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Baldwinsville (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Long Island Developmental Disabilities Services Local (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Long Island Region Veterans Committee (N.Y.)2Proper Name
CSEA State University of New York at Oneonta Local (N.Y.)1Proper Name
D'Agostino, Jerry2Proper Name
Kneller, Andrew1Proper Name
Labor Council for Latin American Advancement1Proper Name
Nominating Committee Report--CSEA (N.Y.)3Proper Name
Polydouris, John1Proper Name
Sullivan, Edward C. (Edward Christian), 1933-2Proper Name
1980 Winter Olympic Games ( Lake Placid, New York)3Event
19th Congressional District (N.Y.)1Proper Name
20th Congressional District (N.Y.)3Location
90 Church Street Labor Coalition (N.Y.)1Proper Name
A. Philip Randolph Institute1Proper Name
Aaronson, Michelle1Proper Name
Abbey, Gordon1Proper Name
Abbott, Edna1Proper Name
Abbott, J.L.1Proper Name
Abraham, Charles E.1Proper Name
Abraham, Constance Bauman3Proper Name
Abrahamer, Hyman W.1Proper Name
Abramovitz, Max, 1908-11Proper Name
Abstract expressionism1General
Academic costume177General
Academic Podium178Location
Académie de Nice3Proper Name
Acevedo, Richie2Proper Name
Ackerman, Curtis2Proper Name
Acosta-Belen, Edna1Proper Name
Acquario, Adam1Proper Name
Action photography164General
Activities Day1Event
Acton, Julie A.3Proper Name
Ada Craig Walter Award1General
Adams, Gretchen2Proper Name
Adams, Marianne C.1Proper Name
Adams, Paul1Proper Name
Adamson, John V.1Proper Name
Adebo, Simeon O., 1913-2Proper Name
Ader, Harold1Proper Name
Adkins, Charlotte1Proper Name
Adkins, Nora Jane1Proper Name
Adler, Robert S.1Proper Name
Admissions Office2General
Adult students7General
Advisory bodies1General
Aerial views26General
Aetna Casualty and Surety Co. (Hartford, Conn.)2Proper Name
AFL-CIO79Proper Name
AFL-CIO Central Labor Council (N.Y.)1Proper Name
AFL-CIO Pension Task Force (N.Y.)1Proper Name
African American civil rights workers1General
African American clergy1General
African American college administrators5General
African American college graduates13General
African American college presidents8General
African American college teachers5General
African American football players19General
African American History1General
African American musicians1General
African Americans--Politics and government.1General
Africana Studies, Department of2General
AFSCME83Proper Name
AFSCME Delegates Meeting1Event
AFSCME Local 1550 (TX)1Proper Name
AFSCME Local 872 (L.A.)1Proper Name
AFSCME Women's Right Department1Proper Name
AFSCME, International Convention 5Proper Name
AFSCME. Council 82 (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Agnes E. Futterer Award3General
Agnes E. Futterer Fellowship1Proper Name
Agriculture Study and teaching 1General
Ahonen, David M.2Proper Name
Aiello, Flora Gaspary4Proper Name
Aiken, John1Proper Name
Aini, Mina1Proper Name
Al Ben-Ness1Proper Name
Albany (N.Y.)26Location
Albany (N.Y.)53Proper Name
Albany (N.Y.) - Clubs13General
Albany Art Union6Proper Name
Albany Country Club3General
Albany County Executive (N.Y.)2Proper Name
Albany County Nursing Home (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Albany Institute of History and Art1Proper Name
Albany International Airport (N.Y.)2Location
Albany Medical College1Proper Name
Albany Regional Food Bank (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Albany River Rats (hockey team)1Proper Name
Albrecht, Robert3Proper Name
Albright, Harry W.2Proper Name
Alden, Joseph, 1807-18858Proper Name
Aldrich, Bradley C.1Proper Name
Alessi, Mark1Proper Name
Alexander, Marquerita3Proper Name
Alexander, Pam1Proper Name
Alfonsin, Edward204Proper Name
Alfred University16Proper Name
Ali, Muhammad, 1942-4Proper Name
Allan, Loyal1Proper Name
Allard, Catherine Miller1Proper Name
Allen (James E. Allen, Jr.) Collegiate Center46General
Allen, Bobby1Proper Name
Allen, Greg2Proper Name
Allen, James E., Jr.3Proper Name
Allen, John10Proper Name
Allen, Mary1Proper Name
Allen, Richard1Proper Name
Allese, Ed1Proper Name
Alonso, Helida1Proper Name
Alterman, Dawn1General
Alumni Association93General
Alumni Council7General
Alumni Day232Event
Alumni Monthly Luncheon Group1Proper Name
Alumni Quarterly3Proper Name
Alumni Weekend237Event
Alvarado, Jose1Proper Name
Ambach, Gordon M.2Proper Name
American Assn. of Colleges for Teacher Education1Proper Name
American Association for Affirmative Action1Proper Name
American Association of Arbitrators16Proper Name
American Association of University Professors2Proper Name
American Federation of Teachers85Proper Name
American Foto News1Proper Name
American Progam Bureau1Proper Name
American Red Cross4Proper Name
American Revolution Bicentennial, 1776-19761Event
Ames, Donald1Proper Name
Ames, Donjo1Proper Name
Ames, Judith1Proper Name
Ames, Kay1Proper Name
Ames, Laurence W.1Proper Name
Amodio, Felice1Proper Name
Amrhein, Kelly2Proper Name
Amster, Barbara1Proper Name
Anderson, Bob1Proper Name
Anderson, Coneaka1Proper Name
Anderson, De Forest M.1Proper Name
Anderson, Herbert A.1Proper Name
Anderson, Ivette2Proper Name
Anderson, James1Proper Name
Anderson, Theodore1Proper Name
Anderson, Thomas C.3Proper Name
Anderson, Tony2Proper Name
Anderson, Warren M., 1915-9Proper Name
Andrews, Barbara J.1Proper Name
Andrews, Charles Luther, 1908-6Proper Name
Andrews, Kathlyn7Proper Name
Andrews, Luther4Proper Name
Andrews, Zelle1Proper Name
Andreychuk, Dave1Proper Name
Angello, Linda1Proper Name
Angellotti, Nancy1Proper Name
Angiello, Joseph2Proper Name
Animal Control Officers1General
Annual Fund1Proper Name
Anthony Tassarotti4Proper Name
Anthropology, Department of5General
Approach 13-30 Corporation1Proper Name
Appropriations and expenditures29General
Aquatic sports Safety measures1General
Arango, Carlos1Proper Name
Aravena, Jose2Proper Name
Arcades (Architectural components)4General
Architectural models12General
Areno, Patricia M.2Proper Name
Arey, Oliver6Proper Name
Argus Company (Albany, N.Y.)3Proper Name
Armstrong, James2Proper Name
Arnold, Donald F.2Proper Name
Arnold, Tichina1Proper Name
Aronow, Martin1Proper Name
Aronowitz, Samuel E.2Proper Name
Arraras, Jose E.3Proper Name
Art glass4General
Art, Department of26General
Arzac, Terry M.1Proper Name
Ascensio, Jill3Proper Name
Asher, David J.4Proper Name
Ashfield, Robert A.1Proper Name
Asian Tsunami, 20042Event
ASP (Albany Student Press)6Proper Name
Aspinal, William Billings1Proper Name
Assalian, Therese60Proper Name
Astacio, Macy Jane1Proper Name
Astronomy, Department of15General
Athena1Proper Name
Athens (Greece)1Location
Athletes -- Israel2General
Athletic Association2Proper Name
Athletics -- Baseball48General
Athletics -- Basketball73General
Athletics -- Baton twirling1General
Athletics -- Boxing1General
Athletics -- Cheerleading13General
Athletics -- Crew1General
Athletics -- Cross-country1General
Athletics -- Field Hockey18General
Athletics -- Football141General
Athletics -- Golf1General
Athletics -- Gymnastics35General
Athletics -- Judo1General
Athletics -- Lacrosse57General
Athletics -- Racquetball2General
Athletics -- Rowing1General
Athletics -- Rugby2General
Athletics -- Soccer17General
Athletics -- Softball13General
Athletics -- Swimming64General
Athletics -- Track And Field3General
Athletics -- Volleyball6General
Athletics -- Weight training2General
Athletics -- Wrestling49General
Athletics --Tennis11General
Atkins, Bruce9Proper Name
Atkins, Helen1Proper Name
Atmospheric Sciences Research Center21General
Aubeuf, Logan1Proper Name
Auburn (N.Y.)5Location
Auburn Correctional Facility (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Auclair, Lois Gregg1Proper Name
Auerbach, Bernard1General
Auerbach, Morris1Proper Name
Aufiero , Richard J.1Proper Name
Auleta, Greg1Proper Name
Aulita, Tom7Proper Name
Auster, Nancy R.1Proper Name
Austin, Charles L.16Proper Name
Austin, Denise1Proper Name
Austin, Louise Weatherwax2Proper Name
Auten, Tracy1Proper Name
Avdenko, Shirley1Proper Name
Avery, Blanche2Proper Name
Avery, Sarah Celinda2Proper Name
Avner, Judith I.1Proper Name
Axlerod, Harvey S.4Proper Name
B. F. Ogden's Sons1Proper Name
Babbitt, Milton, 1916-1Proper Name
Babcock, Marie1Proper Name
Babcock, Robert H.1Proper Name
Bach Aria Group1Proper Name
Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-17501Proper Name
Backstrom, Carol1Proper Name
Baez, Dave1Proper Name
Bag punching1General
Bagno, Roberta1Proper Name
Bagnoli, Carmen3Proper Name
Bailer, Judith L.1Proper Name
Bailey, Allyson A.2Proper Name
Bailey, Beulah2Proper Name
Bailey, Jean1Proper Name
Bailous, Tony3Proper Name
Baker, Faith1Proper Name
Baker, Frances1Proper Name
Baker, Larry1Proper Name
Baker, Libbie A.1Proper Name
Baker, Michelle1Proper Name
Baker, Pat2Proper Name
Baker, Pauline1Proper Name
Baker, Ralph J.4Proper Name
Baker, Susan2Proper Name
Balboni, Michael2Proper Name
Baldwin, Alexinia Y.1Proper Name
Baldwin, James, 1924-13Proper Name
Baldwin, Jennifer2Proper Name
Baldwin, Joseph7Proper Name
Baldwin, Reverdy, E1Proper Name
Ball State University1Proper Name
Ball, Katheryn1Proper Name
Ballard, Patricia Koenig8Proper Name
Balls (Sporting goods)1General
Balogh, Laura1Proper Name
Balsano, Frank1Proper Name
Balzano, Betsy1Proper Name
Banek, Jake2Proper Name
Bang-Jensen, Lisa2Proper Name
Banghart, Chris1Proper Name
Banner, Dorothy1Proper Name
Baptiste, Frances Dubose1Proper Name
Barbash, Walter V.2Proper Name
Barbeau, Barbara1Proper Name
Bard, Geraldine E.4Proper Name
Baretta, Cathy2Proper Name
Barlow, David H.1Proper Name
Barnard, Cole1Proper Name
Barnard, Phoebe Ann2Proper Name
Barnes, Frances1Proper Name
Barnes, Irene S.1Proper Name
Barnet, Gates2Proper Name
Barnett, Hattie M.1Proper Name
Barnett, Rosaline Greenberg3Proper Name
Baron, Richard2Proper Name
Barosi, Diane1Proper Name
Barr, Bonnie B.1Proper Name
Barra, Gabriel1Proper Name
Barretta, Cathy1Proper Name
Barrick, Thomas2Proper Name
Barron, Joan Roeder1Proper Name
Barry, Martin4Proper Name
Bars (Drinking establishments)1General
Barsam, Anna1Proper Name
Bartel, Jerry1Proper Name
Bartle, Fred1Proper Name
Bartlet, W.H.1Proper Name
Bartow, Gary1Proper Name
Baseball bats10General
Baseball coaches1General
Baseball fields3General
Baseball players41General
Baseball umpires2General
Basic Construction Company2Proper Name
Basinger, Ella D.1Proper Name
Basketball coaches15General
Basketball courts10General
Basketball players55General
Basla, Michael J.2Proper Name
Batavia (N.Y.)2Location
Bates, Barbara1Proper Name
Bates, May1Proper Name
Bathing suits3General
Baton twirlers1General
Batten Kill (Vt. and N.Y.)2Location
Battle, Florence M.1Proper Name
Battle, William1Proper Name
Batts, Ronald1Proper Name
Bauer, Douglas J.2Proper Name
Bauer, Jerry1Proper Name
Bauer, Norman2Proper Name
Baum, Deb1Proper Name
Baumann, Nancy Ann1Proper Name
Baumgarten, Ira2Proper Name
Bausch, Marjorie Conary2Proper Name
Bautochka, Anna2Proper Name
Baxter, Robert B.1Proper Name
Baxter, Virginia1Proper Name
Bayer, Ruth1Proper Name
Beaulieu, Janice2Proper Name
Beauty contests United States4General
Beauty queens1General
Beaver, Iona1Proper Name
Beaver, Ralph A.4Proper Name
Beck, Bonnie4Proper Name
Beck, Mary2Proper Name
Beck, Roger5Proper Name
Beck, Theodric Romeyn, 1791-18557Proper Name
Becker, Ben3Proper Name
Becker, Robert E., III1Proper Name
Beckett, Richard1Proper Name
Bedell, Sarah B.2Proper Name
Beech, Stella Cull1Proper Name
Beecher, Mary1Proper Name
Beekman, James W. (James William), 1815-18771Proper Name
Behan, John L.1Proper Name
Behling, Ann Marie26Proper Name
Behrns, Gary1Proper Name
Beijing (China)6Location
Beldner, Judith2Proper Name
Belin, Julian A.1Proper Name
Bellamy, Carol, 1942-1Proper Name
Bellow, Saul1Proper Name
Bellows, Fred E.1Proper Name
Belly dance2General
Belser, Adelaide2Proper Name
Benavide, Amalia1Proper Name
Bender, Joan2Proper Name
Bendet, Solomon2Proper Name
Benedict, Bill11Proper Name
Benevolent Assoc. of the State Univ. of New York 1Proper Name
Benezet, Louis Tomlinson, 1915-200265Proper Name
Benezet, Mildred7Proper Name
Benischek, Nick2Proper Name
Benjamin, Abraham1Proper Name
Benjamin, Leanor1Proper Name
Benjamin, Martin E.4Proper Name
Bennett, Gerald A.1Proper Name
Bennett, Helen I.1Proper Name
Beno, Phillip1Proper Name
Benson, Catherine2Proper Name
Bentley, Dave1Proper Name
Benton, Nathaniel S. (Nathaniel Soley), 1792-18693Proper Name
Benzo, Camillo A.1Proper Name
Berger Commission (N.Y.)7Proper Name
Berger, Martin1Proper Name
Berger, Sheila, 1935-1Proper Name
Bergmann, Ken1Proper Name
Bering, Charles L.1Proper Name
Berini, Joan1Proper Name
Berkholdt, John5Proper Name
Berkhoudt, John2Proper Name
Berkley, Denise25Proper Name
Berman, Florence F. Friedman1Proper Name
Bernard Fineson Developmental Disabilities Services Office (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Bernardi, Roy1Proper Name
Berns, Violet1Proper Name
Bernstein, Elliot1Proper Name
Berry, Ina1Proper Name
Berry, Joan1Proper Name
Bertha E. Brimmer Medal18General
Bertini, Catherine A.2Proper Name
Bertuzzi, John D.2Proper Name
Bessmer, Kathrine1Proper Name
Bestle, Katherine1Proper Name
Betancourt, Jose1Proper Name
Bettelheim, Bruno2Proper Name
Betz, Brian12Proper Name
Beven, Beverly Palatsky4Proper Name
Bibbins, Florence1Proper Name
Bice, Grant L.1Proper Name
Bickelhaupt, Donald1Proper Name
Bicland, Ethel1Proper Name
Bidwell, Wilma1Proper Name
Bieger, John1Proper Name
Bienek, Terry1Proper Name
Bigelow, Ruth1Proper Name
Bimonte, Matthew1Proper Name
Binghamton (N.Y.)3Location
Binn, Eleanor1Proper Name
Biological Sciences, Department of15General
Biology Experiments1General
Bird, Judith1Proper Name
Birr, Kendall A.2Proper Name
Bishop, Caroline1Proper Name
Bishop, Ellen1Proper Name
Bishop, Harriet1Proper Name
Biskin, Augusta Katz4Proper Name
Bissell, Frances M.1Proper Name
Bissell, Ruth3Proper Name
Bitely, R. L.1Proper Name
Bitely, Tania Cook1Proper Name
Biundo, Lisa1Proper Name
Black and Puerto Rican Legislative Conference (N.Y)1Event
Black History Month (February)5Event
Black Panthers1Proper Name
Blackburn, Ruth Moore1Proper Name
Blackman-Stroud, Rowena4Proper Name
Blair, Thomas1Proper Name
Blakeslee, Richard W., 1947-3Proper Name
Bleecker, Harmanus, 1779-18494Proper Name
Blesy, John1Proper Name
Block, Ray1Proper Name
Blocking (Football)2General
Blodgett, Katherine1Proper Name
Blom, William8Proper Name
Blood donors2General
Bloom, Jay10Proper Name
Blujus, Paul4Proper Name
Boards of directors2General
Boaz, George1Proper Name
Bodies of water3General
Bodley, Edith1Proper Name
Body language1General
Boehlert, Gerald3Proper Name
Bogart, Sara1Proper Name
Boice, Christine1Proper Name
Boice, Ryan1Proper Name
Boncoraglio, George29Proper Name
Bonesteel, William F.1Proper Name
Booker, Anita1Proper Name
Boone, Clara11Proper Name
Boone, Margaret1Proper Name
Borden, Tom2Proper Name
Borelly, S. Samuel3Proper Name
Borodin Trio1Proper Name
Bosak, Steve1Proper Name
Bosco, Joe1Proper Name
Bose, Christine E.5Proper Name
Botvinik, Joan K.1Proper Name
Boughton, Elbert S.1Proper Name
Bouldin, James4Proper Name
Bouldin, Lucy M.2Proper Name
Boulos, Sami2Proper Name
Bourque, Donald D.1Proper Name
Bowen, Phyllis1Proper Name
Bowen, Silas T.2Proper Name
Bowen, Truman H.2Proper Name
Bower, Lucia M.1Proper Name
Bowler, Charles W.5Proper Name
Bown, Don1Proper Name
Boyce, John G.1Proper Name
Boyd, Gordon1Proper Name
Boyd, Hattie E.2Proper Name
Boyer, Ernest L.13Proper Name
Boylan, Randy1Proper Name
Boyle, Mary1Proper Name
Boynton, Ruth A.1Proper Name
Brace, Sue1Proper Name
Bradbury, John1Proper Name
Brademas, John, 1927-1Proper Name
Bradley, Adam1Proper Name
Bradshaw, Elizabeth1Proper Name
Bradshaw, Robert1Proper Name
Brandow, Beulah Helen1Proper Name
Brass instruments7General
Brass quintets1General
Brassfield, Terry R.1Proper Name
Braunlich, Marlene F.1Proper Name
Braxton, Alfred1Proper Name
Brazell, Troy1Proper Name
Brazil. Congresso Nacional2General
Breen, Dorothy3Proper Name
Breen, J. Thomas1Proper Name
Breglio, Jeffrey1Proper Name
Brent, Theodore A.1Proper Name
Brescia, Colleen14Proper Name
Breslin, Jimmy1Proper Name
Breslin, Michael G.2Proper Name
Breslin, Neil D.3Proper Name
Brett, Henrietta5Proper Name
Brewington, Frederick1Proper Name
Brezner, Jerome1Proper Name
Brier, Bart1Proper Name
Briggs, Alice3Proper Name
Briggs, Olga Hempel1Proper Name
Bright, Karen2Proper Name
Brignola, Nicholas Thomas1Proper Name
Brimmer, Bertha E.11Proper Name
Brining, Donald R.1Proper Name
Brinsmade, J. B., Jr.1Proper Name
Briska, Boniface1Proper Name
Britton, Rick1Proper Name
Broadfoot, Tim1Proper Name
Brock, Herbert2Proper Name
Brody, Barbara2Proper Name
Brogawski, Richard1Proper Name
Bronner, Bernice1Proper Name
Bronson, Barnard Sawyer1Proper Name
Bronston, William1Proper Name
Bronx District Attorney's Office1Proper Name
Bronx Psychiatric Center (N.Y.)2Proper Name
Brookhaven (N.Y.)2Location
Brookhaven Employee Servicemember Benefits and Compensation Protection Act 20061General
Brookhaven Town Council (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Brooklyn (N.Y.)7Location
Brooklyn Day Hospital (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Brooks Photographers1Proper Name
Brooks, Daniel1Proper Name
Brooks, Gwendolyn, 1917-1Proper Name
Brooks, Lucile1Proper Name
Broome County (N.Y.)1Location
Brophy, Art1Proper Name
Brophy, James U.1Proper Name
Brown3Proper Name
Brown University Dept. of Theatre, Speech and Dance1Proper Name
Brown, Billy1Proper Name
Brown, Brenda1Proper Name
Brown, Kim1Proper Name
Brown, Larry1Proper Name
Brown, Lester B.3Proper Name
Brown, Lillian1Proper Name
Brown, Marcia1General
Brown, Marietta3Proper Name
Brown, Mark1Proper Name
Brown, Neil C., Jr.1Proper Name
Brown, Scott1Proper Name
Brown, Tony2Proper Name
Browne, Lynn1Proper Name
Brownstein, Lewis2Proper Name
Brubacher, Abram Royer, 1870-193914Proper Name
Brubacher, Winifred W.1Proper Name
Bruce, Frank1Proper Name
Bruce, Rudy1Proper Name
Brucker, Helen1Proper Name
Bruhmuller, Mark1Proper Name
Bruins, Ella1Proper Name
Brumm, Janet1Proper Name
Brummer, Carole1Proper Name
Brunelle, Francis X.1Proper Name
Bruno, Joseph L. 1929-11Proper Name
Bryan, Mary Pat1Proper Name
Bryan, May1Proper Name
Bryant, Ruth1Proper Name
Bryant, William Cullen, 1794-18781Proper Name
Buchalter, Pat6Proper Name
Buchanan, Beatrice1Proper Name
Buckley, Helena M.1Proper Name
Buckley, William F. (William Frank), 1925-1Proper Name
Buderwitz, Joseph1Proper Name
Budget, Department of the1General
Budin, Morris, 1920-63Proper Name
Bueche, Arthur M.1Proper Name
Buehler, Joanne M.1Proper Name
Buetow, Mike2Proper Name
Buffalo (N.Y.)24Proper Name
Buffalo Zoo (N.Y.)3Proper Name
Buhl, Maria1Proper Name
Building drawings1General
Buildings -- Administration10Location
Buildings -- Alumni House17Location
Buildings -- Alumni Quadrangle22Location
Buildings -- Arts and Sciences5Location
Buildings -- Biology16Location
Buildings -- Brubacher Hall2Location
Buildings -- Bubble1Location
Buildings -- Bus stops3Location
Buildings -- Business Administration4Location
Buildings -- Campus Center154Location
Buildings -- Campus Center -- Assembly Hall1Location
Buildings -- Campus Center Extension1Location
Buildings -- Chemistry13Location
Buildings -- Colonial Quadrangle22Location
Buildings -- Colonial Quadrangle -- Livingston Tower4Location
Buildings -- Downtown Campus63Location
Buildings -- Draper Hall36Location
Buildings -- Dutch Quadrangle30Location
Buildings -- Dutch Quadrangle -- Stuyvesant Tower13Location
Buildings -- Earth and Atmospheric Sciences9Location
Buildings -- Education Building17Location
Buildings -- Fine Arts10Location
Buildings -- Greenhouses1Location
Buildings -- Gymnasiums2Location
Buildings -- Hawley Hall16Location
Buildings -- Humanities15Location
Buildings -- Husted Hall5Location
Buildings -- Indian Quadrangle15Location
Buildings -- Indian Quadrangle -- Mohawk Tower5Location
Buildings -- Lecture Centers21Location
Buildings -- Lodge and Howard Streets15General
Buildings -- Lodge Street2Location
Buildings -- Milne Hall1Location
Buildings -- Miscellaneous1Location
Buildings -- Page Hall12Location
Buildings -- Performing Arts Center19Location
Buildings -- Physical Education14Location
Buildings -- Physical Plant2Location
Buildings -- Physics16Location
Buildings -- Pierce Hall16Location
Buildings -- Power Plant2Location
Buildings -- Recreation and Convocation Center (RACC)2Location
Buildings -- Richardson Hall2Location
Buildings -- Sayles Hall4Location
Buildings -- Social Science4Location
Buildings -- State Quadrangle22Location
Buildings -- State Quadrangle -- Eastman Tower2Location
Buildings -- State Street1Location
Buildings -- Thomas E. Dewey Graduate Library7Proper Name
Buildings -- University Library15Location
