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Hans Phillipp Neisser Papers
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Born into a distinguished professional family, Hans Neisser achieved a considerable reputation during the German phase of his career--first as economic advisor to the Weimar Government, then as coeditor of one of the leading German business magazines, and after 1927 as Deputy Director of Research in the Institute of world Economics at Kiel University. It was there that he published his first major work, Der Tauschwert des Geldes, one of the very few books written outside of the Anglo-American orbit that Keynes quoted with full approval in his Treatise on Money. From the same period dates his generally acknowledged critique of the fundamentals of the Walrasian system.

Neisser's first academic appointment in this country was as Professor of Monetary Theory in the University of Pennsylvania, followed during the war by a responsible position in the Office of Price Administration. In 1943 he joined the Graduate Faculty of the New School, where lie served in a leadership capacity, including tenure as Chairman of the Department of Economics, until his retirement in 1965.

Neisser's teaching and research covered almost the entire scope of economics. Centering on economic theory, his contributions extended to international economics, the history of economic thought, and many fields of applied economics, where he drew on his wide practical experience. Neisser early acknowledged econometrics as an effective tool of empirical research. In collaboration with Franco Modigliani he published in 1953 National Income and International Trade, to date the most comprehensive econometric investigation of: The world-economic relations during the interwar period. Also pioneering was his essay on "The Pricing of Consumer Durables," which appeared in 1959 in Econometrica. Under Neisser's guidance the New School became the first teaching institution in the metropolitan area to establish a training center for econometric study. His work ranges from studies on the New Economics to essays on Marx; from an examination of general overproduction to a critical analysis of the theory of games.

Hans Phillipp Neisser Papers
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Autobiography, undated; correspondence, 1918-33; lecture notes, course outlines, and examinations, 1942-68; and drafts, typescripts, and offprints of articles and reviews, 1919-71. Neisser was a professor of economics at the New School for Social Research.

Box and Folder List

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Items marked with a "line (through)-" were not found when materials were reboxed and inventoried on 7-16-93. Reprints are in order listed here with a number penciled on top left corner of each item. Book reviews are also numbered but with a "BR" before the number.

Box 1:

Manuscripts, lecture notes, etc.

Folder 1: 247-G Problems in Mathematical Economics - Hans Neisser, Fall 1948 (exams, notes, course outline)

Folder 2: Keyne: [Notes on Keyne, comments, course outline: Keynesian and Past Keynesian Economics, and course notes.]

Folder 3: Comments on the Projections in The United States Balance of Payments in 1968 (Brookings Institution)

Folder 4: The Law of Markets (say's Law) [Questions and notes from the following courses: Eco 110, Economic Theory 609-G.]

Folder 5: [Rough drafts and completed paper: Keynes' Theory of Aggregate Investment, completed paper: Investments & Interest: A Reconsideration by Hans Neisser, and segments of other papers.]

Folder 6: Lecture notes on Implications and Limitations of the Keynesian Model (1954)

Folder 7: Various completed and segmented papers, notes and comments. Completed papers include: Competitive Equilibrium: Existence and Approach, Static Theory of Aggregate Investment, by Hans Neisser; segments of: General Economic Equilibrium, A Study of Walras and Marshall; and comments on: Heilbronner, The Making of Economic Society.

Folder 8: Newspaper clippings. [Hans Neisser's appointment to the Wharton faculty.]

Folder 9: Correspondence

Folder 10: Correspondence and notes.

Folder 11: Dr. Neisser's Economic Theory I.

Folder 12: Introduction to Mathematical Economics [course outline, notes, review questions.]

Folder 13: Imperfect Composition [course outline, exams, worksheets & notes. The American Economic Review, Dec. 1942]

Folder 14: Vellmans. - M [notes]

Folder 15: Book I-Theory of Circulation. Chapter I-Fundamental Concepts. Chapter III-The Supply of Money.

Folder 16: Course outline for: Economic Theory I & Economic Theory II, Keynesian Post Keynesian Economics, Economic Dynamics, including notes, review questions, exams.

Folder 17: Hans Neisser's Multiplier [data on subject area; also Econometrics final exam.]

Folder 18: Philosophy (Smith) [note]

Folder 19: The World and the Mind.

Folder 20: [Reprint by H. Neisser - In Memoriam: Gerhard Colm-1897-1968, Economic Theory I ans. to review questions, An Outline of the Modus. Operandi of the U.S.A. Economy. In the Early 196O's, by H. Neisser; various course handout material.]

