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Evaluating Web Content


Multimedia encompasses non-textual presentations such as audio, video, and Flash formats. You might encounter multimedia files anywhere on the Web Ė a Web site, blog, wiki, repository, or a site devoted to media such as YouTube.

Terminology: A variety of terminology is used to describe multimedia on the Web. These terms are in flux, and can depend on the type of media, its delivery, and whether the broadcast is live or recorded. For example, pre-recorded audio or video presentations can be distributed through an RSS feed. In this case, they are referred to as podcasts.(Some people refer to audio on an RSS feed as a podcast, and video on an RSS feed as a video podcast.) A live video presentation is usually known as a webcast. A variation on this is a webinar, a seminar broadcast on the Web.

To evaluate the content in a multimedia presentation, look for these clues: