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VOLUME: 10 cubic ft.

ACQUISITION: All items in this manuscript collection were transferred to the University Libraries, M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, by the estate of Edith Pribram, January 1989.

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Biographical Sketch

Chronology of Events

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Series Descriptions

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Karl Pribram Papers
Biographical Note

Karl Pribram (1877-1973) was an Austrian-born economist who held important positions before and during World War I in the Austrian government, with the International Labour Office in Geneva in the 1920s, and after his emigration to the United States in 1934, with the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., the U.S. Social Security Board and the U.S. Tariff Commission. Dr. Pribram also lectured at the University of Vienna, was Professor of Economics at the University of Frankfurt am Main from 1928 to 1933, and later at American University in Washington, D.C.

Pribram’s extensive writings cover topics in labor economics, industrial organization and in the history of economic thought. His works include Unification of Social Insurance (1925), Cartel Problems; An Analysis of Collective Monopolies in Europe with American Application (1935), Social Insurance in Europe and Social Security in the United States (1937), Foreign Trade Policy of Austria (1945), Conflicting Patterns of Thought (1949), and his posthumously published A History of Economic Reasoning (1983). Pribram has been described by Nobel Laureate Friedrich A. Hayek as “without exception the most learned man in the field.”

Karl Pribram Papers
Chronology of Events

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1877Born on Dec. 2 in Prague, Czechoslovakia to Otto and Leonore Popper Pribram.
1895Graduated from the Deutsches Staats-Gymnasium, Prague.
1895-1900Studied law at the University of Prague.
1900Received Dr. jur. from the University of Prague.
1900-1902Practiced law
1902-1907Studied social sciences, economics at the Universities of Berlin and Vienna.
1907Habilitation in political economics at the University of Vienna.
1909-1921Worked as statistician in the Austrian Civil Service (Wirtschaftsstatistik, Statistische Zentralkommission), eventually earning the title of Ministerialrat.
1914Earned title of Professor, University of Vienna.
1919-1921Chief of the Legislative Division for Social Policy in the Austrian Ministry for Social Administration.
1921-1928Head of the Statistical Section of the International Office of Labor, Geneva, Switzerland.
1928-1933Professor of economics, University of Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
1929Married Edith Körnei on April 4.
1933Set sail from Hamburg, Germany on the S. S. Manhattan on Dec. 15.
1924Receives degrees of Pol.Sc.D. and LL.D. from Halle, June 20
1934Arrived in New York
1934-1936Member of the research staff of the Brookings Institute, Washington, D.C.
1936-1942Served as Senior Economic Expert on the U. S. Social Security Board.
1939-1952Adjunct Professor of Economics at American University, Washington, D.C.
1942-1951Served as Senior Economist at the U.S. Tariff Commission.
1973Died on July 14 in Washington, D.C.

Karl Pribram Papers
Scope and Content Note

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The Karl Pribram Papers consist of 10 cubic feet of materials, 1877-1973, and include diaries, documents, correspondence, manuscripts, notes and publications of Karl Pribram. The bulk of the collection consists of Pribram’s writings, both in manuscript and published form, on labor, housing, unemployment and the history of economic thought. His papers include writings intended for publication as well as memoranda generated by Pribram during his years at the U.S. Social Security Board and the U.S. Tariff Commission.

Karl Pribram Papers
Series Description

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Series 1: Diaries and notebooks, 1945-1971. 30 items, arranged chronologically.

This series contains 28 appointment diaries, one for each year (1945-1971), detailing Pribram’s daily activities. There are also 2 additional small format notebooks, one for a trip to Paris, July 25 – Sept. 12, 1961.

Series 2: Biographical materials and documents, 1883-1949. 7 file folders, arranged chronologically.

This series consists of documents, including extensive school records, correspondence relating to positions held by Pribram, and some early clippings about him.

Series 3: Correspondence, 1900-1958. 46 file folders, arranged alphabetically.

This series contains scattered correspondence over the years concerning publications as well as with other economists and scholars including Peter Drucker, Josef Dunner, Hans Kelsen and Emil Lederer.

Series 4: Correspondence and memoranda related to Pribram’s positions, 1933-1947. 7 file folders, arranged chronologically.

This series contains correspondence and shorter memoranda generated by Pribram and other members of the agencies where Pribram worked, including the Institut International de Statistique (1933-1935), the U.S. Social Security Board (1935-1942) and the U.S. Tariff Commission (1942-1951).

