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Series 1: Administrative Files, 1950-2005, Undated

Series 2: Chronological Files, 1995-2005, Undated

Series 3: Office of Legislative and Government Affairs Director, 1991-2003, Undated

Series 4: County Plans, Operations, and Government, 1980-2009, Undated

Series 5: Projects and Committees, 1979-2001, Undated

Series 6: Managed Care and Special Needs Plans, 1991-2000, Undated

Series 7: Subject Files, 1985-2008, Undated

Series 8: Newsletters, 1980-2008, Undated

Series 9: Reports and Publications, 1982, 1989-2006, Undated

For reference queries contact the Grenander Department Reference staff or call (518)-437-3935.
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For reference queries contact the Grenander Department Reference staff or call (518)-437-3935.

These papers were processed and encoded with the generous support of a New York State Archives Documentary Heritage Program Arrangement and Description Grant.

Descriptive Summary

Creator: New York State Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors
Title: New York State Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors Records
Date: 1950-2009
Physical Characteristics: 36.5  cubic ft.
Abstract: The records of the New York State Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors trace the development of mental healthcare throughout the state from the early 1950s through the beginning of the twenty-first century. Established in the mid-1970s, the Conference's records include correspondence, memos, meeting minutes, reports, and manuals that chronicle the efforts of mental health professionals as they encourage local, county, and state agencies to provide quality, affordable services for persons living with mental illness, chemical dependency, and/or developmental disability.
Storage: The materials are located onsite in the department.
Language: English
Repository: M. E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, University at Albany, SUNY

Organizational Sketch

The New York State Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors (NYSCLMHD) specializes in advocacy for the mentally ill, the developmentally disabled, and/or people with chemical dependencies. The Conference also extends outreach efforts to the families of those they serve. Its efforts focus on ensuring that people with various mental health needs have quality, affordable care, guiding formation of local and state policies to make sure that they are as current and relevant as possible. [1]

The NYSCLMHD was formed in 1976 under Article 41 of the state Mental Hygiene Law, which covers local and unified services. Article 41 was “designed to enable and encourage local governments to develop in the community preventive, rehabilitative, and treatment services offering continuity of care” and stresses the need for cooperation among local, county, and state governments in order to provide the best level of mental healthcare. [2] As such, the Conference— operating at the county level—serves as a link between statewide and local services, confirming that policies are carried out efficiently in the realms of clinical and rehabilitative work. The Conference opened its Albany, New York headquarters in 1978, and as an affiliate of the New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC), it was originally located in the NYSAC building on State Street. [3] The Conference continues to be affiliated with NYSAC but has since moved to a different building in downtown Albany.

The NYSCLMHD, which is a not-for-profit organization, oversees a complex and extensive network of professionals, requiring participation by mental health directors and commissioners from New York State’s 57 counties and New York City*. [4] These are the people who are already coordinating mental health care services in their own counties and therefore have the knowledge and background to correlate services between local, county, and state agencies. Over the years they have worked closely with the New York State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, Office of Mental Health, Division of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse, and Division of Substance Abuse as they analyze the state’s mental healthcare system and make recommendations for improvement. Daily operations are overseen by the Conference’s executive director, who in turn reports to the executive committee and chairperson. The executive committee, which meets monthly, is made up of past and present committee chairpersons, current officers, and regional representatives. All members meet twice a year at conferences, and officers are elected for two-year terms, as per the Conference’s bylaws. [5]

The Conference has devoted itself to a vast number of projects since its inception in the mid-1970s. A sample of its work includes children’s mental welfare, adult housing needs, affordable services, and care of the mentally ill during and after prison sentences. Over the years, members have both sponsored and attended many workshops and conferences designed to enhance the skills of those working on behalf of the mentally ill, chemically dependent, and developmentally disabled. It also continues to focus effort on bringing greater understanding of mental health issues to the general public as well as to key professions, such as law enforcement and education, so that people with special needs can be more efficiently integrated into everyday life.

*New York State officially has 62 counties; New York City’s five boroughs are each considered to be a separate county. (See

[1] New York State Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors, Inc. “About Us.” Accessed 18 January 2011 from

[2] Justia US Law. “2006 New York Code: Declaration of Purpose. Article 41.01.” Accessed 28 February 2011 from

[3] Background information on Conference's formation/early days, Series 1 Administrative, Box 1, Folder 7 New York State Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors Records, 1950-2008. M. E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University at Albany, State University of New York.

[4] New York State Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors, Inc. Home page. Accessed 15 February 2011 from

[5] Background information on Conference's formation/early days, Series 1 Administrative, Box 1, Folder 7 New York State Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors Records, 1950-2008. M. E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University at Albany, State University of New York.

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Scope and Content Information

The records of the New York State Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors (NYSCLMHD) contain meeting minutes, correspondence, reports, and newsletters documenting the founding and day-to-day activities of the group, including original by-laws and articles of incorporation. There are also records of many of the NYSCLMHD’s specific projects from the late 1970s through the early 2000s, such as managed care/Medicaid/special needs plans, grant applications, juvenile care issues, housing concerns, partnerships with other organizations, disaster preparedness, and care of mental needs patients in prison.

Researchers will also find some materials on the history of mental health care in the state of New York. In addition, there are documents pertaining to mental health professionals’ increased efforts to partner with law enforcement to achieve better understanding of those living with mental illness, developmental disabilities, or the effects of substance abuse.

In most instances, folder titles have been retained according to the record-keeping habits of the NYSCLMHD.

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Arrangement of the Collection

The collection is organized into the following series:

Series 1 - Administrative Files, 1950-2005, Undated
Series 2 - Chronological Files, 1995-2005, Undated
Series 3 - Office of Legislative and Government Affairs Director, 1991-2003, Undated
Series 4 - County Plans, Operations, and Government, 1980-2009, Undated
Series 5 - Projects and Committees, 1979-2001, Undated
Series 6 - Managed Care and Special Needs Plans, 1991-2000, Undated
Series 7 - Subject Files, 1985-2008, Undated
Series 8 - NYSCLMHD Newsletters, 1980-2008, Undated
Series 9 - Reports and Publications, 1982, 1989-2006, Undated

Most of the series in the New York State Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors Records are arranged in alphabetical order. Exceptions are Series #2, Chronological Files, which are in order by date, and Series #8, NYSCLMHD Newsletters, which are also arranged by date.

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Access to this record group is mainly unrestricted; the exceptions are folders 20 through 26 in Series 5, Box 2. Researchers seeking access to this material should contact the head of archives.

Red asterisks (***) denote restricted items.


The researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming with the laws of copyright. Whenever possible, the M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives will provide information about copyright owners and other restrictions, but the legal determination ultimately rests with the researcher. Requests for permission to publish material from this collection should be discussed with the Head of Special Collections and Archives.

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Subject Headings


Dvoskin, Joel

Corporate Bodies

New York State Association of Counties
New York State Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors

Associated Titles

Conference Update


Chemical dependency
Developmental disability
Medicine and Health Care
Mental health--Adolescent.
Mental health--New York (State)
Mental health--United States.
Mental illness--Treatment--United States.
Substance abuse--Treatment--United States.


Albany (NY)
New York (State)

Genres and Forms

Bills (legislative records)
Legal documents
Manuals (instructional materials)
Newspaper clippings

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Identification of specific item, series, box, folder, New York State Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors Records, 1950-2009. M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University at Albany, State University of New York (hereafter referred to as the Mental Hygiene Papers).

Acquisition Information

All items in the New York State Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors Records were donated by the Conference to the University Libraries, M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, in 2009.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: Kerry Lynch
Date: Copyright 2011 by the University at Albany, SUNY. All rights reserved.
Revision history:

