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Adminstrative History

Series Descriptions

Box and Folder List:

University Art Museum
Administrative History

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The University Art Museum was officially opened and dedicated on October 5, 1967 as the University Art Gallery.  However, its antecedents have been traced to at least 1929 when the State College News reported that the Art Department was sponsoring an exhibit of the work of Flemish artists.**1  While a formal gallery or exhibit place did not exist, the Art Department frequently sponsored such events, displaying art work in the hallways of the second and third floors of the Draper building as well often mounting exhibits in room 207 of Draper.  In 1957, under the guidance and jurisdiction of Edward Cowley,who joined the art faculty in 1951 and served as head of the Art Department from 1955 to 1975, the Draper Gallery became an official entity.  Existing simply as a room on the third floor of the Draper building in which lights and panels were installed, the Gallery nonetheless had an important function in supporting and enhancing the curriculum of the Art Department.  Such a space not only allowed students to exhibit their own work but also enhanced the opportunity for them, as well as for members of the community, to be exposed to the work of local and regional artists. **2

As a part of the new university campus, space in the Fine Arts Building was designated for an art gallery, which was officially opened in the Fall of 1967.  The University Art Gallery was intended as a forum for contemporary art in the area.  The "the initial exhibitions of the University Art Gallery, notably Nelson Rockefeller's collections and subsequent faculty shows, brought contemporary art of national and international significance to the Albany art public."**3  Furthermore, it has been argued that Rockefeller and the gallery's first director, Donald Mochon "had a vision of a gallery that would become a national show place for contemporary art of a regional, national and international stature."**4

In 1971 the University Art Gallery, in conjunction with the Schenectady Museum and the Albany Institute of History and Art, enhanced its reputation as a forum for regional artists with the creation of the Mohawk-Hudson Regional Exhibit.  Replacing the Artists of the Upper Hudson Exhibit which had been sponsored for over 35 years by the Albany Institute of History and Art, and the Schenectady Regional Exhibit which had been held at the Schenectady Museum for 16 years, the Mohawk-Hudson Regional Exhibit rotated among each sponsoring institution, each setting a different theme for the given exhibit that year.

Following the precedent set in the '20's, the University Art Gallery initially existed as a unit of the Art Department, but from the beginning it enjoyed a considerable amount of administrative and artistic freedom.  Edward Cowley stated that he and Donald Mochan agreed that while the Gallery was a unit of the Art Department, its needs were not necessarily synonymous with those of an academic department.  They decided that for the Gallery to be an efficient and effective body, it needed a degree of autonomy to operate and make its own policy decisions.  Nonetheless, staff members from the Art Gallery played an integral role in the workings of the Art Department, attending faculty meetings and participating in policy decisions.**5

The partial autonomy of the Art Museum from the Art Department was regularized in the mid- 1970's when the Art Gallery began reporting directly to the Dean of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts.  As of 1993, the University Art Museum reports to Dean of the newly created College of Arts and Sciences.  The Gallery and subsequently Museum continue to work closely with the Art Department.  It plays a role in the M.A. and M.F.A. programs by exhibiting student's final exhibitions.  Furthermore, the Art Museum staff often responds to the Art Department's standing invitation for their attendance at Department faculty meetings.  Both the Art Museum and the Art Department use such meetings as an opportunity to share, discuss and coordinate their artistic efforts for the University at Albany, SUNY.**6

In the 1991/92 academic year the Gallery changed its name to the University Art Museum.**7 In doing so, the Museum has been able to better reflect its role as a space not only for the temporary exhibit of work, but also as a repository for a permanent collection.  The educational role of the Art Museum made plain in its mission statement.

"The primary mission of the University Art Museum is public service and education which supports the core curriculum.  The museum is a place for the exhibition of art and artifacts that reflect the diversity of peoples, cultures, and life experiences.  Through its exhibitions, lectures, sponsored symposia, and film and video showings, the museum affords opportunities for interaction and collaboration among faculty, students and members of the larger community. The museum's program of developing the University's collections of contemporary art serves the artistic community by supporting living artists and preserving their work.  It also creates a resource for enriching the campus environment though loans and exhibitions from these collections.  Most essentially, the museum itself is a place for informal self-directed learning.  The experience is voluntary and may provide a moment of reflection or a chance discovery that moves the visitor in a lasting way."**8

Donald Mochan was the director of the Gallery from 1967 until his death in 1976.  Before joining the staff at the State University of New York at Albany, he served as a professor of architecture at RPI.  After his death, Donald Mochan was succeed by Nancy Liddle.  Mrs. Liddle, a graduate of Indiana University and a member of the Art Department, had been involved with the Art Gallery from its inception aiding in planning the first year's exhibits.**9  Mrs. Liddle had served as the full time assistant director of the Gallery from 1966 to 1976, and director from 1976 to her retirement in 1993.  Currently Marijo Dougherty is serving as the interim director of the museum.