Series 5: Manuscripts and typescripts; notes, including lecture notes, 1923-1952. 85 file folders, arranged alphabetically.

This series contains manuscripts, typescripts and notes for published articles and lectures, as well as some longer studies prepared by Pribram during his years at the U.S. Social Security Board and the U.S. Tariff Commission.

Series 6: Publications of Karl Pribram, 1904-1951. 192 file folders, arranged chronologically.

This series contains a nearly complete collection of Pribram’s essayistic writings and reviews, as well as proofs and unbound versions of several of his books.

Series 7: Publications by others. 8 file folders.

This series contains primarily reprints of articles sent to Pribram by other scholars.

Karl Pribram Papers
Box and Folder List

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Series 1: Diaries and notebooks, 1945-1971.

Box 1

Karl Pribram Papers
Box and Folder List

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Series 2: Biographical materials and documents, 1883-1949

Box 2

1. Documents, including birth and marriage certificates, early curriculum vitae, early contracts, 1877-1929.
2. Gymnasium and university records, 1883-1901.
3. Documents and correspondence concerning employment, 1905-1928.
4. Documents and correspondence, University of Frankfurt, 1929-1933.
5. Employment records from the United States Tariff Commission, 1942-1949.
6. Hand X-ray, 1942.
7. Newspaper clippings and other printed materials about Pribram, 1917-1934.

Karl Pribram Papers
Box and Folder List

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Series 3: Correspondence, 1900-1958

Box 2 Continued

8. Drafts of early letters by Pribram, 1922-1923.
9. Frankfurt am Main, 1929-1930.
10. American Economic Association, 1953.
11. American Statistical Association, 1937.
12. The American University, 1940.
13. Beede, K. C. (Federal Housing Administration), 1936.
14. Bien, Bettina, 1958.
15. Blelloch, David H. (International Housing Office), 1942.
16. Cowles, Alfred (Cowles Commission for Research in Economics), 1938.
17. Drucker, Peter, 1929.
18. Dunner, Josef, 1942, n.d.
19. The Econometric Society, 1939.
20. Economics of Urban Housing (Leo Grehler, Ronald Press Company), 1939-1940.
21. Foreign Affairs (Hamilton Fish Armstrong), 1942.
22. Goodrich, Carter, 1942.
23. Grünberg, Carl, 1918, 1926.
24. Guradze, Heinz, 1951.
25. Haberler, Gottfried, 1953 (draft).
26. Kelsen, Hans, 1929.
27. Klein, Franz, 1914.
28. Knight, Frank H., 1952.
29. Lederer, Emil, 1930.
30. Lemmer, Fr., 1932.
31. Lorwin, Val R., 1936.
32. Meyer, Fred, 1948.
33. Montgomery, Royal E., 1934.
34. Morse, Wayne, 1946.
35. National Bureau of Economic Research (Frederick C. Mills), 1936.
36. Nelson, Alfred C., 1941.
37. Palla, Edmund, 1946.
38. Piquet, Howard S., 1952.
39. Pleskot, Jiri, 1938.
40. Pribram, Bruno, 1945.
41. Pribram, John, 1944, 1946.
42. Pribram, Otto, 1942, 1946.
43. Price, Albert L., 1940.
44. Rauchberg, Heinrich, 1912, 1918, 1929.
45. The Review of Economic Statistics, 1937.
46. Rice, Stuart A., 1940-1941.
47. Richter, Hans, n.d.
48. Schlesinger, Charlotte, 1941.
49. Schoenbaum, Emil, 1945.
50. Siebrecht, Valentin, 1948.
51. Sommer, Luise, 1913.
52. Spielmans, John V., 1945.
53. Stern, Carl S., 1938.
54. Miscellaneous, 1900-1949.

Karl Pribram Papers
Box and Folder List

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Series 4: Correspondence and memoranda related to Pribram’s positions, 1933-1947

Box 2 Continued

55. Institut International de Statistique (incl. W. H. Methorst, Wesley C. Mitchell, Walter F. Willcox), 1933-1936.
56. Institut International de Statistique, 1937-1938.
57. Institut International de Statistique. Visitor’s book, 1929.
58. United States Social Security Board (incl. W. Ellison Chalmers, Ewan Clague, Gladys Friedman, Mary Ross, Collis Stocking, W. R. Williamson), 1937-1940.
59. United States Social Security Board (incl. Louis, Levine, W. Woytinsky), 1941-1942.
60. United States Tariff Commission (incl. Lewis L. Lorwin, L. Morrison), 1942-1947.
61. Scientific Conference on Interpreting and Inter-cultural Barriers to Communication, Jan. 4, 1956. Conference proceedings.