Buildings -- Uptown Campus376Location
Buildings -- Van Derzee Hall1Location
Buildings -- Waterbury Hall1Location
Buildings -- Willett Street8Location
Buildings--Alfred E. Smith State Office Building (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Buildings--Blodgett Library--Syracuse (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Buildings--CSEA Headquarters--Utica (N.Y.)1Location
Buildings--Hart's Hill Inn (N.Y.)3Location
Buildings--Hotel Utica (N.Y.)3Proper Name
Buildings--Maplewood Manor--Saratoga Springs (N.Y.1Location
Buildings--Otesaga Hotel (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Buildings--PLAV Hall--Utica (N.Y.)1Location
Buildings--Ramada Inn--New Hartford (N.Y.)1Location
Buildings--Trinkaus Manor--Oriskany (N.Y.)2Location
Buildings--World Trade Center--New York City1Proper Name
Built Complexes and Districts (Built Environment)1General
Bukovan, Denise3Proper Name
Bulger, Marion M.5Proper Name
Bulger, Paul G.7Proper Name
Bull, Diane1Proper Name
Bullard, Elizabeth Huggins1Proper Name
Bulletin boards2General
Bullock, Dorothy1Proper Name
Bullock, Douglas1Proper Name
Buluchi, Don1Proper Name
Bumper stickers2General
Bunten, Agnes R.1Proper Name
Burd, Frank L.1Proper Name
Burdick, Frank A.4Proper Name
Burelbach, Fred4Proper Name
Burger, John H.1Proper Name
Burgess, David E.1Proper Name
Burke, Anna1Proper Name
Burke, Arvid James, 1906-1Proper Name
Burke, Ellen1Proper Name
Burke, Joseph1Proper Name
Burkhart, Ed1Proper Name
Burling, Jim1Proper Name
Burlingame, Bob1Proper Name
Burmese Python1General
Burnett, Douglas1Proper Name
Burns, Elizabeth2Proper Name
Burns, Lula E.1Proper Name
Burns, Veronica5Proper Name
Burstein, Joan1Proper Name
Burstein, Karen2Proper Name
Burundi4Proper Name
Bus drivers1General
Bush, George W., 1946- 1Proper Name
Bush, Ruth1Proper Name
Business education (Internship)2General
Business, School of87General
Businesswomen -- United States2General
Buss, Walter Christian2Proper Name
Bussey, Gertrude1Proper Name
Butcher, Greg1Proper Name
Butera, Gertrude1Proper Name
Butero, Sal1Proper Name
Butler, Denis1Proper Name
Button, Kathy3Proper Name
Buttons (information artifacts)6General
Butts, Calvin O.3Proper Name
Buyck, Edward2Proper Name
Byrne, Ray2Proper Name
Byrne, Tom1Proper Name
Cable 6 TV (Television Station: Wappinger Falls, N.Y.)1Proper Name
Cackener, Lela2Proper Name
Cafiero, Joseph F.1Proper Name
Cage, Johnny C., Jr.2Proper Name
Cagmone, Vincent1Proper Name
Cahalon, K.1Proper Name
Cain, Rachel1Proper Name
Cairns, Thomas2Proper Name
Calabrese, Louie1Proper Name
Calder, Alexander, 1898-19761Proper Name
Calhoun, Bob1Proper Name
Callahan, Charles2Proper Name
Callahan, Kevin1Proper Name
Callahan, William1Proper Name
Calomeno, George1Proper Name
Camacho, Omayra1Proper Name
Camera Club1Proper Name
Cameron, Truman D.1Proper Name
Camp Woodland4Location
Campbell, Charles J.1Proper Name
Campbell, Daniel12Proper Name
Campbell, Daniel X.3Proper Name
Campbell, Michael1Proper Name
Campbell, William H., Rev.9Proper Name
Campon, Michael1Proper Name
Camps -- New York (State)5General
Campus Night8Event
Campus visits39General
Canestrari, Ronald J.2Proper Name
Canestrari, Theresa1Proper Name
Canning, Tiffany1Proper Name
Cannon, Harold15Proper Name
Canter, Jacob1Proper Name
Canton (N.Y.)2Location
Cantus Infirmus1Proper Name
Caperna, Maryann6Proper Name
Capital District Humanities Program3Proper Name
Caporale, Joe1Proper Name
Carbonaro, Joe1Proper Name
Card games3General
Card, Florence1Proper Name
Cardinali, Art2Proper Name
Cardone, Cathleen1Proper Name
Carey, Anne L.1Proper Name
Carey, Hugh, 1919-14Proper Name
Carey, Jack1Proper Name
Carey, Levi1Proper Name
Carillon6Proper Name
Carillon Water Tower3Location
Carlucci, Cheryl1Proper Name
Carmen, Mary Whisk1Proper Name
Carnahan, James1Proper Name
Carnegie Corporation of New York1Proper Name
Carney, John27Proper Name
Carol Studios1Proper Name
Caron, Pam1Proper Name
Carpenter, Anne1Proper Name
Carpenter, Bruce1Proper Name
Carpenter, Connie2Proper Name
Carr, Irene19Proper Name
Carr, Lafayette1Proper Name
Carrarra, Zenobia1Proper Name
Carriere, Rita M.1Proper Name
Carrino, Frank Gaetano, 1922-1Proper Name
Carter, Alice1Proper Name
Carter, Jimmy, 1924-12Proper Name
Carter, Pamela E.1Proper Name
Carter, Rosalynn20Proper Name
Caruso, Michael2Proper Name
Caruso, Phillip J.4Proper Name
Casale, Anthony J.11Proper Name
Casale, Theresa1Proper Name
Casey, Peggy1Proper Name
Casey, Roger C.1Proper Name
Casler, Patricia1Proper Name
Casparis, John1Proper Name
Cass, Mattie1Proper Name
Cassavant, Theodore1Proper Name
Casserly, Anne–Marie Herrmann2Proper Name
Casserly, Graham1Proper Name
Cassidy, Jeff2Proper Name
Cassidy, Jim1Proper Name
Castaldo, Frank1Proper Name
Castellani, Paul40Proper Name
Castellano, Rita1Proper Name
Castello, Tom1Proper Name
Castle, Raymond3Proper Name
Castro, Sal1Proper Name
Caswell, Deborah A.1Proper Name
Catalano, Lia2Proper Name
Catskill Mountains (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Catskill Mountains (N.Y.) -- Folklore5General
Cattaraugus County (N.Y.)2Location
Cavanaugh, Barry1Proper Name
Cayuga County (N.Y.)1Location
Cayuga County Health and Human Services Department1Proper Name
Cazden, Norman, 1914-1Proper Name
CBS Broadcasting3Proper Name
Celentano, George1Proper Name
Center for Educational Research and Policy Studies1General
Center for Stress and Anxiety Disorders1General
Center For Undergraduate Education2General
Central State University (Wilberforce, Ohio)1Proper Name
Ceret`eli, Zurab, 1934-2Proper Name
Cerfola, Addie1Proper Name
Cerra, Tom1Proper Name
Chaffin, Richard2Proper Name
Chamberlin, J. P.1Proper Name
Chambers, David2Proper Name
Chambers, Mary1Proper Name
Chandler, Ann1Proper Name
Chapin, Carrie1Proper Name
Charity events2General
Charts, diagrams, etc.1General
Chase, Daniel1Proper Name
Chase, Helen4Proper Name
Chavez, Cesar, 1927-2Proper Name
Chavez-Thompson, Linda, 1944-2Proper Name
Chavin, Nina2Proper Name
Checkman, Louis1Proper Name
Checkosky, Paula1Proper Name
Cheek, Jazmine1Proper Name
Chemistry, Department of2General
Chenango County (N.Y.)1Location
Chenango County Office Building (N.Y.)1Location
Chesin, Lorraine4Proper Name
Chesin, Sorrell E.17Proper Name
Chess players3General
Chesser, Sylvia Tefft4Proper Name
Chicago (I.L.)3Location
Chicago (Ill.)1Location
Chiesa, Nick1Proper Name
Child Research And Study Center2General
Childers, J. Wesley (James Wesley), 1906-2Proper Name
Children Health and hygiene1General
Childs, Fred A.1Proper Name
China6Proper Name
China. Nong ye bu.1General
Choral conducting2General
Chovanec, Cindy3Proper Name
Chow, John2Proper Name
Chrabas, Theodore1Proper Name
Christensen, Joan2Proper Name
Christian, Charles2Proper Name
Christianson, Joan1Proper Name
Christmas trees1General
Church, Sanford E. (Sanford Elias), 1815-18801Proper Name
Churchill & Denison1Proper Name
Chute, Frances1Proper Name
Ciaramella, Dominic1Proper Name
Ciaramella, Valarie1Proper Name
Ciarelli, Maxine1Proper Name
Cimino, Nicholas J.4Proper Name
Cintron, Pedro1Proper Name
Cippola, Samuel1Proper Name
Ciravolo, Joseph2Proper Name
Citizen Laureate Award4Proper Name
Citizen of the University Award5General
City University of New York. City College2Proper Name
Ciuffreda, Kenneth J., 1947- 1Proper Name
Civic centers4General
Civil Service Employees Association (N.Y.)1707Proper Name
Civil Service Employees Association Capital District Conference (N.Y.)2Event
Civil Service Employees Association Central New York Conference 7Event
Civil Service Leader--CSEA (N.Y.)3Proper Name
Civil War, 1861-18658Event
Clarence (N.Y.)9Proper Name
Clark's Wall16Location
Clark, A. William, 1925-1Proper Name
Clark, Clifford2Proper Name
Clark, Gen1Proper Name
Clark, Kevin1Proper Name
Clark, Richard1Proper Name
Clark, William W.1Proper Name
Clarke, Ida A.1Proper Name
Clarke, Patricia2Proper Name
Clarkson University (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Class of 18455General
Class of 18464General
Class of 18476General
Class of 18485General
Class of 18494General
Class of 18504General
Class of 18514General
Class of 18524General
Class of 18535General
Class of 18543General
Class of 18553General
Class of 18563General
Class of 18573General
Class of 18583General
Class of 18593General
Class of 18605General
Class of 18613General
Class of 18624General
Class of 18639General
Class of 18642General
Class of 18653General
Class of 18662General
Class of 18675General
Class of 18683General
Class of 18693General
Class of 18702General
Class of 18711General
Class of 18741General
Class of 187649General
Class of 18772General
Class of 18801General
Class of 18832General
Class of 18844General
Class of 18866General
Class of 188739General
Class of 188838General
Class of 18894General
Class of 18921General
Class of 18931General
Class of 18942General
Class of 18951General
Class of 18965General
Class of 18971General
Class of 18981General
Class of 19009General
Class of 19014General
Class of 190410General
Class of 19051General
Class of 19062General
Class of 19072General
Class of 19095General
Class of 19104General
Class of 19113General
Class of 19125General
Class of 19131General
Class of 19146General
Class of 191510General
Class of 191617General
Class of 191721General
Class of 191817General
Class of 19193General
Class of 19206General
Class of 192131General
Class of 19225General
Class of 19236General
Class of 19248General
Class of 19255General
Class of 192624General
Class of 192722General
Class of 192819General
Class of 19292General
Class of 193018General
Class of 193111General
Class of 19326General
Class of 193317General
Class of 193426General
Class of 193523General
Class of 193621General
Class of 193722General
Class of 19389General
Class of 193941General
Class of 194021General
Class of 194111General
Class of 194222General
Class of 194329General
Class of 194421General
Class of 194521General
Class of 194611General
Class of 194723General
Class of 194833General
Class of 194918General
Class of 195018General
Class of 19515General
Class of 19525Proper Name
Class of 195311Proper Name
Class of 195433General
Class of 19557General
Class of 19568General
Class of 19575General
Class of 19587General
Class of 19597General
Class of 19603General
Class of 19615General
Class of 196212General
Class of 196313General
Class of 19646General
Class of 196512General
Class of 19666General
Class of 196713General
Class of 19688General
Class of 196927General
Class of 197019General
Class of 197115Proper Name
Class of 197211General
Class of 197320General
Class of 197418General
Class of 197524General
Class of 197623General
Class of 197724General
Class of 197819General
Class of 197924General
Class of 198017General
Class of 19814General
Class of 19826General
Class of 198314General
Class of 19847General
Class of 19856General
Class of 19863General
Class of 19875General
Class of 19882General
Class of 19892General
Class of 19922General
Class of 19941General
Class of 19974General
Classics, Department of5General
Clauson, Susan1Proper Name
Cleary, Edward J.3Proper Name
Cleary, Thomas M.1Proper Name
Cleland, Hugh2Proper Name
Clemens, Amanda1Proper Name
Clemens, Dan2Proper Name
Clemente, Rocco1Proper Name
Clergy Clothing1General
Clerkin, Janet1Proper Name
Cleveland, Grover, 1837-19082Proper Name
Clifton Park (N.Y.)4Location
Clinical nursing1General
Clinton County (N.Y.)3Location
Clinton, DeWitt, 1769-18282Proper Name
Clinton, Hillary Rodham, 1947-29Proper Name
Clinton, William Jefferson, 1946-22Proper Name
Close, Jim1Proper Name
Closson, Katherine1Proper Name
Coaches (Athletics)12General
Coalition for Public Higher Education3Proper Name
Coalition of Black Trade Unionists3Proper Name
Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (U.S.). Convention7Event
Coates1Proper Name
Cobane, Edith1Proper Name
Cobb, Mary Elizabeth1Proper Name
Coben, Ken1Proper Name
Coburn, Charles R.2Proper Name
Cochrane, David H.8Proper Name
Cocks, Edmund2Proper Name
Cocks, Peter G.5Proper Name
Codkind, Dorothy16Proper Name
Cohen, Donald1Proper Name
Cohen, Florence1Proper Name
Cohen, George1Proper Name
Cohen, I. Bernard, 1914-1Proper Name
Cohen, Jon R.2Proper Name
Cohen, Noel1Proper Name
Colby, L.1Proper Name
Cole, Audrey1Proper Name
Cole, Grace Scism1Proper Name
Cole, Kathryn1Proper Name
Cole, Paul1Proper Name
Cole, Robert1Proper Name
Cole, Sarah L.2Proper Name
Coleman, Ernest1Proper Name
Coleman, Laurence J.1Proper Name
Coleman, Marion Moore, 1900-1Proper Name
Coleman, Mark1Proper Name
Coleman, Sam1Proper Name
Coley, Kathryn1Proper Name
Collantes, Lourdes Y.1Proper Name
College athletes156General
College Council1General
College of Environmental Science and Forestry10Proper Name
College of St. Rose3Proper Name
College Reception2General
College Self-Assessment Seminar1General
College student newspapers and periodicals17General
Colleran, Elizabeth1Proper Name
Collette, Cathy1Proper Name
Collier, Pat1Proper Name
Collier, Richard1Proper Name
Collier, Susan G.1Proper Name
Colling, Kathleen1Proper Name
Collins Circle17Location
Collins, Anthony1Proper Name
Collins, Arthur N.4Proper Name
Collins, Arthur N.4Proper Name
Collins, Ed1Proper Name
Collins, Evan R.115Proper Name
Collins, Marsha2Proper Name
Collins, Ninetta Belle1Proper Name
Collins, Virginia 4Proper Name
Columns (architectural elements)9General
Coluzzi, Jean2Proper Name
Colwell, Martha1Proper Name
Commencement ceremonies177Event
Committee Chair on Higher Education (N.Y.)16General
Communes (China)3General
Communications Workers of America1Proper Name
Communications, Department of4General
Community Breakfasts2Event
Community Relations Office5General
Community Relations Office1Proper Name
Community Service6General
Community-University Day53Event
Commuter's Club1Proper Name
Comparative Development Studies Center1General
Composite photographs7General
Computing Center30General
Comstock & Cassidy1Proper Name
Comstock, Vera1Proper Name
Conant, Harold1Proper Name
Conant, Robert1Proper Name
Conboy, Joseph1Proper Name
Concentration camp inmates2General
Condell, Rand2Proper Name
Condon, Norma1Proper Name
Conley, James1Proper Name
Conley, John D.1Proper Name
Connelly, Elizabeth A. (Elizabeth Ann), 1928-2Proper Name
Connelly, Lori1Proper Name
Connelly, Maureen1Proper Name
Conners, John1Proper Name
Conners, Richard3Proper Name
Connetquot River State Park Preserve (N.Y.)2Proper Name
Connor, Martin1Proper Name
Connors, Joseph "Joe"1Proper Name
Connors, Sharon1Proper Name
Conoby, John A.2Proper Name
Consentino, Frank4Proper Name
Constable, Bruce1Proper Name
Constable, Lorraine Loder1Proper Name
Constable, Terry1Proper Name
Construction workers2General
Contact sheets61General
Conte, Rose1Proper Name
Conti, Rose2Proper Name
Contiguglia, Robert1Proper Name
Contractor1Proper Name
Conviser, Nancy1Proper Name
Conway, Ella1Proper Name
Conway, James A.2Proper Name
Conway, Joe2Proper Name
Conway, Katherine McManus1Proper Name
Conyers, Anna1Proper Name
Cook, Charles1Proper Name
Cook, William 1Proper Name
Cooke, Audrey2Proper Name
Cooney, James2Proper Name
Cooper, Frank, Jr.1Proper Name
Cooper, Kathy1Proper Name
Cooperative societies2General
Cooperstown (N.Y.)1Location
Copeland, George M.1Proper Name
Corah, Norman L.1Proper Name
Corbett, Kelly1Proper Name
Corbett, Mary Beth1Proper Name
Corgliano, Thomas4Proper Name
Corigliano, Thomas A.30Proper Name
Corliss, Scott1Proper Name
Cornelius, Libbie G.1Proper Name
Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations (N.Y.)2Proper Name
Cornell University. Center for Intnl. Studies1Proper Name
Corning (N.Y.)2Location
Corning II, Erastus1Proper Name
Corning, Erastus, 1909-198313Proper Name
Cornwell, Arthur J.4Proper Name
Corprew, Will9Proper Name
Corr, Tim1Proper Name
Correa, Fernando1Proper Name
Cortright, Sanford A.1Proper Name
Corzett, Bill1Proper Name
Cosentino, Frank1Proper Name
Coss, John1Proper Name
Cost Of Living Allowance-COLA (N.Y.)6Proper Name
Costello, Rita Ferraro2Proper Name
Costume Greece6General
Costume Netherlands1General
Cotton, William D. J. (William David John)1Proper Name
Coumbe, Becky1Proper Name
Counterculture United States History 20th century1General
County Route 16 (N.Y.)1Location
County Route 4 (N.Y.)1Location
County Route 47 (N.Y.)1Location
Court, Bruce J.1Proper Name
Cousen, C.1Proper Name
Covey, Paul2Proper Name
Covington, Virginia1Proper Name
Cowles, Harriet E.1Proper Name
Cox, Gertrude1Proper Name
Cox, Jason2Proper Name
Coyle, Tom3Proper Name
Coyne, Llillian E.1Proper Name
Cozort, William101Proper Name
Craig Colony State Hospital (N.Y.)1Location
Crane, Margaret4Proper Name
Crane, Marget1Proper Name
Crane, Steven1Proper Name
Crary, John M.44Proper Name
Cretekos, Jim7Proper Name
Crews, Terry1Proper Name
Crick, Francis, 1916-1Proper Name
Criminal Justice, School of1General
Crockett, Lester1Proper Name
Cromie, John A.1Proper Name
Cronin, Kathleen1Proper Name
Crooms, Carol1Proper Name
Crop marks558General
Cross, Dolores E.3Proper Name
Cross, Eunice1Proper Name
Cross, Sarah3Proper Name
Cross-country skiing1General
Crossing Guards2General
Crothers, Jim Jr.1Proper Name
Crotty, John3Proper Name
Croutier, Daniel3Proper Name
Crowley, Cheryl6Proper Name
Crumb, Frederick W.1Proper Name
Cruz, Armando1Proper Name
Cruz, Hector1Proper Name
CSEA 100 History Project2Proper Name
CSEA 100 Project (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Annual Delegates Meeting107Proper Name
CSEA Binghamton Area Retirees Local1Proper Name
CSEA Board of Directors (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Bronx Psychiatric Center Local (N.Y.) 2Proper Name
CSEA Brookhaven White Collar Unit1Proper Name
CSEA Brooklyn DDSO Local (N.Y.)4Proper Name
CSEA Brooklyn Developmental Center Local (N.Y.) 1Proper Name
CSEA Buffalo State Employees Local (N.Y.)2Proper Name
CSEA Buffalo-Niagara Frontier Retirees Local (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Canal Authority Local (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Capital District Retirees Local (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Capital Region Judiciary Local1Proper Name
CSEA Capital Region Local (N.Y.)4Proper Name
CSEA Capital Region Veterans Committee (N.Y.)4Proper Name
CSEA Capitol Region Office of Children and Family 2Proper Name
CSEA Central Region (N.Y.)14Proper Name
CSEA Central Region Judiciary Local 1Proper Name
CSEA Clarkson Local (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Clifton Park Unit (N.Y.)2Proper Name
CSEA Clinton County Local (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Creedmor Psychiatric Center Local (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA E-Learning Center (N.Y.)2Proper Name
CSEA Erie County Department of Transportation Local (N.Y.1Proper Name
CSEA Erie County Local (N.Y.)8Proper Name
CSEA Finger Lakes DDSO Local (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Great Meadow Correctional Facility Local1Proper Name
CSEA Greene Correctional Facility Local (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Health Research Inc. (N.Y.)2Proper Name
CSEA Hornell State Employees Local (N.Y.)2Proper Name
CSEA Hudson City Unit (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Hudson River Psychiatric Center Local (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Irene Carr Leadership Award (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Labor Education Action Program (N.Y.)2Proper Name
CSEA LEAD (Leadership Education and Development) Program (N.Y.)4Proper Name
CSEA Local 505 (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Local 615 (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Long Island Developmental Center Local (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Long Island Region (N.Y.)19Proper Name
CSEA Long Island Region International Day and Women's Health Fair2Proper Name
CSEA Long Island Region Judiciary Local1Proper Name
CSEA Long Island Region Women’s Committee (N.Y.)3Proper Name
CSEA Long Island State Employees Local 16 (N.Y.)2Proper Name
CSEA Madison County White Collar Unit3Proper Name
CSEA Mattituck-Cutchogue School District Unit Local (N.Y.)5Proper Name
CSEA Metropolitan Region (N.Y.)18Proper Name
CSEA Metropolitan Region Education Committee (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Monroe County Local (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Montgomery County Local (N.Y.)2Proper Name
CSEA Mount Pleasant Blue Collar Unit Local (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Nassau County Local 830 (N.Y.)3Proper Name
CSEA Nassau County Local 830 Unity Committee (N.Y.)2Proper Name
CSEA New Windsor Unit (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA New York City State Employees Local 10 (N.Y.)3Proper Name
CSEA New York Developmental Center Local 1Proper Name
