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Administrative History

Scope and Content Note

Series Descriptions

Box and Folder List:

Appendix: Theatre Productions Directed by Faculty, 1956-1996

Department of Theatre
Administrative History

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The Department of Theatre at the State University of New York at Albany has its roots in a course entitled Dramatics, first offered by the English Department of the New York State Teachers College in 1915. This course emphasized theory and practice of amateur stage presentation with production of at least one standard play each half year.[1] Courses in Drama and Theatre continued to be offered by the English Department until 1963 when the Department of Speech and Dramatic Art was established, chaired by Paul B. Pettit.

The Department of Speech and Dramatic Art encompassed the disciplines of Dramatic Art; Rhetoric and Public Address; Radio, Television and Film; and Speech Pathology and Audiology. In addition, it was responsible for the operation of the State University Theatre, was closely affiliated with the Northeastern New York Speech Center, and was the sponsor of a number of course-related student organizations.[2]

In 1969, the Department of Speech and Dramatic Art was dissolved and the Department of Theatre was established. Recognizing that the "lively arts" drew strength from past endeavors and validity from the contemporary ethic, the department sought to inter-relate the literature, history and criticism of the theatre with an extensive program in production. The State University Theatre and the Center for Theatre Services, both located in the university's Performing Arts Center, are functions of the department.[3]

Department Chairs
Paul B. Pettit, 1963/64-1970/71
Jarka Burian, 1970/71-1973/74
James Symons, 1974/75-1976/77
Jarka Burian, 1977/78
Albert Asermely, 1978/79-1983/84
Jerome Hanley, 1984/85-1987/88
Langdon Brown, 1988/89-

J. Kevin Doolen, 2004/05


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1. New York State College For Teachers, Annual Circular and Announcement, 1915-1916, p.60.
2. State University of New York at Albany, General Catalogue, 1963-1964, p.221.
3. State University of New York at Albany, Undergraduate Bulletin, 1969-1970, p.124.

Department of Theatre
Scope and Content Note

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The records of the Department of Theatre consist of the general Subject Files and a separate series titled Productions. The general Subject Files of the Theatre Department contain correspondence of the Department Chair, memoranda, reports, committee minutes, photographs, publicity materials, as well as documents used in the planning and expansion of the department. Also contained in the files are student papers submitted to Professor Paul B. Pettit. The series entitled Productions consists of programs, scripts, and other production material from plays produced by the Theatre Department.

In addition to the routine administrative concerns of an academic department the files contain extensive documentation of the development of the department's summer theatre program, which was originally founded in 1952 as the Arena Summer Theatre. The program was suspended in 1968, and revived as the Summer Theatre, under which name it continues to this day. The collection also contains early correspondence files relating to the formation of the Children's Theatre founded at the University in 1965, subsequently the Empire State Youth Theatre Institute of SUNY, headquartered at the New York State Performing Arts Center. The Empire State Youth Theatre Institute was reaffiliated with the University in 1989, and changed it's name to the New York State Theatre Institute in 1990. The files also contain the correspondence relating to the New York State Community Theatre Association, 1953-1971.

See also the University Archives Vertifcal File for the Dramatic Arts Association, 1919-1940 for early paly programs. Related collections in the M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections and Archives include the papers of former Department of Theatre chairs Jarka Burian (UA-902.017) and Paul Pettit (UA–902.007). Pettit was the founder of the Arena Summer Theatre and the first chair of the Department of Theatre.

Department of Theatre
Series Descriptions

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Series 1: Subject Files, 1948-1978, 1984, 6 cubic feet. Arranged alphabetically and chronologically thereafter.

The Subject Files of the Theatre Department contain correspondence of the Department Chair, various committee minutes, academic planning documents and general administrative documents collected and generated during the years 1948-1978, 1984. Major projects of the department for which documentation exists include clippings, correspondence, publicity, course material, account ledgers, and Annual Production Reports, 1958-1969 of the Arena Summer Theatre and the Summer Theatre, 1972-1977. Also contained are early records relating to the planning and development of the Children's Theatre; Paul B. Pettit's involvement in the New York State Community Theatre Association; and the development of an Experimental Theatre program, 1969-1977.

Series 2: Production Files, 1953-1975, 1 cubic foot. Arranged alphabetically and chronologically thereafter.

The Production Files of the Theatre Department contain scattered scripts, play programs, press releases, photographs, cast lists, and production material.