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Container List

nam_apap315-1 Series 1: Administrative Files, 1950-2005, Undated - 1.6  cubic ft.
Arranged alphabetically
The administrative files contain executive meeting minutes from the Conference’s earliest days through the late 1980s. During those years, members kept the minutes in large, hardcover binders; the archivist removed the papers from those binders for preservation purposes and placed them in acid-free folders in the order in which they appeared in the original binders. In the 1990s, Conference members began filing their meeting minutes under the heading of “chronological files” along with meeting announcements and correspondence. The chronological files became series two of this collection and researchers will find more meeting minutes there. However, there is a gap in the Conference's meeting minutes from 1989-1994.
This series also contains founding documents such as original charters and by-laws as well as files pertaining to activities of the executive director. Please note that there are several executive committee meeting files in Series #5: Projects and Committees.
Box Folder
1 nam_apap315-1_1 1 nam_apap315-1_1 340-B Prescription drugs, 2004
nam_apap315-1_2 2 nam_apap315-1_2 Access to child psychiatry, 2002-2004
nam_apap315-1_3 3 nam_apap315-1_3 Adult homes, 1999-2002
nam_apap315-1_4 4 nam_apap315-1_4 Aid to localities fiscal system: Multi-agency request, 2003-2004
nam_apap315-1_5 5 nam_apap315-1_5 Albany/Rensselaer Housing Taskforce, 2004-2005
nam_apap315-1_6 6 nam_apap315-1_6 Annual spring meeting, 1996
nam_apap315-1_7 7 nam_apap315-1_7 Background information on conference's formation, early days, 1976-1989
nam_apap315-1_8 8 nam_apap315-1_8 By-laws binder: By-laws and rosters, 1976-1981
nam_apap315-1_9 9 nam_apap315-1_9 By-laws binder: Correspondence, finances, and executive committee, 1976-1982
nam_apap315-1_10 10 nam_apap315-1_10 By-laws binder: Executive committee cont.'d, 1976-1980
nam_apap315-1_11 11 nam_apap315-1_11 Costs of O.M.H. psychiatric hospitals, 2004
nam_apap315-1_12 12 nam_apap315-1_12 County commissioners' forums, 2004
nam_apap315-1_13 13 nam_apap315-1_13 Dual recovery coordinators, 2004
nam_apap315-1_14 14 nam_apap315-1_14 Electronic document management systems workshops, 2001
nam_apap315-1_15 15 nam_apap315-1_15 Financial management policy revision, 1999-2005
nam_apap315-1_16 16 nam_apap315-1_16 Financial reports, 2002-2003
nam_apap315-1_17 17 nam_apap315-1_17 Greenlight Program reports, 1999-2000
nam_apap315-1_18 18-19 nam_apap315-1_18 History of mental health care, 1950-1980
nam_apap315-1_19 20 nam_apap315-1_19 Integrated children's service/ TAP issue, 2000
nam_apap315-1_20 21 nam_apap315-1_20 Leadership retreat follow-up, 2003-2004
nam_apap315-1_21 22 nam_apap315-1_21 Medicaid neutrality, Undated
nam_apap315-1_22 23 nam_apap315-1_22 Meeting minutes, 1975-1976
nam_apap315-1_23 24 nam_apap315-1_23 Meeting minutes, 1977
nam_apap315-1_24 25 nam_apap315-1_24 Meeting minutes, 1978
nam_apap315-1_25 26 nam_apap315-1_25 Meeting minutes, 1979
nam_apap315-1_26 27 nam_apap315-1_26 Meeting minutes, 1980
nam_apap315-1_27 28 nam_apap315-1_27 Meeting minutes, 1981
nam_apap315-1_28 29 nam_apap315-1_28 Meeting minutes, 1982
nam_apap315-1_29 30 nam_apap315-1_29 Meeting minutes, 1983
Box Folder
2 nam_apap315-1_30 1 nam_apap315-1_30 Meeting minutes, 1984
nam_apap315-1_31 2 nam_apap315-1_31 Meeting minutes, 1985
nam_apap315-1_32 3 nam_apap315-1_32 Meeting minutes, 1986
nam_apap315-1_33 4 nam_apap315-1_33 Meeting minutes, 1987
nam_apap315-1_34 5 nam_apap315-1_34 Meeting minutes, 1988
nam_apap315-1_35 6 nam_apap315-1_35 Mental Health Committee minutes, 2002
nam_apap315-1_36 7 nam_apap315-1_36 Mental Health Glossary of Programs and Services, Undated
nam_apap315-1_37 8 nam_apap315-1_37 Mental Hygiene Services: Partnering at the local level, 2001
nam_apap315-1_38 9 nam_apap315-1_38 NACBHD Fall 2005 conference, 2005
nam_apap315-1_39 10 nam_apap315-1_39 NYSAC Fall conference-- Health and Mental Health Committee, 2004
nam_apap315-1_40 11 nam_apap315-1_40 NYS Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors Technical Assistance Project, 2004
nam_apap315-1_41 12 nam_apap315-1_41 Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities: NYS-OPTS Analysis, 2003-2004
nam_apap315-1_42 13 nam_apap315-1_42 Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Partnership Committee, 2003
Box Folder
3 nam_apap315-1_43 1 nam_apap315-1_43 Officers' meetings with commissioners and legislative chairs, 2004
nam_apap315-1_44 2 nam_apap315-1_44 O.M.H. new initiatives- status update, 2000-2001
nam_apap315-1_45 3 nam_apap315-1_45 Planning meeting with Commissioner Carpinello, 2004
nam_apap315-1_46 4 nam_apap315-1_46 PROS county role, 2003, Undated
nam_apap315-1_47 5 nam_apap315-1_47 PROS outcome measures, 2003-2004
nam_apap315-1_48 6 nam_apap315-1_48 PROS provider agreement, 2003-2004
nam_apap315-1_49 7 nam_apap315-1_49 PROS regulations- comments, 2003-2004, Undated
nam_apap315-1_50 8 nam_apap315-1_50 Sample of Conference brochures, 1999, 2004-2005, Undated
nam_apap315-1_51 9 nam_apap315-1_51 Secure facilities, 2000
nam_apap315-1_52 10 nam_apap315-1_52 Standing committee planning and protocols, Undated
nam_apap315-1_53 11 nam_apap315-1_53 State Association survey, 1998
nam_apap315-1_54 12 nam_apap315-1_54 Telemedicine/telepsychiatry, 2004
nam_apap315-1_55 13 nam_apap315-1_55 Tuttle, Alfred: "Purposes of the Organization", Undated
nam_apap315-2 Series 2: Chronological Files, 1995-2005, Undated -   12.0 cu. ft.
Arranged chronologically.
The name of this series comes right from the Conference’s own record-keeping system. In the 1990s it stopped storing meeting minutes separately in oversized binders and began interfiling them with correspondence, meeting announcements, memorandums, and treasurer’s reports in folders labeled with the current month and year. Minutes include regularly scheduled events, such as executive committee meetings, as well as ad hoc meetings. Memos include those sent by the NYSCLMHD as well as those received by the Conference from outside sources such the New York State Office of Mental Health and the Division of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse.
Box Folder
1 nam_apap315-2_1 1 nam_apap315-2_1 NYSAC correspondence, 1995 January-1995 November
nam_apap315-2_2 2-3 nam_apap315-2_2 January, 1995
nam_apap315-2_3 4-5 nam_apap315-2_3 February, 1995
nam_apap315-2_4 6-7 nam_apap315-2_4 March, 1995
nam_apap315-2_5 8-10 nam_apap315-2_5 April, 1995
nam_apap315-2_6 11 nam_apap315-2_6 May, 1995
nam_apap315-2_7 12-13 nam_apap315-2_7 June, 1995
nam_apap315-2_8 14-15 nam_apap315-2_8 July, 1995
nam_apap315-2_9 16-17 nam_apap315-2_9 August, 1995
nam_apap315-2_10 18 nam_apap315-2_10 September, 1995
nam_apap315-2_11 19-20 nam_apap315-2_11 October, 1995
Box Folder
2 nam_apap315-2_12 1 nam_apap315-2_12 November, 1995
nam_apap315-2_13 2 nam_apap315-2_13 December, 1995
nam_apap315-2_14 3-4 nam_apap315-2_14 January, 1996
nam_apap315-2_15 5-6 nam_apap315-2_15 February, 1996
nam_apap315-2_16 7-9 nam_apap315-2_16 March, 1996
nam_apap315-2_17 10-12 nam_apap315-2_17 April, 1996
nam_apap315-2_18 13 nam_apap315-2_18 May, 1996
nam_apap315-2_19 14-16 nam_apap315-2_19 June, 1996
nam_apap315-2_20 17-19 nam_apap315-2_20 July, 1996
nam_apap315-2_21 20-21 nam_apap315-2_21 August, 1996
nam_apap315-2_22 22 nam_apap315-2_22 September, 1996
nam_apap315-2_23 23-24 nam_apap315-2_23 October, 1996
Box Folder
3 nam_apap315-2_24 1 nam_apap315-2_24 October, 1996
nam_apap315-2_25 2 nam_apap315-2_25 November, 1996
nam_apap315-2_26 3 nam_apap315-2_26 December, 1996
nam_apap315-2_27 4 nam_apap315-2_27 Executive committee meeting minutes, 1997 December-1999 July
nam_apap315-2_28 5 nam_apap315-2_28 January, 1997
nam_apap315-2_29 6-8 nam_apap315-2_29 February, 1997
nam_apap315-2_30 9-10 nam_apap315-2_30 March, 1997
nam_apap315-2_31 11-15 nam_apap315-2_31 April, 1997
nam_apap315-2_32 16-17 nam_apap315-2_32 May, 1997
nam_apap315-2_33 18 nam_apap315-2_33 June, 1997
nam_apap315-2_34 19-20 nam_apap315-2_34 July, 1997
Box Folder
4 nam_apap315-2_35 1 nam_apap315-2_35 August, 1997
nam_apap315-2_36 2 nam_apap315-2_36 September, 1997
nam_apap315-2_37 3-5 nam_apap315-2_37 October, 1997
nam_apap315-2_38 6 nam_apap315-2_38 November, 1997
nam_apap315-2_39 7 nam_apap315-2_39 December, 1997
nam_apap315-2_40 8-9 nam_apap315-2_40 Technical assistance correspondence, 1997 May-1998 April
nam_apap315-2_41 10 nam_apap315-2_41 Welfare-to-Work, 1997 January-1997 December
nam_apap315-2_42 11 nam_apap315-2_42 Managed care, 1998 February-1998 May
nam_apap315-2_43 12 nam_apap315-2_43 Medicaid Carveout, 1998 February
nam_apap315-2_44 13 nam_apap315-2_44 Public benefit corporations, 1996 January-1996 May
nam_apap315-2_45 14 nam_apap315-2_45 Welfare reform, 1998 April-1998 May
nam_apap315-2_46 15 nam_apap315-2_46 Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) information, 1998 March
nam_apap315-2_47 16 nam_apap315-2_47 AHLPR grant, 1998 March-1998 April
nam_apap315-2_48 17 nam_apap315-2_48 1998 Technical Assistance Plan, 1997 November
nam_apap315-2_49 18-19 nam_apap315-2_49 January, 1998
nam_apap315-2_50 20 nam_apap315-2_50 February, 1998
nam_apap315-2_51 21-23 nam_apap315-2_51 March, 1998
Box Folder
5 nam_apap315-2_52 1-3 nam_apap315-2_52 April, 1998
nam_apap315-2_53 4-7 nam_apap315-2_53 May, 1998
nam_apap315-2_54 8-9 nam_apap315-2_54 June, 1998
nam_apap315-2_55 10-13 nam_apap315-2_55 July, 1998
nam_apap315-2_56 14 nam_apap315-2_56 August, 1998
nam_apap315-2_57 15-17 nam_apap315-2_57 September, 1998
nam_apap315-2_58 18-20 nam_apap315-2_58 October, 1998
nam_apap315-2_59 21 nam_apap315-2_59 November, 1998
Box Folder
6 nam_apap315-2_60 1-2 nam_apap315-2_60 December, 1998
nam_apap315-2_61 3 nam_apap315-2_61 Minutes and treasurer's reports, 1998
nam_apap315-2_62 4 nam_apap315-2_62 January, 1999
nam_apap315-2_63 5-6 nam_apap315-2_63 February, 1999
nam_apap315-2_64 7-8 nam_apap315-2_64 March, 1999
nam_apap315-2_65 9-11 nam_apap315-2_65 April, 1999
nam_apap315-2_66 12-15 nam_apap315-2_66 May, 1999
nam_apap315-2_67 16-18 nam_apap315-2_67 June, 1999
nam_apap315-2_68 19-20 nam_apap315-2_68 July, 1999
Box Folder
7 nam_apap315-2_69 1 nam_apap315-2_69 August, 1999
nam_apap315-2_70 2 nam_apap315-2_70 September, 1999
nam_apap315-2_71 3-5 nam_apap315-2_71 October, 1999
nam_apap315-2_72 6-7 nam_apap315-2_72 November, 1999
nam_apap315-2_73 8 nam_apap315-2_73 December, 1999
nam_apap315-2_74 9-10 nam_apap315-2_74 January, 2000
nam_apap315-2_75 11-12 nam_apap315-2_75 February, 2000
nam_apap315-2_76 13-15 nam_apap315-2_76 March, 2000
nam_apap315-2_77 16-18 nam_apap315-2_77 April, 2000
nam_apap315-2_78 19 nam_apap315-2_78 May, 2000
nam_apap315-2_79 20 nam_apap315-2_79 June, 2000
nam_apap315-2_80 21 nam_apap315-2_80 July, 2000
Box Folder
8 nam_apap315-2_81 1 nam_apap315-2_81 August, 2000
nam_apap315-2_82 2 nam_apap315-2_82 September, 2000
nam_apap315-2_83 3 nam_apap315-2_83 October, 2000
nam_apap315-2_84 4 nam_apap315-2_84 November, 2000
nam_apap315-2_85 5 nam_apap315-2_85 December, 2000
nam_apap315-2_86 6 nam_apap315-2_86 January, 2001
nam_apap315-2_87 7 nam_apap315-2_87 February, 2001
nam_apap315-2_88 8 nam_apap315-2_88 March, 2001
nam_apap315-2_89 9-10 nam_apap315-2_89 April, 2001
nam_apap315-2_90 11 nam_apap315-2_90 May, 2001
nam_apap315-2_91 12-13 nam_apap315-2_91 June, 2001
nam_apap315-2_92 14-15 nam_apap315-2_92 July, 2001
nam_apap315-2_93 16 nam_apap315-2_93 August, 2001
nam_apap315-2_94 17 nam_apap315-2_94 September, 2001
nam_apap315-2_95 18-19 nam_apap315-2_95 October, 2001
nam_apap315-2_96 20 nam_apap315-2_96 November, 2001
nam_apap315-2_97 21 nam_apap315-2_97 December, 2001
Box Folder
9 nam_apap315-2_98 1-2 nam_apap315-2_98 December, 2001
nam_apap315-2_99 3 nam_apap315-2_99 January, 2002
nam_apap315-2_100 4 nam_apap315-2_100 February, 2002
nam_apap315-2_101 5-6 nam_apap315-2_101 March, 2002
nam_apap315-2_102 7 nam_apap315-2_102 April, 2002
nam_apap315-2_103 8-10 nam_apap315-2_103 May, 2002
nam_apap315-2_104 11 nam_apap315-2_104 June, 2002
nam_apap315-2_105 12 nam_apap315-2_105 July, 2002
nam_apap315-2_106 13-14 nam_apap315-2_106 August, 2002
nam_apap315-2_107 15-17 nam_apap315-2_107 September, 2002
nam_apap315-2_108 18 nam_apap315-2_108 October, 2002
nam_apap315-2_109 19 nam_apap315-2_109 November, 2002
nam_apap315-2_110 20-21 nam_apap315-2_110 December, 2002
