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Series 1: Office of the Dean, 1984-1999, Undated

Series 2: Administrative, 1965-2000, Undated

Series 3: Accreditation, 1965-1995, Undated

Series 4: Faculty, 1965-1997, Undated

Series 5: Subject Files, 1964-1999, Undated

Series 6: Continuing Education Program (CEP) Publications, 1973-1990, Undated

7: Web Archives, 1997 June 16-2016 September 17

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: School of Social Welfare
Title: School of Social Welfare Records
Date: 1964-2000
Physical Characteristics: 20.4  cubic ft.
Abstract: The School of Social Welfare Records document the history and day-to-day operations of the School at the University at Albany since its first full year of operation in 1964 through 2000.
Storage: The materials are located onsite in the department.
Language: English
Repository: M. E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, University at Albany, SUNY

Administrative History

The Board of Trustees of the State University of New York established the School of Social Welfare in December of 1963. Impetus for creation of the School came as a result of two reports, the Moreland Commission Report in January of 1963 and the New York State Committee Report on Medical Education in June of 1963. Both reports concluded that the State of New York faced critical shortage of social workers. As one means of alleviating this shortage, a new School of Social Welfare was proposed situated on the campus of the State University of New York at Albany (SUNYA).

In 1964, Dr. Richardson L. Rice was appointed the school's first dean and began efforts to establish a two-year master's program in social welfare. The first class of twenty-seven students entered the master's program in the fall of 1965 and graduated on June 11, 1967. The Council of Social Work Education (CSWE) granted accreditation for the master's program in 1969.

1968 saw the founding of the associated Institute of Gerontology. The study of aging would later develop into a major research and teaching emphasis of the School of Social Welfare. From 1981 to 1997, in recognition of the support received from Rhoda and Stan Ringel, the Institute was called the Ringel Institute of Gerontology.

In 1970, the University Senate approved the bachelor's degree program in Social Welfare and initial consideration was given to a proposal for a Ph. D. program. The undergraduate course offerings began in the 1970-1971 school year, and the Schools' master's program was reaccredited. A broadening of the curriculum also occurred with the addition of required courses in geriatrics, social policy analysis, and program development. Social policy analysis became a formal area of concentration and the School added a new concentration in Social Welfare Administration to the curriculum.

The early 1970s saw a rising chorus of demands for SUNYA to become active in working for social change. The School of Social Welfare responded to this demand by continuing its pursuit of minority students and faculty, and creating a number of programs that focused on social problems. A Social Service Study Unit was created to refer student volunteers to local agencies. A Neighborhood Services Unit (renamed the Neighborhood Outreach Unit in 1973) was also created to provide assistance to inner city residents. Stationed in Arbor Hill, this unit functioned as a clinical teaching facility, providing counseling to married couples and aid to senior citizens. Together these two programs constituted the Community Service Program, designed to involve enrolled students in volunteer social work.

Despite the decline in federal support and the precarious nature of state finances during the early 1970s, the School launched a number of new initiatives. In the fall of 1972, a full undergraduate major was offered leading to a B.S. degree. By the spring of 1973 the undergraduate degree program was accredited. The School introduced field instruction in 1973-1974 with courses offered in state and private agencies where staff and personnel supervised and instructed enrolled students. The 1972-1973 school year saw the newly created Institute of Gerontology collaborate with the State Office for the Aging in research projects.

In the face of continued fiscal strain, the School launched new programs in continuing education during 1974-1975. These included an extended study management program and a comprehensive education program for child welfare workers. Both concentrated on problems associated with child abuse and were designed to allow part-time study toward a professional degree. By 1976 these programs enrolled 750 county and state agency personnel. The relationships established between the School and outside community agencies and institutions helped the School obtain $1.3 million dollars in grants.

The State of New York, as well as the various regional agencies, sought to use the School's expertise to solve pressing social problems. In 1976, the State requested services to aid with the Temporary State Commission on Child Welfare. The State wanted to develop a new legal service manual for child welfare workers, overhaul state laws concerning child welfare and institute new training programs for social workers. The School contributed to these goals by creating the Continuing Education Project, later renamed the Continuing Education Program (CEP), during 1975-1976 to extend educational opportunities to state and local social service agencies and by sponsoring numerous educational conferences.

The creation of the Nelson A. Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy in 1981-1982 and the incorporation of the School of Social Welfare into the College signaled renewed growth for the School. The first evidence of this development was the establishment of an accelerated bachelor's/master's degree program offering a shortened program (12 months instead of 18). The school also implemented program changes to meet the needs of part-time students. The SUNY Board of Trustees approved the long-planned Ph. D. in Social Welfare in 1982, and the program accepted its first doctoral candidates in 1984.

The creation of Rockefeller College provided impetus for the School of Social Welfare to pool its resources with other schools in the College. By the mid-1980s the School cooperated in a number of endeavors with the Schools of Criminal Justice, Public Administration, and Public Policy. Plans were also made to create a graduate program incorporating Health Policy and Management.

Currently, the School of Social Welfare offers bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees with B.S.W. and M.S.W. programs accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, the national accrediting body. There continues to be a strong emphasis on community engagement at the local level, and research and field work opportunities are now global in scope with international programs in Ireland, South Africa, South Korea, Russia, Peru, and other countries.

In line with community engagement, the School maintains a commitment to investigation of the evolving human needs of the 21st century. To achieve this goal the School offers a broad spectrum of research opportunities through various research centers and institutes, including the Center for Excellence in Aging Services and Community Wellness, the Center for Human Services Research, the Center for Innovation in Mental Health Research, the Institute of Gerontology, the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute, and the New York State Social Work Education Consortium.

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Deans of the School of Social Welfare

, 1964-1969 Richardson L. Rice
, 1969-1970 Charles T. O'Reilly
, 1970-1971 William S. Rooney, Acting Dean
, 1971-1976 Charles T. O'Reilly
, 1976-1980 Seth W. Spellman
, 1980-1989 Stuart Kirk
, 1989-1990 Susan R. Sherman, Acting Dean
, 1990-2000 Lynn Videcka-Sherman
, 2000-present Katharine Briar-Lawson

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Scope and Content Information

The records of the School of Social Welfare span from the School's first full year of operation in 1964 to 2000. Early records relating to the founding of the School include annual reports from 1967-1968 through 1977-1978, accreditation reports and internal self-studies from 1966-1975, proposals for the bachelor's, master's, and the Ph. D. programs, faculty meeting minutes from 1965-1971, and various School of Social Welfare bulletins from the 1960s and 1970s. The bulk of the materials, however, document the day-to-day operations of the School from 1990-2000, during Lynn Videcka-Sherman's tenure as dean. There is little correspondence or other communication from deans prior to Videcka-Sherman. A significant portion of the records consist of publications from the Resource Guide Series produced by the Continuing Education Program, ranging from 1973-1990.

Related collections include Maureen C. Diedier, School of Social Welfare 25th Anniversary Oral History Collection (UA-902.019) and the Ringel Institute for Gerontology Records (UA–690.015).

Photographs of faculty and students from the School of Social Welfare from the University Archives Photograph Collection are available for viewing online from the University at Albany Libraries' Digital Collections database.

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Arrangement of the Collection

The collection is organized into the following series:

Series 1 - Office of the Dean, 1984-1999, Undated
Series 2 - Administrative, 1965-2000, Undated
Series 3 - Accreditation, 1965-1995, Undated
Series 4 - Faculty, 1965-1997, Undated
Series 5 - Subject Files, 1964-1999, Undated
Series 6 - Continuing Education Program (CEP) Publications, 1973-1990, Undated

All series are arranged chronologically with the exception of Series 5 and Series 6, which are arranged alphabetically.

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Access to this record group is unrestricted with the exception of the folders marked on the inventory below.

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The researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming with the laws of copyright. Whenever possible, the M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives will provide information about copyright owners and other restrictions, but the legal determination ultimately rests with the researcher. Requests for permission to publish material from this collection should be discussed with the Head of Special Collections and Archives.