Folder 21: [Notes, comments on E. Burke's Reflections on the French Revolution; copy of The Time Analysis of Demand by Kenneth G. Matheson, correspondences with Dr. L. Currie by H. Neisser.]

Folder 22: Notes on: Cohen, Cogen, Payne, Okun, Russell, Friedman, Demison, Forrester Meltzer & Brunner, Phelps, Miles, Bryon.

Folder 23: [Course outline and notes for Problems of Economic Dynamics.]

Folder 24: [Outline statistics material OMI]

Folder 25: ACN - a) T. P. and B. circa; b) Ace; c) Defect; d) M; Dx Extramaterial.

Folder 26: Excerpts in Dynamics.

Folder 27: Explaining the Business Cycle.

Box 2

Folder 1: [Material in Economic Dynamics, course outline, notes, exams, review questions, etc.]

Folder 2: [Material on Economic Dynamics, general solution of Linear Multi - Sectoral Models; reprints on the combination of Acceleration Effect & Echo Effect.]

Folder 3: Wahan's (-) Law and Say's Law - copies.

Folder 4: Material on course: Keynesian and Post-Keynesian Economics and material

Folder on Economic Dynamics.

Folder 5: Lewis - Longfind (-)

Folder 6: Material on International Economics (loose papers)]

Folder 7: [Tables and charts - appendix /derivation of problem.]

Folder 8: [Manuscript: A First Approach To The Secular Saving Function, Honours Seminar (1954) - Basic Problems of Location Theory; segment of unidentified work by H. Neisser.]

Folder 9: [Correspondence with Prof. Grosswald - his derivation of an equation; dimensions in Keynesian Equations.]

Folder 10: [The Secular Saving Function 1879-1914 by H. Neisser, appendixes and tables.]

Folder 11: [Partial copy of: Circular Velocity in the U.S.A.]

Folder 12: Economic Theory - course material; Introduction to Economics course material - review questions and exams.]

Folder 13: [Outline; Brookings Model, De Lunnus(-)]

Folder 14: [A Centenary of Das Kapital, Vol. I, by H. Neisser; various unidentified notes and comments.]

Folder 15: [Segment of an unidentified paper.]

Folder 16: Graphs.

Folder 17: [Balance Growth and the "Turnpike Theorem", an unidentified paper; another unidentified paper (the first page is missing on the unidentifiable papers.)]

Folder 18: The Nature of Intransitivity; two unidentifiable papers; segments/other papers.

Folder 19: Miscellaneous. Exam book, two books: Christian Albrecht's Universität Keil 1665-1965, Social Research, The Idea of Community.

(big envelope) correspondences, diplomas, passports, letters home.

Folder 20: Correspondences, late 1920's - early 1930's [including Lowe correspondences, 1932-1933.]

Folder 21: Diplomas, passports, etc.

Folder 22: Hans' letters home from the front (1918)

Folder 23: Recollections of Hans Neisser (autobiography)

Reprints & Book reviews.


1) "Cylical Fluctuations and Economic", by Hans Neisser. Extract from Oxford Economic Papers. New Series - Vol-13 No.2, June 1961. (2 copies)

2) "On Equilibrium Growth of Capital and Labor" by Hans Neisser. Reprinted from International Economic Review, Vol.3, No.1, 1962. (2 copies)

3) "A Pyrrhic Victory", by Hans Neisser. Reprinted from The Economic Journal, Vol.LXVIII, December 1958.

4) "The Supply Factor In Professor Hicks' Theory Of The Cycle" by Hans Neisser. Reprinted from The Economic Journal, Vol.LXVI, December 1956.

5) Notes and Memoranda - Industrial Production and Profits In The United Kingdom and The United States: Some Comments by Hans Neisser. Reprinted from The Economic Journal. Vol.LXVI, September 1956. (2 copies)

6) Notes and Memoranda - The Supply Factor in the Theory of the Cycle -Some Comments by H. Neisser. Reprinted from The Economic Journal. Vol.LXVIII, March 1958. (2 copies)

7) "Depreciation, Replacement and Regular Growth", by Hans Neisser. Reprinted from The Economic Journal, Vol.LXV, March 1955 (2 copies)

8) "Keynes' Aggregate Supply Function" Further Comments by Hans Neisser. Reprinted from The Economic Journal. Vol. LXXI, December 1961 (2 copies)

9) Zur Lehre von Den Grenzen. Der Verhalterhaftung. Inaugural Dissertation; zur Grlangung der juristischen Doktorwürde Recats und Staatswissensichaftlichen Fakerltat der Universitat Breslau vorgelegt von Hans Neisser-Referendar. Breslau 1919.