Box Folder
10 nam_apap315-2_111 1 nam_apap315-2_111 January, 2003
nam_apap315-2_112 2-4 nam_apap315-2_112 February, 2003
nam_apap315-2_113 5-6 nam_apap315-2_113 March, 2003
nam_apap315-2_114 7-9 nam_apap315-2_114 April, 2003
nam_apap315-2_115 10 nam_apap315-2_115 May, 2003
nam_apap315-2_116 11 nam_apap315-2_116 June, 2003
nam_apap315-2_117 12 nam_apap315-2_117 July, 2003
nam_apap315-2_118 13 nam_apap315-2_118 August, 2003
nam_apap315-2_119 14-15 nam_apap315-2_119 September, 2003
nam_apap315-2_120 16-17 nam_apap315-2_120 October, 2003
nam_apap315-2_121 18 nam_apap315-2_121 November, 2003
nam_apap315-2_122 19-20 nam_apap315-2_122 December, 2003
Box Folder
11 nam_apap315-2_123 1-2 nam_apap315-2_123 January, 2004
nam_apap315-2_124 3 nam_apap315-2_124 February, 2004
nam_apap315-2_125 4-5 nam_apap315-2_125 March, 2004
nam_apap315-2_126 6-7 nam_apap315-2_126 April, 2004
nam_apap315-2_127 8 nam_apap315-2_127 May, 2004
nam_apap315-2_128 9-11 nam_apap315-2_128 June, 2004
nam_apap315-2_129 12 nam_apap315-2_129 July, 2004
nam_apap315-2_130 13 nam_apap315-2_130 August, 2004
nam_apap315-2_131 14-15 nam_apap315-2_131 September, 2004
nam_apap315-2_132 16-17 nam_apap315-2_132 October, 2004
nam_apap315-2_133 18-19 nam_apap315-2_133 November, 2004
nam_apap315-2_134 20-21 nam_apap315-2_134 December, 2004
Box Folder
12 nam_apap315-2_135 1 nam_apap315-2_135 January, 2005
nam_apap315-2_136 2 nam_apap315-2_136 February, 2005
nam_apap315-2_137 3 nam_apap315-2_137 March, 2005
nam_apap315-2_138 4-5 nam_apap315-2_138 April, 2005
nam_apap315-2_139 6-7 nam_apap315-2_139 May, 2005
nam_apap315-2_140 8-9 nam_apap315-2_140 June, 2005
nam_apap315-2_141 10-11 nam_apap315-2_141 July, 2005
nam_apap315-2_142 12 nam_apap315-2_142 August, 2005
nam_apap315-2_143 13-14 nam_apap315-2_143 September, 2005
nam_apap315-2_144 15 nam_apap315-2_144 October, 2005
nam_apap315-2_145 16 nam_apap315-2_145 November, 2005
nam_apap315-2_146 17-18 nam_apap315-2_146 December, 2005
nam_apap315-2_147 19 nam_apap315-2_147 General CLMHD information, Undated
nam_apap315-3 Series 3: Office of Legislative and Government Affairs Director, 1991-2003, Undated -   3.0 cu. ft.
Arranged alphabetically.
This series contains information related to state reinvestment plans, Medicaid concerns, managed care, and housing. While materials on all of these topics also can be found in Series 5, 6, and 7, the documents in this series were all kept specifically by the director of legislative and government affairs and therefore remain together in their own series.
Box Folder
1 nam_apap315-3_1 1 nam_apap315-3_1 1998 Reinvestment extender, 2001, Undated
nam_apap315-3_2 2 nam_apap315-3_2 Community Mental Health Reinvestment Bill letters sent to other organizations requesting support from D. Coughlin, 1992-1994
nam_apap315-3_3 3 nam_apap315-3_3 Community Mental Health Reinvestment Bill press clips, 1992-1993
nam_apap315-3_4 4 nam_apap315-3_4 Community Mental Health Reinvestment Bill press clips, 1993
nam_apap315-3_5 5 nam_apap315-3_5 Community Mental Health Resources Bill of 1992 #2, 1992
nam_apap315-3_6 6 nam_apap315-3_6 Community Mental Health Resources Bill of 1992 #3- with lines and brackets, 1991-1992
nam_apap315-3_7 7-8 nam_apap315-3_7 Community Mental Health Resources Bill of 1993, 1992-1993
nam_apap315-3_8 9 nam_apap315-3_8 Community Mental Health Resources Bill of 1993- Comments, 1992-1993
nam_apap315-3_9 10-11 nam_apap315-3_9 Community Mental Health Resources Bill testimony, 1992, 1994-1995
nam_apap315-3_10 12 nam_apap315-3_10 Community Mental Health Resources Bill: Language amendments, 1992-1993
nam_apap315-3_11 13 nam_apap315-3_11 Community Mental Health Resources Bill: Language amendments, 1994-1995, Undated
nam_apap315-3_12 14-15 nam_apap315-3_12 Community Mental Health Resources Bill: Legislation (Drafts), 1991-1992, Undated
nam_apap315-3_13 16 nam_apap315-3_13 Community Mental Health Resources Bill: Legislation (Drafts), 1992, 1994-1995, Undated
nam_apap315-3_14 17 nam_apap315-3_14 Community Mental Health Resources Bill: Local Medicaid share, 1993
nam_apap315-3_15 18 nam_apap315-3_15 Community Mental Health Resources Trust Fund, 1992
nam_apap315-3_16 19 nam_apap315-3_16 Community Reinvestment Funding 1994-1995, 1994 August 08
nam_apap315-3_17 20 nam_apap315-3_17 County mental health Medicaid expenditures (county responses), 1997
nam_apap315-3_18 21 nam_apap315-3_18 County mental hygiene expenditures, 1992-1995
nam_apap315-3_19 22 nam_apap315-3_19 Developmental Disabilities Services Office feedback, 1995
nam_apap315-3_20 23 nam_apap315-3_20 Grants, 1994, Undated
nam_apap315-3_21 24 nam_apap315-3_21 List of support for community mental health resources bill, 1992-1993
nam_apap315-3_22 25 nam_apap315-3_22 Managed care, 1991-1992, Undated
nam_apap315-3_23 26 nam_apap315-3_23 Managed care, 1992
nam_apap315-3_24 27 nam_apap315-3_24 Managed care demos under NYSDSS, 1991
Box Folder
2 nam_apap315-3_25 1 nam_apap315-3_25 Mandate Relief Project, 1994-1995
nam_apap315-3_26 2 nam_apap315-3_26 Medicaid budget bill- Health only, 1994
nam_apap315-3_27 3 nam_apap315-3_27 Medicaid managed care- Articles and reports, 1989-1991
nam_apap315-3_28 4 nam_apap315-3_28 Medicaid managed care- Articles and reports, 1991-1994
nam_apap315-3_29 5 nam_apap315-3_29 Medicaid Managed Care Coalition, 1993
nam_apap315-3_30 6 nam_apap315-3_30 Medicaid managed care- Coalition for Homeless and New York Public Welfare Association, 1991-1994
nam_apap315-3_31 7 nam_apap315-3_31 Members/background, 1994
nam_apap315-3_32 8 nam_apap315-3_32 Membership meetings, NYSCLMHD, 2002
nam_apap315-3_33 9 nam_apap315-3_33 Mental health terms and background, 1989
nam_apap315-3_34 10 nam_apap315-3_34 New and expanded programs funded through reinvestment 1994-1995 through 1998-1999, 1999
nam_apap315-3_35 11 nam_apap315-3_35 New York City- Managed special care, 1994
nam_apap315-3_36 12 nam_apap315-3_36 Office of Mental Health 1999 contract agreement and TAP, 1997-2000
nam_apap315-3_37 13 nam_apap315-3_37 Office of Mental Health 1999 contract agreement and TAP, 1999-2001
nam_apap315-3_38 14 nam_apap315-3_38 Office of Mental Health 551 regulations, 1998-1999
nam_apap315-3_39 15 nam_apap315-3_39 Office of Mental Health 551 regulations, 1999
nam_apap315-3_40 16 nam_apap315-3_40 Office of Mental Health: Revisions to Part 592 Comprehensive Outpatient Program, 1999
nam_apap315-3_41 17-18 nam_apap315-3_41 Office of Mental Health: Reinvestment planning guidelines, 1993-1994
nam_apap315-3_42 19 nam_apap315-3_42 Office of Mental Health: Reinvestment reference charts, 1991-1992
nam_apap315-3_43 20 nam_apap315-3_43 Partnership Committee, 1994
nam_apap315-3_44 21 nam_apap315-3_44 Proposed new Part 551 comments and prior arrival review issues, 1997-1998
nam_apap315-3_45 22 nam_apap315-3_45 Proposed revisions to Part 592- Comprehensive Outpatient Program, 1997
nam_apap315-3_46 23 nam_apap315-3_46 Redeployment of mental health resources for the 21st century, 1997 December-1998 January
nam_apap315-3_47 24 nam_apap315-3_47 Reinvestment- General, 1993-1995, 1997
nam_apap315-3_48 25 nam_apap315-3_48 Reinvestment- General, 1993-1998
Box Folder
3 nam_apap315-3_49 1 nam_apap315-3_49 Reinvestment Group (The One Bill Group), 1993-1994
nam_apap315-3_50 2 nam_apap315-3_50 Reinvestment guidelines, 1995-1996
nam_apap315-3_51 3 nam_apap315-3_51 Reinvestment guidelines, 1996-1997
nam_apap315-3_52 4 nam_apap315-3_52 Reinvestment guidelines, 1997-1998
nam_apap315-3_53 5 nam_apap315-3_53 Reinvestment implementation, 1992-1995
nam_apap315-3_54 6 nam_apap315-3_54 Reinvestment implementation, 1993
nam_apap315-3_55 7 nam_apap315-3_55 Reinvestment implementation- Acts to amend state finance and mental hygiene laws, 1992 October 19, 1993 November 01, Undated
nam_apap315-3_56 8 nam_apap315-3_56 Reinvestment- Legislation and correspondence, 2002-2003
nam_apap315-3_57 9 nam_apap315-3_57 Reinvestment- letter-writing campaign, 1998
nam_apap315-3_58 10 nam_apap315-3_58 Reinvestment- Memos of support, 1998
nam_apap315-3_59 11 nam_apap315-3_59 Reinvestment overview, 1993, 1995
nam_apap315-3_60 12 nam_apap315-3_60 Reinvestment resolutions, 1998
nam_apap315-3_61 13-14 nam_apap315-3_61 Special Needs Plans, 1997-2000
nam_apap315-3_62 15 nam_apap315-3_62 Special Needs Plans (information and data), 1997-1998, Undated
nam_apap315-3_63 16 nam_apap315-3_63 Special Needs Plans (information and data), 1998
nam_apap315-3_64 17 nam_apap315-3_64 Survey- Reinvestment evaluation, 1997 April
nam_apap315-3_65 18 nam_apap315-3_65 TAP Day, Rensselaerville Institute, September 2002, 2001-2002
nam_apap315-3_66 19-20 nam_apap315-3_66 Welfare reform- Act to amend social services law, 1996 December 02
nam_apap315-3_67 21 nam_apap315-3_67 Welfare reform- "Putting the Pieces Together" by Senator M.L. Rath and act to amend education law, 1996-1997
nam_apap315-4 Series 4: County Plans, Operations, and Government, 1980-2009, Undated -   4.2 cu. ft.
Arranged alphabetically.
These records are specific to the counties of New York as they participated in coordinated care efforts for people with mental health needs. There are documents regarding activities unique to certain counties, such as closures of facilities and resignations of Conference members. There are also letters, memos, and reports covering topics like mandate relief recommendations, comprehensive outpatient programs, health needs surveys, and funding issues.
Box Folder
1 nam_apap315-4_1 1 nam_apap315-4_1 135th Anniversary celebration of the Schuyler Center, 2006 November 16
nam_apap315-4_2 2 nam_apap315-4_2 Albany County, 1992-1997
nam_apap315-4_3 3 nam_apap315-4_3 Albany County letter to Mental Health Commissioners, 2007
nam_apap315-4_4 4 nam_apap315-4_4 Amendment of 14NYCRR Parts 587 and 588- Comprehensive mandate relief, 1995-1996
nam_apap315-4_5 5 nam_apap315-4_5 Broome County, 1991, 1993-1994, 1997
nam_apap315-4_6 6 nam_apap315-4_6 Broome County- Annual report, 1990
nam_apap315-4_7 7 nam_apap315-4_7 Broome County- Annual report, 1992
nam_apap315-4_8 8 nam_apap315-4_8 By-laws and amendments, 1992-1993
nam_apap315-4_9 9 nam_apap315-4_9 By-laws amendments ballots, 1994
nam_apap315-4_10 10 nam_apap315-4_10 Cayuga County, 1991, 1993-1994
nam_apap315-4_11 11 nam_apap315-4_11 Chautauqua County, 1991
nam_apap315-4_12 12 nam_apap315-4_12 Chemung County, 1991-1994
nam_apap315-4_13 13 nam_apap315-4_13 Clinton County, 1991-1994
nam_apap315-4_14 14 nam_apap315-4_14 Columbia County, 1990, 1995
nam_apap315-4_15 15 nam_apap315-4_15 Community of practice for local partners, 2009, Undated
nam_apap315-4_16 16 nam_apap315-4_16 Consolidated budget reporting manual and forms, 1994
nam_apap315-4_17 17 nam_apap315-4_17 Cortland County, 1991-1993
nam_apap315-4_18 18 nam_apap315-4_18 County plans A-F, 2006
nam_apap315-4_19 19 nam_apap315-4_19 County plans F-H, 2006
nam_apap315-4_20 20 nam_apap315-4_20 County plans J-O, 2006
nam_apap315-4_21 21 nam_apap315-4_21 County plans O-S, 2006
nam_apap315-4_22 22 nam_apap315-4_22 County plans S-W, 2006
nam_apap315-4_23 23 nam_apap315-4_23 County responses- Comprehensive Outpatient Program, 1991, 1995, 1997
nam_apap315-4_24 24 nam_apap315-4_24 County responses- Comprehensive Outpatient Program, 1991, Undated
Box Folder
2 nam_apap315-4_25 1-3 nam_apap315-4_25 County testimony on Office of Mental Retardation and Developmentally Disabled regulation review, 1995, Undated
nam_apap315-4_26 4 nam_apap315-4_26 Delaware County, 1990-1993
nam_apap315-4_27 5 nam_apap315-4_27 Delaware County, 1994-1996
nam_apap315-4_28 6 nam_apap315-4_28 Department of Mental Hygiene property utilization book, Undated
nam_apap315-4_29 7 nam_apap315-4_29 Dictionary of Mental Health Terms, 1989, 1998
nam_apap315-4_30 8 nam_apap315-4_30 Directors of community service, 1989, 1994, 1997
nam_apap315-4_31 9 nam_apap315-4_31 Dutchess County, 1991-1994, 1996-1997
nam_apap315-4_32 10 nam_apap315-4_32 Erie County, 1991-1995, Undated
nam_apap315-4_33 11 nam_apap315-4_33 Erie County, 1993-1994
nam_apap315-4_34 12 nam_apap315-4_34 Essex County, 1991-1994
nam_apap315-4_35 13 nam_apap315-4_35 Fingerlakes region, 1994
nam_apap315-4_36 14 nam_apap315-4_36 Forms of county government, 1990, 1993, Undated
nam_apap315-4_37 15 nam_apap315-4_37 Franklin County, 1990, 1993
nam_apap315-4_38 16 nam_apap315-4_38 Fulton County, 1991-1993
nam_apap315-4_39 17 nam_apap315-4_39 Genesee County, 1991, 1993, Undated