Department of Theatre
Box and Folder List

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Series 1: Subject Files, 1948-1978, 1984

Box 1

AD HOC Committee--Play Selections, 1976-1977
Administrative Correspondence, 1969-1971
Affirmative Action, 1973
American Specialists Program, 1960
Analysis, Script, undated
Annual Reports, 1971-1975, 1977-78
Arena Summer Theatre, 1962
Arena Summer Theatre--Application Forms and Course
Arena Summer Theatre--Announcements, 1961
Arena Summer Theatre--Business, 1966
Arena Summer Theatre--Business Correspondence, 1955
Arena Summer Theatre--Clippings, Programs, 1952-1966
Arena Summer Theatre--Clippings, 1958-1963
Arena Summer Theatre--Clippings, 1960
Arena Summer Theatre--Correspondence, 1957
Arena Summer Theatre--Correspondence, 1961
Arena Summer Theatre--Correspondence, 1961
Arena Summer Theatre--Correspondence, 1965
Arena Summer Theatre--Course Materials, 1959
Arena Summer Theatre--Course Materials, 1960
Arena Summer Theatre--Course Outline, 1956
Arena Summer Theatre--Daily Account Sheets, 1955
Arena Summer Theatre--Ledger, 1954
Arena Summer Theatre--Ledger, 1955, 1956, 1957
Arena Summer Theatre--Memos, 1955
Arena Summer Theatre--Notes, 1967
Arena Summer Theatre--Press Book, 1958
Arena Summer Theatre--Press Book, 1959
Arena Summer Theatre--Press Book, 1960
Arena Summer Theatre--Press Book, 1961
Arena Summer Theatre--Press Book, 1963
Arena Summer Theatre--Press Book, 1967
Arena Summer Theatre--Annual Producers Report, 1958
Arena Summer Theatre--Annual Producers Report, 1959
Arena Summer Theatre-Annual Producers Report, 1963
Arena Summer Theatre--Annual Producers Report, 1964
Arena Summer Theatre Annual Producers Report, 1965
Arena Summer Theatre--Annual Producers Report, 1966
Arena Summer Theatre--Annual Producers Report, 1958, 1963-64, 1969, 1972-1977
Arena Summer Theatre--Programs, 1965
Arena Summer Theatre--Publicity, 1952-1954
Arena Summer Theatre--Publicity, 1956

Box 2

Arena Summer Theatre--Publicity Releases, 1969
Arena Summer Theatre--Publicity, 1955-1956
Arena Summer Theatre--Reviews, Photos, Correspondence, 1967
Arena Summer Theatre--Security Regulations, 1969
Association for Cultural Exchange (A.C.E.)--Junior Semester, 1970
Bard College Evaluation, 1979
Bard College--New York State Inspection Team Visit, 1979
British Theatre, 1972
Budget Committee, 1973-1975
Budget Committee, 1977-1978
By-Laws, 1974
By-Laws, 1975
Calendar Information, 1966-1970
Chamber Theatre, 1965
Chancellor's Inauguration, 1971
Children's Theatre, 1965-1974
Children's Theatre, 1968-1969
Children's Theatre, 1972
Children's Theatre, 1974
Children's Theatre--ASSITEJ, 1970-1972
Children's Theatre--ASSITEJ, 1971-1972
Children's Theatre--ASSITEJ, 1972
Children's Theatre–Budget, 1972-1974
Children's Theatre--Trip to Russia, 1972-1975
City Center, 1973
Communications, School of--Proposed, 1965-1968

Box 3

Convocation of the Arts, 1967-1969
Cooperstown Project, 1963
Correspondence, 1953-1967
Correspondence--M. McCandless, 1970
Correspondence--M. McCandless, 1971-1972
Courses Submitted and Approved, 1969-1973
Curriculum Committee, 1977-1978
DADA--by Veronica Price, 1952
Departmental Meetings--Agenda, Minutes, 1966-1971
Departmental Meetings--Agenda, Minutes, 1972-1974
Departmental Meetings, 1974
Departmental Meetings, 1975
Departmental Meetings, 1976
Departmental Meetings, 1977
Departmental Memos, 1970-1975
Departmental Agendas, Minutes, 1972-1973
Departmental Minutes, Memos, Committees, 1971-1972
Departmental Photographs, undated Departmental Workload Analysis, 1972
Directory of Offerings in Speech, Theatre..., 1967 Dramatics and Arts Council, 1955-1957 Dramatics and Arts Council, 1956-1957 Dramatics and Arts Council, 1960-1966
Drummond, A.D.-"Practical Suggestions for the Actor", undated
East End Podium Extension, 1969-1971
English Department--Proposed Courses, 1958
English Department--Official Communications, 1958
Experimental Theatre, 1969
Experimental Theatre, 1969-1975
Experimental Theatre, 1970-1977
Faculty, Atkinson, Clinton, 1972
Faculty, Drummond, A. M., 1948-52
Faculty, Golden, Edward, 1977
Faculty, Krivitski, Antony, 1975-77
Faculty, McMorris, Barbara, 1978
Faculty, Muir, Jean, 1978
Faculty, Oliver, Josephine, 1976

