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Administrative History

The State University of New York at Albany Benevolent Association, Inc. came into being on June 20, 1927 as a non-profit organization committed to assisting students and providing residence halls for the then New York State College for Teachers.

An outgrowth of the Residence Hall Building Committee, formed by Dr. John M. Sayles, '02 in July 1925, the original New York State College for Teachers Benevolent Association worked for more than ten years to raise $300,000 for the dormitory fund. Members of the first fund-raising committee included Dr. Sayles (later appointed President of the college in 1939), Mark Craves, Judge Newton B. Van Derzee, Mr. John T. P. Blackburn, and Samuel E. Aronowitz, now President of the Benevolent Association, a post he has occupied since 1956.

Having raised enough money through Alumni and Albany resident pledges, construction was begun and in 1935 Pierce Hall was opened for occupancy with Sayles Hall following in 1941. The Benevolent Association, through the office of its Executive Secretary; Mrs. Bertha Brimmer, '00 (1929-62) and Mrs. Genevieve Moore '34 (1962-present), operated the residence halls until 1967 when they were sold to the State for more then one-half million dollars. Besides providing residences for Albany State's students at a time when they were sorely needed, they set a pattern for the building of residence halls at other State University units.

Over the years, the Benevolent Association has received bequests and memorial gifts amounting to nearly half a million dollars, bringing its total assets to over one million dollars. The income from these funds is currently used to provide more than $33,000 yearly in student financial aid and to support other important University projects.

The Benevolent Association operates under the leadership of a five person board of directors, two of whom must be non-alumni. Board members are elected from nominations by the Alumni Association, and while a member is elected for only two years, re-election provides for a longer term of service.

Currently the Board is manned by Mr. Samuel F. Aronowitz, President; Mr. Newton B. Van Derzee, Jr.; Dr. Nathan B. Kullaman, '37; Miss Gladys E. Newell, '30; and Mr. Leonard E. Friedlander, '39. Its Executive Secretary is Mrs. Genevieve Shorey Moore, '34 who operates out of the Alumni Association office, AD 112, SUNYA, Albany, New York 12222 (phone: 457-4632).

Box and Folder List

Box 1

1. Annual report, June 1966 - June 1968
2. Auditor's Reports, Aug 1963 - Jan 1976
3. Board of Directors Meetings, Aug 1927, 1962 - Feb 1965
4. Certificate of Incorporation, 1926
5. Charitable Organization Annual Report to the Attorney General, Sept 1964 - Aug 1972
6. Charitable Organization Annual Report to the Attorney General, Sept 1973 - March 1977
7. Constitution and Bylaws, Aug 1927, nd
8. Income Tax Returns, 1970 - 1974
9. Miscellaneous, June 1966
10. Personnel, Feb 1962
Residence Halls
11. Financial Statements, June 1937 - 1948, nd
12. Holding Corporation, Correspondence, Dec 1937 - March 1942
13. Holding Corporation, Minutes, Oct 1936 - April 1954
14. Miscellaneous, 1934? - 1966, nd
15. Pierce Hall, Sept 1934 - Nov 1936, nd
16. Sayles Hall, April 1941 - Jan 1942, nd
17. Van Derzee Hall, Jan - July 1956
18. Scholarships, March 1964 - 1968
19. Scholarships, Jan 1969 - Dec 1972
20. Scholarships, Jan 1973 - Dec 1974
21. Scholarships, Jan 1975 - July 1977
22. Treasurer's Report, June 1937 - Aug 1944

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