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Ludwig Bachhofer Papers, 19221968
Scope and content note

The Ludwig Bachhofer Papers consists of 2 boxes of materials plus several folders of oversize photographs. Correspondence in German and English with Henry Bergsen and others about Asian art, 193062; research notes, manuscripts, and articles, 192253; and photographs of art works and of the University of Munich after the 1944 bombing. The University Libraries also has his library (including many annotated books) relating to Chinese, Japanese, and Indian art history. Bachhofer taught at the University of Chicago from 1935.The major portion of the collection is comprised of photographs, picture postcards, color plates and reproductions (ca. 2440) assembled by Bachhofer during the course of his career.

Ludwig Bachhofer Papers, 19221968
Box and Folder List

Box 1

1. Correspondence with Henry Bergsen.
   4 L. by Bachhofer. 1932-1934.
   26 L. to Bachhofer. 1931-1936.

2. Notes, found in Henry Bergsen correspondence.

3. Miscellaneous correspondence. 1930-1962.
   5 L. by Bachhofer.
   28 L. to Bachhofer.

4. "Chinese Art.-!' Manuscript. T. 4p. plus 2p.

5. "Chinese Art Treasures." Manuscript. T. with h. corr. 7p.

6. "Einf0hrung in die Kunst Ostasiens." Notes in 2 black notebooks. Summer semester 1922. 84p., 76p.

7. "Evolution of Perceptual Imagination." Manuscript. A. 8p.

8. "Evolution of Presentations in Painting and Sculpture." Notes. A. 10p.

9. "Hsio-Yen Suim. On Ming Dynasty Book Illustration." Notes by Bachhofer. A. 10p.

10."Notizen zur Zentralasien." A. 10p.

11. "Osvald Siren: Histoire de la Peinture Chinoise." Review. T. with some h. corr. 4p.

12. "Representation of man, Greek, geometric." outline, notes. A. and T. 6p.

13. "The Representation of Space in Chinese Painting During the First Thousand Years of the Christian Era." Manuscript. T. 75p. Footnotes. T. 12p.;"Die Raumdarstellung in der chinesischen Malerei des ersten Jahrtausends n. Ch." T. 3p. Also 2 cc. Notes. 8p.

14. "Some principal remarks on Tang and Sung Ceramics." T. 8p. A. 2p.

15. "Victor Lowenfeld: The Nature of Creative Activity. New York 1939." Notes. A. 16p.

16. "Vom. kutinstlerischen in der Kunst. Ein Zwiegesprach zwischen Musiker und Maler." Manuscript. T.cc. 8p.

17. "Works of art express the ideas and ideals ..." Untitled Manuscript. 4c. 19p.

18. "Zum. Stimmungsgehalt durch den Landskapen." Manuscript. A. 13p.
   Notes on landscape representation. A. 82p.
   Mimeo. 10p.

19. ZurTheorie der Bildenden Kunst." Manuscript. T. 9p.
   Early Manuscript and notes. A. 20p.

20. Chinese and Greek art. Notes. A. 66p.

21. Chinese painting and poetry. Class lecture notes [19531. 39p.

22. Critiques: 2 Manuscripts. 5p., 7p.
   1 mimeo. 5p. with notes.
   1 clipping.
   Notes. 6p,,

23. Hinduisierung. Notes. A. 6p.

24. Japanese art. Notes. A. 13p.

25. Japanese woodworking. Notes and manuscripts. circa 150p.

26.Kunstgeschichte. Untitled manuscript'and notes. T. with h. corr. 6p.

27. Notes, untitled manuscripts. circa 150p.

28. Miscellaneous note slips pertaining to: "Altgermanische Ornament," "Irant" "Volkerwanderung," "Sarmaten," etc.

29.Notes by Bachhofer on various articles, books, etc. read. A. 100p.

30. Miscellaneous working notes. A. 26p.

31. Offprints by Bachhofer. 8 items.

32. 4 contracts, 2 miscellaneous documents. Notes.

33. Soper, Alexander circa 2 offprints.

34. The Del Drago Collection of Chinese Painting. Inventory. Pc. 180p. Also notes on selections by Bachhofer. I 18p.

35. Clippings on various topics.

36. Student papers.

37. Unidentified photos (32).

38. Abhayagiri Dagaba Auuradhapura, Ceylon, South shrine. 2 photos of carvings.

39. Amaravati (India). Sculpture, carvings. 198 photos, picture postcards. 4 folders.40. Barhut. 134 photos. 3 folders.

41. Budh Gaya. 175 photos. 4 folders.

Box II

1. "Chinese Art Treasures." 10 photo reproductions of objects in exhibit reviewed by Bachhofer for Pantheon. Munich, 1962.

2. Chinese bronzes. 292 photos, reproductions, postcards, etc. 6 folders.

3. Chinese ceramics. 21 drawings and photos. (Originally in circa W. Bishop correspondence.)

4. Chinese painting. 169 photos, reproductions, picture postcards. 3 folders.

5. "Chinesische und Japanische Malerei vom 10. bis 18. Jh." Catalog and 104 photos from exhibit. Munich, 1930. Ludwig Bachhofer advisor.

6. Clicki Goloubew. 20 photos.

7. Del Drago Collection. 164 photos from the collection, arranged by catalog sequence, some duplicates. 3 folders.

8. Florence museum (Italy). 2 photos.

9. Gandhara. 159 photos. 4 folders.

10. Gupta. 25 photos. -

11. India. 55 photos of statues.

12. Japanese ceramics. 42 photos, picture postcards.

13. Japanese painting. 57 photos.

14. Mathura. 223 photos. 4 folders.

15. Mavrya und verschiedenes. 70 photos.

16. Munich architecture (churches, castles). 31 photos, picture postcards.

17. Neolithic sites in Northern China. 66 photos, drawings.

18. Oster Insel (Easter Island). 6 picture postcards, lp. notes.

19. Persian art. 9 postcards.

20. Persian min*aturep. 32 color plates, photos, postcards.

21. Sanchi. 52'photos. 2 folders.

22. Statuary: Porcelain, pottery, bronze, iron. 71 photos, postcards.

23. University of Munich after bombing of July 13, 1944. 24 photos plus index."

Materials not in boxes:

1. 4 small boxes of note" slips: Japanese art (2), Chinese art (1), Central Asian art (1).

2. Chinese bronzes. 15 oversize photos.

3. Chinese painting.

4. Hohlen (caves). 97 oversize photos.

9 oversize photos.

5. India. 12 oversize photos.

6. Sanchi. 1 oversize photo.
Statuary. 3 oversize photos.

7. Miscellaneous oversize photos,(55). 2 folders.

8.Ajanta. The Colour & Monochrome Reproductions of the Ajanta Frescoes Based on Photography. Part II. London: Oxford Univ. Press, undated
   Sp., XLIX plates. oversize folio.

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