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Subject Headings

Corporate Bodies

Council on Social Work Education.
National Association of Deans and Directors of Schools of Social Work (U.S.)
Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy
State University of New York at Albany
State University of New York at Albany. School of Social Welfare
State University of New York at Albany. School of Social Welfare. Continuing Education Program
State University of New York at Albany. School of Social Welfare. Continuing Education Project


Albany, New York
Community-based social services--United States
Resource guide series (State University of New York at Albany. School of Social Welfare. Continuing Education Program)
Schools of social work--Admission
Schools of social work--Entrance requirements
Schools of social work--Faculty
Schools of social work--United States
Senior Citizens
Social Activists and Public Advocates
Social service--Accreditation--United States
Social service--Fieldwork--Study and teaching--United States.
Social service--New York (State)
Social service--Vocational guidance--United States


Albany (N.Y.)

Genres and Forms

Administrative records
Agendas (administrative records)
Annual reports
Files by subject
Minutes (administrative records)
Web Archives

Web Archives

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Administrative Information

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Preferred citation for this material is as follows:

Identification of specific item, series, box, folder, School of Social Welfare Records, 1964-2000, M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, University Libraries, University at Albany, State University of New York (hereafter referred to as the School of Social Welfare Records).

Acquisition Information

The School of Social Welfare transferred 3 cubic feet of materials to the M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives in the late 1980s and the remainder in 2000.

Finding Aid Information

Created by: Kate Morris
Date: Copyright 2013 by the University at Albany, SUNY. All rights reserved.
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Container List

