UAlbany Academic Administration

Collections listed by subject

Quantity: 2.5 cubic ft. (about 2.5 boxes)

The collection consists of inactive records from the University at Albany's Educational Opportunity Program (EOP).

Quantity: 10.42 cubic ft. (about 10.42 boxes)

This collection contains inactive records from the Office of Graduate Education (previously called the Office of Graduate Studies), which is responsible for the administration of graduate programs at the University.

Quantity: 28 captures

The collection consists of inactive records from the University at Albany's Office of International Programs.

Quantity: 32.44 cubic ft. (about 32.44 boxes)

This collection contains materials from the Milne School related to administrative activities from faculty and staff, as well as records pertaining to student activities from various clubs and publications.

Quantity: 0.77 cubic ft. (about 0.77 boxes)

This collection documents the grades by subject of all students who atteneded the Normal School from 1868 to 1899.

Quantity: 0.69 cubic ft. (about 0.69 boxes)

Collection contains the registration lists of all the students who attended the Normal School, detailing their start date and other personal information.

Quantity: 57.33 cubic ft. (about 57.33 boxes)

Contains student transcripts and the official schedule of classes and academic calendar.

Quantity: 48.33 cubic ft. (about 48.33 boxes)

Contains records from the Office of the Vice President for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies, which oversaw research and graduate education at the University between 1971 and 1998. Includes subject administrative files relating to other university departments, records of research centers and institutes, council and committee files, faculty files, UUP records, correspondence, and Office for Research records.

Quantity: 0.67 cubic ft. (about 0.67 boxes)

Contains inactive records of the Office Of Undergraduate Admissions, including annual reports, enrollment data, and other administrative reports and correspondence.

Quantity: 6.42 cubic ft. (about 6.42 boxes)

This collection contains inactive records from the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (previously called the Office of Undergraduate Studies).

Quantity: 10 cubic ft. (about 10 boxes)

This collection contains papers from the office of Robert Morris, who served as Dean of the University College (1966-1970) and subsequently as Dean of Undergraduate Studies (1970-approximately 1976). The collection addresses all aspects of the administration of undergraduate education at the University. It includes undergraduate policy manuals, advisement manuals, grading policy documentation, daily correspondence between Morris and various other administrators at the University, and planning documentation for the Undergraduate Bulletin. The bulk of the material is dated between 1966 and 1978.

Quantity: 163.7 cubic ft. (about 163.7 boxes)

This collection consists mainly of the records of the Office of the Director, records of the Library's divisions and departments, and the University Library Faculty. Includes accession and withdrawal records, 1929-1957; book circulation records, 1929-1960; correspondence, reports and minutes of bibliographers' meetings, 1966-1979; and bound volumes of the University Libraries newsletter, 1972-1976; announcements, schedules of events, memoranda, newspaper clippings, and brochures relating to Community University Day, 1972-1983; memoranda and pamphlets about access policy, 1979-1983; and annual reports, 1979-1987.