**1 "Art Department Exhibits Flemish Paintings Here", State College News, p. 4, circa1, 11-22-29.
**2 Interview with Edward Cowley, Professor Emeritus, 7-19-93.
**3 "Strategy for Documenting 20th Century Art Activity in the Albany Region" developed by the McKinney Library Albany Institute of History and Art, December, 1991, p 26.
**4 Ibid., p. 31.
**5 Interview with Edward Cowley, Professor Emeritus, 7-19-93.
**6 Interview with Marijo Dougherty, Interim Director of Art Museum, 7-27-93.  The exact date of the change in reporting relationships remains unclear.
**7 President's Report, 1992, p. 8.
**8 "Mission Statement, University Art Museum," State University of New York at Albany
**9 News Release 77-124, Office of Media Relations, "Nancy Liddle Heads University Art Gallery", 8-12-77, pp. 3-4.

University Art Museum
Series Descriptions

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Series 1: Exhibit Publications, 1967-1993, 2 cubic feet

Contains exhibit leaflets, flyers, catalogs, and programs from 1967 to 1993. All exhibits held by the University Art Gallery and subsequently Art Museum are listed. The items are arranged chronologically by exhibition.

Series 2: Clippings File, 1965- 1992, .2 cubic feet

Newspaper clippings gathered by both the University Archives and the Art Gallery and subsequent Museum.  For the most part, clippings were gathered from local publications relation to exhibits.

University Art Museum
Box and Folder List

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Exhibition Publications

The following list of exhibits was compiled and annotated by both the Museum and the University Archives to describe holdings relating to the exhibits. While all exhibits held by the University Art Gallery and subsequently Art Museum are listed, full documentation for all the exhibits may not exist.  For the most part the University Archives and the University Art Gallery have duplicate holdings.  Where an item is not held by the University Archives the note (not in archival holdings) will appear.  A * and or an # indicate respectfully that a catalogue or a poster is held in the University Art Gallery for any given exhibit or event.


October 5-November 17
*Painting and Sculpture from Nelson A Rockefeller Collection

*Jack Bosson: Paintings and Prints
Jazz Posters (not in archival holdings)
Recent Works in Fabric, Acrylic, and Stained Glass


January 8-25
*A University Collects (NYU Collection)
A Responsive Eye (M.O.M.A)

February 16-March 14
*Big Prints (a national invitational)

March-April 1
*William Wilson: Recent Work
Munson-Williams-Proctor:Artists of Central New York

May 19-June 9
*Monumental Brass Rubbings by Townsend Rich
*William Clark: Recent Work
*Faculty Exhibition
Student Exhibition

June 30-August 10
Contemporary British Art (M.O.M.A.)

September 15-October 13
The Artist and His Subject (M.O.M.A.)
Guggenheim Fellows in Photography
Raphael Villamil: Paintings
Donald Ogier: Recent Paintings

October 29-November 17
Project Art (not in archival holdings)
*Carroll Cloar
Articulate Subconsciousness
Skidmore Faculty Exhibition (not in archival holdings)
Bette Saberlich: Ceramic Sculpture (not in archival holdings)

December 10
Donald Mochon: Sales

November 28-December 22
*Romare Bearden: Recent Work
*Donald Cole: Paintings

December 3-21
William Wilson: Recent Works


January 7-19
Young Printmakers (not in archival holdings)
Robles and Ehrenhalt: Paintings (not in archival holdings)

January 26-February 16
*Alcoa Collection of Contemporary Art (not in archival holdings)
*Degan Evans: Paintings

March 2-23
Architecture Without Architects
*Critics Choice

March 21
Richard and Lee Wilkie in Concert

April 16-May 18
*University Wide Convocation of the Arts

May 15
Majority of One: A Celebration of Conscience

May 25-June 8
Faculty-Student Exhibition

June 24-July 14
Six Danish Graphic Artists

July 1-August 17
Twenty Representational Artists
Wall Hangings from the Museum of Modern Art
*Joe Alper - Photographer

September 29-October 19
Kirk Newman: Bronze Sculpture (not in archival holdings)