nam_apap315-4_40 18 nam_apap315-4_40 Guidelines reinvestment plan for 1995, 1994
nam_apap315-4_41 19 nam_apap315-4_41 Jefferson County, 1991, 1993, 1995
nam_apap315-4_42 20 nam_apap315-4_42 Lewis County, 1991-1994
nam_apap315-4_43 21 nam_apap315-4_43 Livingston County, 1992-1993, 1995
nam_apap315-4_44 22 nam_apap315-4_44 Local area plan guidelines for 1995, 1994 April
nam_apap315-4_45 23 nam_apap315-4_45 "Local Government and Managed Governance", Presented at Managed Care and Managed Change Conference, 1996 June
nam_apap315-4_46 24 nam_apap315-4_46 Local Services Plan for Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services- County guidance, 1995
nam_apap315-4_47 25 nam_apap315-4_47 Madison County, 1993
nam_apap315-4_48 26 nam_apap315-4_48 Mandate relief recommendations, 1994-1995, Undated
nam_apap315-4_49 27 nam_apap315-4_49 Mandate relief recommendations, 1995, Undated
Box Folder
3 nam_apap315-4_50 1 nam_apap315-4_50 Mandate relief recommendations, 1995
nam_apap315-4_51 2 nam_apap315-4_51 Manuals: "Mental Health Care in America" and "Community Health Needs Assessment in a Managed Care Environment", 1995, 2001
nam_apap315-4_52 3 nam_apap315-4_52 Mental hygiene law, Title E, 1990, Undated
nam_apap315-4_53 4 nam_apap315-4_53 Mission statement, 1994
nam_apap315-4_54 5 nam_apap315-4_54 Monroe County, 1991-1994
nam_apap315-4_55 6 nam_apap315-4_55 Montgomery County, 1992-1993, 1997
nam_apap315-4_56 7 nam_apap315-4_56 Nassau County, 1992-1994, 1996
nam_apap315-4_57 8 nam_apap315-4_57 Nassau County, 1992-1995, Undated
nam_apap315-4_58 9 nam_apap315-4_58 New York City, 1991, 1994
nam_apap315-4_59 10 nam_apap315-4_59 New York City, 1994-1996
nam_apap315-4_60 11 nam_apap315-4_60 New York City: "Deinstitutionalization- An Epilogue", 1985 December 03
nam_apap315-4_61 12 nam_apap315-4_61 Niagara County, 1991, 1993
nam_apap315-4_62 13 nam_apap315-4_62 North Country directors, 1991
nam_apap315-4_63 14 nam_apap315-4_63 NYS Department of Mental Hygiene Consolidated Fiscal Reporting Manual (Agency administration expenses), 1988
nam_apap315-4_64 15 nam_apap315-4_64 NYS Department of Mental Hygiene Consolidated Fiscal Reporting Manual (DAAA program definitions and code numbers), 1988, Undated
nam_apap315-4_65 16 nam_apap315-4_65 NYS Office Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services- County planning data supplements, 1996
nam_apap315-4_66 17 nam_apap315-4_66 NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services- Local services plan guidelines, 1994-1995
nam_apap315-4_67 18 nam_apap315-4_67 NYSCLMHD Annual Report, 2006
nam_apap315-4_68 19 nam_apap315-4_68 NYSCLMHD Annual Report, 2007
nam_apap315-4_69 20 nam_apap315-4_69 NYSCLMHD strategic framework, 1994
nam_apap315-4_70 21 nam_apap315-4_70 Office of Mental Health-Comprehensive Outpatient Programs, 1991
nam_apap315-4_71 22 nam_apap315-4_71 Office of Regulatory and Management Assistance Taskforce on CFR Reform final report, 1994 March
nam_apap315-4_72 23 nam_apap315-4_72 Oneida County, 1980, 1991, 1995
nam_apap315-4_73 24 nam_apap315-4_73 Onondaga County, 1990-1994
nam_apap315-4_74 25 nam_apap315-4_74 Ontario County, 1992
nam_apap315-4_75 26 nam_apap315-4_75 Orange County, 1990-1994
nam_apap315-4_76 27 nam_apap315-4_76 Planning guidelines for counties and boroughs, 1994-1995
nam_apap315-4_77 28 nam_apap315-4_77 Prepaid mental health plan: Office of Mental Health, 1995-1996
nam_apap315-4_78 29 nam_apap315-4_78 Prepaid mental health plan: Office of Mental Health, 1996
Box Folder
4 nam_apap315-4_79 1 nam_apap315-4_79 Prepaid mental health plan: Office of Mental Health, 1996-1997
nam_apap315-4_80 2 nam_apap315-4_80 Prospectivity- Comprehensive Outpatient Programs, 1993
nam_apap315-4_81 3 nam_apap315-4_81 Putnam County, 1991
nam_apap315-4_82 4 nam_apap315-4_82 Regulation review process by county, 1995
nam_apap315-4_83 5 nam_apap315-4_83 Rensselaer County, 1991-1994
nam_apap315-4_84 6 nam_apap315-4_84 Rensselaer County: "Addressing the needs of Incarcerated Women with Concurring Disorders: One Program's Response"- Summer 1998 Issue ofJail Suicide/Mental Health Update with accompanying letter, 1998 June, 1996 June
nam_apap315-4_85 7 nam_apap315-4_85 Resignation letter of Lloyd Sederer, 2007
nam_apap315-4_86 8 nam_apap315-4_86 Rockland County, 1993, 1995, Undated
nam_apap315-4_87 9 nam_apap315-4_87 Saratoga County, 1993, Undated
nam_apap315-4_88 10 nam_apap315-4_88 Schenectady County, 1991-1994
nam_apap315-4_89 11 nam_apap315-4_89 Schenectady County, 1993-1994, 1996, Undated
nam_apap315-4_90 12 nam_apap315-4_90 Schoharie County, 1991, 1993
nam_apap315-4_91 13 nam_apap315-4_91 Schuyler County, 1991-1992, 1994
nam_apap315-4_92 14 nam_apap315-4_92 Schuyler County mental health plan, 1995
nam_apap315-4_93 15 nam_apap315-4_93 Schuyler County mental retardation/developmental disabilities plan, 1995
nam_apap315-4_94 16 nam_apap315-4_94 Schuyler County substance abuse plan, 1995
nam_apap315-4_95 17 nam_apap315-4_95 Seneca County, 1992
nam_apap315-4_96 18 nam_apap315-4_96 St. Lawrence County, 1991-1993
nam_apap315-4_97 19 nam_apap315-4_97 Statewide directory, 1996
nam_apap315-4_98 20 nam_apap315-4_98 Steuben County, 1992
nam_apap315-4_99 21 nam_apap315-4_99 Suffolk County, 1991-1994
nam_apap315-4_100 22 nam_apap315-4_100 Sullivan County, 1991, 1993, 1997
nam_apap315-4_101 23 nam_apap315-4_101 Survey on the NYS public mental health system, 1988
nam_apap315-4_102 24 nam_apap315-4_102 Tioga County, 1990-1992
nam_apap315-4_103 25 nam_apap315-4_103 Tioga County, 1991-1992
nam_apap315-4_104 26 nam_apap315-4_104 Tioga County, 1991-1994
nam_apap315-4_105 27 nam_apap315-4_105 Tioga County, 1994-1997
nam_apap315-4_106 28 nam_apap315-4_106 Ulster County, 1991-1993, 1995
nam_apap315-4_107 29 nam_apap315-4_107 Warren/Washington County, 1991-1992, 1995
Box Folder
5 nam_apap315-4_108 1 nam_apap315-4_108 Wayne County, 1992
nam_apap315-4_109 2 nam_apap315-4_109 Westchester County, 1992-1995
nam_apap315-4_110 3 nam_apap315-4_110 Western region, Undated
nam_apap315-4_111 4 nam_apap315-4_111 Western Regional county directors, 1993
nam_apap315-4_112 5 nam_apap315-4_112 Wyoming County, 1991, 1993
nam_apap315-4_113 6 nam_apap315-4_113 Yates County, 1992
nam_apap315-5 Series 5: Projects and Committees, 1979-2001, Undated -   5.0 cu. ft.
Arranged alphabetically.
This series focuses on some of the Conference’s more specific endeavors, including (but not limited to) those with definitive start and end dates as opposed to ongoing tasks. Examples include the Kids Oneida project, the Commission on the 21st Century, various grant applications, and the committees for developmental disabilities and chemical dependency.
Box Folder
1 nam_apap315-5_1 1 nam_apap315-5_1 Center for Behavioral Health Institute (CBHI), 1997-1999
nam_apap315-5_2 2 nam_apap315-5_2 Chemical Dependency Committee, 1996-1997
nam_apap315-5_3 3 nam_apap315-5_3 Chemical Dependency Committee: Managed care joint meeting minutes, 1995
nam_apap315-5_4 4 nam_apap315-5_4 Chemical Dependency Committee: Meeting Minutes, 1994 October-1995 June
nam_apap315-5_5 5 nam_apap315-5_5 Chemical Dependency Committee: Meeting Minutes, 1995 October
nam_apap315-5_6 6 nam_apap315-5_6 Chemical Dependency Committee: Meeting Minutes, etc., 1996 December
nam_apap315-5_7 7 nam_apap315-5_7 Chemical Dependency Committee: Member Lists, 1997
nam_apap315-5_8 8 nam_apap315-5_8 Chemical Dependency Committee: OASAS Budget, 1995-1996
nam_apap315-5_9 9 nam_apap315-5_9 Chemical Dependency Committee: OASAS Regional Office Separation, 1995
nam_apap315-5_10 10 nam_apap315-5_10 Chemical Task Force of the M.H.S.C., 1994-1995
nam_apap315-5_11 11 nam_apap315-5_11 CLMHD/OMRDD Partnership: Background and Planning materials, 1994
nam_apap315-5_12 12 nam_apap315-5_12 CLMHD/OMRDD Partnership: Configuration of Developmental Disabilities Services Offices, 1994-1995
nam_apap315-5_13 13 nam_apap315-5_13 CLMHD/OMRDD Partnership: Interim Report, 1995
nam_apap315-5_14 14-16 nam_apap315-5_14 CLMHD/OMRDD Partnership: Meeting Minutes, 1994
nam_apap315-5_15 17 nam_apap315-5_15 CLMHD/OMRDD Partnership: Pilot Project, 1995
nam_apap315-5_16 18 nam_apap315-5_16 CLMHD/OMRDD Partnership: Pilot Project committee meeting, 1996 May-1996 August
nam_apap315-5_17 19 nam_apap315-5_17 CLMHD/OMRDD Partnership: Pilot steering committee meeting, 1996 January
nam_apap315-5_18 20 nam_apap315-5_18 CLMHD/OMRDD Partnership: Pilot Steering Subgroup Meeting, 1996 February
nam_apap315-5_19 21 nam_apap315-5_19 CLMHD/OMRDD Partnership: Pilot Subcommittee Meeting, 1996 March
nam_apap315-5_20 22 nam_apap315-5_20 CLMHD/OMRDD Partnership: Planning letter and draft of "Supports and Services for People with Developmental Disabilities" report, 1994-1996
nam_apap315-5_21 23 nam_apap315-5_21 CLMHD/OMRDD Partnership: Problem Solving, 1995
nam_apap315-5_22 24 nam_apap315-5_22 CLMHD/OMRDD Partnership: Survey of County experiences with Developmental Disabilities Services Offices-Draft, Undated
nam_apap315-5_23 25 nam_apap315-5_23 CLMHD/OMRDD Partnership: Survey of County experiences with Developmental Disabilities Services Offices-Draft, 1994-1995
nam_apap315-5_24 26 nam_apap315-5_24 Commission on 21st Century: "At the Crossroads" report, 2000
nam_apap315-5_25 27 nam_apap315-5_25 Commission on 21st Century: Children's Mental Health Services Checklist, 1998
nam_apap315-5_26 28 nam_apap315-5_26 Commission on 21st Century: Committee Recommendations, Final Report, 1999
nam_apap315-5_27 29 nam_apap315-5_27 Commission on 21st Century: Committee Recommendations, Third Draft, Undated
nam_apap315-5_28 30 nam_apap315-5_28 Commission on 21st Century: Implementation Plan, 1999
nam_apap315-5_29 31 nam_apap315-5_29 Commission on 21st Century: January Meeting, 1999
Box Folder
2 nam_apap315-5_30 1 nam_apap315-5_30 Commission on 21st Century: Local Stewardship, 1999
nam_apap315-5_31 2-3 nam_apap315-5_31 Commission on 21st Century: Meeting Advertisements, 1998-1999
nam_apap315-5_32 4 nam_apap315-5_32 Commission on 21st Century: Mailing lists for press, 1998-1999
nam_apap315-5_33 5 nam_apap315-5_33 Commission on 21st Century: Photographs, 1999
nam_apap315-5_34 6 nam_apap315-5_34 Commission on 21st Century: Powerpoint presentation, paper and CD, 1999
nam_apap315-5_35 7 nam_apap315-5_35 Commission on 21st Century: Press conference, 1999
nam_apap315-5_36 8-9 nam_apap315-5_36 Commission on 21st Century: Public testimony, 1998 October
nam_apap315-5_37 10 nam_apap315-5_37 Commission on 21st Century: September Meeting, 1998
nam_apap315-5_38 11 nam_apap315-5_38 Commission on 21st Century: Subcommittee work, 1996-1999
nam_apap315-5_39 12 nam_apap315-5_39 Commission on 21st Century: Technical Assistance Collaborative, commission biographies, 1998
nam_apap315-5_40 13 nam_apap315-5_40 Commission on 21st Century: Technical Assistance Collaborative, commission members, 1998-1999
nam_apap315-5_41 14 nam_apap315-5_41 Commission on 21st Century: Technical Assistance Collaborative, conference call and correspondence, 1998-1999, Undated
nam_apap315-5_42 15 nam_apap315-5_42 Commission on 21st Century: Technical Assistance Collaborative, original contract, 1998
nam_apap315-5_43 16 nam_apap315-5_43 Commission on 21st Century: Technical Assistance Collaborative, proposal, 1998
nam_apap315-5_44 17 nam_apap315-5_44 Community service boards matrix, 1994
nam_apap315-5_45 18-19 nam_apap315-5_45 Community Support Programs (CSP) "20 Questions" responses, 1994
nam_apap315-5_46 20-21 nam_apap315-5_46 Community Support Programs (CSP) Meetings [RESTRICTED], 1994 ***
nam_apap315-5_47 22 nam_apap315-5_47 Community Support Programs (CSP) planning contest-letters and statistics [RESTRICTED], 1994 ***
nam_apap315-5_48 23-24 nam_apap315-5_48 Community Support Programs (CSP) contest responses [RESTRICTED], 1994 ***
nam_apap315-5_49 25 nam_apap315-5_49 Community Support Programs (CSP) planning contest cover forms [RESTRICTED], 1994 ***
nam_apap315-5_50 26 nam_apap315-5_50 Community Support Programs (CSP) Prize winners [RESTRICTED], 1994 ***
nam_apap315-5_51 27 nam_apap315-5_51 Community Support Programs (CSP) Task force brochure, 1993-1994
Box Folder
3 nam_apap315-5_52 1 nam_apap315-5_52 Community Support Programs (CSP)- Office of Mental Health, 1979, 1991
nam_apap315-5_53 2-3 nam_apap315-5_53 Community Support Programs (CSP)-Report on future of CSPs in New York State, 1994
