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SPWD - Directions

Handicapped Access to and from the University Library

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Access to the Library from the Collins Circle Visitor's parking lot:

  1. Enter the Academic Podium between the Arts & Sciences Building and
    the Fine Arts Building. There are ramps on either end of stairs leading to the Podium.
  2. The Library is on the west end Podium closest to the bell tower at the reflecting pool.
Escorted access from the Library to the
lecture center area Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm:

  1. Request assistance from staff at a service point within the library. Provide time for staff to arrange to accompany you.
  2. Staff will escort you through the staff-only Technical Services area and into the courtyard outside the Advisement Services Center and Academic Support Services.
  3. Enter the main corridor leading to the lecture center area. Power-assisted doors and ramps provide accessibility from the courtyard.
  4. Directly in front of the stairs, turn left into a short corridor. Take the elevator down to the lecture center level.
Access from the Library to the lecture center area during non-business hours:

  1. Exit the Library through the main entrance.
  2. Access to the lecture center area is available from many academic buildings through the tunnels. If unfamiliar with these routes, then follow the instructions below:
  3. Cross the podium to the Performing Arts Center at the east end of the pool.
  4. Enter the Performing Arts Building first floor lobby, turn left, and take the elevator down to the basement level.
  5. Proceed through the elevator lobby, turn right, and take the second elevator down to the Lecture Center.
Access to the Library from the lecture center area:

  1. Access to the Library is available ONLY through the Library main entrance on the Podium level.
  2. From the lecture center, locate the elevator directly in front of the Performing Arts Center, just past LC 12.
  3. Take the elevator to level B. Exit the elevator, follow the corridor and take a left toward the theatre.
  4. Take the second elevator up to Level 1 (Podium Level).
  5. Cross the Podium to the Library.
  6. Other routes using the tunnel system connecting academic buildings may also be available.

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