10) "L'Oligopole, Les Anticipations Et La Theorie Jeux Neisser" by Hans Neisser. Economie Appliquee - Archives de Institut Science Economique Appliquee. 11 2 1949. (2 copies)

11) "The Price Level and The Gold Problem" by Hans Neisser. Reprinted from American Economie Review. Vol. XXX, No, 5. Feb. 1941. (2 copies)

12) The Pricing of Consumers' Durables, by Hans Neisser. Reprinted from Econometric, Journal of the Econometric Society, Vol. 27, No.4, Oct. 1959.

13) "Permanent" Technological Unemployment" by Hans Neisser. Reprinted from American Economic Review. Vol.XXXII, No.l, March 1942. (2 copies)

14) "An International Reserve Bank." Comments on the American and British Plans by Hans Neisser. Reprinted from Social Research. Vol.10, No.3, September 1943. (2 copies)

15) "Das Oligopol als Nichtnullsummenspiel" by Hans P. Neisser. Reprinted from The Review of Economic Bk 25 (1957/58) L, 1-20. (2 copies)

16) "Economic Imperialism Reconsidered by Hans Neisser. Reprinted from Social Research , Spring 1960. (2 copies)

17) "Stability in Late Capitalism" A Survey by Hans Neisser. Reprinted from Social Research. Spring 1954. (2 copies)

18) "Concept and Teaching of Economics" Comment by Hans Neisser. Reprinted from American Economic Review. Vol.XXXVI, No-5, Dec. 1946.

19) "A Note on Pareto's I Theory of Production" by Hans Neisser. (3 copies)Reprinted from Econometrica, Journal of the Ecometric Society. Vol. 8, No-3, July 1940.

20) "Gross Capital Stock and Net Capital Stock: The Simplest Case" by Hans Neisser and E. Grosswald. Reprinted from the Review of Economics and Statistics. Vol.XLII, No.1, February 1960.

21) "Three Views of Method in Economics by H. Neisser. Reprinted from Social Research. Vol. 34, No.2, Summer, 1967. (3 copies)

22) "The Phenomerglogical Approach in Social Science" by H. P. Neisser. Reprinted from Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. Vol.XX, No.2, December 1959. (2 copies)

23) "The United States Demand for Imports." Reprinted from The American Economic Review. Vol. XLIII, No. 2 May 1953. (3 copies)

24) "The External Equilibrium of the United States Economy" by Hans Neisser. Reprinted from Social Research, Vol-31, No. 2, Summer 1964.

25) "Forum: Is the Public Debt a Burden on Future Generations" by Hans Neisser. Reprinted from Social Research, Summer 1961.

26) "Forum Economic Imperialism Again" by Sayre P. Schatz; Rejoinder by H. Neisser, Reprinted from Social Research, Autumn 1961.

27) "The Concept of Technological Unemployment: A Reply to Mr. Hagen's Criticism" by Hans Neisser. Reprinted from American Economic Review. Vol.XXXII, No. 3, Sept. 1942. (2 copies)

28) "The Problems of Reparations" by Hans Neisser (with the aid of the Committee on Economic Questions of the American Labor Conference in International Affairs. Reprinted from the American Labor Conference of International Affairs), July 1944.

29) "The Aims of Federal Reserve Policy, 1951-1960" by Hans Neisser (2 copies) Reprinted from The Review of Economics and Statistics. Vol. XLII, No. 3, Part I, August 1960.

30) Bleibt die Mark Stabil von Dr. Hans Neisser.

31) A supplementary note to the Article 7. : "The Static Theory of Aggregate Investment" by Hans Neisser. Reprinted from Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv. Bd.XCVIII, 1967 I, pp. 1599. (4 copies)

32) Liquidtäat, von Dr. Hans Neisser, Kiel Bankwissenschaft. Heft 11 Berlin, 5. Sept. 1932 Jahrang.

33) "Ankurbelung oder Inflation" by Hans Neisser, from Der Deutsche Volkswirt Zeitschrift Für Politik Und Wirtschaft, 6. Jahrg. Berlin, Den 16. Oktober 1931. NR. 3

34) "Der Kreislauf des Geldes von Privatdozent" Dr. Hans Neisser, Kiel. Reprinted from: Weltwirtschastliches Archiv. 33. Band April 1931 Heft 2.

