 nam_apap102-2_50 Bag Encouraging Shoppers Not to Buy GE Products, Undated
14 nam_apap102-2_51 nam_apap102-2_51 Beirne Party, IUE Hall, 1978
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-2_52 38 nam_apap102-2_52 Boulwarism, 1947, 1974, 1991, Undated
nam_apap102-2_53 39 nam_apap102-2_53 Brownell-Butler, 1954, Undated
7 nam_apap102-2_54 nam_apap102-2_54 Buttons and Ribbons, Including Ones About the UE, IUE, Clinton/Gore Ticket, Shop Stewards and Scabs, 1978, 1986, Undated
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-2_55 40 nam_apap102-2_55 Bywater- Fitzmaurice IUE Presidential Race, 1976, Undated
nam_apap102-2_56 41 nam_apap102-2_56 Capital Region PIC, By-Laws, 1983-1984
nam_apap102-2_57 42 nam_apap102-2_57 Carey, James, 1959, 1965, 1973
nam_apap102-2_58 43 nam_apap102-2_58 Cartoons by Fred Wright, 1947-1948, Undated
47 nam_apap102-2_59 nam_apap102-2_59 Catastrophic Mistake, 1980
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-2_60 44 nam_apap102-2_60 CIO, Constitutional Convention Proceedings, 1948
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-2_61 1 nam_apap102-2_61 CIO Literature, 1947, Undated
nam_apap102-2_62 2 nam_apap102-2_62 Citizens Committee to Support the GE Strikers Flyer, Undated
nam_apap102-2_63 3 nam_apap102-2_63 Civil Rights in the Workplace, 1974-1975, 1979
Oversized Folder
4 nam_apap102-2_64 1 nam_apap102-2_64 Communism and McCarthyism News Clippings inSchenectady Gazette, 1949, 1954
nam_apap102-2_65 2 nam_apap102-2_65 Communism, General Electric and UE News Clipping inThe Saturday Evening Post, 1952
nam_apap102-2_66 3 nam_apap102-2_66 Communism News Clippings inGE Schenectady News, 1953
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-2_67 4 nam_apap102-2_67 Coordinated Bargaining Materials, 1969, Undated
nam_apap102-2_68 5 nam_apap102-2_68 Coordinated Bargaining Committee, 1976, Undated
nam_apap102-2_69 6-7 nam_apap102-2_69 Cornell Course on Labor Relations, 1971, 1978-1980, Undated
nam_apap102-2_70 8 nam_apap102-2_70 Cornell Course on Labor Relations, Instructor's Guide for Reaching Steward's Training, Undated
nam_apap102-2_71 9 nam_apap102-2_71 Correspondence from Ernest Kopper, President UE Local 301, 1954
nam_apap102-2_72 10 nam_apap102-2_72 Correspondence, "Planning for JTPA Programs Program Years", 1990-1991, Undated
48 nam_apap102-2_73 nam_apap102-2_73 CPR Press Conference, 1998 October 05
49 nam_apap102-2_74 nam_apap102-2_74 Cuts, Cuts, Cuts: The War Against Medicare and Medicaid, 1995 December 15
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-2_75 11 nam_apap102-2_75 Cutbacks in Planning, Methods and Time Standards Unit, 1971
nam_apap102-2_76 12 nam_apap102-2_76 Discrimination When Not in Union, 1959
50 nam_apap102-2_77 nam_apap102-2_77 Doris "Granny D" Haddock at the October 2001 Conference of the New York Statewide Senior Action Council, Inc in Albany, New York, 2001 October
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-2_78 13 nam_apap102-2_78 Economic Conversion as a Women's Issue, 1986, Undated
nam_apap102-2_79 14 nam_apap102-2_79 Editorial about Discrimination of Non-Union Employees, 1971
nam_apap102-2_80 15 nam_apap102-2_80 Electrical Union NewsArticles About or Mentioning Helen Quirini, 1948-1949, 1952-1954
nam_apap102-2_81 16 nam_apap102-2_81 Electrical Union News Coverage of McCarran-Walter Immigration Act, 1953
nam_apap102-2_82 17 nam_apap102-2_82 Electrical Union News Coverage of McCarthyism, 1953-1954
nam_apap102-2_83 18 nam_apap102-2_83 Equality at Work: U.E. Efforts do Fight Racial Discrimination in the Postwar Decadeby Carol Lambiase, Undated
nam_apap102-2_84 19 nam_apap102-2_84 Federal Bureau of Investigation File on Helen Quirini, 1993-1994, 1996-1997
Oversized Folder
4 nam_apap102-2_85 4 nam_apap102-2_85 General Electric and McCarthyism Cartoons, Undated
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-2_86 20 nam_apap102-2_86 General Grievance on Discrimination of Women, 1969
nam_apap102-2_87 21-22 nam_apap102-2_87 General Labor Literature, 1955, 1967, 1976, 1981, Undated
nam_apap102-2_88 23 nam_apap102-2_88 Grievance about Harassment, 1977
nam_apap102-2_89 24 nam_apap102-2_89 Grievance and Complaint Review Procedures, 1980, 1982, Undated
nam_apap102-2_90 25 nam_apap102-2_90 Grievance, Case# 437-70, Gender Discrimination, Includes List of Jobs Helen Quirini Held, 1970
nam_apap102-2_91 26 nam_apap102-2_91 Grievance, Case# 5144-66, Contested Standards, 1966
nam_apap102-2_92 27 nam_apap102-2_92 Grievance, Case# 5145-66, More Incentive Opportunity, 1966
nam_apap102-2_93 28 nam_apap102-2_93 Grievance, case# 5146-66, Request Time Studies, 1966
nam_apap102-2_94 29 nam_apap102-2_94 Grievance, Case# 5147-66, Wrong Payment, 1966
nam_apap102-2_95 30 nam_apap102-2_95 Grievance, Case# 5148-66, Station Allowances, 1966
nam_apap102-2_96 31 nam_apap102-2_96 Grievance, Case# 5149-66, Change in Studies Times, 1966
nam_apap102-2_97 32 nam_apap102-2_97 Grievance, Case# 5427-66, Written Breakdown on Set Up, 1966
nam_apap102-2_98 33 nam_apap102-2_98 Grievance, Cases# 5433, 5434, 5484-66, Improper Payment, 1966
nam_apap102-2_99 34 nam_apap102-2_99 Grievance, Case# 5483-66, Unsafe Working Conditions(Building 40), 1966
nam_apap102-2_100 35 nam_apap102-2_100 Grievance, Case# 5485-66, Bargaining in Bad Faith, 1966
nam_apap102-2_101 36 nam_apap102-2_101 Grievance, Case# 5486-66, Job Rate, 1966-1967
nam_apap102-2_102 37 nam_apap102-2_102 Grievance, Case# 5676-66, Quality, 1966
nam_apap102-2_103 38 nam_apap102-2_103 Grievance, Case# 5829-66, Improper Payment, 1966
nam_apap102-2_104 39 nam_apap102-2_104 Grievance, Case# 5830-66, Elapsed Time, 1966
nam_apap102-2_105 40 nam_apap102-2_105 Grievance, Case# 5831-66, Improper Payment, 1966
nam_apap102-2_106 41 nam_apap102-2_106 Grievance, Case# 6509-77, Discrimination, 1977 April 04
nam_apap102-2_107 42 nam_apap102-2_107 Grievance, Case# 8751, Transfer of Jobs from Piece Work to a Day Work Basis of Payment, 1964
nam_apap102-2_108 43 nam_apap102-2_108 Grievance Procedure, Revised Draft, 1979
nam_apap102-2_109 44 nam_apap102-2_109 Grievances, 1966 January-1966 July
nam_apap102-2_110 45 nam_apap102-2_110 Grievances, 1966 August-1966 September
nam_apap102-2_111 46-47 nam_apap102-2_111 Grievances, 1966-1968
nam_apap102-2_112 48 nam_apap102-2_112 Grievances about Restroom Case, State Division of Human Rights and EEOC, 1979
nam_apap102-2_113 49 nam_apap102-2_113 Grievances Blank Form, IUE Local 301, Undated
nam_apap102-2_114 50 nam_apap102-2_114 Grievances, Case# 1527 and 5721-66, Polyseal Case-[RESTRICTED], 1966-1968 ***
nam_apap102-2_115 51 nam_apap102-2_115 Grievances, Case# 9636 and 9637-78, Restroom and Gender Discrimination, 1978
nam_apap102-2_116 52 nam_apap102-2_116 Grievances-Green Room, 1945-1946
nam_apap102-2_117 53 nam_apap102-2_117 Grievances, Matron, 1954
nam_apap102-2_118 54 nam_apap102-2_118 Grievances Transfer to Security Building, 1954
15 nam_apap102-2_119 nam_apap102-2_119 Helen, Hank, Jim, Maureen, Brian, Undated
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-2_120 55 nam_apap102-2_120 IAM-AFK Representation at General Electric, Undated
nam_apap102-2_121 56 nam_apap102-2_121 IAM-Health Program, Information and Conference, 1972, Undated
nam_apap102-2_122 57 nam_apap102-2_122 Incoming Correspondences-Support for IUE/UE Split, 1953-1954, Undated
nam_apap102-2_123 58 nam_apap102-2_123 Inside the Plant Lost Time Vouchers and Receipts, 1966
nam_apap102-2_124 59 nam_apap102-2_124 IUE Agreements with General Electric, 1954-1963
nam_apap102-2_125 60 nam_apap102-2_125 IUE Agreements with General Electric, 1963-1973
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-2_126 1 nam_apap102-2_126 IUE Agreements with General Electric, 1973-1982
nam_apap102-2_127 2 nam_apap102-2_127 IUE Agreements with General Electric, 1982-1991
nam_apap102-2_128 3 nam_apap102-2_128 IUE Agreements with General Electric, 1991-2000
nam_apap102-2_129 4 nam_apap102-2_129 IUE Agreements with General Electric, 2000-2007
nam_apap102-2_130 5-6 nam_apap102-2_130 IUE Bi-Annual Social Action and Education Conference, 1983-1984, Undated
nam_apap102-2_131 7 nam_apap102-2_131 IUE Constitutional Convention, 1978
nam_apap102-2_132 8 nam_apap102-2_132 IUE Correspondence, 1958, 1971, 1973, 1975, Undated
nam_apap102-2_133 9 nam_apap102-2_133 IUE District 3, Correspondence, 1965, 1867, Undated
nam_apap102-2_134 10 nam_apap102-2_134 IUE, Excerpts from By-Laws on Sex Discrimination, 1971-1972, Undated
nam_apap102-2_135 11 nam_apap102-2_135 IUE Fact Sheet and Backgrounders, 1987, Undated
Oversized Folder
1 nam_apap102-2_136 3 nam_apap102-2_136 IUE-GE Dispute Over Pay and Productivity Clippings in Schenectady Union-Star, 1964
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-2_137 12 nam_apap102-2_137 IUE-GE Negotiations, 1958
nam_apap102-2_138 13 nam_apap102-2_138 IUE-GE Proposed Contract Benefits for 1985-1986, Undated
nam_apap102-2_139 14 nam_apap102-2_139 IUE International Constitutions, 1989, 1991, 1993, Undated
nam_apap102-2_140 15 nam_apap102-2_140 IUE Literature, 1959, 1974, 1978, Undated
nam_apap102-2_141 16 nam_apap102-2_141 IUE Local 301, Constitution and By-Laws, 1969, 1978
nam_apap102-2_142 17 nam_apap102-2_142 IUE Local 301, Contract Proposals, 1985, 1988, Undated
nam_apap102-2_143 18 nam_apap102-2_143 IUE Local 301, Energy Committee, 1983, Undated
nam_apap102-2_144 19 nam_apap102-2_144 IUE Local 301, Human Relations Committee, 1968-1969, Undated
nam_apap102-2_145 20 nam_apap102-2_145 IUE Local 301, Local Supplemental Agreements, 1964-1986, Undated
nam_apap102-2_146 21 nam_apap102-2_146 IUE Local 301, New Home, 1955-1956
nam_apap102-2_147 22 nam_apap102-2_147 IUE Local 301, Picket Duty Cards and Roster, Undated
nam_apap102-2_148 23 nam_apap102-2_148 IUE Local 301, Report on Consumer Spending, Undated
nam_apap102-2_149 24 nam_apap102-2_149 IUE Local 301, Seniority Dates, Undated
nam_apap102-2_150 25 nam_apap102-2_150 IUE Local 301, Social Action Committee, 1975
nam_apap102-2_151 26 nam_apap102-2_151 IUE Local 301, Stewards Manual of Employee Benefits for Contracts 1966-1969, 1973-1976
nam_apap102-2_152 27 nam_apap102-2_152 IUE Local 301, 1968 Union Elections Including Helen Quirini, 1968, Undated
nam_apap102-2_153 28-29 nam_apap102-2_153 IUE Manuals for Shop Stewards, 2001, Undated
51 nam_apap102-2_154 nam_apap102-2_154 IUE Meeting, 1994 June 16
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-2_155 30 nam_apap102-2_155 IUE National Bargaining Goals, Undated
nam_apap102-2_156 31 nam_apap102-2_156 IUE Settlement Agreement with General Electric, 1955-1960
nam_apap102-2_157 32 nam_apap102-2_157 IUE Skilled Trades Program, 1968, 1988, 1993
nam_apap102-2_158 33 nam_apap102-2_158 IUE/UE Switch, Coverage in Electrical Union News, 1951, 1953-1954
nam_apap102-2_159 34 nam_apap102-2_159 IUE/UE Switch, Coverage in General Newspapers, 1949, 1951, 1954
Oversized Folder
1 nam_apap102-2_160 4 nam_apap102-2_160 IUE/UE Switch, Election in Lynn, MA, 1953
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-2_161 35 nam_apap102-2_161 IUE/UE Switch, Helen Quirini Statement, Undated
nam_apap102-2_162 36 nam_apap102-2_162 IUE/UE Switch, IUE Propaganda, 1950-1951, Undated
nam_apap102-2_163 37 nam_apap102-2_163 IUE/UE Switch, Local 201 in Lynn, MA, 1953, Undated
Oversized Folder
4 nam_apap102-2_164 5 nam_apap102-2_164 IUE/UE Switch, Local 201, Lynn, MA, 1953
nam_apap102-2_165 7 nam_apap102-2_165 IUE/UE SwitchGE Schenectady News Clippings, 1954
nam_apap102-2_166 6 nam_apap102-2_166 IUE/UE Switch Schenectady Union-Star Clippings, 1954
Oversized Folder
1 nam_apap102-2_167 5 nam_apap102-2_167 IUE/UE Switch, UE Newspaper Advertisement and Editorials, 1951, 1954
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-2_168 38 nam_apap102-2_168 IUE/UE Switch, UE Propaganda, 1949-1951
nam_apap102-2_169 39 nam_apap102-2_169 IUE/UE Switch, UE Propaganda, 1954
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-2_170 1 nam_apap102-2_170 IUE/UE Switch, UE Propaganda, Undated
nam_apap102-2_171 2 nam_apap102-2_171 Jennings, Paul, IUE President Candidacy, 1964, Undated
16 nam_apap102-2_172 nam_apap102-2_172 Jim Carey and Helen Quirini Presentation History, 1994 November 29
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-2_173 3 nam_apap102-2_173 "The Job Training Partnership Act: A Report on Services to Women in New York State," Executive Summary, 1990
nam_apap102-2_174 4 nam_apap102-2_174 Labor Action Coalition of New York, Seventh Annual Legislative Conference, 1983
nam_apap102-2_175 5 nam_apap102-2_175 Labor and InvestmentsNewsletter, 1983-1986
nam_apap102-2_176 6 nam_apap102-2_176 Labor and InvestmentsNewsletter, 1986-1993
nam_apap102-2_177 7 nam_apap102-2_177 Labor Day Parade, Grand Marshall Helen Quirini, 1986
17-18 nam_apap102-2_178 nam_apap102-2_178 Labor Protests, 2003 August 07
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-2_179 8 nam_apap102-2_179 Labor Support of Schenectady Girl's Club, 1971, Undated
nam_apap102-2_180 9 nam_apap102-2_180 Labor Today, 1969-1970
nam_apap102-2_181 10 nam_apap102-2_181 Lamanna, Father Joseph, 1954, 1967
nam_apap102-2_182 11 nam_apap102-2_182 Life Membership in Local 301 Card, Undated
nam_apap102-2_183 12 nam_apap102-2_183 Local 301 Athletics, 1947-1949, Undated
12 nam_apap102-2_184 nam_apap102-2_184 Local 301 IUE-CWA Retirees Demo, 2010 April 15
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-2_185 13 nam_apap102-2_185 Local 301 IUE and Schenectady GE Sign Historic Safety Partnership Agreement, 1995-1996
nam_apap102-2_186 14 nam_apap102-2_186 Local 301 Members, Years of Service, Undated
Oversized Folder
4 nam_apap102-2_187 8 nam_apap102-2_187 Local 301 News Articles About or Mentioning Helen Quirini, 1967-1968, 1970-1971, 1973-1975, 1977, 1979-2
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-2_188 15 nam_apap102-2_188 Local 301 News Including 1966 Strike, 1964-1967, 1979, Undated
Oversized Folder
4 nam_apap102-2_189 9 nam_apap102-2_189 Local 301 Notes from Meeting, Undated
5 nam_apap102-2_190 nam_apap102-2_190 Local 301 Rally, Retiree's Photos, 2006 April 20
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-2_191 16-18 nam_apap102-2_191 Local 301 Retirees Council, 1983-1994, 1996-2005, 2007, Undated
nam_apap102-2_192 19 nam_apap102-2_192 Local 301 Testaments of Income and Expense, 1949-1986
nam_apap102-2_193 20 nam_apap102-2_193 The Local 301 Story, ca. 1969
nam_apap102-2_194 21 nam_apap102-2_194 "The Louisville Story", by UE District Council No. 7, Undated
nam_apap102-2_195 22-23 nam_apap102-2_195 Making Schenectady Competitive (MSC) Agreement, 1964-1966
52 nam_apap102-2_196 nam_apap102-2_196 March 19th Coalition, Undated
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-2_197 24 nam_apap102-2_197 March of Labor, 1951, 1953, 1954
53 nam_apap102-2_198 nam_apap102-2_198 Martin Luther King, March Union College City Hall, Undated
54 nam_apap102-2_199 nam_apap102-2_199 May 17th Rally, 1997 May 17
55 nam_apap102-2_200 nam_apap102-2_200 May Day, 2005
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-2_201 25 nam_apap102-2_201 McCarthyism and Red Baiting Literature from Other Organizations, 1952-1954, Undated
nam_apap102-2_202 26-27 nam_apap102-2_202 McCarthyism and Red Baiting Literature from the UEHelen Quirini's Testimony in 1954 before the House Un-American Activities Committee is available online from the U.S. Government Printing Office and U.S. Senate in Volume 5, 1950, 1954, Undated
nam_apap102-2_203 28 nam_apap102-2_203 McCarthyism General News Clippings, 1953-1954, 2004, Undated
nam_apap102-2_204 29 nam_apap102-2_204 McCarthyism, UE and GE News Clippings, 1954, 1998, 2004, Undated
Oversized Folder
4 nam_apap102-2_205 10 nam_apap102-2_205 McCarthyism, UE and General Electric News Clippings in theSchenectady Union-Star and the Schenectady Gazette, 1954
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-2_206 30 nam_apap102-2_206 Meany Center Slide Presentation/Teaching Material, 1977
nam_apap102-2_207 31 nam_apap102-2_207 Membership Books for Dues, 1933, 1940-1943, 1950
Oversized Folder
4 nam_apap102-2_208 11 nam_apap102-2_208 Minimum Wage Poster, 1968
19 nam_apap102-2_209 nam_apap102-2_209 Mock Legislation Session, 1981 September 16
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-2_210 32 nam_apap102-2_210 More Important Than Making Schenectady Competitive, 1964 July 29
nam_apap102-2_211 33 nam_apap102-2_211 Mortgage and Real Estate Committee, Mortgage Leaders Survey-Upstate New York, 1966, Undated
56 nam_apap102-2_212 nam_apap102-2_212 National Council Tapes, Third Step to Dignity, 1994
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-2_213 34 nam_apap102-2_213 New York State AFL-CIO Conference Report, 1961
nam_apap102-2_214 35-36 nam_apap102-2_214 New York State AFL-CIO Literature, 1971-1996, Undated
nam_apap102-2_215 37 nam_apap102-2_215 New York State Capital Labor Parade Program, Map, 1999
nam_apap102-2_216 38 nam_apap102-2_216 New York State Trooper File on Helen Quirini, 1951
nam_apap102-2_217 39 nam_apap102-2_217 News Clippings of Helen Quirini in Non-Labor Publications, 1947-1948, 1971, 1973
nam_apap102-2_218 40 nam_apap102-2_218 News of the Matles Case, 1956-1957
nam_apap102-2_219 41 nam_apap102-2_219 NLRB Lynn Election Campaign, 1953-1954, Undated
Oversized Folder
1 nam_apap102-2_220 6 nam_apap102-2_220 Notes Likely Created During Negotiations and Strike, 1969
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-2_221 42 nam_apap102-2_221 Notes Taken by Helen Quirini, 1953, 1957, 1992, Undated
20 nam_apap102-2_222 nam_apap102-2_222 Parliamentary Procedure, 1973 June 06
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-2_223 43 nam_apap102-2_223 Pay Rates, 1970, 1979, Undated
nam_apap102-2_224 44 nam_apap102-2_224 Personal Memories of 1966 Strike, 1967
nam_apap102-2_225 45 nam_apap102-2_225 Photo Album of Local 301 Strikes, Negotiations and Personnel, Undated
Box Folder
5 nam_apap102-2_226 1 nam_apap102-2_226 Photographs, 1952, 1974, Undated
nam_apap102-2_227 2 nam_apap102-2_227 Photographs of New Hall, Undated
nam_apap102-2_228 3 nam_apap102-2_228 Photographs of Old Hall, 1986, 1994, 1997
nam_apap102-2_229 4 nam_apap102-2_229 Photographs from UE-IUE Campaigns, 1953, Undated
nam_apap102-2_230 5 nam_apap102-2_230 PIC, Annual Reports and Notes, 1988, 1990-1992
nam_apap102-2_231 6 nam_apap102-2_231 PIC, Applications for Job Training Partnership Funding - [RESTRICTED], 1987 ***
nam_apap102-2_232 7 nam_apap102-2_232 PIC, Applications for Job Training Partnership Funding - [RESTRICTED], 1989 ***
nam_apap102-2_233 8 nam_apap102-2_233 PIC, Capital Region Service Delivery Area, Job Training Plan for the Period July 1988 to June 1990, 1988
nam_apap102-2_234 9 nam_apap102-2_234 PIC, Coordinator's Report, 1991
nam_apap102-2_235 10 nam_apap102-2_235 PIC, General Correspondence, 1985, 1987-1991, 1993
nam_apap102-2_236 11 nam_apap102-2_236 PIC, General Procedures for Proposal Submission, Undated
nam_apap102-2_237 12 nam_apap102-2_237 PIC, Helen Quirini Notes, Undated
nam_apap102-2_238 13-14 nam_apap102-2_238 PIC, Job Training Partnership Act, Biennial Community Job Training Plan, 1986
nam_apap102-2_239 15 nam_apap102-2_239 PIC, Labor Concurrence Committee, 1987, 1993, Undated
nam_apap102-2_240 16 nam_apap102-2_240 PIC, Meeting Minutes and Related Materials, 1981
nam_apap102-2_241 17 nam_apap102-2_241 PIC, Meeting Minutes and Related Materials, 1984
nam_apap102-2_242 18 nam_apap102-2_242 PIC, Meeting Minutes and Related Materials, 1985
nam_apap102-2_243 19 nam_apap102-2_243 PIC, Meeting Minutes and Related Materials, 1986
nam_apap102-2_244 20 nam_apap102-2_244 PIC, Meeting Minutes and Related Materials, 1987
nam_apap102-2_245 21 nam_apap102-2_245 PIC, Meeting Minutes and Related Materials, 1988
nam_apap102-2_246 22 nam_apap102-2_246 PIC, Meeting Minutes and Related Materials, 1989
nam_apap102-2_247 23 nam_apap102-2_247 PIC, Meeting Minutes and Related Materials, 1990
nam_apap102-2_248 24 nam_apap102-2_248 PIC, Meeting Minutes and Related Materials, 1991
nam_apap102-2_249 25 nam_apap102-2_249 PIC, Meeting Minutes and Related Materials, 1992
nam_apap102-2_250 26 nam_apap102-2_250 PIC, Meeting Minutes and Related Materials - [RESTRICTED], 1993 March-1993 June ***
nam_apap102-2_251 27 nam_apap102-2_251 PIC, Meeting Minutes and Related Materials - [RESTRICTED], 1993 September ***
nam_apap102-2_252 28 nam_apap102-2_252 PIC, Meeting Minutes and Related Materials - [RESTRICTED], 1993 November-1993 December ***
nam_apap102-2_253 29 nam_apap102-2_253 PIC, Meeting Minutes and Related Materials - [RESTRICTED], 1994 ***
nam_apap102-2_254 30 nam_apap102-2_254 PIC, Members List, 1988, 1992, Undated
nam_apap102-2_255 31 nam_apap102-2_255 PIC, Monitoring Committee, 1989
nam_apap102-2_256 32 nam_apap102-2_256 PIC, Program Status Reports, 1988
nam_apap102-2_257 33 nam_apap102-2_257 PIC, Publications, 1983, 1987-1988
nam_apap102-2_258 34 nam_apap102-2_258 PIC, Report on Youth in Schenectady County, 1993
nam_apap102-2_259 35 nam_apap102-2_259 PIC, Year-End Reports, 1987-1989
nam_apap102-2_260 36 nam_apap102-2_260 PIC, Youth Competency, 1984-1986
nam_apap102-2_261 37 nam_apap102-2_261 Picketing and Possible Strike News Clippings, 1969
nam_apap102-2_262 38 nam_apap102-2_262 Pita and Mangino Articles on Election, 1978
nam_apap102-2_263 39 nam_apap102-2_263 Preliminary Grievance Meetings, 1966
nam_apap102-2_264 40 nam_apap102-2_264 Quirini Candidacy for Local 301 Recording Secretary, 1946-1947, Undated
nam_apap102-2_265 41 nam_apap102-2_265 Reflections of Helen Quirini on GE and Unions, 1991, Undated
nam_apap102-2_266 42 nam_apap102-2_266 Report of the Committee on Labor and Social Legislation, Undated
nam_apap102-2_267 43 nam_apap102-2_267 Report to the IUE-GE Conference Board, 1958
nam_apap102-2_268 44 nam_apap102-2_268 Report to the UE-GE Conference Board, 1958
21 nam_apap102-2_269 nam_apap102-2_269 Russell Sage, 1992 September 16
Box Folder
6 nam_apap102-2_270 1-2 nam_apap102-2_270 Schenectady and Labor Movement News Clippings, 1981-1982, 1986-1991, 1994-1998
nam_apap102-2_271 3 nam_apap102-2_271 Schenectady and Labor Movement News Clippings, 1968-1970
nam_apap102-2_272 4 nam_apap102-2_272 Schenectady and Labor Movement News Clippings, 1971-1973, 1975, 1979
nam_apap102-2_273 5 nam_apap102-2_273 Schenectady and Labor Movement News Clippings, 1982-1984
nam_apap102-2_274 6 nam_apap102-2_274 Schenectady and Labor Movement News Clippings, 1985-1987
nam_apap102-2_275 7 nam_apap102-2_275 Schenectady and Labor Movement News Clippings, 1988, Undated
nam_apap102-2_276 8-9 nam_apap102-2_276 Schenectady Area Central Labor Council Education Program in Schenectady Schools, 1968-1971, Undated
nam_apap102-2_277 10 nam_apap102-2_277 Schenectady Area Central Labor Council Minute Book, 1974-1982
nam_apap102-2_278 11 nam_apap102-2_278 Schenectady Area Central Labor Council Photograph, Undated
13 nam_apap102-2_279 nam_apap102-2_279 Schenectady City Council Meeting, 2007 March 26
Box Folder
6 nam_apap102-2_280 12 nam_apap102-2_280 Schenectady County Local District Jobs Plan, 1992
nam_apap102-2_281 13 nam_apap102-2_281 Schenectady Job Training Agency, 1984, Undated
nam_apap102-2_282 14 nam_apap102-2_282 Schenectady Labor History, 1989, Undated
57 nam_apap102-2_283 nam_apap102-2_283 Searle, Health Care for Life, Undated
Box Folder
6 nam_apap102-2_284 15 nam_apap102-2_284 Shop Stewards Class, 1977, Undated
nam_apap102-2_285 16 nam_apap102-2_285 Shop Stewards Class, 1978
nam_apap102-2_286 17 nam_apap102-2_286 Shop Stewards Class, 1979, Undated
nam_apap102-2_287 18 nam_apap102-2_287 Shop Stewards Class Materials, 1976-1977, 1979-1980, Undated
nam_apap102-2_288 19 nam_apap102-2_288 Shop Stewards Training Class Graduation Certificate, 1973
nam_apap102-2_289 20 nam_apap102-2_289 The Shorter Work Week with 40 Hours Pay, Undated
nam_apap102-2_290 21 nam_apap102-2_290 Solidarity and Democracy: A Leadership Guide to UE History, 1990
6 nam_apap102-2_291 nam_apap102-2_291 Solidarity March (Washington D.C.) Album, 1981
Box Folder
6 nam_apap102-2_292 22 nam_apap102-2_292 Statement of the General Electric Board, Undated
nam_apap102-2_293 23 nam_apap102-2_293 Steward's Training Kit, Undated
6 nam_apap102-2_294 nam_apap102-2_294 Stockholders and Schenectady Meetings, Undated
Box Folder
6 nam_apap102-2_295 24 nam_apap102-2_295 The Story of Local 301 by Henry Antonelli and Helen Quirini, 1986-1988, 1990, Undated
nam_apap102-2_296 25 nam_apap102-2_296 The Story of Local 301 Drafts and Notes, 1987, Undated
nam_apap102-2_297 26-27 nam_apap102-2_297 The Story of Local 301 Galley Proofs, 1987, Undated
nam_apap102-2_298 28 nam_apap102-2_298 The Story of Local 301 Photographs, 1966, 1969, 1973, Undated
nam_apap102-2_299 29 nam_apap102-2_299 Stratton, Senator Samuel, 1974, 1982, 1986-1987, Undated
nam_apap102-2_300 30 nam_apap102-2_300 Subpoena for Helen Quirini to Appear Before McCarthy and Related Correspondence, 1954
nam_apap102-2_301 31 nam_apap102-2_301 SUO Industrial Lift Truck Driver Training Program, Undated
nam_apap102-2_302 32 nam_apap102-2_302 Taft-Hartley, 1948, 1953-1954, Undated
58 nam_apap102-2_303 nam_apap102-2_303 Tang Museum, Labor Unions, Undated
Box Folder
6 nam_apap102-2_304 33 nam_apap102-2_304 Tang Teaching Museum, Undated
nam_apap102-2_305 34 nam_apap102-2_305 Tribute to Billy Mastrianni by Helen Quirini and Serafina Pita, 1967
8 nam_apap102-2_306 nam_apap102-2_306 T-Shirts, Including Ones About Local 301, Undated
Box Folder
6 nam_apap102-2_307 35 nam_apap102-2_307 TV/Radio Scripts, 1948, 1951, 1953
Box Folder
7 nam_apap102-2_308 1 nam_apap102-2_308 TV/Radio Scripts, 1954, Undated
nam_apap102-2_309 2 nam_apap102-2_309 UE 56th International Convention Policy Handbook, 1991-1992
nam_apap102-2_310 3 nam_apap102-2_310 UE 301 A and O Bulletin, 1954, Undated
nam_apap102-2_311 4 nam_apap102-2_311 UE 301 Bldg. 60 Bulletin, 1954
nam_apap102-2_312 5 nam_apap102-2_312 UE 301 Electronic Flash, Building 269, Undated
nam_apap102-2_313 6 nam_apap102-2_313 UE 301 Gas Turbine News, the 49'er, 1954
nam_apap102-2_314 7 nam_apap102-2_314 UE 301 Industrial Control Newsletter, 1954
nam_apap102-2_315 8 nam_apap102-2_315 UE 301 Industrial Heating Bulletin, 1954
nam_apap102-2_316 9 nam_apap102-2_316 UE 301 Information Bulletin, 1954, Undated
nam_apap102-2_317 10 nam_apap102-2_317 UE 301 Power House Bulletin, 1954
nam_apap102-2_318 11 nam_apap102-2_318 UE 301 Race Track News, Undated
nam_apap102-2_319 12 nam_apap102-2_319 UE 301 Shop Workers Bulletin, 1954
nam_apap102-2_320 13 nam_apap102-2_320 UE 301 Toolmakers Bulletin, 1954
nam_apap102-2_321 14 nam_apap102-2_321 UE 301 Turbine Newsletter, 1954, Undated
nam_apap102-2_322 15 nam_apap102-2_322 UE Agreements with General Electric, 1938, 1940, 1944-1945
nam_apap102-2_323 16 nam_apap102-2_323 UE Agreements with General Electric, 1997-2000
Oversized Folder
4 nam_apap102-2_324 12 nam_apap102-2_324 UE and Communism News Clippings in Lynn, MA Newspapers, 1953
Box Folder
7 nam_apap102-2_325 17 nam_apap102-2_325 UE and IUE Local and National Contract Supplements, 1953, 1968, 1970, 1973, Undated
nam_apap102-2_326 18 nam_apap102-2_326 UE and IUE Negotiations with General Electric and Contract Information, 1954, 1958, 1962-1966, Undated
7 nam_apap102-2_327 nam_apap102-2_327 UE and IUE Publications, 1950 June 02-1954 December 22, 1955 August 12-1962 December 21
Box Folder
7 nam_apap102-2_328 19 nam_apap102-2_328 UE and Layoffs/Lacks of Jobs at General Electric, 1954, Undated
Oversized Folder
1 nam_apap102-2_329 7 nam_apap102-2_329 UE and McCarthyism, 1954, Undated
Box Folder
7 nam_apap102-2_330 20 nam_apap102-2_330 UE Annual Field Day Program, 1952
nam_apap102-2_331 21 nam_apap102-2_331 UE Annual Report and Directory, 1944-1945
nam_apap102-2_332 22 nam_apap102-2_332 UE Book Club, 1953
nam_apap102-2_333 23 nam_apap102-2_333 UE Collective Bargaining and Legislative Program for 1955, Undated
nam_apap102-2_334 24 nam_apap102-2_334 UE Constitution and By-Laws, 1947, 1950, 1952, 2002
nam_apap102-2_335 25 nam_apap102-2_335 UE Convention Addresses, 1946-1947
nam_apap102-2_336 26 nam_apap102-2_336 UE Convention Policy, 1959
nam_apap102-2_337 27 nam_apap102-2_337 UE Convention Proceedings, 1951
nam_apap102-2_338 28 nam_apap102-2_338 UE Convention Proceedings, 1952
nam_apap102-2_339 29 nam_apap102-2_339 UE Convention Proceedings, 1953
nam_apap102-2_340 30 nam_apap102-2_340 UE Convention Proceedings, 1954
nam_apap102-2_341 31 nam_apap102-2_341 UE Conventions, Important Actions, 1948
nam_apap102-2_342 32 nam_apap102-2_342 UE Conventions, Proposed Resolutions and Constitutional Amendments, 1948
nam_apap102-2_343 33 nam_apap102-2_343 UE Conventions, Proposed Resolutions and Constitutional Amendments, 1949, 1951
nam_apap102-2_344 34 nam_apap102-2_344 UE Conventions, Proposed Resolutions and Constitutional Amendments, 1952
nam_apap102-2_345 35 nam_apap102-2_345 UE Conventions, Proposed Resolutions and Constitutional Amendments, 1954
nam_apap102-2_346 36 nam_apap102-2_346 UE Conventions, Resolutions, Undated
nam_apap102-2_347 37 nam_apap102-2_347 UE Conventions, Summaries, 1948-1951, 1953
nam_apap102-2_348 38 nam_apap102-2_348 UE Correspondence, 1952, Undated
nam_apap102-2_349 39 nam_apap102-2_349 UE District Three Council Minutes, Reports, Correspondence, 1953-1954, Undated
nam_apap102-2_350 40 nam_apap102-2_350 UE Fact Sheets and Bulletins about Red Baiting, McCarthyism and Anti-Communist Bills, Undated
nam_apap102-2_351 41 nam_apap102-2_351 UE Financial Reports, 1947, 1953
nam_apap102-2_352 42 nam_apap102-2_352 UE Guide to Fair Practices, Undated
59 nam_apap102-2_353 nam_apap102-2_353 UE, Leading the Fight, A History of Action, Undated
Box Folder
7 nam_apap102-2_354 43 nam_apap102-2_354 UE Literature, 1944-1948
nam_apap102-2_355 44-45 nam_apap102-2_355 UE Literature, 1951-1954, Undated
nam_apap102-2_356 46 nam_apap102-2_356 UE Local 301 Constitution and By-Laws, 1939, 1947, 1949, 1953
nam_apap102-2_357 47 nam_apap102-2_357 UE Local 301 Large Motor and Generator News, Undated
nam_apap102-2_358 48 nam_apap102-2_358 UE Local 301 Report to Membership, 1948
Box Folder
8 nam_apap102-2_359 1 nam_apap102-2_359 UE Local 332, Fort Edward GE, 1982-1983
Oversized Folder
4 nam_apap102-2_360 14 nam_apap102-2_360 UE Materials About Generla Electric and McCarthyism, Undated
Box Folder
8 nam_apap102-2_361 2 nam_apap102-2_361 UE Memorabilia, Undated
Oversized Folder
4 nam_apap102-2_362 13 nam_apap102-2_362 UE Propaganda About IUE/UE Switch, 1954, Undated
Box Folder
8 nam_apap102-2_363 3 nam_apap102-2_363 UE Radio Broadcast Reproductions, 1953-1954
nam_apap102-2_364 4 nam_apap102-2_364 UE Record of Gains at General Electric, 1954
nam_apap102-2_365 5 nam_apap102-2_365 UE Reports of General Officers, 1948-1951
nam_apap102-2_366 6 nam_apap102-2_366 UE Reports of General Officers, 1952-1953, 1959, 1961
nam_apap102-2_367 7 nam_apap102-2_367 UEThe Schenectady Story, 1952
nam_apap102-2_368 8 nam_apap102-2_368 UE Shop Steward Manuals and Memoranda, 1945, 1948, 1952, Undated
nam_apap102-2_369 9 nam_apap102-2_369 UE Steward, 1948-1949, 1952-1954
nam_apap102-2_370 10 nam_apap102-2_370 Union Politics, Justice Slate, 1978-1979, Undated
nam_apap102-2_371 11 nam_apap102-2_371 Union Politics, Little Men Slate, 1956, Undated
nam_apap102-2_372 12 nam_apap102-2_372 Union Politics, Membership Slate, 1968, Undated
nam_apap102-2_373 13 nam_apap102-2_373 Union Politics, Reform Slate, Undated
nam_apap102-2_374 14 nam_apap102-2_374 Union Politics, True Union Slate, Undated
nam_apap102-2_375 15 nam_apap102-2_375 Union Politics, Unity Union Slate, 1970-1971, 1980, 1982, Undated
Oversized Folder
1 nam_apap102-2_376 8 nam_apap102-2_376 Union Posters, Undated
22 nam_apap102-2_377 nam_apap102-2_377 Union Retiree, Undated
Box Folder
8 nam_apap102-2_378 16 nam_apap102-2_378 Union Songs, 1951, Undated
nam_apap102-2_379 17 nam_apap102-2_379 University Without Walls, 1973, Undated
Box Folder
9 nam_apap102-2_380 1 nam_apap102-2_380 U.S. Department of Labor Literature, 1956, 1967, 1970
nam_apap102-2_381 2 nam_apap102-2_381 Voting Schedule, UE Local 301, Undated
nam_apap102-2_382 3 nam_apap102-2_382 Wallace, Henry, 1948, Undated
nam_apap102-2_383 4 nam_apap102-2_383 What to do About Communism in Unions by L.R. Boulware, 1952
nam_apap102-2_384 5 nam_apap102-2_384 Work Chronology for Helen Quirini, Undated
23 nam_apap102-2_385 nam_apap102-2_385 Zahavi, 1992 August 24
nam_apap102-3 Series 3: Women and Work, 1942-2009, Undated - 2.9  cubic ft.
Arranged alphabetically.
This series deals with the specific issue of women's rights and representation in the workplace and union. It contains significant materials, including correspondence, agendas, resolutions and news clippings, about UE and IUE women's conferences (both national and regional), educational programs and committees. Helen Quirini attended and spoke at many of these events and her handwritten notes are often included among the materials. Subject files discuss such topics as equal pay for equal work, automation, pay rates and the Equal Rights Amendment. There are files with records from speaking events featuring Quirini, Quirini's notes from the shop floor on the treatment of women and her later writings about the discrimination she encountered at General Electric as a female employee. In addition, there is UE, IUE, AFL-CIO and U.S. Department of Labor literature on women workers collected by Quirini.
Quirini was active in the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW). She attended its founding conference in Chicago in 1974 and many subsequent national conferences and was involved in its Capital District chapter during the 1980s. The nonpartisan CLUW brought together women from various trade unions to address shared concerns to common problems. It remains the only national organization for women workers in the United States.
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-3_1 1 nam_apap102-3_1 Abortion Rights and Working Women, 1983, Undated
nam_apap102-3_2 2 nam_apap102-3_2 AFL-CIO and CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women), 1975, 1977, 1979
nam_apap102-3_3 3 nam_apap102-3_3 AFSCME and AFL-CIO Literature on Women, 1971, Undated
nam_apap102-3_4 4 nam_apap102-3_4 Automation and Women Workers, 1970, Undated
nam_apap102-3_5 5 nam_apap102-3_5 Business and Professional Women's Clubs, 1983, 1986-1990, Undated
7 nam_apap102-3_6 nam_apap102-3_6 Buttons and Ribbons, Including Ones About International Women's Year, Working Women, Women in Unions, 1975, Undated
24 nam_apap102-3_7 nam_apap102-3_7 Channel 17, Equal Rights Amendment, Women's Movement, 1975
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-3_8 6 nam_apap102-3_8 CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women) Boycott of J.P. Stevens, Textile Products, 1977, Undated
nam_apap102-3_9 7 nam_apap102-3_9 CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women) Capital District, 1976, 1981, 1984, Undated
nam_apap102-3_10 8 nam_apap102-3_10 CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women) Chapter Presidents, 1983
nam_apap102-3_11 9 nam_apap102-3_11 CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women) Constitutions and Constitutional Convention, 1975, Undated
nam_apap102-3_12 10 nam_apap102-3_12 CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women) Delegated Convention Proposal, 1977
nam_apap102-3_13 11 nam_apap102-3_13 CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women) Elections, 1975-1976, 1982-1983, 1991, Undated
nam_apap102-3_14 12 nam_apap102-3_14 CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women) First Biennial Convention, 1979, Undated
nam_apap102-3_15 13 nam_apap102-3_15 CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women) Founding Conference, 1974, Undated
nam_apap102-3_16 14 nam_apap102-3_16 CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women) General Correspondence, 1975-1977, 1979, 1982, Undated
nam_apap102-3_17 15 nam_apap102-3_17 CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women) Literature, 1974, 1976, Undated
nam_apap102-3_18 16 nam_apap102-3_18 CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women) Membership and Recruitment, 1976, 1987, Undated
nam_apap102-3_19 17 nam_apap102-3_19 CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women) New Jersey, 1974-1975, 1979, Undated
nam_apap102-3_20 18 nam_apap102-3_20 CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women) New York, 1976
nam_apap102-3_21 19 nam_apap102-3_21 CLUW News, 1975-1979, 1982-1985
nam_apap102-3_22 20 nam_apap102-3_22 CLUW News, 1986-1991
nam_apap102-3_23 21 nam_apap102-3_23 CLUW News, 1992-1996, 1999
nam_apap102-3_24 22 nam_apap102-3_24 CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women) Rank and File Caucus, Undated
nam_apap102-3_25 23 nam_apap102-3_25 CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women) Resolutions Approved by National Coordinating Committee, 1974-1975
nam_apap102-3_26 24 nam_apap102-3_26 CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women) Third Biennial Convention, 1984
nam_apap102-3_27 25 nam_apap102-3_27 Committee for a Class Struggle CLUW (Coalition of Labor Union Women), Undated
nam_apap102-3_28 26 nam_apap102-3_28 "Discrimination GE Style for 29 Years," Submitted by Helen Quirini to Beating Our Wings, 1997
nam_apap102-3_29 27 nam_apap102-3_29 Education Program for Union Women, 1977
nam_apap102-3_30 28 nam_apap102-3_30 Electrical Union News Articles About Women in the Workplace, Especially Pay Rates, 1942-1945, 1947, 1952-1954
8 nam_apap102-3_31 nam_apap102-3_31 Emily Skidmore, Making Room for Many Worlds, Undated
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-3_32 29 nam_apap102-3_32 Equal Employment Opportunities and Sex Discrimination Laws, 1966-1979, Undated
nam_apap102-3_33 30 nam_apap102-3_33 Equal Pay, 1970, 1981, Undated
nam_apap102-3_34 31 nam_apap102-3_34 Equal Rights Amendment and Labor, 1970, 1973, 1975-1981, Undated
nam_apap102-3_35 32 nam_apap102-3_35 Everywoman's Day Program, College of St. Rose, 1981
nam_apap102-3_36 33 nam_apap102-3_36 Facts on Women Workers, Undated
nam_apap102-3_37 34 nam_apap102-3_37 Female Distribution by Job Rate at General Electric, 1970, 1973, 1975-1980, Undated
nam_apap102-3_38 35 nam_apap102-3_38 Fliers about Women Workers and Sex Discrimination, Undated
nam_apap102-3_39 36 nam_apap102-3_39 "The Fight for Women Workers' Rights," by UE District Councils Four and Eleven, 1952
nam_apap102-3_40 37 nam_apap102-3_40 General Correspondence About Women and Work, 1970, 1976, 1983, 1995, 1997
nam_apap102-3_41 38 nam_apap102-3_41 Histories of UE and IUE in fight for Women's Rights, 1996, 2003, 2009, Undated
nam_apap102-3_42 39 nam_apap102-3_42 It's Our Economy, Isn't It? Conference, 1993
nam_apap102-3_43 40 nam_apap102-3_43 IUE Anti-Discrimination Efforts at General Electric, 1973, 1975-1976, Undated
nam_apap102-3_44 41 nam_apap102-3_44 IUE Constitutional Convention Resolutions on Working Women and International Women's Year, 1967-1969, 1973-1974
nam_apap102-3_45 42 nam_apap102-3_45 IUE Discrimination Legal Guide, 1976, Undated
nam_apap102-3_46 43 nam_apap102-3_46 IUE District Three Annual Women's Conference, 1970
nam_apap102-3_47 44 nam_apap102-3_47 IUE District Three First Women's Conference, 1969
nam_apap102-3_48 45 nam_apap102-3_48 IUE District Three Women's Conference, 1971
nam_apap102-3_49 46 nam_apap102-3_49 IUE District Three Women's Conference, 1973
nam_apap102-3_50 47 nam_apap102-3_50 IUE District Three Women's Conference, 1980
nam_apap102-3_51 48 nam_apap102-3_51 IUE District Three Women's Conference Resolutions, Undated
nam_apap102-3_52 49 nam_apap102-3_52 IUE Districts One and Three Salute to Women, Including Helen Quirini Certificate, 1974, Undated
Oversized Folder
1 nam_apap102-3_53 9 nam_apap102-3_53 IUE History of Helping Working Women inThe IUE News , 1986
Oversized Folder
3 nam_apap102-3_54 2 nam_apap102-3_54 IUE News "The Woman Worker and the IUE", 1975
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-3_55 50 nam_apap102-3_55 IUE Northeast Regional Social Action and Women's Conference, 1974
nam_apap102-3_56 51 nam_apap102-3_56 IUE Northeast Regional Social Action and Women's Conference, 1976
nam_apap102-3_57 52 nam_apap102-3_57 IUE Statistics on Women Workers and Related Questionnaire Completed by Helen Quirini, 1972, Undated
nam_apap102-3_58 53 nam_apap102-3_58 IUE Women's Conference, 1980
nam_apap102-3_59 54 nam_apap102-3_59 IUE Women's Council, Undated
nam_apap102-3_60 55 nam_apap102-3_60 IUE/UE Switch, IUE Propaganda for Women, Undated
nam_apap102-3_61 56 nam_apap102-3_61 IUE/UE Switch, UE Propaganda for Women, 1954, Undated
nam_apap102-3_62 57 nam_apap102-3_62 "The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter" Program with Helen Quirini, 1991
nam_apap102-3_63 58 nam_apap102-3_63 Minutes of General Electric and IUE Meeting on discrimination of Women, 1969
nam_apap102-3_64 59 nam_apap102-3_64 National Commission on Working Women, 1975-1979
nam_apap102-3_65 60 nam_apap102-3_65 National Commission on the International Women's Year, 1975
nam_apap102-3_66 61 nam_apap102-3_66 National Commission on Working WomenWomen at Work Newsletters, 1983-1986, 1988-1992, Undated
nam_apap102-3_67 62 nam_apap102-3_67 "Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman", 1953
nam_apap102-3_68 63 nam_apap102-3_68 New York State Department of Labor Report on Women in Jobs, 1957
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-3_69 1 nam_apap102-3_69 New York State Women's Unit/Conference and Meeting, 1967, 1970-1971, 1977
nam_apap102-3_70 2 nam_apap102-3_70 News Clippings About or Mentioning Helen Quirini, 1952-1953, 1970-1971, 1995, Undated
nam_apap102-3_71 3 nam_apap102-3_71 Notes from Helen Quirini on Women and Work, Undated
nam_apap102-3_72 4 nam_apap102-3_72 Organization Matters: Early UE Experiences Fighting the Economic Exploitation of Women Workers by Carol Lambiase, 2002
25 nam_apap102-3_73 nam_apap102-3_73 Paradoxical Impact, Lisa, 1991
26 nam_apap102-3_74 nam_apap102-3_74 Paradoxical Impact of the Cold War on Women's Trade Union, 1991 October
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-3_75 5 nam_apap102-3_75 Pay Rate Data for Helen Quirini, 1953-1970, Undated
nam_apap102-3_76 6 nam_apap102-3_76 Pay Rates at General Electric, 1948, 1972, 1975, Undated
27 nam_apap102-3_77 nam_apap102-3_77 Rosie the Riveter, Panel Discussion, Undated
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-3_78 7 nam_apap102-3_78 Shop Floor Notes by Helen Quirini on Issues Affecting Women and Discrimination, 1954, 1973-1974
60 nam_apap102-3_79 nam_apap102-3_79 Significant Women, Rutgers College, 1998 May
61 nam_apap102-3_80 nam_apap102-3_80 Significant Women, Union College, 1998 April 03-1998 April 04
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-3_81 8 nam_apap102-3_81 Speaking Events Featuring Helen Quirini, Undated
nam_apap102-3_82 9 nam_apap102-3_82 Statements by IUE on Equal Employment Opportunity, 1966-1967
nam_apap102-3_83 10 nam_apap102-3_83 Survey of Women Workers, Possibly at General Electric, Undated
nam_apap102-3_84 11 nam_apap102-3_84 Trade Union Women's Studies, Cornell University, 1971, 1976, 1984, Undated
nam_apap102-3_85 12 nam_apap102-3_85 UE 1st National Conference on the Problems of Working Women, 1953, Undated
nam_apap102-3_86 13 nam_apap102-3_86 UE 2nd National Conference on the Problems of Working Women, 1954, 2007, Undated
nam_apap102-3_87 14 nam_apap102-3_87 UE 4th National Conference on the Problems of Working Women, 1956
nam_apap102-3_88 15 nam_apap102-3_88 UE Conference on Women's Rates in GE, 1953, Undated
Oversized Folder
1 nam_apap102-3_89 10 nam_apap102-3_89 UE District 11 Women's Conference, 1952
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-3_90 16 nam_apap102-3_90 UE District Four Conference for Women's Rights, 1952
nam_apap102-3_91 17 nam_apap102-3_91 UE District Three Women's Conference, 1952
Oversized Folder
1 nam_apap102-3_92 11 nam_apap102-3_92 UE History of Fighting Discrimination in UE News, 1976
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-3_93 18 nam_apap102-3_93 UE Literature About Women, 1952-1953, 1971, Undated
nam_apap102-3_94 19 nam_apap102-3_94 UE Local 301, Women's Committee Meetings, 1946, 1953, Undated
nam_apap102-3_95 20 nam_apap102-3_95 UE National Fair Practices Committee, 1954, Undated
nam_apap102-3_96 21 nam_apap102-3_96 UE National Women's Conference, 2003
28 nam_apap102-3_97 nam_apap102-3_97 UE Women's Conference, Helen Quirini Speech, 1954 May 15
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-3_98 22 nam_apap102-3_98 Union Proposal for Re-Slotting of Women's Jobs at GE Euclid Lamp, 1953
nam_apap102-3_99 23 nam_apap102-3_99 U.S. Department of Labor Handbook of Facts on Women Workers, 1950, 1952
nam_apap102-3_100 24 nam_apap102-3_100 U.S. Department of Labor Handbook on Women Workers, 1969
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-3_101 1 nam_apap102-3_101 U.S. Department of Labor Literature on Women, 1942, 1944-1945
nam_apap102-3_102 2 nam_apap102-3_102 U.S. Department of Labor Literature on Women, 1951-1956
nam_apap102-3_103 3 nam_apap102-3_103 U.S. Department of Labor Literature on Women, 1965, 1967-1970
nam_apap102-3_104 4 nam_apap102-3_104 U.S. Department of Labor Literature on Women, 1971-1973
nam_apap102-3_105 5 nam_apap102-3_105 U.S. Department of Labor Literature on Women, 1976-1980
nam_apap102-3_106 6 nam_apap102-3_106 U.S. Department of Labor Literature on Women, Undated
nam_apap102-3_107 7 nam_apap102-3_107 Virginia Slims American Women's Opinion Poll, 1980
15 nam_apap102-3_108 nam_apap102-3_108 Women of Achievement, 2007 April 10
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-3_109 8 nam_apap102-3_109 Women in the Economy, Human Productivity and the Nature of Work Conference, 1976
nam_apap102-3_110 9 nam_apap102-3_110 Women in the IUE, 1967
62 nam_apap102-3_111 nam_apap102-3_111 Women in Service, Undated
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-3_112 10 nam_apap102-3_112 Women Returning to Work Conference, 1981
nam_apap102-3_113 11 nam_apap102-3_113 Women's Anticipated Earning Rate Case, 1947, Undated
63 nam_apap102-3_114 nam_apap102-3_114 Women's Conference, 1950
64 nam_apap102-3_115 nam_apap102-3_115 Women's History Month, Shirley Chisolm, 1988 March
9 nam_apap102-3_116 nam_apap102-3_116 Women's Rights, Women Won't Take No for an Answer, Undated
65 nam_apap102-3_117 nam_apap102-3_117 Women's Suffrage, Undated
66 nam_apap102-3_118 nam_apap102-3_118 UE Women's Leadership Roundtable, 2003 August 26
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-3_119 12 nam_apap102-3_119 Young, Ruth, 1943, 2004, Undated
nam_apap102-4 Series 4: Labor Newspapers, 1917-1987, Undated - 3.2  cubic ft.  plus 9 microfilm reels
Arranged chronologically by publication.
This series contains both labor union and General Electric newspapers collected by Helen Quirini while employed at General Electric and during her retirement. The newspapers include publications of other local unions, regional groups and national organizations. Newspaper clippings about or mentioning Quirini as well as articles discussing key topics like the IUE/UE split, strikes and McCarthyism may be found in Series 2. Clippings about pension rights and retiree demonstrations may be found in Series 5.
Issues of UE Local 301 News and IUE Local 301 News, the newspapers of Local 301, are available in microfilm, paper and electronic format in the records of IUE Local 301, APAP-023.
1 nam_apap102-4_1 nam_apap102-4_1 General Electric Works News, 1917 January-1922 March 02
2 nam_apap102-4_2 nam_apap102-4_2 General Electric Works News, 1922 January 06-1925 June 19
3 nam_apap102-4_3 nam_apap102-4_3 General Electric Works News, 1925 July 03-1928 March 16
4 nam_apap102-4_4 nam_apap102-4_4 General Electric Works News, 1928 April 06-1929 December 20
5 nam_apap102-4_5 nam_apap102-4_5 General Electric Works News, 1930 January 03-1939 December 29
6 nam_apap102-4_6 nam_apap102-4_6 General Electric Works News, 1940 January 05-1944 December 29
7 nam_apap102-4_7 nam_apap102-4_7 General Electric Works News, 1945 January 05-1950 December 29
8 nam_apap102-4_8 nam_apap102-4_8 General Electric Works News, 1951 January 05-1954 December 17
9 nam_apap102-4_9 nam_apap102-4_9 General Electric Works News, 1955 January 07-1960 December 22
Oversized Folder
9 nam_apap102-4_10 1 nam_apap102-4_10 UE News, Local 201, Lynn, Massachusetts, 1953
nam_apap102-4_11 2 nam_apap102-4_11 Union News; Erie Erie, Pennsylvania, 1954
nam_apap102-4_12 3 nam_apap102-4_12 UE Local 107 News, 1954
nam_apap102-4_13 4 nam_apap102-4_13 General Electric NewsSchenectady, New York. Originals, 1953, 1958-1960, 1966-1971, 1973-1983, 1986-1987
Oversized Folder
10 nam_apap102-4_14 1 nam_apap102-4_14 District Three Leader, 1968-1971, 1973-1976, 1978-1985
Oversized Folder
11 nam_apap102-4_15 1 nam_apap102-4_15 AFL-CIO News, 1970, 1975, 1978-1982
nam_apap102-4_16 2 nam_apap102-4_16 Capitol Area Labor News, 1968-1971, 1973, 1975
Oversized Folder
12 nam_apap102-4_17 1 nam_apap102-4_17 UE News (National), 1971 September 15-1971 October 18
Oversized Folder
13 nam_apap102-4_18 1 nam_apap102-4_18 UE News (National), 1972 June 26-1975 December 15
Oversized Folder
14 nam_apap102-4_19 1 nam_apap102-4_19 UE News (National), 1976 January 05-1977 December 05
Oversized Folder
15 nam_apap102-4_20 1 nam_apap102-4_20 UE News (National), 1978 January 09-1979 December 03
Oversized Folder
16 nam_apap102-4_21 1 nam_apap102-4_21 UE News (National), 1980 January 07-1982 September 13
nam_apap102-5 Series 5: General Electric, 1918-2007, Undated - 6.88  cubic ft.
Arranged alphabetically.
This series contains a wide variety of materials pertaining to General Electric, especially its operations in Schenectady where Helen Quirini worked from 1941 until 1980. There are files related to GE's corporate and administrative operations, such as annual reports and benefits information, materials illustrating Quirini's participation in the GE Athletic Association and her work with the Share Fund, and a scrapbook created by Quirini of the history of GE in Schenectady. Of interest to researchers may be files addressing work at GE during World War II, materials from the GE Apprentice Alumni Association and publications issued by GE.
A significant number of files discuss GE retirees and their fights to secure better pensions, especially cost-of-living allowances. As a president and member of the Local 301 Retirees Council and a founding member of the GE Retirees Justice Fund, Quirini was active and extremely outspoken for the rights of retirees during the last 30 years of her life. This series documents her efforts in this fight, including picketing at GE offices and annual meetings, organizing rallies, introducing shareholder proposals and addressing GE executives at the annual meeting, corresponding with Jack Welch and Jeffrey Immelt during their respective tenures as chairman of the board and chief executive officer of GE and conducting media outreach. As a result, she was featured in many news articles and playwright Gail George created a one woman show in 1999 about Quirini's struggles for retiree rights with GE management, entitled Helen and Jack. There are several folders about the play Helen and Jack. Correspondence documenting Quirini's friendship with George as well as video of George's performances also are in the series.
This series features correspondence, news clippings, photographs, subject files, pamphlets, pay stubs, reports, background materials, manuals, speeches, audio/video, news releases and media advisories.
Please see Series 2 and 3 for more information about Quirini's labor union experiences while working at GE.
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-5_1 1 nam_apap102-5_1 2 Day Strike over Health, 2003
nam_apap102-5_2 2 nam_apap102-5_2 13th Pension Check, 2003
nam_apap102-5_3 3 nam_apap102-5_3 40th Anniversary Celebration, Schenectady Works Apprentice Alumni Association, 1941
nam_apap102-5_4 4 nam_apap102-5_4 60th Anniversary Celebration, Schenectady GE Apprentice Alumni Association, 1973
nam_apap102-5_5 5 nam_apap102-5_5 70th Anniversary Celebration, Schenectady GE Apprentice Alumni Association, 1983
nam_apap102-5_6 6 nam_apap102-5_6 A.C. Stevens Letter re: Work Stoppage, 1956 September 20
29 nam_apap102-5_7 nam_apap102-5_7 Adrian Braetens (Marion), Undated
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-5_8 7 nam_apap102-5_8 AFL-CIO Retirees, 1986, Undated
16 nam_apap102-5_9 nam_apap102-5_9 Anne P./Helen Rally, 2007
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-5_10 8 nam_apap102-5_10 Annual Meeting, Agenda, Report and Notes, 2000, 2008
nam_apap102-5_11 9 nam_apap102-5_11 Annual Meeting, Shareholder Proposals, 1977, 1999-2008, 2010, Undated
nam_apap102-5_12 10 nam_apap102-5_12 Annual Meeting, News Clips, 1997-1999, 2001-2009, Undated
nam_apap102-5_13 11 nam_apap102-5_13 Annual Meeting, Notices and Proxy Statements, 2003, 2005
nam_apap102-5_14 12-13 nam_apap102-5_14 Annual Meeting, Speeches, 1983-2003, Undated
nam_apap102-5_15 14 nam_apap102-5_15 Annual Reports, 1975-1979
nam_apap102-5_16 15 nam_apap102-5_16 Annual Reports, 1982-1983
nam_apap102-5_17 16 nam_apap102-5_17 Annual Reports, 1984-1985
nam_apap102-5_18 17 nam_apap102-5_18 Annual Reports, 1986-1987
nam_apap102-5_19 18 nam_apap102-5_19 Annual Reports, 1988-1989
nam_apap102-5_20 19 nam_apap102-5_20 Annual Reports, 1990
nam_apap102-5_21 20 nam_apap102-5_21 Annual Reports, 1991
nam_apap102-5_22 21 nam_apap102-5_22 Annual Reports, 1992
nam_apap102-5_23 22 nam_apap102-5_23 Annual Reports, 1993
nam_apap102-5_24 23 nam_apap102-5_24 Annual Reports, 1994
nam_apap102-5_25 24 nam_apap102-5_25 Annual Reports, 1995
nam_apap102-5_26 25 nam_apap102-5_26 Annual Reports, 1996-1998
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-5_27 1 nam_apap102-5_27 Annual Reports, 1999-2000
nam_apap102-5_28 2 nam_apap102-5_28 Annual Reports, 2001-2002
nam_apap102-5_29 3 nam_apap102-5_29 Annual Reports, 2004-2005
nam_apap102-5_30 4 nam_apap102-5_30 Annual Reports, 2006
nam_apap102-5_31 5 nam_apap102-5_31 Antonelli, Hank, 1994, 1998, 2004, Undated
nam_apap102-5_32 6 nam_apap102-5_32 Application and Wage Data, 1967, 1970, 1977, Undated
nam_apap102-5_33 7 nam_apap102-5_33 Badges for Employees, Undated
nam_apap102-5_34 8-9 nam_apap102-5_34 Benefits for Retirees, 1982-1999, Undated
nam_apap102-5_35 10 nam_apap102-5_35 Benefits Pamphlets, 1966, 1970, 1973, 1976-1977
nam_apap102-5_36 11 nam_apap102-5_36 Benefits Pamphlets, 1979-1980
nam_apap102-5_37 12 nam_apap102-5_37 Benefits Pamphlets, Undated
nam_apap102-5_38 13 nam_apap102-5_38 Benefits Update, 1997-2000, Undated
30 nam_apap102-5_39 nam_apap102-5_39 Bessie Hunt and Edna Miller Interview on GE, by Gerald Zahavi and Elizabeth Griffin, 1992 August 24
7 nam_apap102-5_40 nam_apap102-5_40 Buttons and Ribbons, Including Ones About Pension Rights, 1994, Undated
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-5_41 14 nam_apap102-5_41 Carey, Jim, 1988, 1991, Undated
17 nam_apap102-5_42 nam_apap102-5_42 CDC Retiree Leadership Meeting, 2007 March 15
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-5_43 15 nam_apap102-5_43 City and State Resolutions about Pensions, Layoffs and GE, 1954, 1986-2004, Undated
67 nam_apap102-5_44 nam_apap102-5_44 City Council Resolution, GE, Undated
68 nam_apap102-5_45 nam_apap102-5_45 City Council Meeting on GE, 2007 March 26
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-5_46 16 nam_apap102-5_46 Class Action, 1955, Undated
nam_apap102-5_47 17 nam_apap102-5_47 Class Action 401(K), 2006
nam_apap102-5_48 18 nam_apap102-5_48 Class Action-Other Information, 1944-1995
nam_apap102-5_49 19 nam_apap102-5_49 Coalition for Pension Security, 1997-1999, Undated
69 nam_apap102-5_50 nam_apap102-5_50 Company Town (Helen Quirini), Undated
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-5_51 20 nam_apap102-5_51 Constitution and By-Laws, GE Apprentice Alumni Association, 1951, 1964, 1974
nam_apap102-5_52 21 nam_apap102-5_52 Contract Proposal, 1960
nam_apap102-5_53 22 nam_apap102-5_53 Correspondence, 1979-1989, Undated
nam_apap102-5_54 23 nam_apap102-5_54 Correspondence, 1990-2000
nam_apap102-5_55 24 nam_apap102-5_55 Correspondence, 2001-1005, Undated
nam_apap102-5_56 25 nam_apap102-5_56 Correspondence, 2006-2007
nam_apap102-5_57 26 nam_apap102-5_57 Correspondence, 2008-2010, Undated
nam_apap102-5_58 27 nam_apap102-5_58 Current News, 1973-1975
nam_apap102-5_59 28 nam_apap102-5_59 Declines in Percentage in Hourly Workers, 1978
nam_apap102-5_60 29 nam_apap102-5_60 Directory of Graduates, 50th Anniversary Apprentice Training Courses Schenectady Works, 1951
nam_apap102-5_61 30 nam_apap102-5_61 Discrimination Literature, 1954, 1972, 1974, 1978
nam_apap102-5_62 31 nam_apap102-5_62 Divorce (Jack Welch), 2002-2003, 2005-2006
31 nam_apap102-5_63 nam_apap102-5_63 Dom Pitucci, 1999 July 19
32 nam_apap102-5_64 nam_apap102-5_64 Donald Dietz, 1999 July 23
33 nam_apap102-5_65 nam_apap102-5_65 Edna Miller, 1998 January 25
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-5_66 32 nam_apap102-5_66 Employees Community Service Fund, Undated
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-5_67 1 nam_apap102-5_67 Employees Share Fund, 1972-1977, 1987, Undated
nam_apap102-5_68 2 nam_apap102-5_68 Erie Graduate Apprentice, 50th Anniversary, 1960
nam_apap102-5_69 3 nam_apap102-5_69 Fast for New York's Working Poor, 2000, Undated
18 nam_apap102-5_70 nam_apap102-5_70 Frankly Speaking, 2009 September 24
70 nam_apap102-5_71 nam_apap102-5_71 Frankly Speaking, GE Pension, 2000 April 10
19 nam_apap102-5_72 nam_apap102-5_72 Gail George, Bennington Center, 1998 August 22
20 nam_apap102-5_73 nam_apap102-5_73 Gail George Talks, Undated
71 nam_apap102-5_74 nam_apap102-5_74 Gail George Talks about Communicating through Performance Art, Undated
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-5_75 4 nam_apap102-5_75 GEAA, 1943-1945, Undated
72 nam_apap102-5_76 nam_apap102-5_76 GE Annual Meeting, Picketing, Schenectady, 2005 April 27
73 nam_apap102-5_77 nam_apap102-5_77 GE Annual Meeting, Plantgate-Demo, 1999 April 21
74 nam_apap102-5_78 nam_apap102-5_78 GE Annual Meeting, Rally, 2003 April
10 nam_apap102-5_79 nam_apap102-5_79 GE Annual Report, 2003
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-5_80 5 nam_apap102-5_80 GE Apprentice Alumni Association, 1951-1959, 1963-1965, Undated
nam_apap102-5_81 6 nam_apap102-5_81 GE Apprentice Alumni Association, 1969-1987
Oversized Folder
1 nam_apap102-5_82 12 nam_apap102-5_82 GE Apprentice Alumni Posters for Dinner Dance, 1943, 1951
76 nam_apap102-5_83 nam_apap102-5_83 GE Benefits Seminar, 1991 November 13-1991 November 15
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-5_84 7 nam_apap102-5_84 GE Contract, 2000
nam_apap102-5_85 8 nam_apap102-5_85 GE Corporate Annual Meeting, Independent Board Chairman Proposals and Related Materials, 1997, 1999, 2002-2009, Undated
75 nam_apap102-5_86 nam_apap102-5_86 GE Demonstration, 1995 June 15
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-5_87 9 nam_apap102-5_87 GE During World War II, 1991
Oversized Folder
1 nam_apap102-5_88 13 nam_apap102-5_88 General Electric 75th Anniversary Issue of the Schenectady Union-Star, 1953
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-5_89 10 nam_apap102-5_89 George, Gail, 2000, 2006, 2008, Undated
nam_apap102-5_90 11 nam_apap102-5_90 George, Gail, Correspondence including Helen and Jack Script, 1997-2000
nam_apap102-5_91 12 nam_apap102-5_91 George, Gail, Correspondence, 2001-2007, Undated
nam_apap102-5_92 13 nam_apap102-5_92 GE-Cartoons, Undated
nam_apap102-5_93 14 nam_apap102-5_93 Golden Anniversary Celebration, General Electric Apprentice Alumni Association Schenectady, 1963
77 nam_apap102-5_94 nam_apap102-5_94 GE Global Success, American Tragedy, Undated
78 nam_apap102-5_95 nam_apap102-5_95 GE Locomotive Co, World War II, Undated
79 nam_apap102-5_96 nam_apap102-5_96 GE Medicare PLUS, Undated
Oversized Folder
3 nam_apap102-5_97 3 nam_apap102-5_97 GE Pensioners' Picket Sign, Undated
21 nam_apap102-5_98 nam_apap102-5_98 GE Pensioners Rally, 2006 April 20
22 nam_apap102-5_99 nam_apap102-5_99 GE Pension Rally, 2007 April 19
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-5_100 15 nam_apap102-5_100 GE Pensions-Dennis Rocheleau, Union Relations GE, 1991, 1995, 1999-2010, Undated
nam_apap102-5_101 16 nam_apap102-5_101 GE Pensions Fight '96, 1994-1996, Undated
nam_apap102-5_102 17 nam_apap102-5_102 GE Pensions-Meeting, 2006 June 27
nam_apap102-5_103 18 nam_apap102-5_103 GE Pensions-Meeting, June 29, 2005 between GE and Retiree groups, 2005, Undated
nam_apap102-5_104 19 nam_apap102-5_104 GE Pension Plan and Appendices, Undated
nam_apap102-5_105 20 nam_apap102-5_105 GE Pensions, "The General Electric Pension Plan: Whose Nest Egg?", 2001-2002
nam_apap102-5_106 21 nam_apap102-5_106 GE Pensions T.V. Scripts, 1993
80 nam_apap102-5_107 nam_apap102-5_107 GE Picketing, 1994 May 19
23 nam_apap102-5_108 nam_apap102-5_108 GE Rally, 2008 April 17
81 nam_apap102-5_109 nam_apap102-5_109 GE Retirees, 1994 September 24
82 nam_apap102-5_110 nam_apap102-5_110 GE Retirees, 2001 June 24
24 nam_apap102-5_111 nam_apap102-5_111 GE Retirees, 2007 March 15
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-5_112 22 nam_apap102-5_112 GE Retirees Justice Fund, 1998-2002, 2007, Undated
nam_apap102-5_113 23 nam_apap102-5_113 GE Review, 1918
nam_apap102-5_114 24 nam_apap102-5_114 GE Tax Assessment and Schenectady County Citizens Fair Tax Coalition, 1992-1993
83 nam_apap102-5_115 nam_apap102-5_115 Greed Pension, Helen Quirini, 2001 April 20
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-5_116 25 nam_apap102-5_116 Hall of Shame-Copies, 1991, 2001, Undated
34 nam_apap102-5_117 nam_apap102-5_117 Hank Antonelli, 1998 May 06
84 nam_apap102-5_118 nam_apap102-5_118 Hearing, Pension BM Karen, etc, 1999 September 22
25 nam_apap102-5_119 nam_apap102-5_119 Helen and Gail on Frank Duci Program, 2001 July 31
26 nam_apap102-5_120 nam_apap102-5_120 Helen and Jack, 1999
85 nam_apap102-5_121 nam_apap102-5_121 Helen and Jack, 1999 November 16
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-5_122 26 nam_apap102-5_122 Helen and Jack, 1999-2001, 2008-2009, Undated
nam_apap102-5_123 27 nam_apap102-5_123 Helen Quirini Notes, 1986, 1992, 2001, Undated
nam_apap102-5_124 28 nam_apap102-5_124 History of GE, 1952-1954, 1978, 1991, Undated
nam_apap102-5_125 29 nam_apap102-5_125 History of GE in Schenectady Scrapbook Compiled by Helen Quirini, 2001
nam_apap102-5_126 30 nam_apap102-5_126 Horizons, 1980
nam_apap102-5_127 31 nam_apap102-5_127 Immelt, Jeff, 2001-2004, 2007
11 nam_apap102-5_128 nam_apap102-5_128 Info, 2004-2005
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-5_129 1 nam_apap102-5_129 Information Fact Sheets about GE Pension Plans, 1969-2004, Undated
nam_apap102-5_130 2 nam_apap102-5_130 "Is Mama in a Speed-Up too?": GE, UE, and Representations of Women in the Postwar Workplace, Includes Figures, 1995
nam_apap102-5_131 3 nam_apap102-5_131 IUE Background, 1987, Undated
nam_apap102-5_132 4 nam_apap102-5_132 IUE Memorandum, 1993, 1997-1999
86 nam_apap102-5_133 nam_apap102-5_133 Jack Welch on Retirement, 2002 September 16
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-5_134 5 nam_apap102-5_134 Job Rates at Schenectady, 1953, 1965, 1975, Undated
27 nam_apap102-5_135 nam_apap102-5_135 Justice Fund, 2006 September 26
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-5_136 6 nam_apap102-5_136 Kuykendall, Mary, 1974-1975, Undated
nam_apap102-5_137 7 nam_apap102-5_137 Layoffs, 1968, 1982, 1986-1987
nam_apap102-5_138 8 nam_apap102-5_138 Layoffs, 1994
nam_apap102-5_139 9 nam_apap102-5_139 Letters about Pensions, IUE - GE National Conference Board, Minton-Bywater, 1980, 1983, 1986-1991
nam_apap102-5_140 10 nam_apap102-5_140 Letters about Pensions, IUE - GE National Conference Board, Minton-Bywater, 1992-1997
nam_apap102-5_141 11 nam_apap102-5_141 Letters from Immelt, 2007
nam_apap102-5_142 12 nam_apap102-5_142 Letters from Welch, 1982-2001
nam_apap102-5_143 13 nam_apap102-5_143 Letters to Jeff Immelt from Others, 2001-2002, 2007, Undated
nam_apap102-5_144 14 nam_apap102-5_144 Letters to the Editor by Helen Quirini, 1985-2007, Undated
nam_apap102-5_145 15 nam_apap102-5_145 Letters to the Editor by Others, 1987, 1991-1995, 1998-2000, 2007, Undated
nam_apap102-5_146 16 nam_apap102-5_146 Letters to Welch from Others, 1984-2002, Undated
nam_apap102-5_147 17 nam_apap102-5_147 Local 301 Retirees Communication and Outreach about Pensions, 1987-2010, Undated
36 nam_apap102-5_148 nam_apap102-5_148 Lucy and Jim Conley, Undated
37 nam_apap102-5_149 nam_apap102-5_149 Medicaid Seminar, Undated
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-5_150 18 nam_apap102-5_150 Memorandum of Settlement between General Electronic Company and IUE, 2003
nam_apap102-5_151 19-20 nam_apap102-5_151 Miller, Edna Bailey, 1965-2003, Undated
nam_apap102-5_152 21 nam_apap102-5_152 Minutes from Meeting with Division Heads, Undated
nam_apap102-5_153 22 nam_apap102-5_153 Mo-Gen Message, 1976, 1978
nam_apap102-5_154 23 nam_apap102-5_154 My Letters to Immelt, 2005-2006
nam_apap102-5_155 24 nam_apap102-5_155 My Letters to Welch, 1985-1986, 1988, 1990-1991, 1993, Undated
nam_apap102-5_156 25 nam_apap102-5_156 Motor Mirror, 1955-1957
87 nam_apap102-5_157 nam_apap102-5_157 M's Ds, Performance Art, Undated
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-5_158 26 nam_apap102-5_158 Negotiations, 1991
nam_apap102-5_159 27 nam_apap102-5_159 Negotiations, 1994
nam_apap102-5_160 28 nam_apap102-5_160 Negotiations, 1995
nam_apap102-5_161 29 nam_apap102-5_161 Negotiations, 1997
nam_apap102-5_162 30 nam_apap102-5_162 Negotiations, 2000-2001
nam_apap102-5_163 31 nam_apap102-5_163 Negotiations, 2003
nam_apap102-5_164 32 nam_apap102-5_164 Negotiations, 2007
nam_apap102-5_165 33 nam_apap102-5_165 News at Large, 1972-1973
nam_apap102-5_166 34 nam_apap102-5_166 News Clippings about GE Retirees and Pensions, 1946-1953, 1968
nam_apap102-5_167 35 nam_apap102-5_167 News Clippings about GE Retirees and Pensions, 1973-1974, 1980, 1983-1989
nam_apap102-5_168 36 nam_apap102-5_168 News Clippings about GE Retirees and Pensions, 1990-1999
nam_apap102-5_169 37 nam_apap102-5_169 News Clippings about GE Retirees and Pensions, 2000-2003
nam_apap102-5_170 38 nam_apap102-5_170 News Clippings about GE Retirees and Pensions, 2005-2009, Undated
nam_apap102-5_171 39 nam_apap102-5_171 News Notes for Pensioner, 1998
nam_apap102-5_172 40 nam_apap102-5_172 On the Line with Mac Motors, 1970
35 nam_apap102-5_173 nam_apap102-5_173 Oral History Association Meeting, GE Project, Cleveland, Ohio, 1992 October 16
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-5_174 41 nam_apap102-5_174 Packet for Retirees during Negotiations with Co. and Union, 1997
nam_apap102-5_175 42 nam_apap102-5_175 Panoramic Photographs of Picketing at GE, 2003
nam_apap102-5_176 43 nam_apap102-5_176 Panoramic Photographs of Retirees and Workers at Local 301, Undated
Box Folder
5 nam_apap102-5_177 1 nam_apap102-5_177 Panoramic Photographs of Retiree Rally at GE Annual Meeting in North Carolina, 2003
nam_apap102-5_178 2 nam_apap102-5_178 Pay Stubs, 1955-1957
nam_apap102-5_179 3 nam_apap102-5_179 Pay Stubs, 1958-1959
nam_apap102-5_180 4 nam_apap102-5_180 Pay Stubs, 1960-1961
nam_apap102-5_181 5 nam_apap102-5_181 Pay Stubs, 1962-1963
nam_apap102-5_182 6 nam_apap102-5_182 Pay Stubs, 1964, 1966-1967, 1969-1975
nam_apap102-5_183 7 nam_apap102-5_183 Pay Stubs, 1976-1977, 1979-1980, Undated
nam_apap102-5_184 8 nam_apap102-5_184 Pay Vouchers, 1945-1946
nam_apap102-5_185 9 nam_apap102-5_185 Pension, Age Discrimination Case, 2008
nam_apap102-5_186 10 nam_apap102-5_186 "Pension Fund Story: Workers Pay, GE Benefits", 2003, Undated
nam_apap102-5_187 11 nam_apap102-5_187 Pension Materials Before Helen Qurini's Retirement, 1954, 1956, 1973-1978, Undated
12 nam_apap102-5_188 nam_apap102-5_188 Pension Plan, 2003
Box Folder
5 nam_apap102-5_189 12 nam_apap102-5_189 Pension Rights Center, 1986-1995, 2000-2001, 2005-2009, Undated
28 nam_apap102-5_190 nam_apap102-5_190 Pensions, GE, Undated
Box Folder
5 nam_apap102-5_191 13 nam_apap102-5_191 Pension Speeches by Helen Quirini Not Delivered at GE Annual Meetings, 1997, Undated
nam_apap102-5_192 14 nam_apap102-5_192 Pension Trust, 1993, 2001, 2003
nam_apap102-5_193 15 nam_apap102-5_193 Petitions, 1989, 1991-1992, Undated
nam_apap102-5_194 16 nam_apap102-5_194 Photographs of Retirees, 1984, 1986-1989
nam_apap102-5_195 17 nam_apap102-5_195 Photographs of Retirees, 1992, 1994-1996
nam_apap102-5_196 18 nam_apap102-5_196 Photographs of Retirees, 1997-1999
nam_apap102-5_197 19 nam_apap102-5_197 Photographs of Retirees, 2001
nam_apap102-5_198 20 nam_apap102-5_198 Photographs of Retirees, 2000-2001, 2003-2004
nam_apap102-5_199 21 nam_apap102-5_199 Photographs of Retirees, 2005
nam_apap102-5_200 22 nam_apap102-5_200 Photographs of Retirees, 2006-2008
nam_apap102-5_201 23 nam_apap102-5_201 Photographs of Retirees at Christmas, 2004, 2006
nam_apap102-5_202 24 nam_apap102-5_202 Photographs of Retirees Picketing, 1998
nam_apap102-5_203 25 nam_apap102-5_203 Photographs of Retirees Picketing, 2003
nam_apap102-5_204 26-28 nam_apap102-5_204 Photographs of Retirees Picketing, Undated
Flat-File Flat-File
1 nam_apap102-5_205 1 nam_apap102-5_205 Poster Display of GE Retirees Picketing in Schenectady, 2003-2006
Box Folder
5 nam_apap102-5_206 29 nam_apap102-5_206 Publications, Manufacturing Processes, 1955, 1958, 1974, Undated
13 nam_apap102-5_207 nam_apap102-5_207 Rallies, Undated
Box Folder
5 nam_apap102-5_208 30 nam_apap102-5_208 Quarter Century Club, 1919-1924
nam_apap102-5_209 31 nam_apap102-5_209 Quarter Century Club, 1926, 1945, 1964
88 nam_apap102-5_210 nam_apap102-5_210 Quirini, GE Speech, 301 Pensions, Undated
Box Folder
5 nam_apap102-5_211 32 nam_apap102-5_211 Raise, 1985, 1987-1988, 1991, Undated
nam_apap102-5_212 33 nam_apap102-5_212 Raise, 2000
89 nam_apap102-5_213 nam_apap102-5_213 Rally at Schenectady GE, 2002 April 18
90 nam_apap102-5_214 nam_apap102-5_214 Rally at Schenectady GE, 2003 April 17
91 nam_apap102-5_215 nam_apap102-5_215 Rally for GE Retirees, Justice Fund, 1999
38-39 nam_apap102-5_216 nam_apap102-5_216 Ralph Boyd, 1999 July 20
Box Folder
5 nam_apap102-5_217 34 nam_apap102-5_217 Reagan, 1982-1983, 1986-1987, 1989, 2004
nam_apap102-5_218 35 nam_apap102-5_218 Reproduced Images from General Electric Foundry from 1925, Undated
29 nam_apap102-5_219 nam_apap102-5_219 Retiree Meeting, 2007 March 15
Box Folder
5 nam_apap102-5_220 36 nam_apap102-5_220 Retiree News, 1987-1994, Undated
nam_apap102-5_221 37 nam_apap102-5_221 Retirees Column Local 301 News, Written by Helen Quirini, 2001-2002
30 nam_apap102-5_222 nam_apap102-5_222 Retirees Meeting, 2008 May 18
Box Folder
5 nam_apap102-5_223 38 nam_apap102-5_223 Retirees Rally, 1991
nam_apap102-5_224 39 nam_apap102-5_224 Retirees Rally, 1992
nam_apap102-5_225 40 nam_apap102-5_225 Retirees Rally, 1995
nam_apap102-5_226 41 nam_apap102-5_226 Retirees Rally, 1996
92 nam_apap102-5_227 nam_apap102-5_227 Retirees Rally, 2000
93 nam_apap102-5_228 nam_apap102-5_228 Retirees Rally, 2001
96 nam_apap102-5_229 nam_apap102-5_229 Retirees Rally, 2001 April 10
Box Folder
6 nam_apap102-5_230 1 nam_apap102-5_230 Retirees Rally-INF, 2000-2001, Undated
94 nam_apap102-5_231 nam_apap102-5_231 Retirees Rally, Justice Fund, 1998 June 18
Box Folder
6 nam_apap102-5_232 2 nam_apap102-5_232 Retirees Rally, Meeting and Negotiations, 1990
95 nam_apap102-5_233 nam_apap102-5_233 Retirees Rally, Schenectady, 2001 April 19
40 nam_apap102-5_234 nam_apap102-5_234 Retirement Party, Edna Miller, 1975 September 13
Box Folder
6 nam_apap102-5_235 3 nam_apap102-5_235 Rules for Lift Truck Operation and Hyster's Lift Truck Operator's Manuel, 1970, 1975
nam_apap102-5_236 4 nam_apap102-5_236 Safety Manual, 1943
nam_apap102-5_237 5 nam_apap102-5_237 Schenectady Business News, 1987
nam_apap102-5_238 6 nam_apap102-5_238 Schenectady Business News, 1988
nam_apap102-5_239 7 nam_apap102-5_239 Schenectady Business News, 1989
nam_apap102-5_240 8 nam_apap102-5_240 Schenectady Business News, 1990
nam_apap102-5_241 9 nam_apap102-5_241 Schenectady Business News, 1991
nam_apap102-5_242 10 nam_apap102-5_242 Schenectady Business News, 1993-1997
nam_apap102-5_243 11 nam_apap102-5_243 Schenectady Business News, 1998-2000
nam_apap102-5_244 12 nam_apap102-5_244 Schenectady Has Guts, Undated
nam_apap102-5_245 13 nam_apap102-5_245 Scrapbook, Local 301 Retirees Pension Fund Activities Created by Helen Quirini, ca. 1997
nam_apap102-5_246 14 nam_apap102-5_246 Spotlight, 1971-1972
nam_apap102-5_247 15 nam_apap102-5_247 Spotlight, 1973-1974
nam_apap102-5_248 16 nam_apap102-5_248 Spotlight, 1975-1976
nam_apap102-5_249 17 nam_apap102-5_249 Stories of Women Significant in Our Lives Produced and Directed by Gail George, Undated
nam_apap102-5_250 18-19 nam_apap102-5_250 Suggestions from Helen Quirini, 1942-1945
nam_apap102-5_251 20-21 nam_apap102-5_251 Suggestions from Helen Quirini, 1947-1969
nam_apap102-5_252 22 nam_apap102-5_252 Suggestions from Helen Quirini, 1974
nam_apap102-5_253 23 nam_apap102-5_253 Survey of GE Retirees-[RESTRICTED], 1993 ***
nam_apap102-5_254 24 nam_apap102-5_254 Time Standards, 1954
8 nam_apap102-5_255 nam_apap102-5_255 T-Shirts, Including Ones About General Electric Retirees, Undated
Box Folder
6 nam_apap102-5_256 25 nam_apap102-5_256 War Production Council, 1944 March 28
nam_apap102-5_257 26 nam_apap102-5_257 Work Practices and Employees Manuals, 1926, 1972, Undated
nam_apap102-5_258 27 nam_apap102-5_258 War Loan and Blood Drives, 1944, Undated
nam_apap102-5_259 28-31 nam_apap102-5_259 Welch, Jack, 1985-1988, 1991-2009, Undated
31 nam_apap102-5_260 nam_apap102-5_260 Wizards of Schenectady, Dr. C. Guy Saints and his Flying Machine, 2007
32 nam_apap102-5_261 nam_apap102-5_261 Wizards of Schenectady, C. Guy Saints, 2008 January 01
Box Folder
6 nam_apap102-5_262 32 nam_apap102-5_262 Working at GE, 2005
Oversized Folder
1 nam_apap102-5_263 14 nam_apap102-5_263 World War II Activities at General Electric inCandid Camera, 1944
Box Folder
6 nam_apap102-5_264 33 nam_apap102-5_264 WRGB Community Leader Ascertainment Meeting, 1994
nam_apap102-6 Series 6: Community Activism, 1898-2010, Undated
Arranged alphabetically within each subseries.