CSEA New York State Bridge Authority Local1Proper Name
CSEA New York State Psychiatric Institute Local 419 (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Niagara County Local (N.Y.)2Proper Name
CSEA Occupational Safety and Health Committee (N.Y)15Proper Name
CSEA Olympic Regional Development Authority Local (N.Y.)3Proper Name
CSEA Onondaga County Water Environmental Protection Unit (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Oyster Bay Local (N.Y.)2Proper Name
CSEA Parks and Recreation Local 830 (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Political Action Liasons (N.Y.)3Proper Name
CSEA Port Washington Custodial Unit (N.Y.)2Proper Name
CSEA Public Service Commission Local1Proper Name
CSEA Putnam County Local (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Refrigeration Plant Local (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Rensselaer County 911 Unit Local (N.Y.)2Proper Name
CSEA Retiree Division (N.Y.)12Proper Name
CSEA Saratoga Springs City Hall Unit (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Seneca County Local (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Southern Region (N.Y.)7Proper Name
CSEA Southern Region Judiciary Local1Proper Name
CSEA Standing Women's Committee (N.Y.)8Proper Name
CSEA State Contract Negotiating Team (N.Y.)3Proper Name
CSEA Steuben County Local (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Strategic Benefit Trust1Proper Name
CSEA SUNY Albany Local (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA SUNY Buffalo Local (N.Y.)2Proper Name
CSEA SUNY Fredonia Local (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA SUNY New Paltz Local (N.Y.)4Proper Name
CSEA SUNY Old Westbury Local (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA SUNY Stony Brook Local (N.Y.)2Proper Name
CSEA SUNY Upstate Local 615 (N.Y.)2Proper Name
CSEA Tax Local 690 Women's Committee (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Town of Newburgh Unit (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Town of Shelter Island Unit (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Van Duyn Home and Hospital Unit Local (N.Y.)4Proper Name
CSEA Voice of Organized Independent Childcare Eductors (N.Y.)5Proper Name
CSEA Wayne County Unit (N.Y.)1Proper Name
CSEA Westchester County Local (N.Y.)3Proper Name
CSEA Western Region (N.Y.)19Proper Name
CSEA Western Region Judiciary Local1Proper Name
CSEA Western Region Women's Committee (N.Y.)2Proper Name
CSEA Women's Conference50Proper Name
CSEA WORK (Workers' Opportunities, Resources and Knowledge) Institute2Proper Name
CSEA Work Institute (N.Y.)2Proper Name
CSEA Yonkers School District Unit 9169 (N.Y.)2Proper Name
CSEA’s Federal Political Action Liaisons (PALs)2Proper Name
Cultural Education Center1Proper Name
Cummings, Bruce J.2Proper Name
Cuneo, John1Proper Name
Cunningham, Lois1Proper Name
Cunningham, Margaret Morey5Proper Name
Cuomo, Andrew, 1957-2Proper Name
Cuomo, Mario Matthew, 1932-90Proper Name
Cuomo, Matilda, 1932-6Proper Name
Curran, Tyrone C.1Proper Name
Curriculum and Instruction, Department of1General
Curry, George W., 1940-1Proper Name
Curtin, Bill1Proper Name
Curtin, Michael2Proper Name
Curtis, Laura V.1Proper Name
Curtis, Russ1Proper Name
Cushing, Anne L.1Proper Name
Cushman, Donald P.1Proper Name
Custance, Catherine4Proper Name
Cuyatti, Miguel1Proper Name
Cypert, Susan M.3Proper Name
Czyzak, Kaycee1Proper Name
D'Alessandro, Michael2Proper Name
D'Amato, Alfonse1Proper Name
D'Angelis, Larry1Proper Name
D'Annibale, John Carl1Proper Name
D'Antonio, Mary1Proper Name
Daddario, Emilio Q. (Emilio Quincy), 1918-2Proper Name
Dague, Ed1Proper Name
DaHill, Jefferey1Proper Name
Daily Graphic1Proper Name
Daily Press (Utica, N.Y.)5Proper Name
Daley, Christine1Proper Name
Daley, John1Proper Name
Dalton, Chris1Proper Name
Dalven, E.1Proper Name
Danahy, Diana2Proper Name
Dance costume1General
Dancy-Potts, Cassandra1Proper Name
Dando, Muriel3Proper Name
Dandridge, Thomas C.1Proper Name
Danforth, Alan1Proper Name
Daniels, Randy1Proper Name
Daniels, Ron1Proper Name
Dardess, Mary2Proper Name
Darling, Jessie1Proper Name
Davdiss, Krista1Proper Name
Davey, Diane Webber1Proper Name
Davidson, Bob7Proper Name
Davidson, Donald1Proper Name
Davidson, Mindy1Proper Name
Davidson, Ralph P.1Proper Name
Davis, Carol1Proper Name
Davis, David2Proper Name
Davis, Elizabeth1Proper Name
Davis, Keith R.1Proper Name
Davis, King1Proper Name
Davis, Liane V.1Proper Name
Davis, Sean1Proper Name
Davis, Shana1Proper Name
Davis, Vivian Kronberg2Proper Name
Davison, Emma1Proper Name
Davril, Mme. Robert3Proper Name
Davril, Robert3Proper Name
Day, Fred12Proper Name
Day, Margaret1Proper Name
Day, Mary Jane2Proper Name
Day, Stephen S.1Proper Name
De Golia, William2Proper Name
De Vries, Audrey E.2Proper Name
Dean, Amos, 1803-18683Proper Name
Dean, Olivia1Proper Name
Deane, Peter1Proper Name
DeBarthe, Shirley M.1Proper Name
Debates and Debating1General
DeBeer, Anna Boochever5Proper Name
Deblois, Thomas P.2Proper Name
DeBottis, John1Proper Name
Dec, Dorothy Huyck3Proper Name
Dec, Joseph1Proper Name
DeCaro, Anthony1Proper Name
DeCecco, Dominick1Proper Name
DeCicco, Debbie1Proper Name
Deck, William1Proper Name
Decker, Stephen L.1Proper Name
deClercq, Louis1Proper Name
Deeb, John1Proper Name
Deer Park High School (NY)1Proper Name
Deevey, Edward1Proper Name
DeForest, Daniel1Proper Name
DeGeorge, Eileen1Proper Name
Degnan, Bernie A.1Proper Name
DeGuzman, Norma1Proper Name
Del Toro, Antonio5Proper Name
Delameter, Fannie Hall1Proper Name
Delaney, John2Proper Name
Delaware County (N.Y.)4Location
DeLeonardis, Vito1Proper Name
DelGuidice, Michael1Proper Name
DeLisle, Carol1Proper Name
Delmonte, Tony1Proper Name
Delsignore, Joann1Proper Name
DeLucco, Donna2Proper Name
DeLucia, Lawrence74Proper Name
DeMarco, Roland H.1Proper Name
Demsey, Thomas H.1Proper Name
Dennis, Margaret A.1Proper Name
Dental hygienists1General
Dental personnel and patient1General
Depalma, Tom1Proper Name
Depew (N.Y.)1Location
Derry, Jerry1Proper Name
Dersherl, Marian1Proper Name
DeSantis, Beatrice3Proper Name
Desfosses, Helen1Proper Name
Desmond, Morgan1Proper Name
DeSorbo, John1Proper Name
DeSorbo, Rose1Proper Name
DeThorne, Karen1Proper Name
Deviero, Bill1Proper Name
DeVito, Steve1Proper Name
Dewey Decimal System1Proper Name
Dewey, Thomas E. (Thomas Edmund), 1902-197113Proper Name
Di Benedetto Snyder, Patricia1Proper Name
Di Blasi, Tony1Proper Name
Diamond, Edward1Proper Name
Diaz, Anastasio1Proper Name
Diaz, Francisco1Proper Name
Dickerson, Jason1Proper Name
Dickieson, Samuel1Proper Name
Dickinson, Samuel1Proper Name
Dickson, Kathleen1Proper Name
Dickstein, Sylvia1Proper Name
Diehl, Wilma Frances1Proper Name
Diez Del Rio, Peter2Proper Name
DiGioia, C.A. Michael3Proper Name
DiGregorio, John1Proper Name
Dillon, Mrs. Edward1Proper Name
DiNapoli, Thomas11Proper Name
Dinar, Judith1Proper Name
Dingledy, Dave1Proper Name
Dingman, Beatrice Baily2Proper Name
Dinke, Sherry1Proper Name
Dinkins, David N., 1927-5Proper Name
Dinners and dining35General
DiNoto, Frank1Proper Name
DiPaola, Judy3Proper Name
Director of Classification and Compensation--CSEA (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Disaster Preparedness Month (September)1Event
Dishaw, Mark T.2Proper Name
Disorderly conduct1General
Disparity Committee5Proper Name
DiStefano, Henry44Proper Name
Distin, Ralph55Proper Name
Distinguished Alumni Award10General
Distinguished Service Award11Proper Name
Do, Hai10Proper Name
Dobbin, Annette1General
Dobris, Meyer1Proper Name
Doctor of Philosophy degree4General
Doh, Herman, 1924-2Proper Name
Dolan, Joseph2Proper Name
Dolan, Julia3Proper Name
Dollard, John1Proper Name
Dominick, DeWitt C.1Proper Name
Domkowski, Diane M.1General
Don't Walk Alone2Proper Name
Donato, Donald J.1Proper Name
Donegan, Eileen1Proper Name
Donelly, Tom5Proper Name
Donnelly, Bob1Proper Name
Donnelly, Tom1Proper Name
Donohue, Danny169Proper Name
Donoughe, Kathleen1Proper Name
Donovan, Clarissa1Proper Name
Donovan, James1Proper Name
Dooley, George1Proper Name
Doran, Kenneth T.24Proper Name
Dornbush, John1Proper Name
Dorsey, Herman1Proper Name
Dorsey, Robert1Proper Name
Doty, William H.1Proper Name
Dover Elementary School (NY)1Proper Name
Dowd, Michael1Proper Name
Downey, Debbie2Proper Name
Downey, Mary1Proper Name
Downhill skiing1General
Downtown Campus113Location
Downtown Community School2Location
Doyle, Marjorie Kelley2Proper Name
Doyle, Mary A.1Proper Name
Doyle, Paul6Proper Name
Doyno, Victor, 1937-1Proper Name
Drake, Doug2Proper Name
Dramatics and Arts1General
Draper, Andrew Sloan1Proper Name
Draus, Zofia1Proper Name
Drees, Carrie1Proper Name
Drescher, Nuala McGann302Proper Name
Dreschler, Nuala1Proper Name
Drew, Florence1Proper Name
Drew, Joseph34Proper Name
Dreyfuss, Richard1Proper Name
Drinking of alcoholic beverages4General
Dry, Ed1Proper Name
Dryden, Lee1Proper Name
Duarte, Fracisco1Proper Name
Duba, Betty1Proper Name
DuBois, Ethel1Proper Name
Duci , Frank J.1Proper Name
Duerschner, Helena2Proper Name
Duffey, Joseph D. (Joseph Daniel), 1932-1Proper Name
Duffy, Harold J.1Proper Name
Duffy, Karen Grover1Proper Name
Duffy, Michael1Proper Name
Dullea, Henrik N.1Proper Name
Dumbleton, Susanne Murphy1Proper Name
Dunham, Belle1Proper Name
Dunham, George H.1Proper Name
Dunlay, Martha1Proper Name
Dunn, Gerald1Proper Name
Dunn, Shirley Wiltse1Proper Name
Dunn, Stacey1Proper Name
Dunne, Richard2Proper Name
Dunnigan, John1Proper Name
Dunnigan, Joseph1Proper Name
Dunning, Elizabeth Falk1Proper Name
Dunseith, Jessie1Proper Name
Duprey, Dave1Proper Name
Durbin, Cindy1Proper Name
Duret, Marc F.1Proper Name
Durkerich, Robin1Proper Name
Durr, Emmett J.2Proper Name
Duryea, Edward1Proper Name
Dusen, Jim5Proper Name
Dussing, Jamie1Proper Name
Dutchess County (N.Y.)3Location
Dutton, Dorothy3Proper Name
Dweck, Abe1Proper Name
Dwight D. Eisenhower Library2Proper Name
Dwight, Francis, 1808-18451Proper Name
Dyer, Doris1Proper Name
Dyman, John1Proper Name
Dyson, John S.1Proper Name
Early Show, CBS2Proper Name
Earth Day8Event
Eason, Les7Proper Name
East Hampton (NY)2Location
East Syracuse (N.Y.)2Location
East Williston (NY)1Location
Eastern, Continental Airlines , Texas Air Corporation, etc.5General
Eastwood, Ann Bromely5Proper Name
Eato, Charles1Proper Name
Eaton, Darwin G.1Proper Name
Ebanks, Norman2Proper Name
Ebert, John1Proper Name
ECC2Proper Name
Eckert, Fred J., 1941-1Proper Name
Eckstein, Otto1Proper Name
Economic Development Project1General
Economics, Department of2General
Eddy, Lewis6Proper Name
Editorial cartoons26General
Edna Shafer MacAffer Award 1Proper Name
Education China1General
Education Curricula28General
Education Philosophy3General
Education, Primary11General
Education, School of8General
Education. New York (State)31General
Educational administration and organization1General
Educational Communications Center3General
Educational counseling1General
Educational Events1Event
Educational Opportunities Program3General
Educational Opportunity Program1General
Educational Support Staff1General
Edwards, Mary4Proper Name
Edwards, Mary Frances Cook4Proper Name
Edwards, Ronald1Proper Name
Egan, Mary Joan1Proper Name
Eggleston, Karen3Proper Name
Einhorn, Steve7Proper Name
Eisenberg, Jan C.2Proper Name
Eisler, Colin T.1Proper Name
Eister, Kathleen1Proper Name
El Nasser, Marwan M.1Proper Name
El Salvador6Location
Elder, Sarah1Proper Name
Eldred, Arvie1Proper Name
Eldridge, Ellen M.1Proper Name
Electronic apparatus and appliances4General
Elevating platforms1General
Elgart, Bob3Proper Name
Eliot, Gail1Proper Name
Elkins, Keith1Proper Name
Ell, Mark1Proper Name
Ely, Donald P.2Proper Name
Emborsky, Susan2Proper Name
Empire State College23Proper Name
Empire State Institute for the Performing Arts1Proper Name
Empire State Plaza (Albany, N.Y.)23Proper Name
Empire State Plaza, Albany (N.Y.)3Location
Employee Assistance Program15Proper Name
Employee Free Choice Act1Proper Name
Employee Health Care1General
Enders Road Elementary School (NY)1Proper Name
Endries, Anna Helen1Proper Name
Enea, Norma1Proper Name
Englander, Fannie3Proper Name
Engle, Jeanette2Proper Name
Engler, Beth2Proper Name
English for Speakers of Other Languages (NY)4Proper Name
English language1General
English, Department of6General
Entine, Alan1Proper Name
Epstein, Jac1Proper Name
Epstein, Lawrence J.1Proper Name
Erickson, Walter1Proper Name
Erie Canal5Location
Erie County (N.Y.)10Location
Erie County Medical Center (N.Y.)7Proper Name
Ermanovics, Al3Proper Name
Erskine, John1Proper Name
ESIPA7Proper Name
Essman, Elizabeth1Proper Name
Ether, Jack9Proper Name
Ether, John4Proper Name
Ethnic costume4General
Etling, George F.1Proper Name
Evan R. Collins2Proper Name
Evans, Dorothy1Proper Name
Evans, Janette1Proper Name
Evans, Lyle2Proper Name
Evans, Malcom1Proper Name
Eve, Arthur O.1Proper Name
Excellence in Service Award4General
Experimental School23General
Fabrizio, Joe1Proper Name
Face painting1General
Facial expression2General
Faculty Senate2Proper Name
Fagen, Michael1Proper Name
Fair Trade1General
Fairbank, Roswell E.1Proper Name
Fairbanks, Robert P.2Proper Name
Fairchild, Marietta1Proper Name
Fairclough, Cas1Proper Name
Fairhall, John1Proper Name
Falconer, Raymond3Proper Name
Falk, Loretta1Proper Name
Fallon, Betty1Proper Name
Fancett, Verna S. Snyder1Proper Name
Fantasia, Lisa3Proper Name
Fantasia, Penny2Proper Name
Farber, Glenn6Proper Name
Farley, Collin1Proper Name
Farley, Hugh T. 5Proper Name
Farley, John1Proper Name
Farmworker Fair Labor Practices Act (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Farrand, Anna A.1Proper Name
Farrell, Delores1Proper Name
Farrell, Mike2Proper Name
Fasano, Frank1Proper Name
Fashing, Joseph28Proper Name
Fashion Institute of Technology (New York, N.Y.)1Proper Name
Faso, John1Proper Name
Fassett, Diane2Proper Name
Fassett, Julia A. Genovesi1Proper Name
Father Starks1Proper Name
Faucher, Rene1Proper Name
Fauser, Barbara1Proper Name
Favat, Frank Andre1Proper Name
Fazio, Michele1Proper Name
Fearn, Isom1Proper Name
Feathers, Audrey Koch3Proper Name
Featherstonhaugh, James D.6Proper Name
Featherstonhaugh, Jim1Proper Name
Federal Emergency Management Agency3Proper Name
Feeney, Ernie1Proper Name
Feiden, James1Proper Name
Feigenbaum, Harold1Proper Name
Feily, Joseph F.3Proper Name
Feliciano, Fabian1Proper Name
Fella, John1Proper Name
Fencil, Thomas J.1Proper Name
Ferentz, Kevin Scott1Proper Name
Ferlise1Proper Name
Ferraro, Geraldine1Proper Name
Ferrer, Fernando4Proper Name
Fesko, Julia2Proper Name
Ficek, Ann Jamba1Proper Name
Ficek, Karel1Proper Name
Fidler, Aaron1Proper Name
Fidler, Gerry4Proper Name
Field hockey players18General
Field Representitives7General
Field, Lu1Proper Name
Fields, Emmett B.43Proper Name
Figueroa, Ed2Proper Name
Filburn, Eleanor1Proper Name
Filing cabinets1General
Film stills1General
Financial aid2General
Finch Pruyn Paper Mill (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Fine, Janice (Janice Ruth)2Proper Name
Fineman, William1Proper Name
Fineson, Bernard M.1Proper Name
Fink, Jerome1Proper Name
Fink, Stanley, 1936-7Proper Name
Finley, Elizabeth Strong3Proper Name
Finn, Bruce C. (Butch)1Proper Name
Fire Fighters1General
First aid2General
Firth, Gerald R.1Proper Name
Fischedick, Helen1Proper Name
Fischer, Brian2Proper Name
Fischer, Philip J.1Proper Name
Fiser, Webb1Proper Name
Fisher, Harold J.1Proper Name
Fisher, Irving1Proper Name
Fisher, Jack1Proper Name
Fisher, Janet Baxter1Proper Name
Fisher, Peggy1Proper Name
Fisheye lenses1General
Fisk, John C.1Proper Name
Fisk, Robert S.1Proper Name
Fitzgerald, Kathryn V. (Merchant)2Proper Name
Fitzmaurice, Grace1Proper Name
Fitzpatrick, Mary T. O’Donnell1Proper Name
Fiumano, Kathleen1Proper Name
Flag quilts1General
Flagpoles New York (State) Albany2General
Flags -- United States4General
Flaherty, Mike3Proper Name
Flake, Floyd2Proper Name
Flanagan, John1Proper Name
Flaumenbaum, Irving3Proper Name
Fleischer, Mike1Proper Name
Fleischer, Stefan1Proper Name
Fleischman, Irving Paul1Proper Name
Fleischner, Art2Proper Name
Fleming, Mildred1Proper Name
Flemming, Jon Richard (Rick)166Proper Name
Flemming, Michael1Proper Name
Flemming, Tom1Proper Name
Fling, Matilda1Proper Name
Flood, Lawrence G.4Proper Name
Floor cleaning machines1General
Floor plans2General
Florida State University 1Proper Name
Floss, Walter J.3Proper Name
Floyd, William G.5Proper Name
Flushing Meadows-Corona Park (New York, N.Y.) 1Location
Flyer, Campaign3General
Flyers, labor1General
Flynn, John E.4Proper Name
Flynn, Kevin1Proper Name
Flynn, Susanne1Proper Name
Foldy, John2Proper Name
Foley, Cornelius1Proper Name
Foley, Donald Mrs.1Proper Name
Foley, Janet1Proper Name
Foliage plants1General
Folk drama4General
Folk festivals -- New York (State)5General
Folk music - New York (State) - Catskill Mountains5General
Folklore -- New York (State)5General
Fonda, Jane, 1937-2Proper Name
Food service employees5General
Food storage2General
Football coaches7General
Football players114General
Foote, Eleanor1Proper Name
Forbes, Ronald W.1Proper Name
Forbidden City (Beijing, China)1Location
Ford, Bob1Proper Name
Ford, Harry1Proper Name
Ford, Jerry1Proper Name
Forest, Edna Hirn1Proper Name
Forests and forestry2General
Fork lift trucks1General
Formal gardens7General
Forman, Rebecca2Proper Name
Forrey, Carolyn1Proper Name
Forshey, George1Proper Name
Forsyth, William W.2General
Fort Ann (NY)2Location
Fort Niagara State Park (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Forte, Frank1Proper Name
Forte, Wendy1Proper Name
Forum of Politics1Proper Name
Fossieck, Janice D.1Proper Name
Fossieck, Theodore H.2Proper Name
Foster, Ian1Proper Name
Foster, Len2Proper Name
Foster, Lenore3Proper Name
Fotia, John1Proper Name
Foundation of Advocacy for Mental Health (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Fousek, Gary John1Proper Name
Fowle, Sean1Proper Name
Fox, Charles3Proper Name
Fox, Ellen1Proper Name
Fox, Ernest36Proper Name
Fox, Grace E. 1Proper Name
Fox, Kevin1Proper Name
Fox, Mary Pat1Proper Name
Frangos, George D.1Proper Name
Frank, Allan D., 1930-1Proper Name
Frank, Francine Harriet Wattman, 1931-4Proper Name
Franklin, Garnett1Proper Name
Fransson, Frances Kelly1Proper Name
Fraser, John1Proper Name
Fraser, Roderick D.1Proper Name
Frear, Florence Dodge1Proper Name
Fredericks, Robert2Proper Name
Fredricks, Edna1Proper Name
Freedman, Ira 1Proper Name
Freeman, Fran Hopkins1Proper Name
Freiberger, William1Proper Name
French, Mary4Proper Name
Frevert, Lorena M. Shaffer4Proper Name
Frevert, Warner1Proper Name
Friedlander, Leonard5Proper Name
Friedman, Elaine Drooz6Proper Name
Friedman, Ira5Proper Name
Friedman, Lori1Proper Name
Friends of SUNY1Proper Name
Frisbie, Marion1Proper Name
Frisch, H. L. (Harry Lloyd), 1928-3Proper Name
Frucher, Sandy3Proper Name
Frumkin Studio3Proper Name
Fryer, Joseph B.1Proper Name
Fucher, Sandy1Proper Name
Fuchs, Fred1Proper Name
Fuchs, Mark1Proper Name
Fulbright scholars1General
Fullagar, William A.1Proper Name
Fuller, Suzanne1Proper Name
Fultonville (N.Y.)1Location
Fund raising13General
Funiciello, John1Proper Name
Fuoco, Candace2Proper Name
Furniture drawings2General
Fusari, Rick1Proper Name
Fusco, Nick1Proper Name
Fussell, Paul, 1924-1Proper Name
Futterer, Agnes E.8Proper Name
Gaffga, Leonard1Proper Name
Gaffga, Ruth Hilkert, 1913-11Proper Name
Gaffney, Robert1Proper Name
Gaffney, Sue A.1Proper Name
Gage, Mabel1Proper Name
Gagnon, Samuel1Proper Name
Galarza, David45Proper Name
Galbraith, Jeanne L.44Proper Name
Gale, Dulcie1Proper Name
Gallagher, Buell G. (Buell Gordon), 1904-1Proper Name
Gallagher, Ferol Christian2Proper Name
Gallagher, John4Proper Name
Gallagher, Laura1Proper Name
Galleries (display places)3Location
Galvin, Helen1Proper Name
Galway, Cynthia1Proper Name
Gambino, Karen3Proper Name
Gamble, Brenda1Proper Name
Gannon, Diana2Proper Name
Gannon, Dick2Proper Name
Gantry Plaza State Park (N.Y.)1Location
Gara, Aidan F.1Proper Name
Garcia, Ed2Proper Name
Garcia, J. Ruben1Proper Name
Garcia, Joseph1Proper Name
Garcia, Rebecca1Proper Name
Gardiner, Martha1Proper Name
Gardner, Levack1Proper Name
Gardner, Randolph S.1Proper Name
Gardner, Ron1Proper Name
Garfield, Jessie1Proper Name
Garofalo, Tom1Proper Name
Garrett, Guy1Proper Name
Garrett, Will1Proper Name
Garrison, Kathy15Proper Name
Garroway, David1Proper Name
Garvey, Kay1Proper Name
Gatto, Kenneth A.1Proper Name
Gauquie, Marcia Lawrence1Proper Name
Gavitt, Donna1Proper Name
Gay, Ray1Proper Name
Gay, Stanley1Proper Name
Gaylord, Mark1Proper Name
Geerken, Diane Ciminelli22Proper Name
Geerken, Henry39Proper Name
Geerken, Katie4Proper Name
Geesler, Marie1Proper Name
Geider, Barbara1Proper Name
General Electric Company7Proper Name
General Studies, Department of2General
