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Preliminary Inventory of the
PAPERS, 1939-1980


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Preliminary inventory compiled by
Mary Osielski
May 2003

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VOLUME: 7 cubic feet

ACQUISITION: All items in this manuscript group were donated to the University Libraries, M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, by Hedwig Pachter in January 1982.

ACCESS: Access to this record group is unrestricted.

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Biographical Sketch

Scope and Content Note

Box and Folder List

Henry M. Pachter Papers
Biographical Sketch

Henry Pachter was a professor of history at the New School for Social Research and at City College of the City University of New York. He was born Heinz Pächter. He wrote political articles under the pseudonym Henry Rabassiere and wrote articles under the byline Heinz Paechter about world affairs, American politics, and other subjects for West German newspapers, 1952-76.

Henry M. Pachter Papers
Scope and content note

Autobiography, undated; diaries, 1941, 1953; manuscripts of unpublished articles and "Men of the Camp," about a French internment camp in 1939-40; copies of letters sent, 1954-60; and clippings and manuscripts of articles for West German newspapers, 1952-76.

Henry M. Pachter Papers
Box and Folder List

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Box 1

1. Several typed sheets with handwritten corrections containing these titles: (these pages are not a complete manuscript, page numbers exist, but are repetitious and lacking)
     Introducing the subject… This is one man’s history of the Weimar Period.
     Nostalgia and Revision: the Vogue of Weimar
     The Joys of Assimilation
     A Political Education in Weimar
2. Obituaries (Pachter)
3. Personal documents (visa, letters of appointment)
4. Curriculum vitae and typescript of “Collective Security, Interventionism”
5. Folder of typed manuscripts:
     Can the Holocaust Be a Bore?
     A Letter to Some Jewish Friends
     Bonn Is Not Weimar
     Terrorism and Legitimacy**Bonn and Weimar
     Spain Revisited: Superficial Aspects of a Revolution
     Socialism and Democracy—Complementary or Contradictory?
     A Memoir of Walter Benjamin
     An “Inauthentic Jew’s” Reply to Jean-Paul Sartre (2 drafts)
     The Near East Crisis
     Soviet Power in the Middle East, Israel, and the Jews
     Jews in German Literature
     The Much-Overdue Rehabilitation of Karl Kautsky
     Does Marxism Need a Foundation in Philosophy?
     Toward a Marxist Theory of the State
     History and Time (2 drafts)
     Politics, Values, and Political Science
     Realpolitik, Machtpolitik
     On an Essay of Meyer Schapiro
     The Rejection-Reflection Syndrome in Expressionism
     Banausos Talks Back – A Project
     Chomsky in His Bailiwick
     Isaac Newton 1642-1727
     History and Nature
     Review of The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben
     Thirty Years Old – And in Berlin
     Theory and Praxis – Observations on the Work of Juergen Habermas
     Dreysfuss Reviewed
6. Memoirs – first ms. (approx. 1 inch of handwritten pages)
7. Folder labeled “Autobiographical” (includes: “Men in the Camp”, “April 1941, on board the Nyassa”, “A Dream, Jan. 1946”, “Tagebuch einer Heimkehr”, “17. Juni 1953”, “A Proposal to Surrender”, “Kafka-tisch”, “In Memoria: Jacob Blauner”
8. Letters to: Erazim, Boese, Fritz, Thalmann, Podhoretz, Habermas and some miscellaneous pages
9. Drafts of “Vigilantism in Germany and Austria”
10. Typescripts of “Looking Back on Weimar”, “Variations on the Weimar Republic”
and about 1 inch of handwritten pages
11. Articles from various magazines and books
12. Folder of manuscripts (“Uber den Tod”, “17. Juni 1953”)
13. Pictures used in Socialism in History
14. Booklists and phonograph record list
15. German articles after 1946 from various books and magazines
16. Material related to Stephen E. Bronner, Socialism in History, “In Memoriam, Henry
M. Pachter (1907-1980)” by Robert Boyers, “Henry Pachter (1907-1980)” by
Stanley Plastrik
17. Lists of articles published in German-language magazines and Dissent
18. Folder of typed manuscripts:
     The Spirit and Structure of Nazi Language
     Growing Up Jewish in Weimar Germany
     The Economics of Fascist Rule
     Bukharin--History and Legend
     Gershom Scholem--The Myth of the Mythmakers
     State and Nation in the Spanish War
     Ernst Junger—the Nihilist as Cultural Critic
     Paradoxes of Foreign Aid
     Politics and High Finance

Box 2

1. Articles from Dissent
2. Reel-to-reel tape titled “Dissent”
3. Galleys – “Weimar”
4. Original typescript with corrections – “Weimar”
5. Copy of typescript with corrections – “Weimar”
6. Original typescripts of “Weimar” chapters
7. 2 cassettes –Heinz Pachter – Gedenken
8. Carbon copies of typescripts with corrections - “Socialism in History”
9. Galleys – Socialism in History

Box 3

Folders containing typed manuscripts and newspaper clippings by subject:

1. Adenauer
2. Administration
3. Africa
4. Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii
5. American Mind
6. Americans in Europe, Europeans in America
7. Antarctica
8. Anti-Communism
9. Art
10. Asia-Australia
11. Atomic Energy (International)
12. Atomic Energy (National)
13. Atomic Nonproliferation Treaty
14. Atomic Tests
15. Austria
16. Automation
17. Automobile
18. Aviation
19. Big Deal
20. Biographies
21. Bomb
22. Budget
23. Business Administration
24. Canada
25. Chemical Industry
26. China
27. Cities
28. Civil Liberties
29. Climate
30. Colonies, Satellites
31. Commerce, Sales, Advertising, Prices, Public Relations
32. Communications
33. Congress
34. Conservatism
35. Constitution
36. Consumer Goods
37. Corporations
38. Cotton, Wool
39. The Country (Middle West, West, Pittsburgh, South)
40. Crime, Courts of Law
41. Cuba
42. Defense
43. Defense Industries