This series includes records collected and created by Helen Quirini that document her involvement in numerous issues and community organizations. The material in this series is divided into eight subseries and includes meeting minutes, agendas, financial information, news clippings, reports, correspondence, newsletters and other publications, notes, pamphlets, brochures, conference materials, fact sheets and photographs.
nam_apap102-6.1 Subseries 6.1: Human Rights, 1967-2005, Undated - 3.19  cubic ft.
Arranged alphabetically
This subseries documents Schenectady County's Human Rights Committee and its day-to-day activities, as well as learning materials developed by the group for the community. The subseries contains agendas, annual reports, minutes, news clippings, magazines, pamphlets and booklets. It features materials on the Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration, the March 19th Coalition and information on other coalitions that combated racism. Included in this subseries are the 1972 Mont Pleasant High School hearings, during which Helen Quirini questioned students at her alma mater about escalating racial tension.
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-6.1_1 1 nam_apap102-6.1_1 Affirmative Action, 1980 September 24
nam_apap102-6.1_2 2 nam_apap102-6.1_2 Agendas, Minutes, and Supplemental Materials, 1968, 1971-1974
nam_apap102-6.1_3 3 nam_apap102-6.1_3 Agendas, Minutes, and Supplemental Materials, 1975
nam_apap102-6.1_4 4 nam_apap102-6.1_4 Agendas, Minutes, and Supplemental Materials, 1976
nam_apap102-6.1_5 5 nam_apap102-6.1_5 Agendas, Minutes, and Supplemental Materials, 1977
nam_apap102-6.1_6 6 nam_apap102-6.1_6 Agendas, Minutes, and Supplemental Materials, 1978
nam_apap102-6.1_7 7 nam_apap102-6.1_7 Agendas, Minutes, and Supplemental Materials, 1979
nam_apap102-6.1_8 8 nam_apap102-6.1_8 Agendas, Minutes, and Supplemental Materials, 1980
nam_apap102-6.1_9 9 nam_apap102-6.1_9 Agendas, Minutes, and Supplemental Materials, 1981
nam_apap102-6.1_10 10 nam_apap102-6.1_10 Agendas, Minutes, and Supplemental Materials, 1982
nam_apap102-6.1_11 11 nam_apap102-6.1_11 Agendas, Minutes, and Supplemental Materials, 1983
nam_apap102-6.1_12 12 nam_apap102-6.1_12 Agendas, Minutes, and Supplemental Materials, 1984
nam_apap102-6.1_13 13 nam_apap102-6.1_13 Agendas, Minutes, and Supplemental Materials, 1985
nam_apap102-6.1_14 14 nam_apap102-6.1_14 Agendas, Minutes, and Supplemental Materials, 1986
nam_apap102-6.1_15 15 nam_apap102-6.1_15 Agendas, Minutes, and Supplemental Materials, 1987
nam_apap102-6.1_16 16-17 nam_apap102-6.1_16 Agendas, Minutes, and Supplemental Materials, 1988
nam_apap102-6.1_17 18 nam_apap102-6.1_17 Agendas, Minutes, and Supplemental Materials, 1989-1990
nam_apap102-6.1_18 19 nam_apap102-6.1_18 Annual Reports, 1970-1972, 1975-1977
nam_apap102-6.1_19 20 nam_apap102-6.1_19 Annual Reposrts and Budget, 1979-1980
nam_apap102-6.1_20 21 nam_apap102-6.1_20 Annual Reports, 1981, 1984, 1986
nam_apap102-6.1_21 22 nam_apap102-6.1_21 Articles and Clippings, 1967-1991
17 nam_apap102-6.1_22 nam_apap102-6.1_22 Banner Commemorating March on Washington, 1963
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-6.1_23 23 nam_apap102-6.1_23 "Black History Month: Toward a Global Perspective in Education", 1984
nam_apap102-6.1_24 24 nam_apap102-6.1_24 The Capital District Coalition of Conscience: A Dedication to Martin Luther King and Supplemental Material, 1979-1990
nam_apap102-6.1_25 25 nam_apap102-6.1_25 "Children in Need: Investment Strategies for the Educationally Disadvantaged," Pamphlet, 1987
nam_apap102-6.1_26 26 nam_apap102-6.1_26 Civil Rights: A National, Not a Special Interest, 1981 June 25
nam_apap102-6.1_27 27 nam_apap102-6.1_27 Church of the Creator, Schenectady, "Jews Rule America" and "Declaration of Independence from Jewish Tyranny,", 1983 May 09
nam_apap102-6.1_28 28 nam_apap102-6.1_28 Committee to Combat Racism and Anti-Semitism (1 of 2), 1982-1984
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-6.1_29 1 nam_apap102-6.1_29 Committee to Combat Racism and Anti-Semitism (2 of 2), 1982-1984
nam_apap102-6.1_30 2 nam_apap102-6.1_30 Concerned for the Hungry-Flyer and Pamphlets, Undated
nam_apap102-6.1_31 3 nam_apap102-6.1_31 Coping with Vandalism: Task Force Report to the Board of the Education, 1977 March
nam_apap102-6.1_32 4 nam_apap102-6.1_32 "The Dialogue Journal", 1967
nam_apap102-6.1_33 5 nam_apap102-6.1_33 Dissemination of Policy, Undated
nam_apap102-6.1_34 6 nam_apap102-6.1_34 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 1986 May 31
nam_apap102-6.1_35 7 nam_apap102-6.1_35 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, 1981-1982
nam_apap102-6.1_36 8 nam_apap102-6.1_36 Executive Director Expectations, Undated
nam_apap102-6.1_37 9 nam_apap102-6.1_37 Father Girzone, 1973, 1979, 1990-2005
97 nam_apap102-6.1_38 nam_apap102-6.1_38 Father Girzone, 1994
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-6.1_39 10 nam_apap102-6.1_39 "Fifth Amendment Today", 1965
nam_apap102-6.1_40 11 nam_apap102-6.1_40 Friendship Baptist Church Hearing, Correspondence and Clippings, 1982, 1984
nam_apap102-6.1_41 12 nam_apap102-6.1_41 "From Jumpstreet", 1982 December 17, 1983 Janaury 12
nam_apap102-6.1_42 13 nam_apap102-6.1_42 Giardina, James-Clippings, Obituary, 1976
98 nam_apap102-6.1_43 nam_apap102-6.1_43 Hamilton Hill Forum, 2002 March 01
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-6.1_44 14 nam_apap102-6.1_44 Handwritten Notes, Undated
nam_apap102-6.1_45 15 nam_apap102-6.1_45 Housing-Correspondence and Article, 1970, 1971 February 12
nam_apap102-6.1_46 16 nam_apap102-6.1_46 "Ideas on Poverty and Welfare"- Helen Qurini, Undated
nam_apap102-6.1_47 17 nam_apap102-6.1_47 Ku Klux Klan, 1980-1981
nam_apap102-6.1_48 18 nam_apap102-6.1_48 Law, Order and Justice Center, 1982 Fall, Undated
nam_apap102-6.1_49 19 nam_apap102-6.1_49 "A Layman's View of the Functioning of Law, Order, and Justice in Schenectady", 1971 Summer
nam_apap102-6.1_50 20 nam_apap102-6.1_50 "A Lover's Quarrel with my Native Land", 1967 March 12
nam_apap102-6.1_51 21 nam_apap102-6.1_51 Magazines in Regard to Martin Luther King, 1968, 1969
nam_apap102-6.1_52 22-23 nam_apap102-6.1_52 March 19th Coalition, 1992-1998
nam_apap102-6.1_53 24 nam_apap102-6.1_53 March on Washington Committee, 1983-1984
nam_apap102-6.1_54 25 nam_apap102-6.1_54 March on Washington Program, 1963 August 28
nam_apap102-6.1_55 26-28 nam_apap102-6.1_55 Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration, 1980-1992
nam_apap102-6.1_56 29 nam_apap102-6.1_56 Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration-Pamphlets and Programs, 1976-1991
nam_apap102-6.1_57 30-32 nam_apap102-6.1_57 Mont Pleasant High School, 1969, 1972-1973
nam_apap102-6.1_58 33-36 nam_apap102-6.1_58 Mont Pleasant High School Hearings, 1972 February 29-1972 March 01
nam_apap102-6.1_59 37-38 nam_apap102-6.1_59 NAACP, 1995-2002
nam_apap102-6.1_60 39 nam_apap102-6.1_60 National Symposium of Nonviolence, 1989 November 09-1989 November 11
nam_apap102-6.1_61 40 nam_apap102-6.1_61 New York Teachers and IUE Newsletters, 1982 January 10, 1989 January
Oversized Folder
3 nam_apap102-6.1_62 4 nam_apap102-6.1_62 News Coverage of the March on Washington and the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 1963, 1968-1969
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-6.1_63 1 nam_apap102-6.1_63 Newsletter and Supplement, 1972, 1974 January-1974 February, 1982-1986
nam_apap102-6.1_64 2 nam_apap102-6.1_64 Outreach Listening Team and Listening Circles, 1983, Undated
nam_apap102-6.1_65 3 nam_apap102-6.1_65 Our Black Prisons, 1981 July
nam_apap102-6.1_66 4 nam_apap102-6.1_66 Pamphlets, 1962-1981, Undated
nam_apap102-6.1_67 5 nam_apap102-6.1_67 Poverty and Public Policy Conference, 1996
nam_apap102-6.1_68 6 nam_apap102-6.1_68 Prison Alternatives, 1981
nam_apap102-6.1_69 7 nam_apap102-6.1_69 Probation Project, Undated
nam_apap102-6.1_70 8 nam_apap102-6.1_70 Report on Schenectady County Jail, 1971-1972
nam_apap102-6.1_71 9 nam_apap102-6.1_71 Schenectady City School District, Equal Employment and Educational Opportunities Committee, 1982, 1985, Undated
nam_apap102-6.1_72 10 nam_apap102-6.1_72 Schenectady County Citizen's Welfare Advisory Committee, Correspondence, Reports, and News Clippings, 1972
nam_apap102-6.1_73 11 nam_apap102-6.1_73 Schenectady County Civil Service Commission, Affirmative Action Plan, 1979-1980
nam_apap102-6.1_74 12 nam_apap102-6.1_74 Schenectady County Voter Education and Registration Committee-Agendas, Minutes, Poster, and Pamphlets, 1972, 1974, 1984-1986
nam_apap102-6.1_75 13 nam_apap102-6.1_75 Service to Families in Violence, 1986 July
nam_apap102-6.1_76 14 nam_apap102-6.1_76 State of New York Executive Department-Division of Human Rights, Undated
nam_apap102-6.1_77 15 nam_apap102-6.1_77 Statement on Affirmative Action for Equal Employment Opportunities, 1973 February
nam_apap102-6.1_78 16 nam_apap102-6.1_78 Task Force on Health, Aging, and Handicapped, 1986-1988
nam_apap102-6.1_79 17 nam_apap102-6.1_79 Teacher's Resource Manual on Martin Luther King Jr., 1988
nam_apap102-6.1_80 18 nam_apap102-6.1_80 "These Americans Died for Freedom"-Fan, Undated
nam_apap102-6.1_81 19 nam_apap102-6.1_81 Threat of Neo-Nazis and the KKK to Minorities and Others, 1981
nam_apap102-6.1_82 20 nam_apap102-6.1_82 Reports and Clippings on Education, 1981-1988
nam_apap102-6.1_83 21 nam_apap102-6.1_83 Resolution 107, 1965 May 11
nam_apap102-6.1_84 22 nam_apap102-6.1_84 Resolutions, Correspondence, and Clippings, 1971-1972, 1974 December 04
nam_apap102-6.1_85 23 nam_apap102-6.1_85 "State of Human Rights on New York State Conference", 1985 March 25
nam_apap102-6.1_86 24 nam_apap102-6.1_86 Welfare Documents and Clippings, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2 Subseries 6.2: YWCA, 1898-2009, Undated - 3.24  cubic ft.
Arranged alphabetically
Helen Quirini joined the Schenectady YWCA in 1943 and later became one of its strongest advocates. She went on to serve on the board of directors and was elected president in 1979. This subseries contains materials illustrating the YWCA's day-to-day activities and its contributions to the community. The subseries consists of agendas, minutes, newsletters, magazines and flyers. It also features pamphlets on domestic violence, racism, feminism and equality as well as information on the YWCA-run battered women's shelter in Schenectady.
10 nam_apap102-6.2_1 nam_apap102-6.2_1 46th Convention, Vigorettes, Mary Hall, Undated
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-6.2_2 1 nam_apap102-6.2_2 Action Audit Committee, Institutional Racism, 1980
nam_apap102-6.2_3 2 nam_apap102-6.2_3 Ad Hoc Committee, 1986-1987, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_4 3 nam_apap102-6.2_4 Affirmative Action Program, 1993
nam_apap102-6.2_5 4 nam_apap102-6.2_5 Agency Profile and Assessment, 1968 May, 1980 June 17, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_6 5 nam_apap102-6.2_6 Agenda, 1975 November 11
nam_apap102-6.2_7 6 nam_apap102-6.2_7 Agenda and Public Policy Priorities, 1997 November 06
nam_apap102-6.2_8 7 nam_apap102-6.2_8 Agendas and Supplemental Material, 1995 August 09
nam_apap102-6.2_9 8 nam_apap102-6.2_9 Agendas and Supplemental Material, 1996 September
nam_apap102-6.2_10 9 nam_apap102-6.2_10 Agendas, Minutes, and Financials, 1966-1978
nam_apap102-6.2_11 10 nam_apap102-6.2_11 Agendas, Minutes, and Financials, 1969-1976
nam_apap102-6.2_12 11 nam_apap102-6.2_12 Agendas, Minutes, and Financials, 1974-1978
nam_apap102-6.2_13 12 nam_apap102-6.2_13 Agendas, Minutes, and Financials, 1978-1979
nam_apap102-6.2_14 13 nam_apap102-6.2_14 Agendas, Minutes, and Financials, 1980-1984
nam_apap102-6.2_15 14 nam_apap102-6.2_15 Agendas, Minutes, Supplemental Material, 1971-1978
nam_apap102-6.2_16 15-16 nam_apap102-6.2_16 Agendas, Minutes, Supplemental Material, 1980-1982
nam_apap102-6.2_17 17 nam_apap102-6.2_17 Agendas, Minutes, Supplemental Material, 1994 October 18
nam_apap102-6.2_18 18 nam_apap102-6.2_18 Agendas, Minutes, Supplemental Material, 1996 April 29
nam_apap102-6.2_19 19 nam_apap102-6.2_19 Annual Report, 1999
nam_apap102-6.2_20 20 nam_apap102-6.2_20 Annual Report Booklets, 2008-2009
nam_apap102-6.2_21 21 nam_apap102-6.2_21 Annual Reports-Schenectady Branch, 1978-1982, 1985
nam_apap102-6.2_22 22-23 nam_apap102-6.2_22 Annual Reports, 1983-1997
nam_apap102-6.2_23 24 nam_apap102-6.2_23 Annual Statistics, 1980 October 31
nam_apap102-6.2_24 25 nam_apap102-6.2_24 Application for Executive Director, 1980-1982
nam_apap102-6.2_25 26 nam_apap102-6.2_25 Articles, Flyers, Handbills, and Agendas, 1946-1974
nam_apap102-6.2_26 27 nam_apap102-6.2_26 Association Review Sheets, Schenectady Branch, 1980
nam_apap102-6.2_27 28 nam_apap102-6.2_27 "A Tentative Proposal to the Schenectady YWCA", 1975 January 14
nam_apap102-6.2_28 29 nam_apap102-6.2_28 Awards, 1985 May 22, 1986 December 06
nam_apap102-6.2_29 30 nam_apap102-6.2_29 Balance Sheets, 1990-1992
nam_apap102-6.2_30 31 nam_apap102-6.2_30 Balance Sheets, 1991-1992
nam_apap102-6.2_31 32 nam_apap102-6.2_31 "Bloom Where you are Planted"-Lisa Kannenberg, 1991
nam_apap102-6.2_32 33 nam_apap102-6.2_32 Brochures and Pamphlets, 1954-1981
15 nam_apap102-6.2_33 nam_apap102-6.2_33 Brotherhood, 1957
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-6.2_34 34 nam_apap102-6.2_34 By-Laws and Constitution Changes-Schenectady Branch, 1994 February 16
nam_apap102-6.2_35 35 nam_apap102-6.2_35 Cards, 1946 October 01, 1983 March 04, 2009, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_36 36 nam_apap102-6.2_36 Centennial Article, 1998 April 28
nam_apap102-6.2_37 37 nam_apap102-6.2_37 Centennial Celebration-Agendas, Minutes, and Supplemental Material, 1985-1986
nam_apap102-6.2_38 38 nam_apap102-6.2_38 Certificate of Non-Discriminatory Policy, 1973 July 24
nam_apap102-6.2_39 39 nam_apap102-6.2_39 Child Care, Reproductive Choice, Domestic Violence, Racism, 1997-1999
nam_apap102-6.2_40 40 nam_apap102-6.2_40 Christmas Newsletter, 1971
nam_apap102-6.2_41 41 nam_apap102-6.2_41 Coalition for Women-Minutes, Agendas, and Correspondence, 1978
nam_apap102-6.2_42 42 nam_apap102-6.2_42 Committees, 1953 April, 1965, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_43 43 nam_apap102-6.2_43 Committees and Objectives, 1976-1977
nam_apap102-6.2_44 44 nam_apap102-6.2_44 Constitution and By-Laws, 1970, 1980 March 29, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_45 45 nam_apap102-6.2_45 Constitution and By-Laws, 1980, 1994
nam_apap102-6.2_46 46 nam_apap102-6.2_46 Correspondence, 1955-2009
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-6.2_47 1 nam_apap102-6.2_47 "Dialogue in Action," Schenectady Branch-Planning Material, 1966, 1968, Undated
32 nam_apap102-6.2_48 nam_apap102-6.2_48 Dix, Christ is the Answer, Undated
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-6.2_49 2 nam_apap102-6.2_49 Dix, Georgetta, 2005, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_50 3 nam_apap102-6.2_50 Domestic Violence and Supplemental Materials, 1977-1981, 1997-1998
nam_apap102-6.2_51 4 nam_apap102-6.2_51 Domestic Violence-Battered Women Shelter, 1977-1982
nam_apap102-6.2_52 5 nam_apap102-6.2_52 Domestic Violence-Clippings, Reports, and Supplemental Materials, 1977-1981
nam_apap102-6.2_53 6 nam_apap102-6.2_53 Domestic Violence-Legislation and Supplemental Materials, 1978, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_54 7 nam_apap102-6.2_54 "Eliminating Racism"-Miller, Edna, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_55 8 nam_apap102-6.2_55 Elizabeth Cady Stanton Foundation Newsletter, 1982
nam_apap102-6.2_56 9 nam_apap102-6.2_56 Empowering Women, Eliminating Racism, 2006, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_57 10 nam_apap102-6.2_57 Establishing A Women's Shelter: Objectives, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_58 11 nam_apap102-6.2_58 "Examining your Community", 1968 June
nam_apap102-6.2_59 12 nam_apap102-6.2_59 "Fact Sheet" for Buzz Group, 1956 October 21
nam_apap102-6.2_60 13 nam_apap102-6.2_60 Fifteenth Annual Tribute for Women, 1994 May 06
nam_apap102-6.2_61 14 nam_apap102-6.2_61 Financials, 1968 May, 1970-1972, 1979-1981, 1981-1983
nam_apap102-6.2_62 15 nam_apap102-6.2_62 Financials, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_63 16 nam_apap102-6.2_63 Financials and Minutes, 1989-1990
nam_apap102-6.2_64 17 nam_apap102-6.2_64 Financials and Women Worker Sheet, 1985-1986, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_65 18 nam_apap102-6.2_65 Firearm Legislation Opinion, Undated
16 nam_apap102-6.2_66 nam_apap102-6.2_66 First Tape, YWCA, Undated
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-6.2_67 19 nam_apap102-6.2_67 Flyers, 1982 May 03, 1993, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_68 20 nam_apap102-6.2_68 "Forming a Committee", Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_69 21 nam_apap102-6.2_69 Functions of President and Executive Director, 1973 May
nam_apap102-6.2_70 22 nam_apap102-6.2_70 Funding Patterns, 1978-1980
33 nam_apap102-6.2_71 nam_apap102-6.2_71 Georgetta Dix, Refreshing Springs Church, Undated
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-6.2_72 23 nam_apap102-6.2_72 Global Awareness Program, 1990 May 30
nam_apap102-6.2_73 24 nam_apap102-6.2_73 Guides for Participation, 1967
nam_apap102-6.2_74 25 nam_apap102-6.2_74 Hagbom, Kathleen, 1977, 1993 June 25, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_75 26 nam_apap102-6.2_75 Haile, Bess, 1973 December 01, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_76 27 nam_apap102-6.2_76 Handwritten Notes, 1981 December 02, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_77 28 nam_apap102-6.2_77 Helen Quirini's Involvement in the Local YWCA, 1989, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_78 29 nam_apap102-6.2_78 "Helping Ourselves Means Education" (HOME), 1986-1987
nam_apap102-6.2_79 30 nam_apap102-6.2_79 History of Mary Hill House, 1992
nam_apap102-6.2_80 31 nam_apap102-6.2_80 History of YWCA, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_81 32 nam_apap102-6.2_81 "Hot Flashes" Newsletters, Heckman, Miriam, 1971 November-1974 May
nam_apap102-6.2_82 33 nam_apap102-6.2_82 Housing, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_83 34 nam_apap102-6.2_83 Improving Standard of Living, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_84 35 nam_apap102-6.2_84 "In Caaase Yawl Ever Git to Dallas", Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_85 36 nam_apap102-6.2_85 Inclusiveness, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_86 37 nam_apap102-6.2_86 In-Service Training, Houston Branch, 1979 May
nam_apap102-6.2_87 38 nam_apap102-6.2_87 International Study Program, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_88 39 nam_apap102-6.2_88 Job Application Informational, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_89 40 nam_apap102-6.2_89 Job Description, Schenectady Branch, 1993 March
nam_apap102-6.2_90 41 nam_apap102-6.2_90 Join the YWCA, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_91 42 nam_apap102-6.2_91 Legislation Highlights, 1996 July
nam_apap102-6.2_92 43 nam_apap102-6.2_92 Legislation on Child Care, 1999 February 09
nam_apap102-6.2_93 44 nam_apap102-6.2_93 Letter, Notes, Residence Regulations, 1973 February, 1973 March 09
nam_apap102-6.2_94 45 nam_apap102-6.2_94 Look Beneath the Surface of your Community, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_95 46 nam_apap102-6.2_95 Membership Policies, 1977
nam_apap102-6.2_96 47 nam_apap102-6.2_96 Memos and Correspondence, 1977
nam_apap102-6.2_97 48 nam_apap102-6.2_97 Minutes, 1970-1973
nam_apap102-6.2_98 49 nam_apap102-6.2_98 Minutes, 2008 May 28
nam_apap102-6.2_99 50 nam_apap102-6.2_99 Minutes and Agency Historical Timeline, 1995 April 06, 1995 June 15
nam_apap102-6.2_100 51 nam_apap102-6.2_100 Minutes and Committee Handouts, 1982 April 12
nam_apap102-6.2_101 52 nam_apap102-6.2_101 Minutes and Supplementary Materials, 1979-1981
nam_apap102-6.2_102 53 nam_apap102-6.2_102 Moment of Truth on Credit Costs, 1969 March 12
nam_apap102-6.2_103 54 nam_apap102-6.2_103 "Mother I'm Here" Program, 1988, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_104 55 nam_apap102-6.2_104 National Convention, 1955 April 21-1955 April 27, 1979 March-1979 April, 1979 May 17-1979 May 22
nam_apap102-6.2_105 56 nam_apap102-6.2_105 National Convention, 1967 April 24-1967 April 29
nam_apap102-6.2_106 57 nam_apap102-6.2_106 National Convention on Racial Justice, 1957 June 15
nam_apap102-6.2_107 58 nam_apap102-6.2_107 National Convention Proceedings and Workbooks, 1945-1955
nam_apap102-6.2_108 59 nam_apap102-6.2_108 28th National Convention Report and Supplement, 1979 May, 1979 November 02
nam_apap102-6.2_109 60 nam_apap102-6.2_109 "National YWCA Emphases for 1964-1967", 1964 April 20-1964 April 25
nam_apap102-6.2_110 61 nam_apap102-6.2_110 National YWCA Week-Pamphlet, 1984 April 22-1984 April 28
nam_apap102-6.2_111 62 nam_apap102-6.2_111 "A New Century to Go", 1955
nam_apap102-6.2_112 63-64 nam_apap102-6.2_112 News Clippings, 1898, 1928-2009, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_113 65 nam_apap102-6.2_113 Newsletter, 1976-1977
nam_apap102-6.2_114 66 nam_apap102-6.2_114 New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, 1996
nam_apap102-6.2_115 67 nam_apap102-6.2_115 "No Man is an Island"-Songbook, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_116 68 nam_apap102-6.2_116 Notes on Budget, 1982
nam_apap102-6.2_117 69 nam_apap102-6.2_117 Organization Endorsement Form, 1995 April 09
nam_apap102-6.2_118 70 nam_apap102-6.2_118 "Our Voices," Battered Women Police Handbook, 2004-2005
nam_apap102-6.2_119 71 nam_apap102-6.2_119 Outline on Purpose and Function, 1953-1981
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-6.2_120 1 nam_apap102-6.2_120 Pamphlets, 1955-2009, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_121 2 nam_apap102-6.2_121 Photocopied Photographs, 1945, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_122 3 nam_apap102-6.2_122 "The Past is Prelude: Fifty Years of Social Action in the YWCA", 1963
nam_apap102-6.2_123 4 nam_apap102-6.2_123 Proceedings: 20th Century Convention, 1955 April 21-1955 April 27
nam_apap102-6.2_124 5 nam_apap102-6.2_124 Pregnant Teen/Young Mother Program, 1981 August, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_125 6 nam_apap102-6.2_125 President's Report, 1980 February 12
nam_apap102-6.2_126 7 nam_apap102-6.2_126 Program Schedules, 1986-1993, 1996, 1998
nam_apap102-6.2_127 8-9 nam_apap102-6.2_127 Programs, 1951-1994
nam_apap102-6.2_128 10 nam_apap102-6.2_128 Programs, Holiday Festival, and Flower Show, 1970, 1977-1979, 1988
nam_apap102-6.2_129 11 nam_apap102-6.2_129 Programs in Action, 1983
nam_apap102-6.2_130 12 nam_apap102-6.2_130 Public Affairs Committee, Agendas and Minutes, 1964-1965
nam_apap102-6.2_131 13 nam_apap102-6.2_131 Public Policy Bulletins, 1994 November-1997 November
nam_apap102-6.2_132 14 nam_apap102-6.2_132 "The Purpose Widens: 1947-1967"-Mary S. Sims, 1969
nam_apap102-6.2_133 15 nam_apap102-6.2_133 Regional Conference, 1967 May
nam_apap102-6.2_134 16 nam_apap102-6.2_134 Regional Conference, 1957
nam_apap102-6.2_135 17 nam_apap102-6.2_135 Registration Procedures and Building Policies, 1980 May
