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Series 1: Administrative, 1910-2010, Undated

Series 2: Financials, 1911-2007, Undated

Series 3: Departments and Committees, 1911-2009, Undated

Series 4: Membership, 1917-2009, Undated

Series 5: Events and Programs, 1912-ca. 2010, Undated

Series 6: Publications, 1911-2007, Undated

Series 7: Subject Files, 1908-2009, Undated

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WOMAN'S CLUB OF ALBANY RECORDS (MSS139) , 1908, 1910-2010

For reference queries contact the Grenander Department Reference staff or call (518)-437-3935.

Descriptive Summary

Creator: The Woman's Club of Albany
Title: Woman's Club of Albany Records
Date: 1908, 1910-2010
Physical Characteristics: 15.02  cubic ft.  processed to date
Abstract: The Woman's Club of Albany Records document the day-to-day operations of the first 100 years of this community organization founded in 1910.
Storage: The materials are located onsite in the department.
Language: English
Repository: M. E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, University at Albany, SUNY

Organizational Sketch

Mrs. Elmer Blair, an active member of the New York State Federation of Women's Clubs, and twenty two friends who saw an opportunity to make a difference in their community established the Woman's Club of Albany in 1910 based on the motto “Let us be such as help the life of the future.” The Woman’s Club of Albany dedicated itself to helping women and children as well as improving conditions in its surrounding area.

Membership within the Woman’s Club of Albany (WCA) grew quickly, reaching three hundred members by the end of its second year. In 1913 the WCA was incorporated and in 1919, it purchased its Clubhouse, located at 725 Madison Avenue. The members were divided into multiple departments, sections, and committees, focusing on various goals and issues. Within the first ten years of its existence, the WCA discussed timely issues such as “Medical inspection of the Public Schools,” began programs to help children stay off the streets, and even campaigned to have a woman member added to the City’s Board of Education. By the 1930s and the beginning of the 1940s the WCA flourished; sufficient funds, an array of events and programs, and a membership of six hundred women, including honorary members. Honorary members were often the current New York State Governor’s wife, such as future President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s wife, Eleanor Roosevelt. During this time period, the WCA also raised awareness of international conflict and often contributed to war efforts.

During the second half of the twentieth century, the WCA attempted to reinvent itself as membership dropped, the number of departments decreased, and the Club’s financial situation began a decline. In the 1970s the WCA tried to overhaul its image by shifting from activities with a civic emphasis to more social ones. By the 1980s the WCA once again tried to revitalize the organization by establishing itself as a center of cooperation among women in New York's Capital District for civic, literary, and philanthropic works.

Despite these attempts, the WCA continued to decline into the beginning years of the twenty first century. By the end of 2003 only three elderly members remained, the Clubhouse needed repairs, and the future of the WCA was in jeopardy. In 2004 five new women discovered the WCA while attending an event hosted in the rented Clubhouse. They joined the organization and were determined to revive it as a center of activity once again benefiting the surrounding community. Since 2004, the Woman’s Club of Albany has witnessed great improvement; membership is consistently increasing among women of all ages, the organization has undertaken restoration projects in the Clubhouse, and the WCA is once again involving itself in various philanthropic activities within the City of Albany and the surrounding Capital District.

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Scope and Content Information

The Woman’s Club of Albany Records include one hundred years' worth of information about all aspects of the Club. The collection is divided into eight series according to the organizational structure and activities of the WCA, flowing from the Board of Directors down to the members. It contains meeting minutes and annual reports for not only the Board of Directors, but for many of the different departments and committees. This will give researchers insight into what members discussed, the goals and focuses of groups within the WCA, and how all of these evolved throughout the years. The WCA’s financial history is organized chronologically from the WCA’s beginning in 1910 to its revitalization in recent years. This series contains a range of materials, from financial statements to general receipts to loan and mortgage paperwork. Most folders are ordered according to department or committee. As the financial papers were often kept in separate envelopes denoting a particular year and group within the WCA, the archivist retained this original order.

This collection also documents the membership of the WCA. Researchers should note that the Membership series is broken down into five separate subseries. There are both paper records and three sets of index cards; one set is comprised of early membership cards, another is a set of cards documenting individual resignations and dropped members ranging from the 1920s to the 1970s, and the last set is of cards recording the deaths of members. The use of multiple subseries reflects the original order of the content and preserves WCA's record keeping, which often changed over time.

Events and programs hosted by the WCA comprise their own series. The WCA hosted a range of events, such as rummage sales, plays, and an annual WCA anniversary dinner. Another series documents items published by the WCA. This includes event calendars sent to the members and copies of The Messenger, the WCA’s monthly events publication. A subject file series contains information on a variety of topics, from materials about the New York Federation of Women's Clubs to WCA histories to an engineering/structural report on the Clubhouse.

Please note that the scrapbook series provides a significant amount of information about not only the WCA itself, but also the ever-changing world around it. This series is currently unavailable to researchers and being evaluated for possible preservation treatment because of the delicate and fragile conditions of many of the scrapbooks.

It should be noted that the amount of content often coincides with the ebb and flow of the WCA's history. There is a generous amount of information available from the early decades when the WCA was prosperous, as well from the revitalization of the WCA in 2004 and beyond. There is much material missing from the late 1960s through the 1990s, which is when the WCA was not robust in terms of members or finances. This historical evolution is seen in The Messenger. The Messenger began as a glossy magazine in the 1940s, but the WCA continually shortened the publication, transitioning first to a newsletter on legal sized paper and then to a newsletter on letter sized paper by the early 1970s.

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Arrangement of the Collection

The collection is organized into the following series:

Series 1 - Administrative, 1910-2010, Undated
Series 2 - Financials, 1911-2009, Undated
Series 3 - Departments and Committees, 1911-2009, Undated
Series 4 - Membership, 1917-2009, Undated
Series 5 - Scrapbooks, currently unprocessed
Series 6 - Events and Programs, 1912-ca. 2010, Undated
Series 7 - Publications, 1911-2007, Undated
Series 8 - Subject Files, 1908-2009, Undated

All series are arranged chronologically with the exception of Series 4, subseries 2, which is arranged alphabetically.

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Access to this record group is unrestricted with the exception of one folder, which is marked.

Red asterisks (***) denote restricted items.


The researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming with the laws of copyright. Whenever possible, the M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives will provide information about copyright owners and other restrictions, but the legal determination ultimately rests with the researcher. Requests for permission to publish material from this collection should be discussed with the Head of Special Collections and Archives.

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Subject Headings

Corporate Bodies

New York State Federation of Women’s Clubs
The Woman's Club of Albany


Amateur plays
Fundraising--New York (State)--Albany
Women in charitable work--New York (State)--Albany
Women in nonprofit organizations--New York (State)--Albany
Women--New York (State)--Albany--Societies and clubs


New York (State)--Social Conditions

Genres and Forms

Administrative records
Financial records
Membership cards
Programs (documents)

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Identification of specific item, series, box, folder, The Woman's Club of Albany Records, 1910-2010. M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University at Albany, State University of New York (hereafter referred to as The Woman's Club of Albany Records).

Acquisition Information

The Woman's Club of Albany donated all of the materials in this collection to the M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives in April 2012.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: Jamie Brinkman
Date: Copyright 2012 by the University at Albany, SUNY. All rights reserved.
Revision history:

