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VOLUME: 20 cubic ft.

ACQUISITION: All items in this manuscript group were donated to the University Libraries, M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, by Wilbur Broms, Executor for the estates of Greta Hartwig Manschinger and Kurt Manschinger on March 13, 1983. Additional materials were added to the collection by Wilbur Broms in March 2006.

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Greta Hartwig Manschinger and Kurt (Ashley Vernon) Manschinger Papers
Biographical Sketch

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Greta Hartwig Manschinger (18991971), writer and librettist for works composed by Kurt Manschinger ( aka Ashley Vernon).   Manschinger lived in New York City.

Greta Hartwig Manschinger and Kurt (Ashley Vernon) ManschingerPapers
Scope and Content Note

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The collection includes correspondence, 1945-1968; manuscript of Greta's unfinished autobiographical novel "Brno-New York" and hand-corrected typescripts and manuscripts of novel sketches, opera librettos (English translations from German), songs, short stories, children's literature, advertising and media sketches, and critical reviews, 1935-1970; personal family papers of Kurt and Greta Manschinger; scores and sheet music by Kurt and Greta; audio tapes of performances; index card files of Manschinger music contacts; Manschinger Music Trust files.

Greta Hartwig Manschinger and Kurt (Ashley Vernon) Manschinger Papers
Listing of guide cards and folder headings.

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(Unless otherwise noted, by Greta Hartwig.)

I. Lyrics-Misc. (Translations-adaptations)

  G.H. Programs: Ferdinand  Raimund
  Librettos (Manschinger): Der Talisiman
  Librettos (Manschinger): Ferdinand Raimund Reier
  G.H. Lyrics: Translations, Misc. songs
  Greta Hartwig:Lyrics-misc.: Original lyrics by others
  novels: sketches

II. Playlets with Music

  Reviews: Orchestra & Instrumental Composites
  Plays with Music: An American in Vienna (2 copies & notes)

III. Dance Playlets

  Dance Playlet: the Organ - Grinder's Little Helper (3 copies)
  Dance Play: Adolescence - A Ballet Scenario (2 copies & notes)
  Dance Play : Is This Trip Necessary 1st  version (2 copies & parts)
  Dance Play:  Is This Trip Necessary 2nd version (1 copy)

IV. Children's Materials

  Children: Bernardo the King, a play for children
  Children: Pretty, A Children's Story
  Children: The Singing and Springing Little Lark, based on a German Fairy Tale

V. Radio & TV Sketches

  Radio & TV: Commercial Jingles
  Radio & TV: Carol, Gregory and a Piano (4 copies)
  Radio & TV: The Fantastic Concert radio version (6 copies)
  TV Version - (3 copies; 1 German)

VI. Sketches & Skits

  Skit: Buying a Pair of Shoes (2 copies English)
  Skit: Chat Across the Fence for Two Women (3 copies English)
  Skit: Doctor, Doctor (music opt. 4 copies)
  Skit: Eve in Paradise (2 copies)
  Skit: Grease Paint (1 copy English)
  Skit: Hello Ben, How Are You for Two Men (1 copy English)
  Skit: The Impresario Playlet (Abbreviated version 2 copies English)
  Skit: I Never Want To See Him Again Monologue (2 copies English)
  Skit: Life of a Salesman (10 copies)
  Skit: Who Was Murdered (4 copies)
  Skit: Will Webster Propose (Skit) (14 copies English)
  Sketches: First Drafts and Incomplete
  Children: Playlets
  Man in Her Life by Erika Korpner (correspondence and Receipt only)
  "King David" & "Warning" by Heinrich Weine, tr. By Mimi Grossberg
  Letters to Greta from father (in German)
  Libretto: The Red and the Black (3 copies)
  Short Story: Little Guest from Europe (2 copies English)

VII.  Librettos: Original

  Libretto: Eternally Yours (2 copies English)
  Libretto: April in Vienna (4 copies English)

VIII. Librettos: tr Manschinger

 Libretto: The God & the Bayraders (from Goethe) (4 copies English)