October 26-November 23
*A Leap of Faith: Art from Israel , Margaret Davies

December 15
Green-Backed Money Pincher


January 4-February 22
*Contemporary American Painting and Sculpture from the Schwartz Collection (not in archival holdings)
*William Wilson: Recent Paintings
Screen Prints (not in archival holdings)

January 4-25
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Behan, Kerr, Walton, Scully (not in archival holdings)

Master Thesis Exhibitions: Casper, Frinta, Madden (not in archival holdings)

March 1-22
Posters: International Poetry Forum (not in archival holdings)

March 8 April 5
Passionate Years (Post-Impressionist works on paper from M.O.M.A) (not in archival holdings)
*Robert Cartmell: Recent Work

April 18-May 10
*1970 Student Exhibition

May 7- 10
The Many Sounds of Electronic Music: An International SamplingUniversity Art Museum
May 17-June 7
Faculty-Student Exhibition (not in archival holdings)

May 20-June 7
*Master Thesis Exhibitions: Nieastri, Skolnik, Starkey

July 1-August 14
*Robert Rauschenberg Graphics

August 30-September 27
*Constructivist Tendencies (George and Edith Rickey Collection) (not in archival holdings)

October 7-November 3
*The Representational Spirit

November 15-December 22
*Shozo Nagano: Paintings
Marjorie Koster: Prints

December 6-22
Masters Thesis Exhibition: Barsamian (not in archival holdings)


January 18-February 21
Critic's Choice
*Wayne Lennenbacker: Photographs

Milton circa Olson, Charles T. O'Reilly: Reception

February 28-March 25
*Leonard Rossoman
Oswego Exhibition
*Franz Kafka Exhibition

March 19

April 1-25
*Washington Art
*Thom O'Connor: Prints and DrawingsUniversity Art Museum
Spring 1971
*Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Fantauzzi, Fess, Penman and Spaziani

June 23-July
*Potsdam Prints (from the collection of the State University College at Potsdam)

July 25-August 11
*Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Chilla, Jogo, Krems, Martin, Rodrigo, Schade, Steinbach

August 29-September 19
Drawing USA/71 (organized by Minnesota Museum of Art)

September 29-October 28
Two Photographers: Alice Wells and Dan Blumberg (not in archival holdings)
*Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Howe and Rheingold (not in archival holdings)
*Selection `71 - Works from SUNY campuses

October 20-27
Master Thesis Exhibition: Reintsema (not in archival holdings)

November 9-December 12
*Ten Artists from the Mohawk-Hudson Region
*Kenneth Welch: Jewelry


January 16-February 6
Durer and His Time (not in archival holdings)
Eight Women Ceramists
Xerox Prints by James Tyler Hoare (not in archival holdings)

February 13-March 12
Photographs by Roman Vishniac
Prints by Robert Cartmell
*Illustrations for Children

March 19-April 16
*The World Between the Ox and the Swine: Hans Richter
*New York State Craftsmen
Neil Kagan: Photographer (not in archival holdings)
Studio Museum in Harlem (group exhibition)
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Albert, Blanchfield, Jerome, McSheehy, Salata and Sauter (not in archival holdings)
*Vietnam: Photo Essay June 18-July 16
*L'Exposition Exhibition 1972 - co-sponsored by the United States
National Commission for UNESCO (not in archival holdings)

July 24-August 4
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Kingston and Kirstel (not in archival holdings)

August 27-September 20
Our Own Things: University Collection (not in archival holdings) Larry Kagan and Sara Skolnik: Recent Works (not in archival holdings)

October 1-November 5
*New York Women Artists
Photography of Canada (not in archival holdings)

November 15-December 7
*Robert Cartmell (not in archival holdings)
Africoba (not in archival holdings)
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Doody, Moore, Schwabe (not in archival holdings)

December 10-17
Crafts Show: SUNYA Art Students (not in archival holdings)


January 14-March 11
*The Civilization of Lluros: Norman Daly

April 2-29
*Australian Bark Paintings
*Stephen Antonakis: Neons

May 20-June 3
1973 Student Exhibition
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Ahern, Goodman, Herschberg, Ross, Thompson and Yohalem

June 24-August 5
*Artists of the Mohawk-Hudson Region

August 26-October 2
The Iconography of the Picture Press
New Plastics (organized by Dennis Byng)

October 16-November 18
*Walter Plate: Paintings, Drawings, Collages
Martin Benjamin: photographs (not in archival holdings)

November 26-December 16
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Langbart, Lipka, Price, Tierney and Nielsen


January 13-February 14
*Fantastics and Eccentrics
*Tight and Loose

February 24-March 27
*Wayne Lennebacker: Photographs
*Genocide: Photographs

April 14-May 5
*1974 Student Exhibition

May 12-25
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: McDowell, Prince, Roman and Rowland

June 23-July 3
Salon de Refuses (from 1974 Mohawk-Hudson Regional entries) (not in archival holdings)

July 15-August 2
Works on Paper: Thom O'Connor, Robert Cartmell and Peter Jogo
*Decade: Graphics in the Sixties (not in archival holdings)
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Retz, Newby (not in archival holdings)

August 25-October 3
*Five Artists from the Mohawk Hudson Region
*Selection `74: recent acquisitions to the University Collection (not in archival holdings)
Monumental Brass Rubbings by Townsend Rich (not in archival holdings)

October 13-November 17
*Dan Budnik: Photographs of Albany Medical Center
*Terminal Iron Works: David Smith at Bolton Landing (not in archival holdings)
*The Sculpture of Cyprus (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

November 24-December 14
Women in France: Photographs
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Tarlton and Mendelson (not in archival holdings)University Art Museum


January 19-February 16
*Nell Blaine: Paintings
*William Wilson: Paintings

February 23-March 23
*Martha Jackson Collection
Tod Bryant: Photographs (not in archival holdings)

March 14
Jazz Live

April 1-28
*1975 Student Exhibition

May 4-25
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Ellis, Golash, Ioepitzi, Wawrla, Rivera, Rucker and Zeman-Rogers (not in archival holdings)

June 14- August 7
Exhibition by Artists of Mohawk-Hudson Region

June 30-August 8
*55 Mercer Street

July 24-August 8
Art Council Collection
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Bernatowitz, Keevil and Stewart (not in archival holdings)

August 25-September 28
*Garo Antresian
*Clinton Adams

October 5-November 6
*Gerald DiGuisto Sculpture
Irena Altmanova-Frinta: Pastels

November 23-December 21
Coast to Coast Coasters: Organized by Robert Cartmell

November 19-December 5
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Korber, Russ and Walker (not in archival holdings)

December 8-21
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Calo and Edelheit (not in archival holdings)

December 3-21
#Mochon Drawings: Auction of 300 drawings by Donald Mochon (benefit for Art Gallery)


January 19-Feburary 15
*Paintings by Robert Huot

March 14-April 14
*Contemporary American Stage Design (not in archival holdings)

April 9-30
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Jansson, LaPlante, Miller, Moskowitz, Stone
and Turner (not in archival holdings)
*Portraits of Edith Rickey
Ceramic Sculpture by Niles Wallace

June 27-August 8
*1976 Artists of the Mohawk-Hudson Region

June 28-August 7
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Chamberlain, Chereskin and Armstrong

August 8
Ted Chereskin: An Exhibition of Cast Lucite Sculpture

August 30-September 26
Faculty Exhibition (not in archival holdings)
*Sons and Others: Women Artists See Men

October 3-November 7
*The Sculpture of John Ferro
The Manipulation of Light: 10 photographers (not in archival holdings)
Calligraphic Collages by Wolfgang Roth (not in archival holdings)

November 14-December 19
*Paintings by Marilyn Giersbach
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Rhodes and Taylor (not in archival holdings)


January 17-February 13
*Paintings and Prints by Richard Callner
Alvin Napper: Photographs
William Cristenberry: Photographs

March 5-31
*University-wide Exhibitions by SUNY students

April 11-May 1
Annual Student Exhibition (not in archival holdings)
Kathleen Grove and Larry List: Recent Work

May 8-29
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Boyer, Garrett, Rivette and Bryant
Medieval Musical Notations: organized by Drew Hartzell of the
University at Albany Music Department (not in archival holdings)

June 26-August 5
*Jim Dine Prints

July 16-August 5
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Cho, Davidson and Faiola
Annual Faculty Exhibition (not in archival holdings)

August 29-September 25
*Contemporary Yugoslav Prints

September 30-October 23
*Printed Quilts/Quilted Prints
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Dougherty and Tsamardinos

October 30-November 27
*A Don Mochon Celebration (two copies)

December 4-23
*Frances Simches Memorial Exhibition
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Bernatowitz, Buerkley and Johnson


January 23-February 17
#Graphic Artists of New York State (not in archival holdings)
Fantasy Sculpture: Joan Danziger (not in archival holdings)

