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Administrative History

Scope and content note

Series descriptions

Box and folder list:

Donald J. Newman Papers
Biographical Sketch

Donald J. Newman was born in Janesville, Wisconsin, on June 4, 1924, the son of Kendell and Catherine (Mahoney) Newman.  Raised in Janesville Dr. Newman served in the Army from 1943 to 1946.  After the army he returned to Wisconsin and attended the University of Wisconsin where he received his bachelor's in psychology (1949), a master's in sociology (1952) and a Ph.D, also in sociology (1954).  In 1949 Dr. Newman married Evelyn S. Zatlin, they later had two sons and one daughter.

Dr. Newman began his professional career teaching sociology at St. Lawrence University in Canton New York from 1953 until 1960.  He then returned to the University of Wisconsin where he taught law and social work until 1967.  In 1967 Dr. Newman became a professor of criminal justice at SUNY Albany.  He served as Dean of the School of Criminal Justice from 1977 until 1984 when both health problems and disagreements over the inclusion of the school with the administrative framework of Rockefeller College lead to his resignation as Dean.  He continued to serve as a professor in the School of Criminal Justice until his death.

In addition to his teaching Dr. Newman did extensive consulting work with groups such as the U.S. Justice Department (1971), the New York Department of Corrections (1971-1972), and the Police Foundation (1978).  Along with this he helped shape the direction of criminal justice education through his evaluations of the programs in numerous schools including The University of Nebraska (1976), The University of Minnesota (1978) and the University of Illinois at Chicago (1984)

Throughout his career Dr. Newman remained interested in plea bargaining, parole and prison conditions, areas in which he was considered the national authority.  Other areas of interest included juvenile delinquency, policing and later in his career elderly criminals.

Dr. Newman was the author of five books:  Conviction: The Determination of Guilt or Innocence Without Trial (1966), Criminal Justice Administration (1969,82), Introduction to Criminal Justice (1975, 1978, 1986, 1989), Elderly Criminals (1984), and Principles of Criminal Justice (1984).

  Dr. Newman and his first wife were divorced in March 1987.  He later remarried Katherine Blueglass.  Dr. Newman died of a stroke on January 26, 1990 at the age of 65 in Albany N.Y.**1

1. Biographical information taken from Who's Who In America 1988-1989 ed., vol.2 P. 2282 and Dr. Newman's obituary in the New York Times Jan 31, 1990 p.D27.

Donald J. Newman Papers
Scope and Content Note

The Donald J. Newman Papers span from 1954 to 1989.  However the bulk of the material spans the period from 1967, the start of his career at SUNY, to the summer of 1983, when Dr. Newman began to face serious medical problems.

While Dr. Newman performed extensive consulting work with private criminal justice foundations and law enforcement agencies during his career, there are no files relating to this.  However, there are records dealing with evaluations he conducted for universities and colleges, including, in most cases, copies of the evaluations themselves.

The School of Criminal Justice Records consist of Dr. Newman's personal copies of internal documents relating to his service on School Committees.  For the files that he kept while serving as Dean, 1977-1983, see the School of Criminal Justice Records.

The Criminal Justice Projects series contains the records of numerous projects that Dr. Newman worked on throughout his career.  These records reflect his interest in prison reform, policing, and juvenile delinquency.  However a large portion of the material consists of reports and studies published by state agencies and used as references by Dr. Newman.  This series does not contain any of his published material.  Also absent are any files relating to his interest in elderly criminals.

See also the records of the school of Criminal Justice and the Richard Myren Papers.

Donald J. Newman, Papers
Series Descriptions

Series 1: Dean's Correspondence, 1954-89. 3.0 cubic feet. Arranged alphabetically.

This series contains correspondence between Dr. Newman as Dean with faculty and perspective faculty as well as with students, former students, friends, and colleagues about their careers and projects.  The files on individuals often contain correspondence that dates before his appointment as Acting Dean in 1977.  Included are correspondence with famed criminologist Marvin E. Wolfgang (1961-83) and the former Dean of the School of Criminal Justice and School President Vincent O'Leary (1968-77).  The bulk of the material dates between 1968 and 1983.
See also the Donald Newman Papers correspondence file for additional correspondence with students and colleagues.

