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Searching the University at Albany Libraries' Digital Collections
Viewing Results

Searching the University at Albany Libraries' Digital Collections

To search the database, select a field from the dropdown box and then enter search terms in the text box at right.

Users may also choose from a complete list of subject terms when conducting searches. Clicking on a subject term will automatically insert that term in the search box. The subject term list may be sorted alphabetically by term ("By Subject"), by number of "hits" for each term ("Sort by Count"), or by one of three subject types - personal name, location, or general ("Sort by Subject Type").

Select the collection you wish to search or select All Collections. To retrieve the broadest range of results, select All Collections.

Click Submit Search when you have completed your search criteria.

Viewing Results

The number of items in the collection(s) that match your search criteria will display at the top of the page.

Search results are presented as 75 dpi thumbnails in photograph number order. An image's description is viewable in the results list when the user moves the mouse over a thumbnail. To view the complete record for an item simply click the thumbnail.

Twenty-eight thumbnails will display on each search results page. If your search produces more results than can be displayed on a single page, click First, Next, Previous, or Last to view other results pages. A specific results page number may also be entered in the Jump to page box.

Consult a staff member for further assistance.