Box 4

1. Democrats
2. Disarmament
3. Displaced Persons
4. Economic Policy
5. Economy
6. Education
7. Eisenhower
8. Elections
9. England
10. Europe
11. Family
12. Farming
13. Food
14. Foreign Aid
15. Foreign Military Aid
16. Foreign Policy (Dulles)
17. Foreign Policy (Kennedy, Johnson)
18. Foreign Policy (Nixon)
19. Foreign Trade
20. Foundations
21. France
22. Free Enterprise
23. German Property
24. Germany
25. Goldwater
26. Great Society
27. Greece

Box 5

1. History
2. Housing
3. Immigration
4. Humphrey, Hubert
5. Income
6. Indians
7. Indo-China
8. International Court
9. Investments
10. Japan
11. Jews
12. Johnson, Lyndon
13. Kennedy, John F.
14. Kennedy Assassination
15. Kennedys
16. Korea
17. Language
18. Latin America
19. Left, Liberals, Intellectuals
20. Literature
21. Lobbies
22. McCarthy, Eugene
23. McCarthy, Joseph
24. McNamara, Robert
25. Managers
26. Medicine
27. Melting Pot
28. Metals, Raw Materials, Diamonds, Steel
29. Middle East, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Persia
30. Minorities
31. Miscellaneous
32. Money
33. Monopoly
34. Movies
35. Music, Dance
36. NATO
37. Near East, Palestine

Box 6

1. Negroes
2. Neo-Isolationism
3. Neutralism
4. New Left
5. New York City
6. Nixon
7. Oil, Coal, Gas
8. Pacifism
9. Panama
10. Peace Corp
11. Peace Offensive, Big Four
12. Planning
13. Popular Culture
14. Population Trends
15. Poverty
16. Power
17. Press
18. Propaganda, Terror, Psychological Warfare
19. Radioactivity
20. Railroads & Shipping
21. Reaction
22. Religion
23. Republicans
24. Rockefeller
25. Russia
26. Science
27. Security
28. Shareholders
29. Small Business
30. Social Services
31. Sociology
32. Space
33. Spain
34. Stevenson, Adlai
35. Stock Market
36. Summaries
37. Summit Conference
38. Taxes
39. Technique, Technology, Technocracy
40. TV, Radio
41. Textile,
42. Theater
43. Truman
44. Trusts
45. Unemployment

Box 7

1. UN to 1961
2. UN after 1961
3. Vatican
4. Vietnam
5. Vietnam Peace Talks
6. Weimar
7. Wheat
8. Women
9. Youth
10. Yugoslavia
11. Duplicate copies of H.P. articles
12. German articles from Wort und Wahrheit, Die Politische Meinung, Die Neue Gesellschaft, Der Monat
13. German articles 1929-1946, also 1 Swedish, 3 Spanish articles
14. Reviews of Collision Course and Weltmacht Russland
15-17.Articles published in dailies on the following subjects:
     Communism and Russia
     Labor, Trade Unions, Social Services
18. Unpublished German typescripts and handwritten scripts:
     “Sozialismus in Amerika”
     “Automatisierung in Amerika”
     “Ueber das Problem der Zeit”
     “Ich melde mich zum Wort”. Offener Brief an Hermann Kesten
     “John L.” Macht Stets Geschichte
     “Mitbestimmungsrecht und Produktionskontrolle in Amerika”
     “Jugen und Neger”
     “Kulturpolitik—Unkultur der Politik versus Politik der Unkultur”
     “Die Kunst dem Volke – auch in Amerika”
     “Uber den Tod” (2 drafts)
19. Unpublished English typescript:
     “The Left in World Politics”
20. Reviews of Weimar Etudes and Socialism in History
21. Copyright material – Socialism in History
22. Copyright material – Weimar Etudes
23. Articles from Social Research
24. Articles from Salmagundi
25. “Scrapbook” of newspaper articles by Pachter, 1963-64

Box 8

1. Carbon copies of typescripts to be considered for History and Myth
     “Collective Security, Interventionism, and the Left”
     “Images of the New Life”
     “The Last Jacobin”
     “Four Masters of Cultural History” (I. Gershom Scholem)
     “The Insane Society”
     “Paradoxes of Foreign Aid”
     “Growing Up Jewish in Weimar Germany”
     “The Spirit and Structure of Nazi Language”
     “Politics and High Finance”
     “Bukharin—History and Legend”
     “Masters of Cultural History” (IV. Ernst Junger)
2. Carbon typescript – “Terrorism and Legitimacy— Bonn and Weimar”
3. Galleys – Socialism in History
4. Typescript – “Erich Muehsam 1878-1934-1978
5. Typescript and handwritten script – “Café Groessenwahn”
6. Copies of articles published in journals
7. Typescript and set of unbound gatherings – The Short Life of Sophie Scholl
8. 4 cassettes (Pachter und Hardy/Hannah Arendt interview; Weimar/end of Weimar and beginning of France; end of France and beginning of Spain/end of Spain; Buchen)

Box 9

1. Galleys – Socialism in History (1 uncorrected copy and 1 corrected copy)
2. Oversized scrapbook containing mostly clippings of reviews of Pachter’s works or articles written by him.

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