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RECORDS, 1967-1981


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Finding Aid Compiled by
David Cetron
December 19, 1989

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VOLUME: 1.0 cubic feet

ACQUISITION: These records were donated to the M.E. Grenander Department of Special Collections & Archives, University Libraries by M.E. Grenander, by Kenneth D. Mosher, Jr., Class of 1946 in 1998.

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Deans' and Directors' Meetings
Administrative History

The Deans' and Directors' Meetings were informal meetings attended by deans of academic schools and directors of University facilities with the Academic Vice President presiding.  The exact date at which these meetings began is unknown, but records in this collection begin in 1967.  The purpose of these meetings was to provide and open forum for the discussion of matters of academic and administrative concern to the deans and directors of the University.

The record group also contains the records of the separate Conference of Deans of Faculties.  The purpose of this group was to "serve as a continuing advisory body to the Vice-President of Academic Affairs."  Specifically, it advised on "allocations of resources, future development of new and established program areas, and educational strategies for achieving University goals." [1]  The Conference of Academic Deans met every other week following the Deans' and Directors' Meetings.

1. Memorandum from the Acting Vice-President for Academic Affairs to Charles Colman, et. al., 10/22/1970.

Deans' and Directors' Meetings
Scope & Content Note

The records of Deans' and Directors' Meetings are an unofficial record of this group.  This collection has been taken from the files of Dean Warren Haynes, School of Business, Associate Dean Charles Colman, School of Humanities, and circa James Schmidt, Director of University Libraries, as well as other deans and directors.     Included in these files are minutes of meetings, memoranda, extensive documentation on the creation of budgets, allocations, admissions and enrollment figures, numerous reports on tenure and term appointment, and handwritten minutes by the aforementioned Deans and Directors.  In addition, discussion can be found on major issues confronting the University such as student unrest in the late 1960's and the cancellation of many programs at the State University of New York at Albany due to state budget cuts in the mid-1970's.

Reports and other items of particular interest and noted within the box and folder list.

Deans' and Directors' Meetings
Box and Folder List

Box 1:

Agendas and minutes, 1967-68
Agendas and minutes, 1969
     Includes a statement of policy for the Conference of Deans of Faculties; Rules and Regulations for Maintenance of Public Order; and the Report of Ad Hoc Committee on Term Appointments.
Agendas and minutes, 1970
     Includes a memorandum on the establishment of Conference of Academic Deans.
Agendas and minutes, 1971
     Includes a summary report by Committee on Campus Unrest, a proposal for the establishment  of the University Archives, and an Ecological Policy for SUNYA.
Agendas and minutes, 1972
     Includes "Proposal of Resource Management."
Agendas and minutes (folder 1), 1973
     Includes "Statement on Professional Ethics."
Agendas and minutes (folder 2), 1973
     Contains "Report on Future Decline of College Aged Students."
Agendas and minutes (folder 1), 1974
     Contains Business School Accreditation by AACSB.
Agendas and minutes (folder 2), 1974
     Contains "Procedures for Promotion and Continuing Appointments."
Agendas and minutes, 1975
     Includes the "Preliminary Bylaws for SUNYA Council of Academic Deans."
Agendas and minutes, 1976
     Includes "Confidential Report on Recommended Program Cuts."
Agenda and minutes (folder 1), 1977
     Contains "Grievance Procedure for Review of Allegations of Discrimination."
Agendas and minutes (folder 2), 1977
     Includes reports by Acting Director of Planning on national enrollment trends, enrollment  trends at  SUNYA,and enrollment trends for minorities and women.
Agendas and minutes (folder 1), 1978
     Includes a report to Undergradute Academic Council "Goal of a Liberal Education."
Agendas and minutes (folder 2), 1978
Agendas and minutes (folder 1), 1979
Agendas and minutes (folder 2), 1979
     Includes staff report, "Regents Higher Education Planning."
Agendas and minutes (folder 1), 1980
     Includes report, "Measurement of Teaching Effectiveness."
Agendas and minutes (folder 2), 1980
Agendas and minutes, 1981

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