Karl Pribram Papers
Box and Folder List

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Series 5: Manuscripts and typescripts; notes, including lecture notes, 1923-1952

Box 2 Continued

62. “A Short History of the International Labor Organization Center.” Dated Feb. 7, 1947.
63. “The American system of social security and the European systems of social insurance: A comparative study.” Dated Jan. 28, 1937.
64. “Balance of Payments Position of the United Kingdom as affected by the war.” Dated Oct. 1945.
65. Cartel Problems. Preface, 1936.
66. “Compensation for Unemployment During Industrial Disputes.” 1940.
67. “Considerations on the proposed Survey and Appraisal of Post-War Plans.” Sept. 1942.
68. “Digest from E. F. Penrose, Freedom from Want – A suggested Program.” Undated.
69. “Duration of Benefits and Unemployment Compensation Policy.” Undated.
70. “Economic and Constitutional Limitations to Social Programs.” Dated Feb. 17, 1936.
71. “Economic Policy and Development in Austria, 1815-1848.” Seminar text, The Johns Hopkins University, Jan. 1939.
72-73. Economics of Housing. Lecture notes, 1942.

Box 3

1. “Economics of Urban Housing. A Handbook.” Outlines for a proposed volume, ca. 1941.
2. “Eligibility Requirements.” Undated manuscript.
3. “Excess Reserves and Deficit Financing in Employment Compensation” (written with Gardner F. Derrickson). 1940.
4. “Factors Affecting the International Trade Policies of Foreign Countries After the War.” April 1945.
5. “Foreign Trade Positions of Other Countries.” April 1946.
6. “From the Classical to the Scholastic School.” Undated.
7. “The Historical Background of the Benefit Formula in Unemployment Compensation.” Dated Feb. 1939.
8. “A History of Economic Reasoning.” Typescripts, notes.
9-10. Economic Reasoning. Lecture notes, undated.
11. “Economic Reasoning.” Round table discussion, papers by participants: R. C. Callender, Alexander Gall, George Gussman, Charles J. Horan, R. Lutz. 1940.
12. “Gleichgewichtsvorstellungen in der Konjunkturtheorie.” Undated.
13. Housing and Home Financing. Lecture notes, American University, 1935-1936.
14. “Housing Policy and the Defense Program.” 1941.
15. “How can future wars be prevented?” Manuscript, 1942.
16. “If you had $25,000.- to spend for the improvement of American statistics, how would you use it?” Undated.
17. “The International Aspects of Chemical Nitrogen.” Dated Sept. 1944.
18. “International Aspects of the Potash Industry.” Undated.
19. “The International Labor Organization, its present functions and future tasks.” 1942.
20. “International Wirtschaftspolitik und Internationale Sozialpolitik.” Handwritten notes, galley proofs, dated Nov. 24, 1928.
21. “The Labor Dispute Disqualification.” 1941.
22. “Limits of Local Autonomy in Employment Exchange Operations.” Undated.
23. The McCormack Amendment. Texts and related correspondence, 1939-1940.
24. “The Notion of ‘Economic System’ Underlying Business Cycle Analysis.” Undated.
25. “Patterns of Commercial Policy.” Dated Apr. 24, 1945.
26. “Patterns of Economic Reasoning.” Paper for the American Economic Association, Dec. 1952.
27. Post-War German problems. Manuscripts, notes, 1941-1942.
28. “Un principe constructeur de la vie sociale moderne.” Dated Apr. 6, 1923.
29. “The Problem of Collective Monopolies.” Undated.
30. “Problems of Employment During the War and the Post-war Periods.” Undated.
31. “Problems of Seasonal Employment.” Dated Dec. 1, 1937.
32. “Problems to be discussed by an Unemployment Compensation Advisory Committee.” Undated.
33. “Reasons for Proposed Board Requirements of Benefit Statistics.” Undated.