Genesee County (NY)3Location
Gentles, Edgar1Proper Name
Geography, Department of1General
George, Ida I.1Proper Name
George, Raglan1Proper Name
Georger, Dolores1Proper Name
Gephardt, Richard A. (Richard Andrew), 1941-3Proper Name
Gerdts, Leslie G.1Proper Name
Gerhardt, Art1Proper Name
Germer, Helen Hynes1Proper Name
Germond, Henry N.1Proper Name
Giaever, Ivar2Proper Name
Giaever, Ivar1Proper Name
Giambra, Bernadette1Proper Name
Giambra, Concetta1Proper Name
Gibbins, Pat2Proper Name
Gibney, Frances Keller2Proper Name
Gibson, Julia Bacile1Proper Name
Gibson, Marvin1Proper Name
Gibson, R. Oliver1Proper Name
Gibson, Robert H.4Proper Name
Gibson, Robert Oliver, 1914-1Proper Name
Gieryic, Mike1Proper Name
Giffone, John1Proper Name
Gifford, Mike1Proper Name
Gifford, Roger D.1Proper Name
Gilbough, Terri1Proper Name
Gilchrist, Eugene1Proper Name
Gilder, Frank1Proper Name
Gill, James3Proper Name
Gill, John2Proper Name
Gillet, Katherine Cole1Proper Name
Gillibrand, Kirsten10Proper Name
Gillies, Clark3Proper Name
Gilmore, Vanessa1Proper Name
Gingrich, Newt1Proper Name
Ginsburg, Herbert1Proper Name
Gioia, Lilly8Proper Name
Gipp, Elizabeth Eleanor Merritt1Proper Name
Giulianelli, Victor1Proper Name
Giuliani, Rudolph W.2Proper Name
Giustino, Anthony3Proper Name
Given, Portia2Proper Name
Glaser, Milton1Proper Name
Glaser, Tom3Proper Name
Glasheen, Richard J.2Proper Name
Glass painting and staining1General
Glass, Bentley1Proper Name
Glass, Ornamental1General
Gleason, Pete1Proper Name
Glen Cove (N.Y.)1Location
Glendale Home (N.Y.)3Proper Name
Glenn Bumpus Award1Proper Name
Glenn, J. A.19Proper Name
Glenn, R. H.5Proper Name
Glens Falls (N.Y.)2Location
Glogowski, Irena1Proper Name
Glomb, Isabel Davidge1Proper Name
Gobak, Tom1Proper Name
Godfrey, Aaron1Proper Name
Godfrey, Jennie C.1Proper Name
Goeckel, Bob1Proper Name
Goggin, Mary1Proper Name
Gohlman, William2Proper Name
Going, Tom1Proper Name
Gold, Emmanuel1Proper Name
Gold, Gary David24Proper Name
Goldberg, Arthur J.1Proper Name
Goldberg, Randy1Proper Name
Golden, Patricia1Proper Name
Goldman, Vicki Gottlich1Proper Name
Gonclaves, Rosa1Proper Name
Gonzales, Al1Proper Name
Goodfellow, Dorothy Watts1Proper Name
Goody, Harry3Proper Name
Goosby, Dorthy3Proper Name
Gordon, Chuck1Proper Name
Gordon, Esther1Proper Name
Gordon, June1Proper Name
Gordon, Michael1Proper Name
Gordon, Robin1Proper Name
Gordon, Stacie1Proper Name
Gore, Albert, 1948-2Proper Name
Gorman, Jane1Proper Name
Gorman, Tommy1Proper Name
Gorordo, Elsa2Proper Name
Gotbaum, Victor1Proper Name
Gould, Harold, 1923-5Proper Name
Gould, Jewell C.1Proper Name
Gould, Samuel B.1Proper Name
Govel, Deborah1Proper Name
Governor's Commission on Health Care Facilities in the 21st Century (N.Y.)4Proper Name
Governor's Office of Employee Relations 3Proper Name
Governors (Minn.)1General
Governors (TX.)3General
Governors, (N.Y.)130General
Gowanda Correctional Facility (N.Y.)2Proper Name
Gowanda Psychiatric Center (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Graber, Vincent J.2Proper Name
Grace, David1Proper Name
Graduate teaching assistants 1General
Graham, John1Proper Name
Graham, Lannie M.1Proper Name
Graham, Mildred2Proper Name
Grahn, Mary2Proper Name
Gramer, Jeanne1Proper Name
Grand Central Station (N.Y.)1Location
Grand Island (N.Y.)1Location
Grande, Nicholas J.1Proper Name
Grandparent and child1General
Granger, Marie Rogers1Proper Name
Granger, Robert4Proper Name
Graninger, Dorothy1Proper Name
Graninger, Dorothy E.1Proper Name
Grant, Melanie1Proper Name
Grauer, Ben1Proper Name
Graves, Lizzie1Proper Name
Gray Panthers1Proper Name
Gray, Lois S. (Lois Spier), 1923-1Proper Name
Graziano, Carmen1Proper Name
Great Dane2General
Great Valley Residential Center (N.Y.)2Proper Name
Great Wall of China (China)1Location
Greco, Stephen5Proper Name
Green, Carroll L.1Proper Name
Green, Cathy1Proper Name
Green, Dolores1Proper Name
Green, George H.1Proper Name
Green, John A.2Proper Name
Green, Kimberly1Proper Name
Green, Lindsey1Proper Name
Green, Matie1Proper Name
Green, Randy1Proper Name
Greenberg, Sol4Proper Name
Greene, Mabel1Proper Name
Greenfeld, Norman1Proper Name
Greenfield, Joseph1Proper Name
Greenleaf, Carol1Proper Name
Greenman, Mary1Proper Name
Greenough, Jim1Proper Name
Greenport (N.Y.)1Location
Greenspan, Louis1Proper Name
Greiner, George1Proper Name
Griffin, Amelia2Proper Name
Griffin, Barbara2Proper Name
Griffin, Dorothy G.2Proper Name
Griffin, Francis3Proper Name
Griffin, Holly Sauter1Proper Name
Griffin, Milladge2Proper Name
Griffin, Orin D.1Proper Name
Gripper, James2Proper Name
Griswold, Franz1Proper Name
Grodon, Janet R.1Proper Name
Groen, Hank1Proper Name
Grogan, Harold J.1Proper Name
Gromack, Alex1Proper Name
Grooms Tavern (Clifton Park, N.Y.)3Proper Name
Gross, Daryl1Proper Name
Grossbeck, John1Proper Name
Grossman, Rita1Proper Name
Ground Zero--New York City6Location
Grounds -- Landscaping7Location
Group Fair2Event
Group portraits123General
Gruskin, Stuart1Proper Name
Grygas, Daniel1Proper Name
Guariglia, Katrina2Proper Name
Guarino, Eugene6Proper Name
Guescini, Carmella1Proper Name
Guest, David1Proper Name
Guglielmone, Tito W.1Proper Name
Guidaitis, Sarah7Proper Name
Guild, Robert3Proper Name
Guilderland Public Library (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Guinness Book of Records5Proper Name
Guinness Day5Event
Gumaer, Harry1Proper Name
Gunn, Louise Davidson1Proper Name
Gusberti, Bob1Proper Name
Gutenkauf, Dorothy4Proper Name
Gutheinz, Dorothy1Proper Name
Gutman, Beth1Proper Name
Gutman, Herbert George, 1928-1Proper Name
Gutman, Marta1Proper Name
Guy, Roy1Proper Name
Guzman, Norma de1Proper Name
Guzzo, Steve1Proper Name
Gwynn, Willie1Proper Name
Gypson, Kevin1Proper Name
Haas, Henry2Proper Name
Habenstreit, Barbara1Proper Name
Habenstreit, Barbara1Proper Name
Haber, F. Berry1Proper Name
Habitat for Humanity1Proper Name
Hagaman, Genevieve1Proper Name
Hagenbuch, Jay1Proper Name
Hager, Kolin1Proper Name
Hague Studio12Proper Name
Hague, Jean Pulver2Proper Name
Hahn, Jeanne1Proper Name
Hain, John2Proper Name
Haire, Tim2Proper Name
Hakman, Nathan1Proper Name
Hale, Dave1Proper Name
Hale, David1Proper Name
Halek, Mark2Proper Name
Half Century Club2General
Hall, Edith M.2Proper Name
Hall, John1Proper Name
Hall, Kermit6Proper Name
Haller, William C.1Proper Name
Halstead, Ordella D.1Proper Name
Hamblin, Junius1Proper Name
Hamilton, Lyvette 2Proper Name
Hamilton, Mary1Proper Name
Hamilton, Thomas1Proper Name
Hammack, Julia1Proper Name
Hammer, Mark1Proper Name
Hammes, Esther2Proper Name
Hammond, Dave1Proper Name
Hammond, Regis2Proper Name
Hammond, S. H. (Samuel H.), 1809-18784Proper Name
Hance, Elizabeth 1Proper Name
Hand weaving1General
Hanna, Deb3Proper Name
Hanna, Edward1Proper Name
Hanscom, Marion1Proper Name
Hansen, Charles66Proper Name
Hansen, Jane D. Southwick1General
Hanson, Harold C.8Proper Name
Hanson, Marion Jones1Proper Name
HAP (Human Awareness Potential) Day1Event
Harding, Nicholas2Proper Name
Hargis, Richie1Proper Name
Harlem (N.Y.)2Location
Harlem Hospital (N.Y.)2Proper Name
Harmon, Mary1Proper Name
Harness racing3General
Harod, Lew1Proper Name
Harold Toles Creative Photography1Proper Name
Harphan, S. (Mrs. C. L.)1Proper Name
Harrell, Doelle1Proper Name
Harrell, Rex1Proper Name
Harrigan, Sheila M.1Proper Name
Harriman, W. Averell, 1891-19861Proper Name
Harrington, Kate B.1Proper Name
Harrington, Kay VanEpps1Proper Name
Harrison (N.Y.)1Location
Harrison, David5Proper Name
Harrison, Wallace K. (Wallace Kirkman), 1895-11Proper Name
Hart, Nancy1Proper Name
Hartigan, Frances Gaynor1General
Hartley, David2Proper Name
Hartley, John1Proper Name
Hartman, Evelyn89Proper Name
Hartman, Jean McAllister2Proper Name
Hartman, Sally1Proper Name
Hartman, Vladimir1Proper Name
Hartnett, James2Proper Name
Hartnett, Thomas F.2Proper Name
Harvard University2Proper Name
Harvard University. Graduate School of Education1Proper Name
Harvey, Mary E.1Proper Name
Harvey, Roy3Proper Name
Harvey, Tanya Ann2Proper Name
Haseltine, Robert W.2Proper Name
Haser, Kenneth J.1General
Hastings Murphy, Alice1Proper Name
Hastings, Harry W. (Harry Worthington)1Proper Name
Hastings, Louise1Proper Name
Hastings, Luther M.1Proper Name
Hatcher, Cindy1Proper Name
Hatcher, Connie1Proper Name
Hatfield, G. Elliott1Proper Name
Hatfield, Mark O., 1922-2Proper Name
Hathaway, George1Proper Name
Hathaway, Merlin W.1Proper Name
Hathorn, Maurice3Proper Name
Hauser, Ron1Proper Name
Hawkins, David1Proper Name
Hawkins, Marion1Proper Name
Hawley, Gideon, 1785-18701Proper Name
Hawley, Gideon, 1785-18708Proper Name
Hawley, W. M.1General
Haws, Charlie1Proper Name
Haws, Deborah1Proper Name
Hawthorne, Maurice1Proper Name
Hayes, Carla1Proper Name
Hayes, Sally A.2Proper Name
Haynes, Clevelen1Proper Name
Hays, Margaret L.1Proper Name
Head, Brian1Proper Name
Head, Marilyn1Proper Name
Health Benefits Act1Proper Name
Health, Phys. Education and Recreation, Dept. of6Proper Name
Heaney, Karen1Proper Name
Heaphey, James J., 1930-1Proper Name
Heason, Stanley J.2Proper Name
Heater, Sally2Proper Name
Hebeler, Allan1Proper Name
Hechinger, Fred M.1Proper Name
Heffler, Joan1Proper Name
Hehn, Paul N.2Proper Name
Heiden, Eric1Proper Name
Heidt, Pat1Proper Name
Heikoff, Helen G.1Proper Name
Heilpern, Elizabeth1Proper Name
Heisler, Marguerite1Proper Name
Heisley, David1Proper Name
Helderberg Mountains (N.Y.)1General
Helfert, Marie H.1Proper Name
Hellerman, Mike1Proper Name
Helmer, William F.1Proper Name
Helwig, Pat1Proper Name
Hempstead (N.Y.)1Location
Hempstead City Council (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Hempstead Public Library (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Hemstock, Ernest1Proper Name
Hemstreet, Marion2Proper Name
Henderson, Daryl1Proper Name
Hendrlicks, Laura M.1Proper Name
Henry Verby Photography2Proper Name
Henschel, Marc A.1Proper Name
Henshaw, Helen1Proper Name
Hepp, David1Proper Name
Herald Journal (Syracuse, N.Y.)1Proper Name
Herb, Barry A.1Proper Name
Herbst, Joe1Proper Name
Herkimer County (N.Y.)2Location
Hernick, Joanne1Proper Name
Herod, Llewellyn 2Proper Name
Heron, Alva1Proper Name
Hertz, Alan B.2Proper Name
Hess, Fred C.1Proper Name
Hession, John1Proper Name
Hesson, Ralph1Proper Name
Hevesi, Alan8Proper Name
Hewig2Proper Name
Hewitt, Diane10Proper Name
Hewitt, John1Proper Name
Hickey, Ronnie1Proper Name
Hicks, Cheryl6Proper Name
Highbridge Preschool, Manlius New York1Proper Name
Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC)2Proper Name
Highlands (N.Y.)1Location
Hill, Emma J.1Proper Name
Hill, Roz3Proper Name
Hill, Theodore1Proper Name
Hillebrand, Robert1Proper Name
Hillier, Pete1Proper Name
Hillis, Irene1Proper Name
Hills, Florence Lansing1Proper Name
Hillyard, Pat1Proper Name
Hilton, Florence Linindoll2Proper Name
Hinds, Lois Hafley4Proper Name
Hines, Brenda1Proper Name
Hinkle, Terrance1Proper Name
Hirsch, Ira J.1Proper Name
Hischoffer, Linda1Proper Name
Hispanic And Italian Studies, Department of1General
Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15)1Event
History, Department of5General
Hjardemaal, Sam1Proper Name
Hoag, Barbara2Proper Name
Hoag, Cindy1Proper Name
Hoag, Jonathon, Jr.1Proper Name
Hoagland, Belle1Proper Name
Hoalcraft, Laurie1Proper Name
Hobaica, Leo1Proper Name
Hobart, Thomas Y.40Proper Name
Hobbie, Helen E.2Proper Name
Hobbs, Ada E.1Proper Name
Hoblock, Michael J.2Proper Name
Hoch, Paul H.2Proper Name
Hodes, Nancy4Proper Name
Hodges, Angelina1Proper Name
Hodgson, Neil2Proper Name
Hoefer, Dan1Proper Name
Hoffman, Esther Siegel1Proper Name
Hoffman, Mark2Proper Name
Hoffman, Nancy1Proper Name
Hoffman–Laroche Prize1Proper Name
Hogan, Patrick2Proper Name
Hogg, Michael1Proper Name
Holland, Joseph1Proper Name
Holland, Zachary1Proper Name
Hollie, George2Proper Name
Hollis, Donna1Proper Name
Holloway, Tony1Proper Name
Holmes, Harold W.1Proper Name
Holmes, Leroy1Proper Name
Holmes, Leslie1Proper Name
Holstein, William K.4Proper Name
Holt, John1Proper Name
Holt, Kate1Proper Name
Holway, Elma Bouton1Proper Name
Holway, James Gary1Proper Name
Honer, Robert B.1Proper Name
Honeywell, Roy J.1Proper Name
Honorary degrees1General
Hoover, Ed1Proper Name
Hopkins, Bill1Proper Name
Hopkins, Dawn2Proper Name
Hopkins, Ned5Proper Name
Hopkins, Vivian C.1Proper Name
Hopper, Bobbie1Proper Name
Hopper, Lillian2Proper Name
Hornig, Ellen1Proper Name
Horowitz, Helen G.1Proper Name
Horst, G. Roy1Proper Name
Horton2Proper Name
Horton, Edward B.1Proper Name
Horvath, Alexander2Proper Name
Horwitz, Bertrand, 1927-3Proper Name
Hoskin, Gary1Proper Name
Hoskins, Leila1Proper Name
Hotaling, Kay6Proper Name
Hotelling, Gail1Proper Name
Hotz, Bob1Proper Name
Housh, Claire1Proper Name
Hovak, Mary Ann B.2Proper Name
Hovorka, Chuck1Proper Name
Howard, Carl147Proper Name
Howard, Carolyn H.3Proper Name
Howdy Doody show (Television program)1Proper Name
Howe, C. A.3Proper Name
Howe, S. G. (Samuel Gridley), 1801-1876.2Proper Name
Howland, Mrs. Lyle J.1Proper Name
Hoxha, Enkelejd1Proper Name
Hoy, Ray57Proper Name
Hoyt, Sam4Proper Name
Hren, Ronald S.1Proper Name
Hritz, Elaine Barber2Proper Name
Hrycak, Marian3Proper Name
HSC Photography Service1Proper Name
Hudson (N.Y.)1Location
Hudson River (N.Y. and N.J.) 5Proper Name
Hudson River State Hospital (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Hudson Valley Community College1Proper Name
Hudson, Adriane1Proper Name
Hudson, Judith3Proper Name
Hughes, Denis M.9Proper Name
Hughes, Harold E. (Harold Everett), 1922-5Proper Name
Hughes, Helen2Proper Name
Hughes, Lori1Proper Name
Hugue, Anita1Proper Name
Hulburt, Linda1Proper Name
Hull, Andres1Proper Name
Humanities and Fine Arts, College of2Proper Name
Hume, Anthony2Proper Name
Hummel, Barbara A.3General
Hundredmark, Bert1Proper Name
Hunt, Charles W.1Proper Name
Hunt, John41Proper Name
Hunt, Washington, 1811-18671Proper Name
Hunter, Charles1Proper Name
Hunter, John2Proper Name
Hunter, Juanita2Proper Name
Hunter, Mary Jane2Proper Name
Hunter, Michelle2Proper Name
Hurd, Francis1Proper Name
Hurley, Steve1Proper Name
Hurricane Katrina3Event
Hurricane Rita1Event
Hussain, Mohammed1Proper Name
Hussey, Ed1Proper Name
Husted Fellowship3Proper Name
Husted, Albert N.1Proper Name
Hutchings, David W.6Proper Name
Hutchins, Elizabeth1Proper Name
Hutchinson, Dick4Proper Name
Hutchinson, Joyce1Proper Name
Hutchison, Chris1Proper Name
Hvizdak, Erin3Proper Name
Hyde Park (N.Y.)1Location
Hyde, Aurelia1Proper Name
Hyde, Mary F. (Mary Frances)1Proper Name
Hynes, Les1Proper Name
Ian, Irene1Proper Name
Iannuzzi, Richard2Proper Name
Ianson, Nancy1Proper Name
Ibert, Irene1Proper Name
Ice cream, ices, etc.1General
Ice Hockey1General
Ice storms2General
Ilchman, Warren Frederick4Proper Name
Images Unlimited3Proper Name
Impagliazzo, Richard8Proper Name
Imrie, Margaret B.1Proper Name
Inco, Mike1Proper Name
Income tax--Federal1General
Income tax--State (N.Y.)2General
Independent Childcare Providers7General
Indians of North America5General
Infante, Rolando1Proper Name
Information And Library Science, School of5General
Information Institute of Syracuse1Proper Name
Ingalls, Stephanie1Proper Name
Ingoldsby, Jay1Proper Name
Ingoldsby, Lauren1Proper Name
Innovative and Developmental Ed., Department of1Proper Name
Inside Albany1Proper Name
Institute of Fine Arts (New York, N.Y.)1Proper Name
Instructional Resources Center1Proper Name
Integrated circuits1General
Inter--American Studies, Department of1General
Inter--Group Council 1Proper Name
Interior Architecture1General
Interior views27General
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers1Proper Name
International Brotherhood of Teamsters1Proper Name
International programs3Proper Name
International Student Association2Proper Name
Internship programs3General
Interstate 87 (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Intramural sports -- Basketball3General
Intramural sports -- Softball1General
Introductory Coffee Hour1Event
Inventasch, Harvey127Proper Name
Ionesco, Eugene3Proper Name
Irvington (NY)1Location
Irvis, K. Leroy, 1919-2Proper Name
Isca, Victor1Proper Name
Isdell, Ida M.1Proper Name
Iselin, Alan V.11Proper Name
Israeli students in the United States1General
Ithaca (N.Y.)2Location
Ithaca College4Proper Name
Ives, Wellington1Proper Name
Izzo, Tony1Proper Name
Jablanski, Mike1Proper Name
Jaccard, Tim1Proper Name
Jackson, Benjamin A.3Proper Name
Jackson, Jesse, 1941-2Proper Name
Jackson, John1Proper Name
Jackson, Linda1Proper Name
Jackson, Marilyn1Proper Name
Jackson, Martin1Proper Name
Jackson, Renee2Proper Name
Jackson, Virginia1Proper Name
Jacobs, Doreen1Proper Name
Jacobs, Judi B.1Proper Name
Jaked, Henry1Proper Name
James Warden Award1Proper Name
James, Reuben1Proper Name
James, Stephen1Proper Name
James, Steven L.1Proper Name
Jamison, Benton N.1Proper Name
Jansen, Esther A.5Proper Name
Janun, Esther1Proper Name
Jaroka, Betty1Proper Name
Jarvis, Emma E.1Proper Name
Jauczyk, Hank1Proper Name
Javits, Jacob K. (Jacob Koppel), 1904-19867Proper Name
Jaycox, Lizzie2Proper Name
Jayes, Jim1Proper Name
Jazvinski, Karen1Proper Name
Jeffers, Verne1Proper Name
Jenkins, Andrew1Proper Name
Jenkins, Charles2Proper Name
Jennetti1Proper Name
Jenning, Gould J.1Proper Name
Jennings, Alan2Proper Name
Jennings, Dashamali2Proper Name
Jennings, Gerald D., 1948-4Proper Name
Jennings, John W.4Proper Name
Jensen, Erik1Proper Name
Jerue, Ralph L., Jr.1Proper Name
Jessup, Dorothy3Proper Name
Jewell, Frederick S.1Proper Name
Jewish authors2General
Jiangyin Bridge 1Location
John J. Kelly Scholarship Fund6Proper Name
John, Komilla1Proper Name
Johns Hopkins University1Proper Name
Johnson, Adrian1Proper Name
Johnson, Anastasia1Proper Name
Johnson, Berenda1Proper Name
Johnson, Debra1Proper Name
Johnson, Diane1Proper Name
Johnson, Isabelle1Proper Name
Johnson, Ken1Proper Name
Johnson, Lois Brautigan2Proper Name
Johnson, Neal J.3Proper Name
Johnson, Pat2Proper Name
Johnson, Phil4Proper Name
Johnson, Robert1Proper Name
Johnson, Roger2Proper Name
Johnson, Shirley1Proper Name
Joiner, Arthur F.1Proper Name
Jones, Barbara1Proper Name
Jones, Carol1Proper Name
Jones, Clara S.1Proper Name
Jones, David3Proper Name
Jones, Elsie W.1Proper Name
Jones, Gary6Proper Name
Jones, Jennifer1Proper Name
Jones, Louis C.3Proper Name
Jones, Mark3Proper Name
Jones, Ruth E.1Proper Name
Jones, Wayne2Proper Name
Jones, William1Proper Name
Jordan, Bill1Proper Name
Jordan, Karen1Proper Name
Jordan, Rick1Proper Name
Jordan, Tom1Proper Name
Joseph E. Zaloga American Legion Post (N.Y.)6Proper Name
Joseph, Judy2Proper Name
Jubic, Lori2Proper Name
Judd, Frederick1Proper Name
Julius, Kevin2Proper Name
Junior Psychiatric Intern Program (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Kachuck, Beatrice1Proper Name
Kahalas, Harvey5Proper Name
Kam, Mike1Proper Name
Kamp, Armand2Proper Name
Kane, Elizabeth1Proper Name
Kane, Peter4Proper Name
Kane, Roger1Proper Name
Kaplan, Naomi1Proper Name
Kaplan, Tina12Proper Name
Kaplow, Susie1Proper Name
Kapner, Arthur1Proper Name
Karasik, Ellen J.1General
Karl, Harold1Proper Name
Karoma, Sam2Proper Name
Karowe, Marjorie E.1Proper Name
Karsh, Yousuf, 1908-8Proper Name
Kartluke, Amelia1Proper Name
Kaspi, Osi1Proper Name
Kass, David1Proper Name
Kass, Stacy H.1Proper Name
Kassman, Mary1Proper Name
Katz, Harry1Proper Name
Katz, William A., 1924-2Proper Name
Kaufman, Bruce S.1Proper Name
Kaufman, Jo Ann1Proper Name
Kautz, Rita1Proper Name
Kearney, Elizabeth1Proper Name
Kearse, John1Proper Name
Keck, unidentified1Proper Name
Keeley, Pamela2Proper Name
Keenan, James1Proper Name
Keese, Charles1Proper Name
Kellas, Eliza1Proper Name
Keller, David2Proper Name
Keller, Janice Friedman19Proper Name
Kelley, Frances K.1Proper Name
Kellogg, Joan2Proper Name
Kelly, Anna R.1Proper Name
Kelly, Daniel J.2Proper Name
Kelly, Don1Proper Name
Kelly, Doris1Proper Name
Kelly, J. Earl1Proper Name
Kelly, James3Proper Name
Kelly, James F.1Proper Name
Kelly, John J. Jr.7Proper Name
Kelly, John J. Jr.4Proper Name
Kelly, Lloyd L.2Proper Name
Kelly, M. A. B. (Meriba Ada Babcock)1Proper Name
Kelly, Michael2Proper Name
Kelly, Mildred1Proper Name
Kelly, Mrs. Lloyd1Proper Name
Kelly, Nanette3Proper Name
Kelly, Paul2Proper Name
Kelly, Thomas G.11Proper Name
Kelly, Vicki2Proper Name
Kelly-Mayo, Maureen2Proper Name
Kelsey, Jean1Proper Name
Kelso, Jeanne1Proper Name
Kemesies, Anna1Proper Name
Kemmerling, Robert3Proper Name
Kenneally, Dan1Proper Name
Kennedy, Edward Moore, 1932-3Proper Name
Kennedy, Francis McMahon1Proper Name
Kennedy, Joan Bennett, 1936-1Proper Name
Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-19631Proper Name
Kennedy, John F. Jr. (John Fitzgerald), 1960-19999Proper Name
Kennedy-Lawford, Patricia, 1924-20061Proper Name
Kenny, Charlotte1Proper Name
Kenny, Terrance1Proper Name
Kensico Dam (N.Y.)1Location
