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Miniature Books on Display
April 5–30, 2001

Binders & Designers

The exhibit contains a variety of bindings from traditional to whimsical. Over the centuries, miniature books have been bound in many different materials including the customary leather, paper book cloth, velvet and vellum coverings, with embellishments such as embroidery, gold, silver and jewels. Included here are examples of miniatures created by Maryline Poole Adams, Asao Hoshino and other designers and binders.

Matryoshka: Russian Nesting Dolls , 1993; Dreams of Ten Nights, 1987;
The New House, 1989
Matryoshka: Russian Nesting Dolls, Dreams of Ten Nights, The New House

Gemological Parmacopeia The New House
Gemological Parmacopeia
by Rebecca Bingham.
Rebecca Press (Hyattsville, Maryland) 1983
The New House
by David Mamet
Rebecca Press (Hyattsville, Maryland) 1989

Long After Ecclesiastes
Long After Ecclesiastes
by Ray Bradbury
Gold Stein Press, 1985

The Seventh Princess  (dos-a-dos) The Goldfish You Are Old, Father William
The Seventh Princess (dos-a-dos) The Goldfish, 1990;
by Eleanor Farjeon
Rebecca Press (Hyattsville, Maryland) 1990
You Are Old, Father William, 1989
From Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
by Lewis Carroll
Peter Thomas.(Santa Cruz, California) 1989

Long After Ecclesiastes
Sunny's Flowers
by Jill Timm
Mystical Places (Austin, Texas) 2000

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