Box 4

Faculty, Pulawski, Marilyn, 1978
Faculty, Roach, Joseph, 1973
Faculty, Sheehan, Michael, 1976
Faculty, Sugarman, Robert, 1971-72
Faculty, Symons, James, 1977
Faculty, 1972-1973
Faculty-Student Liason Committee, 1978
Faculty-Student Survey, 1970
Fulbright Grant, 1959-1961
Futterer, Agnes E. Lecturer, 1968-1969
Futterer-Kirkland Historical Notes, undated
Graduate Committee, 1970-1972
Graduate Committee, 1973
Graduate Committee, 1974
Graduate Committee, 1975
Graduate Evaluation, 1973
Graduate Evaluation, 1974
Guest Artists, 1974-1975
Guest Speakers, 1968
In Search of Thespis–Symposium, 1970
Laboratory Theatre, 1955
Library Committee, 1972
Mask, The--Data on issues, 1918-1923
Masters Program--Review Materials, 1975-1976
Memos to Staff, 1974-1977
Microfilm Project, 1959
Middle States Prepatory, 1970-1971
Miscellaneous, 1967-1968
Misericords, 1971
Nellhaus, Gerhard, 1961-1962
New Curricula—Dramatic Art, 1962
New Curricula—Public Address, 1964-1965
New Curricula—Speech Correction, 1962
News Releases-Sources, 1964-1965
News Releases, 1970
New York State Council on the Arts—Theatre Meeting, 1962
New York State Teachers Association--Eastern Zone, Speech Section, 1958
Nominating Committee, 1973-1976
New York State English Council Annual Meeting-Rochester, 1959
New Yrk State Speech Association, 1957
New York State Community Theatre Association, 1953-1959
New York State Community Theatre Association, 1960
New York State Community Theatre Association, 1960
New York State Community Theatre Association, 1960
New York State Community Theatre Association, 1961
New York State Community Theatre Association, 1962

Box 5

New York State Community Theatre Association, 1963
New York State Community Theatre Association, 1953-1968
New York State Community Theatre Association, 1969-1970
New York State Community Theatre Association—Journal Material, 1960
New York State Community Theatre Association--Meeting, 1957
New York State Community Theatre Association--Press Releases, 1964-1971
New York State Community Theatre Association--Regional Meeting, 1958
New York State Community Theatre Association--Zone Meeting, 1958
New York State Teachers College Faculties Association—Speech Areas, 1959
Office of the President, 1968-1971
Open Theatre, 1970
Opera Workshop, 1975
P.A.C. Committee, 1970-1973
P.A.C. Committee, 1973-1974
P.A.C. Committee, 1974-1975
P.A.C. Committee, 1975
P.A.C. Dedication, 1969
P.A.C. Scheduling, 1969-1971
Page Hall—Dimmer Panel, 1961
Photographs--Assorted, undated
Play Analysis, undated
Play Production Possibilities, 1956-1962
Production Budgets, 1970-1971
Production Committee, 1969-1972
Production Committee, 1973-1975
Production Committee Minutes, 1975-1976
Productions, 1969
Programs, 1952-1955
Proposals--Poetry, Programs, etc, 1968
Publicity Clippings, 1972
Publicity Clippings File, 1973
Publicity Clippings, 1974
Religious Drama, 1959
Reports, Correspondence, 1952
Research Foundation, 1959
Research Foundation, 1960
Research Foundation, 1961
Royalties/Contract Correspondence, 1970-1974
Sound--In the Theatre, 1961
Sound System–Page Hall, 1957
Smithsonian Puppet Theatre, 1969