Keogh, Jim1Proper Name
Keough, Brian5Proper Name
Kerman, Judith1Proper Name
Kerry, John 1943-1Proper Name
Kershaw, Leonard3Proper Name
Kesatuan Guru-Guru Sarawak1Proper Name
Kessler, Zelda1Proper Name
Keyboard instruments3General
Keyes, Emerson W. (Emerson Willard), 1828-18971Proper Name
Khokhlov, R.V.2Proper Name
Kidder, Amy J.1Proper Name
Kidder, Rolland E.3Proper Name
Kielt, Paul1Proper Name
Kilts, Alice1Proper Name
Kimberly, Michael14Proper Name
King, Bernard1Proper Name
King, Dorothy A.1Proper Name
King, Ed1Proper Name
King, Louis1Proper Name
King, Martin Luther Jr., 1929-1968 4Proper Name
King, Paul1Proper Name
King, Peter T.1Proper Name
Kings Park Psychiatric Center (N.Y.)2Proper Name
Kings, queens, rulers, etc.7General
Kinney, Thomas J.4Proper Name
Kirchmayer, Karen C.1Proper Name
Kirkland, Lane1Proper Name
Kirsch, Kenny3Proper Name
Klamm, John1Proper Name
Kleinberg, Patrice2Proper Name
Kleine, Herman2Proper Name
Kleniewski, Nancy1Proper Name
Klossner, Arnold1Proper Name
Klotz, R. L.1Proper Name
Klump, Ron1Proper Name
Knapp, Alice V.1Proper Name
Knapp, Frone Whitney5Proper Name
Knapp, George1Proper Name
Knauer, Bruce1Proper Name
Knickerbocker News1General
Kniskern, Paul D.2Proper Name
Knover, Bruce1Proper Name
Knox, Leslie J.1Proper Name
Knox, Virginia F. Furey1Proper Name
Knudsen, Doris10Proper Name
Koblenz, Abba 1Proper Name
Koch, Ed, 1924-1Proper Name
Koch, Tim1Proper Name
Kodzu, Senazburo2Proper Name
Kolln, Werner1Proper Name
Kolynich, Eileen20Proper Name
Komisar, Jerome B. (Jerome Bertram)14Proper Name
Komoroske, Patricia A.1Proper Name
Kopf, Kathleen E.2Proper Name
Koszewski, Henry A.1Proper Name
Kotzin, Mark M.93Proper Name
Koubek, Edward 1Proper Name
Kowalczyk, Teddie1Proper Name
Kowalszyk, Teddie1Proper Name
Kozak, Matt1Proper Name
Kozyra, Joe1Proper Name
Krag, Ernest3Proper Name
Kralovic, Jon1Proper Name
Kramicki, Elsbieta1Proper Name
Kranker, Abraham1Proper Name
Krausse, Agnes Boomsma1Proper Name
Krawesyk, Maria1Proper Name
Kreavy, Jeanne2Proper Name
Kreavy, Ron4Proper Name
Kreh, David36Proper Name
Kremm, J. J.1Proper Name
Kreutz, Dave1Proper Name
Kristofferson, Kris1Proper Name
Krivo, Frank G.2Proper Name
Krivyanik, William1Proper Name
Krizka, Helen4Proper Name
Kroft, Stella1Proper Name
Kroll, Charles R.1Proper Name
Krom, Freida1Proper Name
Kroman, David1Proper Name
Krouner, Leonard16Proper Name
Krupsak, Mary Anne2Proper Name
Kruse, Christopher1Proper Name
Krzemien, Laura1Proper Name
Kuchler, Alfred1Proper Name
Kuehn, Linda1Proper Name
Kuhl, John R.1Proper Name
Kunkel, Jaqueline1Proper Name
Kunstler, William Moses, 1919-1Proper Name
Kunz, Grace Yorkey1Proper Name
Kurach, Ronald J.2Proper Name
Kurilecz, Margaret F.1Proper Name
Kuritz, Hyman2Proper Name
Kuritz, Marion2Proper Name
Kurstz, Hyman1Proper Name
Kurtz, John1Proper Name
Kuuisisto, Allan A.4Proper Name
Kuusisto, Allan A.3Proper Name
Labor Day42Event
Labor negotiations17General
Labor union meetings1504Event
Labor union members4647General
Labor unions5077General
Labor-management committees139General
Labriel, John1Proper Name
Lacrosse players1General
Lacy, Tom2Proper Name
Ladd, Anna1Proper Name
Ladlee, Jessica22Proper Name
Ladman, Cathy1Proper Name
LaFalce, John3Proper Name
Laing, John B. Jr.2Proper Name
Lake George (N.Y.)1Location
Lake House1Location
Lake Placid (N.Y.)15Location
Lake Placid Club1Proper Name
Lake Shore Central School (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Lakish, John1Proper Name
Lalique, René, 1860-19454Proper Name
Lamb, Stuart1Proper Name
Lambert, Fred11Proper Name
Lambert, Mike1Proper Name
Lamendola, Joe1Proper Name
LaMorte, Charles2Proper Name
LaMorte, Nicholas19Proper Name
LaMoy, Ken1Proper Name
Lampert, Michael A.4Proper Name
Lampman, Nathalie E.2Proper Name
Lanahan, Gary1Proper Name
Landa, Irving A.1Proper Name
Landau, Victor1Proper Name
Landesman, Marty1Proper Name
Landry, Bebe1Proper Name
Landry, Stuart O. (Stuart Omer), 1924-2Proper Name
Landsmen, Carla B.7Proper Name
Lang, Michelle2Proper Name
Langer, Marty2Proper Name
Langert, Rachel41Proper Name
Langley, Walter B.1Proper Name
Langmuir, Irving, 1881-19572Proper Name
Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Department of1Proper Name
Lanigan, Charles T.1Proper Name
Lannon, John1Proper Name
Lansing, G. Y.13Proper Name
Lansky, Dan1Proper Name
Lapoint, Tom3Proper Name
Lapotin, Armand1Proper Name
Larkin, William, Jr.2Proper Name
Larson, Shawn1Proper Name
Las Vegas (N.V.)2Location
Lasher, Dorothy1Proper Name
Lasky, Daniel3Proper Name
Lasky, Patricia1Proper Name
Lattimer, George1Proper Name
Lattimer, Robert5Proper Name
Lattimore, Paul W.1Proper Name
Laufer, Clarence1Proper Name
Launsback, E. (Mrs. Percy S.)1Proper Name
Lauter, Paul39Proper Name
LaValle, Kenneth P., 1939-7Proper Name
Lavin, Paul2Proper Name
Lavine, Abe1Proper Name
Lavine, Charles1Proper Name
Lawler, James M., 1940-3Proper Name
Lawrence, D. W.1Proper Name
Lawson, George4Proper Name
Lawson, Laura1Proper Name
Layne, Phillip1Proper Name
Lazarony, Joseph1Proper Name
Leader, Frank1Proper Name
League of Women Voters New York State Chapter1Proper Name
League of Women Voters of Albany County3General
LeBeau, Josephine4Proper Name
Leckerling, Rich1Proper Name
Lecture Halls2General
Leddy, John5Proper Name
Lee, Debbie1Proper Name
Lee, Harry1Proper Name
Lee, Hazel1Proper Name
Lee, John2Proper Name
Lee, Ruth Grubel3Proper Name
Lee, Tae Moon 12Proper Name
Leech, Clifford1Proper Name
Leed, Odell1Proper Name
Leese, Holly1Proper Name
Leese, Joseph1Proper Name
Leese, Mrs. Joseph1Proper Name
Leet, Edith Hardy2Proper Name
Lefkowitz, Jerry1Proper Name
Lefkowitz, Louis J.5Proper Name
Legislative document (New York State). Legislature35General
Legislative hearings18Event
Lehr, Stanley1Proper Name
Leibowitz, Larry1Proper Name
Leicht, Bettina1Proper Name
Lemon, Paul C.2Proper Name
Lennartz, Bob1Proper Name
Leonard, Bill1Proper Name
Leonard, Charles1Proper Name
Leonard, Mary2Proper Name
Leone, Thomas1Proper Name
Lercher, Bruce1Proper Name
Lerner, Max2Proper Name
Leroy, Lee1Proper Name
Lesh, Keith1Proper Name
Lester, Linda1Proper Name
Lester, Roy1Proper Name
Letchworth Village (N.Y.)1Location
Lettera, Michael1Proper Name
Leukemia Society of America1Proper Name
Leung, Michael1Proper Name
Levine, E. Lester4Proper Name
Levitt, Arthur, 1931-2Proper Name
Levy, David A.1Proper Name
Levy, Jacalyn T.1Proper Name
Lewis, Agnes1Proper Name
Lewis, Alvina Rich5Proper Name
Lewis, Frida L. Lundell1Proper Name
Lewis, Georgine1Proper Name
Lewis, Nahum 2Proper Name
Libous, Tom1Proper Name
Libraries and puppets1General
Lichak, Steve1Proper Name
Lieberman, Leon1Proper Name
Liebermann, Elizabeth1Proper Name
Lieutenant governors4General
Lievestro, Christiaan T.1Proper Name
Lifespire Inc. (N.Y.)2Proper Name
Light fixtures 1950-197015General
Lightburn, Bob1Proper Name
Lilian, Michael1Proper Name
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-18651Proper Name
Lincoln, Douglas5Proper Name
Linden, Thomas1Proper Name
Lindon, Tom1Proper Name
Lindsley, Lisbeth1Proper Name
Lindsley, Lizzie1Proper Name
Linford, John1Proper Name
Link, Beulah M.9General
Link, Eugene P., 1907-38Proper Name
Linnane, Bernie1Proper Name
Lions, Sandy1Proper Name
Lipes, Caroline E.1Proper Name
Lipphardt, Donald1Proper Name
Lipphardt, Margaret Vonada1Proper Name
Lippman, Milt2Proper Name
Lis, Jane1Proper Name
Lisco, Bob1Proper Name
Lister, William1Proper Name
Litter (Trash)5General
Little, Craig1Proper Name
Little, D. H.1Proper Name
Littlefield, Alyce Wainwright1Proper Name
Livingston, Carol1Proper Name
Livingston, Samuel J.21Proper Name
Livingstone, David1Proper Name
Livingstone, Fay1Proper Name
Loach, Ken1Proper Name
Lochner, Joseph D. 3Proper Name
Locker, Les1Proper Name
Lockhart, James L.1Proper Name
Lockhart, Ruby5Proper Name
Lockport (N.Y.)1Location
Loevenguth, Susan1Proper Name
Lolick, Mary1Proper Name
Lombardi, Diane1Proper Name
Lombardi, Tarky8Proper Name
Long Island (N.Y.)6Location
Long Island Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (N.Y)1Proper Name
Long, Edward L.8Proper Name
Longo, Christine1Proper Name
Longo, Joy5Proper Name
Lonsdale, Richard C.1Proper Name
Loop, Brian1Proper Name
Looper, Victor2Proper Name
Lorenc, Bob1Proper Name
Lorio, Libby 1Proper Name
Los Angeles (Calif.)16Location
Loucks, Robert2Proper Name
Lovejoy, Robert12Proper Name
Loveless, Helen1Proper Name
Loving cups12General
Low, Carol1Proper Name
Lowell, Lillian3Proper Name
Lowery, Joseph1Proper Name
Lowey, Nita5Proper Name
Lowry, Priscilla1Proper Name
Loyche, Bonnie1Proper Name
Lubin, Alan1Proper Name
Lucarelli, Christa1Proper Name
Lucas, John R.1Proper Name
Lucas, Karen1Proper Name
Lucas, Shawn1Proper Name
Lucchesi, Diane1Proper Name
Luckey2Proper Name
Lucy, Bill6Proper Name
Lucyzyn, Candy1Proper Name
Luczak, Paul2Proper Name
Lunch, Mary K. M.1Proper Name
Luppo, Al1Proper Name
Luppo, Barbara1Proper Name
Lurie, Irene6Proper Name
Luster, Mary1Proper Name
Lutz, Mary1Proper Name
Ly, Holly1Proper Name
Lyman, Samuel H.1Proper Name
Lyman, Timothy1Proper Name
Lynch, Howard2Proper Name
Lyndon, Clara2Proper Name
Lynne, Harold1Proper Name
Lynskey, Donald1Proper Name
M. E. Grenander Dept. of Special Collections & Archives2Proper Name
M.C. Lawton Club1General
MacAffer, Edna4Proper Name
Maccar, Bob1Proper Name
MacCurdy, Frederick2Proper Name
Macdonald, Kevin1Proper Name
MacDonald, Pirie (American photographer 1867-1942)1Proper Name
MacFarland, Kenneth H.1Proper Name
Machine tabulation1General
Machson, Dave3Proper Name
Macintosh-Frering, Karen1Proper Name
Mack, Marty1Proper Name
MacKay, Kathy1Proper Name
Mackiewicz, John2Proper Name
MacLaughlin, Helen H.1Proper Name
Macomber, Catherine2Proper Name
MacTavish, Dorothy2Proper Name
Macy, George1Proper Name
Madarasz, Stephen17Proper Name
Maddaloni, John1Proper Name
Madden, Brian J.1Proper Name
Madej, Henry M.2Proper Name
Madison County (N.Y.)2Location
Magaliff, Gail2Proper Name
Magdol, Ed1Proper Name
Magee, Bill1Proper Name
Magidson, Herb15Proper Name
Magill, Dave1Proper Name
Magilton, Lillian G.5Proper Name
Magnarelli, Bill2Proper Name
Mahdesian, Zaven M. 1Proper Name
Mahoney, Dan1Proper Name
Mahoney, Joan1Proper Name
Mahoney, John J.3Proper Name
Maier, Konrad1Proper Name
Malamud, Bernard1Proper Name
Malik, Shahbaz3Proper Name
Mallgraf, Mary1Proper Name
Malone, Maureen18Proper Name
Maloney, Daniel1Proper Name
Maloney, Richard M.1Proper Name
Maltz, Allen P.2Proper Name
Mandyck, Mark1Proper Name
Mangual, Manuel1Proper Name
Manhattan (N.Y.)13Location
Manipulated photographs24General
Maniscalco, Barbara1Proper Name
Manke, Paul1Proper Name
Manktelow, Donald2Proper Name
Manlius (N.Y.)3Location
Mannes College of Music1Proper Name
Mannion, Robert1Proper Name
Manolakis, Chrissy1Proper Name
Mansfield University of Pennsylvania1Proper Name
Mansion, Helen2Proper Name
Mao, Zedong, 1893-19761Proper Name
Mapleson, Patrick1Proper Name
Maraviglia, Frank L.39Proper Name
Marburger, John H. (John Harmen)1Proper Name
Marcel, Gabriel, 1889-19731Proper Name
March, Angela1Proper Name
Marchetta, Peter2Proper Name
Marchi, John3Proper Name
Marching bands1General
Marco, Frank1Proper Name
Marco, J. F.1Proper Name
Marcy (N.Y.)1Location
Marcy State Hospital (N.Y.)2Proper Name
Margison, Betty Mann2Proper Name
Margison, Robert1Proper Name
Marinello, Elaine1Proper Name
Marino, Al1Proper Name
Marion, Joseph2Proper Name
Marion, Marilyn Wells1Proper Name
Mark, Francis1Proper Name
Markes, John M.1Proper Name
Markoe, Karen3Proper Name
Markowitz, Bruce1Proper Name
Markus, Tom1Proper Name
Maroley Communications1Proper Name
Maroney, Timothy J., Jr.1Proper Name
Marr, Vic1Proper Name
Marra, Janice8Proper Name
Marrero, Victor, 1941-2Proper Name
Marsh, Bruce3Proper Name
Marsh, Leland11Proper Name
Marshall, Fred1Proper Name
Marshall, Lois2Proper Name
Marshall, Robert1Proper Name
Martello, Frank2Proper Name
Martin, Al1Proper Name
Martin, Debra2Proper Name
Martin, Dennis26Proper Name
Martin, Paul3Proper Name
Martineau, Peter2Proper Name
Martusciello, Vincent4Proper Name
Marussich, Edward A.1Proper Name
Mascioli, Pat2Proper Name
Mase, John J.1Proper Name
Masiello, Anthony1Proper Name
Maslin, Mark1Proper Name
Mason, C. O.1Proper Name
Mason, Edwyn E.2Proper Name
Maszczak, Kristine1Proper Name
Mathematics, Department of26General
Mathes, Miriam Snow2Proper Name
Mathews, Deborah1Proper Name
Mathews, Janet1Proper Name
Mathusa, Parker 2Proper Name
Matthews, Charles1Proper Name
Matthews, John1Proper Name
Matthews, Thomas E.47Proper Name
Mattice, Robert2Proper Name
Mauk, Ellen1Proper Name
Maul, Thomas3Proper Name
May, Steven1Proper Name
Mayakis, Esther1Proper Name
Mayer, Frank1Proper Name
Mayhew, Caroline H.1Proper Name
Maynard, Isabel1Proper Name
Mayol, Gilbert1Proper Name
Mayors New York (State)13General
Mays, Kimberly1Proper Name
Mazarak, John80Proper Name
Maziarz, George1Proper Name
McAdorey, Cornelius3Proper Name
McAlevey, Jane1Proper Name
McAlvanah, Tom1Proper Name
McCabe, James W.3Proper Name
McCabe, Richard Mrs.1Proper Name
McCaffery, Barbara1Proper Name
McCall, H. Carl15Proper Name
McCann, Connie1Proper Name
McCarthy, Carolyn1Proper Name
McCarthy, Paul F.1Proper Name
McClain, Derek1Proper Name
McClellan, Jim2Proper Name
McClelland, Mary A.1Proper Name
McClure, Alida Ballagh2Proper Name
McCormack, John1Proper Name
McCormick, Islay Francis1Proper Name
McCormick, Joe3Proper Name
McCormick, Vernita2Proper Name
McCoy, James1Proper Name
McCracken, Albert T. Jr.1Proper Name
McCrea, Wesley1Proper Name
McDermott, Joseph E.27Proper Name
McDonald and Sterry Photographers1Proper Name
McDonough, Harry J., III1Proper Name
McDonough, Kevin1Proper Name
McDonough, Thomas11Proper Name
McDonough, William F.1Proper Name
McEneny, John J., 1943-2Proper Name
McEnerney, Roy 1Proper Name
McEntee, Gerald22Proper Name
McEwan, George G.2Proper Name
McEwan, Mildred L.1Proper Name
McFadden, Denise1Proper Name
McFarland, Jesse B.1Proper Name
McGay, John Y.1Proper Name
McGee- Russell, Samuel M.1Proper Name
McGovern, George S. (George Stanley), 1922-3Proper Name
McGowan, Kathleen2Proper Name
McGowan, William L.59Proper Name
McGreevy, Neil1Proper Name
McGruff The Crime Dog1Proper Name
McGuire, Carol L.2Proper Name
McGuire, Grace1Proper Name
McHargue, Kip1Proper Name
McHench, Mary J.1Proper Name
McHugh, James5Proper Name
McInnes, Patricia1Proper Name
McKeen, C.W.16Proper Name
McKeon, Helen L. Leary1Proper Name
McKeon, Joseph M.1Proper Name
McKinley, Florence1Proper Name
McKinley, Hedi1Proper Name
McLaren, Eugene4Proper Name
McLaren, Richard1Proper Name
McLaren, Susan Barnhart3Proper Name
McLaughlin, Peter A.1Proper Name
McLean, Marion C.1Proper Name
McLean, Mary Ann1Proper Name
McLinden, Jay2Proper Name
McMahon, Jim1Proper Name
McManus, Jane1Proper Name
McMullen, Joseph18Proper Name
McNeil, Eleanor A.1Proper Name
McNitt, Glen1Proper Name
McNulty, Michael R., 1945-10Proper Name
McPhillips, Jack1Proper Name
McQuade, Shirley1Proper Name
McQuade, Susan1Proper Name
McSpirit, Venus1Proper Name
Meader, Eleanor1Proper Name
Measured drawing1General
Measures, Luella1Proper Name
Measuring instruments1General
Medical personnel and patient2General
Medicare Law, 20031Proper Name
Mehlenbacher, Lyle E., 1910-1Proper Name
Meirowitz, Claire1Proper Name
Mekler1Proper Name
Melin, Ed1Proper Name
Melita, Joe1Proper Name
Meltzer, Ida C.1Proper Name
Melville, Curtis1Proper Name
Melvin, Dana1Proper Name
Melvin, Sonya1Proper Name
Melvin, Terry4Proper Name
Memorial day4Event
Memorial service6Event
Mendez, Peter1Proper Name
Mendola, Bella1Proper Name
Mengaux, Mike1Proper Name
Mental health laws2General
Mental health programs (N.Y.)1General
Mental health regions (N.Y.)1General
Mental Hospital Guild (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Mental Hygiene Law (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Merchant, Mary2Proper Name
Mercurio, Joseph1Proper Name
Merin Studios, Inc.1Proper Name
Meritorious Service Medal1General
Merritt, Edna1Proper Name
Meschter, Paul1Proper Name
Mesick, Herman H.1Proper Name
Mesick, Marion Rockefeller1Proper Name
Meskil, Mildred 1Proper Name
Meskil, Mildred O'Malley 3Proper Name
Messerle, Laura L.2Proper Name
Mestre, Oswaldo Jr.1Proper Name
Methe, Wanda Tomasik1Proper Name
Metroland Photo4Proper Name
Metropolitan Region's Host Committee (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Metz, Eleanor Diener2Proper Name
Metzler, William H. (William Henry), b.18632Proper Name
Meyer, John2Proper Name
Miceli, Joe1Proper Name
Michael, Andy20Proper Name
Michaelson, Marlene1Proper Name
Mickel, Elizabeth2Proper Name
Mid-Hudson Bridge (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Middleport (N.Y.)1Location
Middletown State Hospital (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Miesing, Paul8Proper Name
Miggins, Mary1Proper Name
Mikle, Steve1Proper Name
Military education1General
Military uniforms11General
Millea, Marjorie6Proper Name
Miller Photography7Proper Name
Miller, Augustus C.1Proper Name
Miller, Dan4Proper Name
Miller, Elsie Crissy1Proper Name
Miller, Fred87Proper Name
Miller, Hyman1Proper Name
Miller, Kathy1Proper Name
Miller, Lynn70Proper Name
Miller, Melvin H. (Melvin Howard), 1939-4Proper Name
Miller, Nancy1Proper Name
Miller, Samuel1Proper Name
Miller-Allen, Karen1Proper Name
Millet, Jean François, 1814-18751Proper Name
Millman, Julia1Proper Name
Mills, Martha1Proper Name
Mills, Rebecca1Proper Name
Milne School1Location
Milne, William J.12Proper Name
Milton, John, 1608-1674 2Proper Name
Milton, Walter1Proper Name
Minch, Roland A.2Proper Name
Mincher, Kerry1Proper Name
Miner, Andrew M.1Proper Name
Miner, Kelly1Proper Name
Minority college teachers1General
Minozzi, Lois Ann8Proper Name
Mion, Donald P.3Proper Name
Mirabella, Michael2Proper Name
Mirto, Peter G. 1Proper Name
Mishkin, Jeffrey A.2Proper Name
Miss Piggy1Proper Name
Mitchell, Anne1Proper Name
Mitchell, Celeste1Proper Name
Mitchell, Clarissa1Proper Name
Mitchell, Francis1Proper Name
Mitchell, George3Proper Name
Mitchell, Nancy W.1Proper Name
Mitchell, Nina3Proper Name
Mitchell, Rod1Proper Name
Mitchell, Yvonne1Proper Name
Mizer, Mary1Proper Name
Moak, Marion G.2Proper Name
Model schools3General
Modrzejewski, Ted2Proper Name
Mogavero, Sam1Proper Name
Mohammad, Rosetta1Proper Name
Mohan, Lakshmi1Proper Name
Mohawk Campus2Location
Mohawk River (N.Y.)3Proper Name
Mohawk Valley (N.Y.)1Location
Mohring, Tom1Proper Name
Molinari, Susan3Proper Name
Molitor, Ed60Proper Name
Monaco, Fred9Proper Name
Mondale, Walter F., 1928-24Proper Name
Monday Musical Club10General
Monroe, Joyce1Proper Name
Monroe-Woodbury School District (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Monserrate, Hiram1Proper Name
Montefusco, Anthony1Proper Name
Montesano, Rocco A.1Proper Name
Montessori School 31 (N.Y.)2Proper Name
Montgomery County (N.Y.)7Location
Montgomery, Lorraine1Proper Name
Moon, Carolyn1Proper Name
Mooney, Anna R.1Proper Name
Mooney, Margaret S.1Proper Name
Moor, Jen1Proper Name
Moore, Alice Hedges2Proper Name
Moore, Barbara2Proper Name
Moore, Brian P. Sr.3Proper Name
Moore, Clara L.2Proper Name
Moore, Elizabeth5Proper Name
Moore, Genevieve A. S. (Shorey)4Proper Name
Moore, Gilbert D.1Proper Name
Moore, Jim16Proper Name
Moos, Carl1Proper Name
Mootry, Elaine2Proper Name
Mootry, Robert1Proper Name
Moraco, Sam1Proper Name
Morahan, Thomas1Proper Name
Moran, Gloria1Proper Name
Moran, Kathy2Proper Name
Moran, Kim1Proper Name
Moran, Wayne1Proper Name
Morelle, Joseph D.4Proper Name
Morgado, Robert J.1Proper Name
Morgan, Christopher, 1808-18775Proper Name
Morgan, David1Proper Name
Morgan, Edward1Proper Name
Morgan, John1Proper Name
Morganti, John2Proper Name
Moritz, Jan1Proper Name
Morray, Betsy1Proper Name
Morrill, Dorothy Mulcare1Proper Name
Morris, Ethel1Proper Name
Morris, Juanita1Proper Name
Morrison, Douglas1Proper Name
Morrissey, Thomas2Proper Name
Morse, Grant W.1Proper Name
Morse, Wayne L. (Wayne Lyman), 1900-19741Proper Name
Mortenson, Ron1Proper Name
Moscow State University2Proper Name
Moses, Alice Brown1Proper Name
Moses, Bertha2Proper Name
Moses, Grandma, 1860-19611Proper Name
Mosher, Jacob Simmons, 1834-18831Proper Name
Moskovskii gosudarstvennyi univ. M.V. Lomonosova2Proper Name
Moskowitz, Steven8Proper Name
Mossin, Albert C.1Proper Name
Mothers and daughters 1General
Motion picture projectors1General
Mott, William H.1Proper Name
Motta, Michael A.1Proper Name
Moultrie, Delphine1Proper Name
Mount Vernon (N.Y.)1Location
Moving, Household1General
Moynihan, Daniel P. (Daniel Patrick), 1927-20Proper Name
Moynihan, Robert1Proper Name
MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus)4Proper Name
Muehl, Tom1Proper Name
Muether, Herbert2Proper Name
Muglio, Jason1Proper Name
Muirhead, Peter P.1Proper Name
Mulchy, Bud1Proper Name
Mullen, Jim1Proper Name
Mullen, Thomas K.2Proper Name