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Container List

nam_mss139-1 Series 1: Administrative, 1910-2010, Undated - 1.61  cubic ft.
Arranged chronologically.
The Administrative series consists of Board and business meeting minutes, constitutions, proposed changes to the constitution, annual and executive meeting files, and rules and regulations.
Please note that the Board and business meeting minutes are kept together to preserve original order. This series also contains multiple versions of the Women’s Club of Albany Constitution: ca. 1910, 1946, and 1981. It also includes proposed changes to the Constitution from 1912, 2006 and an unknown year.
1 nam_mss139-1_1 nam_mss139-1_1 Minutes of the Board of Directors, 1910-1920
7 nam_mss139-1_2 nam_mss139-1_2 Cash Book, 1910-1920
Box Folder
1 nam_mss139-1_3 1 nam_mss139-1_3 Constitution, ca. 1910
nam_mss139-1_4 2 nam_mss139-1_4 Proposed Changes to Constitution to Members from Board, 1912
nam_mss139-1_5 3 nam_mss139-1_5 Incorporation Papers and Correspondence, 1912-1913, 1915, 1917
nam_mss139-1_6 4 nam_mss139-1_6 Address of the President, 1914
nam_mss139-1_7 5 nam_mss139-1_7 Resolution to Adapt National Constitution Prohibition, 1916
nam_mss139-1_8 6 nam_mss139-1_8 Annual Meeting, 1916
nam_mss139-1_9 7 nam_mss139-1_9 Board and Business Meeting Reports, 1920-1922
nam_mss139-1_10 8 nam_mss139-1_10 Board and Business Meeting Minutes, 1924-1926
nam_mss139-1_11 9 nam_mss139-1_11 Letters from the Board to Department Leaders and Members, 1924-1938, 1945, Undated
nam_mss139-1_12 10 nam_mss139-1_12 Board and Business Meeting Minutes, 1926-1928
nam_mss139-1_13 11 nam_mss139-1_13 Board and Business Meeting Minutes, 1930-1932
nam_mss139-1_14 12 nam_mss139-1_14 Board and Business Meeting Minutes, 1932-1934
nam_mss139-1_15 13-14 nam_mss139-1_15 Board and Business Meeting Minutes, 1934-1938
nam_mss139-1_16 15-16 nam_mss139-1_16 Board and Business Meeting Minutes, 1938-1943
nam_mss139-1_17 17-18 nam_mss139-1_17 Board and Business Meeting Minutes, 1944-1946
nam_mss139-1_18 19 nam_mss139-1_18 Club Constitution, 1946
nam_mss139-1_19 20-22 nam_mss139-1_19 Board and Business Meeting Minutes, 1946-1952
nam_mss139-1_20 23-26 nam_mss139-1_20 Board and Business Meeting Minutes, 1952-1958
nam_mss139-1_21 27 nam_mss139-1_21 Executive Report, 1956-1957
nam_mss139-1_22 28 nam_mss139-1_22 Annual Meeting, 1958
nam_mss139-1_23 29 nam_mss139-1_23 Executive Reports and Annual Meetings, 1958-1959
nam_mss139-1_24 30 nam_mss139-1_24 Executive Reports and Annual Meetings, 1959-1960
nam_mss139-1_25 31 nam_mss139-1_25 Board and Business Meeting Minutes, 1959-1961
nam_mss139-1_26 32 nam_mss139-1_26 Executive Reports and Annual Meetings, 1960-1961
nam_mss139-1_27 33 nam_mss139-1_27 Executive Reports and Annual Meetings, 1961-1962
nam_mss139-1_28 34-35 nam_mss139-1_28 Board and Business Meeting Minutes, 1964
nam_mss139-1_29 36 nam_mss139-1_29 Board and Business Meeting Minutes w/ Treasurer Reports, 1964-1968
nam_mss139-1_30 37 nam_mss139-1_30 Board and Business Meetings, 1973-1975
Box Folder
2 nam_mss139-1_31 1-4 nam_mss139-1_31 Board and Business Meeting Minutes, 1976-1982
nam_mss139-1_32 5 nam_mss139-1_32 Board Meeting Minutes, 1979
nam_mss139-1_33 6 nam_mss139-1_33 Constitution, 1981
nam_mss139-1_34 7 nam_mss139-1_34 Letters about Proposed Changes to Constitution sent to Members from Board, 1982
nam_mss139-1_35 8-10 nam_mss139-1_35 Board and Business Meeting Minutes, 1982-1986
nam_mss139-1_36 11 nam_mss139-1_36 Message to the Club from the Board, 1990
nam_mss139-1_37 12 nam_mss139-1_37 Board Meeting Minutes, 2005, 2006
nam_mss139-1_38 13 nam_mss139-1_38 Meeting Agenda, 2006
nam_mss139-1_39 14 nam_mss139-1_39 Proposed Changes to the Constitution, 2006
nam_mss139-1_40 15 nam_mss139-1_40 Organization Bylaws of the Club, 2008
nam_mss139-1_41 16 nam_mss139-1_41 Board Roster, 2008-2009
nam_mss139-1_42 17 nam_mss139-1_42 Board and Business Meeting Minutes, 2009
nam_mss139-1_43 18 nam_mss139-1_43 Certificate of Incorporation and Related Papers, 2009
nam_mss139-1_44 19 nam_mss139-1_44 Board Roster, 2009-2010
nam_mss139-1_45 20 nam_mss139-1_45 Proposed Changes to Constitution, Bylaws, Undated
nam_mss139-1_46 21 nam_mss139-1_46 Proposed Changes to Constitution, Undated
nam_mss139-1_47 22 nam_mss139-1_47 Rules and Regulations, Undated
nam_mss139-1_48 23 nam_mss139-1_48 Resolutions Passed by Administration Based on Deceased Members, Undated
nam_mss139-1_49 24 nam_mss139-1_49 President's Message, Undated
nam_mss139-2 Series 2: Financials, 1911-2007, Undated - 4.60  cubic ft.
Arranged chronologically.
Series two contains nearly one hundred years' worth of financial information pertaining to the WCA. A majority of the series consists of various departments’ and committees’ expenses, receipts, and annual reports. These were originally kept in envelopes according to department or committee and year. There are also Office and Treasurer Reports spanning from 1912 to 2009, providing information about the WCA’s treasury and daily spending. Financial statements provide an inside look into the WCA’s evolutionary financial health.
The series also contains insurance policies and payments from 1919 to 2005. The WCA retained all mortgage and loan agreements, and payment information, allowing researchers to see when the WCA purchased its house and exactly how long it took to pay off the house and loan. The WCA donated multiple ledgers and accounting books, which are stored separately in oversized, flat boxes.
5 nam_mss139-2_1 nam_mss139-2_1 Bank Passbooks, 1910-1993
Box Folder
1 nam_mss139-2_2 1 nam_mss139-2_2 General Receipts, 1911-1913
nam_mss139-2_3 2 nam_mss139-2_3 NYS Federation of Women's Club Convention and Membership Dues, 1911-1974
nam_mss139-2_4 3 nam_mss139-2_4 Printing Committee Expenses, 1912
nam_mss139-2_5 4 nam_mss139-2_5 Public Education Expenses, 1912
nam_mss139-2_6 5 nam_mss139-2_6 Home Economics Department Expenses, 1912-1914
nam_mss139-2_7 6 nam_mss139-2_7 Financial Correspondence of the Dramatic Department and Language Department, 1912-1914
nam_mss139-2_8 7 nam_mss139-2_8 Hotel Hampton Bills and Various Receipts, 1912-1914
nam_mss139-2_9 8-11 nam_mss139-2_9 Financial Correspondence, 1912-1996
nam_mss139-2_10 12-17 nam_mss139-2_10 Office and Treasurer Reports, 1912-2009, Undated
nam_mss139-2_11 18 nam_mss139-2_11 Notice of Membership Dues, 1913, 1924, 1934, Undated
nam_mss139-2_12 19 nam_mss139-2_12 Handwritten Financial Statements, 1913-1914
nam_mss139-2_13 20 nam_mss139-2_13 Civic Department Expenses, 1914
nam_mss139-2_14 21 nam_mss139-2_14 Language Department Expenses, 1914-1915
nam_mss139-2_15 22 nam_mss139-2_15 Office and Unclassified Expenses, 1914-1915
nam_mss139-2_16 23 nam_mss139-2_16 Parliamentary Law Expenses and Rentals, 1914-1915
nam_mss139-2_17 24 nam_mss139-2_17 French Department Expenses, 1914-1915
nam_mss139-2_18 25 nam_mss139-2_18 Municipal Welfare Department, and Social and Industrial Department Expenses, 1914-1915
nam_mss139-2_19 26 nam_mss139-2_19 Social Committee Expenses, 1914-1915
nam_mss139-2_20 27 nam_mss139-2_20 General Receipts, 1914-1917
nam_mss139-2_21 28 nam_mss139-2_21 Fine Arts Department Expenses, 1915
nam_mss139-2_22 29 nam_mss139-2_22 Insurance Policies and Payments, 1915-1929
nam_mss139-2_23 30 nam_mss139-2_23 Literature Department Expenses, 1916
nam_mss139-2_24 31 nam_mss139-2_24 Supervised Dances, Gifts, Contributions, and Relief Committee Expenses, 1916
nam_mss139-2_25 32 nam_mss139-2_25 Municipal Welfare Department Expenses, 1916-1917
nam_mss139-2_26 33 nam_mss139-2_26 Printing, Stationary, and Yearbook Receipts, 1916-1917
nam_mss139-2_27 34 nam_mss139-2_27 Parliamentary Law Department Expenses, 1916-1917
nam_mss139-2_28 35 nam_mss139-2_28 Fine Arts Department Expenses, 1916-1917
nam_mss139-2_29 36 nam_mss139-2_29 Gift Contributions and Supervised Dances Expenses, 1916-1917
nam_mss139-2_30 37 nam_mss139-2_30 Language Department Expenses, 1916-1917
nam_mss139-2_31 38 nam_mss139-2_31 Housing Committee and Literature Department Receipts, 1916-1917
