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Quantity: 96 captures

The collection consists of inactive records from the University at Albany's Atmospheric Science Research Center.

Quantity: 2 cubic ft. (about 2 boxes)

Contains the records of the Career Education Institute, which was a professional development program that ran from 1974-1976 for secondary school teachers in the Capital District aimed at helping integrate career education into secondary school curricula. The collection consists of administrative correspondence, financial documents, and informational materials from the program.

Quantity: 14.2 cubic ft. (about 14.2 boxes)

Created in 1950 in part to study education in school districts. The Center's mission was to identify the research factors that aid in constructing and maintaining strong democratic communities and to promote such factors through education.

Quantity: 0.66 cubic ft. (about 0.66 boxes)

Includes publications from the Center for Curriculum Research and Service, which provided laboratory experience for the development and application of curricula for undergraduate and graduate students.

Quantity: 82 cubic ft. (about 82 boxes)

Contains the inactive records of the Center for Legislative Development (formerly the Comparative Development Studies Center), which delivers training and technical assistance programs to strengthen governmental institutions around the world.

Quantity: 1.0 cubic ft. (about 1.0 boxes)

The Center on English Learning & Achievement (CELA) specializes in research, development, and services to improve literacy teaching and learning across the grades and subjects.

Quantity: 6.33 cubic ft. (about 6.33 boxes)

Contains records from Initiatives for Women, which grants financial awards to individuals or groups affiliated with the University at Albany that support the advacement of women or women's concerns. Materials include meeting minutes, awards files, and ephemera.

Quantity: 2.33 cubic ft. (about 2.33 boxes)

Contains records from the Public Service Workshops Program (formerly called the Public Service Training Program), a professional development program administered by the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy under contract with the New York State Governor's Office of Employee Relations. Includes progress reports, committee records, and course materials.

Quantity: 3 cubic ft. (about 3 boxes)

Contains materials from the Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government, a public policy research institute operated by SUNY. The bulk of the collection consists of audio and video tapes.

Quantity: 4 cubic ft. (about 4 boxes)

A joint federal and state grant-funded program to implement competency-based teacher education (CBTE) and develop a statewide collaborative system of support for additional CBTE efforts.

Quantity: 2 cubic ft. (about 2 boxes)

Contains records from the Two-Year College Development Center (later referred to as the Two-Year College Student Development Center, and subsequently renamed the Center for Innovation and Career Development). The collection contains annual reports, workshop and conference materials, and educational materials.

Quantity: 69 captures

Records of the Art Museum that was built on UAlbany's Uptown Campus with the support of Governor Nelson Rockefeller.