nam_ua690-1 Series 1: Office of the Dean, 1984-1999, Undated - 3  cubic ft.
Arranged chronologically.
Most materials from this series relate to the period from 1990-2000, during which time Lynn Videcka-Sherman was dean of the School of Social Welfare. These materials represent the day-to-day files from the dean’s office, and include correspondence and other communication throughout the series. There is a sizeable amount of materials relating to the National Association of Deans and Directors of Social Work (NADD), including agendas and planning documents for annual meetings. Lynn Videcka-Sherman acted as president of NADD from 1993-1995 and the materials reflect her time with the organization. Other associations represented include the New York State Association of Deans of Social Work Schools and the New York Chapter of the National Association of Social Work.
In 1997 a shift in record keeping occurred with a new system of filing all communications and day-to-day documents in folders labeled generically as "day file." This shift differed from the previous method of filing dean's correspondence and memoranda in separate folders for each year and of creating more specific folders for other materials. The archivist elected to maintain original order of the materials.
Box Folder
1 nam_ua690-1_1 1-2 nam_ua690-1_1 National Conference of Deans and Directors Implementation Task Force, 1984-1987
nam_ua690-1_2 3 nam_ua690-1_2 New York State Association of Deans of Social Work Schools, 1988-1989, Undated
nam_ua690-1_3 4-5 nam_ua690-1_3 NADD Meetings, 1988-1990, Undated
nam_ua690-1_4 6-8 nam_ua690-1_4 1989 Dean's Correspondence - [RESTRICTED], 1989-1990 ***
nam_ua690-1_5 9-11 nam_ua690-1_5 1993 Dean's Memoranda - [RESTRICTED], 1989-1993 ***
nam_ua690-1_6 12-13 nam_ua690-1_6 1990 Dean's Memoranda, 1990
nam_ua690-1_7 14-15 nam_ua690-1_7 1990 Dean's Correspondence - [RESTRICTED], 1990, Undated ***
nam_ua690-1_8 16 nam_ua690-1_8 NADD Public Health Service Act, 1990
nam_ua690-1_9 17 nam_ua690-1_9 New York State Association of Deans of Social Work Schools, 1990, Undated
nam_ua690-1_10 18 nam_ua690-1_10 NADD March 1991 Meeting - New Orleans, 1990-1991
nam_ua690-1_11 19 nam_ua690-1_11 NADD Publications, 1990-1991
nam_ua690-1_12 20 nam_ua690-1_12 NADD Deanship Study Committee Correspondence and Planning - Social Work Deanship Book, 1990-1993
nam_ua690-1_13 21 nam_ua690-1_13 NADD January 1995 Retreat - Washington, 1990, 1994-1995, Undated
nam_ua690-1_14 22-23 nam_ua690-1_14 1991 Dean's Correspondence, 1991
nam_ua690-1_15 24 nam_ua690-1_15 1991 Dean's Memoranda, 1991
nam_ua690-1_16 25 nam_ua690-1_16 NADD October 1991 Meeting - Key West, 1991
nam_ua690-1_17 26-27 nam_ua690-1_17 New York State Association of Deans of Social Work Schools, 1991, Undated
nam_ua690-1_18 28 nam_ua690-1_18 NADD Information Committee, 1991-1992, Undated
nam_ua690-1_19 29 nam_ua690-1_19 NADD October 1992 Meeting - Santa Fe, 1991-1994, Undated
Box Folder
2 nam_ua690-1_20 1-2 nam_ua690-1_20 1994 Dean's Memoranda - [RESTRICTED], 1991, 1994 ***
nam_ua690-1_21 3 nam_ua690-1_21 1993-1994 NADD President's Correspondence, 1991-1996, Undated
nam_ua690-1_22 4 nam_ua690-1_22 1992 Dean's Correspondence - [RESTRICTED], 1992 ***
nam_ua690-1_23 5 nam_ua690-1_23 NADD Publications, 1992
nam_ua690-1_24 6 nam_ua690-1_24 NADD Reports, 1992
nam_ua690-1_25 7 nam_ua690-1_25 NADD March 1992 Meeting - Kansas City, 1992, Undated
nam_ua690-1_26 8 nam_ua690-1_26 New York State Association of Deans of Social Work Schools, 1992, Undated
nam_ua690-1_27 9 nam_ua690-1_27 NADD Deanship Survey, 1992-1993, 1995, Undated
nam_ua690-1_28 10-12 nam_ua690-1_28 1993 Dean's Correspondence, 1993
nam_ua690-1_29 13 nam_ua690-1_29 NADD National Institute of Mental Health, 1993
nam_ua690-1_30 14 nam_ua690-1_30 NADD Study of the Deanship Dataset Request, 1993
nam_ua690-1_31 15 nam_ua690-1_31 Millennium Project, 1993, Undated
nam_ua690-1_32 16 nam_ua690-1_32 NADD Business Meeting February 1993 - New York, 1993, Undated
nam_ua690-1_33 17 nam_ua690-1_33 NADD October 1993 Meeting - Puerto Rico, 1993, Undated
nam_ua690-1_34 18 nam_ua690-1_34 NADD October 1993 - Puerto Rico Barbara Blum Speech, 1993
nam_ua690-1_35 19-20 nam_ua690-1_35 New York State Association of Deans of Social Work Schools, 1993, Undated
nam_ua690-1_36 21-22 nam_ua690-1_36 1994 Dean's Correspondence - [RESTRICTED], 1994 ***
nam_ua690-1_37 23 nam_ua690-1_37 NADD Female Deans, 1994
nam_ua690-1_38 24 nam_ua690-1_38 NADD Study - Social Work Deans in the 1990s: Survey Findings, 1994
nam_ua690-1_39 25 nam_ua690-1_39 NADD March 1994 Meeting - Atlanta, 1994, Undated
nam_ua690-1_40 26 nam_ua690-1_40 NADD October 1994 Meeting - Myrtle Beach, 1994, Undated
nam_ua690-1_41 27-28 nam_ua690-1_41 New York State Association of Deans of Social Work Schools, 1994
nam_ua690-1_42 29-30 nam_ua690-1_42 1995 Dean's Correspondence - [RESTRICTED], 1995 ***
nam_ua690-1_43 31 nam_ua690-1_43 1995 Dean's Memoranda, 1995
nam_ua690-1_44 32 nam_ua690-1_44 NADD Legislative Affairs, 1995
nam_ua690-1_45 33 nam_ua690-1_45 NADD March 1995 Meeting - San Diego, 1995
nam_ua690-1_46 34 nam_ua690-1_46 1995-1997 NADD Program Committee, 1995
Box Folder
3 nam_ua690-1_47 1 nam_ua690-1_47 New York State Association of Deans of Social Work Schools, 1995
nam_ua690-1_48 2 nam_ua690-1_48 NADD Fall 1995 Meeting - San Antonio, 1995
nam_ua690-1_49 3 nam_ua690-1_49 NADD Organizational Priorities Committee, 1995, Undated
nam_ua690-1_50 4 nam_ua690-1_50 NADD Newsletter, 1995-1996
nam_ua690-1_51 5 nam_ua690-1_51 1996 Dean's Correspondence - [RESTRICTED], 1996 ***
nam_ua690-1_52 6 nam_ua690-1_52 Fall 1996 Correspondence - [RESTRICTED], 1996 ***
nam_ua690-1_53 7 nam_ua690-1_53 Fall 1996 Memoranda - [RESTRICTED], 1996 ***
nam_ua690-1_54 8 nam_ua690-1_54 1996 NADD Meetings, 1996, Undated
nam_ua690-1_55 9-10 nam_ua690-1_55 New York State Association of Deans of Social Work Schools, 1996-1997
nam_ua690-1_56 11-12 nam_ua690-1_56 1997 Dean's Correspondence - [RESTRICTED] (1 - 2 of 4 folders), 1997 ***
Box Folder
4 nam_ua690-1_57 1-2 nam_ua690-1_57 1997 Dean's Correspondence - [RESTRICTED] (3 - 4 of 4 folders), 1997 ***
nam_ua690-1_58 3 nam_ua690-1_58 1997 Dean's Memoranda, 1997
nam_ua690-1_59 4-9 nam_ua690-1_59 Day File - [RESTRICTED] (1 - 6 of 7 folders), 1997-1999, Undated ***
Box Folder
5 nam_ua690-1_60 1 nam_ua690-1_60 Day File - [RESTRICTED] (7 of 7 folders), 1997-1999, Undated ***
nam_ua690-2 Series 2: Administrative, 1965-2000, Undated - 0.7  cubic ft.
Arranged chronologically.
The majority of the Administrative series includes annual reports for the School of Social Welfare and the Continuing Education Program, and a variety of budgetary reports for programs within the School of Social Welfare. Correspondence and memoranda relating to administrative and budgetary issues are also included, with a large portion relating to the executive order for a hiring freeze by Governor George Pataki in January 1995 in response to the 1995-1996 New York State budget deficit. These documents and communication outline contingency plans and scenarios for budget cuts and the affect those cuts would have on the School of Social Welfare.
Box Folder
1 nam_ua690-2_1 1 nam_ua690-2_1 1967/1968 - 1968/1969 Annual Reports, 1968-1969