Box 4

1-2. “Recovery Policies and Recovery Measures.” 1936.
3. “Report on Experience Rating.” Dated Dec. 2, 1938.
4. “Six Lectures on Labor Problems.” Harvard University lectures, 1934.
5. “Social Budgeting.” Lecture, 1940.
6. “Some Dynamic Aspects of the Urban Ground Rent.” Undated.
7. “Some Economic and Social Problems in Health Insurance.” 1936.
8. “Some Economic Aspects of the Housing Problem.” Notes, undated.
9. “Study of the Solvency of State Unemployment Compensation Funds, 1932-1941.” Dated Nov. 1941.
10. Study on German Exchange Control. 1942.
11. “Survey of documents on cartelization supplied by the Department of Justice.” Dated Nov. 6, 1943.
12. “Die Mausefalle” / “Tea Without Sugar.” Playscript in German and English. Geneva, 1920s.
13. Typescript fragments.
14. “Deletions.” Note slips, typed passages.
15. “Last chapters.” Notes.
16. Notes to lectures.
17. Business cycles. Notes.
18. Competition, Monopolies. Notes.
19. Economic Method. Notes.
20. Economic Reasoning. Notes.
21. English and German phrases. Notes.
22. International Organizations. Notes.
23. International Trade. Notes.
24. Kapitalismus. Notes in German.
25. Keynes. Notes.
26. Monetary / Price Theory. Notes.
27. Notverordnungen der Reichsregierung. Notes in German.
28. Seminar notes, 1929-1930.

Box 5

1. Socialism in the USSR. Notes.
2. Sozialpolitik. Notes in German, 1929, 1932.
3. Sweden – welfare. Notes.
4. Theorie – Politik, Weltwirtschaft. Notes in German.
5. Welfare economics. Notes.
6. Wirtschaftspolitik. Notes in German.
7. World trade. Notes in German. Frankfurt am Main, 1929.
8-9. Varia. Notes.
10. Notes removed from books.
11-12. Miscellaneous notebooks, undated.

Karl Pribram Papers
Box and Folder List

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Series 6: Publications of Karl Pribram, 1904-1951

Box 5 Continued

13. Bound volume containing articles on housing, 1908-1931(?).
14. Bound volume containing articles, 1912-1928.
15. Bound volume containing articles on Sozialpolitik, 1921-1926.
16. Bound volume containing articles from the periodical Soziale Praxis, 1920.
17. Bound volume containing articles from the periodical Soziale Praxis, 1925-1928.
18. Bound volume containing articles from the periodical Soziale Praxis, 1929-1933.
19. Bound volume, entitled “Aufsätze zur Ideengeschichte, 1931-1933.”

Box 6

Large format publications:

1. “Der Individualismus in der neueren Rechtsphilosopie.” 1914.
2. “Krieg und Wirtschaftspolitik.” Mar. 15, 1915.
3. “Der Krieg und die Bodenpolitik.” Aug. 28, 1915.
4. “Die wirtschaftlichen Aufgaben Österreichs nach dem Kriege.” Jan. 15, 1916.
5. “Statistik und Volkswirtschaft.” Feb. 14, 1916.
6. “Die Arbeitslosenfürsorge in Deutschösterreich.” Mar. 29 – Apr. 5, 1919.
7. “Sozialisierung und wirtschaftliche Individualrechte.” Apr. 12, 1919.
8. “Die ersten Sozialisierungsvorlagen.” May 9, 1919.
9. “Der Kampf der wirtschaftspolitischen Ideenrichtungen im Betriebsrätegesetz.” Dec. 6, 1919.
10. “Die gesetzliche Regelung der Arbeitslosenunterstützung.” Apr. 3-10, 1920.
11. “Die Industriellen Bezirkskommissionen in Deutschösterreich.” Oct. 6, 1920.
12. “Die Struktur der politischen Parteien im neuen Oesterreich.” May 28, June 25, 1921.
13. “Begriff und Aufgaben der Sozialpolitik und die Soziologie I-V.” Jan. 1-29, 1925.
14. “Zum Thema ‘Soziologie und Sozialpolitik’. Eine Erwiderung.” Oct. 22, 1925.
15. “Die internationale Sozialpolitik und die Internationale Arbeitsorganisation.” Jan. 7, 1926.
16. “Bemerkungen zur internationalen Sozialpolitik.” Feb. 1, 1926.
17. “Zur Internationalen Statistik der Arbeitslöhne.” Feb. 5, 1926.
18. “Die internationale Regelung der Arbeitszeit.” July 8, 1926.
19. “Der Gesetzentwurf über die Arbeitslosenversicherung.” Apr. 14, 1927.
20. “Die sozialpolitischen Probleme auf der Weltwirtschaftskonferenz I-III.” Apr. 14-28, 1927.
21. “Der Konventionsentwurf betreffend die Mindestlöhne.” July 19, 1928.
22. “Die internationale Behandlung der Mindestlohngesetzgebung.” July 28, 1927.
23. “Löhne und Arbeitszeit in den Steinkohlenbergwerken Europas.” May 3, 1929.
24. “Zur Statistik der Arbeitslöhne im Steinkohlenbergbau.” July 11, 1929.
25. “Die Sozialpolitik als Weg zum Sozialismus I-II.” Mar. 6-13, 1930.
26. “Die Zwangsschlichtung und ihre Probleme.” July 1930.
27. “Sozialpolitik und Staat.” Jan. 26, 1933.
28. “Merit Rating and Unemployment Compensation” (co-authored with Philip Booth, Assisted by Bernard Fishman). Oct. 1937.