February 27-April 2
*J. Pindyck Miller: Sculpture
*Polly Hope: Stuffed Pictures (not in archival holdings)

March 19- April 30
Ed Cowley

April 10-May 1
Annual Student Exhibition  (not in archival holdings)

May 8-21
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Adam, Bida, Bartholomay, Delis, Golojuch,
Grindle, Gugell, Heikolf, Honon, Kempf, Silver and Lawrence

June 17-September 1
*World Print Competition (not in archival holdings)

July 5-August 3
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Blake, Dietrich, Feroleto, Kite and Saddlemire (not in archival holdings)

September 12-October 8
Annual Faculty Exhibition (not in archival holdings)
*On the Offset Press
*David Hayes: Sculpture Out-of-Doors

September 22-October 22
*I Am Not Blind: organized by the Wadsworth Atheneum

October 19-November 20
*Tenth Street Days (not in archival holdings)
Mohawk-Hudson Invitational: Rheingold and Rymanowski

December 1-21
*Young American Printmakers
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Antos, Formanek, Labaree and Mastrianni


January 22-February 18
*Faculty Choice
*S.A.G.A. (not in archival holdings)

March 2-April 1
*Mauricio Lasansky

April 17-29
Annual Student Exhibition (not in archival holdings)

May 11-27
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Califano, Colon, Eadie, Graham, Greenfield,
Hogan, Johnson, Leavitt, Malloy, McFerran, Pell, Pletts, Rehm, Spitsbergen and Wager (not in archival holdings)

June 25-July 29
*1979 Artists of the Mohawk-Hudson Region

August 28-September 23
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Hall, Rounds, Witkowski and Woolsey (not in archival holdings)
*Traditions in American Basketry

October 6-November 18
*#The Sculpture of Richard Stankiewicz 1953-1979

December 4-20
Irish Tinkers: Photographs by SUNYA Anthropology
Professor George Gmelch
Eight from the Northern Interior: Handmade Books and Broadsides
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Brownell, Dutt, Edgar, King, Meyers, Holdridge


January 22-February 29
*The American Landscape: Paintings by Allan D'Arca
#Phyllis Galembo: Recent Color Photographs  (not in archival holdings)
Archaeology--Past, Present, Future: Photographs (not in archival holdings)

March 14-April 20
*Dorothea Lange: Her Collection (not in archival holdings)
Jason Stewart: Works on Paper (not in archival holdings)

May 6-25
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Giscombe, Harland, Kim, Levitt, Mulero, Rosenthal, Tansey, Strauss, Townsend

July 8- August 31
*Clay, Fiber, Metal (not in archival holdings)

June 24-August 1
Mowhawk-Hudson Regional Art Exhibition

September 4-October 5
*#The Sculpture of Hugh Townley
*Invisible Light: Infrared Photographs (organized by Robert Cartmell)

October 18-November 23
U.S. Eye: Photography (organized for 1980 Olympics) (not in archival holdings)

December 2-18
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Gessinger, Kingsbury, Langworthy, Robert
Edward Cowley: Recent Works (not in archival holdings)


January 26-February 28
University Student Art Exhibition
*Mohawk-Hudson Invitational Exhibition: Ethel Magafan and Robert Blood

March 1-April 26
*O. Louis Guglielmi Retrospective

March 17-April 16
Photos of Romanesque Mural Paintings (not in archival holdings)

May 10-24
Masters Thesis Exhibition: Barron, Blechman, Carr, Cavalier, Fontaine, Gala, Gallagher, Gerstenberger, Greenberg, Gonzalez, Hass, Johnson, Kreisher, Lineweaver, Long, Maurello, Palmersheim, Scullion, Silverstein, Witzel

June 24-August 1
*Brooke Alexander: A Decade of Print Publishing

June 23-July 12
Jeffrey Studenroth: Watercolors (Lobby) (not in archival holdings)

June 30-July 31
Margaret Crawford: Serigraphs and Small Sculpture (not in archival holdings)

September 8-October 7
*#Nathan Oliveira: Print Retrospedtive 1949-1978
#Aldo Casanova: Recent Bronzes

October 23-December 18
*Yugoslav Drawings: Current Trends

November 5-December 12
Small Sculpture by Vava Stankovic, Marja Vallila, Stephen Day


January 26-February 28
Anand Manu (Bill Wilson): Recent Works
*Paul Garland: Large Watercolor Abstractions