Muller, Steven, 1927-1Proper Name
Mullin, Joseph M.1Proper Name
Multiple exposure1General
Municipal ceremonial1General
Munzer, Marion P.2Proper Name
Murad, John1Proper Name
Mural paintings2General
Murphy, John E.1Proper Name
Murray, Alice1Proper Name
Murray, Neil V.1Proper Name
Music rehearsals6General
Music, Department of32General
Music-Societies, etc.10General
Musical performance25Event
Musicus, Josephine1Proper Name
Muskie, Edmund S., 1914-1Proper Name
Musso, Joe2Proper Name
Myers, Eunice1Proper Name
Myers, Katherine1Proper Name
Myers, Lillian1Proper Name
Myers, Timothy F.1Proper Name
Myruski, Ann Marie1Proper Name
Nacey, Linda1Proper Name
Nadir1Proper Name
Nadler, Jerrold, 1947-2Proper Name
Nailor, Marvin1Proper Name
Nanjing (Jiangsu Sheng), China3Location
Nanjing da xue1Proper Name
Nantista, Fran5Proper Name
Napier, Mark2Proper Name
Naples, Ralph F.1Proper Name
Nassau County (N.Y.)8Location
Nassau County BOCES (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Nassau County Economic Opportunity Commission (N.Y)1Proper Name
Nassau County Legislature (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Natale, Georgiana3Proper Name
National anthem (U.S.)1General
National Business Promotions, Inc.1Proper Name
National Institutes of Health (U.S.)1Proper Name
National Organization for Women1Proper Name
Natoli, James1Proper Name
Naughter, John1Proper Name
Nauman, Fred1Proper Name
Navarro, Maria1Proper Name
Naylor, Marvin1Proper Name
Naylor, Richard1Proper Name
NBC--television1Proper Name
NCAA football3General
Neal, Marlene1Proper Name
Neal, Willye M.4Proper Name
Nealon, Nick1Proper Name
Neish, Kelly1Proper Name
Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government1General
Nelson, Eva1Proper Name
Nelson, Malcolm A. (Malcolm Antony)19Proper Name
Nelson, Milton G.5Proper Name
Nelson, Walter1Proper Name
Nemier, Brian1Proper Name
Nestved, Earl Mrs.1Proper Name
Network Television Programs2General
Neuberger Museum of Art2Proper Name
Neufeld, David S.3Proper Name
Neurobiological Research Center1General
Neville, Krista1Proper Name
New Hartford (N.Y.)1Location
New Orleans (L.A.)1General
New Rochelle Public Library (N.Y.)1Proper Name
New School University1Proper Name
New York (State). Dept. of Agriculture and Markets1Proper Name
New York (State). Legis. Assembly. Ed. Committee16General
New York (State). Legis. Senate. Ed. Committee17General
New York (State). Legislature. Assembly93General
New York (State). Legislature. Senate80General
New York City52Location
New York City Police Department1Proper Name
New York Drum Cafe2Proper Name
New York Educators Association55Proper Name
New York Institute of Technology1Proper Name
New York Library Association Library Lobby Day5Event
New York Metropolitan Retirees Local2Proper Name
New York Mets Baseball Team1Proper Name
New York Network1Proper Name
New York Post1Proper Name
New York State Administrative Services Unit10Proper Name
New York State AFL-CIO6Proper Name
New York State Assistant Attorney General1Proper Name
New York State Attorney General2Proper Name
New York State Attorney General's Office Telecommunication and Energy Division1Proper Name
New York State Bridge Authority3Proper Name
New York State Budget Director3Proper Name
New York State Canal Corporation2Proper Name
New York State Capitol (Albany, N.Y.)97Proper Name
New York State Child Welfare Workload Study1Proper Name
New York State College for Teachers 415Proper Name
New York State Comptroller9Proper Name
New York State Departement of Taxation and Finance1Proper Name
New York State Department of Civil Service2Proper Name
New York State Department of Corrections4Proper Name
New York State Department of Health1Proper Name
New York State Department of Labor3Proper Name
New York State Department of Labor Hazard Abatement Board1Proper Name
New York State Department of Motor Vehicles1Proper Name
New York State Department of Taxation and Finance Hispanic Heritage Committee 1Proper Name
New York State Department of Transportation5Proper Name
New York State Division of Military and Naval Affairs5Proper Name
New York State Division of Parole1Proper Name
New York State Fair, 19591Event
New York State Fair, 19611Event
New York State Fairs12Event
New York State Food Conference1Event
New York State Institutional Services Unit9Proper Name
New York State Labor-Religion Coalition2Proper Name
New York State Lottery3Proper Name
New York State Normal College62Proper Name
New York State Office of Children and Family Services17Proper Name
New York State Office of Court Administration6Proper Name
New York State Office of General Services3Proper Name
New York State Office of Mental Health6Proper Name
New York State Office of Mental Hygiene 37Proper Name
New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation2Proper Name
New York State Offiice of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities2Proper Name
New York State Operational Services Unit10Proper Name
New York State Police Department2Proper Name
New York State Public Employee Relations Board 1Proper Name
New York State Public High School Athletic Association1Proper Name
New York State Puerto Rican Legislative Conference1Proper Name
New York State Schools for the Mentally Retarded2Proper Name
New York State Senate Standing Committee on Mental Health2Proper Name
New York State Tax Office1Proper Name
New York State Teacher's Association1Proper Name
New York State Teacher's Retirement System 1Proper Name
New York State Unified Court System8Proper Name
New York State United Teachers192Proper Name
New York State United Teachers-Representative Asse7Proper Name
New York State University Construction Fund2Proper Name
New York Teacher Photo1Proper Name
New York Times Company3Proper Name
New York University8Proper Name
New York World's Fair (1964-1965)1Proper Name
Newark State School (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Newburgh (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Newell, Gladys E.4Proper Name
Newman, Gary2Proper Name
Newsome, Moses1Proper Name
Newspaper advertisements1General
Newspaper Guild of Albany, Local 341General
Newspaper layout and typography4General
Newspaper reading9General
Newton, Beulah Shear1Proper Name
Newton, Grant1Proper Name
Newton, James1Proper Name
Newton, Richard1Proper Name
Nezaj, Afrim3Proper Name
Niagara Falls (N.Y.)4Location
Niagara Region Interpretive Programs Office (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Niagara River (N.Y.)1Location
Nice (France)3Location
Nichols, David A.2Proper Name
Nichols, David J.1Proper Name
Nichols, Susan1Proper Name
Nicholson, Ruby1Proper Name
Nick, Jamie1Proper Name
Nickson, Sheila1Proper Name
Nielsen, Robert1Proper Name
Nieves, Domingo1Proper Name
Nilsson, Lori2Proper Name
Nimoy, Leonard1Proper Name
Nioga Library System (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Nitecki, Joseph Z.1Proper Name
Nixon, Richard M. (Richard Milhous), 1913-1Proper Name
Nobis, Brianne4Proper Name
Nolan, Howard E.1Proper Name
Nolan, Lauren2Proper Name
Nolan, Pat1Proper Name
Noll, Charles1Proper Name
Nontraditional students1General
Noon, Barry R. (Barry Richard), 1949-2Proper Name
Noreault, Rick2Proper Name
Norman, Clarence1Proper Name
Normile, John2Proper Name
North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System (N.Y.1Proper Name
North Tonawanda (N.Y.)1Location
Northern Photo2Proper Name
Norwood, Wade1Proper Name
Noureault, Rick1Proper Name
Novado, John1Proper Name
Novotny, Mary1Proper Name
Nowak Advertisement Agency (N.Y.)2Proper Name
Noyer, Frank1Proper Name
Nozzolio, Michael F.2Proper Name
Nulty, Grace1Proper Name
Nunez, Richard I.8Proper Name
Nurse, Bob1Proper Name
Nurse, Robert1Proper Name
NYNEX1Proper Name
Nyquist, Ewald B., 1914-1Proper Name
O'Brien, Daniel2Proper Name
O'Brien, Margaret2Proper Name
O'Clair, Timothy1Proper Name
O'Clair, Tom1Proper Name
O'Connell, Kevin2Proper Name
O'Connor, John Joseph, 1920-20001Proper Name
O'Connor, Marion M.2Proper Name
O'Connor, William1Proper Name
O'Donnell, Jeffrey T.1Proper Name
O'Donnell, Mary Kane1Proper Name
O'Hanlon, Keith1Proper Name
O'Hara, Dorothy P.2Proper Name
O'Leary, Adele2Proper Name
O'Leary, Vincent48Proper Name
O'Leary, Vincent81Proper Name
O'Malley, Dennis6Proper Name
O'Malley, Evelyn Lagrange1Proper Name
O'Neil, John5Proper Name
O'Neill, Eugene1Proper Name
O'Neill, John1Proper Name
O'Neill, Marion E.1Proper Name
O'Reilly, Charles T.3Proper Name
O'Shaughnessy, Brian1Proper Name
O'Shea, Charles2Proper Name
Oakfield-Alabama School District (NY)1Proper Name
Oakley, P.B.1Proper Name
Oare, Cheryl1Proper Name
Oates, Ellen1Proper Name
Obermayer, Paul1Proper Name
Observer-Dispatch (Utica, N.Y.)10Proper Name
Office of Management Confidential (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Office practice1General
Official Events54Event
Ogbin, Frances1Proper Name
Ohlerking, Rick1Proper Name
Ohrenstein, Manfred1Proper Name
Old Wazoo Band1Proper Name
Oldford, James1Proper Name
Oliveras, Carlos1Proper Name
Olympic Games (20th : 1972 : Munich, Germany)2Event
Oneida County (N.Y.)7Location
Onondaga County (N.Y.)12Location
Ontario County (NY)1Location
Oppenheim, Laura Summer2Proper Name
Orange County (N.Y.)9Location
Orange County Department of Social Services (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Orleans (Music group)1Proper Name
Orta, Manuel1Proper Name
Ortiz, Francisca1Proper Name
Osborn, Edward L.1Proper Name
Osielski, Mary Y.1Proper Name
Osinga, Caroline1Proper Name
Ossining (N.Y.)1Location
Ostrander, Fanny B.1Proper Name
Ostrander, Mary McCann4Proper Name
Ostrom, Joseph1Proper Name
Oswego County (N.Y.)2Location
Otis, Clara Stebner2Proper Name
Ottaviano, Mike1Proper Name
Overhead projection2General
Overhead views30General
Overmeyer, Ove1Proper Name
Owens, Kevin1Proper Name
Owens, Martha1Proper Name
Padavan, Frank1Proper Name
Pagano, Domnick M.2Proper Name
Pagano, Richard1Proper Name
Pagano, Vincent3Proper Name
Page, Caroline Smith3Proper Name
Page, David P. (David Perkins), 1810-184811Proper Name
Page, Ruth Hardy1Proper Name
Page, Stephen R.2Proper Name
Pagelow, Robert1Proper Name
Palacios, Santos1Proper Name
Paladin, Arnold1Proper Name
Palczynski, Felix2Proper Name
Palkovic, Timothy1Proper Name
Palm, Barbara2Proper Name
Palma, Corinne M.6Proper Name
Palmer, James F., 1950-2Proper Name
Palmer, Robert Mrs.1Proper Name
Papagno, Nicholas P.1Proper Name
Parade floats8General
Parent Relations, Office of1General
Parikh, Sweta1Proper Name
Parish (N.Y.)1Location
Parish, David1Proper Name
Parisi, Frank1Proper Name
Parker1Proper Name
Parker, Diane1Proper Name
Parker, Gerald W.1Proper Name
Parker, Richard J.1Proper Name
Parkhurst, Nellie2Proper Name
Parking lots6General
Parment, William L.1Proper Name
Parmon, Jennifer1Proper Name
Parsons, Chuck3Proper Name
Pasadena (Calif.)1Location
Passow, Harry2Proper Name
Passow, Shirley Siegal4Proper Name
Pataki, George E., 1945-32Proper Name
Patchen, Linda2Proper Name
Paticopoulos, Gari Deliganis2Proper Name
Patmore, Gloria1Proper Name
Patroon Room2Proper Name
Paul, Henry1Proper Name
Paul, Thurston T.1Proper Name
Pauley, Natalie2Proper Name
Paulin, Amy1Proper Name
Pavlus, Bruce 1Proper Name
Payton, Tom1Proper Name
Peace Corps (U.S.)1General
Peace signs 1960-19703General
Peace, Barbara1Proper Name
Peace, Bob1Proper Name
Pearce, Linda1Proper Name
Pearl, Isabel1Proper Name
Pearl, Ricky10Proper Name
Pearne, Ellen J.1Proper Name
Pease, Andrea1Proper Name
Pease, Richard H., 1813-18693Proper Name
Peat, Sherrie1Proper Name
Pecora, Karen2Proper Name
Pedestrian streets1General
Pelaez, Dora1Proper Name
Pelli, Nancy1Proper Name
Pence, Harry4Proper Name
Pender, Margery Ann2Proper Name
Penn, Gretchen1Proper Name
Pennsylvania. Gen. Assembly. House of Represent.2Proper Name
Pense, Arthur W.2Proper Name
Peper, Frank1Proper Name
Pepper, Timothy M.1Proper Name
Percussion instruments3General
Perez, Dinorah1Proper Name
Performing Groups69General
Peristyles (colonnades)5General
Peritore, Charles3Proper Name
Periwinkle Instruction, Inc. Arts in Education1Proper Name
Perkins, Cheryl M.2Proper Name
Perkins, George R. (George Roberts), 1812-187613Proper Name
Perlmutter, O. William1Proper Name
Perrott, Ed1Proper Name
Perry, Dave1Proper Name
Perry, Marvin1Proper Name
Persico, Joseph E.1Proper Name
Persons, Chuck1Proper Name
Peru (N.Y.)1Location
Peterkin, Robert S.1Proper Name
Peterman, Brian2Proper Name
Peterniti, Jim1Proper Name
Peters Ruth Wheelock2Proper Name
Peters, Bonnie1Proper Name
Peters, Michael1Proper Name
Peterson, Clara1Proper Name
Peterson, Dean1Proper Name
Peterson, Karl A. B.29Proper Name
Peterson, Marjorie K.1Proper Name
Peterson, Tami L.1Proper Name
Petrillo, Pete2Proper Name
Pettengill, Angie1Proper Name
Petterson, Viola Eiken Abrams1Proper Name
Phelps, Joan1Proper Name
Phelps, Maryann2Proper Name
Phelps, William F.3Proper Name
Phillips, Anis1Proper Name
Phillips, Lorelle M.1Proper Name
Phipps, William2Proper Name
Phoenix1Proper Name
Photographic lenses1General
Photographic Services2Proper Name
Photography, Close-up 620General
Physical education and training2General
Physics, Department of4General
Pianella, Evelyn1Proper Name
Piccolo, Rita18Proper Name
Pierakos, George1Proper Name
Pierce, Anna E.2Proper Name
Pierce, Anne1Proper Name
Pierce, Isabel Woodin1Proper Name
Pierce, Vincent E.2Proper Name
Piers (supporting elements)7General
Piersall, Roger1Proper Name
Pierson, Vina J.1Proper Name
Pietaszewski, Henry1Proper Name
Pietrantoni, Jeanette M.1Proper Name
Pilgrim State Hospital (N.Y.)3Proper Name
Pimentel, Gabriel1Proper Name
Pinball machines1General
Piraino, Liz1Proper Name
Pitcher, Riley M.1Proper Name
Pitts, Jim1Proper Name
Pitts, Marion Kosbob1Proper Name
Pivoda, Christine1Proper Name
Planty, Shelly1Proper Name
Plaques, plaquettes32General
Platt, Elizabeth J.1Proper Name
Platt, Nancy1Proper Name
Plattsburgh (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Plaus, Donald J.1Proper Name
Plimley, Carolyn E.1Proper Name
Plumtamia, Sebastian1Proper Name
Plunkett, Bob3Proper Name
Podolec, Julian1Proper Name
Polar Plunge5Event
Police Officers5General
Polishook, Irwin H.5Proper Name
Political Action Committees (N.Y.)1General
Political candidates60General
Political cartoons33General
Political Events4Event
Pollero, Rochelle1Proper Name
Pollero, Shelly1Proper Name
Pollock, Horatio M.1Proper Name
Polt, Hugo1Proper Name
Pompi, Bob2Proper Name
Pool (Game)6General
Pope, Paula Ann1Proper Name
Popp, Frederick J.1Proper Name
Pordum, Francis1Proper Name
Porreca, Anthony1Proper Name
Port Jefferson (N.Y.)2Location
Port Jervis (N.Y.)2Location
Port Washington (N.Y.)1Location
Port Washington School District (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Porter, Erwin1Proper Name
Porter, Rick1Proper Name
Porter, Robert G.1Proper Name
Portrait medallions1General
Posson, Marion R.1Proper Name
Post, Ianthe Effie1Proper Name
Potskowski, Edward S.1Proper Name
Potter, Alonzo, 1800-18652Proper Name
Potter, Edward E. (Eldred)1Proper Name
Potter, Edward E. (Eldred)2Proper Name
Potter, Janet32Proper Name
Potter, Lillian M.2Proper Name
Potter, Lois1Proper Name
Potter, Marjorie1Proper Name
Potter, Robert21Proper Name
Potts, Jennie2Proper Name
Poulter, Bob1Proper Name
Povero, Phil1Proper Name
Powell, Donna1Proper Name
Powell, Jim1Proper Name
Power failures6General
Power, Constance2Proper Name
Powers, John F.3Proper Name
Pratz, Doris1Proper Name
Prefer, Joy1Proper Name
Premer, E. Elizabeth1Proper Name
Prescott, Lillian1Proper Name
Prescription Drug Costs3General
Present, Jess9Proper Name
President's Club1Proper Name
President's Inauguration7Event
President's Reception5Event
Presidents And Principals426General
Presidents' spouses United States17General
Press conferences85Event
Prestige Postcards1Proper Name
Price, Harold1Proper Name
Price, Nancy1Proper Name
Primary Day1Event
Primer2Proper Name
Priore, Raymond P.1Proper Name
Procita, Jack1Proper Name
Professional Development Program4General
Professional Employees Federation-PEF (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Professional Staff Congress/City University of N.Y5Proper Name
Project Carillion1Event
Project Carillon11Proper Name
Project for Adult College Education 1Proper Name
Proskin, Ted1Proper Name
Prosser, Katheryn Ball1Proper Name
Protest posters American 1960-19703General
Proud, Gary9Proper Name
Pruyn, John VanSchaick Lansing, 1811-18779Proper Name
Pruyn, Robert Hewson, 1815-18825Proper Name
Psychiatric Aid Awards (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Psychiatric clinics (N.Y.)2General
Psychiatric drug therapy2General
Psychiatric hospitals22General
Psychiatric Institute (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Psychiatric research9General
Psychiatric treatment18General
Psychology, Department of4General
Public Affairs, Graduate School of10General
Public Employees Federation 6Proper Name
Public Employment Relations Board 5Proper Name
Public Information, Office of2General
Publicity photographs18General
Pugliese, Domenick1Proper Name
Pulitzer Prizes1General
Pultz, Cora I.1Proper Name
Pulver, Loda E.1Proper Name
Puma, Joseph2Proper Name
Puppets Therapeutic use1General
Purcell, Eileen1Proper Name
Purchase College, State University of New York11Proper Name
Purdy, Joe1Proper Name
Puretz, Susan L.30Proper Name
Purfield, Daniel E.1Proper Name
Putnam County (N.Y.)3Location
Putnam County Department of Health’s Certified Hom1Proper Name
Putnam Valley (N.Y.)1Location
Putnam, Lizzie1Proper Name
Quality Care Advoctes for the Rights of Employees 2Proper Name
Quality Care New York4Proper Name
Quality Childcare for America Act1Proper Name
Quality Service Autism Community2Proper Name
Quarter Century Club3General
Quarterbacking (Football)4General
Quataert, Jean H. (Jean Helen), 1945-1Proper Name
Quattlebaum, Nathaniel5Proper Name
Quattrocchi, Frank1Proper Name
Quattrochi, John1Proper Name
Queens (N.Y.)3Location
Quigley, Grace1Proper Name
Quine, Jean Hotaling1Proper Name
Quinn, David P.1Proper Name
Quinn, Jack1Proper Name
Quinn, Kevin1Proper Name
Quinn, Pat1Proper Name
Quiz shows1General
Raab, Tim6Proper Name
Rabb, Timothy1Proper Name
Rabe, Valentin H., 1930-4Proper Name
Rabineau2Proper Name
Rabineau, Louis1Proper Name
Rabozzi, Mario4Proper Name
Racioppi, Frank C.1Proper Name
Rackets (Sporting goods)5General
Radio broadcasting6General
Radio Receivers and reception1General
Raetz, Annete1Proper Name
Rahn, B. J. (Beverly Jean), 1934-1Proper Name
Rainville, Lucien2Proper Name
Rainville, Lucy Massimilian4Proper Name
Raised hands2General
Ralston, Mark1Proper Name
Ramadhan, Clara1Proper Name
Ramirez, Antonio3Proper Name
Ramsay, Craig1Proper Name
Rand, Gloria1Proper Name
Rand, Grenfell N.8Proper Name
Randall, Henry Stephens, 1811-18762Proper Name
Randall, John Herman, 1899-1Proper Name
Randall, S. S. (Samuel Sidwell), 1809-18811Proper Name
Randolph, Winfield1Proper Name
Rappleyea, Clarence D., Jr.3Proper Name
RAS Photography50Proper Name
Rasch, Sunna Cooper1Proper Name
Raskin, Paul D.7Proper Name
Rasmussen, Mildred Newkirk1Proper Name
Rasumussen, Elizabeth1Proper Name
Rauber, Helen S.4Proper Name
Rauff, Bobby4Proper Name
Rauff, Robert2Proper Name
Ray, Frank6Proper Name
Ray, Kevin2Proper Name
Reading rooms1General
Reading, Department of1General
Reagan, Ronald2Proper Name
Reamer, Lorna2Proper Name
Receiving lines6General
Recording and registration6General
Recreation programs4General
Rector, Julia A. Fister2Proper Name
Reddy, Richard1Proper Name
Redfield, Zilpha1Proper Name
Redifore, Robert1Proper Name
Reed, Billy W.1Proper Name
Reed, Edward3Proper Name
Reedy, Joseph P.2Proper Name
Reeves, Barbara20Proper Name
Reeves, Patricia Gibson3Proper Name
Regan, Marie1Proper Name
Reganse, Robert3Proper Name
Regenhard, Sally1Proper Name
Regional Education Center2General
Register marks1General
Reicherter, Joel1Proper Name
Reid, Ogden R. (Ogden Rogers), 1925-2Proper Name
Reiley, Edward1Proper Name
Reilly, Bob1Proper Name
Reilly, Edwin D., Jr.1Proper Name
Reilly, Jeff1Proper Name
Reilly, John M. (John Marsden)314Proper Name
Reilly, Joyce5Proper Name
Reina, Maria1Proper Name
Reines, Philip12Proper Name
Reinhard, Rick2Proper Name
Reiss, Aileen1Proper Name
Reith, Emma1General
Rekosh, David1Proper Name
Relief (Sculpture), Chinese1General
Relihan, Helen3Proper Name
Remedial teaching1General
Renshaw, Rosette1Proper Name
Rensselaer (N.Y.)2Location
Rensselaer County (N.Y.)2Location
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute2Proper Name
Reporters and reporting26General
Resurrection Health Care System (Chicago, IL)1Proper Name
Retirees Delegates Meeting, 20061Event
Revers, Ron1Proper Name
Rewelinski, Ernie1Proper Name
Rewolinski, Earnest1Proper Name
Rex, Dorothy Margaret1Proper Name