Box 7

Books and edited periodicals:

1. Geschichte der österreichischen Gewerbepolitik von 1740 bis 1860. Unbound copies with corrections and notes, 1907.
2. Mitteilungen der Zentralstelle für Wohnungsreform in Österreich. Scattered issues of the periodical edited by Pribram, 1912-1916.
3. Die Statistik als Wissenschaft in Österreich im 19. Jahrhundert. 1913.
4. Wirtschaftliches Verhalten in Kriegszeiten. 1914.
5. Die Grundgedanken der Wirtschaftspolitik der Zukunft. 1918.
6. Die Probleme der internationalen Sozialpolitik. 1927.


7. “Die Erlösung der Realgewerbe Wiens.” 1904.
8. “Die juristische Struktur des gewerblichen Arbeitsverhältnisses nach österreichischem Recht.” 1904.
9. “Die Einführung der Schutzdekrete unter Karl VI. In Wien.” Aug. 1905.
10. “Der Normalarbeitstag in den Gewerblichen Betrieben und im Bergbaue Österreichs.” 1906.
11. “Die Idee des Gleichgewichtes in der älteren nationalökonomischen Theorie.” 1908.
12. “Das erste österreichische Patentgesetz vom 16. Jänner 1810.” 1910.
13. “Die Wohnungsfürsorge-Bestrebungen in Oesterreich.” Ca. 1910.
14. “Die Organisation des Kredits für die gemeinnützige Bautätigkeit.” May 1910.
15. “Die sechste Generalversammlung der internationalen Vereinigung für gesetzlichen Arbeiterschutz (Lugano, 20. bis 28. September 1910).” Feb. 24, 1911.
16. “Neuere Literatur zur Frage der Haushaltungsstatistik und Preisbewegung.” 1912.
17. “Wohngrösse und Mietzinshöhe in den Hauszinssteuerpflichtigen Orten Österreichs.” 1912.
18. “Die Bedeutung der staatlichen Wohnungspolitik für den Bau von Arbeiterwohnungen.” Mar. 14, 1912.
19. “Gutachten des Herrn Privat-Dozenten Dr. Karl Pribram in Wien…” 1913.
20. “Die Statistik als Wissenschaft in Österreich im 19. Jahrhundert.” Aug./Sept. 1913.
21. “Die Wirtschaftskrise und die Kreditbeschaffung.” Nov. 29, 1913.
22. “Die amtliche Statistik Österreichs am Scheideweg.” After 1914.
23. “III. Oesterreich-Ungarn.” 1914.
24. “Rückblick auf das Jahr 1913.” 1914.
25. “Robert Meyer †.” June 1914.
26. “Das voraussichtliche Ergebnis der Kriegsanleihe.” Dec. 1, 1914.
27. “Der Wert des landwirtschaftlichen Grundbesitzes in Ungarn und Österreich.” July/Aug. 1915.
28. “Die amtliche Statistik Österreichs am Scheideweg.” 1916.
29. “Preisbildung und Recht.” 1916.
30. “Die Rechtsformen der Kriegerheimstätten.” Feb. 1916.
31. “Die Entwicklung der Lebensmittelpreise in Österreich in den Kriegsjahren 1914 und 1915.” Feb./Mar. 1916.
32. “Die Wohnungsfrage nach dem Kriege.” June 1916.
33. “Freiheit oder Zwang im Wirtschaftsleben der Zukunft.” Nov. 21, 1916.
34. “Der Mehlverbrauch der Bevölkerung Österreichs in der Friedenszeit.” Dec. 1916.
35. “Probleme des Städtebaues im Lichte der Wirtschaftspolitik.” Dec. 5, 1916.
36. “Über die Beziehungen zwischen der Handelspolitik und der auswärtigen Politik.” 1916.
37. “Die Weltanschauungen der Völker und ihre Politik.” 1917.
38. “Die wirtschaftliche Verwaltung des serbischen Okkupationsgebietes.” 1917.
39. “Zur Entwicklung der Lebensmittelpreise in der Kriegszeit.” May 1917.
40. “Die Zukunft der amtlichen Statistik.” June 1917.
41. “Erkenntniskritische Betrachtungen zum Streite über die Länderautonomie in Österreich.” 1918.
42. “Die Grundgedanken der Wirtschaftspolitik der Zukunft.” 1918.