March 16-April 18
*Fabric Into Art
The University at Albany Permanent Collection: Selected Works from 1970 to 1980

May 4-23
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Bartholomay, Bayly, Benenson, Bowen, Brzezowski, Curtin, Fair, Febbo, Gordon, Johnson, Karp, Lohner, Matzke, Mohn, Mooney, Popper, Scharl, Spelich, Simon, Triedman, Wagoner, Weinman (not in archival holdings)

June 24-August 1
*1982 Exhibition by Artists of the Mohawk Hudson Region

September 7-October 10
*#Edward Koren: Prints and Drawings

October 22-November 21
Lotti Jacobi: Thirty Photographs (not in archival holdings)
*Shamans and Spirits: Myths and Medical Symbolism in Eskimo Art (not in archival holdings)
Edward Cowley: Free-Hand Perspective (not in archival holdings)

December 7-19
Fall 1982 SUNYA Student Exhbition (not in archival holdings) Museum


Movie Memorabilia: From the collection of Arthur Lennig (not in archival holdings)

February 12-March 25
*Thom O'Connor: 20 Year Print Retrospective

February 12-20
Albany Impressions (Lobby) (not in archival holdings)

February 23-March 25
Black Women Achievements Against the Odds (not in archival holdings)

April 19-May 22
Masters of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibitions: Bowen, Chapin, Curtin, Fair, Formanek, Frakes, Gordon, Hass, Matzke, Mooney, Mulero, Row, Smith, Wagoner, Weinman (not in archival holdings)University Art

June 28-August 5
*Atelier 17: New Directions

June 28-July 10
Masters Thesis Exhibitions: Bari, Andersen, Mary Anderson, Arat, Ashley, Auger, Bonk, Corigliano, Coughtry, DeAndrade, Fitterer, Jaremko, Keane, Lorenz, Lynes, Ressler, Ripps, Scultz, Stinson (not in archival holdings)

July 15-Augut 5
Abstract/Concrete: Clay works by Regis Brodie and Bill Knoble (not in archival holdings)

September 13-October 23
*New Decorative Art (not in archival holdings)
*Artists at Large: Photographs by Rollie McKenna

October 18-December 16
Recent Work by the Univerity Art Faculty

November 1-December 16
Recognitions: Faces and Places / Photographs by Charles Traub


January 24-February 26
Mohawk-Hudson Invitational: Enid Blechman and Allen Grindle (not in archival holdings)
*Robert Motherwell: Lyric Suite
*Prints by Fairfield Porter (not in archival holdings)
Oshima/MacGregor - Paintings (Lobby)
Albany Impressions Suite

March 9-April 13
*Rural Vistas: Rediscovery of the American Landscape (not in archival holdings)
*Twentieth Century American Watercolor (not in archival holdings)
*Richard Stankiewicz Memorial Exhibition

May 3-20
Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibitions: Arat, Anderson, Ashley, DeAndrade, Gala, Giscombe, Jaremko, Leavitt, Lohner, Moninski, Park, Ripps, Rogers, Scharl, Schultz, Spelich, Nancy Engle: Photographs (Lobby) (not in archival holdings)

June 26-August 3
#Forever Wild: Photographs from the Adirondacks by Eliot Porter (not in archival holdings)
Glory Glory: Photographs by Lionel J. M. Delevingne (not in archival holdings)
Freda Hall: Flower Photographs (Lobby) (not in archival holdings)
Arbor Hill Children's Art (Lobby) (not in archival holdings)

June 26-July 12
Master of Arts Thesis Exhibitions: Chen, Hollinde, Keays, Lee, Ojalvo, Roberts, Rolando, Testo, Tofield (not in archival holdings)

July 17-August 3
Two Polish Printmakers: Andrzej Kalina and Andrzej Dworokowski (not in archival holdings)

July 17- 24
Two Cool Evenings

September 4-November 14
*New York Painters: New Directions (not in archival holdings)
The Art of Adornment: Contemporary Wearable Art from Africa and the Diaspora (not in archival holdings)
Videotape: Six Works by John Sturgeon (West Gallery) (not in archival holdings)
Mural Drawings: Humanities Lounge Project (Lobby) (not in archival holdings)

November 30-December 21
Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibitions: Coughtry, Schaming, Stewart (not in archival holdings)


January 22-January 27
*The Janus Press 1975-80 - Claire VanVliet
Artists' Books: Callner, O'Connor, Schade