nam_apap102-6.2_136 18 nam_apap102-6.2_136 Religion, 1965 March 24, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_137 19 nam_apap102-6.2_137 Reminisces of a YWCA Worker-Anna Arnold Hedgeman, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_138 20 nam_apap102-6.2_138 Reports, 1956, 1966, 1979, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_139 21 nam_apap102-6.2_139 Responsibilities of YWCA Vice President-Draft, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_140 22 nam_apap102-6.2_140 Review, 1999
41 nam_apap102-6.2_141 nam_apap102-6.2_141 RS Dime, YWCA, 1975 December
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-6.2_142 23 nam_apap102-6.2_142 Taylor, Rowie, 2008 November 12, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_143 24 nam_apap102-6.2_143 "Safe at Home: Domestic Training"-Conference Materials, 1994
nam_apap102-6.2_144 25 nam_apap102-6.2_144 Salaries, 1991
nam_apap102-6.2_145 26 nam_apap102-6.2_145 Salute to "Today's Woman"-Booklet, 1987 April
nam_apap102-6.2_146 27 nam_apap102-6.2_146 Seasonal Schedules, Schenectady Branch, 1973-1974, 1977-1981
nam_apap102-6.2_147 28 nam_apap102-6.2_147 Second Annual Brotherhood Observance-Card, 1957
nam_apap102-6.2_148 29 nam_apap102-6.2_148 Selection of Chairs for Standing Committee, 1979 June 01
nam_apap102-6.2_149 30 nam_apap102-6.2_149 "Sing Along the Way"-Song Booklet, 1952
nam_apap102-6.2_150 31 nam_apap102-6.2_150 Solicitation Tips and Instructions, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_151 32 nam_apap102-6.2_151 Staff List Correspondence, Notes, 1956-1980
nam_apap102-6.2_152 33 nam_apap102-6.2_152 Step and Range Salary Administration Program Act, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_153 34 nam_apap102-6.2_153 Summary of Findings, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_154 35 nam_apap102-6.2_154 Sunday Morning, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_155 36 nam_apap102-6.2_155 "Teach our Dollars to Make More Sense"-Conference Materials, 1969
nam_apap102-6.2_156 37 nam_apap102-6.2_156 Timeline, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_157 38 nam_apap102-6.2_157 Touching Shoulders in the Home, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_158 39 nam_apap102-6.2_158 United Way Profile, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_159 40 nam_apap102-6.2_159 Vigorettes, Schenectady Branch, Finance Reports, and Supplemental Material, 1955-1957
nam_apap102-6.2_160 41 nam_apap102-6.2_160 Vigorettes, Schenectady Branch, Minutes, 1955-1960
nam_apap102-6.2_161 42 nam_apap102-6.2_161 "What We are About: Mission of the YWCA", 1980-1990, 1987 December 31
nam_apap102-6.2_162 43 nam_apap102-6.2_162 "Who's on the Ballot?", 1966, 1968
nam_apap102-6.2_163 44 nam_apap102-6.2_163 Woman Talk, 1968-1974, 1977, 1980-1981, 1986
42 nam_apap102-6.2_164 nam_apap102-6.2_164 Women Talk, 1968
43 nam_apap102-6.2_165 nam_apap102-6.2_165 Women Talk, 1974
44 nam_apap102-6.2_166 nam_apap102-6.2_166 Women Talk, Undated
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-6.2_167 45 nam_apap102-6.2_167 Woman Talk Guest Book, 1967
nam_apap102-6.2_168 46 nam_apap102-6.2_168 Woman Talk, Schenectady Branch, Financials and Consumer Education, 1969 February-1969 March, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_169 47-49 nam_apap102-6.2_169 Woman Talk, Schenectady Branch, Minutes, Newsletters, and Clippings, 1967-1974
nam_apap102-6.2_170 50 nam_apap102-6.2_170 Woman Talk, Schenectady Branch, Photos, 1970 December, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_171 51 nam_apap102-6.2_171 Women's Group Material, Schenectady Branch, 1945-1946, 1955-1958
nam_apap102-6.2_172 52 nam_apap102-6.2_172 The Woman's Press, 1946 January, 1946 February
nam_apap102-6.2_173 53 nam_apap102-6.2_173 Women of Vision-Includes Notes, 1985-1993
nam_apap102-6.2_174 54 nam_apap102-6.2_174 Women of Vision Award, Correspondence, News Clippings, Programs, 1970-1974, 1988-1993, 2000
nam_apap102-6.2_175 55 nam_apap102-6.2_175 Women of Vision Award Nomination, 1985-1987
nam_apap102-6.2_176 56 nam_apap102-6.2_176 "Women's Liberation Day"-Schenectady Branch, 1970, 1970 August, 1974
nam_apap102-6.2_177 57 nam_apap102-6.2_177 Women's Liberation Day, Schenectady, 1970 August 26
nam_apap102-6.2_178 58 nam_apap102-6.2_178 Young Adult Committee, 1955-1957
nam_apap102-6.2_179 59 nam_apap102-6.2_179 Young Adult Council, 1955-1974
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-6.2_180 1 nam_apap102-6.2_180 The YWCA Advances Women's Rights, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_181 2 nam_apap102-6.2_181 The YWCA and the United Fund-How to Spend Money, 1972 September 24-29
nam_apap102-6.2_182 3 nam_apap102-6.2_182 The YWCA Bumper Sticker, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_183 4 nam_apap102-6.2_183 YWCA Card, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_184 5 nam_apap102-6.2_184 YWCA Exchange, 1974 October, 1980-1982, 1986
nam_apap102-6.2_185 6 nam_apap102-6.2_185 YWCA Facts, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_186 7 nam_apap102-6.2_186 YWCA Involvement, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_187 8 nam_apap102-6.2_187 YWCA Magazine, 1967 June, 1970 February, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_188 9 nam_apap102-6.2_188 YWCA News, 1983, 1988, 1990-1992
nam_apap102-6.2_189 10 nam_apap102-6.2_189 YWCA News, 1993 Summer, 1993 Fall, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_190 11 nam_apap102-6.2_190 YWCA "On the Move", 1995 March 17
nam_apap102-6.2_191 12 nam_apap102-6.2_191 YWCA Pins, Undated
nam_apap102-6.2_192 13 nam_apap102-6.2_192 YWCA Public Priorities, Undated
34 nam_apap102-6.2_193 nam_apap102-6.2_193 YWCA Promotional Video, Undated
99 nam_apap102-6.2_194 nam_apap102-6.2_194 YWCA Stories, Undated
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-6.2_195 14 nam_apap102-6.2_195 YMCA Tribute to Women-Photographs, 1994
35 nam_apap102-6.2_196 nam_apap102-6.2_196 YWCA Women of Achievement, 2007 March 22
nam_apap102-6.3 Subseries 6.3: Day Care, 1953-2005, Undated - 2.04  cubic ft.
Arranged alphabetically
Despite not having children of her own, Helen Quirini was very involved in Schenectady County day care. She originally represented labor on the Child Care Coordinating Council during World War II. She chaired the Schenectady County Child Care Council and was also a board member of the New York State Child Care Coordinating Council. She worked directly with day care centers such as the Christ Church Day Care center and the Refreshing Springs Day Care where she was an administrator alongside her longtime friend Reverend Georgetta Dix, who founded and ran the center.
Subseries 3 includes administrative materials like internal correspondence, budget material, clippings, frequent correspondence with the Schenectady Department of Social Services' Commissioner Richard Staszak, informational packets, proposed legislation and meeting minutes from multiple organizations, including the Schenectady Child Care Council, Schenectady Day Care Council and the Early Childhood Task Force. Budget and financing information is the primary focus of the internal documents including Title XX and other State or Federal funding institutions. Information regarding establishing or finding a day care center, funding and entitlement, event programs, transcripts of spoken testimonies and conference materials are also present in this subseries.
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-6.3_1 1 nam_apap102-6.3_1 Antos, Susan- Correspondence with Greater Upstate Law Project, Survey Forms, Schenectady Child Care Services Program Review, 1993, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_2 2 nam_apap102-6.3_2 Assorted Materials Related to Day Care, Legislation, Pamphlets, Correspondence, 1992-1994
nam_apap102-6.3_3 3 nam_apap102-6.3_3 Assorted Newsletters, Correspondence, Clippings, 1987-1988
nam_apap102-6.3_4 4 nam_apap102-6.3_4 Bills and Legislation Regarding Health Care, 1984-1985, Undated
7 nam_apap102-6.3_5 nam_apap102-6.3_5 Buttons and Ribbons, Including Ones About Day Care, Undated
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-6.3_6 5 nam_apap102-6.3_6 Capital District Child Care Coordinating Council - First Annual Dinner Program, 1985
nam_apap102-6.3_7 6 nam_apap102-6.3_7 Child Care Legislation, New York State Assembly Task Force on Women Issues Report, Newsletters, 1987, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_8 7 nam_apap102-6.3_8 Child Care Worker Salary Survey, 1984, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_9 8 nam_apap102-6.3_9 Child Day Care Council- Pamphlets, Newsletters, 1984-1987, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_10 9-10 nam_apap102-6.3_10 Clippings, Articles, 1973-1995, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_11 11 nam_apap102-6.3_11 Committee Information Brochures, Evaluation Reports, Management Training Pamphlets, 1974-1985, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_12 12 nam_apap102-6.3_12 Community Coordinated Child Care - Clippings, Reports, Related Materials, 1972, 1974, 1977-1978, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_13 13 nam_apap102-6.3_13 Community Coordinated Child Care - Correspondence and Background Information, 1979-1980, 1986
nam_apap102-6.3_14 14 nam_apap102-6.3_14 Community Coordinated Child Care- Program Guide and Resources from the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Office of Child Development, 1971
nam_apap102-6.3_15 15 nam_apap102-6.3_15 Consolidated Service Plan for Schenectady County Department of Social Services, First Draft, 1983
nam_apap102-6.3_16 16-17 nam_apap102-6.3_16 Correspondence, 1983-1996, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_17 18 nam_apap102-6.3_17 Correspondence Regarding Funding, Notes, Meeting Minutes, Testimony, 1985-1986, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_18 19 nam_apap102-6.3_18 Council, Center Facts, Pamphlets, Correspondence, 1973-1984, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_19 20 nam_apap102-6.3_19 Council, Clippings, 1982, 1984-1985
nam_apap102-6.3_20 21 nam_apap102-6.3_20 Day Care Funding, County Statistics, Allocation and Subsidy Information, 1991-1992, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_21 22 nam_apap102-6.3_21 Dix, Georgetta, Obituaries and Memorials, 1970-2005, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_22 23 nam_apap102-6.3_22 Department of Social Services Administrative Directives, Memos, Correspondence, 1991-1992, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_23 24 nam_apap102-6.3_23 Department of Social Services Annual Report, 1984
nam_apap102-6.3_24 25 nam_apap102-6.3_24 Department of Social Services Notice of Emergency Adoption Legislation, 1990
nam_apap102-6.3_25 26 nam_apap102-6.3_25 Early Childhood Task Force - Correspondence, Agenda, Mission Statement, Meeting Minutes, Clippings, 1970-1996
nam_apap102-6.3_26 27 nam_apap102-6.3_26 Employed Mothers and Child Care - U.S. Department of Labor Pamphlet, 1953
nam_apap102-6.3_27 28 nam_apap102-6.3_27 Financing, Media Folder, Correspondence, Financial Information, Clippings, Pamphlets, Memos and Notes, 1978, 1980-1986, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_28 29 nam_apap102-6.3_28 Financial Records, By-Laws, Correspondence, Press Releases, Day Care Directory, Clippings, 1985-1986, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_29 30 nam_apap102-6.3_29 Fliers, Pamphlets, 1985-1991, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_30 31 nam_apap102-6.3_30 A Forum on Child Care and Adult Care Conference Materials, Executive Summary, 1991, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_31 32 nam_apap102-6.3_31 Funding and Day Care in Schenectady, 1970-1982, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_32 33 nam_apap102-6.3_32 Handwritten Notes, 1983-1995, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_33 34 nam_apap102-6.3_33 Hearings, Testimonials, Correspondence, 1974, 1983, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_34 35 nam_apap102-6.3_34 Helen Quirini's Testimonies to Assorted Committees, Drafts, Notes, 1985-1986, 1990, 1991, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_35 36 nam_apap102-6.3_35 Human Services Planning Council - Child Care Needs Assessment for Schenectady County, 1990
nam_apap102-6.3_36 37 nam_apap102-6.3_36 Initiatives Proposal - Notes, Drafts, 1983-1984, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_37 38 nam_apap102-6.3_37 Legislation - Correspondence, Newsletters, 1982-1984, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_38 39 nam_apap102-6.3_38 Legislation - Department of Social Services, Correspondence, Clippings, Reports, Testimonies, 1983-1984, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_39 40 nam_apap102-6.3_39 Legislation - Reports, Testimonies, Newsletters, 1983-194
nam_apap102-6.3_40 41 nam_apap102-6.3_40 Legislation and Legislative Conference Reports, Correspondence, 1984, 1988, 1990, 1992
nam_apap102-6.3_41 42 nam_apap102-6.3_41 Letters, Correspondence, Clippings, Notes, 1985-1986, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_42 43 nam_apap102-6.3_42 Letters to Assemblymen in Support of Increased Day Care Funding, 1986
nam_apap102-6.3_43 44 nam_apap102-6.3_43 Maps, 1986, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_44 45 nam_apap102-6.3_44 Meeting Minutes, Agendas, Notes, 1983-1984, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_45 46 nam_apap102-6.3_45 Meeting Minutes, Resources and Needs Report, Clippings, Correspondence, 1985, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_46 47 nam_apap102-6.3_46 Newsletters, Assorted Publications on New York State Day Care, 1985-1994
nam_apap102-6.3_47 48 nam_apap102-6.3_47 New York Children's Health Insurance for Lifelong Development Program Packet, Child Care Development Block Grant Draft Plan, Correspondence and Related Materials - [RESTRICTED], 1989, 1991, Undated ***
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-6.3_48 1 nam_apap102-6.3_48 New York State Child Care Coordinating Council- Agendas and Minutes, 1986, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_49 2 nam_apap102-6.3_49 New York State Child Care Coordinating Council and the Schenectady Day Care Council - Correspondence, Briefing Papers, Legislation Information, 1983, 1985
nam_apap102-6.3_50 3 nam_apap102-6.3_50 New York State Child Care Coordinating Council - Correspondence, Financial Records, By-Laws, 1980, 1983-1986, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_51 4 nam_apap102-6.3_51 New York State Child Care Coordinating Council - Correspondence, Policies, Minutes, Conference Information, Legislation Discussion and Notes, 1985, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_52 5 nam_apap102-6.3_52 New York State Child Care Coordinating Council- Minutes, Reports, Correspondence, 1983-1984, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_53 6 nam_apap102-6.3_53 New York State Child Care Coordinating Council - "Survey of Characteristics of Families Using Child Day Care", 1980
nam_apap102-6.3_54 7 nam_apap102-6.3_54 New York State Executive Budget, Statistical and Narrative Summary of the Executive Budget, 1991, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_55 8 nam_apap102-6.3_55 New York State Senate Standing Committee on Child Care, Chairman's Report, 1986
nam_apap102-6.3_56 9 nam_apap102-6.3_56 Meeting Minutes of Assorted Groups, 1993-1994, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_57 10 nam_apap102-6.3_57 Parent's Guide to Day Care Publications, 1989, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_58 11 nam_apap102-6.3_58 Personnel Reports, Minutes, Agendas, Correspondence, 1985-1986, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_59 12 nam_apap102-6.3_59 Preschool: A Therapeutic Approach for Working with Children and their Families - Conference Sponsored by Christ Church Day Care Center, Articles, Surveys, Notes and Conference Materials, 1987-1993, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_60 13 nam_apap102-6.3_60 Public Day Care in Schenectady County; An Examination of Cost Effectiveness Issues in Four Centers Report, 1982
nam_apap102-6.3_61 14 nam_apap102-6.3_61 Refreshing Springs Day Care - Audit Reports, Curriculum, Budget Material, 1980, 1992-1994, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_62 15 nam_apap102-6.3_62 Refreshing Springs Day Care - Event Program, Fact Sheet, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_63 16 nam_apap102-6.3_63 Refreshing Springs Day Care - Financial Statement, Memo and Resume for Job Application, Notes, 1989, 1994-1995, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_64 17 nam_apap102-6.3_64 Refreshing Springs Day Care - Internal Correspondence, Event Fliers, Clippings, 1970-2002, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_65 18 nam_apap102-6.3_65 Regulations and Guidelines, Reports, Resource Directory, Correspondence, 1981-1987, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_66 19 nam_apap102-6.3_66 Reports, Legislation on Reimbursement and Other Topics, 1, 1983, 1985
nam_apap102-6.3_67 20 nam_apap102-6.3_67 Reports, Parent Guide to Day Care Homes Information Packet, Schenectady Department of Social Services, 1985-1986, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_68 21 nam_apap102-6.3_68 Response to Child Care Legislation, Memorandum of Opposition, 1985, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_69 22 nam_apap102-6.3_69 Schenectady Child Care Council - Budget and Reimbursement, Correspondence, Reports, Legislation, Notes, Clippings, 1981-1991, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_70 23 nam_apap102-6.3_70 Schenectady Child Care Council - Correspondence and Packet of Requests and Suggestions Sent to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Regarding Nutrition and Budget, Notes, 1984, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_71 24 nam_apap102-6.3_71 Schenectady Child Care Council - Correspondence with U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1984, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_72 25 nam_apap102-6.3_72 Schenectady Child Care Council - Minutes, Correspondence, Budget Materials, 1984-1985, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_73 26 nam_apap102-6.3_73 Schenectady Child Care Council - Nutrition Program, Correspondence with Congressman Samuel Stratton, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Notes, Budgets, 1984, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_74 27 nam_apap102-6.3_74 Schenectady County "Annual Implementation Report of the Consolidated Services Plan," Draft, 1986
nam_apap102-6.3_75 28 nam_apap102-6.3_75 Schenectady County "Annual Implementation Report of the Consolidated Services Plan," Draft, 1987
nam_apap102-6.3_76 29 nam_apap102-6.3_76 Schenectady County Budget and Welfare, Correspondence, "Welfare to Work" Employment Program, 1995-1996, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_77 30 nam_apap102-6.3_77 Schenectady County Child Care Council- Correspondence with Commissioner of the Department of Social Services Richard Staszak, Budget Information, 1990-1992, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_78 31 nam_apap102-6.3_78 Schenectady County Day Care Pamphlets, Helen Quirini's Chairperson Reports, Assorted Fliers, 1970-1985, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_79 32 nam_apap102-6.3_79 Schenectady County JOBS Plan, Department of Social Services- Correspondences, Day Care Provider Instructions, 1990-1992, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_80 33 nam_apap102-6.3_80 Schenectady County Day Care Contract - Correspondence with Refreshing Springs, Christ Church Day Care Centers, Notes, Contract, 1982, 1984-1985, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_81 34 nam_apap102-6.3_81 Schenectady Day Care Council - Advisory Board, Poverty Guidelines, Budget Information, Correspondence, 1979, 1983-1985, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_82 35 nam_apap102-6.3_82 Schenectady Day Care Council and the New York Child Care Coordinating Center - Correspondence, Minutes, Annotated Drafts, Speech and Writings by Helen Quirini, 1984-1985, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_83 36 nam_apap102-6.3_83 Schenectady Day Care Council - Budget Materials, Correspondence, Minutes, 1983-1986, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_84 37 nam_apap102-6.3_84 Schenectady Day Care Council - "Child Care Services Directory", 1980, 1985
nam_apap102-6.3_85 38 nam_apap102-6.3_85 Schenectady Day Care Council - Notes and Speeches, 1984-1986, 2002, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_86 39 nam_apap102-6.3_86 Schenectady Day Care Council - United Way Task Force Report on Child Care, Correspondence, Reports, Surveys, 1984-1985, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_87 40 nam_apap102-6.3_87 Schenectady Early Childhood Center Proposal- Drafts, Correspondence, Clippings, 1990-1991, Undated
Oversized Folder
18 nam_apap102-6.3_88 1 nam_apap102-6.3_88 Something to Believe In, Refreshing Spring Day Care Center Written by Frances Grant in Collaboration with Georgetta Dix, 1973
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-6.3_89 41 nam_apap102-6.3_89 Staszak, Richard - Commissioner of the Department of Social Services, Correspondence, 1987-1988
nam_apap102-6.3_90 42 nam_apap102-6.3_90 State Funding Materials, Correspondence, Notes, Budgets, 1991-1993, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_91 43 nam_apap102-6.3_91 Statistics on Day Care Fees and Attendance, 1992-1994, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_92 44 nam_apap102-6.3_92 Testimonies to the Senate Committee on Day Care, 1985-1986
nam_apap102-6.3_93 45 nam_apap102-6.3_93 Testimonies and Related Material, 1991-1993, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_94 46 nam_apap102-6.3_94 Transportation Correspondence, Notes, 1984, Undated
nam_apap102-6.3_95 47 nam_apap102-6.3_95 U.S. Department of Labor - "Community Solutions for Child Care" Conference Report, 1979
nam_apap102-6.3_96 48 nam_apap102-6.3_96 Welfare and Child Care - Welfare Reform, Reports, Fliers, Correspondence, 1994, 1997, Undated
nam_apap102-6.4 Subseries 6.4: Schenectady County Development and Consumerism, 1969-2007, Undated - 1.88  cubic ft.
Arranged alphabetically
The materials in this subseries concern housing, energy and development in Schenectady County. Some materials were gathered by Helen Quirini in response to development plans by the Metroplex Development Authority in Schenectady County, Industrial Development Agencies (IDA) and Schenectady Economic Development Corporation (SEDC). Metroplex was created in 1998 to coordinate economic development activities. Several of Metroplex's proposals met with resistance from the public, including the proposal to tear down the Gazette Building on State and Broadway and replace it with a new Department of Transportation office building. Quirini, with others from Preserve Schenectady's Future, filed a lawsuit to save the Gazette Building. Citizens for Preservation and Revitalization (CPR) and the March 19th Coalition were organizations formed in opposition to Metroplex and its proposals. In 2002, the Glenville Energy Park was proposed and Citizens Advocating Responsible Development (CARD) petitioned against it. Quirini gathered other materials as part of activities with consumer advocacy groups. She joined Better Neighborhoods Inc. in 1971, was elected to the board in 1981 and served as president from 1984-1986. She also served on the Consumer Advisory Council of Niagara Mohawk in the late 1980s.