nam_ua690-2_2 2 nam_ua690-2_2 Budget Request - Doctoral Program, ca. 1970
nam_ua690-2_3 3 nam_ua690-2_3 1970/1971 - 1972/1973 Annual Reports, 1971-1973
nam_ua690-2_4 4 nam_ua690-2_4 1971/1972 Annual Report Community Service Program, 1972
nam_ua690-2_5 5 nam_ua690-2_5 1973/1974 - 1974/1975 Annual Reports, 1974-1975
nam_ua690-2_6 6 nam_ua690-2_6 1975/1976 Annual Report of the Continuing Education Project, 1976
nam_ua690-2_7 7 nam_ua690-2_7 1975/1976 - 1976/1977 Annual Reports, 1976-1977
nam_ua690-2_8 8 nam_ua690-2_8 1977/1978 Annual Reports, 1978
nam_ua690-2_9 9-11 nam_ua690-2_9 1994-1995 Budget Cuts - [RESTRICTED], 1994-1995, Undated ***
nam_ua690-2_10 12 nam_ua690-2_10 1994-1995 Income Reimbursable Budget, 1995, Undated
nam_ua690-2_11 13 nam_ua690-2_11 Budget Reduction Contingency and Planning Program Decisions, 1995-1996
Box Folder
2 nam_ua690-2_12 1-2 nam_ua690-2_12 1996-1997 Budget, 1995-1996, Undated
nam_ua690-2_13 3 nam_ua690-2_13 Budget Reports, 1998-2000
nam_ua690-2_14 4 nam_ua690-2_14 1998-1999 Budget, 1998, Undated
nam_ua690-2_15 5 nam_ua690-2_15 1999-2000 Budget Preparation, 1999
nam_ua690-3 Series 3: Accreditation, 1965-1995, Undated - 2.2  cubic ft.
Arranged chronologically.
The Accreditation series is composed primarily of reports created by the School of Social Welfare for use in the accreditation and reaccreditation processes. These reports include information on courses, faculty member curriculum vitae, data about the school, and self-study reports. Also included in the series are correspondence, memoranda, and other communications primarily directed to and from the current dean relating to the school’s accreditation process. Other materials include accreditation manuals and guidelines from the accrediting body, the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).
Box Folder
1 nam_ua690-3_1 1 nam_ua690-3_1 1982 Accreditation Site Team Visit, 1965-1982
nam_ua690-3_2 2 nam_ua690-3_2 Accreditation Study Vol. I - Self Study, 1966
nam_ua690-3_3 3-6 nam_ua690-3_3 Accreditation Study Vol. 2 - Illustrative Material, 1966
nam_ua690-3_4 7 nam_ua690-3_4 1967 On-Campus Visit for Accreditation, 1967
nam_ua690-3_5 8 nam_ua690-3_5 Accreditation Study Vol. I - Self Study, 1969
nam_ua690-3_6 9 nam_ua690-3_6 Accreditation Study Vol. I - A Self Study Faculty Vitae, 1969
nam_ua690-3_7 10 nam_ua690-3_7 Accreditation Study Vol. II - Self Study, 1969
nam_ua690-3_8 11 nam_ua690-3_8 1976 Reaccreditation of M.S.W. Program, 1969, 1975-1979, Undated
nam_ua690-3_9 12 nam_ua690-3_9 Manual of Accrediting Standards, 1971
nam_ua690-3_10 13 nam_ua690-3_10 Mandatory Review Following Accreditation, 1972
nam_ua690-3_11 14 nam_ua690-3_11 Accrediting Standards and Guidelines for Non-Discrimination, 1973, 1976-1977, Undated
nam_ua690-3_12 15 nam_ua690-3_12 Application for Approval: Undergraduate Social Work Program - CSWE, 1973
nam_ua690-3_13 16 nam_ua690-3_13 HEW Regulations on Protection of Human Subjects, 1973
nam_ua690-3_14 17 nam_ua690-3_14 Internal Evaluation Report, 1973
nam_ua690-3_15 18 nam_ua690-3_15 Status Report and Projections for the School of Social Welfare, 1973
nam_ua690-3_16 19 nam_ua690-3_16 Application for Accreditation: CSWE, 1974
nam_ua690-3_17 20-21 nam_ua690-3_17 Application for Accreditation: CSWE - Appendix, 1974
nam_ua690-3_18 22-23 nam_ua690-3_18 1975 Accreditation, 1974-1975
nam_ua690-3_19 24 nam_ua690-3_19 Accreditation Study Vol. I (1 of 2 folders), 1975
Box Folder
2 nam_ua690-3_20 1 nam_ua690-3_20 Accreditation Study Vol. I (2 of 2 folders), 1975
nam_ua690-3_21 2-4 nam_ua690-3_21 Reaccreditation Study Vol. II - Self Study Part A, 1975
nam_ua690-3_22 5-6 nam_ua690-3_22 Reaccreditation Study Vol. II - Self Study Part B, 1975
nam_ua690-3_23 7 nam_ua690-3_23 1977 Reaccreditation, 1977-1978
nam_ua690-3_24 8 nam_ua690-3_24 Consultant's Report for Reaccreditation (Betty Bauer, May 1979), 1979
nam_ua690-3_25 9 nam_ua690-3_25 Accreditation 1982: Self Study Outline, 1981
nam_ua690-3_26 10 nam_ua690-3_26 Accreditation 1982: Subcommittee List, 1981
nam_ua690-3_27 11 nam_ua690-3_27 1982 Accreditation: Site Team Report, 1981-1982, Undated
nam_ua690-3_28 12-14 nam_ua690-3_28 1982 Accreditation: SSW Response to Site Team Report, 1981-1982, Undated
nam_ua690-3_29 15 nam_ua690-3_29 Reaccreditation Congratulations, 1982
nam_ua690-3_30 16-17 nam_ua690-3_30 Accreditation Progress Report, 1984, Undated
nam_ua690-3_31 18 nam_ua690-3_31 Accreditation: 1987 Eligibility Documentation, 1987-1988
nam_ua690-3_32 19-20 nam_ua690-3_32 1988 Reaccreditation, 1987-1989, Undated
nam_ua690-3_33 21-22 nam_ua690-3_33 1988 Commission on Accreditation Handbook of Accreditation Standards and Procedures, 1988
nam_ua690-3_34 23 nam_ua690-3_34 Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Reaccreditation Study, 1989-1990, Undated
nam_ua690-3_35 24 nam_ua690-3_35 1991 Commission on Accreditation Handbook of Standards and Procedures, 1991
Box Folder
3 nam_ua690-3_36 1-2 nam_ua690-3_36 1995 Reaccreditation Site Team Visit, 1993-1995, Undated
nam_ua690-4 Series 4: Faculty, 1965-1997, Undated - 2.3  cubic ft.
Arranged chronologically
The bulk of the records consist of faculty meeting minutes and agendas from 1965-1996 with a gap in records from 1972-1976. Also included are copies of minutes and agendas that are annotated by the current dean. Minutes and agendas include supporting documents used in the meetings, as well as correspondence and memoranda from the dean relating to issues raised in meetings or to be considered at future meetings. Other materials include yearly faculty activity reports that outline scholarship and service completed by faculty as well as materials related to summer faculty retreats including correspondence, planning documents, and materials generated at the retreat.
Box Folder
1 nam_ua690-4_1 1 nam_ua690-4_1 Faculty Meeting Narrative, 1965-1966
nam_ua690-4_2 2 nam_ua690-4_2 Faculty Meeting Narrative, 1967-1969
nam_ua690-4_3 3 nam_ua690-4_3 Faculty Meeting Narrative, 1970-1971
nam_ua690-4_4 4 nam_ua690-4_4 Faculty Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1976
nam_ua690-4_5 5 nam_ua690-4_5 Faculty Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1977, Undated
nam_ua690-4_6 6 nam_ua690-4_6 Faculty Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1978, Undated
nam_ua690-4_7 7 nam_ua690-4_7 Faculty Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1979, Undated
nam_ua690-4_8 8-9 nam_ua690-4_8 Faculty Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1980, Undated
nam_ua690-4_9 10-11 nam_ua690-4_9 Faculty Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1981, Undated
nam_ua690-4_10 12-13 nam_ua690-4_10 Faculty Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1982, Undated
nam_ua690-4_11 14 nam_ua690-4_11 Faculty Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1983, Undated
nam_ua690-4_12 15-16 nam_ua690-4_12 Faculty Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1984, Undated
nam_ua690-4_13 17-18 nam_ua690-4_13 Faculty Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1985, Undated
nam_ua690-4_14 19-20 nam_ua690-4_14 Faculty Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1986, Undated
nam_ua690-4_15 21-22 nam_ua690-4_15 Faculty Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1987, Undated