Box 8

1. “Die Regelung der fachlichen Arbeitsvermittlung in Österreich.” 1918.
2. “Sozialisierung und wirtschaftliche Individualrechte.” 1919.
3. “Der Geist der Sozialpolitik früher und jetzt.” Jan. 1920.
4. “Das Wiener Bürgertum und die Politik.” May 15, 1920.
5. “Der Arbeitsnachweis im Entwurfe des Gesetzes über die Arbeitslosenversicherung.” Oct. 20, 1920.
6. “Die Sozialpolitik im neuen Oesterreich.” 1921.
7. “Deutscher Nationalismus und deutscher Sozialismus.” 1922.
8. “Erwiderung.” 1923.
9. “Les Caracteres Essentiels de la Démocratie.” 1924.
10. “Das Internationale Arbeitsamt und die international vergleichende Statistik.” 1925.
11. “Probleme der internationalen Arbeitsstatistik.” 1925.
12. “The Unification of Social Insurance.” Mar. 1925.
13. “Le problème de l’unification des assurances sociales.” 1925.
14. “Problemi internazionali delle Assicurazioni Sociali.” Jan./Feb. 1926.
15. “Die Wandlungen des Begriffs der Sozialpolitik.” 1925.
16. “Internationale Arbeitsstatistik, Grundbegriffe und Verfahren der.” After 1926.
17. “Sociální filosofie mírové smlouvy.” 1926.
18. “Die Sozialpolitik als theoretische Diziplin.” 1926.
19. “Die internationalen Tendenzen in der internationalen Arbeitsorganisation.” Apr. 1926.
20. “The Scope of Labor Statistics.” Oct. 1926.
21. “Les Taches de la Statistique du Travail.” Oct. 1926.
22. “Die weltwirtschaftliche Lage im Spiegel des Schrifttums der Weltwirtschafts-konferenz.” Oct. 1927.
23. “Konjunkturbeobachtung.” 1928.
24. “Die Verteilung der finanziellen Lasten in der Sozialversicherung.” Mar. 1928.
25-26. “Internationale Wirtschaftspolitik und internationale Sozialpolitik. Ihre Wurzeln und Anschauungsformen.” Nov. 14, 1928.
27. “Die Finanzierung des Wohnungsbaues in den Ländern mit Mietzinsbeschränkung, I & II.” Nov./Dec. 1928.
28. “I problemi finanziarii della construzione di case.” Dec. 1928.
29. “Report sur l’uniformisation internationale des statistiques de l’habitation urbaine.” 1929.