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-6.4_1 1 nam_apap102-6.4_1 Better Neighborhoods Inc., Annual Reports, 1969-1984
nam_apap102-6.4_2 2 nam_apap102-6.4_2 Better Neighborhoods Inc., Board of Directors, 1971-1984
nam_apap102-6.4_3 3 nam_apap102-6.4_3 Better Neighborhoods Inc., Brochures, 1970-1972, Undated
nam_apap102-6.4_4 4 nam_apap102-6.4_4 Better Neighborhoods Inc., By-Laws, 1972
nam_apap102-6.4_5 5 nam_apap102-6.4_5 Better Neighborhoods Inc., Correspondence, 1970-1986, Undated
nam_apap102-6.4_6 6 nam_apap102-6.4_6 Better Neighborhoods Inc., Hamilton Hall, 1981, Undated
nam_apap102-6.4_7 7 nam_apap102-6.4_7 Better Neighborhoods Inc., News Clippings, 1971-1994
nam_apap102-6.4_8 8 nam_apap102-6.4_8 Better Neighborhoods Inc., Quirini Membership Certification and Bond, 1971-1977
nam_apap102-6.4_9 9 nam_apap102-6.4_9 Better Neighborhoods Inc., Quirini Photograph, Undated
nam_apap102-6.4_10 10 nam_apap102-6.4_10 Better Neighborhoods Inc., Quirini's Notes, 1971
nam_apap102-6.4_11 11 nam_apap102-6.4_11 CARD By-Laws, Meeting Agendas, and Letters, 2000-2002
nam_apap102-6.4_12 12 nam_apap102-6.4_12 CARD Petition Against Glenville Energy Park, 2002
nam_apap102-6.4_13 13 nam_apap102-6.4_13 City of Schenectady IDA Background Materials, 1998
nam_apap102-6.4_14 14 nam_apap102-6.4_14 City of Schenectady IDA Board Meeting, 1999-2000
nam_apap102-6.4_15 15 nam_apap102-6.4_15 Correspondence with Fred Ross, 1990-1998
nam_apap102-6.4_16 16 nam_apap102-6.4_16 County Court House, 2001
nam_apap102-6.4_17 17 nam_apap102-6.4_17 CPR Coordinating Committee, Meeting Minutes and Agenda, 1999-2000
nam_apap102-6.4_18 18 nam_apap102-6.4_18 CPR Correspondence, 1998-2001
nam_apap102-6.4_19 19 nam_apap102-6.4_19 CPR Mission and Members, 1998
nam_apap102-6.4_20 20 nam_apap102-6.4_20 CPR News, 1998-2001
nam_apap102-6.4_21 21 nam_apap102-6.4_21 CPR Petitions, 1998, Undated
nam_apap102-6.4_22 22 nam_apap102-6.4_22 CPR Response to Metroplex By-Laws, 1999
nam_apap102-6.4_23 23 nam_apap102-6.4_23 CPR Statement and Speeches, 1998-2003
nam_apap102-6.4_24 24 nam_apap102-6.4_24 CPR Website, 1998 August 18
nam_apap102-6.4_25 25 nam_apap102-6.4_25 Gazette Buildings, Correspondence, 1999-2000
nam_apap102-6.4_26 26 nam_apap102-6.4_26 Gazette Buildings, Lawsuit to Save Gazette Buildings, 2000
nam_apap102-6.4_27 27 nam_apap102-6.4_27 Gazette Buildings, Petitions, Flyers and Lawsuit to Save Gazette Buildings, Undated
nam_apap102-6.4_28 28 nam_apap102-6.4_28 Gazette Buildings, Photographs, 2000
nam_apap102-6.4_29 29 nam_apap102-6.4_29 Housing Advocates, Catholic Charities 1983 Memorandum, Undated
nam_apap102-6.4_30 30 nam_apap102-6.4_30 IDA Correspondence, 1998-2002
nam_apap102-6.4_31 31 nam_apap102-6.4_31 IDA Fiscal Policy Institute, 1992-1998
nam_apap102-6.4_32 32 nam_apap102-6.4_32 IDA Introduction, 1998
nam_apap102-6.4_33 33 nam_apap102-6.4_33 Introduction to the Universal Utility Service Act, Undated
nam_apap102-6.4_34 34 nam_apap102-6.4_34 March 19th Coalition, 1998
101 nam_apap102-6.4_35 nam_apap102-6.4_35 Metroplex, 1999 March 22
102 nam_apap102-6.4_36 nam_apap102-6.4_36 Metroplex, 1999 November 11
100 nam_apap102-6.4_37 nam_apap102-6.4_37 Metroplex, 2000 March
36-37 nam_apap102-6.4_38 nam_apap102-6.4_38 Metroplex, 2007 February 05
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-6.4_39 35 nam_apap102-6.4_39 Metroplex Agenda, Meeting Minutes and Resolutions, 1999-2002
nam_apap102-6.4_40 36 nam_apap102-6.4_40 Metroplex Annual Reports and Financial Statements, 2000-2001
nam_apap102-6.4_41 37 nam_apap102-6.4_41 Metroplex Board Handbook, Undated
nam_apap102-6.4_42 38 nam_apap102-6.4_42 Metroplex By-Laws, 1998-1999
nam_apap102-6.4_43 39 nam_apap102-6.4_43 Metroplex, Correspondence with Senator Hugh Farley, 1998
nam_apap102-6.4_44 40 nam_apap102-6.4_44 Metroplex Formation in New York Legislation, 1997-1998
nam_apap102-6.4_45 41 nam_apap102-6.4_45 Metroplex, George Robertson, 1998-2004
nam_apap102-6.4_46 42-43 nam_apap102-6.4_46 Metroplex, IDA's, 1999
nam_apap102-6.4_47 44 nam_apap102-6.4_47 Metroplex, Meeting Regarding Metroplex Bonding Ability, 2000
nam_apap102-6.4_48 45 nam_apap102-6.4_48 Metroplex, Opposition to Formation, 1998
nam_apap102-6.4_49 46 nam_apap102-6.4_49 Metroplex, Proposed Amendments, 1998-1999
nam_apap102-6.4_50 47 nam_apap102-6.4_50 Metroplex, Quirini's Application to Board, 1998
nam_apap102-6.4_51 48 nam_apap102-6.4_51 Metroplex, Quirini's Notes, 2002-2004
nam_apap102-6.4_52 49 nam_apap102-6.4_52 Metroplex, Robert Schulz, 1998
nam_apap102-6.4_53 50 nam_apap102-6.4_53 New York State Coalition for Action on Home Energy, Undated
nam_apap102-6.4_54 51 nam_apap102-6.4_54 New York State Consumer Protection Board, 1997
nam_apap102-6.4_55 52 nam_apap102-6.4_55 News Clippings, Brandywine Industrial Park, 1999
nam_apap102-6.4_56 53 nam_apap102-6.4_56 News Clippings, Gazette Building, 1999-2000
nam_apap102-6.4_57 54 nam_apap102-6.4_57 News Clippings, Glenville Power Plant, 2002
nam_apap102-6.4_58 55 nam_apap102-6.4_58 News Clippings, IDA, 1989-2002
nam_apap102-6.4_59 56 nam_apap102-6.4_59 News Clippings, Metroplex Cartoon, 1998
nam_apap102-6.4_60 57 nam_apap102-6.4_60 News Clippings, Schenectady Redevelopment, 1998 January-1998 June
nam_apap102-6.4_61 58 nam_apap102-6.4_61 News Clippings, Schenectady Redevelopment, 1998 July-1998 December
nam_apap102-6.4_62 59 nam_apap102-6.4_62 News Clippings, Schenectady Redevelopment, 1999
nam_apap102-6.4_63 60 nam_apap102-6.4_63 News Clippings, Schenectady Redevelopment, 2000-2006
nam_apap102-6.4_64 61 nam_apap102-6.4_64 Niagara Mohawk, Annual Report, 1990-1993
nam_apap102-6.4_65 62 nam_apap102-6.4_65 Niagara Mohawk, Century Wagon School Safety Program, 1986
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-6.4_66 1 nam_apap102-6.4_66 Niagara Mohawk, Consumer Advisory Council Meeting Minutes and Notes, 1984-1989
nam_apap102-6.4_67 2 nam_apap102-6.4_67 Niagara Mohawk, Consumer Advisory Council Ten Year Report, 1977-1988
nam_apap102-6.4_68 3 nam_apap102-6.4_68 Niagara Mohawk, Consumer Affairs Department Correspondence, 1985-1988
nam_apap102-6.4_69 4 nam_apap102-6.4_69 Niagara Mohawk, Frontier Region Bi-Monthly Reading, 1988
nam_apap102-6.4_70 5 nam_apap102-6.4_70 Niagara Mohawk, Fuel Adjustment Clause Intervention by Local 301, IUE and other Unions, 1982
nam_apap102-6.4_71 6 nam_apap102-6.4_71 Niagara Mohawk, News Clippings, 1983-1994
nam_apap102-6.4_72 7 nam_apap102-6.4_72 Niagara Mohawk, Petition Against Pilot Light Services, 1999, Undated
nam_apap102-6.4_73 8 nam_apap102-6.4_73 Niagara Mohawk, Power Choice Settlement Correspondence, Resolution and News Clippings, 1996-1997
nam_apap102-6.4_74 9 nam_apap102-6.4_74 Niagara Mohawk, Power Choice Settlement Petition, Undated
nam_apap102-6.4_75 10 nam_apap102-6.4_75 Niagara Mohawk, Power Choice Settlement, Reaction from Seniors, 1997-1998, Undated
nam_apap102-6.4_76 11 nam_apap102-6.4_76 Niagara Mohawk, Publication, 1985-1989
nam_apap102-6.4_77 12 nam_apap102-6.4_77 Niagara Mohawk, Reducing Plan, 1990
nam_apap102-6.4_78 13 nam_apap102-6.4_78 Niagara Mohawk, Self-Assessment Plan Summary, 1989
nam_apap102-6.4_79 14 nam_apap102-6.4_79 Niagara Mohawk, Summary of News Clippings, 1988-1992
nam_apap102-6.4_80 15 nam_apap102-6.4_80 Niagara Mohawk, Wurlitzer Service Study, 1988
nam_apap102-6.4_81 16 nam_apap102-6.4_81 NYPIRG Citizen Alliance, Gas Bill Press Release, 1983
nam_apap102-6.4_82 17 nam_apap102-6.4_82 Petition to Rescind County Sales Tax, 2001
nam_apap102-6.4_83 18 nam_apap102-6.4_83 Power Plant, Certification Review Process for Major Electric Generating Facilities, Undated
nam_apap102-6.4_84 19 nam_apap102-6.4_84 Power Plant, Connect the Dot a Common Cause Publication, Undated
nam_apap102-6.4_85 20 nam_apap102-6.4_85 Power Plant, Correspondence, 2002
nam_apap102-6.4_86 21 nam_apap102-6.4_86 Power Plant, Quirini's Notes, Undated
nam_apap102-6.4_87 22 nam_apap102-6.4_87 Schenectady, 2000
nam_apap102-6.4_88 23 nam_apap102-6.4_88 Schenectady County Economic Development Advisory Board Action Plan, 1997-1998
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-6.4_89 1 nam_apap102-6.4_89 Schenectady County IDA Meeting Agendas and Reports, 1999-2002
nam_apap102-6.4_90 2 nam_apap102-6.4_90 Schenectady County Legislature Agendas, 1998-1999
nam_apap102-6.4_91 3 nam_apap102-6.4_91 Schenectady Downtown Redevelopment, Previous Plans, 1974, Undated
nam_apap102-6.4_92 4 nam_apap102-6.4_92 Schenectady Economic Development Corporation, 1998-1999
nam_apap102-6.4_93 5 nam_apap102-6.4_93 Schenectady Master Planning Process, 1998-2002
Oversized Folder
3 nam_apap102-6.4_94 5 nam_apap102-6.4_94 Schenectady New York Downtown Development Plan, 1970
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-6.4_95 6 nam_apap102-6.4_95 Task Force on Alternative Housing, Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1988
nam_apap102-6.4_96 7 nam_apap102-6.4_96 Telephone Service, Petition, Letters and Bills, 1996-2002
nam_apap102-6.4_97 8 nam_apap102-6.4_97 Western Gateway Transportation Center, Correspondence and News Clippings, 1998-2002
nam_apap102-6.5 Subseries 6.5: Senior Citizens, 1972-2010, Undated - 4.53  cubic ft.
Arranged alphabetically
During her retirement, Helen Quirini was extremely active in many organizations for senior citizens on local, statewide and national levels. In addition to work on behalf of the GE Retirees, she served for many years as president of Chapter 490 (Schenectady County) of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) and as president of the Schenectady County Council of Senior Organizations. The files contain meeting minutes, events materials, financial records, correspondence, newsletters and petitions from these two groups.
Her participation in the Schenectady County Council of Senior Organizations led in 1987 to her involvement with the StateWide Senior Action Council. Quirini served as an at-large board member and later as treasurer of StateWide. She received the Rose Kryzak Advocacy Award as a leader on public policy issues, both locally and statewide. A grassroots organization composed of individual senior citizens and senior citizen clubs from across New York, StateWide is involved in legislative issues and campaigned against Medicare cuts and mandatory retirements. The group fought for pharmaceutical insurance for the elderly, assistance for seniors with utility payments and greater protection of hospital patient rights. The files reflect StateWide’s advocacy activities and feature testimony, including Quirini’s, before legislative panels and materials from an annual Grassroots Senior Citizens Day which encouraged seniors to come to Albany to meet with elected representatives. There also are board meeting minutes, correspondence, convention booklets and materials from Quirini’s local chapter of the organization.
Quirini also joined the Public Service Commission’s Albany Area Senior Citizen Advisory Council in the mid-1980s. This group advised on customer expectations and utility needs from a senior’s perspective. One of key recurring issues was the increasing costs of telephone service. In 1992 this Advisory Council joined with other special needs consumer groups to form the Public Service Commission’s Capital District Utility Consumer Advisory Council. Quirini remained on this newly formed Council until at least 1993. Agendas, meeting minutes, notes, correspondence and reports from Quirini’s tenure on both Councils are present.
In addition to her work with area organizations, Quirini also became involved in national issues most relevant to seniors. Qurini fought for the repeal of the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988 which she argued had modest benefits and would burden elder Medicare recipients with extra costs and taxes. Qurini chaired mass informational meetings of area seniors groups to discuss the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act in 1988 and 1989. These featured state and local legislators, individual seniors and leaders of senior citizen groups as speakers. Notes, speeches, photographs and flyers from these events and general background materials about the legislation are in this series.
The IUE nominated Quirini to attend the New York State Governor’s Conference on Aging in March 1995. She subsequently served as part of the New York delegation to the White House Conference on Aging held in May 1995. This series features materials from both conferences, including official reports and resolutions as well as Quirini’s correspondence and notes.
Other items of interest in this series are pamphlets written by Quirini on a variety of issues affecting seniors and materials about the Social Security Notch provision which affected benefits paid to individuals, like Quirini, born between 1917 and 1921.
Please see Series 5 for materials related to Quirini's work with the GE Retirees on behalf of pension reform.
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-6.5_1 1 nam_apap102-6.5_1 AARP Certificate of Appreciation for Helen Quirini, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_2 2 nam_apap102-6.5_2 AARP Chapter #490, Schenectady County, Events and Programs, 1986, 1989-1991
nam_apap102-6.5_3 3 nam_apap102-6.5_3 AARP Chapter #490, Schenectady County, Meeting Minutes, Treasurer's Reports and Financials, 1987-1990
nam_apap102-6.5_4 4 nam_apap102-6.5_4 AARP Chapter #490, Schenectady County, Meeting Minutes, Treasurer's Reports and Financials, 1991-1993, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_5 5 nam_apap102-6.5_5 AARP Chapter #490, Schenectady County, The Reporter Newsletter, 1987, 1989-1998
nam_apap102-6.5_6 6 nam_apap102-6.5_6 AARP Chapter #490, Schenectady County, Photographs at Universal Health Care Rally, 1992 April 15
nam_apap102-6.5_7 7 nam_apap102-6.5_7 AARP Chapter #490, Schenectady County, Resolutions, 1990
nam_apap102-6.5_8 8 nam_apap102-6.5_8 AARP Chapter #490, Schenectady County, Standing Rules and Committee Overview, 1987, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_9 9 nam_apap102-6.5_9 AARP Chapter Activity Reports, 1989-1991, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_10 10 nam_apap102-6.5_10 AARP Chapter Officers, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_11 11 nam_apap102-6.5_11 AARP Correspondence, 1983, 1987-1990, 1992, 2003, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_12 12 nam_apap102-6.5_12 AARP Literature, 1985, 1987, 1989-1991, Undated
2 nam_apap102-6.5_13 nam_apap102-6.5_13 AARP and New York State Senior Action Council Meeting Minutes and Notes, 1989-199, Undated
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-6.5_14 13 nam_apap102-6.5_14 AARP Women's Initiative and Women's History, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_15 14 nam_apap102-6.5_15 AFL-CIO Committee to Study Nursing Homes, Reports, Correspondence and Notes, 1975-1976
nam_apap102-6.5_16 15 nam_apap102-6.5_16 AFL-CIO Committee to Study Nursing Homes, Reports, Correspondence and Notes, 1976
nam_apap102-6.5_17 16 nam_apap102-6.5_17 AFL-CIO Retirees Council, "America's Nursing Homes: Profit in Human Misery,", 1977
nam_apap102-6.5_18 17 nam_apap102-6.5_18 The Annie Schaffer Senior Services Center, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_19 18 nam_apap102-6.5_19 Brookdale Center on Aging, 1993, 1996, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_20 19 nam_apap102-6.5_20 Capital District Consortium on Aging, Meeting Minutes, Correspondence, 1997-2001
nam_apap102-6.5_21 20 nam_apap102-6.5_21 Capital District Senior Issues Forum, Lifetime Achievement Award, 2005
nam_apap102-6.5_22 21 nam_apap102-6.5_22 Catastrophic Coverage Act, AARP Coverage, News Clippings, and Correspondence, 1988, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_23 22 nam_apap102-6.5_23 Catastrophic Coverage Act, Abstracts, Excerpts from Articles, 1987-1989
nam_apap102-6.5_24 23 nam_apap102-6.5_24 Catastrophic Coverage Act, Advocates Senior Alert Process, 1988-1989
nam_apap102-6.5_25 24 nam_apap102-6.5_25 Catastrophic Coverage Act, The Annie Schaefer Senior Center, 1987-1989
nam_apap102-6.5_26 25 nam_apap102-6.5_26 Catastrophic Coverage Act, "CATCAP Isn't What It Appears", 1989
nam_apap102-6.5_27 26 nam_apap102-6.5_27 Catastrophic Coverage Act, Clippings from Solidarity Notes, 1989
nam_apap102-6.5_28 27 nam_apap102-6.5_28 Catastrophic Coverage Act, Clippings of Letters to the Editor, 1988-1989
nam_apap102-6.5_29 28 nam_apap102-6.5_29 Catastrophic Coverage Act, Congressional Record, 1989
nam_apap102-6.5_30 29 nam_apap102-6.5_30 Catastrophic Coverage Act, Congressional Research Service Reports, 1988-1989
nam_apap102-6.5_31 30 nam_apap102-6.5_31 Catastrophic Coverage Act, Correspondence, 1988-1989
nam_apap102-6.5_32 31 nam_apap102-6.5_32 Catastrophic Coverage Act, Correspondence with U.S. and New York Executives, Senators and Members of the House, 1988-1989
nam_apap102-6.5_33 32 nam_apap102-6.5_33 Catastrophic Coverage Act, Fact Sheets, Leaflets and Handbills, 1988-1989
nam_apap102-6.5_34 33 nam_apap102-6.5_34 Catastrophic Coverage Act, "Golden Pamphlet" by Helen Quirini, 1988
nam_apap102-6.5_35 34 nam_apap102-6.5_35 Catastrophic Coverage Act, Handwritten Notes, 1987, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_36 35 nam_apap102-6.5_36 Catastrophic Coverage Act, IRS Reports, AARP Reports, 1987-1989, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_37 36 nam_apap102-6.5_37 Catastrophic Coverage Act, Legislation, Resolutions and Abstracts, 1989, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_38 37 nam_apap102-6.5_38 Catastrophic Coverage Act, Legislation Text of Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act, 1988 July 01
nam_apap102-6.5_39 38 nam_apap102-6.5_39 Catastrophic Coverage Act, Memorandums, 1989, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_40 39 nam_apap102-6.5_40 Catastrophic Coverage Act, National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Welfare, 1989, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_41 40 nam_apap102-6.5_41 Catastrophic Coverage Act, New York Assembly Legislature Resolution, 1989
nam_apap102-6.5_42 41 nam_apap102-6.5_42 Catastrophic Coverage Act, New York Assembly Legislature Resolution, 1991
nam_apap102-6.5_43 42 nam_apap102-6.5_43 Catastrophic Coverage Act, New York Senate Legislature Resolution, 1989
nam_apap102-6.5_44 43-44 nam_apap102-6.5_44 Catastrophic Coverage Act, News Clippings and Articles, 1989-1990, Undated
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-6.5_45 1 nam_apap102-6.5_45 Catastrophic Coverage Act, Rally Against the Act, 1989 May 18
nam_apap102-6.5_46 2-3 nam_apap102-6.5_46 Catastrophic Coverage Act, Rally Against the Act Photographs, 1989 May 19
nam_apap102-6.5_47 4-5 nam_apap102-6.5_47 Catastrophic Coverage Act, Seniors Action Coalition/Seniors Against Catastrophic Act, 1988-1994, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_48 6 nam_apap102-6.5_48 Catastrophic Coverage Act, Signed Petitions, 1988, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_49 7 nam_apap102-6.5_49 Catastrophic Coverage Act, The Villers Advocacy Associates Correspondence, 1988-1989, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_50 8 nam_apap102-6.5_50 Catastrophic Coverage Act, "What You Need to Know About the New Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act," by Prentice Hall Editorial Staff, 1988
nam_apap102-6.5_51 9 nam_apap102-6.5_51 Community Council of Greater New York, New York State Nursing Home Patient Ombudsman Program, 1977
nam_apap102-6.5_52 10 nam_apap102-6.5_52 Correspondence from Helen Quirini with State and National Legislators, 1989, 1994-1996
nam_apap102-6.5_53 11 nam_apap102-6.5_53 Correspondence with Assemblyman Paul Tonko Regarding Seniors, Utilities, 1990
nam_apap102-6.5_54 12 nam_apap102-6.5_54 Day Haven Adult Day Care, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_55 13 nam_apap102-6.5_55 Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Medigap Insurance - [RESTRICTED], 1992-1994, 1996, Undated ***
nam_apap102-6.5_56 14 nam_apap102-6.5_56 Expanded In-Home Service for the Elderly Program, 1988, 1990, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_57 15 nam_apap102-6.5_57 Gray Panthers, 1995, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_58 16 nam_apap102-6.5_58 Kryzak, Rose, Eulogy and Legacy Fund, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_59 17 nam_apap102-6.5_59 Legislative Status of 1983 Bills Affecting the Elderly, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_60 18 nam_apap102-6.5_60 Long-Term Care, 1987, 1990, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_61 19 nam_apap102-6.5_61 Mohawk Valley Senior research Center Senior Community Forum on Aging Issues, 2000 August 29
nam_apap102-6.5_62 20 nam_apap102-6.5_62 New York Senior COPES Plan, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_63 21 nam_apap102-6.5_63 New York Assembly Hearing on Pending Medicare Changes Testimony Including Comments from Helen Quirini, 1995 October 24
nam_apap102-6.5_64 22 nam_apap102-6.5_64 New York State Celebrates Senior Citizens' Day, Pamphlet Recognizing Helen Quirini and Others, 2005
nam_apap102-6.5_65 23 nam_apap102-6.5_65 New York State Conference for the Aging Legislative Conference, 1995
nam_apap102-6.5_66 24 nam_apap102-6.5_66 New York State Elderly and Energy Conference Materials, 1984
nam_apap102-6.5_67 25 nam_apap102-6.5_67 New York State Governor's Conference on Aging, Agendas, 1995
nam_apap102-6.5_68 26 nam_apap102-6.5_68 New York State Governor's Conference on Aging, Background Materials, 1995, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_69 27-28 nam_apap102-6.5_69 New York State Governor's Conference on Aging, Conference Binder, 1995
nam_apap102-6.5_70 29 nam_apap102-6.5_70 New York State Governor's Conference on Aging, Follow-up Materials Including Recommendations, 1995
nam_apap102-6.5_71 30 nam_apap102-6.5_71 New York State Governor's Conference on Aging, Pre-Conference Materials, 1994-1995
nam_apap102-6.5_72 31 nam_apap102-6.5_72 New York State Governor's Conference on Aging, Resolutions, Recommendations and Notes Taken by Helen Quirini, 1995, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_73 32 nam_apap102-6.5_73 New York State Public Service Commission's Community Outreach Day, 1992
nam_apap102-6.5_74 33 nam_apap102-6.5_74 New York State Senate Democratic Task Force on Health Care, 1996
nam_apap102-6.5_75 34 nam_apap102-6.5_75 New York StateWide Senior Action Council 25th Anniversary Dinner Celebration, 1997
nam_apap102-6.5_76 35 nam_apap102-6.5_76 New York StateWide Senior Action Council 30th Anniversary Celebration, 2002
nam_apap102-6.5_77 36 nam_apap102-6.5_77 New York StateWide Senior Action Council Advocacy Packet, 1999-2000
nam_apap102-6.5_78 37 nam_apap102-6.5_78 New York StateWide Senior Action Council Annual Convention Binder, 2001
nam_apap102-6.5_79 38 nam_apap102-6.5_79 New York StateWide Senior Action Council Annual Convention Materials, 1972, 1987, 1989-1990, 1992-1997
nam_apap102-6.5_80 39 nam_apap102-6.5_80 New York StateWide Senior Action Council Annual Convention Materials, 1999-2003
nam_apap102-6.5_81 40 nam_apap102-6.5_81 New York StateWide Senior Action Council Annual Convention Materials, 2004-2008
nam_apap102-6.5_82 41 nam_apap102-6.5_82 New York StateWide Senior Action Council Award Materials, 2003
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-6.5_83 1 nam_apap102-6.5_83 New York StateWide Senior Action Council Board Meeting Minutes and Correspondence, 1998-2001
nam_apap102-6.5_84 2 nam_apap102-6.5_84 New York StateWide Senior Action Council Board Meeting Minutes and Correspondence, 2002-2003
nam_apap102-6.5_85 3 nam_apap102-6.5_85 New York StateWide Senior Action Council Board Meeting Minutes and Correspondence, 2005-2006
nam_apap102-6.5_86 4 nam_apap102-6.5_86 New York StateWide Senior Action Council By-Laws, 1987-1988, 1991, 1998, 2003, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_87 5 nam_apap102-6.5_87 New York StateWide Senior Action Council Capital Region Chapter Materials, 2004, 2006-2007
nam_apap102-6.5_88 6 nam_apap102-6.5_88 New York StateWide Senior Action Council Correspondence, 1987, 2006-2007
nam_apap102-6.5_89 7 nam_apap102-6.5_89 New York StateWide Senior Action Council Events, 2001, 2006, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_90 8 nam_apap102-6.5_90 New York StateWide Senior Action Council Grassroots Senior Citizens Day, 2000-2003, 2005
nam_apap102-6.5_91 9 nam_apap102-6.5_91 New York StateWide Senior Action Council History and Background Information, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_92 10 nam_apap102-6.5_92 New York StateWide Senior Action Council Legislative Activities, 1996, 1999-2003
nam_apap102-6.5_93 11 nam_apap102-6.5_93 New York StateWide Senior Action Council Letters to the Editor Sent by Helen Quirini, 2002, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_94 12 nam_apap102-6.5_94 New York StateWide Senior Action Council Literature, Ads and Mailings, 1990, 1999, 2004, 2006, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_95 13 nam_apap102-6.5_95 New York StateWide Senior Action Council News Releases, 1988, 1996-1997, 2002
nam_apap102-6.5_96 14 nam_apap102-6.5_96 New York StateWide Senior Action Council Personal Records and Planning Book Prepared by Helen Quirini, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_97 15 nam_apap102-6.5_97 New York StateWide Senior Action Council Photographs, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_98 16 nam_apap102-6.5_98 New York StateWide Senior Action Council Region 5 Materials, 1990, 1992, 1996-1997, 1999-2003, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_99 17 nam_apap102-6.5_99 New York StateWide Senior Action Council Reorganization, 2002-2003, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_100 18 nam_apap102-6.5_100 New York StateWide Senior Action Council Resolutions, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_101 19 nam_apap102-6.5_101 New York StateWide Senior Action Council Social Insurance Organizing Project, 2000
nam_apap102-6.5_102 20 nam_apap102-6.5_102 New York StateWide Senior Action Council StateWide Sentinel, 1994-1996
nam_apap102-6.5_103 21 nam_apap102-6.5_103 New York StateWide Senior Action Council Testimony About Medicaid/Health, 1997 January 30
nam_apap102-6.5_104 22 nam_apap102-6.5_104 New York StateWide Senior Action Council Testimony on the Executive Budget Including Comments from Helen Quirini, 2003 February 10
nam_apap102-6.5_105 23 nam_apap102-6.5_105 New York StateWide Senior Action Council "Vote to Protect Social Security and Medicare" Bumper Sticker, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_106 24 nam_apap102-6.5_106 New York StateWide Senior Action News, 1988
nam_apap102-6.5_107 25 nam_apap102-6.5_107 New York Universal Health Care Rally at the Annie Shaffer Senior Center Photographs, 1992 April 15
nam_apap102-6.5_108 26 nam_apap102-6.5_108 News Clippings About Assorted Senior Topics and Helen Quirini, 1980, 1984, 1987-1990, 2002, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_109 27 nam_apap102-6.5_109 Niagara Mohawk and the Public Service Commission Materials Related to NiMo Service, 1997, 1999
nam_apap102-6.5_110 28 nam_apap102-6.5_110 Niagara Mohawk Free Pilot Lighting Service, 1998-1999
nam_apap102-6.5_111 29 nam_apap102-6.5_111 Notes by Helen Quirini on Issues Affecting Seniors, 1995, 1999, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_112 30 nam_apap102-6.5_112 Nursing Home Community Coalition of New York State, Statewide Annual Convention, 1999
nam_apap102-6.5_113 31 nam_apap102-6.5_113 Opposition to Medicare Cuts Petition, 1995, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_114 32 nam_apap102-6.5_114 Pamphlets Created by Helen Quirini About Health Care, Prescriptions and Medicare, 1987, 1993, 1995, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_115 33 nam_apap102-6.5_115 Physicians Participating in Medicare, 1984, 1992
nam_apap102-6.5_116 34 nam_apap102-6.5_116 Public Citizen Prescription Drug Fairness Material, 1999
nam_apap102-6.5_117 35 nam_apap102-6.5_117 Raycroft, Catherine, 1974-2009, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_118 36 nam_apap102-6.5_118 Riitano, Deborah, 1996-2007, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_119 37 nam_apap102-6.5_119 Schenectady County Council of Senior Citizen Organizations Award of Merit from YWCA, 1987
nam_apap102-6.5_120 38 nam_apap102-6.5_120 Schenectady County Council of Senior Citizen Organizations By-Laws, 2006, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_121 39 nam_apap102-6.5_121 Schenectady County Council of Senior Citizen Organizations Correspondence (Incoming) - [RESTRICTED], 1985-2010, Undated ***
nam_apap102-6.5_122 40 nam_apap102-6.5_122 Schenectady County Council of Senior Citizen Organizations Correspondence (Outgoing), 1985-2007, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_123 41 nam_apap102-6.5_123 Schenectady County Council of Senior Citizen Organizations Events, 1987, 1990-1991, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_124 42 nam_apap102-6.5_124 Schenectady County Council of Senior Citizen Organizations Financial and Administrative Materials, 1999-2006, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_125 43-44 nam_apap102-6.5_125 Schenectady County Council of Senior Citizen Organizations Meeting Minutes and Notes, 1982-1983, 1985-1993, 1995-2002, 2006-2007, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_126 45 nam_apap102-6.5_126 Schenectady County Council of Senior Citizen Organizations Personal Records and Planning Book, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_127 46 nam_apap102-6.5_127 Schenectady County Council of Senior Citizen Organizations Treasurer's Reports, 1992-2002
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-6.5_128 1 nam_apap102-6.5_128 Schenectady County Council of Senior Citizen Organizations Petitions, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_129 2 nam_apap102-6.5_129 Schenectady County Council of Senior Citizen Organizations Petitions About Gross Receipts Tax, 1992
nam_apap102-6.5_130 3 nam_apap102-6.5_130 Schenectady County Council of Senior Citizen Organizations Petitions About Niagara Mohawk Rate Increases, 1994
nam_apap102-6.5_131 4 nam_apap102-6.5_131 Schenectady County Council of Senior Citizen Organizations Senior Volunteer Recognition Day, 1986, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_132 5 nam_apap102-6.5_132 Schenectady County Council of Senior Citizen Organizations Trust Fund Statements - [RESTRICTED], 1986-1991, 1994 ***
nam_apap102-6.5_133 6 nam_apap102-6.5_133 Schenectady County Newsletter of Seniors Events Written by Helen Quirini, 2001
nam_apap102-6.5_134 7 nam_apap102-6.5_134 Schenectady County Office for the Aging Senior Citizen of the Year Award Materials, 1990, 2005
nam_apap102-6.5_135 8 nam_apap102-6.5_135 Schenectady Explores Senior Creativity Conference Materials, 1984
nam_apap102-6.5_136 9 nam_apap102-6.5_136 Senior Action, 1993-1999
nam_apap102-6.5_137 10 nam_apap102-6.5_137 Senior Action, 2000-2002
nam_apap102-6.5_138 11 nam_apap102-6.5_138 Senior Action, 2003, 2005-2006
nam_apap102-6.5_139 12 nam_apap102-6.5_139 Senior Action On-Line News from Albany Corresponding Newsletters, 1998-2000
nam_apap102-6.5_140 13 nam_apap102-6.5_140 Senior Citizen Award for Isabel Shapnek, 1992
nam_apap102-6.5_141 14 nam_apap102-6.5_141 Senior Issues Legislative Visit, 1988 February 10
nam_apap102-6.5_142 15 nam_apap102-6.5_142 Social Security "Notch," AARP Materials, 1987, 1992, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_143 16 nam_apap102-6.5_143 Social Security "Notch," Correspondence, 1983-1988, 1990-1991, 1994, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_144 17 nam_apap102-6.5_144 Social Security "Notch," Fact Sheets, Handbills and Charts, 1987, 1990-1991, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_145 18 nam_apap102-6.5_145 Social Security "Notch," National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Welfare Talking Points, 1991
nam_apap102-6.5_146 19 nam_apap102-6.5_146 Social Security "Notch," New York Assembly Legislative Resolution, 1991
nam_apap102-6.5_147 20 nam_apap102-6.5_147 Social Security "Notch," New York State Legislation, 1990
nam_apap102-6.5_148 21 nam_apap102-6.5_148 Social Security "Notch," News Clippings, 1981-1994, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_149 22 nam_apap102-6.5_149 Social Security "Notch," Petitions, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_150 23 nam_apap102-6.5_150 Source Book and Regional Directory for Seniors, 1992
nam_apap102-6.5_151 24 nam_apap102-6.5_151 Speech on Senior Issues by Helen Quirini, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_152 25 nam_apap102-6.5_152 State of New York Public Service Commission Albany Area Senior Citizen Advisory Council Meeting Minutes, Agendas and Correspondence, 1986, 1989-1991, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_153 26 nam_apap102-6.5_153 State of New York Public Service Commission Capital District Utility Consumer Advisory Council Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1992-1993, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_154 27 nam_apap102-6.5_154 State of New York Public Service Commission New York Telephone Rates, 1990, 1992, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_155 28 nam_apap102-6.5_155 State of New York Public Service Commission News Releases, Alerts and Reports, 1989-1992
nam_apap102-6.5_156 29 nam_apap102-6.5_156 State of New York Public Service Commission Report Endorsing Model Utility Senior Program, 1988, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_157 30 nam_apap102-6.5_157 State of New York Public Service Commission Senior Advisory Councils Combined Meeting, 1987
nam_apap102-6.5_158 31 nam_apap102-6.5_158 State of New York Public Service Commission Statement of Policy Endorsing Model Utility Senior Program, 1988
nam_apap102-6.5_159 32 nam_apap102-6.5_159 Testimony at Office of Aging Hearing from Helen Quirini, 1986 May 22
nam_apap102-6.5_160 33 nam_apap102-6.5_160 Untitled Photographs of Events for Seniors, 1986, 1989, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_161 34 nam_apap102-6.5_161 White House Conference on Aging Additional Housing Resolution, 1995
nam_apap102-6.5_162 35 nam_apap102-6.5_162 White House Conference on Aging Additional Adopted Resolutions, 1995
nam_apap102-6.5_163 36 nam_apap102-6.5_163 White House Conference on Aging Additional Amendments to Resolutions from Interest Groups, 1995
nam_apap102-6.5_164 37 nam_apap102-6.5_164 White House Conference on Aging Additional Background Materials, 1995
nam_apap102-6.5_165 38 nam_apap102-6.5_165 White House Conference on Aging Additional Capital District Senior Groups Meeting, 1994
nam_apap102-6.5_166 39 nam_apap102-6.5_166 White House Conference on Aging Additional Certificate of Recognition, 1995
nam_apap102-6.5_167 40 nam_apap102-6.5_167 White House Conference on Aging Additional Citizen's Commission on Pension Policy, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_168 41 nam_apap102-6.5_168 White House Conference on Aging Additional Draft Resolutions, 1995
nam_apap102-6.5_169 42 nam_apap102-6.5_169 White House Conference on Aging Additional Final Report Correspondence, 1996
Oversized Folder
18 nam_apap102-6.5_170 2 nam_apap102-6.5_170 White House Conference on Aging Final Report The Road to an Aging Policy for the 21st Century, 1996
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-6.5_171 43 nam_apap102-6.5_171 White House Conference on Aging Additional Final Resolutions, 1995
Box Folder
5 nam_apap102-6.5_172 1 nam_apap102-6.5_172 White House Conference on Aging, Helen Quirini Notes, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_173 2 nam_apap102-6.5_173 White House Conference on Aging, Materials from Interest Groups, 1995
nam_apap102-6.5_174 3 nam_apap102-6.5_174 White House Conference on Aging, Materials from the Older Women's League, 1995
nam_apap102-6.5_175 4 nam_apap102-6.5_175 White House Conference on Aging Newsletters, 1994-1995
nam_apap102-6.5_176 5 nam_apap102-6.5_176 White House Conference on Aging Nomination of Helen Quirini as a Delegate, 1994-1995, Undated
nam_apap102-6.5_177 6 nam_apap102-6.5_177 White House Conference on Aging Pre-Conference Correspondence and Welcome Materials, 1994-1995
Box Folder
6 nam_apap102-6.5_178 1 nam_apap102-6.5_178 White House Conference on Aging Proposed Report, 1995
nam_apap102-6.5_179 2 nam_apap102-6.5_179 White House Conference on Aging Rules and Program Packet About the Conference, 1995
nam_apap102-6.5_180 3 nam_apap102-6.5_180 White House Conference on Aging, Travel and Accommodation Forms, 1995
nam_apap102-6.5_181 4 nam_apap102-6.5_181 White House Conference on Aging Welcome from President Bill Clinton, 1994-1995
nam_apap102-6.6 Subseries 6.6: Human Services, 1970-2009, Undated - 2.26  cubic ft.