nam_ua690-4_16 23 nam_ua690-4_16 May 1, 1987 - April 30, 1988 Faculty Activity Reports, 1988
nam_ua690-4_17 24-25 nam_ua690-4_17 Faculty Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1988, Undated
nam_ua690-4_18 26-27 nam_ua690-4_18 8/27/93 Faculty Retreat, 1988, 1993, Undated
nam_ua690-4_19 28-29 nam_ua690-4_19 1988 - 1989 Faculty Activity Reports (1 of 2 folders), 1989, Undated
Box Folder
2 nam_ua690-4_20 1 nam_ua690-4_20 1988 - 1989 Faculty Activity Reports (2 of 2 folders), 1989, Undated
nam_ua690-4_21 2-3 nam_ua690-4_21 Faculty Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1989, Undated
nam_ua690-4_22 4-5 nam_ua690-4_22 Faculty Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1990, Undated
nam_ua690-4_23 6-7 nam_ua690-4_23 May 1, 1989 - April 30, 1990 Faculty Activity Reports, 1990, Undated
nam_ua690-4_24 8-9 nam_ua690-4_24 8/27/91 Faculty Retreat, 1990-1991, Undated
nam_ua690-4_25 10-11 nam_ua690-4_25 May 1, 1990 - April 30, 1991 Faculty Activity Reports, 1991
nam_ua690-4_26 12-15 nam_ua690-4_26 Faculty Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1991, Undated
nam_ua690-4_27 16-17 nam_ua690-4_27 May 1, 1991 - April 30, 1992 Faculty Activity Reports, 1992, Undated
nam_ua690-4_28 18-19 nam_ua690-4_28 Faculty Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1992, Undated
nam_ua690-4_29 20 nam_ua690-4_29 8/28/92 Faculty Retreat, 1992, Undated
1 nam_ua690-4_30 nam_ua690-4_30 8/28/92 Faculty Retreat Brainstorm Boards, 1992
Box Folder
2 nam_ua690-4_31 21 nam_ua690-4_31 Faculty Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1993, Undated
nam_ua690-4_32 22 nam_ua690-4_32 Faculty Retreat, 1994
nam_ua690-4_33 23-24 nam_ua690-4_33 Faculty Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1994, Undated
nam_ua690-4_34 25-26 nam_ua690-4_34 8/24/95 Faculty Retreat, 1994, Undated
Box Folder
3 nam_ua690-4_35 1 nam_ua690-4_35 Faculty Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1995, Undated
nam_ua690-4_36 2 nam_ua690-4_36 Faculty Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1996, Undated
nam_ua690-4_37 3-4 nam_ua690-4_37 9/18/96 Faculty Retreat, 1996, Undated
nam_ua690-5 Series 5: Subject Files, 1964-1999, Undated - 7  cubic ft.
Arranged alphabetically.
Subject Files contain the day-to-day working files of the School of Social Welfare. Correspondence and memoranda, primarily from the dean at the time relating to various topics within the files, are interspersed throughout. Included among the materials are enrollment and admissions data, three and five year plans on the development and management of the school, publications, bulletins, commencement programs and speeches, grant proposals, committee membership and reports, and year-end reports from programs within the School of Social Welfare. Grant proposals include information relating to the proposed Social Work Research Development Center. School Bulletins range from 1965 through 1979. Materials relating to the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) include statistical reports and the involvement of Lynn Videcka-Sherman as a board member on the council. Also included are scrapbook materials containing newspaper clippings, information on alumni and student achievements, and a few photos, primarily taken of faculty members. General files from the Continuing Education Program (CEP) are included within this series as well. Please note that not all dates are inclusive.
Box Folder
1 nam_ua690-5_1 1 nam_ua690-5_1 Ad Hoc Committee on the Center for Social Work Research Practice, 1992-1993, Undated
nam_ua690-5_2 2 nam_ua690-5_2 Ad Hoc Committees, 1988-1990, 1997, Undated
nam_ua690-5_3 3 nam_ua690-5_3 Administration/Supervision Concentration - Task Force Recommendation, Undated
nam_ua690-5_4 4 nam_ua690-5_4 Administrative Self-Study, 1975
nam_ua690-5_5 5 nam_ua690-5_5 Admissions and Recruitment Committee, 1989-1990
nam_ua690-5_6 6 nam_ua690-5_6 1990 - 1995 Admissions Information - [RESTRICTED], 1990-1995, Undated ***
nam_ua690-5_7 7 nam_ua690-5_7 Admissions Procedures, Undated
nam_ua690-5_8 8 nam_ua690-5_8 Admissions Reports, 1973-1974, Undated
nam_ua690-5_9 9-10 nam_ua690-5_9 Alumni Newsletter and Communications, 1984-1986, 1990-1996, Undated
nam_ua690-5_10 11-12 nam_ua690-5_10 Alumni Newsletter Submissions, 1989-1993, 1996-1997, Undated
nam_ua690-5_11 13 nam_ua690-5_11 Alumni Survey, 1976
nam_ua690-5_12 14-15 nam_ua690-5_12 Annie E. Casey Foundation Projects, 1990-1992, 1995-1996, Undated
nam_ua690-5_13 16-17 nam_ua690-5_13 25th Anniversary Convocation and Reunion Dinner, 1983, 1989-1991, Undated
nam_ua690-5_14 18 nam_ua690-5_14 Application for Admission to Graduate Study, 1964, 1977, 1983-1984, Undated
nam_ua690-5_15 19 nam_ua690-5_15 Awards for Excellence, 1985-1987, 1990-1991, 1993, Undated
nam_ua690-5_16 20 nam_ua690-5_16 Bachelor of Social Work Program Data - [RESTRICTED], 1994-1996, Undated ***
nam_ua690-5_17 21 nam_ua690-5_17 Bulletins, 1965-1969
1 nam_ua690-5_18 nam_ua690-5_18 Bulletins, 1965-1971
Box Folder
1 nam_ua690-5_19 22 nam_ua690-5_19 Bulletins, 1970-1972
nam_ua690-5_20 23 nam_ua690-5_20 Bulletins, 1973-1975, 1977
nam_ua690-5_21 24 nam_ua690-5_21 Bulletins, 1978
nam_ua690-5_22 25 nam_ua690-5_22 Bulletins - Continuing Education Project, 1976-1979
nam_ua690-5_23 26-27 nam_ua690-5_23 Bylaws, 1971-1995, Undated
nam_ua690-5_24 28 nam_ua690-5_24 Camp Liberty - [RESTRICTED], 1990-1992, Undated ***
nam_ua690-5_25 29 nam_ua690-5_25 A Celebration of Literacy - Student Writings, 1987
nam_ua690-5_26 30 nam_ua690-5_26 CEP Account Information Abstracts, 1978-1981, 1989-1990
nam_ua690-5_27 31 nam_ua690-5_27 CEP Adjunct Instructors, 1982-1983
nam_ua690-5_28 32 nam_ua690-5_28 CEP Audit, 1981, 1983
nam_ua690-5_29 33 nam_ua690-5_29 CEP Certificates of Participation, Undated
nam_ua690-5_30 34 nam_ua690-5_30 CEP Child and Family Services Training Project Agendas, 1976
nam_ua690-5_31 35 nam_ua690-5_31 CEP Correspondence and Memoranda, 1985-1987, 1993, 1996, Undated
nam_ua690-5_32 36 nam_ua690-5_32 CEP Cost Sharing, 1978-1982, 1986
Box Folder
2 nam_ua690-5_33 1 nam_ua690-5_33 CEP Course 1 Module 2 - Performance Improvement, 1975, Undated
nam_ua690-5_34 2 nam_ua690-5_34 CEP Course 4 Module 2 - Organizational Change, 1967, Undated
nam_ua690-5_35 3 nam_ua690-5_35 CEP Course Offerings in Buffalo, 1993-1994
nam_ua690-5_36 4 nam_ua690-5_36 CEP Course Registration for Department of Social Services Employees, 1983, 1989
nam_ua690-5_37 5 nam_ua690-5_37 CEP Current Issues in Social Services - Prepared for Internal Use, 1976
nam_ua690-5_38 6 nam_ua690-5_38 CEP Discretionary Salary Increases, 1981, 1985-1986
nam_ua690-5_39 7 nam_ua690-5_39 CEP Graduate and Undergraduate Course Offerings, 1981-1986, 1988-1989
nam_ua690-5_40 8-9 nam_ua690-5_40 CEP Monthly Management Reports, 1985-1986
nam_ua690-5_41 10 nam_ua690-5_41 CEP School Advisory Committee, 1982-1983
nam_ua690-5_42 11 nam_ua690-5_42 CEP Spring 1987 Graduate and Undergraduate Course Offerings, 1987
nam_ua690-5_43 12 nam_ua690-5_43 CEP Training Proposal, 1976-1977
nam_ua690-5_44 13 nam_ua690-5_44 CEP Workshop Brochures and Registration Forms, 1979-1984
nam_ua690-5_45 14 nam_ua690-5_45 CEP Workshops for Public Agencies and Human Service Professionals, 1982-1983
nam_ua690-5_46 15-18 nam_ua690-5_46 Chancellor's Social Service Task Force Communications, 1991-1993, Undated
