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ACQUISITION: All items in this manuscript group were donated to the University Libraries, M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives, by Gerhard Simons in 1981.

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Hans Simons Papers
Box and Folder List

Box 1

1. Education

2. Doctoral dissertation: Die Praembel zur Pariser Völkerbundssatzung und das Vökerrecht

3. Employment

4. Diary, January 1935 to October 1937, covering his crossing of the Atlantic, trip from the East to West Coast, and trip to Canada

5. The New School for Social Research:

Pt. 1 - "Universität im Exil"

Pt. 2 - "Text of Address by Dr. Hans Simons, President, New School for Social Research at annual. commencement exercises on Tuesday, June 3, [1952] (Photocopy of typescript)

Pt. 3 - "Future of The New School." September 18, 1958 (Carbon of typescript)

Pt. 4 - "On the Functions and the Future of The New School As It Completes Its Building Program and Prepares Itself For New Educational Tasks." (Report of the President to the Board of Trustees) September 26, 1958 (Photocopy of typescript)

6. Manuscripts and lectures:

Pt. 1 - "In einer Woche soll sich zeigen..." 30. Mai 1919 (Carbon)

Pt. 2 - "Zehn Jahre Deutsche Liga für Vökerbund" 27.12.1928 (Carbon of typescript)

Pt. 3 - "Verfassungsrede 1932" (Carbon of typescript)

Pt. 4 - "Lecture by Professor Hans Simons In support of the United Nations" January 7, 1947 (Typescript)

Pt. 5 - "Does America Understand its International Public Relations Responsibilities?" 4/25/51 (Photocopy of typescript)

Pt. 6 - "Since my first report..." August 1, 1951 (Carbon of typescript)

Pt. 7 - "Political Science in German Universities: A Report" [ undated] (Photocopy of typescript)

Pt. 8 - "Regierung, Parteien und Wehrmacht 1918 bis 1932" [ undated](Typescript)

Pt. 9 "Reichsreform Was steckt dahinter?" [ undated] (Typescript)

Pt. 10 "When Germans want to acknowledge"[ undated] (Typescript)

7. Indian education, 1960-1962

Pt. 1 - "Biographical Information on Dr. Hans Simons" [196-] (Prepared for his participation in India with the University Grants Commission]

Pt. 2 - "The Present Indian Response to the Problem of General Education" December 1960 (Typescript)

Pt. 3 - "Comments to the Draft Report of the Expert Committee on General Education" Dec. 1960 (Carbon of typescript)

Pt. 4 - "Abstract from Remarks Made at the Conference on Higher Education in Bombay December 1960" (Typescript)

Pt. 5 - "Suggestions about the Reform of General Education at Aligarh" 5-8-1961 (Typescript)

Pt. 6 - Considerations concerning the present situation of general education in Indian Universities" September 29, 1961 (Carbon of typescript)

Pt. 7 "Suggested items to be discussed and Policies to be Decided upon at a Meeting of Those Concerned with, the Reading Material Project at Aligarh Muslim University" Draft 15-11-1961 (Carbon of typescript)

Pt. 8 "Essentials of a General Education Program" (A statement requested by the Vice-Chancellor of Rajasthan University) November 2, 1961 (Typescript)

Pt. 9 "Comments to draft-outline of syllabus sent in by Rajasthan University" (Dr. V. P. S. Raghuvamshi) January 11, 1962 (Carbon of typescript)

Pt. 10 - "Report on General Education 1960/62" October 3, 1962 (Carbon of typescript)

Pt. 11 - "Study for What?" 3.10.1962. (Typescript)

Pt. 12 - "General Education Seminar Held at Panjab University on October 5th & 6th [1962]" October 6, 1962 (Carbon of typescript)

Pt. 13 - "Resolutions Adopted at Panjab University Seminar on General Education" [October 6, 1962] (Carbon of typescript)

Pt. 14 - "Copy of a letter from Dr. Hans Simons addressed to Dr. D. circa Pavate, Vice-Chancellor, Karnatak University, dated February 27th 1963" (Typescript)

Pt. 15 - "Concerning Standards of University Education" 10.10.1963 (Typescript)

Pt. 16 - "Concerning Standards of University Education" Oct. 1963 (Photocopy of typescript)

Pt. 17 - "The Meaning of General Education: Call It What You Will But Do Something About It" [1963-], (Carbon of typescript)

Pt. 18 - "Task Force for Higher Education Comments on the Working Paper." December 2, 1964. (Carbon of typescript)

Pt. 19 - "General Education in Indian Universities" ( undated) (Typescript)

Pt. 20 - "I. Universities where rather intensive work was done through visits and often voluminous correspondence" [ undated] (Typescript)

8. Offprints

9. Manuscript by F. S. Friedmann. "Introduction to UNLA: An Experiment in Community Improvement through Adult Education" [Received Feb 16, 19591 (Photocopy of typescript)

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