nam_apap315-5_54 4-5 nam_apap315-5_54 Community Support Programs (CSP) Grant with Office of Mental Health, 1993-1994
nam_apap315-5_55 6-7 nam_apap315-5_55 Community Support Programs (CSP) Grant with Office of Mental Health- Audit, 1990, 1993, 1995
nam_apap315-5_56 8 nam_apap315-5_56 Community Support Programs (CSP) task force matrix, Undated
nam_apap315-5_57 9-10 nam_apap315-5_57 Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy-CHAS, 1994-1995
nam_apap315-5_58 11 nam_apap315-5_58 Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy (CHAS) and Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR), 1996
nam_apap315-5_59 12 nam_apap315-5_59 Conference Committee listing/representation, 1997-2001
nam_apap315-5_60 13 nam_apap315-5_60 Developmental Disabilities Committee, 1996
nam_apap315-5_61 14 nam_apap315-5_61 Developmental Disabilities Committee: Elimination of OMRDD waitlist/NY Cares, 1998-1999
nam_apap315-5_62 15 nam_apap315-5_62 Developmental Disabilities Committee: Meeting minutes, 1994 October
nam_apap315-5_63 16 nam_apap315-5_63 Developmental Disabilities Committee: Meeting minutes, 1995
nam_apap315-5_64 17 nam_apap315-5_64 Developmental Disabilities Committee: Meeting minutes, 1996
nam_apap315-5_65 18 nam_apap315-5_65 Developmental Disabilities Committee: New member correspondence, 1995
nam_apap315-5_66 19 nam_apap315-5_66 Developmental Disabilities Committee: Pilot Programs and Partnership Committee, 1996
nam_apap315-5_67 20 nam_apap315-5_67 Developmental Disabilities Committee: Service Coordination Network software, 1995
nam_apap315-5_68 21 nam_apap315-5_68 Developmental Disabilities Committee: "Supporting People with Developmental Disabilities and Their Families" OMRDD guide, 1997
nam_apap315-5_69 22 nam_apap315-5_69 Development Disabilities Committee: Survey materials, 1995
nam_apap315-5_70 23 nam_apap315-5_70 Developmental disabilities matrix, 1993, 1995, 1997
nam_apap315-5_71 24 nam_apap315-5_71 Disabilities newsletters: Highlights from NYS Assembly and Task Force, 1994
nam_apap315-5_72 25 nam_apap315-5_72 Executive Committee-Fall Membership Meeting, 1996 October
nam_apap315-5_73 26 nam_apap315-5_73 Executive Committee Matrix, Undated
nam_apap315-5_74 27 nam_apap315-5_74 Executive Committee Meeting, 1997 January
nam_apap315-5_75 28 nam_apap315-5_75 Full conference matrix, Undated
nam_apap315-5_76 29 nam_apap315-5_76 Governor's Office on Information Resource Management-Human Services Workgroup, 1997
nam_apap315-5_77 30 nam_apap315-5_77 Homeless and Mentally ill veterans workgroup, 1994-1995
nam_apap315-5_78 31 nam_apap315-5_78 Housing Task Force of the M.H.S.C., 1994
nam_apap315-5_79 32 nam_apap315-5_79 I.S.O. steering committee, 1995
Box Folder
4 nam_apap315-5_80 1 nam_apap315-5_80 Kids Oneida: Annual Report, 1999
nam_apap315-5_81 2 nam_apap315-5_81 Kids Oneida: Background packet, wraparound care, 1992, 1997, 1999
nam_apap315-5_82 3 nam_apap315-5_82 Kids Oneida: Briefing information and background materials, 1998-1999
nam_apap315-5_83 4 nam_apap315-5_83 Kids Oneida: Building a plan of care (POC), Undated
nam_apap315-5_84 5 nam_apap315-5_84 Kids Oneida: Chapter 433 of laws of 1997- Kids Oneida not a special needs plan, Undated
nam_apap315-5_85 6 nam_apap315-5_85 Kids Oneida: Children's mental healthcare models, New York and Oregon, 1990-1995
nam_apap315-5_86 7 nam_apap315-5_86 Kids Oneida: Children's system of care/Wraparound service, 2000
nam_apap315-5_87 8 nam_apap315-5_87 Kids Oneida: "Conducting High Performance Kids Oneida Child and Family Team Meetings", 1996
nam_apap315-5_88 9 nam_apap315-5_88 Kids Oneida: Contact list and ICAN flow charts, Undated
nam_apap315-5_89 10 nam_apap315-5_89 Kids Oneida: Covered services, 1998
nam_apap315-5_90 11 nam_apap315-5_90 Kids Oneida: "Crosswalk" between Kids Oneida service codes and NYS Medicaid-State plan services rate codes, 1998
nam_apap315-5_91 12 nam_apap315-5_91 Kids Oneida: Evaluation methodology, 1999
nam_apap315-5_92 13 nam_apap315-5_92 Kids Oneida: "Family Matters" newsletters, 1991 Fall, 2002 Spring
nam_apap315-5_93 14 nam_apap315-5_93 Kids Oneida: Final report on integrated delivery systems, 1997
nam_apap315-5_94 15 nam_apap315-5_94 Kids Oneida: Funding/payment policies, 1998, 2000
nam_apap315-5_95 16 nam_apap315-5_95 Kids Oneida: Innovation Board, 1991-1994, 1997-1998
nam_apap315-5_96 17 nam_apap315-5_96 Kids Oneida: Innovation Board, 1992-1994
nam_apap315-5_97 18 nam_apap315-5_97 Kids Oneida: "Lessons Learned-Challenges, Obstacles, and Creative Solutions", 1998
nam_apap315-5_98 19 nam_apap315-5_98 Kids Oneida: "Managed Care and Children's Mental Health-Summary of May 1995 State Managed Care Meeting", 1996
nam_apap315-5_99 20 nam_apap315-5_99 Kids Oneida: Managed care and children's welfare, 1994, 1996
nam_apap315-5_100 21 nam_apap315-5_100 Kids Oneida: "A Plan for Children, Youth and Family-Mental Health Services in Oneida County", 1985
nam_apap315-5_101 22 nam_apap315-5_101 Kids Oneida: Planning and implementation, 1994, 1997-1998, Undated
nam_apap315-5_102 23 nam_apap315-5_102 Kids Oneida: Planning and implementation, 1993-1998
nam_apap315-5_103 24 nam_apap315-5_103 Kids Oneida: Planning and implementation, 1991, 1997-1998, Undated
nam_apap315-5_104 25 nam_apap315-5_104 Kids Oneida: Planning and implementation, 1996-1998
nam_apap315-5_105 26 nam_apap315-5_105 Kids Oneida: Policy recommendations, 2000
nam_apap315-5_106 27 nam_apap315-5_106 Kids Oneida: Quality Assurance Outcome Measures, 1998
nam_apap315-5_107 28 nam_apap315-5_107 Kids Oneida: Regulations, 2000
nam_apap315-5_108 29 nam_apap315-5_108 Kids Oneida: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Indiana workgroup, 1997
nam_apap315-5_109 30 nam_apap315-5_109 Kids Oneida: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Interagency Memorandum of Understanding, 1994
nam_apap315-5_110 31 nam_apap315-5_110 Kids Oneida: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, legislation model, 1996
nam_apap315-5_111 32 nam_apap315-5_111 Kids Oneida: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, stark county, Ohio program, 1996
nam_apap315-5_112 33 nam_apap315-5_112 Kids Oneida: Steering committee materials, 1995-1997
nam_apap315-5_113 34 nam_apap315-5_113 Kids Oneida: Tier III workgroup, 1997, 2000
nam_apap315-5_114 35 nam_apap315-5_114 Kids Oneida: Ventura Planning Model, 1987, 1990
nam_apap315-5_115 36 nam_apap315-5_115 Kids Oneida: Welcome Packet, Undated
Box Folder
5 nam_apap315-5_116 1 nam_apap315-5_116 Local government issues subcommittee, 1995
nam_apap315-5_117 2 nam_apap315-5_117 Mandate Relief Workgroup, 1994-1995
nam_apap315-5_118 3 nam_apap315-5_118 Mental Health Action Network steering committee, 1997
nam_apap315-5_119 4 nam_apap315-5_119 Mental Health Committee, 1993-1997
nam_apap315-5_120 5 nam_apap315-5_120 Mental Health Committee Meeting, 1997 September
nam_apap315-5_121 6 nam_apap315-5_121 Mental Health matrix, Undated
nam_apap315-5_122 7 nam_apap315-5_122 Missouri Institute of Mental Health, Spring Meeting, St. Louis, 1997
nam_apap315-5_123 8 nam_apap315-5_123 New York Community Trust Grant Proposal, 1990-1993
nam_apap315-5_124 9 nam_apap315-5_124 New York Community Trust Proposal, 1990-1991
nam_apap315-5_125 10 nam_apap315-5_125 New York Community Trust Proposal, 1980, 1989, 1992
nam_apap315-5_126 11 nam_apap315-5_126 New York Community Trust File, 1991-1993
nam_apap315-5_127 12 nam_apap315-5_127 New York Community Trust File, 1993-1994
nam_apap315-5_128 13 nam_apap315-5_128 Nominating committees for 1994 and 1996, 1992, 1994, 1996
nam_apap315-5_129 14 nam_apap315-5_129 NYSAC- Welfare, Medicaid, children and families standing committee, 1997-1998, 2004
nam_apap315-5_130 15 nam_apap315-5_130 Office of Mental Health: Children's Mental Health Advisory Group, 1997
nam_apap315-5_131 16 nam_apap315-5_131 Office of Mental Health-Planning steering committee, 1994-1995
nam_apap315-5_132 17 nam_apap315-5_132 Office of Mental Health-Planning steering committee, 1995
nam_apap315-5_133 18 nam_apap315-5_133 Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities/Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors Partnership Committee, 1994-1995
nam_apap315-5_134 19 nam_apap315-5_134 Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities/Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors Partnership Committee, 1994-1997
nam_apap315-5_135 20 nam_apap315-5_135 Partnership Committee: Pilot subcommittee members, 1996
nam_apap315-5_136 21 nam_apap315-5_136 Partnership Committee: Pilot subcommittee, 1996
nam_apap315-5_137 22 nam_apap315-5_137 Policy Resource Center, 1996-1997
nam_apap315-5_138 23 nam_apap315-5_138 Rural steering committee, 1995
nam_apap315-5_139 24 nam_apap315-5_139 Rural steering committee, 1995-1996
nam_apap315-5_140 25 nam_apap315-5_140 Rural steering committee: Rural Outpatient Project, 1995-1996
nam_apap315-5_141 26 nam_apap315-5_141 Rural steering committee: Rural Outpatient Project Background, 1995
nam_apap315-5_142 27-28 nam_apap315-5_142 Rural steering committee: Rural Outpatient Project Notes, 1995
nam_apap315-5_143 29 nam_apap315-5_143 Rural steering committee: Rural Outpatient Project Report- Drafts, 1995
nam_apap315-5_144 30 nam_apap315-5_144 Rural steering committee: Rural Outpatient Project Report-Drafts and Final, 1995
nam_apap315-5_145 31 nam_apap315-5_145 Rural steering committee: Rural Outpatient Project, Team One, 1993-1995
nam_apap315-5_146 32 nam_apap315-5_146 Single state agencies for mental health, 1997
nam_apap315-6 Series 6: Managed Care and Special Needs Plans, 1991-2000, Undated -   2.0 cu. ft.
Arranged alphabetically.
Managed care, in its most general form, refers to coordination of health services in such a way that quality care is provided, but costs are kept low. Many of the records in this series deal with Medicare issues, of which special needs plans (SNPs) are an important part since they focus effort on particular groups of people with very specific needs. Researchers will find a variety of records such as memos, letters, information packets, and meeting notes covering areas like Medicare financing, managed care in rural areas, strategic planning, technical assistance, and committee work.
Box Folder
1 nam_apap315-6_1 2 nam_apap315-6_1 Adult special needs plans- Financing and public accountability, 1998
nam_apap315-6_2 3 nam_apap315-6_2 Albany County HMO conflicts, 1997-1998
nam_apap315-6_3 4 nam_apap315-6_3 Albany Law Review- Special Needs Plans: Adapting Medicaid Managed Care for Persons with Serious Mental Illness or HIV/AIDs, 1998
nam_apap315-6_4 5 nam_apap315-6_4 Alcohol and substance abuse subcommittee meetings, 1995
nam_apap315-6_5 6 nam_apap315-6_5 Assisted Outpatient Treatment-Volume 1, Initial implementation Sections 1-9, 2000
nam_apap315-6_6 7 nam_apap315-6_6 Assisted Outpatient Treatment-Volume 1, Initial implementation Sections 10-16, 2000
nam_apap315-6_7 8 nam_apap315-6_7 Booklet: "Mental Health Special Needs Plans Request for Information", 1997
nam_apap315-6_8 9 nam_apap315-6_8 Budget survey/local assistance matches, 1995-1996
nam_apap315-6_9 10 nam_apap315-6_9 Central New York Consortium- Alternative managed care program, 2000
nam_apap315-6_10 11 nam_apap315-6_10 CHPS Consulting, Inc.- Correspondence, meetings, and notes, 1997-1998
nam_apap315-6_11 12 nam_apap315-6_11 Conference managed care meeting, 1996
nam_apap315-6_12 13 nam_apap315-6_12 Consolidated fiscal reform, 1994-1995
nam_apap315-6_13 14 nam_apap315-6_13 "Contracting for Public Mental Health Services" special report, Undated
nam_apap315-6_14 15 nam_apap315-6_14 County chargebacks- Forensic legislation, 1998-1999
nam_apap315-6_15 16-17 nam_apap315-6_15 County responses to SNP requests for information, 1997
nam_apap315-6_16 18 nam_apap315-6_16 County role in Special Needs Plans selection, 1996-1997
nam_apap315-6_17 19 nam_apap315-6_17 "Effective Public Management of Mental Health Care..…" Report and notes, 2000
nam_apap315-6_18 20 nam_apap315-6_18 Health care financing administration 1115 waiver and award information, 1997
nam_apap315-6_19 21 nam_apap315-6_19 Historical Medicaid cost and utilization data book, 1998
nam_apap315-6_20 22 nam_apap315-6_20 "Impact of Managed Behavioral Health Services on County-Operated Programs", 1997
nam_apap315-6_21 23 nam_apap315-6_21 Integrated services and managed care in rural areas, papers and articles, 1997-1998, 2000, Undated