nam_mss139-2_32 39 nam_mss139-2_32 Domestic Arts and Sciences Department Expenses, 1916-1917
nam_mss139-2_33 40 nam_mss139-2_33 Social Committee Receipts, 1916-1917
nam_mss139-2_34 41 nam_mss139-2_34 Municipal Welfare Department Expenses, 1916-1917
nam_mss139-2_35 42 nam_mss139-2_35 Bank Statements, 1917-1920, ca. 1910s
nam_mss139-2_36 43 nam_mss139-2_36 Social Committee Expenses, 1917
nam_mss139-2_37 44 nam_mss139-2_37 Fine Arts Department Expenses, 1917
Oversized Folder
5 nam_mss139-2_38 1 nam_mss139-2_38 Bank Statements, 1917, Undated
nam_mss139-2_39 2 nam_mss139-2_39 Handwritten Financial Statements, 1917-1926, Undated
Box Folder
1 nam_mss139-2_40 45 nam_mss139-2_40 Culinary Science Section and House Arts and Crafts Section Expenses, 1917-1918
nam_mss139-2_41 46 nam_mss139-2_41 General Receipts, 1917-1918
nam_mss139-2_42 47 nam_mss139-2_42 Audit Information, 1917, 1923-1927, 1930, 1977
nam_mss139-2_43 48 nam_mss139-2_43 Supervised Dance Expenses and Various Receipts, 1918-1919
nam_mss139-2_44 49 nam_mss139-2_44 Office Expenses, 1918-1919
nam_mss139-2_45 50 nam_mss139-2_45 Parliamentary Law Expenses and Misc. Receipts, 1918-1919
nam_mss139-2_46 51 nam_mss139-2_46 Legal Matters of Deceased Members' Estates - [RESTRICTED], 1918, 1953, 1977-1979 ***
nam_mss139-2_47 52 nam_mss139-2_47 Municipal Welfare Department Expenses, 1919
nam_mss139-2_48 53 nam_mss139-2_48 Art Department Expenses, 1919
Box Folder
2 nam_mss139-2_49 1 nam_mss139-2_49 Housing Committee and Literature Department Expenses, 1919
nam_mss139-2_50 2 nam_mss139-2_50 Arts and Crafts Section Expenses, 1919
nam_mss139-2_51 3 nam_mss139-2_51 Loan Papers, 1919-1922, 1930
nam_mss139-2_52 4 nam_mss139-2_52 Literature Department Expenses, 1919-1920
nam_mss139-2_53 5 nam_mss139-2_53 General Receipts, 1919-1924
nam_mss139-2_54 6 nam_mss139-2_54 Mortgage Paperwork and Payments, 1919-1921, 1925-1938
nam_mss139-2_55 7-8 nam_mss139-2_55 City of Albany Taxes, 1919-1999
nam_mss139-2_56 9 nam_mss139-2_56 Parliamentary Law Department Expenses, 1920
nam_mss139-2_57 10 nam_mss139-2_57 Office Expenses and Language Department Expenses, 1920-1921
nam_mss139-2_58 11 nam_mss139-2_58 Fine Art Department Expenses, 1920-1921
nam_mss139-2_59 12 nam_mss139-2_59 Social Committee Expenses, 1920-1921
nam_mss139-2_60 13 nam_mss139-2_60 Bank Statements, 1921-1922
nam_mss139-2_61 14 nam_mss139-2_61 Music Section Expenses, 1921-1922
nam_mss139-2_62 15 nam_mss139-2_62 Parliamentary Law Department Expenses, 1921-1922
nam_mss139-2_63 16 nam_mss139-2_63 Receipts and Annual Reports of Various Committees, 1921-1927
nam_mss139-2_64 17 nam_mss139-2_64 Fine Art Department Expenses, 1922
nam_mss139-2_65 18 nam_mss139-2_65 Courtesy Committee and Emergency Committee Expenses, 1922
nam_mss139-2_66 19 nam_mss139-2_66 Parliamentary Law Department Expenses, 1922-1923
nam_mss139-2_67 20 nam_mss139-2_67 Entertainment Committee Expenses, 1923
nam_mss139-2_68 21 nam_mss139-2_68 Parliamentary Law Department Expenses, 1923-1924
nam_mss139-2_69 22 nam_mss139-2_69 Municipal Welfare Department Expenses, 1923-1924
nam_mss139-2_70 23 nam_mss139-2_70 Unbound Accounting Ledger Pages, 1923-1924
nam_mss139-2_71 24 nam_mss139-2_71 Bank Statements, 1923-1925
nam_mss139-2_72 25 nam_mss139-2_72 Fine Arts Department Expenses, 1924
nam_mss139-2_73 26 nam_mss139-2_73 Parliamentary Law Department Expenses, 1924-1925
nam_mss139-2_74 27 nam_mss139-2_74 Municipal Welfare Department Expenses, 1924-1925
nam_mss139-2_75 28 nam_mss139-2_75 Literature Department Expenses, 1924-1925
nam_mss139-2_76 29 nam_mss139-2_76 Albany Chamber of Commerce Dues, 1924-1931
nam_mss139-2_77 30 nam_mss139-2_77 Hospitality Committee and Misc. Expenses, 1925
nam_mss139-2_78 31 nam_mss139-2_78 General Receipts, 1925-1929
7 nam_mss139-2_79 nam_mss139-2_79 Cash Book, 1925-1938
6 nam_mss139-2_80 nam_mss139-2_80 Ledger, 1926
Box Folder
2 nam_mss139-2_81 32 nam_mss139-2_81 Social Committee Expenses, 1926
nam_mss139-2_82 33 nam_mss139-2_82 Parliamentary Law Department Expenses, 1926-1927
nam_mss139-2_83 34 nam_mss139-2_83 Social Department Expenses, 1926-1927
nam_mss139-2_84 35 nam_mss139-2_84 Public Health and Public Education Committees Expenses, 1926-1927
nam_mss139-2_85 36 nam_mss139-2_85 Art Department Expenses, 1927
nam_mss139-2_86 37 nam_mss139-2_86 Social Committee Expenses, 1927-1928
nam_mss139-2_87 38 nam_mss139-2_87 Municipal Welfare Department, Public Health and Public Education Committees Expenses, 1927-1928
nam_mss139-2_88 39 nam_mss139-2_88 Deforestation Section Expenses, 1927-1928
nam_mss139-2_89 40 nam_mss139-2_89 Garden Department Expenses, 1927-1928
4 nam_mss139-2_90 nam_mss139-2_90 Rentals, 1927-1938
Box Folder
2 nam_mss139-2_91 41 nam_mss139-2_91 Various Committees Expenses, 1928-1929
nam_mss139-2_92 42 nam_mss139-2_92 Various Department Expenses, 1928-1929
nam_mss139-2_93 43 nam_mss139-2_93 Conservation Department Expenses, 1930
nam_mss139-2_94 44 nam_mss139-2_94 Business Meetings and Club Day Expenses and Various Receipts, 1930
nam_mss139-2_95 45 nam_mss139-2_95 Garden Department Expenses, 1930-1931
nam_mss139-2_96 46 nam_mss139-2_96 Bank Statements, 1930-1932, 1934
nam_mss139-2_97 47 nam_mss139-2_97 General Receipts, 1930-1939
nam_mss139-2_98 48 nam_mss139-2_98 Insurance Policies and Payments, 1930-1939
nam_mss139-2_99 49 nam_mss139-2_99 Hospitality Committee Expenses, 1931
nam_mss139-2_100 50 nam_mss139-2_100 Business Meetings and Club Day Expenses, 1931-1932
nam_mss139-2_101 51 nam_mss139-2_101 Conservation Department Expenses, 1931-1932
nam_mss139-2_102 52 nam_mss139-2_102 Garden Department Expenses, 1931-1932
nam_mss139-2_103 53 nam_mss139-2_103 Dramatic Department and Music Department Expenses, 1931-1932
nam_mss139-2_104 54 nam_mss139-2_104 Social Committee Expenses, 1932-1933
nam_mss139-2_105 55 nam_mss139-2_105 Garden Department Expenses, 1932-1933
nam_mss139-2_106 56 nam_mss139-2_106 Art Department Expenses, 1933
nam_mss139-2_107 57 nam_mss139-2_107 Garden Department Expenses, 1933-1934
nam_mss139-2_108 58 nam_mss139-2_108 Social Committee Expenses and Receipts, 1933-1934
nam_mss139-2_109 59 nam_mss139-2_109 Conservation Department Expenses, 1933-1934
nam_mss139-2_110 60 nam_mss139-2_110 Dramatic Department Expenses, 1933-1934
nam_mss139-2_111 61 nam_mss139-2_111 Music Department Expenses, 1933-1934
nam_mss139-2_112 62 nam_mss139-2_112 Municipal Welfare Department Expenses, 1933-1936
nam_mss139-2_113 63 nam_mss139-2_113 Hospitality Committee Expenses, 1934
nam_mss139-2_114 64 nam_mss139-2_114 Bank Statements, 1935-1939
4 nam_mss139-2_115 nam_mss139-2_115 Altruistic Committee Ledger, 1936-1946
6 nam_mss139-2_116 nam_mss139-2_116 Ledger, 1936-1942
6 nam_mss139-2_117 nam_mss139-2_117 Ledger, 1938-1947
Box Folder
2 nam_mss139-2_118 65 nam_mss139-2_118 Language and Literature Department Expenses, 1939-1940
nam_mss139-2_119 66 nam_mss139-2_119 Garden Department Expenses, 1939-1940
nam_mss139-2_120 67 nam_mss139-2_120 Social Committee Expenses for Business Meetings, 1940
nam_mss139-2_121 68 nam_mss139-2_121 General Receipts, 1940-1942, 1949
nam_mss139-2_122 69 nam_mss139-2_122 Bank Statements, 1940-1943
nam_mss139-2_123 70-71 nam_mss139-2_123 Insurance Policies and Payments, 1940-1946
6 nam_mss139-2_124 nam_mss139-2_124 Ledger, 1943-1950
7 nam_mss139-2_125 nam_mss139-2_125 Ledger, 1946
Box Folder
2 nam_mss139-2_126 72 nam_mss139-2_126 Bank Statements, 1946-1949
nam_mss139-2_127 73 nam_mss139-2_127 Rentals, 1946-1949
6 nam_mss139-2_128 nam_mss139-2_128 Cash Book, 1947
6 nam_mss139-2_129 nam_mss139-2_129 Cash Book, 1947-1960
Box Folder
2 nam_mss139-2_130 74 nam_mss139-2_130 Completed Forms on Behalf of Employees, 1948, 1972
nam_mss139-2_131 75 nam_mss139-2_131 Rentals, 1949-1950
nam_mss139-2_132 76 nam_mss139-2_132 Bank Statements, 1950, 1952-1955
nam_mss139-2_133 77 nam_mss139-2_133 General Receipts, 1950-1958
nam_mss139-2_134 78 nam_mss139-2_134 Youth Co-Operation Department Card Party Expenses, 1951
nam_mss139-2_135 79 nam_mss139-2_135 Insurance Policies and Payments, 1951-1964
nam_mss139-2_136 80 nam_mss139-2_136 Garden Department Flower Show Expenses, 1953