Box 6

State College Theatre--Clippings, 1960
State College Theatre Account, 1960
State College Theatre Alumni Association, 1961
State University Albany Theatre--Press Releases, 1967-1972
State University Theatre--Publicity, 1969-1970
State University Theatre--Publicity, 1973-1975
State University Theatre--Publicity, 1975-1977
Student Enrollment Survey, 1970
Summer Orientation, 1974
Summer Theatre, 1972
Summer Theatre, 1973
Summer Theatre, 1974
Summer Theatre, 1975
Summer Theatre, 1975
Summer Theatre, 1976
Summer Theatre Productions, 1953-1984
S.U.N.Y. Theatre Association, 1968-1971
S.U.N.Y. Theatre Association, 1973-1975
S.U.N.Y. Theatre History, undated
S.U.N.Y. Theatres-Saratoga Practicum, 1970.
S.U.N.Y.A. University Theatre, 1975-1978
Temporary State Commission on the Capital City, 1962
Theatre Alumni Association, 1963-1973
Theatre [Dramatics] Council Budget, 1962-1968
Theatre [Dramatics] Council Budget, 1969
Theatre [Dramatics] Council Budget, 1970-1972
Theatre du Josefstadt--Austrian Company, 1975
Theatre Papers-Students, 1942, 1948, 1959, 1961
Theatre Questionnaire–Alumni Results, 1977
Theatre Questionnaire--Results, 1977
Undergraduate Bulletins, 1971-1977
Undergraduate Committee 1972
Undergraduate Committee 1973
University Theatre--Community Relations and Releases, 1964-1967
The Wig--Dramatics and Arts Newsletter, 1955-1956

Department of Theatre
Box and Folder List

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Series 2: Productions Files, 1953-1975, 1985

Box 1

Ala-Ed-Din, 1970
Alchemist, 1965
American Hurrah, 1968
The Beautiful People, 1962
Biederman and the Firebugs, 1963
Big, Soft Nellie, 1969
The Birthday Party, 1971
The Book of Job, 1970
Calling of Mother Ann, 1985
Camino Real, 1970
The Cave Dwellers, 1959
A Chekhov Afternoon, 1971
Comedy of Errors, 1974
The Contrast, 1959
The Crucible, 1956
Dark of the Moon, 1975
Diary of a Scoundrel, 1956
Dr. Knock, 1956
Everyman, 1963
Exit the King/The Misanthrope, 1969
Exit the King, 1969
Fairytales of New York, 1961-1963
Fairytales of New York, 1969
Ghosts, 1962
Girls in Uniform, 1954-1955
Girls in Uniform, 1955
Great American Light War, 1972
Harry, Noon, and Night, 1970
Henry IV, 1971
The Iceman Cometh, 1960
The Imaginary Invalid, 1960
The Imaginary Invalid, 1975
The Insect Comedy, 1957
An Italian Straw Hat, 1960
Jezebel's Husband, 1953
Laburnum Grove, 1955
Lamp at Midnight, 1969
Legend of Lovers, 1959
The Little Mahoghany, 1975
The Living Room, 1957
Macbeth, 1956
Mandragola, 1961
Marigolds, 1975
The Marriage, 1958
Martine, 1961-1962
Measures Taken and Bald Soprano, 1971
The Moon is Blue, 1953
Moonchildren, 1975
Mother Courage, 1955
Murder in the Cathedral, 1962
Night of the Auk, 1959-1963
Oedipus Rex, 1961
Orestes, 1970
Othello, 1956-1961
Parades, 1961
Peter Pan, 1971
The Playboy of the Western World, 1962
The Pride of the Claghorne,
The Queen and the Rebels, 1960
Red Eye of Love, 1963
Reprieve for the World, 1960
Ring Around the World, 1961
Rip Van Winkle, 1969
Royal Gambit, 1966
Royal Hunt of the Sun, 1969
A Scent of Flowers, 1970
The Skin of Our Teeth, 1968
Slow Dance on the Killing Ground, 1965
Song of a Goat, 1971
Step in the Hollow, 1961
Summertime, 1958
Tiger at the Gates, 1958
Troillus and Cressida, 1972
The Trojan Women, 1953
Twelve Angry Men, 1960
Uncle Vanya/ The Cherry Orchard, 1959
University Theatre Productions, 1964-1981
University Theatre Productions, 1969
Waiting for Godot, 1956
Waiting for Godot, 1975
Waiting for Godot, 1975
Wilbur the Giant, 1969
The Wizard of Oz, 1974
The Yellow Laugh, 1971
Your Own Thing, 1970
Zone, 1970

Department of Theatre

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Theatre Productions Directed by Faculty, 1956-1996

List includes: Date, Last Name of the Author, Title of Production, Last Name of Faculty Member, and Location of Production