Arranged alphabetically
This subseries contains documents from different social service and relief organizations in Schenectady County. These include the Human Services Planning Council, the Schenectady Friends of Human Services, the Youth Employment Services Committee, and Quest. It documents their day-to-day activities as well as their contributions to the community. The subseries contains agendas, annual reports, by-laws, correspondence, financials, meeting minutes, news clippings, pamphlets, and reports. It includes information on social service, job referral in the Schenectady area, as well as each organization's efforts to help members of the Schenectady community. It also contains information on Judy Atchinson, a prominent member of Quest who wrote consistently in her blog, which is included in the subseries. Helen Quirini was active with these organizations during her retirement and kept up-to-date with these committees until 2009.
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-6.6_1 1 nam_apap102-6.6_1 Community Welfare Council of Schenectady - Annual Report, 1970-1971
nam_apap102-6.6_2 2 nam_apap102-6.6_2 Employment Survey, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_3 3 nam_apap102-6.6_3 Human Services Planning Council - Aging Awareness Award and Booklet, 1984
nam_apap102-6.6_4 4 nam_apap102-6.6_4 Human Services Planning Council - AIDS Information, 1985-1990, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_5 5 nam_apap102-6.6_5 Human Services Planning Council - Annual Meeting Minutes, 1984-1993
nam_apap102-6.6_6 6 nam_apap102-6.6_6 Human Services Planning Council - Annual Reports, 1973-1992, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_7 7 nam_apap102-6.6_7 Human Services Planning Council - Board of Delegates, 1988-1993, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_8 8 nam_apap102-6.6_8 Human Services Planning Council - Budgets and Financial Statements, 1980-1994
nam_apap102-6.6_9 9 nam_apap102-6.6_9 Human Services Planning Council - By-Laws, 1988 May 25
nam_apap102-6.6_10 10 nam_apap102-6.6_10 Human Services Planning Council - Capital District Berkshire Area Economic Study Group, 1986-1987
nam_apap102-6.6_11 11 nam_apap102-6.6_11 Human Services Planning Council - Committees-General File, 1986-1993
nam_apap102-6.6_12 12 nam_apap102-6.6_12 Human Services Planning Council - Correspondence, 1978-1992, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_13 13 nam_apap102-6.6_13 Human Services Planning Council - Directory, 1993, 1993 September 21
nam_apap102-6.6_14 14 nam_apap102-6.6_14 Human Services Planning Council - Elections, 1990
nam_apap102-6.6_15 15 nam_apap102-6.6_15 Human Services Planning Council - Executive Committee, 1988-1993, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_16 16 nam_apap102-6.6_16 Human Services Planning Council - Folder, 1987-1991
nam_apap102-6.6_17 17-18 nam_apap102-6.6_17 Human Services Planning Council - Health Committees/Aging Committee, 1973-1991, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_18 19 nam_apap102-6.6_18 Human Services Planning Council - Health Reports, 1975-1988, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_19 20 nam_apap102-6.6_19 Human Services Planning Council - History, 1989
nam_apap102-6.6_20 21 nam_apap102-6.6_20 Human Services Planning Council - HSPC Review, 1987-1992
nam_apap102-6.6_21 22 nam_apap102-6.6_21 Human Services Planning Council - Information Data, 1983-1984
nam_apap102-6.6_22 23 nam_apap102-6.6_22 Human Services Planning Council - Job Referral Center, 1983, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_23 24 nam_apap102-6.6_23 Human Services Planning Council - "Jobs Now"-Job Fairs, 1983-1987, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_24 25 nam_apap102-6.6_24 Human Services Planning Council - Long Range Planning Committee, 1973-1984, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_25 26 nam_apap102-6.6_25 Human Services Planning Council - Memos, 1986-1993
nam_apap102-6.6_26 27 nam_apap102-6.6_26 Human Services Planning Council - Monitoring Committee, 1980
nam_apap102-6.6_27 28 nam_apap102-6.6_27 Human Services Planning Council - News Clips, 1972-1994, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_28 29 nam_apap102-6.6_28 Human Services Planning Council - Organizational Plans and Descriptions, 1973-1991, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_29 30 nam_apap102-6.6_29 Human Services Planning Council - Pamphlets and Leaflets, 1984-1992, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_30 31 nam_apap102-6.6_30 Human Services Planning Council - Personnel Committee Files, 1973-1991, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_31 32 nam_apap102-6.6_31 Human Services Planning Council - Profile of Schenectady County, 1983
nam_apap102-6.6_32 33 nam_apap102-6.6_32 Human Services Planning Council - Reports and Recommendations, 1972-1994, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_33 34 nam_apap102-6.6_33 Human Services Planning Council - Research, 1970-1971, 1985
nam_apap102-6.6_34 35 nam_apap102-6.6_34 Human Services Planning Council - Review and Strategy Committee, 1975-1993, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_35 36 nam_apap102-6.6_35 Human Services Planning Council - Volunteers, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_36 37 nam_apap102-6.6_36 Human Services Planning Council - Welfare Monitoring Tool, Undated
103 nam_apap102-6.6_37 nam_apap102-6.6_37 Judy, Carl Stock, on Quest, 2005 May
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-6.6_38 38 nam_apap102-6.6_38 Schenectady Bureau of Municipal Research-Metrofair and Supplement, 1972 September
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-6.6_39 1-2 nam_apap102-6.6_39 Schenectady County Survey, 1971-1973
nam_apap102-6.6_40 3 nam_apap102-6.6_40 Schenectady County Shelters - Shelter Resource List, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_41 4 nam_apap102-6.6_41 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - Agenda, Minutes, and Reports, 1982-1994
nam_apap102-6.6_42 5 nam_apap102-6.6_42 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - Committee Minutes, 1988-1991
nam_apap102-6.6_43 6 nam_apap102-6.6_43 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - Correspondence, 1987-1992
nam_apap102-6.6_44 7-8 nam_apap102-6.6_44 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - Counter Budgets, 1983-1988
nam_apap102-6.6_45 9 nam_apap102-6.6_45 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - Financial Statements and Budgets, 1986-1992
nam_apap102-6.6_46 10 nam_apap102-6.6_46 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - Fiscal Policy Institute, 1992, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_47 11 nam_apap102-6.6_47 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - Homelessness and Poverty, 1987-1988
nam_apap102-6.6_48 12 nam_apap102-6.6_48 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - "Income Maintenance Training", 1990
nam_apap102-6.6_49 13 nam_apap102-6.6_49 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - Letters to the Editor, 1992, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_50 14 nam_apap102-6.6_50 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - Lobbying and NY Representatives, 1985-1992
nam_apap102-6.6_51 15 nam_apap102-6.6_51 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - Membership, 1983-1989
nam_apap102-6.6_52 16 nam_apap102-6.6_52 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - Memos, 1986-1991
nam_apap102-6.6_53 17 nam_apap102-6.6_53 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - New York State Budget and Taxes, 1982-1991, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_54 18 nam_apap102-6.6_54 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - News Clips, 1977-1989, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_55 19 nam_apap102-6.6_55 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - Notes, 1985-1987, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_56 20 nam_apap102-6.6_56 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - Operating Procedures, 1983
nam_apap102-6.6_57 21 nam_apap102-6.6_57 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - Pamphlets, 1980-1992, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_58 22 nam_apap102-6.6_58 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - Programs, 1973-1994
nam_apap102-6.6_59 23-24 nam_apap102-6.6_59 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - Position Papers, 1986-1994
nam_apap102-6.6_60 25 nam_apap102-6.6_60 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - Religious Supporters, 1987, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_61 26 nam_apap102-6.6_61 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - Research, 1980
nam_apap102-6.6_62 27 nam_apap102-6.6_62 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - Schenectady County Demographics, 1984
nam_apap102-6.6_63 28 nam_apap102-6.6_63 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - Senses Proposal, 1983
nam_apap102-6.6_64 29 nam_apap102-6.6_64 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - Senses Regional Coalitions, 1982
nam_apap102-6.6_65 30 nam_apap102-6.6_65 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - Social Services Information, 1986-1988, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_66 31 nam_apap102-6.6_66 Schenectady Friends of Human Services - Voting, 1988
nam_apap102-6.6_67 32 nam_apap102-6.6_67 Solidarity Committee of the Capital District- "Failing US Education Spending", 1985
nam_apap102-6.6_68 33 nam_apap102-6.6_68 Quest- About, 2000, 2005, 0
nam_apap102-6.6_69 34 nam_apap102-6.6_69 Quest - Agendas, Minutes, and Notes, 2000-2008
nam_apap102-6.6_70 35 nam_apap102-6.6_70 Quest - Allocations and Budgets, 1985, 2004
nam_apap102-6.6_71 36 nam_apap102-6.6_71 Quest - Articles and News Clippings, 2000-2009
nam_apap102-6.6_72 37 nam_apap102-6.6_72 Quest - Atchinson, Judy, 2009 December 18, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_73 38-39 nam_apap102-6.6_73 Quest - Atchinson, Judy-Blog, 2009
nam_apap102-6.6_74 40 nam_apap102-6.6_74 Quest-By-Laws, 2004, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_75 41 nam_apap102-6.6_75 Quest - Correspondence, 2000-2008
104 nam_apap102-6.6_76 nam_apap102-6.6_76 "Quest Inc." Info: Judy Atchinson, Undated
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-6.6_77 42 nam_apap102-6.6_77 Quest - Inner City Arts Program, 2006 December 03
nam_apap102-6.6_78 43 nam_apap102-6.6_78 Quest - Pamphlets and Newsletters, 2000, 2003, Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_79 44 nam_apap102-6.6_79 Quest - Partners in Dance, 2005, 2008
nam_apap102-6.6_80 45 nam_apap102-6.6_80 Quest - "Success Stories about Specific Kids at Quest", Undated
nam_apap102-6.6_81 46 nam_apap102-6.6_81 Quest - The Ten Year Strategic Plan, 2006 January
nam_apap102-6.6_82 47 nam_apap102-6.6_82 Youth Employment Services Committee - Carver Talent Search, 1986 March 21
nam_apap102-6.6_83 48 nam_apap102-6.6_83 Youth Employment Services Committee - Correspondence, 1982-1988
nam_apap102-6.6_84 49 nam_apap102-6.6_84 Youth Employment Services Committee Memorandum and Report, 1983, 1989
nam_apap102-6.6_85 50 nam_apap102-6.6_85 Youth Employment Services Committee - Minutes, 1986-1988
nam_apap102-6.6_86 51 nam_apap102-6.6_86 Youth Employment Services Committee - Pamphlets, 1985
nam_apap102-6.6_87 52 nam_apap102-6.6_87 Youth Employment Services Committee - Notes and Reports, 1984-1985
nam_apap102-6.7 Subseries 6.7: United Way, 1963-2008, Undated - 1.67  cubic ft.
Arranged alphabetically
Helen Quirini was active with the United Way for several decades, both through Local 301 and during her retirement. This subseries documents United Way's day-to-day activities and its contributions to Schenectady and nearby areas. It contains agendas, meeting minutes, allocations, financials, fund distribution materials, newsletters, magazines, flyers, and pamphlets. It also features information on the Joseph A. Beirne Community Services Award, which Quirini received in 1978. The subseries includes Quirini's handwritten notes and her personal binders. There is also information on United Way's executive committee and the group Concerned Citizens for a Fair and Inclusive United Way.
Please see Series 1 for more information on the Beirne Award and Quirini's other awards and commendations.
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-6.7_1 1 nam_apap102-6.7_1 Account Assignments, 1993-1994
nam_apap102-6.7_2 2 nam_apap102-6.7_2 Actuarial Valuation Report and Supplemental Material, 1991-1992
nam_apap102-6.7_3 3 nam_apap102-6.7_3 Administrative Charts, 1979, 1983
nam_apap102-6.7_4 4 nam_apap102-6.7_4 Affirmative Action, 1973
nam_apap102-6.7_5 5 nam_apap102-6.7_5 Agency Profile, 1981
nam_apap102-6.7_6 6 nam_apap102-6.7_6 Agenda and Minutes, Includes Notes, 1989, 1992, Undated
nam_apap102-6.7_7 7 nam_apap102-6.7_7 Agenda, Minutes, and Supplement, 1991
nam_apap102-6.7_8 8 nam_apap102-6.7_8 Agenda, Minutes, Financials, and Supplemental Material, 1992
nam_apap102-6.7_9 9 nam_apap102-6.7_9 Agreement of United Fund with Community Welfare Council, 1966 April 19, 1980 September 23
nam_apap102-6.7_10 10-12 nam_apap102-6.7_10 Allocations and Allocations Committee, 1969, 1972-1974, Undated
nam_apap102-6.7_11 13 nam_apap102-6.7_11 Annual Celebrations and Awards, 1980, 1987-1993
nam_apap102-6.7_12 14 nam_apap102-6.7_12 Annual Meetings, Includes Minutes, 1977-1994
nam_apap102-6.7_13 15-16 nam_apap102-6.7_13 Annual Reports, 1972-1994
nam_apap102-6.7_14 17 nam_apap102-6.7_14 Awards Program, 1978-1989
nam_apap102-6.7_15 18-20 nam_apap102-6.7_15 Binder, 1989-1992
nam_apap102-6.7_16 21 nam_apap102-6.7_16 Budget Committee Reports, 1970-1977, 1981
nam_apap102-6.7_17 22 nam_apap102-6.7_17 By-Laws, 1980-1993, Undated
nam_apap102-6.7_18 23-24 nam_apap102-6.7_18 Campaign Cabinet Fundraising Materials, 1971-1973, Undated
nam_apap102-6.7_19 25-26 nam_apap102-6.7_19 Centennial Leaders Conference, 1986-1987
46 nam_apap102-6.7_20 nam_apap102-6.7_20 Centennial Volunteer Leaders Workshop, United Way, Undated
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-6.7_21 27 nam_apap102-6.7_21 Child Care, 1979 May 21, 1985 April 15, 1989 March, Undated
nam_apap102-6.7_22 28 nam_apap102-6.7_22 Chronology, 1992
nam_apap102-6.7_23 29 nam_apap102-6.7_23 Code of Ethics, 1994
nam_apap102-6.7_24 30 nam_apap102-6.7_24 Committee Documents, 1976-1994, Undated
nam_apap102-6.7_25 31 nam_apap102-6.7_25 Communication Network, Undated
nam_apap102-6.7_26 32 nam_apap102-6.7_26 Community Chest of Schenectady, 1963-1972
nam_apap102-6.7_27 33 nam_apap102-6.7_27 Concerned Citizens for a Fair and Inclusive United Way, 1991-1996
nam_apap102-6.7_28 34-35 nam_apap102-6.7_28 Concerned Citizens for a Fair and Inclusive United Way, Binder, 1989-1992
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-6.7_29 1 nam_apap102-6.7_29 Contact Process, Q and A, and Campaign, Undated
nam_apap102-6.7_30 2 nam_apap102-6.7_30 The Contributor, 1987, 1990
nam_apap102-6.7_31 3 nam_apap102-6.7_31 Correspondence, 1971-1996, 2004, 2008
nam_apap102-6.7_32 4 nam_apap102-6.7_32 Correspondence with George Dooley and Supplement, 1971-1973
nam_apap102-6.7_33 5 nam_apap102-6.7_33 Elections - Nominations, 1975-1976, 1979 October 29, Undated
nam_apap102-6.7_34 6-7 nam_apap102-6.7_34 Executive Committee and Board of Directors, 1972, Undated
nam_apap102-6.7_35 8 nam_apap102-6.7_35 Fact Sheets and Fund Distribution - Binder, 1992-1993
nam_apap102-6.7_36 9-11 nam_apap102-6.7_36 Financial Reports and Budgets, 1968-1994, Undated
nam_apap102-6.7_37 12 nam_apap102-6.7_37 Fund Distribution, 1991-1993
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-6.7_38 1 nam_apap102-6.7_38 GE "Share Fund", 1974-1991
nam_apap102-6.7_39 2 nam_apap102-6.7_39 General Electric Correspondence, 1980
nam_apap102-6.7_40 3 nam_apap102-6.7_40 General Guidelines for Fund Use, 1972, Undated
nam_apap102-6.7_41 4 nam_apap102-6.7_41 Glossary of United Way Terms, Undated
nam_apap102-6.7_42 5 nam_apap102-6.7_42 Government Relations Committee, 1985
nam_apap102-6.7_43 6 nam_apap102-6.7_43 Handwritten Notes, 1977 August, 1991, Undated
nam_apap102-6.7_44 7 nam_apap102-6.7_44 Health Fund Committee, 1977-1980, Undated
45 nam_apap102-6.7_45 nam_apap102-6.7_45 Heckman, 1980
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-6.7_46 8 nam_apap102-6.7_46 IUE 301 International Union Support, 1967 October 05, 1985 October
nam_apap102-6.7_47 9-10 nam_apap102-6.7_47 Joseph A. Beirne Community Services Award, 1977-1995
nam_apap102-6.7_48 11 nam_apap102-6.7_48 The Leaderboard: News for Business and Community Leaders, 1992 Summer, 1994 March
nam_apap102-6.7_49 12 nam_apap102-6.7_49 Live United, 2008
nam_apap102-6.7_50 13 nam_apap102-6.7_50 Long Range Planning Committee, 1976-1978, Undated
nam_apap102-6.7_51 14 nam_apap102-6.7_51 Management Symposium Proposal, 1992 June 19
nam_apap102-6.7_52 15 nam_apap102-6.7_52 Manual for Board Members, Undated
nam_apap102-6.7_53 16 nam_apap102-6.7_53 Market Research Builds a Better Pledge Card, Undated
nam_apap102-6.7_54 17 nam_apap102-6.7_54 Meeting, 1979 May 25
nam_apap102-6.7_55 18 nam_apap102-6.7_55 Member Organization Lists and Guidelines, 1975-1994, Undated
nam_apap102-6.7_56 19 nam_apap102-6.7_56 Minutes, 1985 February 11
nam_apap102-6.7_57 20 nam_apap102-6.7_57 Minutes and Supplement, 1992
nam_apap102-6.7_58 21 nam_apap102-6.7_58 "Mobilizing a Caring America", 1990
nam_apap102-6.7_59 22 nam_apap102-6.7_59 News Clips, 1982-1994, Undated
nam_apap102-6.7_60 23 nam_apap102-6.7_60 "Nine for the Nineties" - Joint Capital Fund Drive Association, United Way of Schenectady, Undated
nam_apap102-6.7_61 24 nam_apap102-6.7_61 Pamphlets, 1974-1985, Undated
nam_apap102-6.7_62 25 nam_apap102-6.7_62 Pensions, 1992-1994
nam_apap102-6.7_63 26 nam_apap102-6.7_63 Personal Investment Form, Undated
nam_apap102-6.7_64 27 nam_apap102-6.7_64 Personnel Policies, Undated
nam_apap102-6.7_65 28 nam_apap102-6.7_65 Photograph, Bob Case Receiving Award, Undated
nam_apap102-6.7_66 29 nam_apap102-6.7_66 Planned Parenthood Program, 1978-1979
nam_apap102-6.7_67 30 nam_apap102-6.7_67 Priority Issues, Reports, Recommendations, 1972, 1984-1985
nam_apap102-6.7_68 31 nam_apap102-6.7_68 Resolution to Helen Quirini, 1978, 1990
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-6.7_69 1 nam_apap102-6.7_69 The Salvation Army, 1973-1985, Undated
nam_apap102-6.7_70 2 nam_apap102-6.7_70 Schenectady Chapter Membership in National United Way, 1993 November 24
nam_apap102-6.7_71 3 nam_apap102-6.7_71 Standards of Excellence for Local United Way Organization, 1973
nam_apap102-6.7_72 4 nam_apap102-6.7_72 Stein, Eric-Chairman, of United Way, Coordinating Committee, 1994
nam_apap102-6.7_73 5 nam_apap102-6.7_73 Task Force on Duplication, 1973 May 29, 1975 May 21, 1980-1981
nam_apap102-6.7_74 6 nam_apap102-6.7_74 Turbine Generator: Chip-Chat, 1967 October
47 nam_apap102-6.7_75 nam_apap102-6.7_75 United Fund, 1970
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-6.7_76 7 nam_apap102-6.7_76 United Fund of Schenectady County, 1971-1972, 1974, 1976
nam_apap102-6.7_77 8 nam_apap102-6.7_77 United Fund, Miscellaneous Reports and Statements, 1973 February 20, 1974 June 17
nam_apap102-6.7_78 9 nam_apap102-6.7_78 United Fund Pamphlets, 1973-1974
nam_apap102-6.7_79 10 nam_apap102-6.7_79 United Fund-YWCA, 1975
38 nam_apap102-6.7_80 nam_apap102-6.7_80 United Way, Undated
Oversized Folder
3 nam_apap102-6.7_81 8 nam_apap102-6.7_81 United Way of Schenectady Brochure Featuring Helen Quirini, Undated
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-6.7_82 11 nam_apap102-6.7_82 Volunteer Leaders Conference, 1978, 1987 April 27
nam_apap102-6.7_83 12 nam_apap102-6.7_83 Women's Committee Report, 1976 December 01
nam_apap102-6.8 Subseries 6.8: Health Care, 1969-2009, Undated - 4.0  cubic ft.