February 13-March 17
*Eadweard Muybridge: Animal Locomotion
*New York Printmakers: A Dozen Directions
Helmmo Kinderman: Camera Works

April 9-May 19
Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibitions: Benenson, Depew, Keane, Klein, Ojalvo, Roberts, Rolando, Testo (not in archival holdings)

April 9-24
Master of Arts Thesis Exhbitions: Chang, Lee, Nutting, Williams (not in archival holdings)University Art May 1-19
Master of Arts Thesis Exhibitions: Webster-Frederick, Reid, Smith (not in archival holdings)

June 25-August 4
*1985 Artists of the Mohawk-Hudson Region

September 4-15
Maritime Prints (not in archival holdings)

September 4-October 13
Edward Mayer Sculpture (not in archival holdings)
Screenprints by Contemporary Painters (not in archival holdings)

October 25-November 24
David Hockney: Photocollages (not in archival holdings)
Photos from the Collection of the University (not in archival holdings)

December 6-20
*Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibitions: Chen, Egan, Hollinde, Lee,
McCartan, Murphy (not in archival holdings)
Master of Arts Exhibitions: Cheng, Peters, Rochow (not in archival holdings)


February 12-March 23
New York State--An Aerial Perspective: Photographs by Marilyn Bridges
Transparencies--Multi-media works by Ten New York Artists

April 14-May 18
*Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibitions: Avakian, Brandt, Charlton, Englander, Goren, Mohn, Perkins, Warner
Master of Arts Exhibitions: Rogula, Simmons, Siren, Sweet (not in archival holdings)

June 24-August 1
*A Birthday Party: 50 Years of the Mohawk Hudson Regional

September 2-October 19
*#The Faces of the City: Albany Portraits from Three Centuries

November 1-26
Olokun Imagery/Objects of Prayer: Cibachrome Photographs by
Phyllis Galembo (not in archival holdings)
*Bill Wilson: Return to Landscape
Recent Works by Five Faculty Artists: Ballester, Buchman, Carson,
Plaxco and Vallila (not in archival holdings)

December 9-21
*Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibitions: Kreishner, Nutting, Vatsky,
Williams Zupnick
Masters of Arts Exhibitions: Ryder, Valenti (not in archival holdings)


January 20-25
Master of Arts Exhibitions: Ryder, Valenti

February 3-March 1
*New Drawings - The Drawing Center, NY
*Elders of the Tribe

March 10-April 10
*Beijing/New York: Avant-Garde Chinese Art
The New York School: Prints from the University Art Collection (not in archival holdings)

April 21-May 17
*Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibitions: Chen-yu, DePietro, Peters, Rochow, Stiglich, Wineland (not in archival holdings)
Master of Arts Thesis Exhibitions: Clernents, Cuadra, DiGangi, Gray Be, Leff, Liburdi, Papele, Schoonmaker, Trabka, Valentino (not in archival holdings)

June 13-September 6
*1987 Mohawk Hudson Regional Exhibition (not in archival holdings)

September 8-October 11
*Edward Cowley - A Retrospective (two copies)
Donald Mochon Remembered (not in archival holdings)

October 24-November 22
Katherine Porter: Recent Paintings (not in archival holdings)
Sandi Fellman: Japanese Tattoo Series (not in archival holdings)
*Youth Books of Yore: From Pilgrim's Progress to Pinocchio (not in archival holdings)

December 8-23
*Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibitions: Anderson, Kahn, Shoebridge, Swearingen (not in archival holdings)
Master of Arts Thesis Exhibitions: Brady, Brenner, Miller, Squillace, Wang, Yan


January 20-February 21
Recent Works on Paper by the Fine Arts Faculty (not in archival holdings)
*The Art Students League: Selections from the Permanent Collection Undergraduate Artists (not in archival holdings)

March 8-April 10
Contemporary Finnish Prints
Kosta Bogdonovitch (not in archival holdings)
Quilts by Linda O'Connor (not in archival holdings)

April 26-May 15
Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition: Chinian, Huntington, Machell, Ryder (not in archival holdings)
Master of Arts Thesis Exhibition: Bocci, Woodbury (not in archival holdings)

June 17-July 24
*Artists of the Mohawk-Hudson Region Juried Exhibition

September 6-October 16
*The Paintings of Ethel Schwabacher
Alumni I

September 6-October 9
Living gods/Hindu Faces (not in archival holdings)

October 25-November 23
*Richard Callner: A Retrospective Exhibition
Four Centuries of Italian Master Drawings