Box 9

1. “Weltwirtschaftskonferenz.” 1929.
2. “Die Zukunft des Internationalen Statistischen Instituts.” 1929.
3. “Internationale Arbeitsstatistik.” 1930.
4. “Internationale Einrichtungen und Bestrebungen.” 1930.
5. “Nominalismus und Begriffsrealismus in der Nationalökonomie.” 1930.
6. “Sozialisierungsbestrebungen im Wohnungswesen.” 1930.
7. “Die städtische Grundrente im Konjunkturverlauf.” 1930.
8. “Wohnungsämter des Auslands” (co-authored with Liepmann). 1930.
9. “Die volkswirtschaftlichen Probleme der deutschen Wohnungswirtschaft.” 1930.
10. “Arbeitskämpfe.” 1931.
11. “Aussperrungen.” 1931.
12. “Die Bedeutung der internationalen Sozialpolitik für das Weltschaftsleben.” 1931.
13. “Deuxieme rapport sur l’uniformisation internationale des statistiques de l’habitation urbaine.” 1931.
14. “Nominalismus und Begriffsrealismus in der Nationalökonomie.” 1931.
15. “World-Unemployment and Its Problems.” 1931.
16. “Die Deutungen der Sozialpolitik.” 1932.
17. “Einigungs- und Zwangssysteme im Schlichtungswesen (Eine international vergleichende Untersuchung).” 1932.
18. “Das Problem der Verantwortlichkeit in der Sozialpolitik.” 1932.
19. “Statistik der beruflichen Erkrankungshäufigkeit und Sterblichkeit. 1933.
20. “Die vier Begriffe der Weltwirtschaft und ihre Problematik.” Jan. 19, 1933.
21. “Equilibrium Concept and Business Cycle Statistics.” 1934.
22. “A Unified Program for the Unemployed.” Mar. 1935.
23. “European Experiences and New Deal Statistics.” Mar. 1935.
24. “European Experience with Social Insurance.” Apr. 1935.

Box 10

1. “Controlled Competition and the Organization of American Industry.” May 1935.
2. “How to Ascertain the Definition of Some Notions Which are Fundamental to Business Cycle Analysis?” 1936.
3. “Some Causes of Economic Distress and Their Social Significance.” 1936.
4. “Some Economic and Social Problems in Health Insurance.” 1936.
5. “Gleichgewichtsvorstellungen in der Konjunkturtheorie.” 1937.
6. “Cartel Problems: A Rejoinder.” Feb. 1937.
7. “The Notion of ‘Economic System’ Underlying Business-Cycle Analysis.” May 1937.
8. “Social Insurance in Europe and Social Security in the United States.” Dec. 1937.
9. “O Seguro Social na Europa e nos Estados Unidos.” Mar. 1938.
10. “The Functions of Reserves in Old-Age Benefit Plans.” Aug. 1938.
11. “Some Dynamic Aspects of the Urban Ground Rent.” July 1939.
12. “Residual Differential and Absolute Urban Ground Rents and Their Cyclical Fluctuations.” Jan. 1940.
13. “Housing Policy and the Defense Program.” Dec. 1941.
14. “Employment Stabilization through Pay Roll Taxation.” Nov. 1942.
15. “Foreign Trade Policy of Spain.” June 1943.
16. “Customs Unions in Europe.” Aug. 20, 1943.
17. “The Foreign-Trade Policy of Bulgaria.” Nov. 1943.
18. “The Foreign Trade Policy of Greece. Undated.
19. “The Foreign Trade Policy of Austria.” May 1945.
20. “Rearmament and a More Flexible Tariff Structure for the United States.” 1951.
21. “Prolegomena to a History of Economic Reasoning.” Feb. 1951.
22. “Development of Economic Thought. Patterns of Economic Reasoning.” May 1953.


23. Herkner, Heinrich. Die Arbeiterfrage. Dec. 1902.
24. Grünfeld, Ernst. Lorenz von Stein und die Gesellschaftslehre. 1910.
25. Denis, Hector. Histoire des systèmes économiques et socialistes; Gide, Charles. Histoire des doctrines économiques depuis les Physiocrates jusqu’á nos jours; Schatz, Albert. L’Individualisme économique et social. 1911.
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27. Baron, Alfred. Der Haus- und Grundbesitzer in Preußens Städten einst und jetzt. 1912.
28. Layton, Walter T. An Introduction to the Study of Prices; Ratzka-Ernst, Clara. Welthandelsartikel und ihre Preise. 1912.
29. Rauchberg, H. Österreichische Bürgerkunde; Politische Erziehung. 1912.
30. Levy, Hermann. Die Grundlagen des ökonomischen Liberalismus in der Geschichte der englischen Volkswirtschaft. Mar. 1913.
31. Fengler, Otto. Die Wirtschaftspolitik Turgots und seiner Zeitgenossen im Lichte des Ancien Regime. Apr. 1914.
32. Bunzel, Julius. Die Anfänge der modernen Arbeiterbewegung in der Steiermark. May 1914.
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36. Patzauer, Hans. Oesterreichs und Ungarns Staatswirtschaften. 1917.