nam_ua690-5_47 19 nam_ua690-5_47 1984 Commencement, 1984
nam_ua690-5_48 20 nam_ua690-5_48 1989 Commencement, 1989, Undated
nam_ua690-5_49 21 nam_ua690-5_49 1990 Commencement, 1989-1990, Undated
nam_ua690-5_50 22 nam_ua690-5_50 1991 Commencement, 1990-1991, Undated
nam_ua690-5_51 23 nam_ua690-5_51 1992 Commencement - [RESTRICTED], 1992, Undated ***
nam_ua690-5_52 24 nam_ua690-5_52 1993 Commencement, 1992-1993, Undated
nam_ua690-5_53 25 nam_ua690-5_53 1994 Commencement, 1994, Undated
nam_ua690-5_54 26 nam_ua690-5_54 1995 Commencement - [RESTRICTED], 1995, Undated ***
nam_ua690-5_55 27 nam_ua690-5_55 1996 Commencement, 1996, Undated
nam_ua690-5_56 28 nam_ua690-5_56 1997 Commencement - [RESTRICTED], 1997, Undated ***
nam_ua690-5_57 29 nam_ua690-5_57 Commencement Honors Convocation Script, 1992, Undated
nam_ua690-5_58 30-31 nam_ua690-5_58 Committee Elections, 1980-1981, 1984-1989, Undated
nam_ua690-5_59 32-33 nam_ua690-5_59 Committee Membership, 1980-1998, Undated
nam_ua690-5_60 34 nam_ua690-5_60 Committee on Admissions and Recruitment, 1983-1984, 1986-1989, 1992-1994, 1996, Undated
nam_ua690-5_61 35 nam_ua690-5_61 1990 - 1991 Committee Year-End Reports, 1991, Undated
nam_ua690-5_62 36 nam_ua690-5_62 1991 - 1992 Committee Year-End Reports, 1992, Undated
Box Folder
3 nam_ua690-5_63 1 nam_ua690-5_63 1992 - 1993 Committee Year-End Reports, 1993, Undated
nam_ua690-5_64 2 nam_ua690-5_64 1993 - 1994 Committee Year-End Reports, 1994, Undated
nam_ua690-5_65 3 nam_ua690-5_65 1994 - 1995 Committee Year End Reports, 1995, Undated
nam_ua690-5_66 4 nam_ua690-5_66 1995 - 1996 Committee Year-End Reports, 1996, Undated
nam_ua690-5_67 5 nam_ua690-5_67 1996 - 1997 Committee Year-End Reports, 1997, Undated
nam_ua690-5_68 6 nam_ua690-5_68 1997 - 1998 Committee Year-End Reports - [RESTRICTED], 1998, Undated ***
nam_ua690-5_69 7 nam_ua690-5_69 Community and Social Service Program, 1977, 1988-1989, Undated
nam_ua690-5_70 8 nam_ua690-5_70 Community Service Program History, 1970-1971, 1973, Undated
nam_ua690-5_71 9 nam_ua690-5_71 Community Service Program Memoranda and Correspondence, 1970, 1972, 1975
nam_ua690-5_72 10 nam_ua690-5_72 Community Service Program Student Evaluations of Program, 1974
nam_ua690-5_73 11-12 nam_ua690-5_73 Community Service Program Student Volunteers Publications, 1973-1974, 1977, 1979-1983, 1985-1986, Undated
nam_ua690-5_74 13 nam_ua690-5_74 Community Service Sticker, 1977
nam_ua690-5_75 14 nam_ua690-5_75 Conference Invitations, Announcements, and Programs, 1975, 1983, 1986, 1989, Undated
nam_ua690-5_76 15-16 nam_ua690-5_76 Council of Community Service Awards, 1992-1993, 1996, Undated
nam_ua690-5_77 17-18 nam_ua690-5_77 Council of Community Services Board of Directors, 1992-1997, Undated
nam_ua690-5_78 19 nam_ua690-5_78 Council of Deans, 1990-1996, Undated
nam_ua690-5_79 20 nam_ua690-5_79 Course Requirements Volunteer Opportunities and Agencies, ca. 1973
nam_ua690-5_80 21 nam_ua690-5_80 CSWE Accreditation, 1990-1993, 1996, 1998, Undated
nam_ua690-5_81 22 nam_ua690-5_81 CSWE Annual Statistical Report of Registered Students - [RESTRICTED], 1990 ***
nam_ua690-5_82 23 nam_ua690-5_82 CSWE Annual Statistical Reports - [RESTRICTED], 1977-1984, Undated ***
nam_ua690-5_83 24-25 nam_ua690-5_83 CSWE Annual Statistical Reports - [RESTRICTED], 1985-1989, Undated ***
nam_ua690-5_84 26 nam_ua690-5_84 CSWE Annual Statistical Reports - [RESTRICTED], 1990-1991, Undated ***
nam_ua690-5_85 27 nam_ua690-5_85 CSWE Board and Commission, 1993
nam_ua690-5_86 28 nam_ua690-5_86 CSWE Curriculum and Policy Statement, 1991-1992, Undated
nam_ua690-5_87 29 nam_ua690-5_87 CSWE Elections, 1991, 1994, 1996, Undated
nam_ua690-5_88 30 nam_ua690-5_88 CSWE Faculty Development and Program Planning Committee, 1990-1991, Undated
nam_ua690-5_89 31 nam_ua690-5_89 CSWE Millennium Project, 1996
nam_ua690-5_90 32 nam_ua690-5_90 CSWE Memoranda and Communications, 1989, 1991-1997, Undated
nam_ua690-5_91 33 nam_ua690-5_91 CSWE National Legislative Committee, 1985, 1987
nam_ua690-5_92 34 nam_ua690-5_92 CSWE Site Visit: BYU and LSU, 1996-1997, Undated
nam_ua690-5_93 35-36 nam_ua690-5_93 Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee Communications, 1978-1985, Undated
nam_ua690-5_94 37-40 nam_ua690-5_94 Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1979-1990, Undated
nam_ua690-5_95 41 nam_ua690-5_95 Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee Operating Procedures, 1981
nam_ua690-5_96 42 nam_ua690-5_96 Day Care for the Abused/Neglected Child, Undated
nam_ua690-5_97 43 nam_ua690-5_97 Degrees Awarded, 1989-1990, 1992, 1995-1996, 1998, Undated
Box Folder
4 nam_ua690-5_98 1 nam_ua690-5_98 Department of Social Services Total Quality Initiative, 1993
nam_ua690-5_99 2-5 nam_ua690-5_99 Dual Jointly Registered Master's Program in Sociology and Social Work for New Paltz and Albany - Proposal and Planning Communications, 1980-1996
nam_ua690-5_100 6 nam_ua690-5_100 1989 - 1990 Enrollment Data, 1989-1990, Undated
nam_ua690-5_101 7 nam_ua690-5_101 1991 Enrollment Data, 1991-1992, Undated
nam_ua690-5_102 8 nam_ua690-5_102 1993 Enrollment Data, 1993
nam_ua690-5_103 9 nam_ua690-5_103 1994 Enrollment Data - [RESTRICTED], 1994-1995 ***
nam_ua690-5_104 10 nam_ua690-5_104 1995 Enrollment Data, 1995, Undated
nam_ua690-5_105 11 nam_ua690-5_105 1996 Enrollment Data, 1996-1997
nam_ua690-5_106 12 nam_ua690-5_106 Experimental Training Sessions for Supervisors and caseworkers, 1969
nam_ua690-5_107 13 nam_ua690-5_107 Extended Study Program for the M.S.W. Degree, ca. 1976
nam_ua690-5_108 14 nam_ua690-5_108 Faculty and Student Activities, Scholarship, Awards and Updates for Alumni Newsletter, 1996-1997, Undated
nam_ua690-5_109 15 nam_ua690-5_109 Faculty Recruitment - [RESTRICTED], 1990-1996, Undated ***
nam_ua690-5_110 16 nam_ua690-5_110 Faculty Workload Policy Implementation - [RESTRICTED], 1992, Undated ***
nam_ua690-5_111 17 nam_ua690-5_111 Fall 1988 and Spring 1989 Graduate and Undergraduate Course Offerings, 1988
nam_ua690-5_112 18 nam_ua690-5_112 1988 - 1989 Family and Children Services Training catalog, 1988
nam_ua690-5_113 19 nam_ua690-5_113 Field Instruction Manual, 1984
nam_ua690-5_114 20 nam_ua690-5_114 Field Instruction Placements, 1971, 1975-1976, Undated
nam_ua690-5_115 21 nam_ua690-5_115 Field Laboratory Course - Social Welfare Policy, Medicaid, and Social Work, 1972
nam_ua690-5_116 22 nam_ua690-5_116 1988 Field Orientation, 1988, Undated
nam_ua690-5_117 23 nam_ua690-5_117 Flyers, 1971-1972, 1974-1983, Undated
nam_ua690-5_118 24 nam_ua690-5_118 Graduate Student Standing Committee Operating Procedures, 1981
nam_ua690-5_119 25-29 nam_ua690-5_119 Grant Proposals, 1995-1997, Undated
nam_ua690-5_120 30 nam_ua690-5_120 HEW Regulations on Protection of Human Subjects, 1973
nam_ua690-5_121 31 nam_ua690-5_121 1991-1992 Human Diversity Committee, 1991, Undated
nam_ua690-5_122 32 nam_ua690-5_122 Information on Course Offerings, 1979-1980
nam_ua690-5_123 33 nam_ua690-5_123 Internal Evaluation Report, 1973
nam_ua690-5_124 34 nam_ua690-5_124 Introduction to Research Methodology Course Materials, 1971, Undated
nam_ua690-5_125 35-36 nam_ua690-5_125 Joint M.S.W. Program at Utica/Rome, 1993, Undated
nam_ua690-5_126 37 nam_ua690-5_126 Master of Social Work Program Fields of Study in Direct Practice, 1985