nam_mss139-2_137 81 nam_mss139-2_137 Bazaar Card Party Expenses, 1953
7 nam_mss139-2_138 nam_mss139-2_138 Ledger, 1954
Box Folder
2 nam_mss139-2_139 82 nam_mss139-2_139 Report on Safety Deposit Box, 1955
6 nam_mss139-2_140 nam_mss139-2_140 Ledger, 1956-1960
6 nam_mss139-2_141 nam_mss139-2_141 Ledger, 1960-1962
7 nam_mss139-2_142 nam_mss139-2_142 Cash Book, 1961-1975
Box Folder
3 nam_mss139-2_143 1 nam_mss139-2_143 Federal Tax Returns and IRS Correspondence, 1961-1966, 1972-1973, 1994-2009
4 nam_mss139-2_144 nam_mss139-2_144 Membership Dues Ledger, 1962-1998
Box Folder
3 nam_mss139-2_145 2 nam_mss139-2_145 General Receipts, 1963-1969
nam_mss139-2_146 3 nam_mss139-2_146 Messenger Expenses, 1959, 1964, 1972-1973, Undated
nam_mss139-2_147 4 nam_mss139-2_147 NYS Women's Legislative Form Dues, 1964-1971, Undated
nam_mss139-2_148 5-6 nam_mss139-2_148 Tax Exemption Forms, 1964-2008
nam_mss139-2_149 7 nam_mss139-2_149 Bank Statements, 1965-1969
nam_mss139-2_150 8 nam_mss139-2_150 Insurance Policies and Payments, 1965-1976
nam_mss139-2_151 9 nam_mss139-2_151 Handwritten Deposit Notes, 1966-1968
nam_mss139-2_152 9 nam_mss139-2_152 Budget, 1966-1976, 1996, Undated
nam_mss139-2_153 10 nam_mss139-2_153 Handwritten Deposit Notes, 1969-1971
nam_mss139-2_154 11 nam_mss139-2_154 Lease on the Woman's Club Property, 1970-1971
nam_mss139-2_155 12 nam_mss139-2_155 Bank Statements, 1970-1974
nam_mss139-2_156 13 nam_mss139-2_156 General Receipts, 1970-1977
4 nam_mss139-2_157 nam_mss139-2_157 Financial Ledger, 1973-1990
4 nam_mss139-2_158 nam_mss139-2_158 Account Book, 1976-1982
Box Folder
3 nam_mss139-2_159 14 nam_mss139-2_159 Bank Statements, 1975-1978
nam_mss139-2_160 15 nam_mss139-2_160 Resolution by Board for Bank and Banking Responsibilities, 1978
nam_mss139-2_161 16 nam_mss139-2_161 General Receipts, 1978-1979
nam_mss139-2_162 17 nam_mss139-2_162 Bank Statements, 1978-1982
nam_mss139-2_163 18 nam_mss139-2_163 Completed Grant Applications, 1980-1981, 1991-1992
nam_mss139-2_164 19 nam_mss139-2_164 General Receipts, 1980-1981
nam_mss139-2_165 20 nam_mss139-2_165 Insurance Policies and Payments, 1980-1994
nam_mss139-2_166 21 nam_mss139-2_166 General Receipts, 1983-1988
nam_mss139-2_167 22 nam_mss139-2_167 Bank Statements, 1983-1989
3 nam_mss139-2_168 nam_mss139-2_168 Treasurers Report, 1986-1990
7 nam_mss139-2_169 nam_mss139-2_169 Cash Book, 1990-1996
Box Folder
3 nam_mss139-2_170 23 nam_mss139-2_170 General Receipts, 1990-1994, 1996-2000
nam_mss139-2_171 24 nam_mss139-2_171 Bank Statements, 1990-1995
nam_mss139-2_172 25 nam_mss139-2_172 Legal Advice, 1994-1996
nam_mss139-2_173 26 nam_mss139-2_173 Insurance Policies and Payments, 1995-2005
nam_mss139-2_174 27 nam_mss139-2_174 Bank Statements, 1996-1999
6 nam_mss139-2_175 nam_mss139-2_175 Cash Book, 1996-2000
Box Folder
3 nam_mss139-2_176 28 nam_mss139-2_176 Card Party Expenses, 1997
nam_mss139-2_177 29 nam_mss139-2_177 Bank Statements, 1999-2000
nam_mss139-2_178 30 nam_mss139-2_178 Bank Statements, 2000-2005
nam_mss139-2_179 31 nam_mss139-2_179 Financial Statements, 2007
nam_mss139-2_180 32 nam_mss139-2_180 General Receipts, Undated
nam_mss139-2_181 33 nam_mss139-2_181 Music Section Expenses, Undated
nam_mss139-2_182 34 nam_mss139-2_182 Social Committee Expenses, Undated
7 nam_mss139-2_183 nam_mss139-2_183 Member Expenses Book, Undated
4 nam_mss139-2_184 nam_mss139-2_184 Sales Book, Undated
nam_mss139-3 Series 3: Departments and Committees, 1911-2009, Undated - 1.14  cubic ft.
Arranged chronologically.
This series contains the annual reports of different departments and committees. The reports give news about each department or committee from the year, and their respective future plans. Most reports are typed, but some of the original handwritten reports sent to the Board secretary are included as well.
Box Folder
1 nam_mss139-3_1 1 nam_mss139-3_1 Dramatic Department, 1911-1915, Undated
nam_mss139-3_2 2 nam_mss139-3_2 Department and Committees Directory, In Memoriam, Exs, Committee Rules, 1911-1944, Undated
nam_mss139-3_3 3 nam_mss139-3_3 Parliamentary Law Department Minutes, 1912-1918
2 nam_mss139-3_4 nam_mss139-3_4 Municipal Welfare Department Book, 1913-1918
Box Folder
1 nam_mss139-3_5 4 nam_mss139-3_5 Meeting Minutes, 1919
nam_mss139-3_6 5 nam_mss139-3_6 Annual Reports of the Departments, 1920-1921
nam_mss139-3_7 6 nam_mss139-3_7 Annual Reports of the Departments, 1921-1922
nam_mss139-3_8 7 nam_mss139-3_8 Annual Reports of the Departments, 1922-1923
2 nam_mss139-3_9 nam_mss139-3_9 Travelers' Aid Committee Binder, 1923
Box Folder
1 nam_mss139-3_10 8 nam_mss139-3_10 Original Annual Committee Reports, 1923-1924
nam_mss139-3_11 9 nam_mss139-3_11 Typewritten Annual Committee Reports, 1923-1924
nam_mss139-3_12 10-11 nam_mss139-3_12 Annual Reports of the Departments, 1924-1925
nam_mss139-3_13 12-13 nam_mss139-3_13 Annual Reports of the Departments, 1925-1928
nam_mss139-3_14 14 nam_mss139-3_14 Garden Section Yearbook, 1927-1928
nam_mss139-3_15 15-16 nam_mss139-3_15 Annual Committee Reports, 1928-1934
nam_mss139-3_16 17 nam_mss139-3_16 Secretary Report and Garden Section Reports, 1931-1942
nam_mss139-3_17 18-19 nam_mss139-3_17 Annual Committee Reports, 1934-1938
nam_mss139-3_18 20 nam_mss139-3_18 Committee Directories, 1935-1941
nam_mss139-3_19 21-22 nam_mss139-3_19 Annual Committee Reports, 1938-1943
nam_mss139-3_20 23 nam_mss139-3_20 Annual Committee Reports, 1944-1951
nam_mss139-3_21 24 nam_mss139-3_21 Garden Department, 1950s
nam_mss139-3_22 25 nam_mss139-3_22 Annual Committee Reports, 1952
nam_mss139-3_23 26 nam_mss139-3_23 Annual Reports of the Departments, 1956-1957
nam_mss139-3_24 27 nam_mss139-3_24 Annual Reports of the Departments, 1957-1958
nam_mss139-3_25 28 nam_mss139-3_25 Annual Department Meetings, 1957-1958
nam_mss139-3_26 29 nam_mss139-3_26 Annual Reports of the Departments, 1958-1959
nam_mss139-3_27 30 nam_mss139-3_27 Annual Reports of the Departments, 1959-1960
nam_mss139-3_28 31 nam_mss139-3_28 Annual Reports of the Departments, 1960-1961
nam_mss139-3_29 32 nam_mss139-3_29 Annual Reports of the Departments, 1961-1962
nam_mss139-3_30 33 nam_mss139-3_30 Annual Reports, 1964-1965
nam_mss139-3_31 34 nam_mss139-3_31 Annual Reports, 1965-1966
nam_mss139-3_32 35 nam_mss139-3_32 Annual Reports, 1966-1967
nam_mss139-3_33 35 nam_mss139-3_33 Annual Reports, 1968-1969
nam_mss139-3_34 36 nam_mss139-3_34 Annual Reports, 1968-1969
nam_mss139-3_35 37 nam_mss139-3_35 Annual Reports, 1969-1970
nam_mss139-3_36 38 nam_mss139-3_36 Annual Reports, 1970-1971
nam_mss139-3_37 39 nam_mss139-3_37 Department Reports, 1971
nam_mss139-3_38 40 nam_mss139-3_38 Committee Lists, 2006
nam_mss139-3_39 41 nam_mss139-3_39 Annual Reports, 2009
nam_mss139-3_40 42 nam_mss139-3_40 Building Committee Meeting Agenda, 2009
nam_mss139-3_41 43 nam_mss139-3_41 Building Committee Report, 2009
nam_mss139-3_42 44 nam_mss139-3_42 Communications Committee Report, 2009
nam_mss139-3_43 45 nam_mss139-3_43 Housing Committee Rules, Undated
nam_mss139-3_44 46 nam_mss139-3_44 Annual Department Reports, Undated
nam_mss139-3_45 47 nam_mss139-3_45 Garden Section Annual Report, Undated
nam_mss139-3_46 48 nam_mss139-3_46 International Affairs Annual Report, Undated
nam_mss139-4 Series 4: Membership, 1917-2009, Undated - 3.47  cubic ft.
Arranged alphabetically within subseries 1, 2, 4 and 5.
Arranged chronologically within subseries 3.
This series is comprised of five subseries and documents various aspects of Women’s Club of Albany membership. There are applications for new members which range from 1938-2004. At first the applications were kept by themselves in stacks by year. Then, starting in 1968, the WCA began attaching a copy the Club’s acceptance letter to the new member application. The last few sets of dates (1994, 1996, 2001, and 2004) revert back to the original filing format; without an acceptance letter attached. These membership applications and acceptance letters are filed chronologically.