nam_apap315-6_22 24 nam_apap315-6_22 International symposium and training seminar on Medicaid Managed Care, SUNY Albany, 1996
nam_apap315-6_23 25 nam_apap315-6_23 Involuntary Outpatient Treatment, 1999
nam_apap315-6_24 26 nam_apap315-6_24 Managed care basic plan contracts, 1998
nam_apap315-6_25 27 nam_apap315-6_25 Managed care committee, 1992-1994
nam_apap315-6_26 28 nam_apap315-6_26 Managed care committee, 1995-1997
nam_apap315-6_27 29 nam_apap315-6_27 Managed care committee, 2000
nam_apap315-6_28 30 nam_apap315-6_28 Managed care committee meetings, 1997 June, 1997 September
nam_apap315-6_29 31 nam_apap315-6_29 Managed care committee meetings, 1997 October-1998 October
Box Folder
2 nam_apap315-6_30 1 nam_apap315-6_30 Managed care consultant services, 1996-1997
nam_apap315-6_31 2 nam_apap315-6_31 Managed care reporting language- financial issues, 1997-1998
nam_apap315-6_32 3 nam_apap315-6_32 Managed care review/Advisory review panel- recommendations, 1996
nam_apap315-6_33 4 nam_apap315-6_33 Managed care working group, 1991
nam_apap315-6_34 5-6 nam_apap315-6_34 Managed care working group, 1991-1993
nam_apap315-6_35 7 nam_apap315-6_35 Managed mental health care models- California, 1995, 1998
nam_apap315-6_36 8 nam_apap315-6_36 "Managing care of Schizophrenia"- Four-year study, 1996
nam_apap315-6_37 9 nam_apap315-6_37 "Mandatory Managed Care: Changes in Medicaid Mental Health Services"- Office of Inspector General, 2000
nam_apap315-6_38 10 nam_apap315-6_38 Mathematica study: Care coordination and Medicaid managed care, 2000
nam_apap315-6_39 11 nam_apap315-6_39 "Medicaid Managed Care: Four States' Experiences with Mental Health Carveout Programs", 1999
nam_apap315-6_40 12 nam_apap315-6_40 Medicaid managed care task force, 1994
nam_apap315-6_41 13 nam_apap315-6_41 Medicaid managed care task force, 1995-1996
nam_apap315-6_42 14 nam_apap315-6_42 Medicaid managed care uniform standards, 1992, 1995-1996
nam_apap315-6_43 15 nam_apap315-6_43 Medicaid managed special care, 1993-1994
nam_apap315-6_44 16 nam_apap315-6_44 Medicaid waiver- Alcohol and Substance Abuse Subcommittee, 1995
nam_apap315-6_45 17 nam_apap315-6_45 Medicaid waiver workgroup, 1994
nam_apap315-6_46 18 nam_apap315-6_46 Memorandums- Managed care priorities, 1996, Undated
nam_apap315-6_47 19 nam_apap315-6_47 Mental health liaison group, 1995
nam_apap315-6_48 20 nam_apap315-6_48 Mental Health Weekly, Vol. 10 #25, 2000 June 19
nam_apap315-6_49 21 nam_apap315-6_49 New York City managed care issues, 1996
nam_apap315-6_50 22 nam_apap315-6_50 "New York State HMOs and their role in Medicaid Managed Care", 1993
nam_apap315-6_51 23 nam_apap315-6_51 NYSCLMHD- Conference's role in managed care, 1996
nam_apap315-6_52 24 nam_apap315-6_52 Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services- Evaluation and monitoring plan demos, 1998
nam_apap315-6_53 25 nam_apap315-6_53 Other states' health care models- North Carolina and Oregon, 2000
nam_apap315-6_54 26 nam_apap315-6_54 "Overcoming Barriers to Effective Use of Behavioral Health Care Data: Opportunities for State and Local Collaboration", 1999
nam_apap315-6_55 27 nam_apap315-6_55 "Parity in Financing Mental Health Services: Managed Care Effects on Cost, Access, and Quality", 1998
nam_apap315-6_56 28 nam_apap315-6_56 Planning documents- Office of Mental Health, Westchester County, 1999
nam_apap315-6_57 29 nam_apap315-6_57 "Preparing for Managed Care Challenges" forum packet, 1996
nam_apap315-6_58 30 nam_apap315-6_58 Proposal for the Development and Implementation of a Statewide Managed Care Action Plan, 1996
nam_apap315-6_59 31 nam_apap315-6_59 Proposal to Establish Uniform Standards for Mental Health Managed Care Referral and Billing Processes, 1995
nam_apap315-6_60 32 nam_apap315-6_60 Report on Rate Methodology Underlying New York City SNP Requests for Proposals, 2000
nam_apap315-6_61 33 nam_apap315-6_61 Request for Information responses- Special needs plans, 1996-1997
nam_apap315-6_62 34 nam_apap315-6_62 Revised Medicaid waiver, 1994
nam_apap315-6_63 35 nam_apap315-6_63 Rochester Medicare Demonstration Project, 1996
nam_apap315-6_64 36 nam_apap315-6_64 Senate- Assembly: Act to amend mental hygiene law, 1993
nam_apap315-6_65 37 nam_apap315-6_65 Special needs plans legislation, 1996-1997
nam_apap315-6_66 38 nam_apap315-6_66 Special needs plans- Powerpoint overview, 1999, Undated
nam_apap315-6_67 39 nam_apap315-6_67 Special needs plans regional forum, Batavia, 1998
nam_apap315-6_68 40 nam_apap315-6_68 Specs- Consultant managed care action plan, 1996
nam_apap315-6_69 41 nam_apap315-6_69 State behavioral health headlines, Vol. I #27 (SAMHSA managed care), 2000
nam_apap315-6_70 42 nam_apap315-6_70 State of New York Office of the Comptroller- Audit of state mental health services and response of agency officials, 1993
nam_apap315-6_71 43 nam_apap315-6_71 Steering committee conference calls- Medicaid managed care, 1996
nam_apap315-6_72 44-45 nam_apap315-6_72 Strategic planning for managed care/CHPS Consulting, 1996-1997
nam_apap315-6_73 46 nam_apap315-6_73 Survey results of technical assistance needs for implementing managed care within communities, Undated
nam_apap315-6_74 47 nam_apap315-6_74 Technical assistance- Survey and finance issues, 1998, Undated
nam_apap315-7 Series 7: Subject Files, 1985-2008, Undated -   5.4 cu. ft.
Arranged alphabetically
The subject files house documents of long-term value that do not belong to the Conference’s other record series. There are correspondence and memo files of specific members of the group, such as Peter Freed (counsel) and Gerry Landsberg (New York University), background on shared staff issues, and information on partnerships with the New York State divisions of alcohol abuse and chemical dependency as well as state housing committees. Researchers will also find documents pertaining to consolidation of services and positions over the years, particularly in the 1990s. Additionally, there are manuals, booklets, and conference materials about disaster preparedness in the mental health profession. Most of the collection’s photographs are also located in this series, with the exception of the Commission on the 21st Century images which are in Series #5.
Box Folder
1 nam_apap315-7_1 2 nam_apap315-7_1 2002 Regulatory review workgroup, 1994, 2001, 2002-2003
nam_apap315-7_2 3 nam_apap315-7_2 2002 Regulatory review workgroup, 2002
nam_apap315-7_3 4 nam_apap315-7_3 2002 Regulatory review workgroup, 2002-2003
nam_apap315-7_4 5 nam_apap315-7_4 Adult homes- Issues and recommendations, 2002
nam_apap315-7_5 6 nam_apap315-7_5 Adult homes workgroup, 1999-2000
nam_apap315-7_6 7 nam_apap315-7_6 Annual report: Serving the mental health needs of young offenders, 2000
nam_apap315-7_7 8 nam_apap315-7_7 "Assessing the nature and prevalence of mentally ill in Suffolk County's criminal justice system", 2000
nam_apap315-7_8 9 nam_apap315-7_8 "At the Crossroads" Reinvestment/realignment report and supplementary materials, 1999-2000
nam_apap315-7_9 10 nam_apap315-7_9 Bond, Schoeneck, and King, Attorneys at Law, 1992-1994
nam_apap315-7_10 11 nam_apap315-7_10 Committee on Mental Health, Mental Retardation, and Developmental Disabilities: "Broken Promises, Broken Lives" status report, 2002
nam_apap315-7_11 12 nam_apap315-7_11 Committees and task forces, 1996, Undated
nam_apap315-7_12 13 nam_apap315-7_12 Community service boards: Training, 1990-1992, 1995
nam_apap315-7_13 14 nam_apap315-7_13 Community services block grant- Management plan, 2000
nam_apap315-7_14 15 nam_apap315-7_14 Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Programs, 2000
nam_apap315-7_15 16 nam_apap315-7_15 Conference goals and missions- overview packet, 2000
nam_apap315-7_16 17 nam_apap315-7_16 Consolidated fiscal reform (CFR), 1993-1994
nam_apap315-7_17 18 nam_apap315-7_17 Consultant contract: Tremblay Associates, 2002
nam_apap315-7_18 19 nam_apap315-7_18 "The Courage to Change: A Guide for Communities to Create Integrated Services", 1999
nam_apap315-7_19 20 nam_apap315-7_19 "Cost of Addictive and Mental Disorders and Effectiveness of Treatment", Undated
nam_apap315-7_20 21 nam_apap315-7_20 County charges- Medicaid, 2003-2004
nam_apap315-7_21 22 nam_apap315-7_21 County Programs, 2000
nam_apap315-7_22 23 nam_apap315-7_22 County reinvestment, 1993, 1997-1998
nam_apap315-7_23 24 nam_apap315-7_23 County reinvestment surveys, 2002
nam_apap315-7_24 25 nam_apap315-7_24 Department of Health licensing verification edits, 2001-2002
nam_apap315-7_25 26 nam_apap315-7_25 Director of Community Services and Commissioner of Social Services- Serving a dual role, 1995
nam_apap315-7_26 27 nam_apap315-7_26 Director of Community Services credentials and qualifications, 1989, 1991-1992
nam_apap315-7_27 28 nam_apap315-7_27 Director of Community Services credentials and qualifications, 1992
nam_apap315-7_28 29 nam_apap315-7_28 Directory: New York State Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors, 1996
nam_apap315-7_29 30 nam_apap315-7_29 Disaster planning: All-hazards planning worksheet, 2003 November
nam_apap315-7_30 31 nam_apap315-7_30 Disaster planning:Communicating in a Crisis- Risk Communication Guidelines for Public Officials, 2002
nam_apap315-7_31 32 nam_apap315-7_31 Disaster planning: Data collection toolkit, Undated
nam_apap315-7_32 33 nam_apap315-7_32 Disaster planning: Department of Health and Human Services, 2002 June
nam_apap315-7_33 34 nam_apap315-7_33 Disaster planning:Developing Culture Competence, 2003
Box Folder
2 nam_apap315-7_34 1-2 nam_apap315-7_34 Disaster planning:Disaster Mental Health Response Handbook, Undated
nam_apap315-7_35 3-4 nam_apap315-7_35 Disaster planning:Disaster Mental Health Services, 1997 September
nam_apap315-7_36 5 nam_apap315-7_36 Disaster planning:Disaster Mental Health Services I- Participant's Workbook, Undated
nam_apap315-7_37 6 nam_apap315-7_37 Disaster planning: Draft-"Mental Health and Mass Violence" best practices report, 2002
nam_apap315-7_38 7 nam_apap315-7_38 Disaster planning: Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health- "Claiming Children", 2003
nam_apap315-7_39 8 nam_apap315-7_39 Disaster planning: Field manual for mental health and human service workers in major disasters, 2000
nam_apap315-7_40 9 nam_apap315-7_40 Disaster planning: Grief counseling resource guide, 2004
nam_apap315-7_41 10 nam_apap315-7_41 Disaster planning: Hurricane Katrina reception plan, Undated
nam_apap315-7_42 11 nam_apap315-7_42 Disaster planning: "Impact of September 11, 2001- Events on substance use and mental health in the New York area", 2003 January
nam_apap315-7_43 12 nam_apap315-7_43 Disaster planning: "Lessons from Disaster- A Conference and Conversation", SUNY New Paltz, 2003
nam_apap315-7_44 13-14 nam_apap315-7_44 Disaster planning:Mental Health All-Hazards Disaster Planning Guidance, 2003
nam_apap315-7_45 15 nam_apap315-7_45 Disaster planning:Mental Health Emergency Response Plan, Undated
nam_apap315-7_46 16 nam_apap315-7_46 Disaster planning:Mental Health Interventions following Major Disasters- A Guide, 2002
nam_apap315-7_47 17 nam_apap315-7_47 Disaster planning: NYS Office of Mental Health Incident Command System- Powerpoint slides, Undated
nam_apap315-7_48 18 nam_apap315-7_48 Disaster planning: NYSPA notebook, 2001 November-December
nam_apap315-7_49 19 nam_apap315-7_49 Disaster planning:Preparing for the Psychological Consequences of Terrorism, 2003
nam_apap315-7_50 20 nam_apap315-7_50 Disaster planning: Project Liberty training presentations (Powerpoint slides), 2002
nam_apap315-7_51 21 nam_apap315-7_51 Disaster planning:Psychological Issues for Children and Adolescents in Disasters, 2004 February
nam_apap315-7_52 22 nam_apap315-7_52 Disaster planning: State mental health authorities' response to terrorism, 2004 February
nam_apap315-7_53 23 nam_apap315-7_53 Disaster planning: Training manuals, 2000
nam_apap315-7_54 24 nam_apap315-7_54 Disaster planning:When a Person with Mental Illness is Arrested- How to Help, 2001
nam_apap315-7_55 25 nam_apap315-7_55 Disproportionate Share Hospitals (DSH) and Medicaid, 1997, 2002-2003
nam_apap315-7_56 26 nam_apap315-7_56 Division of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse: Bulletin, Vol. II #7, 1991 October
nam_apap315-7_57 27 nam_apap315-7_57 Division of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse: Correspondence, newsletters, and press releases, 1991-1992
nam_apap315-7_58 28 nam_apap315-7_58 Division of Alcohol Abuse: Director's office, 1991