Box 11

1. Einleitende Denkschrift zur Erhebung über die Produktion. 1921.
2. Schiff, Walter. Der Arbeiterschutz der Welt. 1921.
3. Mises, Ludwig. Die Gemeinwirtschaft. 1925.
4. Sommer, Louise. Die österreichischen Kameralisten. 1925.
5. Strigl, Richard. Angewandte Lohntheorie. 1927.
6. Bodmer, Lore. Die englischen Gewerkschaftsbewegung der Kriegs- und Nachkriegszeit. 1927/1928.
7. Butler, H. B. Die Beziehungen zwischen den Arbeitgebern und Arbeitnehmern in den Vereinigten Staaten. 1927/1928.
8. Michels, Robert. Soziologie als Gesellschaftswissenschaft. 1927/1928.
9. Sanders, W. Stephen. Early Socialist Days. 1927/1928.
10. Winschuh, Josef. Grenzen der Sozialpolitik. 1929.
11. Tönnies, Ferdinand. Der Kampf um das Sozialistengesetz 1878. 1929.
12. Heimann, E. Soziale Theorie des Kapitalismus. 1930.
13. Kumpmann, Karl. Kapitalismus und Sozialismus. 1930.
14. Egger, Alois. Die Belastung der deutschen Wirtschaft durch die Sozialversicherung. 1930.
15. Richter, D. Walter & Anton Szemlet. Das Lohngewerbe in Wirtschaft und Recht; Wertenson, Marie. Die Arbeitslosigkeit in England seit 1919. 1930.
16. Das schweizerische Fabrikmädchen; Keiler, Marianne. Die Tätigkeit der internationalen Arbeitsorganisation auf dem Gebiete der Sozialversicherung. 1930.
17. Schneider, M. David. The Workers’ (Communist) Party and American Trade Unions. 1930.
18. Cassau, D. Theodor. Die Gewerkschaftsbewegung. 1930.
19. Internationales Handwörterbuch des Gewerkschaftswesens. 1930.
20. Sulzbach, Walter. Nationales Gemeinschaftsgefühl und wirtschaftliches Interesse. 1930.
21. Hayek, Fr. A. Das Mieterschutzproblem. Aug. 1930.
22. Henseler, Hermann. Das Internationale Arbeitsamt. Apr. 1931.
23. Hiitonen, E. Licencié et Lettres, Licencié en Droit. Oct. 1931.
24. Weisskopf, Walter A. The Psychology of Economics. Sept. 1956.
25. Crosser, Paul K. Economic Fictions – A Critique of Subjectivistic Economic Theory. 1958?

Karl Pribram Papers
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Series 7: Publications by others

Box 11 continued

26. Amonn, Alfred.
27. Appleman, Adolph.
28. Aufricht, Hans.
29. Bab, Herbert.
30. Blachly, Dan.
31. Böhm-Bawerk, Eugen v.
32. Chaudhury, Nagendra Nath.
33. Fisher, Irving.
34. Forchheimer, Karl.
35. Freudenberger, Herman.
36. Froehlich, Walter.
37. Goetz, B. E.
38. Grebler, Leo.
39. Grunberg, Emile.
40. Haber, William / Joseph, J. J.
41. Heimann, Eduard.
42. Hesselbach, Walter.
43. Hexner, Ervin.
44. Letiche, John M.
45. Mannheim, Karl.
46. Mises, Ludwig von.
47. Mitchell, Wesley C.
48. Neumark, F.
49. Nyström, Bertil.
50. Pribram, Ewald.
51. Pribram, Karl H.
52. Rice, Stuart.
53. Richter-Altschaeffer, Hans.
54. Schiff, Eric.
55. Schlochauer, H. J.
56. Schoenbaum, Emil.
57. Schultz, Henry.
58. Schumpeter, Joseph.
59. Sebba, Gregor.
60. Spielmans, John V.
61. Spitzer, H. M.
62. Sulzbach, Walter.
63. Vito, Francesco.
64. Weddigen, Walter.
65. Weisskopf, Walter A.
66. White, Leonard D.
67. Wieser, Friedrich Freiherrn v.
68. Witte, Edwin E.
69. Wunderlich, Frieda.
70. Zaglits, Oscar.
71. Zahn, Friedrich.
72. Miscellaneous publications.

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