January 1956, Ostrovsky, Diary of a Scoundrel, Burian, Page
April 1956, Shakespeare, Macbeth, Pettit, Page
Summer 1956, Howard, They Knew What They Wanted, Pettit, Page
Summer 1956, Anouilh, Thieves' Carnival, Smith, Page Arena
Summer 1956, Beckett, Waiting for Godot, Pettit, Page Arena
November 1956, Romains, Dr. Knock, Pettit, Page
March 1957, Capek, Insect Comedy, Burian, Page
May 1957, Sopholes, Antigone, Leonard, Page
Summer 1957, Molnar, Play's the Thing, Pettit, Page Arena
Summer 1957, Greene, Living Room, Smith, Page Arena
Summer 1957, Obler, Night of the Auk, Pettit, Page Arena
November 1957, Miller, View from the Bridge, Burian, Page
May 1958, Gogol, Marrigae, Leonard, Page (New Paltz)
Summer 1958, Betti, Summertime, Pettit, Page Arena
Summer 1958, Hellman, Children's Hour, Smith, Page Arena
Summer 1958, Boland, Prisoner, Pettit, Page Arena
November 1958, Giraudoux, Tiger at the Gates, Burian, Page
February 1959, Tyler, Contrast, Harper, Richardson 291
May 1959, Anouilh, Legend of Lovers, Pettit, Page
Summer 1959, Shaw, Too True to Be Good, Burian, Page Arena
Summer 1959, Lorca House of Bernarda Alba, Dace, Page Arena
Summer 1959, Chekhov, Uncle Vanya, Burian, Page Arena
November 1959, Saroyan, Cave Dwellers, Leonard, Page
February 196O, Betti, Queen and the Rebels, Burian, Richardson 291
May 1960, Labiche, Italian Straw Hat, Pettit, Page
Summer 1960, Rose, Twelve Angry Men, Leonard, Page Arena
Summer 1960, Perl, Tevya and His Daughters, Smith, Page Arena
Summer 1960, Sternheim, Snob, Pettit, Page Arena
November 1960, O'Neill, Iceman Cometh, Burian, Page (Cornell)
February 1961, Anouilh, Ring Round the Moon, Leonard, Richardson 291
May 1961, Sophocles, Oedipus the King, Pettit, Page
Summer 1961, Machiavelli, Mandragola, Pettit, Page Arena
Summer 1961, MacDonagh, Step in the Hollow, Leonard, Page Arena
Summer 1961, Brecht, Drums in the Night, Pettit, Page Arena
November 1961, Shakespeare, Othello, Swearingen, Page
February 1962, Ibsen, Ghosts, Leonard, Richardson 291
May 1962, Saroyan, Beautiful People, Manaus, Page
Summer 1962, Donleavy, Fairy Tales of New York, Pettit, Page Arena
Summer 1962, Simpson, Resounding Tinkle, Leonard, Page Arena
Summer 1962, Mortimer, Dock Brief, Leonard, Page Arena
Summer 1962, Bernard, Martine, Pettit, Page Arena
November 1962, Eliot, Murder in the Cathedral, Burian, All Saints
December 1962, Synge, Playboy Western World, Mendez, Richardson 291
February 1963, Genet, Maids, Burian, Richardson 291
February 1963, Johnson, What Did You Learn..., Burian, Richardson 291
May 1963, Weinstein, Red Eye of Love, Leonard, Page
Summer 1963, O'Neill, Emperor Jones, Burian, Page Arena
Summer 1963, Frisch, Biederwann and the Firebugs, Smith, Page Arena
Summer 1963, Chekhov, Three Sisters, Burian, Page Arena
November 1963, Brecht, Good Woman of Setzuan, Burian, Leonard, Page
December 1963, Dos Passos, U.S.A., Leonard, Richardson 291
February 1964, Sartre, Flies, Mendus, Richardson 291
May 1964, Kaiser, Raft of the Medusa, Leonard, Page
Summer 1964, Shakespeare, The Tempest, Burian, Page Arena
Summer 1964, Goldoni, Mistress of the Inn, Smith, Page Arena
Summer 1964, Strindberg, Ghost Sonata, Burian, Page Arena
November 1964, Marlowe, Doctor Faustus, Burian, All Saints
December 1964, Schisgal, Typists and Tiger, Leonard, Richardson 291
February 1965, Wharton, Ethan Frome, Pettit, Richardson 291
May 1965, Moliere, Misanthrope, Leonard, Page
Summer 1965, Hanley, Slow Dance on the Killing Ground, Yeaton, Page Arena
Summer 1965, Saroyan, Jim Dandy, Smith, Page Arena