nam_apap315-7_59 29 nam_apap315-7_59 Division of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse: Family support communities, 1990
nam_apap315-7_60 30 nam_apap315-7_60 Division of Substance Abuse services: Consolidation with Division of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse, 1990-1993
nam_apap315-7_61 31 nam_apap315-7_61 Division of Substance Abuse Services: Correspondence and accompanying materials, 1991-1992
nam_apap315-7_62 32 nam_apap315-7_62 Division of Substance Abuse Services: Director's office, 1991-1992
nam_apap315-7_63 33 nam_apap315-7_63 Division of Substance Abuse Services: "Executive budget recommendations", 1991-1992
Box Folder
3 nam_apap315-7_64 1 nam_apap315-7_64 Division of Substance Abuse Services: Merger with Division of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse, 1988-1989
nam_apap315-7_65 2 nam_apap315-7_65 Division of Substance Abuse Services: Merger with Division of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse Services- legislation, 1988
nam_apap315-7_66 3 nam_apap315-7_66 Division of Substance Abuse Services: Rate-setting proposal, 1989-1990, Undated
nam_apap315-7_67 4 nam_apap315-7_67 Dornan, Douglas- Retirement speech, 1994
nam_apap315-7_68 5 nam_apap315-7_68 "Double Jeopardy: Persons with mental illnesses in the criminal justice system", 1995
nam_apap315-7_69 6 nam_apap315-7_69 Dungan, Stephen- Conference chair materials, 1996-1997
nam_apap315-7_70 7 nam_apap315-7_70 "Families Together" newsletter, Fall issue, 2002
nam_apap315-7_71 8 nam_apap315-7_71 Fingerprinting- Chapter 575 of Laws of 2004, information meeting, 2004-2006
nam_apap315-7_72 9 nam_apap315-7_72 Forensic Mental Health Conference, Buffalo, 2001
nam_apap315-7_73 10 nam_apap315-7_73 Forensic Mental Health Conference, Kingston, 2000
nam_apap315-7_74 11 nam_apap315-7_74 Forensic Mental Health Conference, Lake Placid, 2001
nam_apap315-7_75 12 nam_apap315-7_75 Forensic Mental Health Regional Conference, Long Island, 2001
nam_apap315-7_76 13 nam_apap315-7_76 Forensic site visits, Undated
nam_apap315-7_77 14 nam_apap315-7_77 Forensics: Criminal justice and prison issues, 1994, 1999-2001, Undated
nam_apap315-7_78 15 nam_apap315-7_78 Forensics: General information, 2001
nam_apap315-7_79 16 nam_apap315-7_79 Forensics: Risk assessment training, 2000
nam_apap315-7_80 17 nam_apap315-7_80 Freed, Peter- Correspondence, 1989, 1991-1994
nam_apap315-7_81 18 nam_apap315-7_81 Freed, Peter- Correspondence, 1995-1998
nam_apap315-7_82 19 nam_apap315-7_82 Freed, Peter- Counsel on mental health initiatives, 1991, 1994-1997
nam_apap315-7_83 20 nam_apap315-7_83 Governor's program bill #206, 1993-1994
nam_apap315-7_84 21 nam_apap315-7_84 Gowanda consolidation plan testimony, 1991
nam_apap315-7_85 22 nam_apap315-7_85 Healthcare: 32-day limit on Medicaid, 1985, 1992
nam_apap315-7_86 23 nam_apap315-7_86 Healthcare: 32-day limit on Medicaid, 1992
nam_apap315-7_87 24 nam_apap315-7_87 Healthcare Recruitment and Retention Act, 2002
nam_apap315-7_88 25 nam_apap315-7_88 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, 2000
nam_apap315-7_89 26 nam_apap315-7_89 The Innovation group- background packet, 1987-1991
nam_apap315-7_90 27 nam_apap315-7_90 Jail diversion: Knowledge development and application program, Undated
nam_apap315-7_91 28 nam_apap315-7_91 Jail diversion survey, 2001
nam_apap315-7_92 29 nam_apap315-7_92 Jail/mental health symposium surveys, 2002
nam_apap315-7_93 30 nam_apap315-7_93 Landsberg, Gerry: Intensive case management, 1989, 1991-1992, 1998
nam_apap315-7_94 31 nam_apap315-7_94 Long-term care in New York State- task force report from governor's office, 1993
nam_apap315-7_95 32 nam_apap315-7_95 Mandate relief workgroup, 1994, 1950-2008
nam_apap315-7_96 33 nam_apap315-7_96 MDI Associates, 1994
nam_apap315-7_97 34 nam_apap315-7_97 Medicaid community support programs- notes, reports, letters, 1997-1998
Box Folder
4 nam_apap315-7_98 1 nam_apap315-7_98 Medicaid community support programs- notes, reports, letters, 2002
nam_apap315-7_99 2 nam_apap315-7_99 Medicaid community support programs- rate calculation sheets, 1997 August
nam_apap315-7_100 3 nam_apap315-7_100 Medicaid community support programs- rate calculation sheets, 1997 December
nam_apap315-7_101 4 nam_apap315-7_101 Medicaid community support programs- regulations/ conference comments, 1997-1998
nam_apap315-7_102 5 nam_apap315-7_102 Medicaid managed care committees, 1996, Undated
nam_apap315-7_103 6 nam_apap315-7_103 Medicaid- state takeover, 1989, 1991, 1993
nam_apap315-7_104 7 nam_apap315-7_104 Mental health care in prison- background materials, Undated
nam_apap315-7_105 8 nam_apap315-7_105 Mental health court legislation, 2000
nam_apap315-7_106 9 nam_apap315-7_106 National Association of County Behavioral Health Directors, 1999
nam_apap315-7_107 10 nam_apap315-7_107 National GAINS Center, 1996-1999, Undated
nam_apap315-7_108 11 nam_apap315-7_108 National GAINS Center and Rensselaer County Department of Mental Health, 2000, Undated
nam_apap315-7_109 12 nam_apap315-7_109 New York State Division of Housing and community housing renewal, 1990, 1992
nam_apap315-7_110 13-14 nam_apap315-7_110 New York State Division of Housing and community housing renewal, 1993
nam_apap315-7_111 15 nam_apap315-7_111 New York State Division of Housing and community housing renewal, 1994
nam_apap315-7_112 16 nam_apap315-7_112 New York State comprehensive housing affordability strategy, 1992, 1993
nam_apap315-7_113 17 nam_apap315-7_113 New York State Comptroller's office- Edward V. Regan, 1990-1991
nam_apap315-7_114 18 nam_apap315-7_114 New York State Comptroller's office- Edward V. Regan, 1992-1993
nam_apap315-7_115 19 nam_apap315-7_115 New York State Office of Advocate for the Disabled, 1991
nam_apap315-7_116 20 nam_apap315-7_116 New York State Sheriffs' Association Institute- Jail administrator's training conference, 2000
nam_apap315-7_117 21 nam_apap315-7_117 NYS Division of Probation and Correctional Alternatives annual report, 1998
nam_apap315-7_118 22 nam_apap315-7_118 NYS Office of Mental Health: Leaders of the Mental Health Response Training Program, 2003
nam_apap315-7_119 23 nam_apap315-7_119 OASAS booklet: "Collaboration- OASAS and the Criminal Justice System", 2001
nam_apap315-7_120 24 nam_apap315-7_120 OASAS booklet: "Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons in the Criminal Justice System", 2001
nam_apap315-7_121 25 nam_apap315-7_121 Office of Mental Health Assisted Outpatient Treatment implementation plan, 1999
nam_apap315-7_122 26 nam_apap315-7_122 Office of Mental Health Blueprint- 21st Century health care, 2000
nam_apap315-7_123 27 nam_apap315-7_123 Office of Mental Health: Flexible Funding Plan and Federal Single Audit Act, 1996, 1997
nam_apap315-7_124 28 nam_apap315-7_124 Office of Mental Health: High needs regulations, 2000
nam_apap315-7_125 29 nam_apap315-7_125 Office of Mental Health: Involuntary commitment, 1991, 1993
nam_apap315-7_126 30 nam_apap315-7_126 Olmstead Decision, 2001-2002
Box Folder
5 nam_apap315-7_127 1 nam_apap315-7_127 Pataki transition team, 1994
nam_apap315-7_128 2 nam_apap315-7_128 Photo directories from NYSCLMHD website, 2004-2005
nam_apap315-7_129 3 nam_apap315-7_129 Photographs, mainly unidentified- Includes NYSCLHMD 10th anniversary and photo negatives, Undated
nam_apap315-7_130 4 nam_apap315-7_130 "Planning and Implementing Effective Mental Health Services in Jail", Undated
nam_apap315-7_131 5 nam_apap315-7_131 Policy Research Associates: Organizational overview and recent projects, Undated
nam_apap315-7_132 6 nam_apap315-7_132 Press clippings, 1994-1995, 2004, Undated
nam_apap315-7_133 7 nam_apap315-7_133 Press contacts, 1990, 1992
nam_apap315-7_134 8 nam_apap315-7_134 "Prisons and Jails: Hospitals of Last Resort", 1999
nam_apap315-7_135 9 nam_apap315-7_135 "Progress report on New York State's Public Mental Health System"/Shared caseload workgroups, 2001
nam_apap315-7_136 10 nam_apap315-7_136 Regional forensics conferences, 2000-2001
nam_apap315-7_137 11 nam_apap315-7_137 Reinvestment- Census reduction, 1994-1995
nam_apap315-7_138 12 nam_apap315-7_138 Reinvestment extender, 1997-1998
nam_apap315-7_139 13 nam_apap315-7_139 Reinvestment guidelines and reports, 1994
nam_apap315-7_140 14 nam_apap315-7_140 Reinvestment reporting- Office of Mental Health, 1995
nam_apap315-7_141 15 nam_apap315-7_141 Report of the Adult Care Facilities Workgroup to Commissioner Antonia Novello, 2002
nam_apap315-7_142 16 nam_apap315-7_142 Risk management workshop, New York City, 2001
nam_apap315-7_143 17 nam_apap315-7_143 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: "Building Healthy Systems for People with Chronic Illness", 1996
nam_apap315-7_144 18 nam_apap315-7_144 Shared staff: Aggregate statewide costs, 2000-2002
nam_apap315-7_145 19 nam_apap315-7_145 Shared staff: Assisted Outpatient Treatment budget requests by county, A-N, 1999
nam_apap315-7_146 20 nam_apap315-7_146 Shared staff: Assisted Outpatient Treatment budget requests by county, O-Y, 1999
nam_apap315-7_147 21 nam_apap315-7_147 Shared staff: Background and legislation, 1999-2000
nam_apap315-7_148 22 nam_apap315-7_148 Shared staff: Data summary charts, 1999
nam_apap315-7_149 23 nam_apap315-7_149 Shared staff: Estimated numbers of clients affected by loss of staff, 1999
nam_apap315-7_150 24 nam_apap315-7_150 Shared staff: Impact by county, A-E, 1999
nam_apap315-7_151 25 nam_apap315-7_151 Shared staff: Impact by county, G-W, 1999
nam_apap315-7_152 26 nam_apap315-7_152 Shared staff: Impact data, 1999-2000, 2002
nam_apap315-7_153 27 nam_apap315-7_153 Shared staff: Information packet, 2002
nam_apap315-7_154 28 nam_apap315-7_154 Shared staff: Letters of support, 1999-2000
nam_apap315-7_155 29 nam_apap315-7_155 Shared staff: Letters, memos, and accompanying materials, 1999-2000
nam_apap315-7_156 30 nam_apap315-7_156 Shared staff: Letters to legislature, Office of Mental Health, DOB, and governor, 2000
nam_apap315-7_157 31 nam_apap315-7_157 Shared staff: Long-term recommendations, 1999-2000
nam_apap315-7_158 32 nam_apap315-7_158 Shared staff: Planning, 2000, 2003
nam_apap315-7_159 33 nam_apap315-7_159 Shared staff: Requests to NY State Legislature for restoration of shared staff funding, 1999-2000
nam_apap315-7_160 34 nam_apap315-7_160 Shared staff: Responses from legislature to Steve Dungan, 1999
nam_apap315-7_161 35 nam_apap315-7_161 Shared staff: Responses to potential personnel reductions, 1995, 1998-1999
nam_apap315-7_162 36 nam_apap315-7_162 Shared staff: Strategies to divert cuts, 1999-2000
Box Folder
6 nam_apap315-7_163 1 nam_apap315-7_163 Shared staff: Survey, 1999
nam_apap315-7_164 2 nam_apap315-7_164 Shared staff: Survey- transitional, 2000
nam_apap315-7_165 3 nam_apap315-7_165 Shared staff: Transition plan, 1999-2000
nam_apap315-7_166 4 nam_apap315-7_166 Shared staff: Workgroup conference calls, 1999-2000
nam_apap315-7_167 5 nam_apap315-7_167 State comptroller's report on mental health planning services, 1993
nam_apap315-7_168 6 nam_apap315-7_168 Statewide comprehensive plan for mental health services, 2002-2006, ca. 2001
nam_apap315-7_169 7 nam_apap315-7_169 Technical Assistance Project success story, Undated
nam_apap315-7_170 8 nam_apap315-7_170 Technical Assistance Project- Timetables, budget, agendas, 1998
nam_apap315-7_171 9 nam_apap315-7_171 Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Undated
nam_apap315-7_172 10 nam_apap315-7_172 "Transitions" training manual and handouts, 1999, Undated
nam_apap315-7_173 11 nam_apap315-7_173 "Transitions" training transparencies, Undated
1 nam_apap315-7_174 nam_apap315-7_174 T-shirt commemorating 30th anniversary of NYSCLMHD, 2006
Box Folder
6 nam_apap315-7_175 12 nam_apap315-7_175 Welfare-to-Work Conference, 2000
nam_apap315-8 Series 8: Newsletters, 1980-2008, Undated -   0.6 cu. ft.
Arranged chronologically.
The Conference began publishing its own newsletter in the early days of its existence, but most of the issues from the 1980s and 1990s are not included in this collection. Researchers will find a consistent run from 1979 through 1981, a few issues from 1993, 1994, and the late 1990s, then another consistent run from 2000 through 2008. There are also several issues of a newsletter published specially by the Conference chair.
Box Folder
1 nam_apap315-8_1 2 nam_apap315-8_1 January-December, 1980-1981