The WCA also kept resignation records. It did this in various ways, including index cards and resignation letters. The index cards begin as handwritten cards and transition to typed cards. Amongst the resignations are index cards of members dropped because of unpaid dues. These index cards are grouped into three different categories to maintain original order. Beginning in the 1960s, the WCA started keeping track of resignation letters and letters from the WCA acknowledging the member's resignation. The WCA also kept records of member deaths.
As with Series 7, Publications, the Women’s Club of Albany often changed the layout of the information it published. Every year, the Club produced a new membership list. From 1917-1929, the WCA published membership lists as booklets. In 1933 the WCA switched and began publishing membership lists as pamphlets. As the WCA also switched to monthly news pamphlets around this time, it suggests the WCA mailed out a new membership list, with the monthly news, and the Officers, Departments, and Committees Directory pamphlet once every year. From 1968-1971 the Club published a combination of the Officers Directory and membership in a small booklet.
Please note that from 1911-1942 the Women’s Club of Albany would typically make the Governor of New York’s wife an honorary member. This included Eleanor Roosevelt during Franklin Delano Roosevelt's tenure as governor. It is unknown when and why this tradition stopped.
nam_mss139-4.1 Subseries 4.1: Early Member Index Cards, 1910-1931
1 nam_mss139-4.1_1 nam_mss139-4.1_1 Index cards, A-Y, 1910-1931, Undated
nam_mss139-4.2 Subseries 4.2: Early Membership Applications and Resignations, 1917-1927, Undated
Box Folder
3 nam_mss139-4.2_1 1 nam_mss139-4.2_1 Early Membership Applications A, 1917-1925
nam_mss139-4.2_2 2 nam_mss139-4.2_2 Early Membership Applications B, 1917-1924
nam_mss139-4.2_3 3 nam_mss139-4.2_3 Early Membership Applications C, 1917-1925
nam_mss139-4.2_4 4 nam_mss139-4.2_4 Early Membership Applications D, 1917-1925
nam_mss139-4.2_5 5 nam_mss139-4.2_5 Early Membership Applications E, 1917-1923
nam_mss139-4.2_6 6 nam_mss139-4.2_6 Early Membership Applications F, 1917-1923
nam_mss139-4.2_7 7 nam_mss139-4.2_7 Early Membership Applications G, 1917-1923
nam_mss139-4.2_8 8 nam_mss139-4.2_8 Early Membership Applications H, I, & J, 1917-1923
nam_mss139-4.2_9 9 nam_mss139-4.2_9 Early Membership Applications K & L, 1917-1923
nam_mss139-4.2_10 10 nam_mss139-4.2_10 Early Membership Applications M, 1917-1925
nam_mss139-4.2_11 11 nam_mss139-4.2_11 Early Membership Applications N & O, 1917-1923
nam_mss139-4.2_12 12 nam_mss139-4.2_12 Early Membership Applications P & Q, 1917-1923
nam_mss139-4.2_13 13 nam_mss139-4.2_13 Early Membership Applications R, 1917-1925
nam_mss139-4.2_14 14 nam_mss139-4.2_14 Early Membership Applications S, 1917-1923
nam_mss139-4.2_15 15 nam_mss139-4.2_15 Early Membership Applications T, U, & V, 1917-1925
nam_mss139-4.2_16 16 nam_mss139-4.2_16 Early Membership Applications W, 1917-1925
nam_mss139-4.2_17 17 nam_mss139-4.2_17 Early Membership Applications Z, 1917-1923
nam_mss139-4.2_18 18 nam_mss139-4.2_18 Early Resignations, A, 1911-1923, Undated
nam_mss139-4.2_19 19 nam_mss139-4.2_19 Early Resignations, B, 1915-1923, Undated
nam_mss139-4.2_20 20 nam_mss139-4.2_20 Early Resignations, C, 1915-1923, Undated
nam_mss139-4.2_21 21 nam_mss139-4.2_21 Early Resignations, D, 1912-1921, Undated
nam_mss139-4.2_22 22 nam_mss139-4.2_22 Early Resignations, E & F, 1911-1924, Undated
nam_mss139-4.2_23 23 nam_mss139-4.2_23 Early Resignations, G, 1912-1922, Undated
nam_mss139-4.2_24 24 nam_mss139-4.2_24 Early Resignations, H, I, & J, 1911-1923, Undated
nam_mss139-4.2_25 25 nam_mss139-4.2_25 Early Resignations, K & L, 1912-1924, Undated
nam_mss139-4.2_26 26 nam_mss139-4.2_26 Early Resignations, M, 1911-1924, Undated
nam_mss139-4.2_27 27 nam_mss139-4.2_27 Early Resignations, N & O, 1916-1922, Undated
nam_mss139-4.2_28 28 nam_mss139-4.2_28 Early Resignations, P, 1915-1922, Undated
nam_mss139-4.2_29 29 nam_mss139-4.2_29 Early Resignations, R, 1911-1923, Undated
nam_mss139-4.2_30 30 nam_mss139-4.2_30 Early Resignations, S, 1911-1920, Undated
nam_mss139-4.2_31 31 nam_mss139-4.2_31 Early Resignations, T, U, & V, 1915-1922, Undated
nam_mss139-4.2_32 32 nam_mss139-4.2_32 Early Resignations, W & Y, 1911-1923, Undated
nam_mss139-4.2_33 33 nam_mss139-4.2_33 Early Resignations, A, 1924-1927
nam_mss139-4.2_34 34 nam_mss139-4.2_34 Early Resignations, B, 1924-1927
nam_mss139-4.2_35 35 nam_mss139-4.2_35 Early Resignations, C, 1924-1927
nam_mss139-4.2_36 36 nam_mss139-4.2_36 Early Resignations, D, 1924-1927
nam_mss139-4.2_37 37 nam_mss139-4.2_37 Early Resignations, E & F, 1924-1927
nam_mss139-4.2_38 38 nam_mss139-4.2_38 Early Resignations, G, 1924-1927
nam_mss139-4.2_39 39 nam_mss139-4.2_39 Early Resignations, H, I, & J, 1924-1927
nam_mss139-4.2_40 40 nam_mss139-4.2_40 Early Resignations, K & L, 1924-1927
nam_mss139-4.2_41 41 nam_mss139-4.2_41 Early Resignations, M, 1924-1927
nam_mss139-4.2_42 42 nam_mss139-4.2_42 Early Resignations, P & Q, 1924-1927
nam_mss139-4.2_43 43 nam_mss139-4.2_43 Early Resignations, R, 1924-1927
nam_mss139-4.2_44 44 nam_mss139-4.2_44 Early Resignations, S, 1924-1927
nam_mss139-4.2_45 45 nam_mss139-4.2_45 Early Resignations, T, U, & V, 1924-1927
nam_mss139-4.2_46 46 nam_mss139-4.2_46 Early Resignations, W, 1924-1927
nam_mss139-4.3 Subseries 4.3: Membership Files, 1917-2009, Undated
Box Folder
1 nam_mss139-4.3_1 1 nam_mss139-4.3_1 New Membership Nominations, 1910
nam_mss139-4.3_2 2 nam_mss139-4.3_2 Membership List Book, 1917-1918
nam_mss139-4.3_3 3-4 nam_mss139-4.3_3 Membership List Book, 1919-1920
nam_mss139-4.3_4 5 nam_mss139-4.3_4 Resignations, ca.1920s
nam_mss139-4.3_5 6-7 nam_mss139-4.3_5 Membership List Book, 1922
nam_mss139-4.3_6 8 nam_mss139-4.3_6 Registration Cards, 1923
nam_mss139-4.3_7 9 nam_mss139-4.3_7 List of Applications and Resignation, 1923
nam_mss139-4.3_8 10 nam_mss139-4.3_8 List of Resignations, 1923
nam_mss139-4.3_9 11 nam_mss139-4.3_9 New Member Lists, 1923-1924
nam_mss139-4.3_10 12 nam_mss139-4.3_10 Invitation to vote and Election Ballot, 1923-1924
nam_mss139-4.3_11 13 nam_mss139-4.3_11 New Members, 1924
nam_mss139-4.3_12 14-15 nam_mss139-4.3_12 Membership List Book, 1924
nam_mss139-4.3_13 16 nam_mss139-4.3_13 Paid Membership List, 1924-1925
nam_mss139-4.3_14 17 nam_mss139-4.3_14 Typewritten Membership List, 1925
nam_mss139-4.3_15 18-19 nam_mss139-4.3_15 Membership List Book, 1925-1926
nam_mss139-4.3_16 20-22 nam_mss139-4.3_16 Membership List Book, 1926-1927
nam_mss139-4.3_17 23 nam_mss139-4.3_17 Membership List Book, 1927-1928
nam_mss139-4.3_18 24 nam_mss139-4.3_18 Membership List Book, 1928-1929
nam_mss139-4.3_19 25 nam_mss139-4.3_19 Membership List Pamphlet, 1933, 1936-1938
nam_mss139-4.3_20 26 nam_mss139-4.3_20 Blank Election Ballots, 1938
nam_mss139-4.3_21 27 nam_mss139-4.3_21 Membership Applications, 1938
nam_mss139-4.3_22 28 nam_mss139-4.3_22 Membership Applications, 1939
nam_mss139-4.3_23 29 nam_mss139-4.3_23 Membership Applications, 1940
nam_mss139-4.3_24 30 nam_mss139-4.3_24 Membership Applications, 1941
nam_mss139-4.3_25 31 nam_mss139-4.3_25 Membership Applications, 1942
nam_mss139-4.3_26 32 nam_mss139-4.3_26 Membership Applications, 1943
3 nam_mss139-4.3_27 nam_mss139-4.3_27 Membership Binder, 1943
Box Folder
1 nam_mss139-4.3_28 33 nam_mss139-4.3_28 Membership Applications, 1944
nam_mss139-4.3_29 34 nam_mss139-4.3_29 Membership Applications, 1945
nam_mss139-4.3_30 35 nam_mss139-4.3_30 Membership Applications, 1946
nam_mss139-4.3_31 36 nam_mss139-4.3_31 Membership Applications, 1947
nam_mss139-4.3_32 37 nam_mss139-4.3_32 Membership Applications, 1948
nam_mss139-4.3_33 38 nam_mss139-4.3_33 Blank Election Ballots, 1948, 1950
Box Folder
2 nam_mss139-4.3_34 1 nam_mss139-4.3_34 Membership Applications, 1949
nam_mss139-4.3_35 2 nam_mss139-4.3_35 Membership Applications, 1950
nam_mss139-4.3_36 3 nam_mss139-4.3_36 Membership Applications, 1951
nam_mss139-4.3_37 4 nam_mss139-4.3_37 Membership Applications, 1952
nam_mss139-4.3_38 5 nam_mss139-4.3_38 Membership Applications, 1953
nam_mss139-4.3_39 6 nam_mss139-4.3_39 Blank Election Ballots, 1953-1954