IX. Librettos/Translations

  A Husband at the Door
  Libretto: The Herebefore (4 copies English)
  Libretto: In the Factory (3 copies English)
  Libretto: Temptations (2 copies English 1 synopsis)
  Libretto (trans.): Gluck: Don Juan (2 synopsis)
  Libretto (trans.): Mozart: Bastien & Bastienne (2 copies)
  Libretto (trans.): Cimarosa: The Secret Marriage (3 copies & notes)
  Libretto (trans.): Haydn: The Apothecary (16 copies)
  Novel: Rendezvous in Manhattan Sketches & Publication
  Girrgerette (2nd version 3rd copy)

X. Short Stories

  Short Stories: w/Helda Sidney
  Short Stories: w/collaborators (Else Frey-Ina Thal)
  Short Stories: Misc.
  Short Stories: Original
  Short Story: Autopsy of a Love Affair (2 copies English)
  Short Story: Dottie & Larry (3 stories 1 copy each in German)
  Short Story: Professor van Dyn (2 copies English)
  Short Story: Punishment & Crime (English 1 original version, 5 revised version)
  Short Story: Collection of Unpublished Stories (German)

XI. Publicity

  Publicity: Obituaries
  Publicity: Literary Works
  Publicity: Newspaper clips (English)
  Publicity: Newspaper clips (German)
  Publicity: Photographs
  Publicity: Reviews (English)
  Publicity: Reviews (German)

XII. Programs

  Programs: Dance
  Programs: Kleinkunst-Lieder
  Programs: Lectures & Lecture Recitals
  Programs: Librettos (performances of GHM trans.)
  Programs: One Woman Shows
  Programs: Schools (NY College of Music; Mannes; Manhattan; Juilliard)
  Programs: Shakespeare
  Programs: Stage Director
  Programs: Variety (with other performers and assisting artists)
  Teaching: Stage Director
  Teaching: Misc. Materials
  Teaching: Adirondack Center for Cultural and Creative Arts
  Teaching: Auditions

XIII. Teaching (Institutions)

  Teaching: Cornell Academy of Musical & Dramatic Arts
`  Teaching: Juilliard School
  Teaching: New York Ballet & Drama Center
  Teaching: New York College of Music
  Teaching: Ramblerny

XIV. Novels

  Novel: Brno-New York (Biographical unfinished)
  Novel: DieTodesaugen (The Demon) (with Paul Frederickson) (1 copy German)
  Novel: I Must Not Disturb My Husband (English 1 copy)
  Novel: Didi Fahrt nach Amerika (German 3 copies; English ???only)
  Lecture-Recital: Deutache Lyrik von Goethe bis Heute

XV. Special Material:

  Special Material: Non-Original
  Special Material: Commissioned Sold
  Special Material: Wienes Klein-Kunstplatte (plans for recording project)

XVI. Lecture-Recitals

  Lecture-Recital: Vienna Miniature Shows
  One-Woman Shows: Austrian Inst.
  One-Woman Shows: Schwert au Blume
  One-Woman Show: Misc.

XVII. Stage Director
   papers but no folders

 XIX. Associates

  Associates: Fr. Brainin
  Associates: Wilbur Broms
  Associates: Irene Paulson
  Associates: Lili Korrber (Grave)
  Associates: Edith Lenar Horowitz
  Associates: Mimi Grossberg
  Associates: Mimi Grossberg
  Special material: Knitivits
  Song Intros.
  Lecture-Recitals: Heine
  Lecture-Recitals: Goethe

XX. [binders, miscellaneous]

  Poems, translations & fillers M-S
  One-Woman Shows:  Complete Part I
  One-Woman Shows: Complete Part II
  One-Woman Shows: Complete Part  III
  Novel: Weekend mit  Monika (German 3 copies)
  Legal Document, ito, Greta
  Greta's poems for commercial advertising (1935-37 in German)
  Poems, aphorisms and anecdotes in German and English
  Records of students payments for lessons
  Misc. (German) Phila.. Radio interview Nestroy "Talisman"
  Greta's Poems
  Poetry Original
  One-Woman Show: Literary Tea "Sie suchen sine Koechin"
  Greta's unemployment Insurance-Social Security-Journal, August 1966-Also manila file folder of personal & family letters of interest on Greta's life.

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