35) "Der internationale Geldmarkt vor und nach dem Kriege." Bearbeiter Privatdozent Dr. Hans Neisser. Reprinted by Weltwirtschastliches Archiv. 29.Band April 1929. Heft 2.

36) "Kreislauftheretisches zur Gewinnsteuer von Hans Neisser." Reprinted from: Finanzarchiv. Band 14 Heft 4 1954.

37) Gustav Cassels. Theoretische (2 copies) Sozialokonomie - Von Dr. Hans Neisser - Breslau.

38) Arbeitszeit und Lohönhohe von Hans Neisser. Reprinted from: Zeitschrift Für Nationalokonomie. Band VI, Heft 5. 1935.

39) "Equilibrium Dynamics, Behavior Dynamics, Stability Movement" by Hans Neisser, New York. Reprinted by: Metroeconomica - International Review of Economics. Vol.XIII, April 1961. Fascicolo I.

40) "Profit and Saving" by Hans Neisser. Reprinted by: Separatum Kyklas (-) Fasc. 4, 1957.

41) "Economic, Logical and Mathematical Systems." Comment by Hans Neisser. (2 copies). Reprinted from: Social Research, winter 1959.

42) "Ausfuhrprämien und Ausfuhrvergüdtungen" by Hans Neisser. Reprinted from: unknown.

43) "Zur Rundfrage über "Substanzverluste" von Hans Neisser. Reprinted from: Archiv Für Sozilwissenschaft und Sozialpolitik. (2 copies) 67. Band, 6.Heft, August/Sept. 1932.

44) "Scarce Money" by Hans Neisser (2 copies). Reprinted from: Social Research - Spring 1957.

45) "Volksvermögen und Kassenbedarf von Hans Neisser." Reprinted from: Archiv Fur Sozialwissenschaft und Sozialpolitik. 69. Band. 4. Heft, 1 Juli 1933.

46) "Geld - und Kapitalmarket. Privatversicherung" Dr. Hans Neisser, Keil. Reprinted from: Weltwertschaftliches Archiv. 27. Band. April 1928. Heft 2.

47) "General Overproduction - A Study of Say's Law of Markets" by Hans Neisser. Reprinted from: The Journal of Political Economy. Vol.42, No.4, August 1934.

48) "Capital Gains and the Valuation of Capital and Income" by H. Neisser (2 copies) Reprinted from: Econometrica, Journal of the Ecometric Society, Vol.9, Nos.3&4, July-Oct. 1941.

49) "Balanced Growth Under Constant Returns To Scale" Some Comments by Hans Neisser. Reprinted from: Econometrica, Journal of the Econometric Society, Vol.22, No. 4, Oct. 1954. (3 copies) -

50) "Notenbankfreiheit- Von Privatdozent" Dr. Hans Neisser, Kiel. Reprinted from: Weltwertschaftliches Arcliv 32. Band/Oktober 1930/Heft 2.

51) "Das Gesetz vom abnehmenden Bodenertrag und die wirtschaftliche Entwicklung",von Hans Neisser. Reprinted from: Archiv Für Sozialwissenschaft und Sozialpolitik. Separat - Abdruck aus Band. 49, Heft 2.

52) "Investment Criteria, Productivity, and Economic Development" Comment by Hans Neisser. Reprinted from: The Quarterly Journal of Economics. Vol.LXX, November, 1956 (3 copies).

53) "Cyclical Fluctuations and Economic Growth" by Hans Neisser. Extract from: Oxford Economic Papers. New Series. - Vol.13 No.2 June 1961.

54) "Kreislauf Theoretisches zur Gewinnsteuer" von Hans Neisser. Reprinted from: Finanzarchiv. Band 14, Heft 4. 1954 (3 copies)

55) "Ex Ante and Ex Past Propensity To Consume", by H. Neisser. Reprinted from: The Oxford Economic Papers. New Series. Vol.11, No. 8, Oct. 1959 (2 copies)

56) "Balanced Growth Under Constant Returns to Scale" Some Comments by Hans Neisser. Reprinted from: Econometrica, Journal of the Econometric Society, Vol-22, No. 4, Oct. 1954. (3 copies)

57) "Die Liquidation der deutschen Währung." Von Dr. Hans Neisser. From: Der Oesterreichische Volkswirt 16. Jahr. 12. Juli 1924. No.41

58) "Government Net Contribution and Foreign Balance as Offset to Savings." By Hans Neisser. Reprinted from: The Review of Economic Statistics. Vol.XXVI, No.4, November 1944. (2 copies)

59) "Ueber "Goldrechenwährung" - Muszellen." Von Dr. Hans Neisser, Berlin Friedenau. Reprinted from: Jahrbücher fur Nationalökonomie und Statistik. Bd. 121, 1923, Heft.