nam_mss139-4.3_40 7 nam_mss139-4.3_40 Membership Applications and Resignations, 1954
nam_mss139-4.3_41 8 nam_mss139-4.3_41 Membership List, 1954-1955
nam_mss139-4.3_42 9 nam_mss139-4.3_42 Special Meeting of the Membership, 1955
nam_mss139-4.3_43 10 nam_mss139-4.3_43 List of "Exes", 1955
nam_mss139-4.3_44 11 nam_mss139-4.3_44 Membership Applications, 1955
nam_mss139-4.3_45 12 nam_mss139-4.3_45 Membership Applications, 1956
nam_mss139-4.3_46 13 nam_mss139-4.3_46 Membership List, 1956-1957
nam_mss139-4.3_47 14 nam_mss139-4.3_47 Membership Applications, 1957
nam_mss139-4.3_48 15 nam_mss139-4.3_48 Membership List, 1957-1958
nam_mss139-4.3_49 16 nam_mss139-4.3_49 Membership Applications, 1958
nam_mss139-4.3_50 17 nam_mss139-4.3_50 Blank Election Ballots, 1958
nam_mss139-4.3_51 18 nam_mss139-4.3_51 New Member List, 1958-1959
nam_mss139-4.3_52 19 nam_mss139-4.3_52 Membership List Pamphlets, 1958-1960
nam_mss139-4.3_53 20 nam_mss139-4.3_53 Membership Applications, 1959
nam_mss139-4.3_54 21 nam_mss139-4.3_54 Membership Totals, 1959-1960
nam_mss139-4.3_55 22 nam_mss139-4.3_55 Membership Applications, 1960
nam_mss139-4.3_56 23 nam_mss139-4.3_56 Blank Election Ballot and Tally of Votes, 1960
nam_mss139-4.3_57 24 nam_mss139-4.3_57 Membership List Pamphlets, 1960-1962
nam_mss139-4.3_58 25 nam_mss139-4.3_58 Election Ballot and Tally of Votes, 1961
nam_mss139-4.3_59 26 nam_mss139-4.3_59 Membership Applications, 1961
nam_mss139-4.3_60 27 nam_mss139-4.3_60 Resignations, 1961
nam_mss139-4.3_61 28 nam_mss139-4.3_61 Blank Election Ballot, 1962
nam_mss139-4.3_62 29 nam_mss139-4.3_62 Membership Applications, 1962
nam_mss139-4.3_63 30 nam_mss139-4.3_63 Membership Applications, 1963
nam_mss139-4.3_64 31 nam_mss139-4.3_64 Membership Applications, 1964
nam_mss139-4.3_65 32 nam_mss139-4.3_65 Membership Applications, 1965
nam_mss139-4.3_66 33 nam_mss139-4.3_66 Resignations, 1965-1971
nam_mss139-4.3_67 34 nam_mss139-4.3_67 Membership Applications, 1966
nam_mss139-4.3_68 35 nam_mss139-4.3_68 Membership Applications, 1967
nam_mss139-4.3_69 36 nam_mss139-4.3_69 Membership Applications, 1968
nam_mss139-4.3_70 37 nam_mss139-4.3_70 Election Results, 1968
nam_mss139-4.3_71 38 nam_mss139-4.3_71 Membership Applications and Acceptance Letters, 1968-1970
nam_mss139-4.3_72 39 nam_mss139-4.3_72 Membership List Pamphlets, 1968-1971
nam_mss139-4.3_73 40 nam_mss139-4.3_73 Election Ballot and Tally, 1970
nam_mss139-4.3_74 41 nam_mss139-4.3_74 Membership Applications and Acceptance Letters, 1970-1971
nam_mss139-4.3_75 42 nam_mss139-4.3_75 Resignations, 1970-1971
nam_mss139-4.3_76 43 nam_mss139-4.3_76 New Members and Resigned Members Lists, 1971
nam_mss139-4.3_77 44 nam_mss139-4.3_77 Membership Applications and Acceptance Letters, 1972-1976
nam_mss139-4.3_78 45 nam_mss139-4.3_78 Resignations, 1972-1975
nam_mss139-4.3_79 46 nam_mss139-4.3_79 Resignations, 1976, 1979, 1980
nam_mss139-4.3_80 47 nam_mss139-4.3_80 Club Inquiry and Survey, 1977
nam_mss139-4.3_81 48 nam_mss139-4.3_81 Membership Applications, 1977-1979
nam_mss139-4.3_82 49 nam_mss139-4.3_82 Club Inquiry and Survey, 1979-1980
nam_mss139-4.3_83 50 nam_mss139-4.3_83 List of Club Members, 1981
nam_mss139-4.3_84 51 nam_mss139-4.3_84 List of Resignations and Deceased, 1982-1983
nam_mss139-4.3_85 52 nam_mss139-4.3_85 Membership List, 1983-1984
nam_mss139-4.3_86 53 nam_mss139-4.3_86 Resignations, 1984-1989, Undated
nam_mss139-4.3_87 54 nam_mss139-4.3_87 Membership List, 1985-1986
nam_mss139-4.3_88 55 nam_mss139-4.3_88 Membership List, 1986-1987
nam_mss139-4.3_89 56 nam_mss139-4.3_89 Blank Election Ballots, 1987
nam_mss139-4.3_90 57 nam_mss139-4.3_90 Blank Election Ballots, 1989
nam_mss139-4.3_91 58 nam_mss139-4.3_91 Blank Election Ballots, 1990
nam_mss139-4.3_92 59 nam_mss139-4.3_92 Resignations, 1990-1996, 1998, 2002, 2004
nam_mss139-4.3_93 60 nam_mss139-4.3_93 Club Member Incentives, ca. 1995
nam_mss139-4.3_94 61 nam_mss139-4.3_94 Membership Applications, 1995
nam_mss139-4.3_95 62 nam_mss139-4.3_95 Membership Roster, 1995-1996
nam_mss139-4.3_96 63 nam_mss139-4.3_96 Membership Applications, 1996
nam_mss139-4.3_97 64 nam_mss139-4.3_97 Membership Applications, 2001
nam_mss139-4.3_98 65 nam_mss139-4.3_98 Membership Applications, 2004
nam_mss139-4.3_99 66 nam_mss139-4.3_99 Membership Roster, 2006
nam_mss139-4.3_100 67 nam_mss139-4.3_100 Membership Roster, 2008-2009
nam_mss139-4.3_101 68 nam_mss139-4.3_101 Membership Renewal Applications, 2009
nam_mss139-4.3_102 69 nam_mss139-4.3_102 Returning Members, 2009
nam_mss139-4.3_103 70-71 nam_mss139-4.3_103 Blank Membership Applications, Undated
nam_mss139-4.3_104 72 nam_mss139-4.3_104 Membership Applications, Undated
nam_mss139-4.3_105 73 nam_mss139-4.3_105 Membership List, Undated
nam_mss139-4.3_106 74 nam_mss139-4.3_106 Resignations, Undated
nam_mss139-4.4 Subseries 4.4: Resignations and Dropped Members Index Cards, 1914-1954, Undated
2-4 nam_mss139-4.4_1 nam_mss139-4.4_1 Index cards, A-Z, 1914-1954
nam_mss139-4.5 Subseries 4.5: Deceased Members Index Cards, 1914-1985, Undated
Box Folder
2 nam_mss139-4.5_1 75 nam_mss139-4.5_1 Deceased Members Index Cards, A-B, 1914-1952
nam_mss139-4.5_2 76 nam_mss139-4.5_2 Deceased Members Index Cards, C-E, 1914-1962
nam_mss139-4.5_3 77 nam_mss139-4.5_3 Deceased Members Index Cards, F-H, 1912-1963
nam_mss139-4.5_4 78 nam_mss139-4.5_4 Deceased Members Index Cards, J-L, 1911-1985
nam_mss139-4.5_5 79 nam_mss139-4.5_5 Deceased Members Index Cards, M-O, 1914-1961
nam_mss139-4.5_6 80 nam_mss139-4.5_6 Deceased Members Index Cards, P-R, 1919-1957
nam_mss139-4.5_7 81 nam_mss139-4.5_7 Deceased Members Index Cards, S-T, 1911-1953
nam_mss139-4.5_8 82 nam_mss139-4.5_8 Deceased Members Index Cards, V-Y, 1913-1953
nam_mss139-5 Series 5: Events and Programs, 1912-ca. 2010, Undated - 1.05  cubic ft.
Arranged chronologically.
Materials from events and programs hosted by the WCA are included in this series. The majority of the flyers and advertisements for WCA events are from the twenty first century, with one or two from the 1970s and 1990s. This series also contains event calendars from the 1940s, which were most likely sent out to WCA members monthly. The only evidence of earlier events is from playbooks, dramatic journals, and songbooks retained by the Club. These plays were likely purchased by the WCA for a fee to the playwright, and the women performed these one act plays every few months at an event hosted by the Dramatic Department. Event calendars can also be seen in the Monthly News, found in the Publications series.
Box Folder
1 nam_mss139-5_1 1 nam_mss139-5_1 Ticket to Club Performance ofMice and Men, 1912
nam_mss139-5_2 2 nam_mss139-5_2 The Dramatist Journal Retained by WCA, 1915-1916
nam_mss139-5_3 3 nam_mss139-5_3 Plays Retained by the Club, 1916, 1932, 1937-1938
nam_mss139-5_4 4 nam_mss139-5_4 Report on Club Activities, 1921-1925
Oversized Folder
5 nam_mss139-5_5 3 nam_mss139-5_5 Formation Day Celebration Program, ca. 1926
Box Folder
1 nam_mss139-5_6 5 nam_mss139-5_6 Resume of Club Activities, 1926-1930
nam_mss139-5_7 6 nam_mss139-5_7 Event Calendars, 1926
nam_mss139-5_8 7 nam_mss139-5_8 Art Exhibit, 1927
nam_mss139-5_9 8 nam_mss139-5_9 Event Calendars, 1927
nam_mss139-5_10 9 nam_mss139-5_10 Songbooks Retained by the Club, 1927
nam_mss139-5_11 10 nam_mss139-5_11 Event Calendars, 1928
nam_mss139-5_12 11 nam_mss139-5_12 Resume of Club Activities, 1931-1935
nam_mss139-5_13 12 nam_mss139-5_13 Event Calendars, 1934
nam_mss139-5_14 13 nam_mss139-5_14 25th Anniversary Celebration Program, 1935
nam_mss139-5_15 14 nam_mss139-5_15 Event Calendars, 1935
nam_mss139-5_16 15 nam_mss139-5_16 Event Calendars, 1936
nam_mss139-5_17 16 nam_mss139-5_17 Event Calendars, 1937
nam_mss139-5_18 17 nam_mss139-5_18 Event Calendars, 1938
Box Folder
2 nam_mss139-5_19 1 nam_mss139-5_19 Engagement Calendars, 1939-1942
nam_mss139-5_20 2 nam_mss139-5_20 Plays Retained by the Club, 1940
nam_mss139-5_21 3 nam_mss139-5_21 Plays Retained by the Club, 1942
nam_mss139-5_22 4 nam_mss139-5_22 Dramatic Department Performance Programs, 1942
nam_mss139-5_23 5 nam_mss139-5_23 Event Calendars, 1942