Summer 1965, Jonson, Alchemist, Yeaton, Page Arena
November 1965, Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men, Leonard, Page
December 1965, Cheever, Wapshot Scandal, Stephen, Richardson 291
February 1966, Newley, Stop the World, Mann, Richardson 291
April 1966, MacLeish, J.B., Burian, Trinity Methodist
Summer 1966, Kennelly, Special Assignment, Leonard, Page Arena
Summer 1966, Brener, Regatta, Leonard, Page Arena
Summer 1966, Gurney, Rape of Bunny Stuntz, Leonard, Page Arena
Summer 1966, Bernard, Springtime of Others, Pettit, Page Arena
Summer 1966, Pinter, Birthday Party, Burian, Page Arena
November 1966, Aristophanes, Lysistrata, Pettit, Page (Buffalo)
December 1966, Havel, Memorandum, Burian, Richardson 291
March 1967, Kaufman, Merton of the Movies, Leonard, Page
April 1967, Laurents, Clearing in the Woods, Mann, Lakeside Thr
Summer 1967, Chekhov, Sea Gull, Stirlen, Page Arena
Summer 1967, Jellicoe, Knack, Velie, Page Arena
Summer 1967, Shaw, Widower's Houses, Leonard, Page Arena
Summer 1967, O'Neill, Highie, Burian, Page Arena
Summer 1967, Pincer, Dumbwaiter, Burian, Page Arena
November 1967, Brecht, Private Life Master Race, Leonard, Page
December 1967, Rice, Adding Machine, Mann, Hawley Library
March 1968, Sehnitzler, Affairs of Anatol, Pettit, Richardson 291
May 1968, Shakespeare, Hamlet, Ql, Burian, Page
Summer 1968, Shepard, Red Cross, Velie, Richardson 291
Summer 1968, Mrozek, Out at Sea, Velie, Richardson 291
Summer 1968, Bond, King and the Subject, Atkinson, Richardson 291
Summer 1968, Anouilh, Stimulus the Mute, Atkinson, Richardson 291
Summer 1968, Beckett, Endgame, Irian, Richardson 291
November 1968, Donleavy, Fairy Tales of New York, Pettit, Richardson 291
December 1968, Livings, Big Soft Melly, Leonard, Arena
April 1969, Harris, Androcles and the Lion, Snyder, Richardson 291
May 1969, Wilder, Skin of Our Teeth, Mann, Studio
Summer 1969, Hamilton, Angel Street, Mann, Studio
Summer 1969, Vos, Prof. Filarskey's..., Snyder, Lab
Summer 1969, Osborne, Entertainer, Velie, Studio
Summer 1969, Beckett, Acts Without Words, Smith, Lab
Summer 1969, Lennon, In His Own Write, Smith, Lab
November 1969, Shaffer, Royal Hunt of the Sun, Pettit, Main
December 1969, Jefferson, Rip Van Winkle, Mendus, Lab
December 1969, Pettit, Ala-Ed-Din, Snyder, Lab
February 1970, Euripides, Orestes, Weiner, Main
May 1970, Driver, Your Own Thing, Balfior, Studio
October 1970, Williams, Camino Real, Balfior, Main
November 1970, Saunders, Scent of Flowers Burian, Lab
December 1970, Ribkin, Harry, Noon and Night, Weiner, Studio
March 1971, Barrie, Peter Pan, Snyder, Main
April 1971, Brecht, Measures Taken, Burian, Lab
April 1971, Ionesco, Bald Soprano, Balfior, Studio
October 1971, Johnson, Great American Light War, Leonard, Page
November 1971, Pirandello, Henry IV, Sogliuzzo, Studio
April 1972, Shakespeare, Troilus and Cressida, Sugarman, Lab
Summer 1972, Littlewood, Oh, What a Lovely War, Sugarman, Main
Summer 1972, Kafka, Trial, Atkinson, Arena
Fall 1972, Stein, Gertrude Stein's Fret Rder, Snyder, Studio
November 1972, Weiss, Marat Sade, Burian, Main
November 1972, Richardson, Gallow's' s Humor, Leonard, Studio
December 1972, LeGallienne, Alice in Wonderland, Snyder, Arena
February 1973, Shaw, Arms and the Man, Mendus, Studio
Spring 1973, Katz, Three Cuckolds, Sogliuzzo, Lab
May 1973, Howard, Most Happy Fella, Balfior, Main
Summer 1973, Chekhov, Cherry Orchard, Burian, Main
Summer 1973, Pirandello, Six Characters in Search of an Author, Atkinson, Studio