Arranged alphabetically
This subseries is composed of materials produced and collected by Helen Quirini during her work with a number of organizations on the issues of health care and health care reform. It features correspondence, news clippings, publications, meeting agendas and minutes, reports and subject files. One organization documented in this subseries is the Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York (HSA/NENY). Quirini served on its board of directors for many years beginning in the late 1970s. Established by Congress during the Gerald Ford administration, HSA/NENY was one of eight agencies in New York created to control rising health care costs. The materials for HSA/NENY were frequently shipped in bundles in preparation for upcoming meetings and much of the material in this subseries has been maintained in that order. Other organizations documented in the subseries include the Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, an advocacy organization for quality regional health care, and the Health Care Action Line, a help line started to assist people with questions about health care reach trained volunteers. The Berger Commission's recommendations to reform and restructure New York's health care became legal mandates on January 1, 2007. In Schenectady, St. Clare's Hospital, Bellevue Woman's Hospital, and Ellis Hospital were restructured or merged as a result. Quirini was very active in seeking to maintain high quality care in the community.
Please see Series 6, Subseries 5 for more information about senior citizens and health care.
Box Folder
1 nam_apap102-6.8_1 1 nam_apap102-6.8_1 AARP, "A Case for Comprehensive Health Care Reform: The Costs of Doing Nothing", 1993
nam_apap102-6.8_2 2 nam_apap102-6.8_2 "Access to Cancer Care: A Report to the State," American Cancer Society, Undated
nam_apap102-6.8_3 3 nam_apap102-6.8_3 Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention and Services Program, 1986
nam_apap102-6.8_4 4 nam_apap102-6.8_4 Berger Commission Affects on Schenectady Hospitals, Anne Saile, 2007-2009
nam_apap102-6.8_5 5 nam_apap102-6.8_5 Berger Commission Affects on Schenectady Hospitals, Bellevue Woman's Hospital Facts, Undated
nam_apap102-6.8_6 6 nam_apap102-6.8_6 Berger Commission Affects on Schenectady Hospitals, Bellevue Woman's Hospital Publications, Undated
nam_apap102-6.8_7 7 nam_apap102-6.8_7 Berger Commission Affects on Schenectady Hospitals, Coalition for the Protection of Reproductive Health in Schenectady, Undated
nam_apap102-6.8_8 8 nam_apap102-6.8_8 Berger Commission Affects on Schenectady Hospitals, Correspondence, 2001, 2006
nam_apap102-6.8_9 9 nam_apap102-6.8_9 Berger Commission Affects on Schenectady Hospitals, Correspondence, 2007
nam_apap102-6.8_10 10 nam_apap102-6.8_10 Berger Commission Affects on Schenectady Hospitals, Correspondence, 2008
nam_apap102-6.8_11 11 nam_apap102-6.8_11 Berger Commission Affects on Schenectady Hospitals, Correspondence, Undated
nam_apap102-6.8_12 12 nam_apap102-6.8_12 Berger Commission Affects on Schenectady Hospitals, Cuts to Nursing Homes, News Clippings, 1988, 2003, Undated
nam_apap102-6.8_13 13 nam_apap102-6.8_13 Berger Commission Affects on Schenectady Hospitals, Ellis Hospital Publications, 1999-2008
nam_apap102-6.8_14 14 nam_apap102-6.8_14 Berger Commission Affects on Schenectady Hospitals, News Clippings, 1987, 1993, 2001, 2005
nam_apap102-6.8_15 15 nam_apap102-6.8_15 Berger Commission Affects on Schenectady Hospitals, News Clippings, 2006
nam_apap102-6.8_16 16 nam_apap102-6.8_16 Berger Commission Affects on Schenectady Hospitals, News Clippings, 2007 January-2007 June
nam_apap102-6.8_17 17 nam_apap102-6.8_17 Berger Commission Affects on Schenectady Hospitals, News Clippings, 2007 July-2007 December
nam_apap102-6.8_18 18 nam_apap102-6.8_18 Berger Commission Affects on Schenectady Hospitals, News Clippings, 2008
nam_apap102-6.8_19 19 nam_apap102-6.8_19 Berger Commission Affects on Schenectady Hospitals, News Clippings, Undated
nam_apap102-6.8_20 20 nam_apap102-6.8_20 Berger Commission Affects on Schenectady Hospitals, St. Clare's Hospital Publications, 2007
nam_apap102-6.8_21 21 nam_apap102-6.8_21 Berger Commission Legislation and Facts, 2006-2007, Undated
nam_apap102-6.8_22 22 nam_apap102-6.8_22 Carver Community Health Center, Pamphlets, Fliers, Leaflets, Correspondence, 1986-1989
nam_apap102-6.8_23 23 nam_apap102-6.8_23 Citizen Action of New York, Fliers and News Clippings, 1988-1989
nam_apap102-6.8_24 24 nam_apap102-6.8_24 "Communities Working Together for a Healthier New York," Report to the Commissioner of Health, New York State Public Health Council, 1996 September
nam_apap102-6.8_25 25 nam_apap102-6.8_25 Community Council of Greater New York, Ombudsman Plan, 1976
nam_apap102-6.8_26 26 nam_apap102-6.8_26 Correspondence, Assemblyman Paul Tonko, 1987-1988
nam_apap102-6.8_27 27 nam_apap102-6.8_27 Correspondence, Congressman Michael McNulty, 2007
nam_apap102-6.8_28 28 nam_apap102-6.8_28 "County of Schenectady Proposed Public Health System", 1990 June 29
nam_apap102-6.8_29 29 nam_apap102-6.8_29 Draft of Presidential Health Reform Proposal, 1993 September
nam_apap102-6.8_30 30 nam_apap102-6.8_30 Enhancing and Sustaining Informal Support Networks, Pamphlet, 1981 November
nam_apap102-6.8_31 31 nam_apap102-6.8_31 Family Respite Co-Op Handbook, Undated
nam_apap102-6.8_32 32 nam_apap102-6.8_32 GE Retirees, HMOs and Health Care, 1988-1993
nam_apap102-6.8_33 33 nam_apap102-6.8_33 Governor's Health Care Advisory Board, "An Analysis of the Administration's Health Proposal," Congressional Budget Office, 1994
nam_apap102-6.8_34 34 nam_apap102-6.8_34 Governor's Health Care Advisory Board, Public Forum, 1993 November 15
nam_apap102-6.8_35 35 nam_apap102-6.8_35 Governor's Health Care Advisory Board, Public Forum, 1993 November 22
nam_apap102-6.8_36 36 nam_apap102-6.8_36 Governor's Health Care Advisory Board, Report to Governor, 1994 January 05
nam_apap102-6.8_37 37 nam_apap102-6.8_37 Governor's Health Care Advisory Board, Testimony of the Medical Society of the State of New York, 1993
nam_apap102-6.8_38 38 nam_apap102-6.8_38 Governor's Health Care Advisory Board, Testimony of Murray Nusbaum, MD, 1993 November 22
nam_apap102-6.8_39 39 nam_apap102-6.8_39 Governor's Health Care Advisory Board, Testimony of the New York State Nurses Association, 1993 November 15
nam_apap102-6.8_40 40 nam_apap102-6.8_40 Governor's Health Care Advisory Board, Testimony from the Town Meetings on President Clinton's Health Care Plan, 1993
nam_apap102-6.8_41 41 nam_apap102-6.8_41 Governor's Health Care Advisory Board, Text of Affordable Health Care Now Act, 1993
nam_apap102-6.8_42 42 nam_apap102-6.8_42 Health Care Leaflets and Pamphlets, Health Care Reform, Long Term Care, Medications, 1979-1992
nam_apap102-6.8_43 43 nam_apap102-6.8_43 Health Care Action Line, Appalachia-Mohawk Subarea Council, 1977-1981
nam_apap102-6.8_44 44 nam_apap102-6.8_44 Health Care Action Line, Correspondence and Memorandums, 1988
nam_apap102-6.8_45 45 nam_apap102-6.8_45 Health Care Action Line, Directions and Guidelines, 1988-1989
nam_apap102-6.8_46 46 nam_apap102-6.8_46 Health Care Action Line, Incoming Call Log, 1988-1989
nam_apap102-6.8_47 47 nam_apap102-6.8_47 Health Care Action Line, News Clippings, 1986-1988
nam_apap102-6.8_48 48 nam_apap102-6.8_48 Health Care Action Line, Notes and Call Statistics, 1988-1989
nam_apap102-6.8_49 49 nam_apap102-6.8_49 Health Care Action Line, Ombudsman Committee, Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Reports, 1988
nam_apap102-6.8_50 50 nam_apap102-6.8_50 Health Care Action Line, Outgoing Call Log, 1988
Box Folder
2 nam_apap102-6.8_51 1 nam_apap102-6.8_51 Health Care Action Line, Reference Material, 1988-1989
nam_apap102-6.8_52 2 nam_apap102-6.8_52 Health Care Action Line, Referral Phone Number List, 1988-1989
nam_apap102-6.8_53 3 nam_apap102-6.8_53 "Health Care Cost Containment" Conference, Reports, Program, 1978 June 05
nam_apap102-6.8_54 4 nam_apap102-6.8_54 Health Care Issues Committee, News Clippings, 1987
nam_apap102-6.8_55 5 nam_apap102-6.8_55 Health Care Reform Task Force, Correspondence and Memorandums, 1993
nam_apap102-6.8_56 6 nam_apap102-6.8_56 Health Care Reform Task Force, Information, 1993
nam_apap102-6.8_57 7 nam_apap102-6.8_57 Health Care Reform Task Force, Minutes, 1993
nam_apap102-6.8_58 8 nam_apap102-6.8_58 Health Care Reform Task Force, Training Program Materials, 1993-1994
nam_apap102-6.8_59 9 nam_apap102-6.8_59 "Health Management in the Seventies" Conference, Correspondence, Press Releases, 1976
nam_apap102-6.8_60 10 nam_apap102-6.8_60 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Ad Hoc Long Term Care Workgroup, 1988
nam_apap102-6.8_61 11 nam_apap102-6.8_61 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Agency Closure, Correspondence, 1996
nam_apap102-6.8_62 12 nam_apap102-6.8_62 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Aging and Long Term Care Report, 1980 October 29
nam_apap102-6.8_63 13 nam_apap102-6.8_63 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Analysis of Need for Long Term Care Beds, 1980
nam_apap102-6.8_64 14 nam_apap102-6.8_64 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Annual Action Plan, 1989-1991
nam_apap102-6.8_65 15 nam_apap102-6.8_65 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Annual Reports, 1976-1981, 1983-1984, 1986-1987, 1990-1993
nam_apap102-6.8_66 16 nam_apap102-6.8_66 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Baptist Retirement Center, Report, Memorandum and Budget, 1991, 1993
nam_apap102-6.8_67 17 nam_apap102-6.8_67 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Board of Director and Address Lists, 1976, 1990, 1993-1993
nam_apap102-6.8_68 18 nam_apap102-6.8_68 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Board of Directors Orientation Kit, 1978
nam_apap102-6.8_69 19 nam_apap102-6.8_69 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Budgets and Treasurer's Reports, 1993-1995
nam_apap102-6.8_70 20 nam_apap102-6.8_70 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Correspondence, 1972, 1977, 1989-1995
nam_apap102-6.8_71 21 nam_apap102-6.8_71 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, High Peaks Hospice, 1993
nam_apap102-6.8_72 22 nam_apap102-6.8_72 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, House Democratic Health Care Bill, Reports, 1994 August
nam_apap102-6.8_73 23 nam_apap102-6.8_73 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, HSA/NENY News, 1977-1979, 1984, 1987-1990
nam_apap102-6.8_74 24 nam_apap102-6.8_74 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Long Term Care Reports, 1990, 1993
nam_apap102-6.8_75 25 nam_apap102-6.8_75 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Materials for May 14, 1976 First Annual Meeting Correspondence, Memorandum, Minutes, 1976 April-1976 June
nam_apap102-6.8_76 26 nam_apap102-6.8_76 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Materials for June 6, 1988 Board of Directors Meeting, Leaflet, Memorandum, Agenda, Minutes, Reports, Correspondence, 1988 April-1988 June
nam_apap102-6.8_77 27 nam_apap102-6.8_77 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Materials for June 1, 1992 Executive Committee Meeting, Memorandum, Clipping, Agendas, Reports, Correspondence, 1992 April-1992 June
nam_apap102-6.8_78 28 nam_apap102-6.8_78 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Materials for August 3, 1992 Executive Committee Meeting, Agenda, Memorandum, Reports, J, 1993 July-1993 August
nam_apap102-6.8_79 29 nam_apap102-6.8_79 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Materials for September 14, 1992 Executive Committee Meeting, Agenda Memorandum, Reports, 1992 August-1992 September
nam_apap102-6.8_80 30 nam_apap102-6.8_80 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Materials for November 2, 1992 Executive Committee Meeting, Agenda, Reports, Memorandum, Minutes, 1992 October-1992 November
nam_apap102-6.8_81 31 nam_apap102-6.8_81 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Materials for December 7, 1992 Executive Committee Meeting, Memorandum, Agenda, Reports, 1992 October-1992 December
nam_apap102-6.8_82 32 nam_apap102-6.8_82 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Materials for January 4, 1993 Executive Committee Meeting, Agenda, Minutes, Memorandum, Correspondence, 1992 December-1993 February
nam_apap102-6.8_83 33 nam_apap102-6.8_83 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Materials for March 1, 1993 Executive Committee Meeting, Memorandum, Reports, 1993 February-1993 March
nam_apap102-6.8_84 34 nam_apap102-6.8_84 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Materials for June 6, 1994 Executive Committee Meeting, Agenda, Memorandum, 1994 May-1994 June
nam_apap102-6.8_85 35 nam_apap102-6.8_85 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Materials for August 2, 1993 Executive Committee Meeting, Memorandum, Reports, Agendas, News Clippings, 1993 August
nam_apap102-6.8_86 36 nam_apap102-6.8_86 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Materials for September 13, 1993 Executive Committee Meeting, Correspondence, Minutes, Memorandum, Report, 1993 July-1993 September
nam_apap102-6.8_87 37 nam_apap102-6.8_87 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Materials for October 3, 1994 Executive Committee Meeting, Agenda, Memorandum, Reports, Correspondence, 1994 July-1994 October
nam_apap102-6.8_88 38 nam_apap102-6.8_88 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Materials for November 1, 1993 Executive Committee Meeting, Minutes, Memorandum, Reports, 1993 October-1993 November
nam_apap102-6.8_89 39 nam_apap102-6.8_89 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Materials for February 7, 1994 Executive Committee Meeting, Minutes, Memorandum, Reports, 1994 January-1994 February
nam_apap102-6.8_90 40 nam_apap102-6.8_90 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Materials for April 4, 1994 Board of Directors Meeting, Agenda, Minutes, Memorandum, Reports, Correspondence, 1994 March-1994 April
nam_apap102-6.8_91 41 nam_apap102-6.8_91 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Materials for April 4, 1994 Executive Committee Meeting, Agenda, Memorandum, Reports, 1994 March-1994 April
nam_apap102-6.8_92 42 nam_apap102-6.8_92 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Materials for March 7, 1994 Executive Committee Meeting, Memorandum, Minutes, Reports, Correspondence, 1994 February-1994 March
nam_apap102-6.8_93 43 nam_apap102-6.8_93 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Materials for May 2, 1994 Executive Committee Meeting, Agenda, Minutes, Memorandum, Reports, Correspondence, 1994 April-1994 May
nam_apap102-6.8_94 44 nam_apap102-6.8_94 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Materials for May 20, 1994 Health Care Reform Task Force Meeting, Agendas, Correspondence, Reports, 1994 February-1994 May
nam_apap102-6.8_95 45 nam_apap102-6.8_95 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Materials for August 1, 1994 Executive Committee Meeting, Memorandum, Reports, Correspondence, 1994 July-1994 August
nam_apap102-6.8_96 46 nam_apap102-6.8_96 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Materials for February 6, 1995 Executive Committee Meeting, Memorandum, Reports, Correspondence, 1995 January-1995 February
nam_apap102-6.8_97 47 nam_apap102-6.8_97 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Materials for April 3, 1995 Executive Committee Meeting, Agenda, Correspondence, Memorandum, Reports, 1995 February-1995 April
nam_apap102-6.8_98 48 nam_apap102-6.8_98 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Materials for September 11, 1995 Board of Directors Meeting, Agendas, Memorandum, Minutes, Reports, Correspondence, 1995 April-1995 September
nam_apap102-6.8_99 49 nam_apap102-6.8_99 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Meeting Agendas and Minutes, 1976-1979, 1981, 1993-1995
nam_apap102-6.8_100 50 nam_apap102-6.8_100 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Memorandum, 1977-1978, 1988-1989, 1992-1995
Box Folder
3 nam_apap102-6.8_101 1 nam_apap102-6.8_101 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Miscellaneous Documents, 1987, 1993-1997
nam_apap102-6.8_102 2 nam_apap102-6.8_102 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Miscellaneous Publications, 1980, Undated
nam_apap102-6.8_103 3 nam_apap102-6.8_103 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, News Clippings, 1989, 1992-1994
nam_apap102-6.8_104 4 nam_apap102-6.8_104 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Northeastern New York HIV Care Network, Newsletters, Flyers, Membership Lists and Minutes, 1993-1995
nam_apap102-6.8_105 5 nam_apap102-6.8_105 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Orientation Kit, 1990
nam_apap102-6.8_106 6 nam_apap102-6.8_106 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Plan for HIV/AIDS Services in Northeastern New York, Report, Undated
nam_apap102-6.8_107 7 nam_apap102-6.8_107 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Planning Area Profiles, 1994
nam_apap102-6.8_108 8 nam_apap102-6.8_108 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Policies and By-Laws, 1992-1995
nam_apap102-6.8_109 9 nam_apap102-6.8_109 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Project Reports, 1993-1995
nam_apap102-6.8_110 10 nam_apap102-6.8_110 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Reports, 1978, 1980, 1990-1993
nam_apap102-6.8_111 11 nam_apap102-6.8_111 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Reports, 1990-1993
nam_apap102-6.8_112 12 nam_apap102-6.8_112 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Reports, 1992-1996
nam_apap102-6.8_113 13 nam_apap102-6.8_113 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Review and Comment Records, 1978, 1980, Undated
nam_apap102-6.8_114 14 nam_apap102-6.8_114 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Review Material, 1977, 1980, 1985
nam_apap102-6.8_115 15 nam_apap102-6.8_115 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, State of New York Department of Health Minimum Standards for Hospitals, 1988 August 22
nam_apap102-6.8_116 16 nam_apap102-6.8_116 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Sunnyview Hospital and Rehabilitation Center, Reports and Memorandum, 1993 July
nam_apap102-6.8_117 17 nam_apap102-6.8_117 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Warren County Hospices, Memorandums, Minutes, Correspondence and Reports, 1988-1994
nam_apap102-6.8_118 18 nam_apap102-6.8_118 Health Systems Agency of Northeastern New York, Warren County Hospices, State Health Department Review, 1993-1994
nam_apap102-6.8_119 19 nam_apap102-6.8_119 Healthy Capital District Initiative, "Health Profile: Report to Sponsors", 1997
nam_apap102-6.8_120 20 nam_apap102-6.8_120 Healthy Capital District Initiative, Healthy Capital District Initiative Survey, 1998
nam_apap102-6.8_121 21 nam_apap102-6.8_121 Hilltop Manor, Undated
nam_apap102-6.8_122 22 nam_apap102-6.8_122 HMOs, Agendas, Articles, 1979-1981
nam_apap102-6.8_123 23 nam_apap102-6.8_123 HMO Governing Board Handbook, 1980 September
nam_apap102-6.8_124 24 nam_apap102-6.8_124 Lobby Day for New York Health, Fliers, Correspondence, 1992 June 09
nam_apap102-6.8_125 25 nam_apap102-6.8_125 Local Health Care Issues Core Group, Long Term Care, Correspondence, Reports and News Clippings, 1988-1989
nam_apap102-6.8_126 26 nam_apap102-6.8_126 Long Term Care, Leaflets, Pamphlets, News Clippings, Reports and Correspondence, 1973-1989
nam_apap102-6.8_127 27 nam_apap102-6.8_127 "Meeting the Home Health Care Needs of the Elderly in the 21st Century Through Telecommunication", 1995
nam_apap102-6.8_128 28 nam_apap102-6.8_128 Mohawk Valley Physician's Health Plan, Administrative Services Proposal, 1981 November 18
nam_apap102-6.8_129 29 nam_apap102-6.8_129 Mohawk Valley Physician's Health Plan, Board of Director and Physician Lists, 1981-1983
nam_apap102-6.8_130 30 nam_apap102-6.8_130 Mohawk Valley Physician's Health Plan, Budgets, 1983
nam_apap102-6.8_131 31 nam_apap102-6.8_131 Mohawk Valley Physician's Health Plan, By-Laws and Policy, 1981-1983
nam_apap102-6.8_132 32 nam_apap102-6.8_132 Mohawk Valley Physician's Health Plan, Contract and Certificate of Incorporation, 1981
nam_apap102-6.8_133 33 nam_apap102-6.8_133 Mohawk Valley Physician's Health Plan, Leaflets and Publications, 1981-1983
nam_apap102-6.8_134 34 nam_apap102-6.8_134 National Health Care Reform, Articles and News Clippings, 1984, 1988, 1990-1997
nam_apap102-6.8_135 35 nam_apap102-6.8_135 National Health Care Reform, Pamphlets and Fliers, 1990-1997
nam_apap102-6.8_136 36 nam_apap102-6.8_136 National Health Care Reform, Reports and Correspondence, 1989-1995
nam_apap102-6.8_137 37 nam_apap102-6.8_137 "A New Yorker's Guide to Health Insurance Choices," New York State Office of the Aging, 1997
nam_apap102-6.8_138 38 nam_apap102-6.8_138 New York Health Care Reform, News Clippings, Fliers, Articles, Correspondence, Reports, 1989-1995
nam_apap102-6.8_139 39 nam_apap102-6.8_139 New York Health Care Reform, Signed Petitions, 1992
nam_apap102-6.8_140 40 nam_apap102-6.8_140 Notes on Health Care, 2007-2008, Undated
nam_apap102-6.8_141 41 nam_apap102-6.8_141 "The Organization and Delivery of Home Care Services", Report, 1984 December
nam_apap102-6.8_142 42 nam_apap102-6.8_142 President Clinton's Health Security Plan, Fliers, Posters, Bumper Stickers, 1993
nam_apap102-6.8_143 43 nam_apap102-6.8_143 President Clinton's Health Security Plan, News Clippings, Fact Sheets, Correspondence, 1993-1994
nam_apap102-6.8_144 44 nam_apap102-6.8_144 President Clinton's Health Security Plan, Summary of Key Changes, 1993
Box Folder
4 nam_apap102-6.8_145 1 nam_apap102-6.8_145 Primary Care Restructuring Committee Work Groups, 2008
nam_apap102-6.8_146 2 nam_apap102-6.8_146 Public Health Services in Schenectady County, Report, 1989 May
nam_apap102-6.8_147 3 nam_apap102-6.8_147 "Reimbursement in 1980: Issues and Choices" Conference, Agenda, Reports, 1980 September 09
nam_apap102-6.8_148 4 nam_apap102-6.8_148 Republican Health Care Task Force Draft Staff Proposal, 1993 September
nam_apap102-6.8_149 5 nam_apap102-6.8_149 Rights of Patients, Hospitals and Funerals, 1990, 1999, Undated
nam_apap102-6.8_150 6 nam_apap102-6.8_150 Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, Ambulance Case, 1988
nam_apap102-6.8_151 7 nam_apap102-6.8_151 Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, Anti-Smoking Committee, Minutes, News Clippings and Reports, 1996-1997
nam_apap102-6.8_152 8 nam_apap102-6.8_152 Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, Binder of Minutes and Supplemental Materials, 1988, 1993, 1996, 1998-1999
nam_apap102-6.8_153 9 nam_apap102-6.8_153 Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, Binder of Minutes and Supplemental Materials, 2000
nam_apap102-6.8_154 10 nam_apap102-6.8_154 Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, Binder of Minutes and Supplemental Materials, 2001
nam_apap102-6.8_155 11 nam_apap102-6.8_155 Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, Binder of Minutes and Supplemental Materials, 2002
nam_apap102-6.8_156 12 nam_apap102-6.8_156 Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, Binder of Minutes and Supplemental Materials, 2003-2004
nam_apap102-6.8_157 13 nam_apap102-6.8_157 Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, Binder of Minutes and Supplemental Materials, 2005
nam_apap102-6.8_158 14 nam_apap102-6.8_158 Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, Binder of Minutes and Supplemental Materials, 2006-2008
nam_apap102-6.8_159 15 nam_apap102-6.8_159 Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, Binder of Minutes and Supplemental Materials, Undated
nam_apap102-6.8_160 16 nam_apap102-6.8_160 Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, Correspondence, 1986-1993
nam_apap102-6.8_161 17 nam_apap102-6.8_161 Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, Establishment of Schenectady County Health Department, 1974, 1987-1990
nam_apap102-6.8_162 18 nam_apap102-6.8_162 Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, Handwritten Notes, 1987-1989, Undated
nam_apap102-6.8_163 19 nam_apap102-6.8_163 Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, Health Assessment Reports, 1988
nam_apap102-6.8_164 20 nam_apap102-6.8_164 Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, Meeting Agendas and Minutes, 1987-1989
nam_apap102-6.8_165 21 nam_apap102-6.8_165 Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, Meeting Agendas and Minutes, 1990-1993
nam_apap102-6.8_166 22 nam_apap102-6.8_166 Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, Meeting Agendas and Minutes, 1994-1998
nam_apap102-6.8_167 23 nam_apap102-6.8_167 Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, Ombudsman Subcommittee, 1988-1989
nam_apap102-6.8_168 24 nam_apap102-6.8_168 Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, News Clippings, Articles, 1988-1996
nam_apap102-6.8_169 25 nam_apap102-6.8_169 Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, Notes, Undated
nam_apap102-6.8_170 26 nam_apap102-6.8_170 Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, Phone and Address Lists, 1987, 1990
nam_apap102-6.8_171 27 nam_apap102-6.8_171 Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, Publications, Flyers, Pamphlets, 1986-1989, 1997-1998
nam_apap102-6.8_172 28 nam_apap102-6.8_172 Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, Reports, 1988-1994
nam_apap102-6.8_173 29 nam_apap102-6.8_173 Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, Reports, 1988-1994
nam_apap102-6.8_174 30 nam_apap102-6.8_174 Schenectady County Committee on Health Care Issues, Testimonies, 1986-1989
nam_apap102-6.8_175 31 nam_apap102-6.8_175 Schenectady County Community Health Assessment, 1989
nam_apap102-6.8_176 32 nam_apap102-6.8_176 Schenectady County Public Health Services, Health Beat, 1991
nam_apap102-6.8_177 33 nam_apap102-6.8_177 Schenectady Free Health Clinic, Arnold Ritterband, 1993-2008, Undated
nam_apap102-6.8_178 34 nam_apap102-6.8_178 Schenectady Free Health Clinic, Correspondence, Notes, 2001-2007
nam_apap102-6.8_179 35 nam_apap102-6.8_179 Schenectady Free Health Clinic, News Clippings, 1999, 2002-2003, 2005, 2007
nam_apap102-6.8_180 36 nam_apap102-6.8_180 Schenectady League of Women Voters, 2006-2007
nam_apap102-6.8_181 37 nam_apap102-6.8_181 Schenectady Regional Health Center Project, Undated
nam_apap102-6.8_182 38 nam_apap102-6.8_182 "Shaping an Affordable Health Care Future" Conference, Summary, Reports, Fliers, Articles, News Clippings, 1984 October 01
nam_apap102-6.8_183 39 nam_apap102-6.8_183 Society of Patient Representatives, Correspondence, Report, 1977
nam_apap102-6.8_184 40 nam_apap102-6.8_184 Upper Hudson Regional Comprehensive Planning Organization, Application for Funding, 1972
nam_apap102-6.8_185 41 nam_apap102-6.8_185 Upper Hudson Regional Comprehensive Planning Organization, Correspondence, News Clippings, 1972-1973
nam_apap102-6.8_186 42 nam_apap102-6.8_186 Upper Hudson Regional Comprehensive Planning Organization, Meeting Agendas and Minutes, 1975-1976
nam_apap102-6.8_187 43 nam_apap102-6.8_187 Schenectady Area Comprehensive Health Planning Organization, Board of Directors, News Clippings, 1969

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