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Administrative History

Box and Folder List

University Commission for Affirmative Action
Administrative History

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The University Commission for Affirmative Action was created in November 1976, and was charged to “advise the President, recommend policy appropriate to Affirmative Action, and assist the Affirmative Action Office in setting appropriate goals and assuring their accomplishment.” The commission’s creation was in response to the University at Albany’s need to comply with newly created state and federal equal opportunity laws. The commission initially consisted of twenty-one commissioners, but the structure was revised in the 1984-1985 academic year and a nine person commission was established. The commission illustrated its commitment to affirmative action by selecting a diverse representation of members from the university’s various colleges, schools, and administrative offices. Originally, the commission members served one year appointments, but later it was expanded to three-year appointments. The commission met biannually in the Fall and Spring, and reported “to the President its plans and progress, and made recommendations requiring action.”

The commission aimed to enhance the university’s diversity among the student, staff, and faculty populations by developing structures and incentives that promoted gender, racial, ethnic, [sexual orientation and disability] equity among the university community. The bulk of the commission’s work was carried out at the committee level. The commission was charged with coordinating the implementation of the “Affirmative Action Plan,” a document created by the Affirmative Action Office that detailed the policies regarding equal opportunity at the university, and the Affirmative Action Plan Committee was created in 1977? to insure its implementation. The commission focused on compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and recommended remedies based on the “Institutional Self Study.” In 1977, the Women’s Concerns Committee was formed to “develop educational programs for women;” the Committee created sub-committees such as the Women’s Connection newsletter in 1979 to highlight activities of campus and community women’s groups. The Grievance Committee was founded in 1977? to establish a panel to hear discrimination complaints.

The Committee on Minority Concerns was established in 1977? “to enhance the educational and professional development of minority students and employees.” The Network Committee was established in 1977? to publicize the activities of the Commission and the Affirmative Action Office. “TOP” Target of Opportunity Program was proposed in 1985 to increase faculty diversity at the University [Memo form Martone to Ramaley, UCAA 1985 folder, O. of Pres.]


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1. University Commission For Affirmative Action, Statement of Organization and Goals, Affirmative Action Commission folder, Office of the President Box 292/49.
2. Minutes, October 6, 1992, 1993-1994, 2 of 2 folder, University Commission for Affirmative Action.
3. Ibid.
4. Memo from President O'Leary to Professor Lawrence Wittner, August 9, 1982, Commission on Affirmative Action 1982 folder, Office of the President box 74.
5. Memo from President O'Leary to Rosemary Kilkenny Sabai, September 12, 1978, University Commission on Affirmative Action - General '76 to '79 folder, Office of the President box 63, see also UCAA Women's Concerns Committee Program Proposal Spring 1985, WCC Minutes 1981-1985 folder, UCAA, WCC Chair's files, 1980-1987, Affirmative Action Office .5 box.
6. See Women's Connection folder, Archives Publication Files

University Commission for Affirmative Action
Box and Folder List

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UCAA, 1988-1989
UCAA, 1989-1990 1 of 3
UCAA, 1989-1990 2 of 3
UCAA, 1989-1990 3 of 3
UCAA, 1989-1990
UCAA, 1990-1991 1 of 2
UCAA, 1990-1991 2 of 2
UCAA, 1991-1992
UCAA, 1992-1993
UCAA, 1993-1994 1 of 2
UCAA, 1993-1994 2 of 2
UCAA, 1994-1995 1 of 2
UCAA, 1994-1995 2 of 2
UCAA, 1995-1996 1 of 2
UCAA, 1995-1996 2 of 2
UCAA, 1996-1997 1 of 2
UCAA, 1996-1997 2 of 2

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