Series 2: Dean's Subject Files, 1977-83 .33 cubic ft. Arranged alphabetically.

Consist primarily of retained records of the Council of Deans (1980-81), SCJ Facutly Meeting minutes (1977-1981), as well as files relating to faculty merit increases, recruitment, salaries, work load.  See also the Donald Newman Papers School of Criminal Justice File for his collection of SCJ faculty meeting minutes (1968-, 1984-89), and committee minutes. Additional records in this series include:

Correspondence File,
Chiefly correspondence with students, friends and colleagues about their careers and projects.

School of Criminal Justice File, 1966-89  .66 cubic ft. Arranged alphabetically by subject.
Contains memorandum, notes and letters pertaining to the School of Criminal Justice.  Includes SCJ Dean's Reports (1968-69, 1971-72, 1973-74), SCJ Faculty Meeting Minutes (1968-74, 1984-89), SCJ By-Laws (1968-69), as well as Admission Committee, Curriculum Committee, and records relating to his chairmanship of the SCJ Faculty, 1972-74.

Series 3: Criminal Justice Projects, 1959-1983. 2.0 cubic feet. Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Contains letters, proposals, and background information pertaining to various projects Dr. Newman and the School of Criminal Justice was involved in over the course of his career.  Subjects include the creation of a Criminal Justice Institute, a state-wide organization (1983), Work for the Institute for Public Policy Alternatives (I.P.P.A.), 1974-75, a SUNY-institute, including "Community Alternatives to Maximum Security Institutionalization for Selected Offenders", (1975), studies of juvenile delinquency (1963-65) (includes documents dating back to 1913), and research on police and prisons (1959-1966).

Donald J. Newman, Papers
Box and folder list

Series 1: Correspondence File, 1954-1989

Box 1

Berkshire Community College, Evaluation, 1986
Chappell, Duncun, 1969-1974
Clinard, Marshall B., 1954-1984
Correctional Grant Proposal, 1971
Cosgrove, Colleen, 1975-1977
Criminal Justice Educators Grant, 1974
Dickson, Carlisle, 1975-1976
"Diversion from Criminal Processing", a study, 1971
Humpries, H. Laud, 1970-1971
Innovation Proseminars, Undated
Institute for Public Policy Alternatives (I.P.P.A.) Reprimand for Student Publication,1975
O'Neill, Michael, 1970
Pacht, Asher, 1964-1966
Pasciuto, Anthony, 1972-1976
Pinkerton Chair, 1970
Powers, Sanger B., 1958 -1972
Preiser Interview, 1974
Prigmore, Charles, 1965
Scheff, Thomas (two folders), 1962-1965
Schwartz, Herman, 1975
Schwartz, Martin, 1975-1977
Shin, H. Joo - Drug Abuse Evaluations, 1970-1977
Shireman, Charles H., 1963
Short, James, 1968
Student Correspondence Re: Dissertations, 1969-1974
Summer Institute for Outside Criminal Justice Faculty, 1969
Under Graduate Studies Committee, 1989
University Senate, 1969
Walker, Nigel, 1974
Walsh, Marilyn, 1975-1977
Weisenhorn, Donald J. - Sam Houston State University, 1971-1972
Wells, George - McNeese State University, 1976
Westerlund, Ronald, 1960-1968
Wisconsin, University of - Milwaukee Evaluation, 1984

Donald J. Newman, Papers
Box and folder list

Series 2: School of Criminal Justice Records, 1966-89

Box 1

Admissions Committee, 1968-1969
Chairman of the Faculty (two folders), 1972-1973, 1973-1974
Curriculum Committee, 1986-1987
Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee (two folders), 1969-1970
Excellence Awards, 1989, 1988
Masters Degree Project, 1969
SCJ By-Law Committee, 1968-1969
SCJ Dean's Report (three folders), 1968-1969, 1971-1972, 1973-1974
SCJ Faculty Meetings (twelve folders), 1968-1969, 1969-1970, 1971-1972, 1972-1973, 1973-1974, 1984-1985, 1986-1987, 1988-1989
SCJ Faculty Search, 1984-1985
SCJ Former Students, 1968-1973
SCJ Outside Funding, 1968
SCJ Retreat, 1974
SCJ Review, 1974-1975
SCJ Review Committee, 1974
SCJ Status Report, 1966-1968
Student School Evaluations, 1975
Dean's Correspondence Files, 1977-83