nam_mss139-5_24 6 nam_mss139-5_24 Event Calendars, 1943
nam_mss139-5_25 7 nam_mss139-5_25 Event Calendars, 1944
nam_mss139-5_26 8 nam_mss139-5_26 Plays Retained by the Club, 1944
nam_mss139-5_27 9 nam_mss139-5_27 Christmas Program, 1948
nam_mss139-5_28 10 nam_mss139-5_28 Event Calendars, 1948-1949
nam_mss139-5_29 11 nam_mss139-5_29 Invitation to Club's 45th Anniversary Celebration, 1955
nam_mss139-5_30 12 nam_mss139-5_30 Planning for Founder's Day Celebration, 1955
nam_mss139-5_31 13 nam_mss139-5_31 Hospitality Tea Invitation Tally, 1959
nam_mss139-5_32 14 nam_mss139-5_32 50th Anniversary Celebration Program, 1960
nam_mss139-5_33 15 nam_mss139-5_33 Art Department Exhibit List, 1962
nam_mss139-5_34 16 nam_mss139-5_34 Guest Logbook for an Event, 1966
nam_mss139-5_35 17 nam_mss139-5_35 Woman's Club Art Show at Colonie Center Mall Correspondence and Paperwork, 1972-1973
nam_mss139-5_36 18 nam_mss139-5_36 Informational Packet about the CTM School of Singing and Speech Hosted at Woman's Club, 1978
nam_mss139-5_37 19 nam_mss139-5_37 President's Message with Event Calendar, 1978
nam_mss139-5_38 20 nam_mss139-5_38 Dinner Party Program, 1979
nam_mss139-5_39 21 nam_mss139-5_39 Calendar of Events, 1985
nam_mss139-5_40 22 nam_mss139-5_40 Calendar of Events, 1986
nam_mss139-5_41 23 nam_mss139-5_41 Calendar of Events, 1987
nam_mss139-5_42 24 nam_mss139-5_42 Tickets to Various Events Hosted by the Club, 1988, 1993-1994, Undated
nam_mss139-5_43 25 nam_mss139-5_43 List of Card Party Door Prizes Contributors and Generic Letter Sent to Businesses Asking for Gifts, 1990
nam_mss139-5_44 26 nam_mss139-5_44 Event Agenda, 1992-1993
nam_mss139-5_45 27 nam_mss139-5_45 Preview of theImportance of Being Earnest, 1996
nam_mss139-5_46 28 nam_mss139-5_46 Dinner at the Culinary Institute of America, 1996
nam_mss139-5_47 29 nam_mss139-5_47 Summer Hat Show and Luncheon, 1997
nam_mss139-5_48 30 nam_mss139-5_48 Luncheon and Fashion Show, 1992-1993
nam_mss139-5_49 31 nam_mss139-5_49 Open House Flyers, 1997
nam_mss139-5_50 32 nam_mss139-5_50 A Summer Celebration, 1997
nam_mss139-5_51 33 nam_mss139-5_51 Program Schedule, 1997-1998
nam_mss139-5_52 34 nam_mss139-5_52 Third Annual Antique Appraisal, 2001
nam_mss139-5_53 35 nam_mss139-5_53 Semi-Annual Garage Sale, 2001
nam_mss139-5_54 36 nam_mss139-5_54 Annual Open House, 2004
nam_mss139-5_55 37 nam_mss139-5_55 Good Book and Good Food for Good Works, 2005
nam_mss139-5_56 38 nam_mss139-5_56 Rummage Sale, ca. 2005
Box Folder
3 nam_mss139-5_57 1 nam_mss139-5_57 Good Book and Good Food for Good Works, 2006
nam_mss139-5_58 2 nam_mss139-5_58 Through a Woman's Eyes, 2006
nam_mss139-5_59 3 nam_mss139-5_59 3rd Annual Foster Children's Holiday Party, 2006
nam_mss139-5_60 4 nam_mss139-5_60 Program Ideas, 2006-2007
nam_mss139-5_61 5 nam_mss139-5_61 Antiques Show and Sale, 2007
nam_mss139-5_62 6 nam_mss139-5_62 Masquerade Extravaganza, ca. 2007
nam_mss139-5_63 7 nam_mss139-5_63 Festival of Trees Financials, Planning, and Programs, 2008
nam_mss139-5_64 8 nam_mss139-5_64 Springtime Arts and Crafts Show, 2008
nam_mss139-5_65 9 nam_mss139-5_65 Children's Book Drive, 2009
nam_mss139-5_66 10 nam_mss139-5_66 5th Anniversary of Renaissance Celebration, 2009
nam_mss139-5_67 11 nam_mss139-5_67 6th Annual Holiday House Tour, 2009
nam_mss139-5_68 12 nam_mss139-5_68 Program Ideas, ca. 2009
nam_mss139-5_69 13 nam_mss139-5_69 Teas and Trees Event Proposal, 2009
nam_mss139-5_70 14 nam_mss139-5_70 WCA Sponsored Drives, 2009
nam_mss139-5_71 15 nam_mss139-5_71 A Moveable Feast Sponsored by WCA, 2010
nam_mss139-5_72 16 nam_mss139-5_72 BBQ at the Barn, 2010
nam_mss139-5_73 17 nam_mss139-5_73 Centennial Celebration-Teas to Tastings, 2010
nam_mss139-5_74 18 nam_mss139-5_74 3rd Annual Springtime Craft Show, ca. 2010
nam_mss139-5_75 19 nam_mss139-5_75 Antique Road Show, Undated
nam_mss139-5_76 20 nam_mss139-5_76 Play Scripts Performed by the Club, Undated
nam_mss139-5_77 21 nam_mss139-5_77 Victorian Scavenger Hunt, Undated
nam_mss139-5_78 22 nam_mss139-5_78 Member Involvement Event Log, Undated
nam_mss139-5_79 23 nam_mss139-5_79 Program forA Midsummer Night's Dream Performance, Undated
nam_mss139-5_80 24 nam_mss139-5_80 Events Hosted by the Club, Undated
5 nam_mss139-5_81 nam_mss139-5_81 World's Greatest Event Planner Medal, Undated
nam_mss139-6 Series 6: Publications, 1911-2007, Undated - 2.0  cubic ft.
Arranged chronologically.
The Publications series includes all materials the Women’s Club of Albany published throughout its history. Publication of WCA news transitions in the following pattern:
Annual Announcements, 1911-1930
Monthly News, 1930 Oct.-1942
The Messenger, monthly magazine, 1944-1951 May
The Messenger, monthly newsletter on legal size paper, Oct. 1951-1953
The Messenger, monthly newsletter on letter size paper, 1970-1972
Although the publication format changed, the information disseminated to members remained unchanged. There is always a message from the President and a calendar of events, followed by reports from all the departments. The constitution and directory of officers and committees are often included as well. In the October 1930 Monthly News, there is a message from the WCA President that talks about the transition from yearly news to monthly. She states that the Board of Directors decided to give monthly announcements a year-long trial, because it believe that this would be a more convenient and accurate method of keeping members informed. At the end of the message from the President, member input is solicited, favorable or otherwise. It is assumed that the new news layout received positive feedback, as the WCA published news monthly for the next twelve years, until 1942. There are no monthly news pamphlets from 1943 found in this collection, so it is unknown whether there were any published during that year. In 1944 the WCA began publishing The Messenger. The Messenger was a magazine the WCA published every month except for June, July, and August. The first editorial explains that the magazine is a WCA project that was started by Mrs. William Arnstein, who was the advertising manager. The WCA published its news in The Messenger for the next three decades, but the layout changed. In October 1951 The Messenger transitioned from a magazine to a newsletter printed on legal size paper. The farewell issue of the magazine informs members about the upcoming changes, but gives no direct reason for it. From 1970-1972 the WCA printed Monthly News on letter-sized paper. It is unknown how the WCA published news after 1972.
Also included in the Publications series are house rental pamphlets, WCA informational pamphlets, and programs. The house rental pamphlets give a brief history of the Clubhouse as well as pricing information and payment policies. An information pamphlet published in 2007 was aimed at attracting new members. It gives information pertaining to the WCA as well as the costs and benefits of being a member.
Box Folder
1 nam_mss139-6_1 1 nam_mss139-6_1 Annual Announcement Booklets, 1911-1912, 1912-1913
nam_mss139-6_2 2 nam_mss139-6_2 Annual Announcement Booklets, 1913-1914, 1914-1915
nam_mss139-6_3 3 nam_mss139-6_3 Annual Announcement Booklets, 1914-1915, 1915-1916
nam_mss139-6_4 4 nam_mss139-6_4 Annual Announcement Booklets, 1916-1917
nam_mss139-6_5 5 nam_mss139-6_5 Annual Announcement Booklets, 1917-1918, 1918-1919
nam_mss139-6_6 6 nam_mss139-6_6 Annual Announcement Booklets, 1918-1919, 1919-1920
nam_mss139-6_7 7 nam_mss139-6_7 Annual Announcement Booklets, 1919-1920
nam_mss139-6_8 8 nam_mss139-6_8 Annual Announcement Booklets, 1920-1921
nam_mss139-6_9 9 nam_mss139-6_9 Annual Announcement Booklets, 1921-1922
nam_mss139-6_10 10 nam_mss139-6_10 Annual Announcement Booklets, 1922-1923
nam_mss139-6_11 11 nam_mss139-6_11 Annual Announcement Booklets, 1922-1923, 1923-1924
nam_mss139-6_12 12 nam_mss139-6_12 Annual Announcement Booklets, 1923-1924
nam_mss139-6_13 13 nam_mss139-6_13 Annual Announcement Booklets, 1923-1924, 1924-1925
nam_mss139-6_14 14 nam_mss139-6_14 Annual Announcement Booklets, 1924-1925, 1925-1926
nam_mss139-6_15 15 nam_mss139-6_15 Annual Announcement Booklets, 1925-1926, 1926-1927