Summer 1973, O'Neill et. al., Fathers and Sons, Burian, Arena
Summer 1973, Strindberg, Mothereoven, Atkinson, Arena
October 1973, Schiller, Maria Stuart, Weiner, Main
December 1973, Baum, Wizard of Oz, Snyder, Studio
February 1974, Sophocles, Oedipus-Antigone, Burian, Studio
March 1974, Shakespeare, Comedy of Errors, Golden, Main
May 1974, Kopit, Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Hanley, Studio
Summer 1974, Masters, Spoon River, Golden, Lab
Summer 1974, Guare, House of Blue Leaves, Weiner, Lab
October 1974, Wilson, Rimers of Eldritch, Hartley, Lab
December 1974, Feydeau Flea in Her Ear, Weiner, Main
March 1975, Richardson, Dark of the Moan, Golden, Main
May 1975, Moliere, Imaginary Invalid, Symons, Lab
Summer 1975, Smith, Drunkard, Golden, Lab
Summer 1975, de Hartog, Four Poster, Symons, Arena
Summer 1975, Albee, Who's Afraid Virginia Woolf?, Poppick, Studio
Summer 1975, Wilder, Our Town, Golden, Lab
October 1975, Beckett, Waiting for Godot, Symons, Main
October 1975, Zindel, Gamma Rays, Leonard, Studio
November 1975, Weller, Moonchildren, Golden, Main
February 1976, Gibson, American Primitive, Hanley, Main
March 1976, Euripides, Medea, Mendus, Arena
April 1976, Synge, The Playboy of the Western World, Golden, Main
Summer 1976, Rinehart, Bat, Golden, Lab
Summer 1976, Shakespeare, Midsummer Night's Dream, Symons, Main
Summer 1976, Coward, Hay Fever, Golden, Studio
October 1976, Shelley/Kelly, Frankenstein, Leonard, Main
November 1976, Pinter, Old Times, Burian, Main (arena)
December 1976, Chekhov, Uncle Vanya, Symons, Lab
December 1976, Durenmatt, Biedermann and the Firebugs, Symons, Lab
March 1977, Orton, What the Butler Saw, Weiner, Studio
April 1977, Farquar, Beaux Stratagem, Golden, Main
May 1977, Hailey, Who's Happy Now?, Hanley, Studio
Summer 1977, Wilson, Hot 1 Baltimore, Golden, Main (arena)
Summer 1977, McNally, Bad Habits, Hanley, Lab
October 1977, Euripides, Iphigenia in Tauris, Weiner, Main
November 1977, Miller, Creation of the World, Hanley, Studio
December 1977, Ionesco, Bald Soprano, Muir, Lab
December 1977, Albee, American Dream, Muir, Lab
February 1978, Brecht, Good Woman of Setzuan, Golden, Main
April 1978, Genet, Maids, Burian, Lab
May 1978, Anouilh, Thieves' Carnival, Leonard, Main
Summer 1978, Devine, Amorous Flea, Golden, Lab ?
Summer 1978, Hellman, Little Foxes, Golden, Lab ?
October 1978, Brecht, Three Penny Opera, Hanley, Main
December 1978, Guare, Landscape of the Body, Stelzer, Lab
February 1979, Shange, Colored Girls, Barrett, Arena
March 1979, Shakespeare, Richard II, Weiner, Lab
April 1979, Alexander, Falling Apart, Asermely, Main
Summer 1979, Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing, Milligan, Main (arena)
Summer 1979, Sweet, Hard Feelings, Gruenewald, Lab
Summer 1979, Ridley, Ghost Train, Albrezzi, Studio
October 1979, Miller, Crucible, Hanley, Main
November 1979, Spewack, Boy Meets Girl, Milligan, Studio
March 1980, Strindberg, Dream Play, Burian, Main
April 1980, Allen, Play It Again Sam, Asermely, Arena
May 1980, Beckett, Endgame, Bennett, Lab
Summer 1980, Hamisohn, Dames at Sea, Barton, Lab
Summer 1980, O'Neill, Ah, Wilderness, Golden, D., Studio
October 1980, Shakespeare, Two Gentlemen of Verona, Asermely Main
November 1980, Wilson, Night of Lanford Wilson, Hanley, Studio
February 1981, Sartre, No Exit, Burian, Lab
April 1981, Schwartz, Godspell, Bennett, Main
Summer 1981, Moliere, Miser, Asermely, Studio
Summer 1981, Moliere, Scapin, Schneider, Lab
October 1981, Pirandello, Six Characters in Search of an Author, Jovanovich, Arena