December 9-December 23
*Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition: DiGangi, Papele, Walters (not in archival holdings)
Master of Arts Thesis Exhibition: Dermansky, Martin (not in archival holdings)


January 24-March 10
*Contemporary American Collage: 1960-1986 (not in archival holdings)
Photographs from the University Collection (not in archival holdings)
Albany Project: An installation by Susan Rees (not in archival holdings)

March 14-April 16
Seymour Drumlevitch (not in archival holdings)
Photographs from the University Collection (cont'd) (not in archival holdings)

May 2-May 21
Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition: Clements, Michael, Squillace, Tabka (not in archival holdings)
Master of Arts Thesis Exhibition: Alterman, Bae, Buvoli, Grunwaldt, Harris (not in archival holdings)

June 20-August 1
*Reclaiming Paradise: American Women Photograph the Land (not in archival holdings)

September 5-October 15
Sculpture'89: Fellowship Recipients of the New York Foundation
for the Arts (not in archival holdings)
Olivia Parker: Anima Motrix (not in archival holdings)

October 24-November 19
*Zuka: The French Revolution through American Eyes

December 8-December 21
Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition (not in archival holdings)
Master of Arts Thesis Exhibition (not in archival holdings)


January 16-February 25
University at Albany Fine Arts Department Faculty Exhibition (not in archival holdings)

March 13-April 12
Aaron Karp (not in archival holdings)
The Atelier Project (not in archival holdings)
The Albany Impressions Series:Editions made for artists at the print studios of the University (not in archival holdings)

May 1-20
Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibitions
Master of Arts Thesis Exhibition

June 26-August 3
*Antonio Frasconi: An Artist's Journal
*Edward Colker

September 5-November l8
#Contemporary Art of the African Diaspora (not in archival holdings)
New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship Recipients (not in archival holdings)
*Portraits of an Epoch: The Drawings of Benedikt F. Dolbin (West Gallery)

December 1-21
Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibitions (not in archival holdings)
Master of Arts Thesis Exhibitions (not in archival holdings)

February 2-March 17
*Our Land/Ourselves: American Indian Contemporary Artists

April 3-April 21
*Robert Arrandale Williams: The American Terrain
Rudolph Serra: Sculpture (West Gallery) (not in archival holdings)

May 4-26
Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibitions: Krepfle, Lail, Lipman, Schloemer, Valentino, Walters, Wright-Sedam (not in archival holdings)
Master of Arts Thesis Exhibitions: Rock, Ryan, and Setchfield (not in archival holdings)

July 16-September 8
*Artists of the Mohawk-Hudson Region Juried Exhibition

October 1-November 24
*Art Faculty Exhibition
*Dorothy Lathrop: A Centenary Celebration (West Gallery)

December 4-22
Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibitions: Brenner, Ginett, Jones,
Lewis, McGreevy (not in archival holdings)
Master of Arts Thesis Exhibitions: Flynn, Green (not in archival holdings)


January 15-February 16
*Gardens: Real and Imagined

March 3-April 12
*Through the Object's Eye: Paintings by Joan Semmel
*Swiss Poster Art 1906-1990 from the Ciba-Geigy Collection
California/Albany (West Gallery)
The View From Here: Claremont

May 8-17
Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibitions
Master of Arts Thesis Exhibitions

June 23-July 26
*Convergence: Eight Black Photographers

September 12-November 24
*Living Traditions: Mexican Popular Arts (two copies)


March 2- April 23
Jasper Johns: Prints and Multiples

September 15 -


March 8 - April 17
*Dennis Byng, Richard Callner, Edward Cowley: Creating After Teaching: Three Faculty Emeriti (two copies)
June 7 - July 31
#Artists of the Mohawk Hudson Region Juried Exhibit

September 24-November 13
*Democratic Vistas: 150 Years of American Art from Regional Collections (two copies)


January 17-February 19
#Warrington Colescott: A Retrospective Exhibition

March 25-May 21
*Geoffrey Holder: Painter


March 12-April 21
*Robert Cartmell: Painting, Prints, Drawings, 1971-1996. A Twenty-five Year Retrospective

June 5-July 21
*Artists in the Kitchen (two copies)

September 7-November 3
*Visions of New York State: The Historical Paintings of L. F. Tantillo (includes a copy of the teachers guide)

*Witness and Legacy: Contemporary Art About the Holocaust


June 17-July 31
*1997 Artists of the Mohawk Hudson Region Juried Exhibit

September 21-November 9
*Memory and Morning. Shared Cultural Experience

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