nam_ua690-5_127 38 nam_ua690-5_127 Master's Degree Program in Rehabilitation Counseling, Undated
nam_ua690-5_128 39 nam_ua690-5_128 Max Siporin Lecture and Reception, 1995, Undated
Box Folder
5 nam_ua690-5_129 1 nam_ua690-5_129 May 1988 Professional Development Program Consultant Report, 1997-1998
nam_ua690-5_130 2 nam_ua690-5_130 Memorandum - The University's Involvement in Urban Affairs and the Role of the School of Social Welfare, 1968
nam_ua690-5_131 3 nam_ua690-5_131 Minority Membership on Social Agency Boards in the Albany-Schenectady-Troy Area, 1972
nam_ua690-5_132 4 nam_ua690-5_132 Patricia Roberts Harris Public Service Fellowship, 1991, 1993
nam_ua690-5_133 5 nam_ua690-5_133 PEW Roundtable, 1995-1997, Undated
nam_ua690-5_134 6 nam_ua690-5_134 Ph. D. Program in Social Welfare, 1983-1986
nam_ua690-5_135 7 nam_ua690-5_135 Planning Meetings, 1988-1990, Undated
nam_ua690-5_136 8-9 nam_ua690-5_136 Policy Manual, 1970-1974, Undated
nam_ua690-5_137 10 nam_ua690-5_137 Program Data, 1974
nam_ua690-5_138 11 nam_ua690-5_138 Program Options for the M.S.W. Degree, 1984-1988, Undated
nam_ua690-5_139 12 nam_ua690-5_139 Program Status - School of Social Welfare, 1974
nam_ua690-5_140 13 nam_ua690-5_140 1987 - 1988 Progress Report on 1987 - 1992 Five Year Plan, 1988
nam_ua690-5_141 14 nam_ua690-5_141 1988 - 1989 Progress Report on 1987 - 1992 Five Year Plan, 1989
nam_ua690-5_142 15 nam_ua690-5_142 Progress Reports, 1988-1989, Undated
nam_ua690-5_143 16 nam_ua690-5_143 Proposal for a Bachelor of Science Major in Social Welfare, 1970
nam_ua690-5_144 17-18 nam_ua690-5_144 Proposal for a Ph. D. in Social Welfare, 1970, Undated
nam_ua690-5_145 19 nam_ua690-5_145 Proposal for the Master's Degree Program in Social Work, ca. 1965
nam_ua690-5_146 20 nam_ua690-5_146 Proposed Center for Research on Social Work Practice, 1985-1987
nam_ua690-5_147 21 nam_ua690-5_147 Presidential Award for Undergraduate Research, 1990-1991, 1993-1995
nam_ua690-5_148 22 nam_ua690-5_148 Presidential Fellowship Award, 1986-1987
nam_ua690-5_149 23 nam_ua690-5_149 President's Undergraduate Leadership Awards, 1990-1991, 1993, 1995
nam_ua690-5_150 24 nam_ua690-5_150 Quantitative Methods Interest Group, 1992-1997
nam_ua690-5_151 25 nam_ua690-5_151 Questionnaire to Graduates of Social Work Programs Returning to Professional Practice, 1970
nam_ua690-5_152 26 nam_ua690-5_152 Report of the State Needs Task Group on Social Services, 1992
nam_ua690-5_153 27 nam_ua690-5_153 Report on Task Force on Public Affairs and Policy - Education, Research, and Service, 1981
nam_ua690-5_154 28 nam_ua690-5_154 Report on Teleconferencing in categorical Determination, 1987
nam_ua690-5_155 29 nam_ua690-5_155 Research Colloquium in Honor of the First Graduating Class, 1967
nam_ua690-5_156 30 nam_ua690-5_156 Research Funding Data, 1988-1990
nam_ua690-5_157 31-32 nam_ua690-5_157 Research in Social Work, 1980
nam_ua690-5_158 33 nam_ua690-5_158 Resource Notebook for Group and Community Concepts - SSW 624, Undated
nam_ua690-5_159 34 nam_ua690-5_159 Rockefeller College Distinguished Dissertation Award, 1990
nam_ua690-5_160 35 nam_ua690-5_160 1984 - 1989 Rockefeller College Five Year Plan, 1984
nam_ua690-5_161 36 nam_ua690-5_161 1985 - 1990 Rockefeller College Five Year Plan, 1985
Box Folder
6 nam_ua690-5_162 1 nam_ua690-5_162 1987 - 1992 Rockefeller College Five Year Plan, 1986-1987, Undated
nam_ua690-5_163 2 nam_ua690-5_163 1990 - 1994 Rockefeller College Five Year Plan, 1990
nam_ua690-5_164 3 nam_ua690-5_164 Rockefeller College Five Year Plan - Planning Documents, 1981-1984, Undated
nam_ua690-5_165 4 nam_ua690-5_165 Rockefeller College Planning Memoranda Prepared for President Swygert, 1991
nam_ua690-5_166 5 nam_ua690-5_166 School of Social Welfare Description, 1991, 1993-1997
nam_ua690-5_167 6 nam_ua690-5_167 School of Social Welfare Communications, 1964-1984, Undated
nam_ua690-5_168 7 nam_ua690-5_168 1990-1994 School of Social Welfare Five Year Plan, 1989-1990, Undated
nam_ua690-5_169 8-9 nam_ua690-5_169 1990-1994 School of Social Welfare Five Year Plan Revisions, 1990, Undated
nam_ua690-5_170 10 nam_ua690-5_170 School of Social Welfare Profile, 1991, Undated
nam_ua690-5_171 11-12 nam_ua690-5_171 1981 - 1983 School of Social Welfare Three Year Plan - [RESTRICTED], 1978-1981, Undated ***
nam_ua690-5_172 13-14 nam_ua690-5_172 1982 -1984 School of Social Welfare Three Year Plan, 1981, Undated
nam_ua690-5_173 15 nam_ua690-5_173 Schedule of Classes, 1992-1996
nam_ua690-5_174 16-17 nam_ua690-5_174 Scrapbook Materials, 1990-1992, Undated
nam_ua690-5_175 18 nam_ua690-5_175 Scrapbook Photos, 1989, Undated
nam_ua690-5_176 19-20 nam_ua690-5_176 1974 Select Committee Report - School of Social Welfare Response, 1974-1975, Undated
nam_ua690-5_177 21 nam_ua690-5_177 Service Delivery by State and Local Governments: case Problems and Commentary, 1977
nam_ua690-5_178 22 nam_ua690-5_178 Social Characteristics Data Profile - 27 Upstate Counties, 1976
nam_ua690-5_179 23 nam_ua690-5_179 Social Service Task Force Draft Data Collection Plan, 1992
nam_ua690-5_180 24-25 nam_ua690-5_180 Social Service Task Force Educational Program Data, 1992
nam_ua690-5_181 26 nam_ua690-5_181 Social Service Task Force Final Data Collection Plan, 1992
nam_ua690-5_182 27-28 nam_ua690-5_182 Social Service Task Force Focus Group Reports, 1992
nam_ua690-5_183 29 nam_ua690-5_183 Social Service Task Force Meeting Dates, 1992
nam_ua690-5_184 30-31 nam_ua690-5_184 Social Trends Data, 1988-1993, 1995-1996
nam_ua690-5_185 32 nam_ua690-5_185 A Social Welfare Paper - A Brief History of the Current Public Welfare Crisis, 1969
nam_ua690-5_186 33 nam_ua690-5_186 A Social Welfare Paper - Is there a Manpower Crisis in Social Work? / Need there be a Manpower Crisis in Social Welfare?, 1969
Box Folder
7 nam_ua690-5_187 1 nam_ua690-5_187 A Social Welfare Paper - Supervision: The Why and the Wherefore, 1970
nam_ua690-5_188 2 nam_ua690-5_188 A Social Welfare Paper - The Application of Social System Theory to Social Work in Family Diagnosis and Treatment, 1969
nam_ua690-5_189 3 nam_ua690-5_189 A Social Welfare Paper - The Social Services: Next Steps After Public Assistance, 1969
nam_ua690-5_190 4 nam_ua690-5_190 Social Welfare School and Program Descriptions, 1988, Undated
nam_ua690-5_191 5 nam_ua690-5_191 Social Work Data, 1991-1992, 1994-1995, 1997-1998, Undated
nam_ua690-5_192 6 nam_ua690-5_192 Social Work Licensure, 1993-1994, Undated
nam_ua690-5_193 7 nam_ua690-5_193 Social Work Licensure Exam Results, 1972, 1976, 1978-1979, 1991, Undated
nam_ua690-5_194 8 nam_ua690-5_194 Social Work Practice Conferences, 1987-1988
nam_ua690-5_195 9-10 nam_ua690-5_195 Social Work Program Rankings - Articles and Reports, 1990, 1994-1995, 1997-1998, Undated
nam_ua690-5_196 11 nam_ua690-5_196 Social Work Research Development Center Follow-Up, 1996-1997, Undated
nam_ua690-5_197 12 nam_ua690-5_197 Social Work Research Development Center Follow-Up Letter to Ellen Stover, 1996, 1998, Undated
nam_ua690-5_198 13 nam_ua690-5_198 Social Work Research Development Center Grant Proposal, 1995-1996, Undated
nam_ua690-5_199 14-15 nam_ua690-5_199 Social Work Research Development Center Seed Infrastructure Funding Proposal, 1995-1997, Undated
nam_ua690-5_200 16 nam_ua690-5_200 Social Work Research Development Center Thornberry Grant, 1996-1997