nam_mss139-6_16 16 nam_mss139-6_16 Annual Announcement Booklets, 1926-1927
Box Folder
2 nam_mss139-6_17 1 nam_mss139-6_17 Annual Announcement Booklets, 1927-1928
nam_mss139-6_18 2 nam_mss139-6_18 Annual Announcement Booklets, 1928-1929
nam_mss139-6_19 3 nam_mss139-6_19 Annual Announcement Booklets, 1929-1930
nam_mss139-6_20 4 nam_mss139-6_20 Monthly News, 1930-1931
nam_mss139-6_21 5 nam_mss139-6_21 Monthly News, 1932-1933
nam_mss139-6_22 6 nam_mss139-6_22 Monthly News, 1934-1935
nam_mss139-6_23 7 nam_mss139-6_23 Monthly News, 1936-1937
nam_mss139-6_24 8 nam_mss139-6_24 Monthly News, 1938-1939
nam_mss139-6_25 9 nam_mss139-6_25 Monthly News, 1940-1942
nam_mss139-6_26 10 nam_mss139-6_26 The Messenger, 1944
Box Folder
3 nam_mss139-6_27 1 nam_mss139-6_27 The Messenger, 1946
nam_mss139-6_28 2 nam_mss139-6_28 The Messenger, 1947
nam_mss139-6_29 3 nam_mss139-6_29 The Messenger, 1948
nam_mss139-6_30 4 nam_mss139-6_30 Draft Copy and Background Material forThe Messenger, 1948-1950, Undated
nam_mss139-6_31 5 nam_mss139-6_31 The Messenger, 1949
nam_mss139-6_32 6 nam_mss139-6_32 The Messenger, 1950
nam_mss139-6_33 7 nam_mss139-6_33 The Messenger, 1951
nam_mss139-6_34 8 nam_mss139-6_34 The Messenger, 1951
nam_mss139-6_35 9 nam_mss139-6_35 The Messenger, 1952
nam_mss139-6_36 10 nam_mss139-6_36 The Messenger, 1953
nam_mss139-6_37 11 nam_mss139-6_37 The Messenger, 1958
nam_mss139-6_38 12 nam_mss139-6_38 The Messenger, 1959
nam_mss139-6_39 13 nam_mss139-6_39 The Messenger, 1960
nam_mss139-6_40 14 nam_mss139-6_40 The Messenger, 1961
nam_mss139-6_41 15 nam_mss139-6_41 The Messenger, 1962
nam_mss139-6_42 16 nam_mss139-6_42 The Messenger, 1965
nam_mss139-6_43 17 nam_mss139-6_43 The Messenger, ca. 1965
nam_mss139-6_44 18 nam_mss139-6_44 The Messenger, 1966
nam_mss139-6_45 19 nam_mss139-6_45 The Messenger, 1967
nam_mss139-6_46 20 nam_mss139-6_46 The Messenger, 1968
nam_mss139-6_47 21 nam_mss139-6_47 The Messenger, 1970
Box Folder
4 nam_mss139-6_48 1 nam_mss139-6_48 The Messenger, 1971
nam_mss139-6_49 2 nam_mss139-6_49 The Messenger, 1972
nam_mss139-6_50 3 nam_mss139-6_50 The Messenger, 1973
nam_mss139-6_51 4 nam_mss139-6_51 The Messenger, 1979
nam_mss139-6_52 5 nam_mss139-6_52 The Messenger, ca. 1980
nam_mss139-6_53 6 nam_mss139-6_53 Club and House Rental Information, ca. 1995
nam_mss139-6_54 7 nam_mss139-6_54 Club Program, 1997-1998
nam_mss139-6_55 8 nam_mss139-6_55 Club Program, 1998-1999
nam_mss139-6_56 9 nam_mss139-6_56 Club Informational Packet, 2007
nam_mss139-6_57 10-12 nam_mss139-6_57 House Rental Informational Pamphlets, Undated
nam_mss139-7 Series 7: Subject Files, 1908-2009, Undated - 1.05  cubic ft.
Arranged chronologically.
The Subject Files series contains folders featuring a variety of topics, ranging from photographs of the Clubhouse and members to Presidential files. This series houses materials on the New York State General Federation of Women's Clubs. It also contains newspaper clippings about the WCA and its members. Many clippings from the early twentieth century mention Mrs. Edward Cameron, who was very involved in the Albany community.
There is an item in the general correspondence, pre-dating the WCA. A letter to Mrs. Blair about joining the Club is dated 1908, two years before the Woman's Club of Albany was founded. It is unclear whether the date is correct.
Box Folder
1 nam_mss139-7_1 1 nam_mss139-7_1 General Correspondence, 1908-2004
nam_mss139-7_2 2-4 nam_mss139-7_2 NYS Federation of Women's Clubs Convention Programs and Reports, 1912-1973
nam_mss139-7_3 5 nam_mss139-7_3 Newspaper Clippings, 1912-2007
nam_mss139-7_4 6 nam_mss139-7_4 Civic and Social Interests, 1913, 1916-1917, 1924, 1934
nam_mss139-7_5 7-8 nam_mss139-7_5 NYS Federation of Women's Clubs Yearbook, 1913, 1924
nam_mss139-7_6 9 nam_mss139-7_6 The Clubhouse, 1914-1987, Undated
nam_mss139-7_7 10 nam_mss139-7_7 History of the Club, 1915, 1919, 1940, 1970, 1985
nam_mss139-7_8 11 nam_mss139-7_8 Homemaking, 1917
nam_mss139-7_9 12 nam_mss139-7_9 World War I, 1917
nam_mss139-7_10 13 nam_mss139-7_10 Period Advertisements Retained by the Club, 1917, Undated
1 nam_mss139-7_11 nam_mss139-7_11 Newspaper Clippings about the Woman's Club of Albany and its Members, 1917, 1925, 1951, 1969, 2007
Box Folder
1 nam_mss139-7_12 14 nam_mss139-7_12 Letters Pertaining to Stolen Check, 1918-1919
nam_mss139-7_13 15-16 nam_mss139-7_13 Books Retained by Parliamentary Law Committee, 1920
nam_mss139-7_14 17 nam_mss139-7_14 NYS Federation of Women's Club Correspondence and Miscellaneous Papers, 1917-1969
3 nam_mss139-7_15 nam_mss139-7_15 The General Federation of Women's Clubs 70th Convention Program Book, 1924
Box Folder
1 nam_mss139-7_16 18-19 nam_mss139-7_16 Songs and Poems Retained by the Club, 1933-1935, 1963-1966, Undated
nam_mss139-7_17 20 nam_mss139-7_17 NYS Women's Joint Legislative Forum, 1935-1948, 1960-1965, 1972, Undated
nam_mss139-7_18 21 nam_mss139-7_18 Mortgage Burning Occasion, 1938
nam_mss139-7_19 22 nam_mss139-7_19 Photographs from the Club, 1939-1941
3 nam_mss139-7_20 nam_mss139-7_20 List of "Exes", 1943
Box Folder
1 nam_mss139-7_21 23 nam_mss139-7_21 New York State Federation of Women's Club Newsletters and Annual Reports, 1943-1944, 1968-1972, 1988
nam_mss139-7_22 24 nam_mss139-7_22 Pictures of the Clubhouse, 1944, Undated
nam_mss139-7_23 25 nam_mss139-7_23 "Clubwoman" and "Clubwomen's Life" Magazines, 1947, 1948
nam_mss139-7_24 26 nam_mss139-7_24 Unknown Member File from Annual Convention, 1950, Undated
Box Folder
2 nam_mss139-7_25 1 nam_mss139-7_25 NYS Federation of Women's Clubs Directory, 1950, 1972
nam_mss139-7_26 2 nam_mss139-7_26 Troy Women's Club Yearbook and Booklet, 1952-1953, 1968-1969
nam_mss139-7_27 3-4 nam_mss139-7_27 The "Exes" File, 1953, 1955, Undated
nam_mss139-7_28 5 nam_mss139-7_28 Pictures of Clubmembers, 1955
nam_mss139-7_29 6 nam_mss139-7_29 General Federation of Women's Clubs Administration Program, 1958-1960, 1960-1962
nam_mss139-7_30 7 nam_mss139-7_30 Third District Meetings, 1959-1970, Undated
nam_mss139-7_31 8 nam_mss139-7_31 Tri-County Meeting Reports, 1960, 1962, 1969, 1971, Undated
nam_mss139-7_32 9 nam_mss139-7_32 Awards Given to the Club, 1960
nam_mss139-7_33 10 nam_mss139-7_33 NYS Committee for the Aging Report, 1961
nam_mss139-7_34 11 nam_mss139-7_34 Presidential File, 1967-1968, Undated
nam_mss139-7_35 12 nam_mss139-7_35 Historic Albany Foundation, 1968, 2006
nam_mss139-7_36 13 nam_mss139-7_36 File of the Corresponding Secretary [1 of 2], 1968-1971
Box Folder
3 nam_mss139-7_37 1 nam_mss139-7_37 File of the Corresponding Secretary [2 of 2], 1968-1971
nam_mss139-7_38 2 nam_mss139-7_38 Philanthropic Works, 1970-1971
nam_mss139-7_39 3 nam_mss139-7_39 Pictures of Clubmembers, 1971-1972, 1995, Undated
nam_mss139-7_40 4 nam_mss139-7_40 File of the Corresponding Secretary, 1971-1976
nam_mss139-7_41 5 nam_mss139-7_41 Agreement with Residents of the Clubhouse, 1979
nam_mss139-7_42 6 nam_mss139-7_42 Communications with Caretaker Robyn Hodges, 1979-2003
nam_mss139-7_43 7 nam_mss139-7_43 Presidential File, Stella Porter, 1987-1991
nam_mss139-7_44 8 nam_mss139-7_44 Applications for Grants, 1994, 2003, 2004
nam_mss139-7_45 9 nam_mss139-7_45 Photo Negatives of the Clubhouse, 1996
nam_mss139-7_46 10 nam_mss139-7_46 Presidential File, Eunice Hunter, 1996-2004, Undated
Oversized Folder
5 nam_mss139-7_47 4 nam_mss139-7_47 Newspaper Articles, 2008
Box Folder
3 nam_mss139-7_48 11 nam_mss139-7_48 Clubhouse Restoration, 2008-2009
nam_mss139-7_49 12 nam_mss139-7_49 Glove Pattern Retained by Club, Undated
nam_mss139-7_50 13 nam_mss139-7_50 Inventory of Items in Small Drawer, Undated
nam_mss139-7_51 14 nam_mss139-7_51 Photos Presented to WCA by NYS Federation of Women's Clubs, Undated
nam_mss139-7_52 15 nam_mss139-7_52 Pictures of First Three Presidents and the Clubhouse, Undated
nam_mss139-7_53 16 nam_mss139-7_53 Postcard of the Albany Institute and Historical and Art Society, Undated
nam_mss139-7_54 17 nam_mss139-7_54 Rules and Regulations for Use of Rooms, Undated

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