60) "Das Neue Deutsche Steuersystem." Von Hans Neisser. Reprinted from: Sonderdruck aus der Gesellschaft Jahrgang 1, Heft 3.

61) "Labor's Struggle for a Higher Standard of Living." By Hans Neisser Reprinted from: The American Journal of Economics and Sociology. Vol.6, July 1947. No.4 (2 copies).

62) "The Nature of Import Propensities and The Foreign Trade Multiplier", by Hans Neisser. Reprinted from: Economia Internazionale. Vol.II, No. 3, Aug. 1949.

63) "The United States Demand for Imports" by Hans P. Neisser. Reprinted from: The American Economic Review - The Journal of The American Economic Association. Vol.XLIII, May 1953, No.2. (2 copies)

64) "Lujo Brentano von Hans Neisser und Melchior Palyi. Reprinted from: Bio-Bibliographische Beiträ age zur Geschichite Der Rechts - und Staatswissenschaften. Abteilung Staatswissenschaften: Heft 5.

65) "In Memorian: Gerhard Colm - 1887-1968." By Hans Neisser. Reprinted from: Social Research. Vol-36, No. l, Spring, 1969 (4 copies)

66) "Discussion - Are Space and Time Real" by Hans Neisser. Reprinted from: Philosophy & Phenomenological Research. Vol.XXXI, No.3, March 1971. (2 copies)

67) "Economics" by Hans Neisser (1962). Reprinted from: A New Survey of the Social Sciences.

68) The Static Theory of Aggregate Investment", by Hans Neisser. Reprinted from: Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv. Band 98, Heft 1, 1967.

69) Der Geldmarkt unter dem Druck der Goldbewegungen." Von Privatdozent Dr. Hans Neisser, Kiel, From: Magazen der Wirtschaft. 6 Jahrgang Berlin, 3. January 1930, Number 1.

Book Reviews

1) Deutschland und Frankreich, ihre Wirtschaft und Politik. 1923/24, herausgegeben von R. Kuczynski. Neue Folge, Berlin 1925. Verlag von R. L. Prager, 266 S. review by H. Neisser. from: Die Gesellschaft. Number 4 - 111. Jahrgang. April 1926.

2) Carl Rodbertus - Jagetzow. Karlsruhe 1926. Verlag G, Braun. 398 S. review by H. Neisser. from: Die Gesellschaft. Number 6. IV Jahrgang, Juni 1927.

3) N. Georgescu-Rolgen: Analytical Economics, Cambridge, Mass. Harvard, 1966. 415P. review by H. Neisser. From: The Journal of Philosophy. Vol.LXIV, No.7, April 13, 1967 (5 copies)

Book Reviews

4) Economics and the Public Interest (2 copies) by R. T, Gill. Pacific Palisades, Calif.: Goodyear Publishing Co., 1968, PP.306 // The Economic Problem , by R. L. Heilbroner. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, 1968, pp.XX, 652, Review by H. Neisser.

5) Der Lagerzyklus - Lagerbewegung und Konjunkturverlauf in empirischer Sicht (2 copies) by Harry Schimmler. Berlin: Dunker & Humbolt, 1958. pp.113. Dm 12. - review by Hans Neisser.

6) Halasi, Adalbert: Die Goldwährung (unter Mitwirkung von N. Leites). Berlin, Carl Heymanns Verlag, 1933. VIII und 145 Seiten. review by H. Neisser, from: Literatur Anzeiger.

7) Dick, Ernest, Ph.D., The Problem of Interest in its relation to currency and debt. Seven essays. London 1929. Williams & Norgate. XV, 381 S. 18/, Review by H. Neisser. From: Sonderabzug aus dem "Weltwirtschaftlichen Archiv" 33.Bd. (1931 1), Heft I, Seiti 95.

8) Dr. J. Schumann, Die Sekforenanalyse als Instrument konjunkturtheoretischer Untersuchungen (Frankfurter Wirtschafts - und Sozialwissenschaftliche Studien, Heft 6.) Duncker und Humbno , Berlin 1959. 120 S. Review by H. Neisser. from: Separatum Kyklas Fasc. 3, 1961.