nam_apap315-8_2 3 nam_apap315-8_2 Mental Hygiene News, winter, 1993
nam_apap315-8_3 4 nam_apap315-8_3 Mental Hygiene News, winter, 1994
nam_apap315-8_4 5 nam_apap315-8_4 Conference Update, spring edition, 1996
nam_apap315-8_5 6 nam_apap315-8_5 Conference Update, special anniversary issue, 1997
nam_apap315-8_6 7 nam_apap315-8_6 January-February, 1999
nam_apap315-8_7 8 nam_apap315-8_7 Spring and October-December, 2001
nam_apap315-8_8 9 nam_apap315-8_8 January-December, 2002
nam_apap315-8_9 10 nam_apap315-8_9 Conference updates from chair, spring edition, 2002
nam_apap315-8_10 11 nam_apap315-8_10 January-December, 2003
nam_apap315-8_11 12 nam_apap315-8_11 January-December, 2004
nam_apap315-8_12 13 nam_apap315-8_12 January-December, 2005
Box Folder
2 nam_apap315-8_13 1 nam_apap315-8_13 January-December, 2006
nam_apap315-8_14 2 nam_apap315-8_14 January-December, 2007
nam_apap315-8_15 3 nam_apap315-8_15 January-December, 2008
nam_apap315-8_16 4 nam_apap315-8_16 Undated newsletters, Undated
nam_apap315-9 Series 9: Reports and Publications, 1982, 1989-2006, Undated -   2.6 cu. ft.
Arranged alphabetically
This series consists of various reports and booklets that were used by the NYSCLMHD in the course of business, but were not always produced by the Conference. They are from organizations such as the New York State legislature, the Office of Mental Health, the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, the state prison system, and the Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors themselves. Topics range from mental healthcare in the twenty-first century, to juvenile mental health, to criminal offenders with mental illness.
Box Folder
1 nam_apap315-9_1 1 nam_apap315-9_1 2000 Network Performance Measures, 2003 March
nam_apap315-9_2 2 nam_apap315-9_2 AIDS: The Epidemic That Won't Wait, 1989 June
nam_apap315-9_3 3 nam_apap315-9_3 Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Condolidation Report, 1992 January
nam_apap315-9_4 4 nam_apap315-9_4 Assessing the Nature and Prevalence of the Mentally Ill in Suffolk County's Criminal Justice System, 2000 March
nam_apap315-9_5 5 nam_apap315-9_5 At the Crossroads: Realigning future services, 2000
nam_apap315-9_6 6 nam_apap315-9_6 At the Crossroads: Expanding Community-Based Care for Children and Families, 1992
nam_apap315-9_7 7 nam_apap315-9_7 Beyond Awareness: A Campaign to Reduce the Stigma of Mental Illness, 2002 February
nam_apap315-9_8 8 nam_apap315-9_8 Blueprint for Change: Research and Child Adolescent Mental Health, 2001 May
nam_apap315-9_9 9 nam_apap315-9_9 Commission on the Community Mental Health System for the 21st Century Final Reports, 1999 April
nam_apap315-9_10 10 nam_apap315-9_10 Community Mental Health System for the 21st Century: Critical Planning, 2001
nam_apap315-9_11 11 nam_apap315-9_11 Confronting the Disaster: Restructuring personal support services for New York's high risk and troubled children, 1991 March
nam_apap315-9_12 12 nam_apap315-9_12 "The Courage to Change": Guide, integrating services for co-occurring disorders in justice system, 1999 December
nam_apap315-9_13 13 nam_apap315-9_13 Criminalizing the Seriously Mentally Ill: The Abuse of Jails as Mental Hospitals, 1993 April
nam_apap315-9_14 14 nam_apap315-9_14 Crossing the Line from Empowerment to Neglect: The Case of Project L.I.F.E., 1994 July
nam_apap315-9_15 15 nam_apap315-9_15 Draft: Behavioral Outcomes-"It's Not Just Academic", Faulkner and Gray, 2000
nam_apap315-9_16 16 nam_apap315-9_16 Dual Diagnosis: Mental Health/Mental Retardation, 2001
nam_apap315-9_17 17 nam_apap315-9_17 Final Report of the Temporary Implementation Council on Consolidation, 1994 June
nam_apap315-9_18 18 nam_apap315-9_18 Forensic Mental Health: Final Report, 1999
nam_apap315-9_19 19 nam_apap315-9_19 Future of Child Welfare Funding: Rebuilding the Partnership, 1998 October
nam_apap315-9_20 20 nam_apap315-9_20 Gains Institute newsletters, 1999-2001
nam_apap315-9_21 21 nam_apap315-9_21 Governor's draft legislation on authorized involuntary mental hygiene and social services- Conference response and financial report, 1990-1991
nam_apap315-9_22 22 nam_apap315-9_22 Guide to Understanding Supports and Services, 2006 April
nam_apap315-9_23 23 nam_apap315-9_23 Integrated Systems of Care for Children's Mental Health: Final report, 2000
nam_apap315-9_24 24 nam_apap315-9_24 Integrated Systems of Care for Children's Mental Health: Technical Assistance Resource Book, 2000
nam_apap315-9_25 25 nam_apap315-9_25 Integrating services for co-occurring disorders, draft, 2000 February
nam_apap315-9_26 26 nam_apap315-9_26 Integrating services for co-occurring disorders, 2000 March
nam_apap315-9_27 27 nam_apap315-9_27 Interim report to the legislature on state-operated alcoholism treatment centers, 1994 December
nam_apap315-9_28 28 nam_apap315-9_28 Jail Mental Health Services in New York State- planning workshop, Lake Placid, Undated
nam_apap315-9_29 29 nam_apap315-9_29 Jail Mental Health Services in New York State- planning workshop, Kingston, Undated
nam_apap315-9_30 30 nam_apap315-9_30 Jail Mental Health Services in New York State- planning workshop, Syracuse, Undated
nam_apap315-9_31 31 nam_apap315-9_31 Keeping track of New York City's children: A citizen's committee status report, 1993
nam_apap315-9_32 32 nam_apap315-9_32 KPMG public services presentation, 2001 June
nam_apap315-9_33 33 nam_apap315-9_33 Legislative status sheet, 1994 May
nam_apap315-9_34 34 nam_apap315-9_34 Local Stewardship and the Commission on the 21st Century- draft, Undated
nam_apap315-9_35 35 nam_apap315-9_35 Mandated Mental Health Insurance in New York State: A Research Report, 1990 April
nam_apap315-9_36 36 nam_apap315-9_36 Mediation Mental Health: Alliance Dispute Resolution, 1994 July
nam_apap315-9_37 37 nam_apap315-9_37 Mental Health Funding: Final Report, 1999 April
nam_apap315-9_38 38 nam_apap315-9_38 Mental Health Issues in the Workplace: How the Americans with Disabilities Act Protects You Against Employment Discrimination, 2000 June
nam_apap315-9_39 39 nam_apap315-9_39 Mental Health Resource Handbook for Human Service Personnel, 1993
Box Folder
2 nam_apap315-9_40 1 nam_apap315-9_40 Mental Hygiene Agencies Need to Develop a Better Working Relationship with Local Governments: Comptroller's report, 1993 March
nam_apap315-9_41 2 nam_apap315-9_41 Mental Hygiene System: "A Dialogue for Change", 1982
nam_apap315-9_42 3 nam_apap315-9_42 MICA Program Directory: Treating and Supporting Persons with Coexisting Alcohol/Drug and Mental Health Disorders, 1992-1993
nam_apap315-9_43 4 nam_apap315-9_43 Mobilization for Our Children: Medicaid and Children's Mental Health, 1994 December
nam_apap315-9_44 5 nam_apap315-9_44 Mobilization for Our Children: Restructuring Services for New York's High-Risk and Troubled Children, 1995 January
nam_apap315-9_45 6 nam_apap315-9_45 New York State Association of Counties Adopted Resolutions, 1992 March
nam_apap315-9_46 7 nam_apap315-9_46 New York State Commission on Quality Care for the Mentally Disabled, 1992-1993
nam_apap315-9_47 8 nam_apap315-9_47 New York State Commission on Quality Care for the Mentally Disabled, 1993-1994
nam_apap315-9_48 9 nam_apap315-9_48 New York State Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy (CHAS), 1994-1998
nam_apap315-9_49 10 nam_apap315-9_49 New York State Correctional Alternatives, 2004-2005
nam_apap315-9_50 11 nam_apap315-9_50 New York State Counties: Their Beginnings, 1982 June
nam_apap315-9_51 12 nam_apap315-9_51 New York State Department of Mental Hygiene: Consolidated Fiscal Reporting Manual, 1990 June-1990 December
nam_apap315-9_52 13 nam_apap315-9_52 New York State Directory, Adolescent Alcohol and Substance Abuse Providers, 2002 March
nam_apap315-9_53 14 nam_apap315-9_53 New York State Managed Care Plan, 1991 October
nam_apap315-9_54 15 nam_apap315-9_54 New York State Office of Mental Health: Rights of Outpatients, Undated
nam_apap315-9_55 16 nam_apap315-9_55 New York State Performance Report for the Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy, 1993
nam_apap315-9_56 17 nam_apap315-9_56 New York State Practice Improvement Collaborative: New York's Science-to-Service Program, Undated
nam_apap315-9_57 18 nam_apap315-9_57 New York State Touchstones/Kids Count Data Book, 2003
nam_apap315-9_58 19 nam_apap315-9_58 New York State Touchstones/Kids Count Data Book, 2005
nam_apap315-9_59 20 nam_apap315-9_59 NYS Division of Probation and Correctional Alternatives……. Defendants and Offenders with Mental Illness, 2002 April
nam_apap315-9_60 21 nam_apap315-9_60 NYS Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services-- Shared Vision: The Future of State and County Collaborations, 2002 March
nam_apap315-9_61 22 nam_apap315-9_61 OASAS: Certification Process, Conference of Local Mental Hygiene Directors, 2002 May
nam_apap315-9_62 23 nam_apap315-9_62 OASAS: Five-Year Comprehensive Plan for Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, 1994-1999
nam_apap315-9_63 24 nam_apap315-9_63 OASAS: Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons in the Criminal Justice System, 2001 March
nam_apap315-9_64 25 nam_apap315-9_64 Office of Mental Health: Outcome Measures for Outpatient Clinic Programs, 1993 June
nam_apap315-9_65 26 nam_apap315-9_65 OMRD Services for Eligible Individuals Involved in the Criminal Justice System, Undated
nam_apap315-9_66 27 nam_apap315-9_66 Outpatient Mental Health Services, 1989 July
nam_apap315-9_67 28 nam_apap315-9_67 Plan for the Consolidation of Harlem Valley and Hudson River Psychiatric Center, 1993 January
nam_apap315-9_68 29 nam_apap315-9_68 Planning for the Future of Community Support Programs in New York State, 1994 June
nam_apap315-9_69 30 nam_apap315-9_69 Qualitative Study of the Perceptions of the Meaning of Self-Help….., Undated
Box Folder
3 nam_apap315-9_70 1 nam_apap315-9_70 Reforming the Delivery of Children's Services, 1998
nam_apap315-9_71 2 nam_apap315-9_71 Regional Facility Capital Summaries, 1992 December
nam_apap315-9_72 3 nam_apap315-9_72 Resource Directory: Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children and Their Families, 2002
nam_apap315-9_73 4 nam_apap315-9_73 Restraint-Seclusion Practices in New York State Psychiatric Facilities, 1994 September
nam_apap315-9_74 5 nam_apap315-9_74 Salary Survey of Executive, Legislative, and Administrative Positions in New York State Counties, 1993
nam_apap315-9_75 6 nam_apap315-9_75 Services for a Shared Population: Defendants and Offenders with Mental Illness, Undated
nam_apap315-9_76 7 nam_apap315-9_76 Serving the MR/DD Population: County Perspectives of Service Needs and Best Practices, 2002 December
nam_apap315-9_77 8 nam_apap315-9_77 Speak: Suicide Prevention Education Awareness Kit, 2004 May
nam_apap315-9_78 9 nam_apap315-9_78 State Office of New York, Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, Report on major legislation, 1994
nam_apap315-9_79 10 nam_apap315-9_79 State of New York Commission on Quality Care for the Mentally Disabled: Safeguarding Public Funds, 1995 January
nam_apap315-9_80 11 nam_apap315-9_80 Statewide Chartbook of Mental Health Information, 1992
nam_apap315-9_81 12 nam_apap315-9_81 Statewide Comprehension Plan for Mental Health Services, 1993-1997
Box Folder
4 nam_apap315-9_82 1 nam_apap315-9_82 Survey of Access to New York State Courts for Individuals with Disabilities, 1994 February
nam_apap315-9_83 2 nam_apap315-9_83 Survey of Behavioral Healthcare Providers, 2002 October
nam_apap315-9_84 3 nam_apap315-9_84 Table of contents to legislative bill packet on mental health concerns, 1994 August
nam_apap315-9_85 4 nam_apap315-9_85 TA Brief: Technical Assistance Center, Vol. 2, #1, 1996
nam_apap315-9_86 5 nam_apap315-9_86 Treating Co-Occurring Mental Health and Addictive Disorders in New York State: A Comprehensive View, 2001 May
nam_apap315-9_87 6 nam_apap315-9_87 Untangle the Web: Delivering Municipal Services Through the Internet, 2001
nam_apap315-9_88 7 nam_apap315-9_88 Voices from the Front Line: Patients' Perspectives of Restraint and Seclusion Use, 1994
nam_apap315-9_89 8 nam_apap315-9_89 We Can Work Campaign: Employment Tool for People with Psychiatric Disabilities in New York State, Undated
nam_apap315-9_90 9 nam_apap315-9_90 Willowbrook, From Institution to the Community, 1982 August

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