December 1981, Lorca, House of Bernarda Alba, Burian, Lab
February 1982, Crowley, Boys In the Band, Bennett, Studio
April 1982, Sondheim, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Jovanovich, Main
October 1982, Shaffer, Equus, Leone, Lab
November 1982, Euripides, Bacchae, Vasconcellos, Main
February 1983, Norman, Getting Out, Hanley, Lab
March 1983, Strindberg, Miss Julie, Burian, Arena
April 1983, Goldsmith, She Stoops to Conquer, Bennett, Main
Summer 1983, Mastrosimone, Woolgatherer, Bennett, Lab
Summer 1983, Williams, Glass Menagerie, Leone, Lab
November 1983, Wolfe, Look Homeward, Angel, Hanley, Main
March 1984, Chekhov, Three Sisters, Burian, Lab
April 1984, Christie, Mousetrap, Asermely, Main
Summer 1984, Shakespeare, Anthology, Leone, Lab
October 1984, Aeschylus, Eumenides, Valis, Main
November 1984, Shaffer, Amadeus, Leone, Lab
March 1985, Wilson, Fifth of July, Leone, Studio
April 1985, Wilder, Our Town, Hanley, Main
October 1985, Kopit, End of the World, Hanley, Lab
November 1985, O'Neill, Great God Brown, Burian, Main
March 1986, Merriam, Club, Valis, Studio
April 1986, Shakespeare, Twelfth Night, Asermely, Main
October 1986, Shepard, Buried Child, Burian, Studio
November 1986, Deane, Dracula, Kelly, Main
February 1987, Williams, Night of the Iguana, Asermely, Lab
April 1987, Shakespeare, Taming of the Shrew, Leone, Main
October 1987, Euripides, Medea, Valis, Lab
November 1987, Simon, Biloxi Blues, Asermely, Main
December 1987, Genet, Maids, Burian, Arena
February 1988, Overmeyer, On the Verge, Brown, Lab
April 1988, Marivaux, Double Inconstancy, Bennett, Studio
October 1988, Shakespeare, Measure for Measure, Asermely, Main
November 1988, O'Neill, Desire Under the Elms, Leone, Studio
February 1989, Leonard, Diviners, Hanley, Lab
April 1989, Cohan, Tavern, Morrison, Main
October 1989, Norman, Night, Mother, Morrison, Lab
November 1989, Moliere, Tartuffe, Asermely, Studio
March 1990, Sophocles, Oedipus the King, Burian, Main
April 1990, Greenberg, Eastern Standard, Brown, Lab
October 1990, Howe, Approaching Zanzibar, Betts, Lab
November 1990, Williams, Home, Scott Giles, Studio
March 1991, Chekhov, Anton and Olga, Morrison, Arena
April 1991, Gogot, Inspector General, Burian, Main
October 1991, Beckett, Waiting for Godot, Burian, Arena
November 1991, Sheridan, Rivals, Brown, Main
February 1992, Jarry, Ube Cuckold, Bernt,Studio
April 1992, Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Hanley, Main
October 1992, Christie, The Unexpected Guest, Asermely, Main
December 1992, Soyinka/trans, The Bacchae of Euripides, Giles, Arena
March 1993, O'Morrison, Ladyhouse Blues, Fishel, Main
April 1993, Orton, Loot, Dingman, Studio
October 1993, Williams, Camino Real, Asermely, Arena
November 1993, Wade, Key Exchange, Leone, Arena
November 1993, Johnson, Brilliant Traces, Bernt
December 1993, Hampton, Led Lisisons Dangereuses, Brown, Lab
March 1994, Mowatt, Fashion, Lehman, Recital
March 1994, Rivera, House of Ramon Iglesia, Giles, Studio
April 1994, Shakespeare, As You Like It, Bush, Lab
October 1994, Dietz, God's Country, Giles, Lab
December 1994, Weill/Brecht, The Threepenny Opera, Bush, Main
March 1995, Euripides, Trojan Women, Rivera, Arena
April 1995, Shaw, Arms and the Man, Dalton, Studio
Proposed October 1995 Busch, Vampire Lesbians of Sodom, Bush, Studio
December 1995, Webster, The Duchess of Malfi, Brown, Lab
March 1996, Wilson, The Piano Lesson, TBA, Studio
April 1996, Shakespeare, Macbeth, Leone, Main

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