Reynolds, Charles W.1Proper Name
Reynolds, Edward A.1Proper Name
Reynolds, Gary1Proper Name
Reynolds, Julie1Proper Name
Rhenish, Leona2Proper Name
Rhetoric and Communications, Department of1Proper Name
Rhine, Leonard1Proper Name
Ribble, John1Proper Name
Riccardi, Lori1Proper Name
Rice, George P.1Proper Name
Rice, Jack1Proper Name
Rice, Robert H., Jr.2Proper Name
Rice, V. M. (Victor Moreau), 1818-18699Proper Name
Rich, Townsend1Proper Name
Richards, Ann, 1933-20062Proper Name
Richards, Dennis1Proper Name
Richards, Esther Miller2Proper Name
Richardson, H. H. (Henry Hobson), 1838-18865Proper Name
Richardson, Maureen1Proper Name
Richey1Proper Name
Richmond, Jerry3Proper Name
Richtmyer, Mary1Proper Name
Riddick, Doris4Proper Name
Rider, Gertrude1Proper Name
Ridgeway, Timothy C.1Proper Name
Ridner, Brian1Proper Name
Riemann, Gertrude A.2Proper Name
Rienow, Robert2Proper Name
Riepe, Dale Maurice, 1918-1Proper Name
Riester, Frederick C.1Proper Name
Riford, L.S.6Proper Name
Rinaldo, Joseph P.2Proper Name
Rinker, Carl D.1Proper Name
Riordan, Jean2Proper Name
Rios, Jennifer1Proper Name
Risley Award3General
Ritter, Diana Jones1Proper Name
Rivera, Peter3Proper Name
Rivera, Ruthy1Proper Name
Rivers -- New York (State)3General
Roach, Steve2Proper Name
Road construction2General
Roalsvig, Jan1Proper Name
Robb, Mrs. Gene1Proper Name
Robbins, Blanche4Proper Name
Robbins, Neal V.1Proper Name
Robbins, Paul1Proper Name
Roberts, Chip1Proper Name
Roberts, Jeff2Proper Name
Roberts, Spencer1Proper Name
Robertson, William Charles1Proper Name
Robinson, Robert Towne1Proper Name
Robinson, Theodore G.1Proper Name
Rocheford, Ellen A.1Proper Name
Rochester (N.Y.)32Location
Rochester City Council (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Rochester Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Rochester Democrat & Chronicle1Proper Name
Rochester State Hospital (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Rockefeller, David1Proper Name
Rockefeller, Happy (Margaretta)1Proper Name
Rockefeller, Nelson A. (Nelson Aldrich), 1908-197935Proper Name
Rockland County (N.Y.)1Location
Rockland Psychiatric Center (N.Y.)3Proper Name
Rockville Center (N.Y.)1Location
Rocky1Proper Name
Rocky Mountains1General
Rodgers, Chris1Proper Name
Rodick, Roger1Proper Name
Rodrigues, John Paul1Proper Name
Roe, Betty Knowlton (Mrs. Daniel)3Proper Name
Roe, Daniel1Proper Name
Roemer, James2Proper Name
Roffer, Alan1Proper Name
Rogalski, Tom1Proper Name
Rogers, Carol1Proper Name
Rogers, Chuck1Proper Name
Rogers, Genevieve1Proper Name
Rogers, Leo1Proper Name
Rogers, Marie3Proper Name
Rogowski, Stephen J.2Proper Name
Roller painting1General
Roma, Kathy1Proper Name
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York1Proper Name
Roosevelt Presidential Library (N.Y.)2Proper Name
Roosevelt University1Proper Name
Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1884-19621Proper Name
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, 1882-19452Proper Name
Ropke, Delores1Proper Name
Rosa, Philip G.1Proper Name
Rose, Jack1Proper Name
Rose, Jim2Proper Name
Rose, Mable E.1Proper Name
Roselle, Sally Logan2Proper Name
Rosen, Hy3Proper Name
Rosenberg, Finkle2Proper Name
Rosenblatt, Linda1Proper Name
Rosenthal, Mel, 1940-1Proper Name
Rosie The Riveter2Proper Name
Rosio, Ron1Proper Name
Ross, JoAnn1Proper Name
Ross, Mindy9Proper Name
Rossabi, Mayer1Proper Name
Rossi, Jacquelyn R.1Proper Name
Roswell Park Cancer Institute (N.Y.)3Proper Name
Rote, Roger1Proper Name
Rouchaud, Marguerite1Proper Name
Rouse, Louis1Proper Name
Rovere, Ralph1Proper Name
Rowe, Pat1Proper Name
Rowe, Robert C.1Proper Name
Royals, Amos2Proper Name
Ruberti, Gary1Proper Name
Rubin, Lester11Proper Name
Rubin, Steven A.1Proper Name
Ruff, Lindy2Proper Name
Ruggiero, Joseph1Proper Name
Ruggiero, Vincent Ryan1Proper Name
Ruiz, Claudia1Proper Name
Runners (Sports)6General
Russell Sage College1Proper Name
Russell, Clarence1Proper Name
Russell, John K.1Proper Name
Russell, John Raymond1Proper Name
Russell, Judy2Proper Name
Russo, Ed2Proper Name
Rustin, Bayard, 1912-19871Proper Name
Ruuz, Hilda Heins1Proper Name
Ruvo, Ron1Proper Name
Ryan, Andy3Proper Name
Ryan, Bernard J.2Proper Name
Ryan, John4Proper Name
Ryan, Judy1Proper Name
Ryan, Mary Lou1Proper Name
Ryan, Sarah Jane1Proper Name
Ryan, Tim1Proper Name
Rydell, Bernadette Freel2Proper Name
Ryder, Pat Purcell1Proper Name
Rye Brook (N.Y.)9Location
Sabo, Ruth A. L.1Proper Name
Sabo, Tim1Proper Name
Sabol, Edward1Proper Name
Sabol, Virginia R. Davis3Proper Name
Sackey, Sybil1Proper Name
Saddlemire, Gerald L.1Proper Name
Sadya, Sahadewa1Proper Name
Safety demonstrations5General
Safety goggles1General
Safian, Gail R.1Proper Name
Saimond, Paul 2Proper Name
Sajak, Pat4Proper Name
Sakaris, Barbara1Proper Name
Salamanca (NY)1Location
Saler, Phillip1Proper Name
Salerno, Thomas1Proper Name
Salkever, Louis R.2Proper Name
Salkin, Patricia E.1Proper Name
Salle, Michael1Proper Name
Salomone, John2Proper Name
Salvation Army (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Salvatore, Marie1Proper Name
Samson, Julie A.1Proper Name
Samuelson, Paul Anthony, 1915-1Proper Name
Sanbonmatsu, Akira6Proper Name
Sanders, Dan1Proper Name
Sanders, Lee1Proper Name
Sanderson, Dorothy Hurlbut1Proper Name
Sanderson, Miriam2Proper Name
Sands, Kay2Proper Name
Sandy, James1Proper Name
Santore, Elizabeth Bigsbee3Proper Name
Sarachan, Sonya Balshan2Proper Name
Saratoga County (N.Y.)2Location
Saratoga Springs (N.Y.)6Location
Saratogian1Proper Name
Sardisco, Anthony S.1Proper Name
Sargent, Ed1Proper Name
Sarnoff, Stephanie1Proper Name
Sauers, Elaine1Proper Name
Sauers, Richard7Proper Name
Saulsbury, Ruth1Proper Name
Saunders, Andrew1Proper Name
Saunders, Susan A.1Proper Name
Savage, Roxanne2Proper Name
Savard, Timothy1Proper Name
Sawhill, John C., 1936-1Proper Name
Saxon, Candy1Proper Name
Sayles, John M.14Proper Name
Scalise, Tony1Proper Name
Schaefer, Vincent J.21Proper Name
Schafer, Ron3Proper Name
Schaffer, D. Jo9Proper Name
Schaffer, Richard H.1Proper Name
Schaffer-Weiner, Brenda1Proper Name
Scheide, William H. (William Hurd), 1914-1Proper Name
Schenectady (N.Y.)4Proper Name
Schenectady County (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Schenectady County Legislature (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Scheuering, Janet1Proper Name
Scheuerman, William20Proper Name
Schickele, Peter1Proper Name
Schiffman, Gerald6Proper Name
Schimel, Michelle1Proper Name
Schiocet, Gary4Proper Name
Schlef, Aileen R.1Proper Name
Schlesinger, Arthur Meier, 1917-2Proper Name
Schlosser, Karla1Proper Name
Schmatz, Karen1Proper Name
Schmid Award2General
Schmidt, Ethel1Proper Name
Schmidt, Karl M., 1917-1Proper Name
Schneider, Jeffrey G.2Proper Name
Schneider, Kathy1Proper Name
Schneider, Mary Jane1Proper Name
Schneiderman, Jeremiah1Proper Name
Schnitzer, Klaus2Proper Name
Schnur, Lamar1Proper Name
Schoichet, Gary2Proper Name
Scholl, John1Proper Name
School contests1General
Schorr, Daniel, 1916-1Proper Name
Schotland, Roy4Proper Name
Schraml, Bernard1Proper Name
Schraml, Mary1Proper Name
Schroeder, Alan B.53Proper Name
Schroeder, Thomas1Proper Name
Schult, William1Proper Name
Schultze, L. Walter1Proper Name
Schumer, Chuck9Proper Name
Schuyler County (N.Y.)1Location
Schuyler, Joseph32Proper Name
Schwab, Peter1Proper Name
Schwartz, Dorothy2Proper Name
Schwartz, Sheila, 1929-2Proper Name
Schweik, Robert C.1Proper Name
Schweitzer, Albert, 1875-19651Proper Name
Schwerin, Ursula1Proper Name
Scibetta, Richard1Proper Name
Scotia (N.Y.)1Location
Scotland, Minnie B.2Proper Name
Scott, Mary A1Proper Name
Scott, Warren B.2Proper Name
Screen Actor's Guild1Proper Name
Seagle, John P.2Proper Name
Seaman, Josephine Eunice, 1851 - 1Proper Name
Sears, Sheila1Proper Name
Sederer, Lloyd1Proper Name
Sedransk, Nell16Proper Name
Seide, Eliot2Proper Name
Seifert, Robert H.1Proper Name
Self-Defense classes1General
Selzner, Dennis11Proper Name
Semple and Stein22Proper Name
Senate Professional Association 2Proper Name
Seneca County Local Veterans Committee (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Senior Weekend1Event
September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 200144Event
Sepulchral monuments1General
Serio, Nicholas V.2Proper Name
Service Employees International Union2Proper Name
Servicemen's readjustment act of 19441Proper Name
Serviss, Shirley J.1Proper Name
Seunarine, Lance1Proper Name
Seward, James L.2Proper Name
Sex offenders--legislation (N.Y.)1General
Seymour, William3Proper Name
Sezman, Edward1Proper Name
Sgarlata, Carmen1Proper Name
Shafer, Richard L.1Proper Name
Shaffer, Gail S.1Proper Name
Shane, Alex1Proper Name
Shanghai (China)1Location
Shank, Alan, 1936-16Proper Name
Shank, Clarence, Davis, Jr.2Proper Name
Shanker, Albert21Proper Name
Sharland, Donna1Proper Name
Sharp, Susan2Proper Name
Sharpe, Isabella K.1Proper Name
Sharpton, Al 1954-2Proper Name
Shaver, Elizabeth1Proper Name
Shaver, Sarah F.1Proper Name
Shaw, Edward2Proper Name
Shaw, Jack1Proper Name
Shaw, Lee1Proper Name
Shaw, Sam1Proper Name
Shea Stadium (N.Y.)1Location
Shear, John1Proper Name
Sheedy, James J.2Proper Name
Sheet music1General
Sheffer, John B.1Proper Name
Sheffey, Ginger7Proper Name
Shefftz, Melvin1Proper Name
Sheldon, Mike1Proper Name
Shelter Island (N.Y.)1Location
Shelton, Carlton1Proper Name
Shelton, Linda1Proper Name
Shemin, Henry1Proper Name
Shenendehowa High School (NY)1Proper Name
Shepard, Carlton L.1Proper Name
Shepard, Mina A.1Proper Name
Sheperd, Ignatius1Proper Name
Shepherd, John2Proper Name
Sheridan Steam Plant--Albany (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Sheriff, Selene Wolf1Proper Name
Sherk, Debi1Proper Name
Sherlock, Joseph1Proper Name
Sherrie, Roger1Proper Name
Sherwood, Mary1Proper Name
Sheuchenko, Robert J.1Proper Name
Shevlin, Margaret1Proper Name
Shipherd, Susan Van Horn1Proper Name
Shivery, George1Proper Name
Shoro, Clifford C.1Proper Name
Shottenkirk, Elizabeth1Proper Name
Shuback, April1Proper Name
Shultes, Wayne1Proper Name
Shultis, Keith2Proper Name
Shumaker, John W.2Proper Name
Shunk, Francis Rawn, 1788-18482Proper Name
Shurter, Bill1Proper Name
Shutka, Meg2Proper Name
Sibaya, Patrick1Proper Name
Siciliano, Joe1Proper Name
Sidney (N.Y.)1Location
Siedlecki, Jack1Proper Name
Siegel, Mark A. (Mark Alan), 1944-17Proper Name
Sielaff, Bob1Proper Name
Sielaff, Robert2Proper Name
Sievert, Sara1Proper Name
Sign, signed or signing6General
Signs and signboards138General
Silhouettes 5General
Silver, Sheldon, 1944-10Proper Name
Silverberg, Michael2Proper Name
Silverman, Jeff1Proper Name
Simmons, Gwen5Proper Name
Simmons, Marcus1Proper Name
Simon, Olive2Proper Name
Simpson, Barbara1Proper Name
Sinatra, Frank, 1915-1Proper Name
Sing Sing Prison (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Sirotkin, Phillip L.2Proper Name
Sittig, Beverly1Proper Name
Skalski, Moira1Proper Name
Skeleton 1General
Skinner, Eliza1Proper Name
Skinner, Hilda Sarr1Proper Name
Skopp, Douglas R., 1941-9Proper Name
Skorton, David1Proper Name
Skuse, Ray12Proper Name
Slack, Jane Kotvis2Proper Name
Slaughter, Louise M.2Proper Name
Slaunwhite, W. Roy, 1919-2Proper Name
Slavic Languages, Department of1General
Slawsky, David77Proper Name
Slocum, Clyde W.6Proper Name
Smallwood, John R.1Proper Name
Smith, Ann1Proper Name
Smith, Bruce4Proper Name
Smith, Buffalo Bob, 1917-1Proper Name
Smith, Carl1Proper Name
Smith, Dawn2Proper Name
Smith, Dwight1Proper Name
Smith, Edwin T.1Proper Name
Smith, Frances4Proper Name
Smith, George K.1Proper Name
Smith, Glen2Proper Name
Smith, Gloria2Proper Name
Smith, Grace3Proper Name
Smith, Jack H.4Proper Name
Smith, Jim1Proper Name
Smith, John10Proper Name
Smith, Livingston I.1Proper Name
Smith, Marion E.1Proper Name
Smith, Noni2Proper Name
Smith, Patricia1Proper Name
Smith, Raymond W.1Proper Name
Smith, Reggie1Proper Name
Smith, Richard1Proper Name
Smith, Ruth1Proper Name
Smith, Sally1Proper Name
Smith, Sam1Proper Name
Smith, Scott1Proper Name
Smith, Sigmund A.1Proper Name
Smith, Susan S.1Proper Name
Smith, Susan Seabury3Proper Name
Smith, Todd4Proper Name
Smith, William C.1Proper Name
Smithtown (N.Y.)1Location
Smithtown Fire District (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Smolinsky, Mary1Proper Name
Sniatecki, Dave1Proper Name
Snider, Ed4Proper Name
Snoopy (Fictitious character)1Proper Name
Snow sculpture1General
Snow storms7General
Snyder, Carrie M.1Proper Name
Snyder, Dexter1Proper Name
Snyder, Gordon W.1Proper Name
Snyder, Mark1Proper Name
Snyder, William F.1Proper Name
Sobles, Gerry1Proper Name
Sobokowicz, Tom2Proper Name
Sobol, Thomas1Proper Name
Soccer coaches3General
Soccer fields5General
Soccer players22General
Social Events17Event
Social groups4General
Social Welfare, School of12General
Sodexho-Marriot1Proper Name
Softy, Bill1Proper Name
Sokojia, A.J.1Proper Name
Sokolinsky, Maurice1Proper Name
Solimando, Roger F.5Proper Name
Solnick, Bruce6Proper Name
Solokoff, Norman1Proper Name
Somalia8Proper Name
Sommer, William1Proper Name
SOMTAD (Somalia mgmt. training and development)8General
Soroka, Heather1Proper Name
Sound recordings1General
Sound symbolism1General
South Africa1Location
South Beach Psychiatric Center (N.Y.)2Proper Name
Southeast Asians1General
Sowalskie, Glenn1Proper Name
Spaeth, Ann1Proper Name
Spaeth, Sigmund1Proper Name
Spano, Andy1Proper Name
Spano, Nicholas A.5Proper Name
Spatto, Beatruce1Proper Name
Special Olympics New York10Proper Name
Special Olympics, Inc.16Proper Name
Speeches, addresses, etc.546Event
Speed Skaters1General
Speight, Carlos3Proper Name
Spellman, Seth W.5Proper Name
Spence, James R.1Proper Name
Sper, Jane2Proper Name
Spitzer, Eliot, 1959-23Proper Name
Sployd, Julia1Proper Name
Spohn, Connie1Proper Name
Sports facilities5General
Sports Information1Proper Name
Sprague, Richard1Proper Name
Springer, Herm1Proper Name
Springmann, Edward1Proper Name
Springsteed, Clara B.1Proper Name
Squires, Bruce1Proper Name
St. Clair, Donald1Proper Name
St. Clair, Ute H. 2Proper Name
St. Hillaire, Monique1Proper Name
St. John, Joseph1Proper Name
St. Lawrence County (N.Y.)3Location
St. Lawrence State Hospital School of Nursing (N.Y)1Proper Name
St. Lawrence University1Proper Name
St. Mary of Nazareth Hospital (Chicago, IL)1Proper Name
St. Paul (Minn.)1Location
Stafford, Ronald B.4Proper Name
Stahlman, Elmer1Proper Name
Staley, Harry C.1Proper Name
Stalvey, Owen Steve1Proper Name
Stamas, Beth1Proper Name
Stamm, John1Proper Name
Stand-up comedy1General
Standish, J. Spencer3Proper Name
Stanford, Jackie4Proper Name
Stanford, Jacqueline2Proper Name
Stanton, Benjamin J.1Proper Name
Star Spangled Washboard Band1Proper Name
State College News6Proper Name
State Fair5General
State Normal School (Albany, N.Y.)197General
State Office Campus3Location
State University College (Oswego, N.Y.)16Proper Name
State University College at Buffalo26Proper Name
State University College at Cortland65Proper Name
State University Federation of Teachers 2Proper Name
State University of New York71Proper Name
State University of New York at Albany842Proper Name
State University of New York at Albany. Office of the President7Proper Name
State University of New York at Binghamton22Proper Name
State University of New York at Buffalo15Proper Name
State University of New York at Cobleskill7Proper Name
State University of New York at New Paltz26Proper Name
State University of New York at Stony Brook 27Proper Name
State University of New York College at Albany11Proper Name
State University of New York College at Brockport46Proper Name
State University of New York College at Fredonia14Proper Name
State University of New York College at Oneonta31Proper Name
State University of New York College, Geneseo25Proper Name
State University of New York Maritime College14Proper Name
State University of New York. College of Optometry6Proper Name
State University of New York. Potsdam College33Proper Name
State University of New York/College at Old Westbury12Proper Name
State University of NY College of Ed. at Albany11Proper Name
Staten Island (N.Y.)4Location
Statesmen33Proper Name
Statue of Liberty1Proper Name
Stavisky, Leonard P. (Leonard Price)1Proper Name
Stebner, Ruth2Proper Name
Steck, Henry15Proper Name
Steckler, Ellen2Proper Name
Steedman, Belle H.1Proper Name
Steele, Ed1Proper Name
Steele, Marion Reinheimer1Proper Name
Steen, Ivan12Proper Name
Steib, Laura L.1Proper Name
Stein, Paul1Proper Name
Steinberg, Judith L.1Proper Name
Steinberg, Susann Winnie1Proper Name
Steinhauer, Robert B. 1Proper Name
Steins, Janet4Proper Name
Stella, Joseph2Proper Name
Stella, Madeleine Payne7Proper Name
Stempert, Bob1Proper Name
Stennrod, Edward1Proper Name
Stephens, Lucile4Proper Name
Sterfin1Proper Name
Sternbach, Evelyn1Proper Name
Sterry, Edwin Smith, (1842-1900)36Proper Name
Stevens, Barbara1Proper Name
Stevens, Elizabeth1Proper Name
Stevens, Frank A., Sr.1Proper Name
Stewart, Gail2Proper Name
Stewart, Isabelle1Proper Name
Stewart, James1Proper Name
Stewart, Otto J.1Proper Name
Stewart, Pam1Proper Name
Stewart, Russell1Proper Name
Stierer, Bob1Proper Name
Stiles, C. Riverius1Proper Name
Stipano, Mark1Proper Name
Stoddard, George D.1Proper Name
Stoeffels, Doris1Proper Name
Stokes, Ellen C. 3Proper Name
Stokes, Margaret2Proper Name
Stollar, Louis3Proper Name
Stoller, Richard1Proper Name
Stone, Alan1Proper Name
Stone, Daniel2Proper Name
Stone, Edward Durell, 1902-197817Proper Name
Stone, James1Proper Name
Stone, Jessica12Proper Name
Stoneman, Kate1Proper Name
Stony Brook Hospital (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Stopfel, Earl1Proper Name
Storm, Hannah1Proper Name
Story, Harold1Proper Name
Stott, Clara Fahnestock (Billie)5Proper Name
Stotz, Norma de Roos2Proper Name
Strattner, Lawrence W., Jr.1Proper Name
Stratton Air National Guard Base (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Stratton, Samuel S.1Proper Name
Straub, J. Vanderbilt7Proper Name
Straub, Mildred4Proper Name
Street Academy1Proper Name
Street Paver1General
Streeter, Willis1Proper Name
Stretching exercises3General
Strickland, Sam1Proper Name
Strikes and lockouts5General
String quartet2General
Stringed instruments27General
Stroebel, Ernst1Proper Name
Strouse, Jean1Proper Name
Stucker-Best, Miriam1Proper Name
Student Activities144General
Student Affairs, Office of9Proper Name
Student Association39General
Student Groups22General
Student Information Hour1Event
Student Life, Office of2General
Student protesters3General
Students with disabilities2General
Students, Foreign2General
Studer, Hannah3Proper Name
Studer, Norman624Proper Name
Stuhler, Sharyn Teves2Proper Name
Stuto, Kristina1Proper Name
Stutz, John5Proper Name
Stymus, Hannah A.1Proper Name
Suffolk County (N.Y.)9Location
Suffolk County Community College1Proper Name
Sulewski, Joan2Proper Name
Sullivan County (N.Y.)5Location
Sullivan, Edward7Proper Name
Sullivan, Jim1Proper Name
Sullivan, Mary E.37Proper Name
Sullivan, Robert F.2Proper Name
Sullivan, Ronald1Proper Name
Summer Planning Conference2Proper Name
Sun, Yat-sen, 1866-19251Proper Name
Sunderhaft, Louis7Proper Name
SUNY Ag. and Tech. College at Cobleskill53Proper Name
SUNY at Albany. Center for Women in Government1Proper Name
SUNY at Buffalo. Dept. of Ed. Org., Admin., Policy1Proper Name
SUNY College at Plattsburgh47Proper Name
SUNY College at Potsdam1Proper Name
SUNY College of Technology at Delhi13Proper Name
SUNY College of Technology at Farmingdale32Proper Name
SUNY Health and Science Center (N.Y.)2Proper Name
SUNY Health Science Center at Buffalo5Proper Name
SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse9Proper Name
SUNY Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome5Proper Name
SUNY United2Proper Name
SUNY Upstate University Hospital (N.Y.)5Proper Name
SUNY, College of Ag. and Tech. at Morrisville18Proper Name
SUNY, Columbia-Greene Community College2General
SUNY. Central Administration18General
SUNY. College of Technology at Canton31Proper Name
SUNY. Health Science Center at Brooklyn39Proper Name
SUNY. Health Science Center at Stony Brook16Proper Name
SUNYA Jazz Ensemble1Proper Name
Suprunowicz, Mike1Proper Name
Surles, Richard1Proper Name
Surveys and studies2General
Suspension bridges1General
Swalm, Debra1Proper Name
Swan lake (Choreographic work)1Proper Name
Sweeney, John J., 1934-2Proper Name
Sweet, Doris1Proper Name
Swenson, Leslie H.2Proper Name
Swimming pools15General
Swinehart, Gene1Proper Name
Swyer, Lewis1Proper Name
Swygert, H. Patrick12Proper Name
Syeed, Ali1Proper Name
Sykes, Esther Weatherwax4Proper Name
Symula, James1Proper Name
Syracuse (N.Y.)22Location
Syracuse University2Proper Name
Systems librarians1General
Syzmanski, Richard1Proper Name
Szarek, Henry1Proper Name
Szurnicki, Greg2Proper Name