Dean Donald Newman, 1977-1983

Dean's Correspondence, 1977-83

Acker, James R., 1982-1983
Administrative Interest Group, 1979-1980
Alaska, University of, Evaluation, 1978
American University, Evaluation, 1981
Austin, Dr. W. Timothy, 1981
Chicago, University of Illinois at, Evaluation, 1984
Citizens Crime Commission of N.Y.C., Inc. (Eliot Lumbard), 1978
Clarke, R.V.G., 1981-1983
Cohen, Fred, 1964-1983
Cutshall, Charles, 1982
Duffee, David, 1974-1983
Elliston, Fred, 1980
Engle, Donald, 1977-1987
Farnworth, Margaret, 1983
Farrell, Ron, 1982-1983
Felkenes, George - Michigan State University, 1977-1980
Flanagan, Tim, 1982-1983
Florida International University, Evaluation, 1977
Foley, Denis - Post-Doctoral Fellow, 1977-1979
Foster, Price, 1976-1985
Fox, James W., 1976-1980
Georges, Daniel, 1977-1979
Goldkamp, John - Temple University, 1980-1981
Gottfredson, Don, 1976-1983
Gottfredson, Michael, 1979-1981
Hardt, Robert, 1961-1983
Hindelang, Michael J., 1970-1982
Hindelang, Michael J. - Memorial Scholarship Fund, 1982
Hirschi, Travis, 1976-1981
Ilchman, Warren, 1980
In-Hak Yoo, 1980-1981
Kenefick, Donald P., 1979-1980
Kirk, Stuart A., 1980
Kress, Jack, 1973-1981
Landau, Shima, 1977-1978
Lejins, Peter, 1957-1980
Levine, Howard, 1979-1982
Lofton, Colin, 1979-1982
Lumbard Award, 1981-1982
Lumbard, Eliot H., 1975-1983

Box 3

MacDonald, Donald G., 1977-1978
Malinchak, Alan A., 1983
Manning, Peter K., 1981-1982
Martin, John M., 1967
Massachusetts Department of Youth Services, 1982
Massachusetts Parole Board, 1971
McAnany, Patrick, 1978
McCarthy, Brian, 1976-1978
McCleary. Richard, 1981-1983
McConville, S.D.M., 1981-1982
McLeod, Lynne, 1972-1977
McNeese State University, 1976
McNulty, John - Albany County Sheriff, 1978-1979
Minnesota, University of, Evaluation, 1978-1979
Miscellaneous Correspondence (4 folders), 1975-1976, 1978-1979, 1979-1980, 1981-1982
Morgan, John, 1977-1983
Morgenbesser, Leonard, 1975-1982
Munro, Jim, 1974-1980
Murphy, Patrick V., 1982-1983
Murphy, Patrick - Commissioner N.Y.P.D., 1970-1971
Nebraska, University of, Evaluation, 1976
NeMoyer, Edgar circa, 1962-1972
Newman, Graeme, 1972-1983
North Carolina Central University, 1981
N.S.F. Study, 1972
N.Y.C. Police Alumni, 1978
Nygoard, Alvin, 1962-1963
N.Y.S. Criminal Justice Educators, 1973
N.Y.S. Police, 1970
Oetting, Edward - SUNY Archivist, 1983
O'Leary, Vincent - President SUNY Albany, 1968-1977
Palmer. Ted B., 1980
Pelfrey, William V., 1981-1982
Pennsylvania, University of, 1978
Pierce, Lawrence, W., The Honorable, 1969-1981
Pochoda, Dan, 1981-1982
Police Executive Research Forum (P.E.R.F.) - Gary P. Haynes Exec. Dir., 1980
Pope, Carl, 1975-1988
Provost/Resignation of Deanship, 1983-1984
Punch, Maurice, 1981-1982
Rafter, Nicole Hahn, 1971-1989
Redl, Fritz, 1974-1981
Robinson, Cyril, 1966-1977
Robinson, Edward, 1978
Rosenbaum Larry, 1975-1985
Rubin, H. Ted, 1978-1979
Rucinski, Lady R., 1979
Rutgers, State University of N.J., 1972-1980
Ryan, Edward, 1970-1982
Salas, Luis, 1979-1982
Sherman, Lawrence, 1977-1983
Shoham, Shlomo, 1977
Smith, Beverly Ann, 1979-1983
Smith, Christopher J., 1981
Smith, Dwight (two folders), 1980
Southern Vermont College, Bennington Vt. - Dean William Glasser, 1981
Student Association, 1979
SUNY Press (three folders), 1980-1983
Toch, Hans, 1969-1981
Under Cover, 1980-1981
Validation Project, 1979
Van Den Haag, Ernest, 1978-1983
Vandervort, Lucinda A., 1980-1983
Walker, Samuel, 1979
Waller, Irvin, 1979-1982
Warren, Marguerite, 1973-1983
Watson, James, 1980
Weinberg, Martin S., 1960-1981
Wilbanks, Bill, 1972-1983
Wilkins, Leslie, 1968-1983
Wilkins, Leslie Awards Committee, 1980-1982
Witt, James, 1977-1980
Wolfgang, Marvin E., 1961-1983
Zalman, Marvin, 1973-1983