9) Neisser, Dr. Hans: Der Tauschwert des Geldes. yena 1928, Gustav Fischer. 204 S. review by Siegfried Budge. From: Literatur Band 86. Heft-Nr.3.

10) La Monnaie. By Robert Mosse'. Bilans de la Connaissance Economique. (Paris: Lib. Marcel Riviere et Cie. 1950. pp.205) from The American Economic Review.

11) Somary, Felix: Die Ursachen der Krise, Fubingen, Verlag von J.C.B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck). 1932. VII, 122 S. Brosch. RM. 4.20, geb. RM.6. Derselbe: Krisenwende- Berlin, Verlag S. Fischer, 1932. 59S. RM.I Review by H. Neisser. from Archiv Für Sozialwissenschaft und Sozialpolitik 68.Band/l.Heft/Oktober l932.

12) same as 11

13) Neisser, H. - Der Tauschwert des Geldes. Jena, Fischer, 1923, M.9. Review by Jenny Griziohi Kretsctmat. From: Geornale Degli Economisti, E, Rivista Di Statistica Vol.IV, 1930.

14) Neisser, Dr. Hans, Der Fauschwert des Geldes. Jena 1928. Gustav F ischer VIII, 204 S. RM.9. Reviewd by: Dr. Friedrich A. v. Hayek, Wier. From: Weltwirtschalftliches Archiv. 29.Band / Januar 1929 / Heft.l (2 copies)

15) Hayek, Friedrich A., Gibt es einen Widersinn des Sparens Weir 1931 Gustav Springer. V,54's. RM, 3 - reviewed by: Privatdozent Dr. Hans Neisser, Kiel. from: Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv. 35 Band / Januar 1932 / Heft 1.

16) Gold and Monetary Stabilization, Letures, on the Harris Foundation 1932 by Jacob Viner, Prof. of Economics, University of Chicago, Gottfried Haberler, Privatdozent, University of Vienna, H. Parker Willis, Prof. of Banking, Columbia Univ., Lionel D. Edie, John H. Williams, Prof. of Economics, Harvard University of Chicago 1932. The University of Chicago Press, XI, 1738. Reviewed by: Privatdozent Dr. Hans Neisser, Kiel. From: Weltwirstchaftlichens Archiv. 37.Band / Januar 1933 /Heft. l.

17) Lö sch, August. The Economics of Location. New Haven: Yale University Press. 1954. XXVIII & 520 pp. reviewed by H. Neisser From: Social Research, Spring 1956.

18) "Deutschland und Frankreich". Thee Wirtschaft und ihre Politik 1923/24. Herausgegeben von R. Kuczynski. Berlin 1924, bei R.L. Prager. 411. Reviewed by H. Neisser, from: Die Gesellschaft - Internationale Revue Für Sozialismus und Politik Nummer 8.I. Jahrgang. November 1924.

19) Baster, A. S. J., The Imperial Banks. London 1929 P.S. King and San, reviewed by Hans Neisser, source-unknown.

20) Geschichte der Wissenschaft. Encyklopädisches, Lehrbücher. Spezielle Theoretische Untersuchungen. Helander, Sven, Die Ausgangspunkte der Wirtschaftswissenschaft. Jena (Gustav Fischer) 1923 8. 122SS. Reviewed by Hans Neisser from: Uebersicht uber die neuesten Publikationen Deutschlands und des Auslandes.

21) Santos, Cleme'r: Kooperation der Not enbanklen als Mittel zur Rationalisierung der Wirtwirtschaft. Tubingen 1931 Verlag von J. circa B. Mohr (Baul V) and 116S. Schleivt, Alexander: Die Kooperation der Not enbanken. Ball 1931, Werlag (S)elbeng Sonderabzug & Licontewhan- VIII und 176s. Reviewed by Hans Neisser, from: Sonderabzug aus S(ch)mollers Fahrber(05) Für Gesetzgebung, Verwaltung und Volkswirtschaft im Deuts(05) Jahrgang 56 Heft II 1932: Reprint.

22) A Supplementary Note to the Article: "The Static Theory of Aggregate Investment" by Hans Neisser, reprinted from: Weltwirschaftliches Archiv Band 99/1967/Heft 1 book: book:

23) Hans Neisser, On the Sociology of Knowledge, an Essay. Copyright - 1965, James H. Heineman, Inc., New York, N. Y.

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