Szymura, Stephen Jr.1Proper Name
Szymura, Stephen Sr.1Proper Name
T¯oky¯o Gengaku Shij¯us¯odan2Proper Name
Taconic Developmental Disabilities Services Office2Proper Name
Take a Faculty Member to Dinner2Event
Tallon, James R., Jr.9Proper Name
Tally, Claire1Proper Name
Tamor, Lynne1Proper Name
Tappan Zee Bridge (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Tarasevitch, Moses1Proper Name
Tarmey, Richard1Proper Name
Tarrytown (N.Y.)2Location
Tasker, James1Proper Name
Tasler, Nellie J. C.1Proper Name
Taubold, Diane E.1Proper Name
Tauitian, Patricia2Proper Name
Taylor Act, 1967 (N.Y.)4Proper Name
Taylor, Andrea1Proper Name
Taylor, Barbara2Proper Name
Taylor, Christine1Proper Name
Taylor, Clara3Proper Name
Taylor, Emily A.1Proper Name
Taylor, Geoff1Proper Name
Taylor, Myron6Proper Name
Taylor, Regina Bollenbach1Proper Name
Taylor, Thomas B.2Proper Name
Taylor, Wallace W.5Proper Name
Taylor, William1Proper Name
Teachers Salaries, etc. New York (State)4General
Teachers Training of14General
Teachman, Rose1Proper Name
Teddy bears1General
Tedisco, James1Proper Name
Teetsell, Gladys1Proper Name
Teevan, Richard14Proper Name
Telephone booths1General
Television broadcasting8General
Teller, Edward, 1908-1Proper Name
Temesvary, Stephen C.1Proper Name
Temple, Dorothy2Proper Name
Ten Eyck, Mrs. Peter1Proper Name
Tenaglia, Ronald J.1Proper Name
Tennis, J. Arthur1Proper Name
Tenoren Technologies L.L.C1Proper Name
Terry, Charles2Proper Name
Terry, Jennie V.1Proper Name
Terry, Willie1Proper Name
Terwilliger, E. William1Proper Name
Tesch, Dawn1Proper Name
Tesch, Frederick E.1Proper Name
Tevebaugh-Kenwryck, Neil A.2Proper Name
Textile crafts1General
Thant, U, 1909-197410Proper Name
Thatcher, Eleanor T.1Proper Name
The Advocate1Proper Name
The Albany Review1Proper Name
The Echo5Proper Name
The Pretzel1Proper Name
The Public Sector (CSEA Monthly Publication)3Proper Name
The Spirit1Proper Name
The Studio20Proper Name
The Voice281Proper Name
Theater Institute1Proper Name
Theater, Department of1General
Theatre Alumni Association3General
Theatre Alumni Award1General
Therapist and patient2General
Thiers, Bonnie1Proper Name
Thomas, A. Douglas1Proper Name
Thomas, Betty4Proper Name
Thomas, Chester B.1Proper Name
Thomas, David3Proper Name
Thomas, Jane O'Brien1Proper Name
Thomas, Katherine1Proper Name
Thomas, Noel1Proper Name
Thomas, Stanley1Proper Name
Thomas, Stone1Proper Name
Thomas, Sylvia2Proper Name
Thomas, Sylvia Semmler1Proper Name
Thomas, William M.1Proper Name
Thomas-Welch, Jean1Proper Name
Thompkins, Margaret Sinclaire4Proper Name
Thompson, A. Elting1Proper Name
Thompson, Gary1Proper Name
Thompson, Harold William, 1891-19641Proper Name
Thompson, Leland1Proper Name
Thompson, Linda1Proper Name
Thompson, Richard L.2Proper Name
Thompson, Steve5Proper Name
Thoms, Micki2Proper Name
Thomson, E. Frances1Proper Name
Thor, Charles2Proper Name
Thorne, Clifton C.19Proper Name
Thorne, Rachel1Proper Name
Thorne, Vivian3Proper Name
Thornton, Jerome1Proper Name
Thorstensen, Robert E.1Proper Name
Thull, Beulah Bailey1Proper Name
TIAA-CREF Institute10Proper Name
Tian'an Men (Beijing, China)2Location
Tibbets, John1Proper Name
Tibbetts, Carol2Proper Name
Tibbetts, J. Ralph2Proper Name
Tiburzi, Agnes1Proper Name
Tichner, Fred1Proper Name
Tickner, Fred J.2Proper Name
Tieman, Suzannah B.1Proper Name
Tiger, Elizabeth1Proper Name
Tigert, James J.1Proper Name
Tillich, Paul, 1886-19651Proper Name
Times-Union (Albany, N.Y.)2Proper Name
Timm, Elaine1Proper Name
Timothy's Law1General
Timpano, Bob2Proper Name
Tioga County (N.Y.)2Location
Tioga County Department of Social Services (N.Y.)2Proper Name
Tirella, Michael H.1Proper Name
Tischler, Rose Handler1Proper Name
Tisdale, Walter M.3Proper Name
Tobin, Debra L.4Proper Name
Tobin, Joan1Proper Name
Today Show1Proper Name
Tokasz, Paul1Proper Name
Tokyo String Quartet2Proper Name
Tolman, Frank L.1Proper Name
Tomassi, Mike1Proper Name
Tompkins (N.Y.)3Location
Tompkins, Darlene1Proper Name
Tong, Alfred E.1Proper Name
Tonko, Paul D.7Proper Name
Tonne, Herbert Arthur, 1904-1Proper Name
Tony Jerome Photography1Proper Name
Toomey, Gerald1Proper Name
Torch Night30Event
Torian, Helen1Proper Name
Tornstrom, Kelly1Proper Name
Torrance, Scott3Proper Name
Torrens, Mary1Proper Name
Torrente Ballester, Gonzalo1Proper Name
Torres, Janet Ventrano1Proper Name
Tosh, Floyd1Proper Name
Tosner, Robert P.2Proper Name
Tossone, Irene1Proper Name
Tour guides (Persons)12General
Tourist information centers5General
Tower Tribune6Proper Name
Tower, Donald1Proper Name
Town of Amherst Public Safety Department (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Townsend, Franklin18Proper Name
Townsend, M. E.1Proper Name
Tracey, Nora1Proper Name
Tracy, Jean4Proper Name
Traffic circles3Location
Traffic signs & signals3General
Training workshops2General
Trainor, Kathleen1Proper Name
Tramontana, Vincent2Proper Name
Transfer students2General
Treacy, Jean1Proper Name
Tri-City Valley Cats (baseball team)1Proper Name
Trible, Phyllis1Proper Name
Triebs, Elizabeth1Proper Name
Triggs, Emily1Proper Name
Tripi, Flo 22Proper Name
Tripp, Kathleen Martin4Proper Name
Tronolone, Penny1Proper Name
Trottier, Sue1Proper Name
Troy (N.Y.)6Location
Troy Department of Public Works (NY)2Proper Name
Troy Times Record2Proper Name
Trudeau, Rich1Proper Name
Trumka, Richard L., 1949-3Proper Name
Trunzo, Caesar2Proper Name
Tucker, John2Proper Name
Tucker, Marion1Proper Name
Tuggle, David1Proper Name
Tull, Alice Moore1Proper Name
Turner, Edward4Proper Name
Turner, Fran3Proper Name
Turner, Margaret1Proper Name
Turner, Nura D.3Proper Name
Turon, Steve1Proper Name
Turse, Paul1Proper Name
Tutors and tutoring3General
Tuttle, Paul1Proper Name
Twin Ponds Golf and Country Club, New York Mills (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Twining, Edgar S.1Proper Name
Twining, Julia Silsby1Proper Name
Twoguns, Harriet E.1Proper Name
Tyler, Loraine1Proper Name
U. S. Army. Reserve Officers' Training Corps2General
Uba, Ron4Proper Name
Ulc, Otto1Proper Name
Ulster County (N.Y.)5Location
Uminski, Denis1Proper Name
Umstetter, Joseph1Proper Name
Uncle Sam3Proper Name
Undergraduate Studies, Office of1General
Underwood, Agnes Nolan2General
Ungerer, Glenn1Proper Name
Ungerman, Annette1Proper Name
Union College (Schenectady, N.Y.)3Proper Name
Union Memorabilia1General
Union Theological Seminary (New York, N.Y.)1Proper Name
Unisphere (Queens, New York, N.Y.)1Proper Name
United Auto Workers (N.Y.)1Proper Name
United Farm Workers3Proper Name
United Nations Institute for Training and Research2Proper Name
United Nations. Secretary-General10Proper Name
United States Army Air National Guard1Proper Name
United States Army Air National Guard 109th Airlift Unit1Proper Name
United States Army Reserves2Proper Name
United States Capitol (Washington, D.C.)34General
United States Steel Corporation1Proper Name
United States. Air Force2General
United States. Army. Signal Corps.3General
United States. Congress. House19General
United States. Congress. Senate.80General
United States. Dept. of Health, Ed., and Welfare2General
United States. Dept. of State1General
United States. Embassy (Switzerland)1General
United States. Navy1Proper Name
United States. Office of Education4General
United States. President25General
United University Professions (Association : N.Y.)4463Proper Name
United Way of America2Proper Name
Universiteit Twente1Proper Name
University Administration7General
University Advancement, Division of1General
University Affairs, Office of8General
University Archives Photographs3857General
University Art Museum7General
University at Albany, SUNY114Proper Name
University College1Proper Name
University Foundation4Proper Name
University Libraries39General
University News8Proper Name
University of Detroit1Proper Name
University of Puerto Rico (Mayagüez Campus)3Proper Name
University of the State of New York4General
University of Toronto1Proper Name
University Seminar on Peaceful Changes10Proper Name
University Senate2Proper Name
University staff18General
Uppal, J. S., 1927-3Proper Name
Uptown Campus614Location
Urban beautification3General
Urban life1General
Urkevich, Dan1Proper Name
Urofsky, Melvin I.1Proper Name
USW Local 1000 (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Utica (N.Y.)1Location
Utica Bus Terminal (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Utica Department of Transportation Local (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Utica State Employees Local--CSEA (N.Y.)43Proper Name
UUP Delegate Assembly Speaker29Event
UUP Employment Security Workshop3Event
Vadala, Michael1Proper Name
Vaillancourt, Pauline M.2Proper Name
Valente, Betty Hotten1Proper Name
Valente, Josephine1Proper Name
Valentine's Day1Event
Valentine, Frederick A. (Frederick Arthur), 1926-4Proper Name
Valentine, William2Proper Name
Valhalla (N.Y.)1Location
Vallone, Peter F.2Proper Name
Van Auken, William D.1Proper Name
Van Benthuysen, C. (Charles), 1817-18814Proper Name
Van de Wetering, John Edward, 1927-2Proper Name
Van den Berg, Lawrence H.1Proper Name
Van Duyn Home and Hospital (N.Y.)4Proper Name
Van Dyck, H. David5Proper Name
Van Dyck, Henry H. (Henry Herbert), 1809-18884Proper Name
Van Dyke, Eric1Proper Name
Van Hoogenstyn, M. Parker1Proper Name
Van Horn, Albert2Proper Name
Van Kleeck, Edwin R.1Proper Name
Van Liew, Marion Lyddum1Proper Name
Van Nortwick, David1Proper Name
Van Patten, Grant3Proper Name
Van Vlack, Ruth1Proper Name
Van Voorst, Mark1Proper Name
Van Vranken, Grace1Proper Name
VanAlen, Gladys Teetsell1Proper Name
Vanderpoel, James C.1Proper Name
VanDerzee, Newton B.1Proper Name
VanDuzer, Ed2Proper Name
VanDuzer, Edward4Proper Name
VanDyke, Eric1Proper Name
Vane, Monte1Proper Name
Vanouse, Donald1Proper Name
Vasilow, Jeanne V.1Proper Name
Vaughn, Harold1Proper Name
Vaughn, Mary1Proper Name
Vaults (Architecture)4General
Vazquez, Reynaldo1Proper Name
Veeder Portraits8Proper Name
Vega, Yolanda2Proper Name
Vellake, Angelo1Proper Name
Vending stands6General
Ventresca-Cohen, Nicole1Proper Name
Ventura, Jesse1Proper Name
Verini, Robert1Proper Name
Vermeulen, Sabina2Proper Name
Vermont. Governor.1General
Vernon Downs Racetrack (N.Y.)3Proper Name
Veteran's Day8Event
Vicks, Dwight E. Jr.1Proper Name
Victims of Domestic Violence Information Bureau of Long Island (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Victor (NY)1Location
Victor, Thomas1Proper Name
Video games2General
Vido, Rudolph E.1Proper Name
Vietnam (Republic)1Proper Name
Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-197511Event
Views from below1General
Viggers, Robert1Proper Name
Villanova, Frank2Proper Name
Villeneuve, Arnold1Proper Name
Vincent, Elizabeth1Proper Name
Virgilio, Andrew1Proper Name
Viskocil, Maryann1Proper Name
Visual aids1General
Vitale, James1Proper Name
Vitaliano, Eric2Proper Name
Voice of Independent Childcare Educators (N.Y.)4Proper Name
Volinski, Joel1Proper Name
Volker, Dale M.8Proper Name
Volleyball players4General
Volpone, Jim1Proper Name
Volunteer programs1General
Vonwurmb, Bert1Proper Name
Vos Burgh, Harriet S.1Proper Name
Vosburgh, Kelly1Proper Name
Voter Registration2General
Voter, voting, etc.5General
Vuolo, Richard A.1Proper Name
Wachtler, Sol.1Proper Name
Wadams, Julie1Proper Name
Wade-Loop, Erica1Proper Name
Wadsworth, James S. (James Samuel), 1807-18641Proper Name
Wager, Ralph E.1Proper Name
Wagner, Alan P.1Proper Name
Wagner, E. Beatrice (Betty)4Proper Name
Wagner, Janet M.1Proper Name
Wagner, Wayne1Proper Name
Wakerly, Dorothy1Proper Name
Wakin, B. Bertha2Proper Name
Wakshull, Samuel316Proper Name
Wal-Mart2Proper Name
Waldinger, Conrad1Proper Name
Waldman, Alan S.1Proper Name
Waldo, Barbara1Proper Name
Waldron1Proper Name
Waldron, Sidney R.1Proper Name
Wales, Margaret J.1Proper Name
Walion, Robert1Proper Name
Walker, Barbara K.2Proper Name
Walker, Concetta1Proper Name
Walker, Cynthia1Proper Name
Walker, Joseph A.1Proper Name
Walker, Noel R.2Proper Name
Walker, Renee3Proper Name
Walker, Warren S.2Proper Name
Wall pieces1General
Wall, Jim1Proper Name
Wallace, Carol1Proper Name
Wallace, Dwight T.1Proper Name
Wallace, Edith O. 5Proper Name
Wallace, Kim3Proper Name
Wallace, Rita3Proper Name
Wallkill Highway Department (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Walsh, Bill3Proper Name
Walsh, Daniel2Proper Name
Walsh, Kathleen1Proper Name
Walsh, Terry1Proper Name
Walters, Carl2Proper Name
Walton, Arthur L.1Proper Name
WAMC (Radio station : Albany, N.Y.)3Proper Name
Wansboro, Katharine2Proper Name
Ward, Robert B.1Proper Name
Ward, Susan16Proper Name
Ward, Tom1Proper Name
Ware, Mary C.1Proper Name
Warren County (N.Y.)2Location
Warzel, Tom2Proper Name
Washburn, Donald1Proper Name
Washington County (NY)2Proper Name
Washnis, Jim1Proper Name
Wassaic State School (N.Y)2Proper Name
Wasswaic (N.Y.)1Location
Water towers38Location
Waterbury, Edward P.6Proper Name
Waterford (N.Y.)2Location
Waterman, Louise1Proper Name
Watkins Glen School District (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Watkins, Joe2Proper Name
Watkins, Sue1Proper Name
Watson, Edna M.1Proper Name
Watson, Lindsey1Proper Name
Watson, Pamela1Proper Name
Watson, William G.1Proper Name
Watts-Devine, Judy1Proper Name
Wayne County (N.Y.)3Location
WCDB 90.9 FM (Radio station : Albany, N.Y.)1Proper Name
Weather broadcasting1General
Weather reporting, Radio1General
Weaver, Abram B.2Proper Name
Weaver, David1Proper Name
Webb, H. L.1Proper Name
Webb, Sumner C.2Proper Name
Weber, Harold M.1Proper Name
Webster (N.Y.)1Location
Webster, Jeff1Proper Name
Weeks, Wilhemine1Proper Name
Weicker, Lowell, 1931-1Proper Name
Weidner, Barbara15Proper Name
Weigel, Donald1Proper Name
Weil, E. M.3Proper Name
Weinfeld, Stuart K.2Proper Name
Weinstein, B.1Proper Name
Weir, Katherine1Proper Name
Weisberger, Stanley E.1Proper Name
Weisenberg, Harvey1Proper Name
Weiss, S. M.1Proper Name
Welch, Dean1Proper Name
Welch, Lewis P.2Proper Name
Welch, Mike1Proper Name
Welch, Mrs. Lewis1Proper Name
Welders and welding1General
Wells, F. (Mrs. Nelson M.)1Proper Name
Welt, Debra1Proper Name
Welt, Robert F.2Proper Name
Wendel, Mary Lou2Proper Name
Wendell, Cornelius, 1813-18701Proper Name
Wendell, Peter, 1786-18494Proper Name
Wenzl, Theodore C.36Proper Name
Werner, Alfred C.1Proper Name
Werner, Cindy1Proper Name
Wesleyan University (Middletown, Conn.)1Proper Name
Wesnofske, Ed26Proper Name
West, Doris Sayles3Proper Name
West, Jim1Proper Name
Westbrook, Derek1Proper Name
Westchester County (N.Y.) 19Location
Westchester-Putnam Central Labor Body (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Westfall, Troy1Proper Name
Weston, Eliza S.1Proper Name
Wettlaufer, C. Penn1Proper Name
Whalen, Rodney3Proper Name
Whalen, Tom (Thomas M.)3Proper Name
Wharton, Clifton R., Jr.39Proper Name
Wheaton, Colleen9Proper Name
Whelan, Jack1Proper Name
Whipple, Karen1Proper Name
Whish, Mary2Proper Name
Whitbeck, Maritta1Proper Name
Whitcomb, May1Proper Name
Whitcombe, Clara Belle1Proper Name
White Plains (N.Y.)3Location
White, Beth2Proper Name
White, Bob1Proper Name
White, Harold1Proper Name
White, Mabel4Proper Name
White, Merrill1Proper Name
White, Olga1Proper Name
White, Paul1Proper Name
White, Shirley1Proper Name
White, Vanna3Proper Name
White, Zelda1Proper Name
Whitely, Donald1Proper Name
Whitney, Charles1Proper Name
Whittam, Robert1Proper Name
Whittlesey, Eunice Baird20Proper Name
Whittlesey, Joseph I.5Proper Name
Wickham, Jennie E. Wornham2Proper Name
Widman, George1Proper Name
Wieczorek, Paul4Proper Name
Wiesner, William5Proper Name
Wiggers, Harold C.1Proper Name
Wilcox, David1Proper Name
Wilcox, Duane1Proper Name
Wild, Suzanne1Proper Name
Wildman, Anthony2Proper Name
Wildwood Programs1Proper Name
Wiley, Carol3Proper Name
Wilhelm, Margaret Crane2Proper Name
Wilkes, Hiram B.1Proper Name
Wilkin, Samuel J. (Samuel Jones), 1793-18661Proper Name
Wilkins, Michael1Proper Name
Wilkins, Virginia Norton1Proper Name
Will, Arnold J.1Proper Name
Willcox, Anne3Proper Name
Willets, Mary2Proper Name
William L. McGowan OSH Award1Proper Name
Williams, Bob1Proper Name
Williams, Carlota3Proper Name
Williams, Darlene1Proper Name
Williams, Herman1Proper Name
Williams, Linda2Proper Name
Williams, Ruth Kelley1Proper Name
Williams, William R.1Proper Name
Williamsville (N.Y.)1Location
Willoughby, Laura2Proper Name
Willow Point Nursing Home (N.Y.)1Proper Name
Willowbrook State Hospital (N.Y.)3Proper Name
Wills, Lawrence5Proper Name
Willsey, Alan2Proper Name
Willsey, Katherine Cousins4Proper Name
Wilman, Hattie E.1Proper Name
Wilsey, O. Jay1Proper Name
Wilson, Daryl2Proper Name
Wilson, John H. (British artist, 1774-1855)1Proper Name
Wilson, Maeruth3Proper Name
Wilson, Malcolm, 1914-3Proper Name
Wilson, Michael1Proper Name
Wilson, Mike1Proper Name
Wilson, Robert1Proper Name
Wilson, Zoranda1Proper Name
Wind storms1General
Windham, Douglas M.11Proper Name
Wing, Judith2Proper Name
Wing, Lucy1Proper Name
Winn, Hudson1Proper Name
Winner, George H.1Proper Name
Winship, Albert E. (Albert Edward), 1845-19331Proper Name
Winter -- New York (State)23General
Winter, Mabel A.1Proper Name
Winters, Gale1Proper Name
Winters, Louise1Proper Name
Winterstein, Blanche L.1Proper Name
Wise, Josephine3Proper Name
Wise, Madeline Tietjen1Proper Name
Wishnia, Judith2Proper Name
Witkin, Irv10Proper Name
Wittner, Lawrence S.5Proper Name
Wizard of Oz1Proper Name
WMHT (Television station : Schenectady, N.Y.)1Proper Name
WNYT (Television station : Albany, N.Y.)4Proper Name
Wofford, Ron9Proper Name
Wojtowicz, Stanley6Proper Name
Wolfe, Evelyn2Proper Name
Wolfe, John1Proper Name
Wolff, Werner1Proper Name
Wolin, Burton1Proper Name
Wollett, Donald H.3Proper Name
Wolner, Louis J., Jr.2General
Wolner, Louis J., Sr.2Proper Name
Wolven, Kenneth1Proper Name
Women athletes7General
Women basketball players27General
Women comedians1General
Women dancers6General
Women gymnasts35General
Women jazz musicians1General
Women--Societies and clubs (New York State)-Albany12General
Wong, Robert2Proper Name
Wood, Chester1Proper Name
Wood, Chet1Proper Name
Wood, De Volson1Proper Name
Wood, Emma1Proper Name
Woodard, Esther1Proper Name
Woodcock, Harry1Proper Name
Woodruff, Howard2Proper Name
Woodruff, Margaret L.1Proper Name
Woodruff, Michael1Proper Name
Woodson, Dorothy1Proper Name
Woodward, Claude R.1Proper Name
Woodwind instruments5General
Wooley, Fred3Proper Name
Wooliver, Ryan1Proper Name
Woolworth, Samuel B.20Proper Name
Work Force (CSEA Monthly Publication)308Proper Name
Worker Rights1General
Worker's Memorial Day (N.Y.)3Event
Workplace Safety1General
Workshops (Adult education)116Event
Worksite Security Act, 2006 (N.Y.)7Event
World reccords -- Periodicals5General
World War, 1914-19186Event
World War, 1939-194510Event
World War, 1939-1945--Veterans8General
World Week1Event
Worlock, Paul A.1Proper Name
Worthy, Ann1Proper Name
Wosnick, Raymond2Proper Name
Wounds and injuries2General
Wrestling matches7General
WRGB-TV (Television station : Schenectady, N.Y.)3Proper Name
Wright, Herbert1Proper Name
Wright, Tawanna2Proper Name
Wroblewski, Louis1Proper Name
WTEN (Television station : Albany, N.Y.)2Proper Name
Wuilliez, Dawn1Proper Name
Wurf, Jerry, 1919-11Proper Name
Wurthman, Charles1Proper Name
Wurzbach, Frederick H.1Proper Name
Wyer, James I., Jr.1Proper Name
Wyetzner, Cheryl1Proper Name
Yager, John F.2Proper Name
Yager, Susan1Proper Name
Yahinaton, Rebecca1Proper Name
Yangtze River (China)1Location
Yearbooks -- Our Book3General
Yearbooks -- Pedagogue18General
Yearbooks -- The Barker1General
Yearbooks -- The Neon3General
Yearbooks -- Torch19General
Yee, Wendell Atom1Proper Name
Yellowstone Field Research Expedition1Location
Yellowstone National Park1Location
Yeracaris, Constantine A.2Proper Name
Yergin, Ruth1Proper Name
Yerton, Marc1Proper Name
Ying, Sarah1Proper Name
Young Women's Christian Association of Albany1General
Young, Clinton1Proper Name
Young, Dan1Proper Name
Young, Grant1Proper Name
Young, Janet1Proper Name
Young, Margaret1Proper Name
Young, Samuel, 1779-18505Proper Name
Young, Sophia E.1Proper Name
Youngs, Loren A.4Proper Name
Youth Opportunity Center--CSEA (N.Y.)3Proper Name
Yurek, Mary Ellen1Proper Name
Yurman, Will17Proper Name
Zammiello, Frank1Proper Name
Zarembka, Paul4Proper Name
Zaron, Barbara2Proper Name
Zebrowski, Ken4Proper Name
Zeh, Graham W.1Proper Name
Zeldin, Marvin2Proper Name
Zellan, Jeffrey S.1Proper Name
Zeller, Belle4Proper Name
Zeller, Ray1Proper Name
Zemansky, Mark Waldo, 1900-1Proper Name
Zeppieri, Al1Proper Name
Zhonghua da dian1General
Zilbauer, Susan1Proper Name
Zimmerman, Sanford J.4Proper Name
Zlotkowski, Gerard1Proper Name
Zohoori, Ali1Proper Name
Zucker, Peter J.2Proper Name
Zuppardo, Ann1Proper Name
Zweig, Michael, 1942-1Proper Name
Zych, Maria L.2Proper Name