Dean's Subject Files, 1977-83

Dean's Council Meetings (two folders), 1980-1981
Faculty Committees (two folders), 1979-1980, 1980-1981
Faculty Meetings (four folders), 1977-1978, 1978-1979, 1979-1980, 1980-1981
Faculty Recruitment Committee, 1979-80
Faculty Salaries, 1971-81
Faculty Workload, April 1981
Merit Increases, 1981
Rockefeller College - Executive Committee Meetings, 1981
SCJ Alumni Directory, 1977
SCJ Students, 1980
School Plans, 1981
Teaching Assistants, 1980
Tenure and Promotion, 1980-1982
University Faculty Salaries, 1971-1981

Donald J. Newman, Papers
Box and folder list

Series 3: Criminal Justice Projects, 1959-1983

Box 1

Attica: McKay Commission, 1972
Center for the Study of Dangerous Offenders (two folders), 1963-1966
"Community Alternatives to Maximum Security Institutionalization for Selected Offenders", Final Report on the Project on; Institute for Public Policy Alternatives (IPPA) (two folders), 1974-1975
Corrections Bibliography - McKay Commission, 1974
Criminal Justice Institute - Development Proposal, 1983
Criminal Justice Institute, Committee to Create a, 1983
Dangerous Persons Committee, 1964-1965
Disciplinary Segregation Study - National Science Foundation (two folders), 1972
Education Project in Criminal Justice, 1977-1978
Final Report of the Training Program in Criminal Justice Education, 1977-1978
Federal Sentencing Deskbook (two folders), 1961
Institute For Public Policy Alternatives (IPPA): Advisory Committee, 1974-1975
IPPA: Bibliography, Undated
IPPA: Bi-Monthly Reports, 1974-1975
IPPA: Correction System in New York, 1975
IPPA: Differential Probation Projects, 1975
IPPA: Grant, 1974-1975
IPPA: Miscellaneous and Correspondence, 1974-1975
IPPA: N.Y. Sentencing Provisions, 1975
IPPA: Predicate Felony Upheld, 1975
IPPA: Preliminary Outline, 1974
IPPA: Probation Subsidy, 1975
IPPA: Sentencing Alternatives, 1974
IPPA: Statistical Tables, 1975
Juvenile Delinquency (three folders), 1963-1965

Box 2

Juvenile Delinquency - Historical (three folders), 1913-1969
Long Term Prisoner Project (two folders), 1975
Narcotics - University of Wisconsin Policy (two folders), 1967
National Advisory Commission on Standards for Parole Services, 1972
New York Prisons (four folders), 1948-1972
Police (four folders), 1965-1966
Prison References, 1974
Proseminar: Criminal Justice (two folders), 1968-1969, 1970
Research Committee, 1968-1969
Standards for Correction in Criminal Justice Grant Proposal, 1971
Summer Seminar: Corrections Teachers, 1973School of Criminal Justice Records

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