nam_ua690-5_201 17-19 nam_ua690-5_201 Strategic Planning, 1969, 1989-1991, 1995, Undated
nam_ua690-5_202 20 nam_ua690-5_202 Strategic Plan Reports and Findings, 1990-1994, Undated
nam_ua690-5_203 21 nam_ua690-5_203 1996 Student Awards, 1996-1997, Undated
nam_ua690-5_204 22 nam_ua690-5_204 Student Grievance Committee Meeting Minutes, 1981, 1989
nam_ua690-5_205 23 nam_ua690-5_205 Student Grievance Committee Members, 1980-1988, Undated
nam_ua690-5_206 24 nam_ua690-5_206 Student Grievance Committee Operating Procedures, 1980-1981, 1983, 1988
nam_ua690-5_207 25 nam_ua690-5_207 Student Grievance Committee - Student Grievance Reports - [RESTRICTED], 1980-1984, Undated ***
nam_ua690-5_208 26 nam_ua690-5_208 Student Standing Committee Communications - [RESTRICTED], 1984-1889, Undated ***
nam_ua690-5_209 27 nam_ua690-5_209 Student Standing Committee Members, 1980-1987, Undated
nam_ua690-5_210 28 nam_ua690-5_210 Student Standing Committee Meeting Minutes - [RESTRICTED], 1978-1979, 1988-1989, Undated ***
nam_ua690-5_211 29 nam_ua690-5_211 Survey of the Community Service Program, 1976
nam_ua690-5_212 30-31 nam_ua690-5_212 SUNY/Higher Education Data, 1989-1993, Undated
nam_ua690-5_213 32 nam_ua690-5_213 1989 - 1990 Albany Data, 1989-1990, Undated
nam_ua690-5_214 33 nam_ua690-5_214 Undergraduate Academic Council - [RESTRICTED], 1989-1990 ***
nam_ua690-5_215 34 nam_ua690-5_215 Undergraduate Alumni Survey, 1980-1981, 1983, Undated
nam_ua690-5_216 35 nam_ua690-5_216 Undergraduate Majors List, 1989-1991
nam_ua690-5_217 36 nam_ua690-5_217 Undergraduate Program Committee Meeting Minutes and Communications, 1988, 1990-1991, 1994, Undated
nam_ua690-5_218 37 nam_ua690-5_218 Undergraduate Program Curriculum Revision, 1996-1997
nam_ua690-5_219 38 nam_ua690-5_219 Undergraduate Social Welfare Program, 1976, 1989-1991, 1992-1994, Undated
nam_ua690-5_220 39 nam_ua690-5_220 Undergraduate Who's Who Among Students, 1989-1990, 1993-1994
nam_ua690-5_221 40 nam_ua690-5_221 University Presidential Inauguration - Patrick Swygert, 1991, Undated
nam_ua690-5_222 41 nam_ua690-5_222 University/Regional Interaction Inventory, 1976
nam_ua690-5_223 42 nam_ua690-5_223 Voluntary Action Center of Albany, 1973
nam_ua690-5_224 43 nam_ua690-5_224 Walter M. Beattie Jr. Award, 1987, Undated
nam_ua690-6 Series 6: Continuing Education Program (CEP) Publications, 1973-1990, Undated - 5.2  cubic ft.
Arranged alphabetically.
Publications within this series are products of the Continuing Education Program (CEP). These publications represent a major function of the CEP through its development of instructional resources for use in social welfare agencies and educational institutions. Topics covered within these publications include income maintenance, education, health and fitness, rehabilitation, corrections, child welfare, gerontology, staff development, public housing, employment, and industrial social work. Please see box 3 folder 16 for the Guide to Continuing Education Program Publications, which lists all publications created up until ca. 1980. This guide also contains additional information about the functions and goals of the CEP. Please note that this series contains only CEP publications; general files relating to the Continuing Education Program are located in the Subject Files series.
Box Folder
1 nam_ua690-6_1 1 nam_ua690-6_1 Absent Parent Training - Income Maintenance Training Institute Program Material, 1984
nam_ua690-6_2 2 nam_ua690-6_2 Advanced Training Program for Supervisors - Income Maintenance/Medical Assistance Training, 1978
nam_ua690-6_3 3 nam_ua690-6_3 Advanced Training Program for Supervisors Year II - Income Maintenance/Medical Assistance Training, 1979
nam_ua690-6_4 4 nam_ua690-6_4 Advanced Training Program for Workers - Income Maintenance/Medical Assistance Training, 1978
nam_ua690-6_5 5 nam_ua690-6_5 Advanced Training Program for Workers Year II - Income Maintenance/Medical Assistance Training, 1979
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1-5 nam_ua690-6_22 nam_ua690-6_22 Constructive Use of Family Court Audiotape Series, ca. 1978
Box Folder
1 nam_ua690-6_23 23 nam_ua690-6_23 Constructive Use of Family Court: Guidelines for Using Audiotape Series, 1978
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Box Folder
2 nam_ua690-6_34 1 nam_ua690-6_34 Enhancing Interviewing Skills of Income Maintenance Workers, 1980
nam_ua690-6_35 2 nam_ua690-6_35 Enhancing Interviewing Skills of Medical Assistance Workers, 1977
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nam_ua690-6_56 32 nam_ua690-6_56 Incidents From Income Maintenance and Medical Assistance Interviews: Recertification/Reapplication, 1979
Box Folder
3 nam_ua690-6_57 1-5 nam_ua690-6_57 Income Maintenance Training Institute Program Materials, 1981-1985
nam_ua690-6_58 6-7 nam_ua690-6_58 Income Maintenance Training Institute Regional Employment Program, ca. 1983
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nam_ua690-6_81 33 nam_ua690-6_81 A Non-Compliance Problem: Revision of New York State's Shelter Allowance Policy, 1977
Box Folder
4 nam_ua690-6_82 1-2 nam_ua690-6_82 On the Line in Child care: An Entry Level Training Curriculum for Residential Child care, 1984
nam_ua690-6_83 3 nam_ua690-6_83 Poindexter County Insight Center, 1981
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1 nam_ua690-6_101 nam_ua690-6_101 Social Policy & Services: A Process-Oriented Reader, 1979
Box Folder
4 nam_ua690-6_102 24 nam_ua690-6_102 Social Services Planning Manual, 1979
nam_ua690-6_103 25 nam_ua690-6_103 The Social Work Process Teacher's Guide, 1978
nam_ua690-6_104 26-27 nam_ua690-6_104 Sociocultural and Service Issues in Working with Afro-American Clients, 1985
nam_ua690-6_105 28 nam_ua690-6_105 Sociocultural and Service Issues in Working with Clients with Disabilities, 1978
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nam_ua690-6_109 32 nam_ua690-6_109 Special Needs Programs for Workers - Income Maintenance/Medical Assistance, 1979
Box Folder
5 nam_ua690-6_110 1 nam_ua690-6_110 Special Needs Programs - Income Maintenance/Medical Assistance, 1978
nam_ua690-6_111 2 nam_ua690-6_111 Staff Development Survey/Analysis, 1979
nam_ua690-6_112 3 nam_ua690-6_112 Statewide Needs Assessment Survey, 1979
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nam_ua690-6_121 14 nam_ua690-6_121 Training in the Human Services: 5th Annual Conference Abstracts, 1981
Box Folder
6 nam_ua690-6_122 1 nam_ua690-6_122 Training Program for Reception/Intake Workers Year II, 1981
nam_ua690-6_123 2-3 nam_ua690-6_123 Training Program for Supervisors - IM/MA Second Edition, 1979
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Box Folder
7 nam_ua690-6_130 1 nam_ua690-6_130 Training Resources for Workers in IM/MA Second Edition, 1979
nam_ua690-6_131 2 nam_ua690-6_131 Training Resources for Workers in IM/MA Third Edition, 1981
nam_ua690-6_132 3 nam_ua690-6_132 Utility Disconnection Response Procedures, 1980
nam_ua690-6_133 4 nam_ua690-6_133 Working with the Neighborhood - A New Power Base for Social Change in the 1980s, 1981
nam_ua690-6_134 5 nam_ua690-6_134 Your Food Stamp Program in the New York State - A Trainer's Guide, 1977
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