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VOLUME:.5 cubic ft.

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Biographical Sketch

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Fritz Machlup Papers
Biographical Sketch

Fritz Machlup, professor of economics and international finance, was born in Wiener-Neustadt, Austria on December 15, 1902. Machlup received his doctorate under Ludwig von Mises at the University of Vienna in 1923 and had already published four books and over 150 articles before 1935.

Fleeing Hitler and the National Socialists, Machlup first arrived in the United States in September 1933 on a student visa. He was offered a one-year teaching position at Harvard University in 1934 and formally emigrated to the U.S. in 1935.

Machlup’s distinguished teaching career included the University at Buffalo, NY (1935-1947), Johns Hopkins University (1947-1960), and Princeton University (1960-1971), as well as visiting professorships at universities in Europe, Japan and Australia.

In addition to his teaching and research activities, Machlup was the founder in 1963 of the Bellagio Group, a collaborative of scholars from the United States and Italy, which acted as consultants to the U.S. Department of the Treasury during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Fritz Machlup died in Princeton, New Jersey on January 30, 1983.

Fritz Machlup Papers
Scope and Content Note

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The Fritz Machlup Papers (.5 linear feet of materials; 45 file folders) is a partial collection of the published writings of Machlup, 1935-1982. It consists of reprints of his articles and encyclopedia entries primarily in German and English, but also contains translations into French and Hungarian. The main collection of materials pertaining to Fritz Machlup is located at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, Stanford University.

Fritz Machlup Papers
Box and Folder List

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Series 1: Publications of Fritz Machlup, 1935-1982

Box 1

1. "Inflation and Decreasing Costs of Production." Reprint, 1935.
2. "On the Meaning of the Marginal Product." Reprint, 1937.
3. "Characteristics and Types of Price Discrimination." Reprint, 1955.
4. "The Optimum Lag of Imitation Behind Innovation." Reprint, 1958.
5. "Why Not Hahnism?" Reprint, Oct. 12, 1959.
6. "Der Weltstreit zwischen Mikro- und Makrotheorien in der Nationalökonomie." Reprint, 1960.
7. "Erfindung und technische Forschung." Reprint, Apr. 1960.
8. "Monopol." Reprint, Nov. 1960.
9. "Oligopol." Reprint, Oct. 1961.
10. "Die Pläne zur Reform des internationalen Geldwesens." Reprint, 1962.
11. "Patentwesen (I)." Reprint, Apr. 1962.
12. "Patentwesen (II)." Reprint, Apr. 1962.
13. "Polypol." Reprint, Jan. 1963.
14. "Wettbewerb (III)." Reprint, Mar. 1963.
15. "Die Produktivität der naturwissenschaftlichen und technischen Forschung und Entwicklung." Reprint, 1963.
16. "International Economic Co-operation." Reprint, 1964.
17. "Strategies in the War on Poverty." Reprint, Feb. 1965.
18. "Real Adjustment, Compensatory Corrections, and Foreign Financing of Imbalances in International Payments." Reprint, Sept. 1965.
19. "International Monetary Systems and the Free Market Economy." Reprint, Feb. 1966.
20. "L’Homo Oeconomicus et ses Collègues." Reprint, 1967." Homo Oeconomicus and his Class Mates." Reprint, 1970.
21. "Patents." Reprint, 1968.
22. "If Matter Could Talk." Reprint, 1969.
23. "Academic Freedom." Reprint, 1971.
24. "Financing, Correcting, and Adjustment: Three Ways to Deal with an Imbalance of Payments." Photocopy, 1971.
25. "Tenure in Colleges and Universities." Reprint, 1971.
26. "Changes in the International Monetary System and the Effects on Banks." Reprint, May 1971.
27. "Comment." Reprint, 1972.
28. "Nationalism, Provincialism, Fixed Exchange Rates and Monetary Union." Reprint, 1972.
29. "The Universal Bogey." Reprint, 1972.
30. "The Expanded Role of SDRs and the Possibility of an SDR Standard." Reprint, 1973.
31. "Internationale Liquidität." Reprint, 1973.
32. "Learning More About Knowledge." Photocopy, 1973.
33. "The Effects of Fiscal Policy and the Choice of Definitions." Reprint, 1973+.
34. "The Illusion of Universal Higher Education." Reprint, 1974.
35. "Integrationshemmende Integrationspolitik." Reprint, 1974.
36. "International Monetary Systems." Reprint, 1975.
37. "Between Outline and Outcome the Reform was Lost." Reprint, Apr. 1976.
38. "Würdigung der Werke von Friedrich A. von Hayek." Reprint, 1977.
39. "Explaining Changes in Balances of Payments and Foreign-Exchange Rates: A Polemic without Graphs, Algebra, and Citations." Reprints, Sept. 1979; 1980.
40. "Hayek, Friedrich A. von." Reprint, 1979.
41. "The Economic Cost of Knowledge." Reprint, 1980.
42. "Beruházások az emberi eröforrásokba és a producktív tudásba." Reprint, 1982; Hungarian translation of "Investment in Human Resources and Productive Knowledge."
43. "Austrian Economics." Reprint, 1982.
44. “Growth Rates, Trade Balances, and Exchange Rates.” Reprint, 1982.
45. “Marginal Revenue.” Reprint, 1982.

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